How to cut egg hatching on pokémon diamond and pearl in half

How to cut egg hatching on pokémon diamond and pearl in half

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the top 5 cheats and glitches in Pokemon go. now I want to be clear and said that I’m not gonna showcase anything too crazy like apps that let you play pokemon go at home. I feel like that takes the point of the entire game. What I am gonna showcase are really helpful little cheats that give you an advantage over everyone else.

How to cut egg hatching on pokémon diamond and pearl in half

Number 5. Poki find. If you don’t know what poki find is essentially it’s a website that allows users to report where Pokemon have been sighted. it’s super useful but it really isn’t that effective unless you live in really urban areas.

All you’ve got to do is jump on their website and if you need a certain type of Pokemon let’s say for example Charmander you can just click on it and I’ll show you every location reported for Charmander. Now there’s two major things you need to worry about.

One being that some of the reports may be inaccurate or it could just be like a troll or something like that. and as well there isn’t a crazy amount of people using the if not many people in your area use it it may not be that effective.

Number 4. Turntable egg hatching. So if you’re lazy like me you don’t have a car and you just want to hatch some eggs real quick here’s a really ineffective way to hack your eggs. tech insider uploaded this video where they put their phone on a turntable that automatically moved and it actually registers for hatching eggs. now the problem with this is that it doesn’t actually register that much distance.

But why not add that little extra bit of distance without having to move a muscle. there’s also a few other things you could do that we’ve seen where people build like a toy train set around their house and put their phone in that. and we’ve also seen people tie their phones to like a ceiling fan. I mean whatever is your preference I guess but next up on our list would definitely be more effective.

Number 3. Drive your car and hatch eggs. This is one of the most debated things in Pokemon go at the moment. essentially everyone saying you can’t drive your car and play pokemon go because the game registers your speed and will determine if you’re actually walking or driving.

Well it turns out that if you drive under 15 to 20 miles per hour you should actually be safe to drive and hatch eggs. now unfortunately there’s no statistic or study but after all hours of driving my car round breaking tons of traffic laws I can highly assure you it works.

The egg hatching system is super glitched at the moment so I have a few tips on how to make it register your distance the fastest. first you always want to make sure you drive or run in a straight line.that’s how it measures distance.

That means all the time you’ve walked in a circle like an idiot actually does make you an idiot because it just didn’t register. as well once you’ve walked or driven or whatever in a straight line for a long distance close and reopen your app. this makes it so you have to register where you are and how far you’ve gone. hopefully that helps for hatching your eggs.

Number 2. Unlimited in cents. So this one is more of a glitch but I found it to be pretty harmless and that’s why I wanted to show it to you. it’s been out for a few weeks now so I’m surprised it hasn’t been patched yet. if you don’t know how to do it or what it is let me try to explain the full story now.

So when you open an incense you get 30 minutes of extra Pokemon spawning near you. now the weight rack set is the time on your phone. so for example we’ll just say it’s 6:30 right now. so you pop the incense and 25 minutes have passed and now it’s 655.

Well what you could do is go to the time settings on your phone and set your phone back so it’s 6:30 again and you should have 30 more minutes left on your incense. now I want to be clear and say that I’ve seen half of people say it doesn’t work while the other half say it’s like the best thing ever.

I don’t know exactly what the situation is. let me know in the comments below if it’s been working for you. Also just another thing like I said this is a glitch and where I think there’s like a 1% chance you could get banned for it it’s still there. so just be safe and smart with it.

Number 1. Pokévision. If you haven’t been using pokévision for the past few weeks or so you’ve been hunting entirely wrong. pokévision is a map that shows you where every location a pokemon is simply by clicking on it.

Now just a quick update by the time we make this article the site says it’s down for me at the moment. so I’m not entirely sure if it’s gonna come back up or not. but I think regardless there will always be some sort of site like that around. anyways let me give you a quick scenario that I was in the other day.

Me and my brother were driving in my car and all of a sudden a lapras was in my proximity. five seconds later it’s completely disappeared and instead of saying damn we’re screwed we opened up pokévision and found exactly where it was.

It’s helpful for those types of things because if you didn’t know Pokemon are on timers. so by the time you could have found it it could have already disappeared. so anyways that’s our list of the top 5 cheats and glitches in Pokemon go.

Be sure to let us know in the comment section if you guys have any article suggestions you’d like to see in the future and we might just do them. Also if you haven’t already we’d recommend you subscribe so you never miss out on one of our articles.

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Hatching: with your egg in your party get a Pokemon with the “Flame Body” ability, perk, what ever you want to call it in your party as well. place the flame type in the lead or first position just to be safe (not sure if you need to place it in the first spot) then walk, run or bike around anywhere. the summary of the egg will give you helpful updates.

breed any girl Pokemon with a male Pokemon(you will get the female) or any sex with a ditto to get an egg. and to hatch it, walk or ride your bike.

(there is a long stretch of path that is perfect for riding up and down to hatch your egg right by the daycare.)

actually if you have a Pokemon with flame body or magma armor it just makes it hatch faster

I show it only takes 5304 foot steps to hatch an egg.

Well personally , i don’t know how i did this but, I put a luxray and a quagsire in the Pokemon daycare and i got a wooper. I have no idea how that happened but now i know how to breed Pokemon.

This is maddoggy you got a wooper maybe because your quagsire was the female and a wooper is their beginning evolution.(just incase u don’t know) and how long it takes for the egg to hatch depends on the Pokemon(s) walk, run, or bike a lot

So, put two compatible Pokémon in Solaceon Town Day Care Centre, and you bring out an egg. It hatches and. Huh? Is it a bad egg? Below are a list of the changes that are to do with breeding.

The previously impossible Level 1 is now obtainable through hatching eggs, as the Pokémon come out at this level. It does make more sense, as coming out at Level 5 seems stupid, as it would seem that it has wild Pokémon to battle inside.

Level 1 is much more logical, and theoretically means that you can make hatched Pokémon that little bit more powerful.

The amounts of egg steps have changed slightly for each Pokémon, with new amounts coming in for the new ones. They are quite high, and so are a pain to walk, but cycling up and down through the route below Solaceon Town and up to the trees above Solaceon Town is a good way to pass the time, each round knocking up 150 steps.

There have been new Pokémon added to new egg groups. Go figure, really. Click here to see them!

There is a new Pokétch app given to you by the man in the Day Care Centre, which shows you the levels of your Pokémon in care, and if an egg is there. You need to refresh it often though, as it doesn’t do it itself.

It is useful, as you can know when the egg is there, instead of asking the man if there is an egg. You still do get the egg from him, by the way.

There’s even another application obtainable at future Nintendo Events which can predict whether two Pokémon in your party can produce an egg or not!

Now, incase you were wondering where you get all of these lovely items, just follow my table below (yes, I love tables, but it doesn’t half take a while to code!) for rough locations.

Name Where
Rose Incense Northern Route 212, requires Surf
Pure Incense Route 221, West of House with Old Man
Rock Incense Fuego Ironworks
Full Incense Veilstone City, requires Rock Climb
Wave Incense Route 210, requires Surf and Waterfall
Luck Incense Route 204, requires Rock Smash and Surf
Odd Incense Bottom of Solaceon Ruins

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my guide on breeding in Diamond and Pearl, and I will hopefully be writing more guides like this. Lorem Ipsum, signing out.

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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

PoKemon Voices

Ok im not sure if im hearing things or not,
but Sometimes while your wandering around you will hear a a voice of a pokemon found in that area

Natures- Pros and Cons on Stats

Adamant- Attack rises Quickly, Special Attack rises Slowly
Bashful- All stats rise at the same pace
Bold- Defense rises Quickly, Attack rises Slowly
Brave- Attack rises Quickly, Speed rises Slowly
Calm- Special Defense rises Quickly, Attack rises Slowly
Careful- Special Defense rises Quickly, Special Attack rises Slowly
Docile- All stats rise at the same pace
Gentle- Special Defense rises Quickly, Defense rises Slowly
Hardy- All stats rise at the same pace
Hasty- Speed rises Quickly, Defense rises Slowly
Impish- Defense rises Quickly, Special Attack rises Slowly
Jolly- Speed rises Quickly, Special Attack rises Slowly
Lax- Defense rises Quickly, Special Defense rises Slowly
Lonely- Attack rises Quickly, Defense rises Slowly
Mild- Special Attack rises Quickly, Defense rises Slowly
Modest- Special Attack rises Quickly, Attack rises Slowly
Niave- Speed rises Quickly, Special Defense rises Slowly
Naughty- Attack rises Quickly, Special Defense rises Slowly
Quiet- Special Attack rises Quickly, Speed rises Slowly
Quirky- All stats rise at the same pace
Rash- Special Attack rises Quickly, Special Defense rises Slowly
Relaxed- Defense rises Quickly, Speed rises Slowly
Sassy- Special Defense rises Quickly, Speed rises Slowly
Serious- All stats rise at the same pace
Timid- Speed rises Quickly, Attack rises Slowly


On January 12th (Junichi Masuda Director of GameFreaks Birthday) Fly up to Snowpoint City and instead of your usual flurry snow storm, there will be glittery diamond snow and If you set your calendar on your DS to your registered birthday and talk to you Professor Rowan’s assistant they will wish you a happy birthday! This is only possible after you beat the elite four.

DiRty to Clean Badges

How to clean your badges!

What you do is to go to your Trainer card on your menu (X button) and touch the little button like thing on the bottom of the touch screen. Then keep rubbing your badges until they get to four sparkles. Each day, your badges will lose their shine a little.

Example: 2 sparkles. Next day 2 sparkles. Next day no sparkles. Next day a little bit darkish. Next day the dirtiest of all. It will show dirtines if it gets more dark bluish.

CuTting grass!

When you are out in the tall grass, make sure you have a pokemon that knows the HM CUT, then when you are in a patch of tall grass, your pokemon will slice a few pieces of tall grass!

ghOsts in the old chateau

basically in the old chateau there is 2 ghosts,go to the room at the back aand walk into it,then there is a choice of 5 rooms,go to the 4th one and look into the fifth room and you will see a ghost girl walk out the room,and in the dining room,keep walking in and out and you will see a ghost man walking across,and at night punch the tv and rotom will appear

GeT Manaphy and Phione without Wi-Fi Trade, but you will need 2 DS

Very many pokemon fans have wanted a chance to capture one of the rarest pokemon in sinnoh MANAPHY, but due to the fact that pokemon diamond and pearl do not have any availible manaphy in the ENTIRE GAME. So the easiest way for you to get a manaphy is for you to get the game Called POKEMON RANGER. This game has a mission that is available for you to play after you do a few things.

(1). Beat the Pokemon Ranger game.

(2). On the ranger net screen hold the buttons R, X, and the D-PAD LEFT (if you beat the game you will know what the ranger net is).

(3). When the screen says enter password, input P8M2-9D6F-43H7 (Cap-sense is on).

(4). Then at the special missions screen you will see a mission called RESCUE THE EGG. Tap on it then do the mission and get the egg, this will not be easy and will take a lot of time and effort but it all pays off at the end.

(5). Borrow (or buy) a second Nintendo DS and the copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl you want the Manaphy on. The second DS should have Pokemon Ranger inserted. Go to the Ranger net with the Ranger DS and tap on CHECK THE EGG and then tap SEND MESSAGE. If your Diamond/Pearl DS is close enough to receive the message, you will get the Manaphy egg traded to you.

(1). Turn on your other DS with the D/P cart.
(2). Select the option to transfer Manaphy.
(3). Do the wireless ok’s and what not.
(4). Go to the nearest mart with 5 pokemon or less to pick up your egg.

(1). Put Ditto and Manaphy in the Day Care
(2). 600 steps later, pick up the egg
(3a). Make sure you have at least 2-4 pokemon with Magma Armor or Flame Body abillity to cut egg hatch time
(3b). Hatch the egg

*note* You can only breed Manaphy/Phione to get Phione but you can’t evlove Phione to get Manaphy

A new Pokemon Go egg hatching feature hopes to make the game’s controversial loot box mechanic a little more transparent.

While Niantic has already “cracked” the mobile gaming market with Pokemon Go, a new feature is set to overhaul how egg hatching works in the adorable Pocket Monster game – and just in time for Easter. Back in 2016, Pokemon Go burst out of the Pokeball and took over our screens like no other. Although mobile gaming had already hit it big with Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go was one of the first to really capitalise on an already established IP in this way.

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Setting the scene for The Walking Dead: Our World and Niantic’s next big game that was Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokemon Go proved the future could be in AR mobile games. Even though some of us have long put down Pokemon Go or deleted the app off our phones, a new way to hatch eggs could tempt you to twist your cap backward and pretend to be Ash Ketchum all over again.

How is Pokemon Go changing egg hatching?

One of the big elements of Pokemon Go‘s egg hatching is the fact you don’t know what’s inside. Although eggs are split into categories like the mundane 2km egg through to the 12km “strange” egg, you’ll never know what you get inside. Walking 2km to hatch your 100th Growlithe can be annoying enough, but there’s nothing more rage-worthy than going a full 10km, just to hatch another Klink. Thankfully, all that could be about to change with a new transparent egg feature.

In a tweet from Niantic, it explained how eggs might never look the same again. Only some players will be trialled on the change, but according to Niantic, “Trainers included in the test will be able to tap an Egg to see a list of possible Pokémon and their rarity level”. The rarity of which Pokemon you’ll get is shown by splitting them into a tiered system from one to five. Level 1 (represented by one egg) is the most common, while the rarer Level 5 is shown by five eggs.

It’s all well and good, however, the egg hatching change won’t let you know if little Pokemon inside will be one of the ultra-rare shiny versions. There are also complaints that there are no further data on the probability of hatching each Pokemon based on their rarity. Still, with Pokemon Go potentially entering a new era of more transparent loot boxes, it’s a positive step for the game.