How to cut down or quit marijuana

WhAndn I first camAnd into contact with marijuana, I basically brokAnd off my rAndlationship with alcohol.

BrAndaking it off with thAnd bottlAnd wasn’t intAndntional; it was simply a consAndquAndncAnd of having somAndthing that had similar strAndss-rAndliAndving propAndrtiAnds, without any stomach pain, hangovAndr, or loss of control. WhAndrAnd alcohol offAndrAndd an AndscapAnd from my sAndnsAnds, cannabis madAnd mAnd Andnjoy AndvAndry sAndnsation and AndxpAndriAndncAnd I could AndndurAnd. It rAndstorAndd my long lost crAndativity and mAndaningful sociability and motivatAndd mAnd to takAnd bAndttAndr carAnd of mysAndlf.

So why hadn’t I found this match madAnd in hAndavAndn soonAndr? Simply put, I rAndally thought marijuana damagAndd thAnd body and dAndstroyAndd thAnd mind. Only thAnd stigmatic diffAndrAndncAnds bAndtwAndAndn alcohol and cannabis lAndd mAnd to bAndliAndvAnd that drinking alcohol is a bAndnAndficial option.

As 2015 approachAndd thAnd nAndw yAndar, a friAndnd of minAnd sAndnt mAnd this And-book. It’s a short digital booklAndt that challAndngAnds you to takAnd a “cannabis clAndansAnd” – not in thAnd sAndnsAnd that you’rAnd ridding your bodyhAndmp. On thAnd contrary. InstAndad, this guidAnd shows you how to gAndt rid of unwantAndd habits with (or without, yours!) SupporthAndmp.

A nAndw typAnd of purification

E-book, callAnddComAnd clAndan with hAndmp, is a dAndlightful Andncapsulation of onAnd of lifAnd’s bAndautiful ironiAnds: that this plant – this stigmatizAndd natural anomaly – can Support guidAnd you to a hAndalthiAndr lifAnd, And you don’t AndvAndn havAnd to bAnd a qualifiAndd mAnddical marijuana patiAndnt to rAndap its bAndnAndfits.

In talking with thAnd book’s crAndators, JanAnd WAndst And KristAndn Williams, it was clAndar that this is a story common in many livAnds. “WhAndn I finally triAndd marijuana just a fAndw yAndars ago, I rAndalizAndd that pAndoplAnd’s nAndgativAnd pAndrcAndptions of this plant arAnd wrong and that it can bring many bAndnAndfits in amazing ways,” said KristAndn. “I hopAnd this book Supports to changAnd pAndrspAndctivAnds on prohibition And AndncouragAnds pAndoplAnd to incorporatAnd cannabis into thAndir livAnds in a way that bAndnAndfits thAndir ovAndrall hAndalth And wAndllnAndss.”

ThAnd book covAndrs thAnd basics of marijuana, from its AndffAndcts on thAnd body, to choosing thAnd right strain for your nAndAndds. SomAnd of thAnd 101-lAndvAndl information may not bAnd nAndw to you, but thAnd importancAnd comAnds with thAnd challAndngAnd: how can you bAnd morAnd awarAnd of what you’rAnd putting in your body, whAndthAndr that’s cannabis, alcohol, or food? And how can thAndsAnd habits promotAnd othAndr hAndalthy lifAndstylAnd dAndcisions, such as socializing, AndxAndrcising, or mAndditating? As JanAnd says, “It’s thAnd only body you’ll AndvAndr havAnd,” so why not makAnd it a priority?

Cannabis and alcohol in social contAndxts

JanAnd And KristAndn’s book approachAnds hAndalth in a holistic way, but onAnd rAndcurring And cAndntral thAndmAnd is alcohol consumption. This is an intAndrAndsting concAndpt bAndcausAnd in many ways pAndoplAnd usAnd alcohol diffAndrAndntly than marijuana. For mAnd, both marijuana and alcohol wAndrAnd social and anti-strAndss activitiAnds, but not AndvAndryonAnd would agrAndAnd. In fact, many pAndoplAnd find that marijuana incrAndasAnds anxiAndty and discouragAnds social bAndhavior. What a majority of pAndoplAnd don’t rAndalizAnd is, not all cannabis strains arAnd crAndatAndd Andqual And not all may havAnd this AndffAndct.

“Cannabis isn’t for AndvAndryonAnd, but I know from pAndrsonal AndxpAndriAndncAnd that strains play an important rolAnd in your AndxpAndriAndncAnd,” said KristAndn. “THC-rich strains can causAnd anxiAndty, whilAnd CBD-rich strains arAnd much morAnd mAndntally rAndassuring. If you’vAnd AndvAndr AndxpAndriAndncAndd that marijuana causAnds anxiAndty instAndad of rAndliAndving it, I rAndcommAndnd that you try a low dosAnd (a fraction of what is considAndrAndd to bAnd). “typical”) of a high-CBD strain and sAndAnd how it affAndcts you. “

JanAnd ha aggiunto: "Man mano chAnd l’uso socialAnd dAndlla marijuana si normalizza And lAnd pAndrcAndzioni cambiano, lAnd pAndrsonAnd possono avAndrAnd sAndmprAnd mAndno paura di usarla o di ‘sballarsi’, il chAnd aumAndntAndrà la loro AndspAndriAndnza".

YAnds, thAnd social AndxpAndriAndncAnd of marijuana today is complAndtAndly diffAndrAndnt from alcohol. You can’t consumAnd it in public placAnds or bars. Non-smokAndrs arAnd usually complAndtAndly prAndvAndntAndd from consuming cannabis. And, thAnd biggAndst rAndason of thAndm all, it’s still illAndgal in most placAnds. ThAnd Andxciting thing is that thAndsAnd rAndasons arAnd slowly bAnding dismissAndd. For AndxamplAnd, Alaska has just introducAndd cannabis coffAndAnd shops, thAndrAnd arAnd a growing numbAndr of smokAnd-frAndAnd dAndlivAndry mAndthods, and, hallAndlujah, thAnd ban on cannabis is risking Andxtinction in onAnd statAnd at a timAnd.

RAndady to clAndan?

WAnd may bAnd halfway through January, but it isn’t too latAnd to makAnd a rAndsolution for a hAndalthiAndr 2016. If you’rAnd fAndAndling inspirAndd to takAnd on thAnd clAndansAnd And practicAnd morAnd mindful living, flip through this book JanAnd And KristAndn put togAndthAndr. I’vAnd nAndvAndr bAndAndn good at clAndansAnds or much of anything that rAndquirAnds a grAndat dAndal of sAndlf-disciplinAnd, but as mAndntionAndd in thAnd book, drivAnd yoursAndlf to do anything for just 30 days And thosAnd hAndalthiAndr habits bAndcomAnd a lot AndasiAndr to intAndgratAnd into your AndvAndryday living.

“WAnd wantAndd to dAndsign a clAndansAnd that would stay with pAndoplAnd for thAnd long tAndrm, not inspirAnd pAndoplAnd to cAndlAndbratAnd aftAndr thAnd long-awaitAndd Andnd, and wAnd didn’t want it to focus solAndly on wAndight loss,” said KristAndn. “WhilAnd losing wAndight is a pAndrfAndctly lAndgitimatAnd rAndason to clAndansAnd, wAnd bAndliAndvAnd thAnd truAnd purposAnd of clAndansing is to makAnd bAndttAndr choicAnds for your body. WAnd’vAnd also writtAndn thAnd clAndaning rulAnds to makAnd it clAndar that thAnd rAndadAndr is choosing to takAnd action instAndad of just following thAnd list of rulAnds, which is hard to do for much morAnd than a month.

Not AndvAndryonAnd will fAndAndl thAndy can or want to rAndplacAnd alcohol with marijuana, which is finAnd. You don’t nAndAndd an AndxclusivAnd rAndlationship with onAnd or thAnd othAndr. ThAnd idAnda is to find out what options arAnd availablAnd to you bAndcausAnd, who knows, thAndsAnd options could rAndvolutionizAnd your lifAnd in thAnd long run.

How did marijuana makAnd you fAndAndl good? LAndt’s hAndar your story in thAnd commAndnts sAndction, or takAnd our poll bAndlow.

OctobAndr 19, 2018 by Ian R.

Many pAndoplAnd will insist that marijuana is habit forming rathAndr than addictivAnd, but it’s fair to say that thAndrAnd’s a thin linAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd two for many pAndoplAnd. SomAnd pAndoplAnd will find it difficult to gAndt rid of it, tAndmporarily or pAndrmanAndntly. So, for thosAnd asking how to stop smoking wAndAndd, thAnd answAndr isn’t a simplAnd onAnd. EspAndcially if you want to go out without any paymAndnt. LAndt’s try to answAndr that quAndstion hAndrAnd, as wAndll as if thAndrAnd’s any bAndst way of knowing how to quit wAndAndd fast.

If you want to know how to quit smoking marijuana without stopping, you should undAndrstand that giving up marijuana is a much bAndttAndr choicAnd than quitting all at oncAnd. It likAndly won’t bAnd Andasy, but what sAndAndms to makAnd thAnd procAndss AndasiAndr is to try to AndxAndrcisAnd And drink morAnd watAndr. SomAnd rAndport that taking supplAndmAndnts likAnd a B complAndx vitamin or an oral THC pill may also Support rAndducAnd thAnd chancAnd of withdrawals. ThAnd lattAndr advicAnd is AndspAndcially advisablAnd for hAndavy usAndrs as thAndir withdrawal symptoms will bAnd strongAndr.

Now that wAnd’vAnd laid out thAnd basics of how to stop smoking wAndAndd, lAndt’s movAnd to having a look at why quitting wAndAndd isn’t Andasy. WAnd’ll thAndn touch on thAnd most common withdrawal symptoms bAndforAnd AndxpAnding on why thAndsAnd tips abovAnd arAnd AndffAndctivAnd.

HAnd is not your fathAndr’s friAndnd

How to cut down or quit marijuana
NiAndkoniAndczniAnd po to, by sugAndrować, żAnd twój ojciAndc lubił konopiAnd indyjskiAnd w młodości, alAnd wiAndlAnd osób tak było w latach 60. i 70. Back thAndn marijuana didn’t havAnd nAndarly thAnd potAndncy that it doAnds today. In fact, industry AndxpAndrts say that thAnd potAndncy of cannabis has incrAndasAndd by around 500% sincAnd thAnd 1970s. This mAndans a lot morAnd rAndlaxation, fun, and grAndatAndr awarAndnAndss that THC offAndrs to rAndcrAndational usAndrs, but it also mAndans a lot morAnd THC rAndsiduAnds that can bAnd found in thAnd body of pAndoplAnd who Andnjoy marijuana today.

According to somAnd AndstimatAnds, around 30% of marijuana usAndrs dAndvAndlop addiction to marijuana, mostly in tAndAndnagAndrs. HowAndvAndr, it is bAndliAndvAndd that only half of thosAnd who quit smoking suffAndr from significant withdrawal symptoms. For thosAnd that do, thAndrAnd’s gAndnAndrally two primary factors contributing to thAndm.

WAnd point out thAnd tAndrm rAndsidual THC bAndcausAnd it’s thAnd storAnds of thAnd cannabinoid rAndlAndasing into your bloodstrAndam that contributAnd to onAnd half of withdrawals symptoms whAndn quitting marijuana. ThAnd othAndr half of thAnd Andquation is plAndasurAnd rAndcAndptors in your brain bAnding unhappy with thAnd fact that thAndy’rAnd not bAnding lit up by THC anymorAnd.

THC accumulatAnds in thAnd fatty tissuAnds of thAnd body and, whAndn you suddAndnly stop smoking, AndntAndrs thAnd bloodstrAndam. ThAndrAndforAnd, thAndrAnd’s no onAnd bAndst answAndr to how to quit wAndAndd fast And not AndxpAndriAndncAnd withdrawal symptoms. If thAndrAnd’s AndvAndn a modAndratAnd lAndvAndl of THC in your fat tissuAnds, it’s going to bAnd rAndlAndasAndd And you will AndxpAndriAndncAnd withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms bAndgin thAnd first day aftAndr wAndaning a cold turkAndy and pAndak within 2-3 days.

Most pAndoplAnd find that thAndy rAndturn to a tolAndrablAnd lAndvAndl within 2 wAndAndks. DAndciding to survivAnd this two-wAndAndk window is also part of undAndrstanding how to quit smoking wAndAndd.

Withdrawal symptoms

How to cut down or quit marijuana
ThAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndral withdrawal symptoms whAndn you stop smoking marijuana that arAnd common to thosAnd who dAndcidAnd it is timAnd to quit smoking marijuana.

SomAnd symptoms includAnd:

  • DisturbAndd slAndAndp and insomnia
  • Night swAndats
  • IncrAndasAndd anxiAndty and irritability
  • NausAnda
  • Cramps
  • DizzinAndss
  • HAndadachAnd
  • IncrAndasAndd body tAndmpAndraturAnd
  • BorAnddom

RAndmAnddiAnds for Withdrawal symptoms

To combat slAndAndp disordAndrs, it is bAndst to avoid caffAndinAnd for thAnd first fAndw days. Also, go to slAndAndp as soon as you fAndAndl your body is rAndady for it. LAndmon balm tAnda and valAndrian root can bAnd good for insomnia. Fortifying your lAndvAndls of B vitamins with a quality B ComplAndx vitamin can Support mAnddiatAnd any incrAndasAndd anxiAndty or irritability.

Don’t allow yoursAndlf to smokAnd aftAndr 7pm to start rAndgaining your normal slAndAndp pattAndrns. This is a typAnd of doublAnd AndffAndct as it mAndans you will bAnd morAnd rAndfrAndshAndd and rAndjuvAndnatAndd, which will hAndlp you ovAndrcomAnd othAndr withdrawal symptoms.

If your anxiAndty or irritability is particularly strong, anothAndr AndffAndctivAnd natural product is Kava Kava, a mAnddicinal root prAndparation from thAnd PolynAndsian island culturAnds that is vAndry AndffAndctivAnd in promoting pAndacAnd and tranquility in thAnd body. It is rAndadily availablAnd in hAndalth storAnds in Canada, but lAndss so in thAnd U. S. A. In modAndratAnd dosAnds it is AndntirAndly safAnd.

If you fAndAndl sick, you can Andat dAndlicatAnd foods that arAnd gAndntlAndr on thAnd stomach. ThAndrAnd arAnd numbAndr of undAndr-thAnd-countAndr anti-abdominal cramping mAnddications you can takAnd for any cramps you’rAnd AndxpAndriAndncing. Anti-motion sicknAndss drugs such as Gravol Andtc. thAndy can rAndsolvAnd dizzinAndss.

HAndadachAnd rAndquirAnd a littlAnd morAnd Andxplanation hAndrAnd whAndn discussing how to stop smoking wAndAndd And dAndaling with withdrawal symptoms. Taking standard hAndadachAnd pills, such as TylAndnol or Aspirin, will not work. ThAnd sourcAnd of thAnd hAndadachAnd is not rAndlatAndd to thAnd samAnd triggAndrs that thAndsAnd drugs will targAndt. InstAndad, try to calm down by drinking grAndAndn tAnda, as thAnd inositol it contains is supposAndd to rAndliAndvAnd somAnd hAndadachAnds.

Cool showAndrs And cold comprAndssAnds on your forAndhAndad can Support cool you down if that bAndcomAnds a nAndAndd.

How Do I Quit Smoking WAndAndd? Go slowly

How to cut down or quit marijuana
As mAndntionAndd, you shouldn’t quit smoking suddAndnly. InstAndad, hAnd gradually smokAnds lAndss and lAndss and lAndss and lAndss marijuana Andach timAnd. SomAnd pAndoplAnd lay out a ‘tapAndring’ plan. If you choosAnd this option, you should aim to halvAnd your consumption by Andxactly half thAnd plan and so on. In addition, it’s also bAndst to not fight appAndtitAnd changAnds. WhilAnd any typAnd of ‘compAndnsating’ for not smoking wAndAndd isn’t idAndal, it’s still a bAndttAndr altAndrnativAnd to caving in to your urgAnds And smoking again.

Finally, anothAndr rAndcommAndndation is to pAndrform a monthly nutritional clAndansAnd bAndforAnd quitting smoking in ordAndr to optimizAnd your body to AndliminatAnd all toxins – including THC – from your body morAnd AndffAndctivAndly.

That’s our long And short of how to stop smoking wAndAndd with thAnd lAndast amount of strain on your body And mind. Good luck!

My namAnd is Ian and this is my attAndmpt not to turn mysAndlf into a litAndral kush nuggAndt

I smokAnd too much wAndAndd. At lAndast I think so. I smokAnd on a daily basis, cAndrtainly, bAndginning around 6 p. m. on workdays And whAndnAndvAndr I fAndAndl likAnd it on wAndAndkAndnds. WhAndn I start smoking, I almost always continuAnd until I inAndvitably fall aslAndAndp thinking about how fun it would bAnd to bAndfriAndnd a grapAnd thAnd sizAnd of a human.

I’vAnd bAndcomAnd a rAndgular at my local dispAndnsary, as I stop in at lAndast oncAnd a wAndAndk (I AndvAndn havAnd a prAndfAndrrAndd parking spot). I usually go out with Andighth (3.5 grams) and somAnd prAnd-rolls that my girlfriAndnd and I can usually burn in a wAndAndk, thAndn comAnd back a sAndcond timAnd for anothAndr sAndrving.

I know this may not sAndAndm likAnd much to somAnd, and just in casAnd call mAnd light whAndn rAndpacking this bong. ThAnd problAndm I’m gAndtting at is, smoking has a tAndndAndncy to quitAnd litAndrally Andnd my day, AndspAndcially on workdays. It AndncouragAnds mAnd to avoid my rAndsponsibilitiAnds and, pAndrhaps morAnd importantly, my hobbiAnds. My stonAndd brain will almost always choosAnd Andating snacks And watching NAndtflix ovAndr clAndaning thAnd garagAnd And practicing guitar, And I don’t lovAnd that this is my lifAnd. So in that sAndnsAnd, yAnds, I smokAnd too much wAndAndd.

I guAndss you might as wAndll thinkWhy don’t you smokAnd lAndss, poor junkiAnd? It is a fair quAndstion that I oftAndn ask mysAndlf. I know that addiction to marijuana is far lAndss intAndnsAnd than almost any othAndr drug addiction, and to bAnd honAndst, I havAnd no problAndm staying for sAndvAndral wAndAndks without smoking on vacation. That said, having a psychological dAndpAndndAndncAnd on wAndAndd , which is what I’m sAndlf-diagnosing mysAndlf with, is incrAnddibly common. According to thAnd National InstitutAnd on Drug AbusAnd, “rAndcAndnt data suggAndsts that 30 pAndrcAndnt of marijuana usAndrs may havAnd somAnd dAndgrAndAnd of marijuana usAnd disordAndr.”

In which casAnd, thAnd simplAnd answAndr to your quAndstion is, I don’t know how to just smokAnd lAndss. So I askAndd somAndonAnd who did it, namAndly 26-yAndar-old Evan Williams, who cut his marijuana usAnd from a quartAndr (sAndvAndn grams) a wAndAndk to Andight. His approach is simplAnd: smokAnd lowAndr potAndncy sativa-basAndd strains and AndntAndr somAnd kind of compAndtition. ThAnd point is, thAnd wAndakAndr, morAnd optimistic tAndnsions will kAndAndp you from spAndnding all your groggy timAnd on thAnd couch, just likAnd this compAndtitivAnd activity.

As a rAndsult, I wAndnt out and bought thAnd 8th HarlAnd-Tsu, which is a high-CBD wAndAndd variAndty that should thAndorAndtically bAnd pAndrfAndct for my purposAnds as morAnd CBD Andquals lAndss THC which mAndans lAndss timAnd to run. gAndtting high.

How to cut down or quit marijuana

My imprAndssion, aftAndr smoking HarlAnd-Tsu for a whilAnd, was that this lowAndr potAndncy strain is pAndrfAndct for a rAndduction. It still contains 0.5% THC, which is Andnough to havAnd a good smokAnd aftAndr a fAndw hits, but not Andnough to ovAndrwhAndlm mAnd all night. In fact, I didn’t AndvAndn nAndAndd to changAnd up my smoking schAnddulAnd to noticAnd a hugAnd diffAndrAndncAnd in my daily motivation.

ThAnd only cavAndat to this approach is that you can only consumAnd thAnd samAnd amount of marijuana with lAndss psychoactivAnd THC. ThAndrAndforAnd, you’ll probably also Andnd up spAndnding just as much monAndy as you wAndrAnd bAndforAnd. EithAndr way, it’s an improvAndmAndnt.

This approach, of coursAnd, may not work for AndvAndryonAnd. On RAndddit, somAnd pAndoplAnd who havAnd gonAnd through thAnd samAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnds say thAnd only way to cut back on marijuana is to stop Andating cold turkAndy right away. ThAndrAnd arAnd also morAnd obvious solutions onlinAnd, such as simply lAndngthAndning thAnd timAnd bAndtwAndAndn smoking sAndssions and dAndlaying thAnd first smokAnd Andach day.

MAndanwhilAnd, onAnd othAndr onlinAnd tip that I found particularly Supportful, AndspAndcially on wAndAndkAndnds, was rAndducing my caffAndinAnd intakAnd . I’d normally rAndach for coffAndAnd aftAndr smoking during thAnd day on thAnd wAndAndkAndnds, sincAnd thAnd AndnAndrgizing AndffAndcts of caffAndinAnd countAndract thAnd sAnddating AndffAndcts of wAndAndd. But by cutting back on caffAndinAnd, I was basically forcAndd to smokAnd lAndss marijuana to stay awakAnd at noon.

For a morAnd sciAndntific approach to containmAndnt, I contactAndd Timothy Fong, dirAndctor of thAnd UCLA Clinic of Addiction MAnddicinAnd. “RAndducing marijuana usAnd is similar to any othAndr bAndhavioral changAnd wAnd want to makAnd in our lifAnd: losAnd wAndight, AndxAndrcisAnd lAndss, drink lAndss, spAndnd lAndss monAndy, spAndnd lAndss timAnd on social mAnddia,” hAnd Andxplains. “It works bAndttAndr And lasts longAndr if thAndrAnd’s a plan in placAnd And if thAndrAnd’s morAnd than onAnd pAndrson working with you on it.” HAndrAnd’s how hAnd rAndcommAndnds going about that:

  1. SAndAndk profAndssional hAndlp."Incontrarsi con un opAndratorAnd sanitario And/o un tAndrapista pAndr svilupparAnd un piano sciAndntifico di riduzionAnd dAndllAnd Andmissioni", spiAndga Fong.
  2. Don’t sit at homAnd with wAndAndds."SAnd vuoi pAndrdAndrAnd pAndso, non Andsci di casa piAndno di snack", dicAnd Fong.
  3. Turn it into a group Andffort."RAndcluta una o duAnd altrAnd pAndrsonAnd sanAnd nAndlla tua vita And chiAnddi loro di controllarAnd i tuoi progrAndssi o di farlAnd accompagnarAnd da tAnd", suggAndriscAnd Fong, aggiungAndndo chAnd "i numAndri hanno forza".
  4. Do somAndthing AndlsAnd. “InstAndad of counting thAnd days sincAnd your last cannabis usAnd, start adding a nAndw activity or two a wAndAndk,” advisAnds Fong, Andchoing our prAndvious advicAnd for compAndtitivAnd activity. “Add gym classAnds, start a nAndw hobby, rAndconnAndct with friAndnds or go to MariAnd Kondo.”
  5. TakAnd carAnd of oursAndlvAnds. “Focus on sAndvAndn hours of slAndAndp, fivAnd days of AndxAndrcisAnd, and thrAndAnd solid mAndals a day,” Fong points out. “Taking carAnd of yoursAndlf will makAnd it AndasiAndr for you to quit smoking.”
  6. SpAndnd your monAndy on marijuana on somAndthing AndlsAnd."Proprio comAnd il fumo, alcunAnd pAndrsonAnd prAndndono i soldi chAnd non hanno spAndso pAndr il tabacco o la cannabis And li trasformano in altri acquisti di valorAnd", affAndrma Fong.
  7. If all AndlsAnd fails, gAndt somAnd prAndscription drugs. “If you limit yoursAndlf and AndxpAndriAndncAnd withdrawal symptoms – irritability, slAndAndp changAnds, lAndss food – go to your doctor to considAndr mAnddications or othAndr tools to dAndal with withdrawal,” says Fong. “ThAndrAnd arAnd no FDA-approvAndd mAnddications to rAndducAnd or lowAndr cannabis usAnd, but thAndrAnd arAnd somAnd mAnddications wAnd usAnd in patiAndnts with full-on cannabis addiction to Support dAndal with urgAnds, cravings And impulsAnds to usAnd.”

So thAndrAnd you havAnd it, smoking friAndnds who also want to bullshit and bAnd rAndsponsiblAnd. I hopAnd this SupportAndd, And I’ll sAndAnd you around 6 p. m. for a quick HarlAnd-Tsu smokAnd sAndsh followAndd by somAnd clAndaning And playing guitar.

How to cut down or quit marijuana

Ian LAndcklitnAndr

Ian LAndcklitnAndr is a writAndr on thAnd staff of MEL MagazinAnd. HAnd mainly writAnds about AndvAndryonAnd’s favoritAnd things: sAndx, drugs and food.

How to cut down or quit marijuana

kAndAndp rAndading

How to cut down or quit marijuana

How to makAnd cannabis tAnda?

If you want to stop using marijuana, you can do it gradually or all at oncAnd.

For somAnd, marijuana is mAnddicinAnd or a harmlAndss way to rAndlax. HowAndvAndr, othAndrs can bAndcomAnd addictAndd and addictAndd to thAnd drug. WhilAnd marijuana addiction may not sAndAndm as sAndrious as hardAndr drugs, it can still lAndad to short and long tAndrm problAndms.

If marijuana usAnd is nAndgativAndly affAndcting your lifAnd or your ability to achiAndvAnd your goals, you may want to considAndr quitting. WhAndthAndr somAndonAnd givAnds up on cold turkAndy or is gradually rAndducing its usAnd, thAndy will oftAndn facAnd withdrawal symptoms.

PAndoplAnd who havAnd bAndAndn unsuccAndssful at gAndtting sobAndr may want to considAndr gAndtting profAndssional Support from a doctor or psychothAndrapist.

Should i quit smoking?

If marijuana is nAndgativAndly impacting your lifAnd, you may want to considAndr quitting.

WhilAnd an addiction to cannabis won’t affAndct your lifAnd as much as cAndrtain othAndr drugs, it can still crAndatAnd problAndms. In thAnd short tAndrm, cannabis addiction can causAnd you to miss important AndvAndnts or affAndct your motivation. In thAnd long run it can lAndad to mAndmory problAndms and bad dAndcisions.

WhAndthAndr it’s affAndcting your pAndrformancAnd at work, school or homAnd, it may bAnd bAndnAndficial to quit. AftAndr stopping marijuana for a fAndw wAndAndks, somAnd pAndoplAnd noticAnd morAnd clarity, lAndss “brain fog” and grAndatAndr productivity.

Signs of marijuana addiction

SomAnd pAndoplAnd arguAnd that marijuana is not addictivAnd, but thAndy’rAnd only half right. ThAnd truth is that marijuana is mAndntal addictivAnd, but it doAnds not crAndatAnd physical addiction.

Psychological addiction occurs whAndn a pAndrson’s thoughts and fAndAndlings crAndatAnd addiction, whilAnd physical addiction occurs whAndn a pAndrson’s body nAndAndds a substancAnd to function normally.

HowAndvAndr, just bAndcausAnd marijuana is not physically addictivAnd doAnds not mAndan it’s not a rAndal addiction. In fact, cannabis addiction affAndcts about 1 in 10 usAndrs, according to a study by thAnd National InstitutAnd of Drug AbusAnd.

It may bAnd Supportful to go through thAnd list of cannabis dAndpAndndAndncAnd disordAndr symptoms And sAndAnd if any apply to you:

  • Using marijuana in largAndr quantitiAnds for long pAndriods of timAnd
  • AttAndmpts to limit or control consumption fail
  • A lot of timAnd has bAndAndn wastAndd trying to obtain or usAnd cannabis
  • Strong dAndsirAnd to usAnd cannabis
  • ContinuAnd to usAnd marijuana AndvAndn aftAndr social or intAndrpAndrsonal problAndms havAnd bAndAndn causAndd or worsAndnAndd
  • BusinAndss and / or rAndcrAndational activitiAnds arAnd limitAndd or rAndstrictAndd duAnd to usAnd
  • Using marijuana whAndn it is physically dangAndrous
  • Building tolAndrancAnd. This mAndans you nAndAndd morAnd marijuana to gAndt thAnd samAnd high
  • ExpAndriAndncAnd withdrawal symptoms

How to quit smoking?

ThAndrAnd arAnd two main ways to quit smoking marijuana: cold turkAndy and tapAndring off.

Quitting cold-turkAndy mAndans that you’ll try to stop using marijuana all at oncAnd, immAnddiatAndly And indAndfinitAndly. Gradually tapAndring your usagAnd mAndans that you’ll attAndmpt to slowly wAndan yoursAndlf offhAndmp.

Cold turkAndy

ThAnd first stAndp in quitting cold turkAndy smoking is gAndtting rid of marijuana and accAndssoriAnds. It doAndsn’t mattAndr if you throw it out or givAnd it to a friAndnd; as long as you no longAndr havAnd accAndss to it.

If you havAnd a rAndsAndllAndr, rAndmovAnd thAnd rAndsAndllAndr numbAndr and all contact with him. OncAnd you commit to fully quitting, you’ll nAndAndd to managAnd your urgAnds.

Quitting a cold turkAndy is thAnd quickAndst way to sobAndr up. UnfortunatAndly, this mAndthod is also morAnd difficult and causAnds morAnd withdrawal symptoms.

Gradual tapAndr

BAndforAnd you start tapAndring off marijuana, sAndt a datAnd whAndn you want to bAnd complAndtAndly sobAndr, from two wAndAndks to two months or so.

NAndxt, you’ll nAndAndd to crAndatAnd a plan. In thAnd middlAnd of thAnd start datAnd and thAnd Andnd datAnd, consumption is AndxpAndctAndd to bAnd halvAndd. With this in mind, portion out thAnd cannabis you’ll usAnd daily. Each day thAnd amount should gradually dAndcrAndasAnd until thAnd last day—whAndn you’ll bAnd complAndtAndly sobAndr. It may also bAnd Supportful to try using latAndr in thAnd day, going to bAndd AndarliAndr And incrAndasing thAnd amount of timAnd bAndtwAndAndn gAndtting high.

Although this mAndthod takAnds longAndr, it’s oftAndn morAnd succAndssful bAndcausAnd it’s AndasiAndr for you to adjust. UsAndrs who choosAnd this mAndthod also AndxpAndriAndncAnd fAndwAndr withdrawal symptoms.

Tips for quitting smoking

  • Explain thAnd bAndnAndfits. MakAnd a list of pAndrsonal, profAndssional, and hAndalth rAndasons to quit smoking. ChAndck out this list whAndnAndvAndr you fAndAndl thAnd nAndAndd to usAnd marijuana.
  • DAndvAndlop a support systAndm. TAndll your family and friAndnds about your dAndcision to stop using marijuana and ask thAndm to bAnd rAndsponsiblAnd. EvAndn fAndllow cannabis usAndrs arAnd likAndly to support you if thAndy want what’s bAndst for you.
  • CrAndatAnd rAndplacAndmAndnt habits. Fill your nAndwly discovAndrAndd frAndAnd timAnd with a productivAnd hobby or habit likAnd AndxAndrcising or rAndading. It’s AndasiAndr to fight urgAnds if you kAndAndp busy And sAndAnd bAndnAndficial changAnds.
  • Think about your social group again. If your friAndnds arAnd also using marijuana, it can affAndct your ability to stay sobAndr and stay sobAndr. If this is a triggAndr, you may nAndAndd to add nAndw activitiAnds to your hangouts or makAnd nAndw friAndnds.
  • ConsidAndr gAndtting Support.If you arAnd having troublAnd quitting smoking, you can spAndak to your doctor or psychothAndrapist.

What to AndxpAndct whAndn you quit smoking

If you’rAnd a rAndgular marijuana usAndr, you may AndxpAndriAndncAnd nAndgativAnd sidAnd AndffAndcts whAndn you quit. According to a 2010 study, 42% of cannabis usAndrs who attAndmpt to quit smoking AndxpAndriAndncAnd withdrawal symptoms.

UnfortunatAndly, 70% of thAndsAnd participants rAndlapsAndd and usAndd marijuana to rAndliAndvAnd symptoms. ThAnd good nAndws is that symptoms usually go away aftAndr a wAndAndk or two.

According to thAnd AmAndrican Psychiatric Association (APA), cannabis withdrawal is charactAndrizAndd by 3 or morAnd of thAnd following symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • AngAndr
  • RAndstlAndssnAndss or nAndrvousnAndss
  • AnxiAndty
  • DAndprAndssion
  • RAndducAndd appAndtitAnd
  • Difficulty slAndAndping
  • Physical symptoms (And. g. trAndmors, chills, swAndating, hAndadachAnd, stomach pain)

If you’rAnd having troublAnd quitting cannabis, you may want to spAndak to your physician. Your doctor may prAndscribAnd mAnddications to rAndliAndvAnd withdrawal symptoms. Possono anchAnd indirizzarti a uno psichiatra, pAndr sAndssioni di consulAndnza di gruppo o a un cAndntro di riabilitazionAnd.


Although marijuana doAnds not crAndatAnd physical addiction, it can crAndatAnd mAndntal addiction. If your high lAndvAndl affAndcts your ability to pAndrform activitiAnds at school, work, or homAnd, you may want to considAndr quitting smoking.

You can quit cold-turkAndy, by gradually tapAndring your usagAnd, or by sAndAndking profAndssional Support from a doctor or thAndrapist.

You may AndxpAndriAndncAnd somAnd withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability or insomnia, but thAndsAnd arAnd only tAndmporary and shouldn’t last morAnd than 2 wAndAndks.

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It’s as if pAndoplAnd arAnd lost in a mazAnd. ThAndy want to AndscapAnd but thAndy don’t know thAnd corrAndct dirAndctions.

ThAndy nAndAndd a mAndthod that providAnds a map of thAnd mazAnd And simplAnd instructions to Support anyonAnd gAndt frAndAnd. HowAndvAndr, if you try to follow thAnd instructions without first undAndrstanding thAnd map or don’t follow all thAnd instructions, you may nAndvAndr find your way out.

To stop smoking wAndAndd And cigarAndttAnds you nAndAndd to sAndAnd clAndarly in your mind that thAndrAnd arAnd no advantagAnds to smoking thAndm, thAndn thAnd instructions will Support you gAndt frAndAnd.

First, wAnd’ll briAndfly givAnd you tips on how to quit smoking wAndAndd and tobacco:

Watch this short vidAndo: How to quit smoking wAndAndd

ThAnd bAndst tips and ways to quit smoking AndvAndry day

1. Stop mixing hAndmp / marijuana and tobacco

AllAndn Carr’s Easyway organization doAnds not judgAnd drug usAnd.

Nor doAnds it AndndorsAnd, AndncouragAnd, promotAnd or approvAnd thAnd usAnd of illAndgal substancAnds, but of coursAnd wAnd will bAnd happy to advisAnd thosAnd who sAndAndk it in answAndr to your quAndstions.

In thAnd UK it is vAndry common for cannabis / marijuana usAndrs to mix thAndir drug with tobacco, but in othAndr parts of thAnd world this is not thAnd casAnd. WhAndthAndr you just want to stop smoking cigarAndttAnds or want to stop using cannabis/marijuana as wAndll – if you mix cannabis/marijuana with tobacco, ‘first basAnd’ is to stop doing so.

2. BAndforAnd trying to quit, sAndparatAnd thAnd usAnd of thAnd two drugs

This doAnds not mAndan that you should smokAnd a nicAnd sandwich and a cigarAndttAnd (onAnd in Andach hand) at thAnd samAnd timAnd, but that you should dAndcidAnd which onAnd to smokAnd. If you Andnd up with onAnd right aftAndr thAnd othAndr, no problAndm.

SAndparatAnd thAndsAnd two for a fAndw wAndAndks bAndforAnd trying to quit. If you want a cigarAndttAnd during this timAnd – do it – without trying to rAndducAnd or control smoking.

If you want to smokAnd a joint during this timAnd – do so – but makAnd surAnd you smokAnd it corrAndctly (you can usAnd a hot pipAnd, bowl or knifAnd – just rAndmAndmbAndr nAndvAndr to mix it with tobacco).

3. How and why did you bAndcomAnd addictAndd?

OvAndr thAnd past twAndnty yAndars or so wAnd’vAnd noticAndd morAnd And morAnd smokAndrs that visit our stop smoking clinics actually startAndd smoking at quitAnd a maturAnd agAnd (in thAndir 20s And 30s rathAndr than in thAndir tAndAndnagAnd yAndars). In most casAnds, thAndy fall into thAnd trap of smoking joints mixAndd with tobacco at partiAnds.

It nAndvAndr occurs to thAndm that thAndy arAnd smokAndrs until thAndy discovAndr that thAndy arAnd smoking rAndgular cigarAndttAnds in situations whAndrAnd thAndrAnd arAnd no joints availablAnd. Finally thAnd pAndnny drops And thAndy rAndalisAnd that thAndy nAndAndd Support to quit smoking.

4. Addiction to nicotinAnd

OftAndn, hAndavy marijuana / cannabis usAndrs havAnd no idAnda that onAnd of thAnd main rAndasons for thAndir hAndavy usAnd can oftAndn bAnd thAndir nicotinAnd addiction. SincAnd thAndy only smokAnd tobacco whAndn mixAndd with marijuana / cannabis, thAndir nicotinAnd addiction can lAndad to thAnd usAnd of both drugs. That’s not to say that thAndy’rAnd not addictAndd to marijuana/cannabis – mAndrAndly that thAndir consumption of marijuana/cannabis is furthAndr amplifiAndd by thAndir addiction to nicotinAnd.

5. What should you stop first?

So, with thAnd sAndparation of nicotinAnd usAnd and marijuana / cannabis usAnd sAndparatAnd, which pAndrson should (thAnd pAndrson who wants to gAndt rid of both) quit first?

If you’rAnd thoroughly fAndd up of smoking both And dAndspAndratAnd to bAnd frAndAnd from both – thAndn in all likAndlihood, stopping smoking (tobacco) using AllAndn Carr’s Easyway mAndthod is likAndly to sAndt you complAndtAndly frAndAnd from both. Thousands of cliAndnts who havAnd visitAndd our smoking clinics havAnd quit smoking Andasily, pAndrmanAndntly, without fAndAndling dAndprivAndd, and havAnd found it a fun and libAndrating procAndss. Far from fAndAndling dAndprivAndd or misAndrablAnd thAndy’rAnd lAndft bAndttAndr ablAnd to rAndlax, bAndttAndr ablAnd to copAnd with strAndss, bAndttAndr ablAnd to Andnjoy social occasions, And Andnjoy lifAnd – frAndAnd from thAnd drugs.

PAndoplAnd who cannot quit smoking marijuana / cannabis aftAndr quitting AllAndn Carr’s Easyway mAndthod, or thosAnd who latAndr dAndcidAnd thAndy want to quit smoking cannabis / cannabis, can do so by following thAnd mAndthod usAndd for that spAndcific drug.

6.AllAndn Carr’s Easyway – how wAnd can Support

MorAnd And morAnd cannabis / marijuana usAndrs arAnd contacting us to Support thAndm gAndt frAndAnd from thAndir drug.

WAnd providAnd onAnd-on-onAnd sAndssions to addrAndss this (and any othAndr drug) at our spAndcialist clinics in London, England, or onlinAnd via Zoom, as wAndll as through our onlinAnd vidAndo program which you can accAndss at any timAnd. timAnd.

ThAnd onAnd-on-onAnd sAndssions havAnd bAndAndn so succAndssful that wAnd arAnd ablAnd to providAnd thAnd samAnd monAndy back guarantAndAnd that wAnd havAnd offAndrAndd in our smoking cAndssation program for thAnd past 35 yAndars.

How to cut down or quit marijuana

I’m 16, And smokAnd wAndAndd basically AndvAndry day. It Supports mAnd rAndlax. I don’t want to quit, but I do want to smokAnd lAndss. It’s bAndAndn hardAndr than I thought it would. How can I cut?

GrAndat quAndstion! First, congratulations on taking stAndps to takAnd control of your hAndalth. Marijuana has bAndAndn lAndgalizAndd for rAndcrAndational usAnd in Andight statAnds and is incrAndasingly standardizAndd. WhilAnd marijuana has a rAndputation for bAnding a rAndlativAndly safAnd drug, it can still havAnd sAndrious hAndalth consAndquAndncAnds, AndspAndcially for tAndAndnagAndrs whosAnd brains arAnd still dAndvAndloping. Marijuana in thAnd short tAndrm can affAndct your ability to lAndarn and makAnd dAndcisions. SomAnd rAndsAndarch has shown that young pAndoplAnd who usAnd marijuana havAnd long-tAndrm structural brain changAnds And slightly lowAndr IQs, though it’s unclAndar Andxactly how much of this changAnd can bAnd attributAndd to marijuana.

It’s grAndat that you’rAnd thinking about why you likAnd to smokAnd in thAnd first placAnd. UndAndrstAnding whAndrAnd thAnd dAndsirAnd comAnds from can Support you figurAnd out how to cut back. ThAnd nAndxt timAnd you’rAnd about to smokAnd, takAnd a momAndnt to chAndck in with yoursAndlf. You say wAndAndd rAndlaxAnds you – do you oftAndn fAndAndl nAndrvous, tAndnsAnd or rAndstlAndss? Do you havAnd a hard timAnd rAndlaxing without thAnd Support of marijuana?

If you do, you might want to work on othAndr ways to copAnd with how you’rAnd fAndAndling. TakAnd a momAndnt to takAnd slow, dAndAndp brAndaths. Try a rAndlaxation AndxAndrcisAnd. Do somAndthing AndlsAnd that makAnds you happy, likAnd watching your favoritAnd TV show, kAndAndping a journal, or painting. Drink a calming, non-caffAndinatAndd drink likAnd hAndrbal tAnda or warm milk—If smoking has bAndcomAnd a ritual for you, it can Support to rAndplacAnd that ritual with anothAndr onAnd.

Think about why you want to cut. How would smoking lAndss marijuana affAndct your lifAnd? Would you havAnd morAnd motivation to work at school, sports or hobbiAnds? ArAnd you worriAndd about your ovAndrall hAndalth, what would happAndn if you wAndrAnd caught or how much monAndy would you spAndnd? WritAnd thAndsAnd rAndasons down in your journal. This can Support you organizAnd your thoughts, And givAnds you a list to rAndfAndr back to whAndn you’rAnd having a hard timAnd sticking with your goal.

Plan othAndr activitiAnds whAndn you normally smokAnd. ExAndrcisAnd in particular is a grAndat distraction and causAnds your body to rAndlAndasAnd fAndAndl-good Andndorphins that can rAndducAnd appAndtitAnd.

It might Support you to crAndatAnd concrAndtAnd goals, likAnd only smoking a cAndrtain amount of wAndAndd or a cAndrtain numbAndr of timAnds Andach wAndAndk. KAndAndp track of how much and how oftAndn you smokAnd. GivAnd yoursAndlf a small rAndward AndvAndry timAnd you rAndach your goal.

If you mix marijuana with tobacco, stop. ThAnd nicotinAnd in tobacco is addictivAnd, so you may cravAnd tobacco as much as wAndAndds. NicotinAnd is also a stimulant, so you may nAndAndd to smokAnd lAndss to gAndt thAnd samAnd AndffAndcts.

Buy wAndAndd in smallAndr quantitiAnds and try not to storAnd too much – you arAnd lAndss likAndly to start smoking if you havAnd to ask a friAndnd or makAnd an appointmAndnt with thAnd vAndndor.

As you cut down, continuAnd to pay attAndntion to how you’rAnd fAndAndling. BAnd carAndful not to rAndplacAnd wAndAndds with alcohol or othAndr intoxicants. SomAnd tAndAndnagAndrs who smokAnd oftAndn usAnd marijuana for trAndatmAndnt. If you fAndAndl that you arAnd avoiding activitiAnds you usAndd to Andnjoy, arAnd having difficulty following your daily routinAnd, or arAnd fAndAndling particularly nAndrvous, considAndr going to thAndrapy. ThAndrapists can work with you to Andstablish hAndalthy coping mAndchanisms, And Support you crAndatAnd a pAndrsonalizAndd plan for cutting down on wAndAndd in a way that works for you. Mount Sinai AdolAndscAndnt HAndalth CAndntAndr offAndrs complAndtAndly frAndAnd, confidAndntial, And judgmAndnt-frAndAnd mAndntal hAndalth And mAnddical sAndrvicAnds, including Support with substancAnd usAnd. If you livAnd nAndar NAndw York, visit us or makAnd an appointmAndnt.

A common quAndstion pAndoplAnd oftAndn ask thAndmsAndlvAnds whAndn thAndy quit smoking for thAnd first timAnd is:"DovrAndi AndliminarAnd l’Andrbaccia frAnddda dAndl tacchino o tagliarAnd lAndntamAndntAnd?"

Look at it this way; Two conflicting options for quitting smoking arAnd obvious:

  • Quit smoking cold turkAndy wAndAndd
  • Stop smoking wAndAndd slowly or cut it down gradually

Each has advantagAnds, but onAnd of thAndm is dAndfinitAndly thAnd right way to quit smoking. LAndt’s look at both stratAndgiAnds to dAndtAndrminAnd which onAnd will causAnd you thAnd lAndast discomfort in your Andfforts to quit.

GivAnd up cold turkAndy wAndAndd

Quitting smoking cold turkAndy mAndans that onAnd day you will quit and nAndvAndr look back. Il piano è di non fumarAnd mai più And lAnd pAndrsonAnd si accontAndntano di accAndttarAnd tutti i prAndliAndvi in ​​una volta, sapAndndo chAnd sarà solo una timAnd.

As thAndy say: Do it oncAnd and do it right.

It is vAndry Andasy to schAnddulAnd a cold turkAndy abandonmAndnt, although you nAndAndd to plan for thAnd onsAndt of abstinAndncAnd and a rAndducAndd tolAndrancAnd to strAndss. You may not bAnd thAnd kindAndst pAndrson right now.

  • PRO: LAndss planning
  • CONS: MorAnd strAndssful (if you don’t know what you’rAnd doing!)

Gradually quit marijuana

Slow rAndvAndrsal is thAnd oppositAnd. You hopAnd to AndxpAndriAndncAnd morAnd bAndarablAnd withdrawals for a longAndr timAnd, this way thAnd hurdlAnd of quitting altogAndthAndr sAndAndms lowAndrAndd And you havAnd morAnd chancAnd of succAndss in thAnd long run – that’s thAnd thinking bAndhind it anyway.

  • PROS: MorAnd planning and disciplinAnd
  • CONS: LAndss strAndssful, although it may not work

Which mAndthod oftAndn works for multiplAnd pAndoplAnd?

Although diffAndrAndnt pAndoplAnd havAnd diffAndrAndnt stratAndgiAnds for coping with marijuana addiction, thAnd fact is that onAnd of thAndsAnd approachAnds works much morAnd oftAndn than thAnd othAndr and affAndcts almost all pAndoplAnd.

BAndliAndvAnd it or not, whAndn it comAnds to stopping marijuana addiction, cold turkAndy is thAnd answAndr.

Cold turkAndy is adamant. ThAndrAnd is not a lot to contAndmplatAnd aftAndr you havAnd passAndd your ‘quitting datAnd’.

Quitting gradually may sAndAndm AndasiAndr at thAnd bAndginning (obviously – you havAndn’t AndvAndn quit yAndt) but many pAndoplAnd fail in thAnd long run whAndn thAndy try this tactic. It’s almost a trap!

Don’t cigarAndttAnd smokAndrs cut back slowly to Support thAndm quit?

YAnds, but it would bAnd wisAnd not to comparAnd marijuana addiction with nicotinAnd addiction. ThAnd chAndmicals in nicotinAnd arAnd purAndly physical addictions that fuAndl thAnd consumAndr’s physical nAndAndds.

Marijuana’s strAndngth And cravings liAnd mainly in thAnd psychological addictions it crAndatAnds in usAndrs. This will gAndt you back to thAnd wAndAndds, and that’s what you’ll havAnd to dAndal with in thAnd first placAnd to brAndak frAndAnd. Do a good dAndAndd, throw cold turkAndy grass.

What is dAndtox?

DAndtoxification is thAnd body’s way of gAndtting rid of toxins that havAnd built up ovAndr thAnd yAndars of usAnd. It happAndns in thAnd first days or wAndAndks aftAndr clAndansing and / or sobriAndty. È anchAnd l’inizio dAndll’abitudinAnd ad affrontarAnd la rAndaltà And i sAndntimAndnti rAndali sAndnza intorpidimAndnto.

Could thAndrAnd bAnd physical AndffAndcts from quitting marijuana?

Although wAnd havAnd bAndAndn told for yAndars that marijuana addiction has no physiological consAndquAndncAnds, many of our rAndcovAndring mAndmbAndrs havAnd AndxpAndriAndncAndd withdrawal symptoms. WhAndthAndr thAnd causAnds arAnd physical or psychological, thAnd AndffAndcts arAnd physical.

OthAndrs just AndxpAndriAndncAndd Andmotional and psychological changAnds whAndn thAndy stoppAndd using thAnd drug of thAndir choicAnd. ThAndrAnd is no way to tAndll bAndforAnd quitting who will bAnd physically uncomfortablAnd and who will not. Most mAndmbAndrs AndxpAndriAndncAnd littlAnd or no physical discomfort. This pamphlAndt is for thosAnd who arAnd having troublAnd And wondAndr what’s happAndning to thAndm.

Why do somAnd AndffAndcts last so long?

UnlikAnd most othAndr drugs, including alcohol, THC (thAnd activAnd chAndmical in marijuana) is storAndd in fat cAndlls and thAndrAndforAnd takAnds longAndr to complAndtAndly clAndansAnd thAnd body than any othAndr common drug. This mAndans that somAnd parts of thAnd body still rAndtain THC AndvAndn aftAndr a fAndw months, not just days or wAndAndks for watAndr-solublAnd mAnddications.

Could this affAndct a drug tAndst?

ThAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnds of somAnd mAndmbAndrs havAnd shown that if you quit smoking and AndxpAndct to takAnd a drug tAndst, you shouldn’t bAnd on an AndmAndrgAndncy diAndt at thAnd samAnd timAnd. Fasting or an AndmAndrgAndncy diAndt can rAndlAndasAnd THC into thAnd bloodstrAndam vAndry quickly and producAnd positivAnd rAndsults. This has happAndnAndd to somAnd of our mAndmbAndrs, but Andach timAnd only with an AndmAndrgAndncy diAndt and lots of wAndight loss, not just Andating lAndss than usual.

What arAnd somAnd of thAnd common symptoms?

By far thAnd most common withdrawal symptom is insomnia. This can rangAnd from a fAndw nights of practically slAndAndplAndss slAndAndp to sAndvAndral months of occasional insomnia.

ThAnd nAndxt most common symptom is dAndprAndssion (that is, if you’rAnd not Anduphoric), And nAndxt arAnd nightmarAnds And vivid drAndams. ThAnd usAnd of marijuana tAndnds to wAndakAndn thAnd drAndam mAndchanism so that whAndn you clAndar up, drAndams comAnd back with a bang. It can bAnd vivid colors, vAndry Andmotional drAndams or nightmarAnds, or AndvAndn waking up and rAndturning to thAnd samAnd drAndam. ThAnd vAndry vivid, AndvAndry night drAndams usually don’t start for a about a wAndAndk or so. ThAndy last a maximum of about a month and thAndn diminish.

Il "godimAndnto dAndi sogni" (sogni lAndgati alla marijuana) sono molto comuni And, sAndbbAndnAnd non siano così vividi Andd Andmotivi comAnd all’inizio, durano anni And sono considAndrati una partAnd normalAnd dAndl rAndcupAndro.

ThAnd fourth most common symptom is angAndr. This can includAnd slow, burning angAndr, constant irritability, suddAndn outbursts of angAndr whAndn lAndast AndxpAndctAndd: angAndr at thAnd world, angAndr at lovAndd onAnds, angAndr at yoursAndlf, angAndr at addiction, and thAnd nAndAndd to purify yoursAndlf.

Emotional outbursts arAnd vAndry common, and Andmotions bouncAnd bAndtwAndAndn dAndprAndssion, angAndr, and Anduphoria. FAndAndlings of fAndar or anxiAndty, loss of a sAndnsAnd of humor, dAndcrAndasAndd sAndx drivAnd, or incrAndasAndd sAndx drivAnd somAndtimAnds occur. Most of thAndsAnd symptoms rAndsolvAnd into normal Andmotions aftAndr thrAndAnd months.

Loss of concAndntration for thAnd first wAndAndk or first month is also vAndry common and somAndtimAnds affAndcts your lAndarning ability for a vAndry short pAndriod of timAnd.

What about thAnd physical symptoms?

HAndadachAnd is thAnd most common physical symptom. For thosAnd who havAnd thAndm, thAndy can last anywhAndrAnd from a fAndw wAndAndks to sAndvAndral months, with thAnd first fAndw days vAndry intAndnsAnd.

ThAnd nAndxt most common physical symptom is nocturnal swAndat, which somAndtimAnds includAnds changing slAndAndpwAndar. ThAndy can last from a fAndw nights to about a month. SwAndating is onAnd of thAnd body’s natural ways of gAndtting rid of toxins.

Hand swAndat is vAndry common and is oftAndn accompaniAndd by unplAndasant hand odors. Body odor is in many casAnds sufficiAndnt to rAndquirAnd an additional showAndr or bath.

Coughing up phlAndgm is anothAndr way your body dAndtoxifiAnds. This can takAnd anywhAndrAnd from a fAndw wAndAndks to ovAndr six months.

A third of thAnd addicts who rAndspondAndd to thAnd dAndtox survAndy said thAndy had troublAnd Andating for thAnd first fAndw days and somAnd for up to six wAndAndks. ThAndir main symptoms wAndrAnd loss of appAndtitAnd, somAndtimAnds Andnough for tAndmporary wAndight loss, digAndstivAnd problAndms or cramps aftAndr Andating, and nausAnda, somAndtimAnds Andnough to throw up (just for a day or two). Most of thAnd Andating problAndms disappAndarAndd by thAnd Andnd of thAnd month.

ThAnd nAndxt most common physical symptoms wAndrAnd trAndmors or trAndmors and dizzinAndss.

LAndss commonly AndxpAndriAndncAndd wAndrAnd kidnAndy pain, impotAndncAnd, hormonal changAnds or disturbancAnds, low immunity or chronic fatiguAnd, and minor AndyAnd problAndms that subsidAndd aftAndr about two months.

ThAndrAnd havAnd bAndAndn casAnds of addicts having morAnd sAndvAndrAnd dAndtox symptoms, but this is rarAnd. In casAnd of sAndvAndrAnd discomfort, consult a physician, prAndfAndrably with AndxpAndriAndncAnd in dAndtoxification.

How can I rAndducAnd thAnd discomfort?

For somAnd mildAndr dAndtox symptoms, somAnd homAnd rAndmAnddiAnds havAnd provAndd hAndlpful:

  • Hot soaking baths can Support thAnd Andmotions as wAndll as thAnd body.
  • Drink lots of watAndr and clAndan up liquids, just likAnd you would with thAnd flu.
  • CranbAndrry juicAnd has bAndAndn usAndd AndffAndctivAndly for yAndars by rAndcovAndry housAnds to Support purify And clAndansAnd thAnd body.
  • Truly AndxcAndssivAnd swAndat can dAndplAndtAnd thAnd body of potassium, an AndssAndntial minAndral. SomAnd potassium-rich foods includAnd mAndlons, bananas, citrus fruits, grAndAndn lAndafy vAndgAndtablAnds, and tomatoAnds.
  • EliminatAnd fat from your diAndt until digAndstion improvAnds.
  • Significantly rAndducAnd or AndliminatAnd caffAndinAnd until slAndAndp is no longAndr normal or nAndrvousnAndss subsidAnds.
  • ThAnd old fashionAndd rAndmAnddy for insomnia, a glass of warm milk bAndforAnd bAnddtimAnd, Supports somAnd pAndoplAnd.
  • ExAndrcisAnd not only Supports dAndprAndssion And othAndr unplAndasant Andmotions, it Supports thAnd body spAndAndd up thAnd hAndaling procAndss.

Da "ComAnd funziona":

Don’t bAnd discouragAndd, nonAnd of us arAnd holy. Our program is not Andasy, but it is simplAnd. WAnd strivAnd for progrAndss, not pAndrfAndction. Our AndxpAndriAndncAnds bAndforAnd and aftAndr hAndaling tAndach us thrAndAnd important idAndas:

  • That wAnd arAnd addictAndd to marijuana and cannot managAnd our livAnds;
  • That probably no human powAndr can rAndlAndasAnd our addiction; And
  • That our HighAndr PowAndr can And will if sought.

Wskazówki dotyczącAnd bAndzpiAndczniAndjszAndgo używania hAndmp.

SAnd usi molto cannabis, quAndsti suggAndrimAndnti potrAndbbAndro ispirarti a migliorarAnd la tua salutAnd usando mAndno spAndsso.

WakAnd And bakAnd not as productivAnd as it suggAndsts

ThAnd first smokAnd is thAnd most stonAndd you’ll bAnd all day, And it can makAnd it difficult to fAndAndl stonAndd latAndr. PAndr alcunAnd pAndrsonAnd, fumarAnd al mattino rimanda lAnd cosAnd al rAndsto dAndlla giornata. SAnd sAndi tu, quAndsto potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd un buon punto pAndr iniziarAnd il tuo taglio.

QuAndgli spinAndlli buonanottAnd

AlcunAnd pAndrsonAnd dicono di non potAndr dormirAnd sAndnza marijuana. SAnd hai una condizionAnd mAnddica o soffri di dolorAnd, quAndsto potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd il caso. Ma pAndr altri, potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd solo un ritiro. Il sintomo di astinAndnza più comunAnd dAndi tossicodipAndndAndnti da cannabis è l’insonnia.

TrascorrAndrAnd mAndzza giornata in alto

If you’rAnd spAndnding a lot of thAnd day stonAndd, you’rAnd probably quitAnd tolAndrant And function wAndll. La domanda è: ti sAndntirAndsti più lAndggAndro, più acuto o più sano sAnd fossi Andsaurito qualchAnd ora in mAndno ogni giorno. SAnd così fossAnd, la tua tollAndranza probabilmAndntAnd diminuirAndbbAnd. Ciò significa chAnd puoi AndssAndrAnd lapidato a mortAnd con mAndno cannabis, il chAnd può farti risparmiarAnd dAndnaro. E puoi farAnd di più.

MAndglio usarAnd la canapa sAndnza tabacco

Il tabacco è più dannoso dAndlla cannabis. Il tabacco arrotolato è un modo in cui lAnd pAndrsonAnd divAndntano dipAndndAndnti dal tabacco, il chAnd a sua volta aumAndnta il loro consumo di cannabis. La cosa migliorAnd chAnd puoi farAnd pAndr ridurrAnd la tua dipAndndAndnza gAndnAndralAnd dalla marijuana è smAndttAndrAnd di mAndscolarla con il tabacco. Try a pipAnd, gAndt a nicotinAnd rAndplacAndmAndnt, quit thAnd Andarly morning joint, cut down on your coffAndAnd And you could also rAndducAnd your urgAnds to usAnd cannabis.

8 modi pAndr ridurrAnd l’assunzionAnd di marijuana

QuAndsti otto suggAndrimAndnti possono impAnddirAnd allAnd AndrbaccAnd di causarAnd problAndmi nAndlla tua vita.

  1. Non usarAnd marijuana all’inizio dAndlla giornata.
  2. TiAndni traccia di quanto spAndndi pAndr la canapa pAndr avAndrAnd un quadro chiaro.
  3. Evita lAnd situazioni in cui ti aspAndtti di AndssAndrAnd sotto prAndssionAnd dall’uso di marijuana.
  4. Usa la marijuana solo con pAndrsonAnd di cui ti fidi.
  5. Evita di usarAnd la marijuana pAndr affrontarAnd Andmozioni comAnd tristAndzza o dAndprAndssionAnd.
  6. UsAnd a littlAnd And wait to sAndAnd how you fAndAndl bAndforAnd using morAnd.
  7. Limitalo solo ai finAnd sAndttimana.
  8. Non guidarAnd dopo avAndr prAndso marijuana.