How to crochet a headband

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I’ve got a really cute and simple crochet headband and free pattern to show you how to make today! This is a great beginner crochet headband and its width can be adjusted to your liking. My husband and I recently went to Joshua Tree for a weekend to celebrate our 12th anniversary. When we arrived I brought a hat but realized that a particularly large crochet headband would be more comfortable on our journey – well I brought some yarn with me! I made this crochet headband pretty quickly on the Saturday morning of our trip.

How to crochet a headband

This pattern works with any type of yarn, I used size 5 and a crochet to dir as indicated on the package.


1 ball of yarn to choose from

Crochet coordination

How to crochet a headband

Crochet headband instructions

Are you looking for a crochet pattern instead? Try this.

My crochet headband is 4.5 inches wide, of course you can adjust it.

mb (UK: mb) = insert hook, throw, pass, throw, pull eyelets on hook.

Start with the skid knot, create a foundation chain of the correct length around the head (measure just above the ears and across the forehead)

Carefully connect the 2 ends without twisting the chain to form a circle.

ch 1, sc in each string around. When the round is complete, tuck in the stitch to join and 1 ch. Sc in each spot around and continue until you are about 3 inches wide.

Continue to sc, but along the back of the headband, add 2 decreasing stitches per round to tuck the headband in slightly so that it fits the shape of the head. Note: I believe the back is where you joined the foundation chain.

closing sc = insert hook, cast in, thread it, insert hook into next stitch, cast in, pull through, pull through all 3 loops of hook.


Sew a final round of slip stitches in each edge around the edge to give it a finished look. Secure and thread at the ends.

Optional: Attach your yarn back to the first foundation chain and do a round of slip stitches to finish it like the top edge. Secure and thread the ends to secure the thread needles.

How to crochet a headband

What do you think of my makeshift crochet headband? My ears were very happy with this accessory for my wardrobe, it was a really cold and windy day! The hat I brought was too open in texture, so I needed more solid warmth and ear cover. Full hats sometimes hurt my scalp, so knowing I would wear them all day, I opted for a loose headband. Do you need a matching scarf? Check out this simple scarf.

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Are you looking for a quick and easy baby shower gift? Try this 30 minute crochet baby headband!

Design history and inspiration for this crochet headband design

I love making baby things, and if you’ve hung around my blog for any length of time you know there are a ton of free crochet baby patterns. (If you’d like to see them, you can check them out here – don’t worry, I’ll hold this tab open for you. 😉

One thing I’ve never designed for the site is a baby headband! So I figured this spring was a perfect time to do it – I’ve even added an adorable flower on it for you, and you can find that free pattern linked below!

Yarn options for this crochet baby headband

I created this cute band pattern with a beautiful tone-on-tone yarn (weight # 1) called Hawthorne by We Crochet. This yarn is wonderful because it changes color and has a sublime touch.

This yarn is a wool and polyamide blend, but it doesn’t feel scratchy like a lot of wools do. This yarn is soft and flexible and I loved working with it.

If you’d like to substitute (I know we all like to use up our stashes!), you can use any fingering (weight #1) yarn that gets gauge. There are tons of beautiful spike yarns and you can find easy substitutions on yarnsub. com. This is a great project for that waste thread!

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Details of a baby crochet headband pattern

This tiny headband is worked in the round, and I’ve written it for several baby sizes. You can change its width by creating more or less lines. I wanted a nice thin headband, but for an older child you might prefer a thicker headband. No problem, just keep working in pattern until it’s as wide as you like!

The flower is crocheted separately and sewn. This is fresh easy crocheted flower, so don’t worry if you are newer to crochet and don’t know how to crochet a flower. There is also a separate video tutorial for this post that can help you!

More free crochet patterns for kids

You might like one of these other free baby crochet patterns!

Download an ad-free PDF!

This pattern is completely free and can be viewed in its entirety below, including a full video tutorial. However, many readers have requested ad-free PDF’s of my patterns so I provide inexpensive options for these.

If you love to crochet on the go or just prefer paper, you can print this PDF and take it with you wherever you go.

If you’d like to purchase an ad-free PDF that ALSO includes a floral crochet pattern, you can purchase it on Etsy here.

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Easy 30 Minute Crochet Baby Headband

What you will need

Yarn:We crochet Hawthorne (finger weight # 1) in Ashland Tonal

Crochet:US size E (3.5mm)

Gallantry:Thread needle / tapestry needle, scissors

Finished size:Circa 11 (13, 15) "circuito per abbinare Preemie (0-3 mesi, 3-6 mesi)

Measure:24 o. i 24 rzędy = 4 "(10 cm) we wzorze ściegu (6 oczek na cal)

Point descriptions and abbreviations

30 Minute Crochet Baby Headband – Free Crochet Pattern

Chapter 66 (78, 90). Join a single crochet with the first ch to form a ring, being careful not to twist.

Alternatively you can ch 67 (79, 91) and sc in 2nd ch from hook for first st (as seen in the video). Count this as your first sc on round 1. You will attach a slip stitch to this round, then use a thread to sew the ends together.

Round 1: Ch 1, sc in the first ch, * ch 1, skip the next ch, sc in the next ch; repeat from * to last ch, ch 1, skip last ch, join sl st with first ch – 66 (78.90 m).

Round 2: 1 ch, sc in the first sc, 1 ch, sc2tog inserts a crochet hook in each of the next 2 ch-spaces, 1 ch, * sc2tog inserts a crochet in the same space as the previous stitch, then in the next ch – spaces, 1 stitch; ripetere da * intorno, collegare con m. bss alla prima m. b.

Round 3: 1 ch, sc in the first sc, * 1 ch, skip 1 ch, sc to the next sc2 together with the previous row; repeat from * at the end, cat 1, connect sl to the first sc.

Round 4-5:Repeat rounds 2-3.

If necessary, repeat 2-3 rounds as many times as you like. Secure.

You can use a headband as you would for a simple crochet headband or make a flower using the link below.

Floral motif

Follow the little carnation tips in this post using the same yarn and hook. Sew a headband and braid all the ends.

Frequently asked questions about baby swaddling

These are very simple designs because they are so small. The cute headband can be made in two ways: round without seams or flat with a seam on the back. Either way, you can choose from many different textured stitches and gorgeous yarns to create a beautiful headband. So you can always add a flower, a bow or another application.

It really depends on crochet. There are many different widths of bands and there are no right or wrong. The smallest ones are generally about half an inch (about one centimeter) long and usually have a larger flower or other object of interest. The larger ones will be up to two inches wide, covering more of the baby’s head and can also still have decorations.

More free crochet patterns for kids

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Do you know a little girl who could use a handmade dress? Try this sweet and casual design dress with buttons on the front with a ribbed panel and bows on the shoulders.

Baby princess blanket

Are you looking for a crochet baby blanket that is sure to become a souvenir? Try out the Baby princess blanket pattern – an easy lace pattern in worsted weight yarn with a shell stitch border that is the most popular pattern on the blog.

Elegant baby blanket Ombre

This simple crochet design uses a mini bean stitch to create a gorgeous texture, and the ombre yarn does all the work for you! There are many wonderful colors of the ombre yarn so you’re bound to find the perfect one whether you are making for a little boy or little girl. This also includes the border of the shell stitch.

I hope you enjoyed this free 30 minute crochet baby headband pattern as much as I enjoyed making it!

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