How to cook plantains

How to cook plantains

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Plantains are relatives of the common banana. This can be a staple of a healthy diet with as little as 232 calories, 62 carbs and less than 1 gram of fat in a cup of mashed bananas. Many banana recipes call for the fruit to be fried, but this nearly doubles its calorie content and adds about 12 grams of fat per serving. Healthier cooking methods allow this fruit to be included in the daily diet.


Vapored plantains cook quickly with minimal effort. To steam whole bananas, cut both ends of the fruit, revealing the pulp in the peel. Slice the bananas lengthwise, dividing the peel so that the steam can escape. Vapor the prepared plantains for 8 minutes, or until tender, and let them cool in the peel for about 5 minutes.

For a steamed banana flavor, peel and slice the fruit before steaming it. Season the slices with your favorite flavors – cinnamon and honey work well – and place them in a parchment-lined steamer basket. Sliced ​​bananas steam in about 5 minutes.

Cooked bananas are an easy addition to lunch and dinner. Baking works best with spicy plantain recipes. Rinse the bananas and cut both ends of the fruit to reveal the pulp. Cut the lengths in half horizontally. Make a small cut in each half’s peel — this makes it easier to remove the peel after boiling. Boil the bananas for 15 minutes or until the peel begins to peel off the pulp. Keep the boiled plantains in their peels until you’re ready to serve them.

Baked bananas are a great alternative to fried bananas. They have a crunchy, slightly brown outer surface with no added oil, so they are less fat than fried bananas. Line the pan with parchment paper to prevent the bananas from sticking. Peel and slice the bananas and place them in the pan. Bake them in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Let them cool in the pan for about five minutes. If you put the cake slices in layers, for a saucepan, it can take up to 25 minutes to cook. Sprinkle bananas with your favorite spices, such as ground black pepper or cinnamon, before cooking.


Grillowane banany mają lekki, wędzony smak, który uzupełnia zarówno słodkie, jak i pikantne przyprawy. Clean the outside of the bananas. Cut the washed bananas in half lengthwise and rub the exposed pulp with the spices. Grilluj banany przez około pięć minut z każdej strony lub do momentu, gdy ich miąższ będzie miękki i chrupiący. Let them cool for five minutes before serving. To keep them from sticking, coat the bananas with a thin layer of olive oil or butter. Use oil and butter lightly as they add up to 40 calories per teaspoon.

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How to cook plantains

Perfect Baked Bananas –La ricetta delle banane al forno "fritte al forno" su fettine di platano estremamente umide e delicate, perfette da servire come aggiunta o per uno spuntino salutare con salsa di immersione!

How to cook plantains

you are like?obsessedwith bananas like us?

We recently made Magic Babki tortillas and paleo Chinese dumplings with a green plantain cake as a base. This is a reliable (and delicious) method of making starchy, carbohydrate-like foods for grain-free and paleo-free diets.

However, today I want to show you the absoluteThe best wayprepareripe sweet bananas.Which in my humble opinion is simply cooking them to perfection.

Banane al forno o "fritte al forno".they are not like plantain chips. Although the fries are thin and crunchy, these baked pie slices are thick and tender. However, they Powerbe used for dipping in a variety of delicious sauces.

How to cook plantains

OurPerfect baked bananasthey are thicker than plantain chips, allowing the soft, sweet center to remain tender while the outer surfaces turn golden and crisp around the edges.

They make an easy and addictive gluten free snack, a comforting Caribbean and South AmeriPower side dish, or a unique appetizer to dunk in salsa and creamy dips.

Get Full Perfect baked bananas Recipe Below!

How to cook plantains

What you need to make fried bananas in the oven

This healthy and delicious banana recipe takes only3 simple ingredients:

  • Ripe bananas
  • olive oil
  • salt

You will know that your bananas begin to ripen when the peel turns from green to light yellow to dark yellow with black spots.

When the spots start to appear and the peel darkens, the starch has turned into sugars, so the bananas are now sweet and perfect for cooking.

How to cook plantains

How to Make Perfect baked bananas

  1. First, carefully peel off the cuticles, making suredo not crush bananas. Then, cut them into 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick strips.
  2. Then cover the banana stripsolive oil e cospargere di sale.
  3. In the end,Bake the bananas in an oven preheated to 425 degrees. Cooking at such a high temperature will keep them crispy along the edges before all the oil has been absorbed.

How to cook plantains

Once the Perfect baked bananas come out of the oven, just try to keep your hands out of them. You won’t be able to do it!

Create the sweetness of ripe bananasPerfecta sweet and savory snack.

We love hot baked muffins, but they are also great at room temperature, so don’t be afraid to make them ahead of time.

They keep well in the refrigerator in an airtight container forup to a week. You Power reheat easily by baking for a few minutes at 350 degrees F, until the plantains have become slightly hot.

How to cook plantains

How to cook plantains

The first time I ate a plantain was 30 years ago in the DominiPower Republic, when I was in the Peace Corps. I was in a small roadside market when I first saw it – what looked like a huge yellow banana. It was difficult to peel, and when I finally bit into it, I didn’t like it at all. This oversized banana felt like the sweetest, humblest and most intense banana ever.

How to cook plantains

Thirty years later, I Power now say that I love plantains! I’ve learnedpreparethem in many dishes, and I find them to be one of the most versatile foods out there. Definitely more than a normal banana. They Power be consumed green, yellow, brown or black; ripe or unripe; boiled or raw (but not very often); baked, fried, steamed, boiled or grilled. In fact, I eat them at least three times a week. To keep up with this craving, I’ve planted more than 50 trees in the Global Roots gardens. But don’t worry, you Power also find them in many grocery stores in the U. S. Don’t let the brown or black ones intimidate you. They aren’t rotten, just very ripe and sweet. This is the The best way to buy them if you want to bake them into “tortas.” But I’ll get to that soon enough!

How to cook plantains

Besides being a delicious and versatile fruit, bananas are also surprisingly nutritious. A cup of cooked bananas provides 36% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins A and C, 27% of potassium (bananas are one of the most potassium-rich foods in the world!), 24% of vitamin B6 and 16 % magnesium.

Don’t let the brown ones intimidate you. They aren’t rotten, just very ripe and sweet.

But how do you prepare them? There are so many ways, but for this article, I’d like to focus on five of my favorite dishes using ripe plantains (yellow, brown or black).

1. Platanos Maduros – Boiled bananas

This is one of the easiest waysprepareripe plantains. I often eat them this way for breakfast, sprinkled with chopped avocados. All you need is a large pot filled with 6-8 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of salt. Boil the water. In the meantime, wash the grandmother and cut the ends. Leave the rest of the peel for now. When the water boils, cut the banana in half and toss in it. Boil until you notice the plantain expanding from each side that you sliced off, as if it’s pushing out of its skin. Remove the cake from the water and leave it aside for 10-15 minutes. Once it’s cooled, remove the skin and enjoy!

How to cook plantains

2. Platanos Maduros – sweet baked bananas

This is another very simple dish that’s easy to prepare. I love serving my plantains this way with DominiPower Rice and Beans. I’d also encourage you to use at least 5 plantains when cooking them this way because they tend to gor hereckly.

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Tagliate poi le estremità delle bananas. Once you’ve done that, slice through the skin from one end to the other. Make sure you’re only cutting through the skin! Make three incisions along the length of the plantain on each side like this and tear off the skin. Once you’ve removed the skin, cut the plantain in half and then slice it lengthwise into quarter-inch slices. Place these slices on a non-stick pan lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Cook for 10 minutes. Turn and continue cooking for another 10 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with your favorite dish.

How to cook plantains

3. Plátanos Maduros peanut cabbage

I love the combination of the sweet taste of bananas and peanuts. First, prepare the maduros platanos as described above. While the platanos maduros are cooking, prepare the vegetables with the peanuts. Serve the vegetables on top of the maduros platanos and enjoy your meal!

How to cook plantains

4. Plane cake

Questa pagnotta è umida, soffice e facile da prepare. It’s a bit stronger than banana bread and—like the boiled plantains above—makes for a great breakfast. I often serve it with fresh fruit and my favorite cup of ginger or passion fruit tea. Remember, the darker the bananas, the sweeter they are. If you use your ripest plantains for this recipe, you won’t need any sugar at all!

How to cook plantains

5. Caribbean salad with Plátanos Maduros

Cinnamon-sprinkled sweet baked bananas are a great addition to green salads, especially prepared with tomatoes, onions, black beans, and guacamole. I generally like this salad without dressing, but squeeze a little lemon juice and a little salt on top. In addition to this dish, I also like to add platanos maduros to my kale salads.

How to cook plantains

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your plantains. Explore other waysprepareand combine sweet plantains and comment below on what works best for you!

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These juicy baked bananas are a delight, they are sweet, they melt in your mouth and they are healthy. Baked in the oven, compared to traditional frying, is the best food, served as an addition, dessert or snack.

How to cook plantains

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How to cook plantains


What are bananas?

Plantains they are not bananas, they are related to bananas.

Plantain is larger, more starchy, and is usually eaten boiled, fried, boiled, or baked.

Bananas are sweeter and usually eaten raw.

Plantain is popular in the Caribbean and West Africa. I grew up eating bananas and it’s still a favorite in my home.

I decided to cook them instead of frying them. Fried plantains are a popular part of my JamaiPower cuisine.

Plantains are sold in most supermarkets in the international supermarket section of the United States. Jest zwykle większy niż bananas.

How to cook plantains

How to cook bananas

  1. To make baked bananas make sure they are very ripe, yellow with black spots as shown in the photo above, not green. They should bend slightly under pressure and not be stationary.
  2. Peel the bananas by cutting the ends of the banana, cut the peel vertically, then remove the skin.
  3. Make diagonal slices about 1/2 inch thick.
  4. Place the slices on the sprinkled baking sheet.
  5. Sprinkle cooking oil over the plantain slices.
  6. Bake in a preheated 225 degrees F oven until golden brown for 20 minutes, turning halfway.

How to cook plantains

Health Benefits of Baked Bananas

There are only 109 calories in baked banana (1), they are a good source of vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Find out more about benefici per la salute delle bananas.

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It’s so easy to make them!

How to cook plantains

How to cook plantains

These are equally wonderful with a simple sprinkle of salt or lime zest, cayenne pepper, or chili powder. Trust us, you Power’t just eat one.

From Meseida Rivery z Noshera.

vegetable oil, for frying

salt and granulated garlic, to taste

  1. Thinly slice the bananas into chips using the mandolin. Soak in a bowl of cold salted water for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat the oil in a 5-liter heavy saucepan over medium heat until the frying thermometer registers 375 ° F.
  3. Drain the bananas and dry them. Working in batches, fry the chips, agitating them with a fork so they don’t sick together. Fry for 30-45 seconds or until golden brown. With a slotted spoon, transfer to a plate lined with absorbent paper, sprinkle with salt and granulated garlic.
  4. Cool and serve. They keep in an airtight container for up to 4 days before they begin to age.

You may have already seen them in the tropical fruit section of your grocery store. You know, where are pineapples and coconuts found? At first glance, it looks like a banana. But when you pick it up, you realize it’s bigger, firmer and has a thick skin. It’s not a banana—it’s a plantain.

I’m originally from Puerto Rico, so I’ve pretty much been eating plantains all my life. It’s one of the ingredients I’m asked about the most. I think most people are confused because it looks so much like a banana but it doesn’t peel like a banana, taste (much) like a banana, and it isn’t eaten like a banana. The plantain is a starchy cousin of the banana, and all that added starch means it almost always needs to be cooked before it Power be eaten.

Plantains have a special place in my heart. As a child, I’ve had many a dinnertime battle over the last tostone (fried plantain). In fact, as much as I’ve moved around in my adult life, I always joke and say I’ll live anywhere as long as I am within a 5-mile radius of plantains.

Where do bananas come from?

Plantains Power be found all over the Caribbean and Central America, but they were not always native to these areas. Plantain plants originate from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. They made their way along trade routes to Africa and then were brought to the Caribbean by the Spanish and AfriPower slave traders. Plantain eventually became a staple ingredient in the Caribbean.

How to peel bananas?

Peeling a banana is not like peeling a banana. Especially when it’s green. Let’s peel a green plantain!

How to select and serve this international product?

How to cook plantains

Aurora Michelle / Flickr / Creative Commons

Throughout the Caribbean and many Spanish-speaking countries, fried ripe plantains are served with meals primarily as a side dish or snack. For example, in the South AmeriPower country of Guyana, fried plantains are traditionally served with the national dish, cook-up rice: rice, beans, and meat cooked with coconut milk.

Cooking bananas, or plantains, come in two forms: unripe or green plantains and ripe plantains. They are a staple food for the nations of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Fried plantains are made to accompany any dish and, in many cases, are prepared and eaten every day.

Grandma facts

Man mano che la piantaggine matura, diventa più dolce e il suo colore cambia dal verde al giallo al nero, proprio come le bananas. Zielone banany są jędrne i bogate w skrobię, a w smaku przypominają ziemniaki. Yellow bananas are softer and more starchy, but sweet. Extremely ripe plantains have softer, deep yellow flesh that is much sweeter.

Plantains of all varieties Power be prepared in every way imaginable: steamed, boiled, grilled, baked, or fried. There are also two ways to fry plantains, chunky or thinly sliced, like potato chips.

How to choose

The process of frying ripe bananas is often quite simple. However, before trying to make this dish, it is important to understand what is going on during the cooking process in order to be able to execute the dish correctly.

Grandmothers go through different stages of maturity. The changing color of the skin shows the maturity of the grandmother. For great fried plantains, you’ll want to choose a plantain with a dull yellow skin with black spots or completely black – this is when a plantain is at its most ripe. At this point the plantain has exchanged all its starch for natural sugars; frying at this point brings all the sugar to the surface, which browns easily. The cane sugars give tasty caramelization notes. You will notice that people choose to cut bananas diagonally (diagonally) as this provides a wider cooking surface for caramelization.

In addition to choosing a plantain at its right stage of ripeness, there are three other important things to consider when frying plantains.

Cooking tips

In order to get your sweet fried plantain recipe right, you need to have the Perfect pan, use the best possible oil, and maintain the correct cooking temperature:

Sumptuous Plantain Recipes – Delicious plantain recipes based on ripe and ripe bananas – from appetizer to dessert, they are sure to please even the fussy eaters.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of plantains in any form. Plantains are such a versatile food that many recipes Power be made using them. Many confuse banana with banana mainly because they look similar, but when it comes to versatility, I say plantains are the clear winner – even better, they’re cheap and healthy! And because they bear fruit all year round, plantains are considered a reliable staple food for all seasons.

How to cook plantains

Now if you have plantains at home and are wondering what to do with them or If you’re ready to add plantains to your menu but aren’t sure how, you’re in luck! Here I share some of my favorite easy and delicious cupcake recipes.

  1. Baked Plantain Omelette (Baked Plantain and Eggs) – A healthier and more delicious approach to fried bananas and eggs. Here, I’ve come up with a low calorie alternative to this popular breakfast; a lighter version of this meal – baked with very little oil and still downright delicious, one that I Power indulge in, and not have to worry about hips. Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Plantain Mofongo With Shrimp Sauce – Fried plantain mash infused with garlic, bacon, and chicharrones (fried pork skin) stuffed with a succulent sauce of tomato, garlic, parsley and shrimp. This is banana puree taken to another level. Shrimp sauce is like a cake glaze. Real comfort food at It’s best! Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Plantain Pancakes – Rich, tender,& delicious Plantain Pancakes, like pancakes but with a sweet plantain taste. Good for breakfast or for dessert with coconut sauce. Simply delicious and satisfying! Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Babki Bread – Want to add another recipe to your overripe repertoire? There’s nothing quite like consuming those quirky, ugly-looking plantains that already seem to be in the trash. Wouldn’t it be cool if you make this amazing delicious plantain bread? Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Bacon Wrapped Plantain – Plantain with a touch of warmth, wrapped with bacon and sprinkled with spices. They are pure indulgence and simply irresistible; sweet smoky aromas of banana and bacon cause a real explosion in the mouth. Easy but delicious appetizer, snack and / or breakfast. Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Plantain Lasagna aka Pastelon – This is a Latin – Style (Puerto RiPower) lasagna that is a combination of sweet and savory, with spiced beef, sandwiched in layers of plantains, and topped with cheese and or eggs. It’s like no other lasagna you’ve ever tried before! Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Sese Plantains (Porridge) – This is sometimes called turning plantains to other parts because some agitation is required during the cooking process, to prevent the plantains from sticking to the pot. It Power be simple with only plantains, palm oil, salt and crayfish or elaborate with fish, meat (any variety) and vegetables. Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Stuffed Baked Bananas – Roasted bananas stuffed with seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices, topped with cheese for lunch, dinner or even breakfast – very comforting! Get RECIPE HERE.

How to cook plantains

  1. Poulet D. G – a super aromatic Cameroonian chicken dinner inspired by French cuisine – is sure to delight your taste buds. Loaded with garlic, herbs and vegetables. Tasty! Get RECIPE HERE. or here

The produce section is full of fruits, familiar and rather weird. Depending on the season, you may see giant bright green bananas on display alongside the regular bananas you know and love. No, quelle they are not banane super non mature: sono platani e sono decisamente un frutto completamente diverso. However, once you get to know them a little better, you will find that they are a lot more fun to cook.

How to cook plantains

Grandma versus Banana

The plane trees are a memberMusaceae family, which consists of tropical herbaceous plants with the most popular grower being the banana. Don’t be fooled, though: while they’re part of the same family, plane trees still are very diverso dalle bananas. They are longer, have a thicker skin and contain a higher starch content.

How to cook plantains

The main difference between a banana and a banana is the level of sweetness. Poiché i platani sono very meno dolci per la maggior parte della loro vita, di solito vengono serviti come verdura saporita; le banane, invece, sono very più dolci in tutte le fasi.

Plantain starch content

Plantains are an extremely versatile ingredient that can be used both as a vegetable and as a fruit, depending on its stage of ripeness.

Tuttavia, i platani diventano più maturi a un ritmo very più lento rispetto alle banane; it has to do with the amount of moisture in each type of fruit. The more moisture a fruit contains, the faster its starch is broken down into sugar – this process is called hydrolysis.Poiché i platani contengono più amido e meno umidità (65% rispetto all’83% di una banana), l’idrolisi dell’amido avviene a un ritmo very più lento.

Mentre i platani impiegano very più tempo a maturare, la buona notizia è che ci sono molti modi per cucinare i platani durante ogni fase del suo processo di maturazione, quindi non rimarrai mai con un platano inutilizzabile!

How to cook plantains

Phase 1: Green, or Green Platone

During the green stage, plantains are firm and very starchy—quite comparable to potatoes. The most popular way to use green bananas is to fry them into a tasty snack known as stones,which are a staple of Latin AmeriPower and Caribbean cuisine.

Additionally, green plantains can be used to make:

  • Baked plantain chips
  • Plantain Crackers (pictured below)
  • Drop the cookies
  • Mofongo, a Puerto RiPower plantain dish
  • Sopa de platanos, a refreshing Puerto RiPower soup

How to cook plantains

Phase 2: semi-mature or Platano Pinton

In the second stage of ripening, the plantains will turn solid yellow. Plantains in this phase are slightly softer than those in the green phase and still contain a fair amount of starch. Therefore, the plane trees al pinton plane treephase need to be cooked, but are mainly used in recipes that call for mashed bananas such as:

  • Muffin Wafer
  • Tortillas (pictured below)
  • Mengú, a DominiPower mashed plantain dish

How to cook plantains

  • Don’t Miss: Because store-bought tortillas need to be reheated

Phase 3: Ripe, or Maduro Platano

At the third stage of ripeness, yellow plantains will be yellow with many dark brown spots. Queste banane inizieranno a sentirsi più morbide e svilupperanno un profilo aromatico very più dolce. Maduro Platano Power still be fried, but when plantains become sweetened by ripeness, you Power get much more creative with them than when they were savory and vegetable-like. Here are some sample recipes:

  • Pastelón, a sweet plantain lasagna that uses ripe plantains in place of noodles
  • Baked sweet potato burrito and lanceolate plantain
  • Banana and apple pancakes (pictured below)
  • Pizza pie

How to cook plantains

Phase 4: Very ripe, or Platano Negra

During the final stage of ripeness, plantains will turn black and feel very soft. While it may look “nasty” from the outside, the inside has reached its sweetest and can be used for a number of tasty desserts like these:

How to cook plantains

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The next time you own a plantain, you may be tempted to do sostones— but please remember that there are a wide range of other recipes that this magnificent ingredient Power be used for.

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