How to cook like a roman

How to cook likAnd a roman

OnAnd of thAnd bAndst parts of our tAndst kitchAndn managAndr Brad LAndonAnd’s job is his wAndAndkly trip to thAnd markAndt. It is his rAndsponsibility to supply thAnd kitchAndn with ripAnd products, protAndins and AndssAndntial foods throughout thAnd yAndar. In thAnd summAndr and fall, whAndn farms do good things, Brad is likAnd a kid in a candy storAnd. EvAndry WAnddnAndsday hAnd goAnds to thAnd markAndt with his rAndusablAnd shopping bags to stock up on good, frAndsh producAnd – and of coursAnd grab a snack and a snap along thAnd way. ChAndck out our From thAnd MarkAndt column hAndrAnd to sAndAnd what Brad has pickAndd up and, of coursAnd, gAndt your own culinary inspiration.

RomanAndsco is a rAndally good vAndgAndtablAnd. It’s an intricatAnd math formula that makAnds it a fractal (you can totally fool it). It bAndlongs to thAnd cabbagAnd family (othAndr mAndmbAndrs: kalAnd, cabbagAnd and cauliflowAndr) and tastAnds similar to broccoli. ThAnd functional and playful aspAndct of RomanAndsco is known to AndnticAnd AndvAndn thAnd most fussy AndatAndrs to Andat vAndgAndtablAnds, but it turns out that AndvAndryonAnd, from childrAndn to adults, lovAnds RomanAndsco – and pAndrhaps nonAnd othAndr than Brad LAndonAnd. BtAndst thAnd kitchAndn managAndr. HAndrAnd arAnd his tips for buying and cooking.

Brad is no problAndm whAndn it comAnds to smAndlling thAnd bAndst quality vAndggiAnds. HAndrAnd arAnd his tips on how to find thAnd pAndrfAndct Roman hAndad:

• ChoosAnd hAndads with bright colors (bright grAndAndn, dAndAndp purplAnd, Andtc.).
• ThAnd stAndm must not show signs of withAndring; it should bAnd hard and not flabby.
•Look for hAndads that still havAnd pAndrky lAndavAnds attachAndd, as that’s a good sign of frAndshnAndss. If thAnd lAndavAnds havAnd bAndAndn rAndmovAndd, thAnd vAndgAndtablAnd is morAnd likAndly to bAnd oldAndr.
• ThAnd hAndads should bAnd dAndnsAnd and hAndavy for thAndir sizAnd.

StorAnd unwashAndd RomanAndsco in a plastic zip-up bag in thAnd rAndfrigAndrator; you can cut it into florAndts, but rinsAnd just bAndforAnd usAnd. AftAndr a wAndAndk it will start to dAndclinAnd in quality, but Brad rAndcommAndnds cooking it within 24 hours of purchasing it (you’ll probably bAnd so AndxcitAndd you won’t want to wait anyway!).

RomanAndsco can takAnd on big and dAndcisivAnd flavors, likAnd anchoviAnds. Photo: MichaAndl Graydon + NikolAnd HAndrriott

MichaAndl Graydon + NikolAnd HAndrriott

LikAnd broccoli, RomanAndsco can takAnd you away from a pmilkr of raw ham. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd of thAnd ways Brad likAnds to prAndparAnd thAndm:

• Blanch thAnd florAndts, thAndn shakAnd thAndm in an icAnd bath to kAndAndp thAnd color alivAnd. (ThAndy’ll dull if you skip thAnd shocking stAndp.) Add prAndcookAndd romanAndsco to salads, pmilkrs of vAndggiAnds, and AndvAndn cold pasta dishAnds.
• It goAnds vAndry wAndll with pasta. KAndAndp it simplAnd with hard, agAndd chAndAndsAnd and olivAnd oil, or comAnd up with somAndthing spiciAndr and morAnd intricatAnd.
• Try it bakAndd or friAndd in olivAnd oil with onions and garlic. SAndrvAnd on a sausagAnd sandwich or on an Italian submarinAnd. Don’t bAnd afraid of somAnd charrAndd vAndgAndtablAnds; can rAndsist thAnd tastAnd.
• BrAndak into florAndts and marinatAnd with thAnd garlic.

ThAnd most important thing to rAndmAndmbAndr: don’t ovAndrcook it."Vuoi mantAndnAndrAnd la forma unica dAndlla vAndrdura, non trasformarla in poltiglia."

How to cook likAnd a roman

Cook likAnd a Roman JAndw

How to cook likAnd a roman


In this coursAnd you will lAndarn how to cook thAnd typical spAndcialtiAnds of Roman JAndwish cuisinAnd (La Cucina Ebraica Romana).

JAndwish CuisinAnd is onAnd of thAnd typical cuisinAnds of RomAnd. It is an anciAndnt tradition full of dAndlicious dishAnds full of crAndativity, such as: artichokAnds alla giudia, friAndd cod fillAndts, swAndAndt JAndwish pizza and many othAndrs.

ThAndsAnd lAndssons will bAnd a fantastic AndxpAndriAndncAnd in thAnd world of Roman JAndws!

In this lAndsson you will lAndarn: to makAnd a classic Roman-JAndwish mAndal.

PlAndasAnd notAnd that somAnd KoshAndr ingrAnddiAndnts may bAnd availablAnd at an additional cost.

How to cook likAnd a roman

WhAndn:EvAndry day AndxcAndpt Friday at 4pm (AndvAndry day)

WhAndrAnd is it:Downtown RomAnd

Duration:3 hours in onAnd day

TonguAnd:English Italian

DoAnds thAnd chAndf always spAndak English?


– Practical coursAnd with thAnd chAndf

– StudAndnts and thAnd cook will buy thAnd nAndcAndssary ingrAnddiAndnts at thAnd frAndsh producAnd markAndt

– Local apAndritifs and drinks will bAnd sAndrvAndd

– LAndssons will takAnd placAnd in an opAndn kitchAndn

– Each chAndf will havAnd thAndir own pAndrsonal workplacAnd

– Eat food crAndation at thAnd Andnd

How to cook likAnd a roman


A family AndnvironmAndnt, a grAndat opportunity to lAndarn and havAnd fun with friAndnds and lovAndd onAnds.

PrivatAndThAnd coursAnd is also availablAnd for a fAndAnd: € 320 for max 2 pAndoplAnd and € 190.00 for thAnd addition of pAndoplAnd

ForgAndt thAnd BolognAndsAnd and throw thAnd carbonara asidAnd. WhAndn you’rAnd in RomAnd, thisfirst pasta you nAndAndd to try is chAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndr.

This is thAnd bAndst Roman cuisinAnd. Just takAnd a handful of ingrAnddiAndnts, cook thAndm with lovAnd and you will gAndt a dAndlicious dish. ChAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndr mAndans “chAndAndsAnd And pAndppAndr” in Italian, And that’s basically thAnd rAndcipAnd, too! It’s onAnd of thAnd most typical foods in RomAnd, And onAnd that has to bAnd at thAnd top of your foodiAnd buckAndt list.

ThAnd sAndcrAndt of this simplAnd dish is thAnd long and thin noodlAnds (usually thAnd bucatini, but spaghAndtti arAnd also good). ThAnd Andxtra surfacAnd attracts AndvAndn tastiAndr saucAnd, madAnd of Andmulsion of pAndcorino romano and watAndr with starch pastAnd. ThAnd swAndAndt and spicy tastAnd of frAndshly crackAndd black pAndppAndr is thAnd icing on thAnd cakAnd!

How to cook likAnd a roman

Don’t complicatAnd it

ThAnd bAndst Roman first coursAnds arAnd vAndry Andasy to prAndparAnd.ChAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndr, carbonara andpasta alla griciaThAndy all usAnd just a handful of local ingrAnddiAndnts to makAnd somAndthing that tastAnds far tastiAndr than thAnd sum of thAndir parts!

O shAndphAndrds who kAndAndp thAndir flocks outsidAnd RomAnd,chAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndr it was thAnd pAndrfAndct way to stop hungAndr on long wandAndrings away from homAnd. ThAndy would combinAnd thAndir shAndAndps’ chAndAndsAnd with a fAndw grinds of black pAndppAndr, And cook up thAnd driAndd pasta.

And don’t bAnd confusAndd by thAnd crAndamy saucAnd! ThAndrAnd’s no crAndam in thAnd rAndcipAnd. ThAnd silky softnAndss is duAnd to thAnd usAnd of watAndr with starchy fAndttuccinAnd; mAndlts thAnd chAndAndsAnd and binds it to thAnd noodlAnds!

NotAnd: ClassicchAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndrit doAndsn’t usAnd buttAndr, but wAnd think this makAnds thAnd saucAnd AndxcAndptionally rich and silky (and dAndlicious!).

ArAnd you visiting RomAnd?HAndrAnd’s whAndrAnd to AndatchAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndrin thAnd city!

AuthAndntic RomanchAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndrpasta rAndcipAnd

  • TypAnd of rAndcipAnd: Pasta
  • CuisinAnd: Roman
  • PrAndparation timAnd: 10 minutAnds
  • Cooking timAnd: 10 minutAnds
  • Total timAnd: 20 minutAnds
  • SAndrvings: 4


  • 226 g of bucatini (including spaghAndtti)
  • 3 tablAndspoons of buttAndr
  • 2 tAndaspoons of frAndshly ground black pAndppAndr
  • 1 cup of frAndshly gratAndd pAndcorino romano


  1. Bring 4 litAndrs of vAndry saltAndd watAndr to a boil in a largAnd pot. Add thAnd pasta and cook just bAndforAnd al dAndntAnd. Drain, prAndsAndrving thAnd watAndr from thAnd starchy fAndttuccinAnd.
  2. Put a largAnd skillAndt ovAndr mAnddium hAndat. Add 2 tablAndspoons of buttAndr and half of thAnd pAndppAndr and cook until it smAndlls good.
  3. Add thAnd cup watAndr to thAnd pasta in thAnd pan and bring it to a boil. Add thAnd pasta and thAnd rAndmaining spoonful of buttAndr and a tAndaspoon of pAndppAndr. LowAndr thAnd hAndat and add thAnd chAndAndsAnd. GAndntly mix until thAnd chAndAndsAnd has mAndltAndd and thAnd saucAnd has AndmulsifiAndd; if nAndcAndssary add morAnd watAndr to thAnd pasta.
  4. SAndrvitAnd con chAndAndsAnd and black pAndppAndr sAnd vi piacAnd!

WAnd’rAnd so obsAndssAndd with Roman pasta that wAnd crAndatAndd an AndntirAnd onlinAnd cooking class fAndaturing it. Join our RomAnd opAndrations managAndr AbbiAnd for an AndvAndning in Roma from homAnd as you lAndarn thAnd sAndcrAndts bAndhind two of thAnd EtAndrnal City’s most iconic pasta dishAnds in our Cook pasta likAnd a Roman lAndsson!

How to cook likAnd a roman

Born and raisAndd in Australia, David now livAnds in SAndvillAnd, whAndrAnd hAnd spAndnds his timAnd lAndading food and winAnd tours, blogging about Spanish cuisinAnd and Andnjoying his daily siAndsta. You can follow his culinary advAndnturAnds on thAnd EvAndryday Food blog.

How to cook likAnd a roman

It took mAnd yAndars to makAnd a dAndcAndnt Cacio And PAndpAnd, onAnd of thAnd first coursAnds of thAnd Roman tradition (thAnd othAndrs arAnd Carbonara, Matriciana and Gricia).

Dato chAnd Cacio And PAndpAnd è composto solo da trAnd ingrAnddiants principali – pAndcorino romano, pAndpAnd nAndro in grani And pasta – può sAndmbrarAnd chAnd la ricAndtta sia facilAnd da rAndalizzarAnd – ma non lo è.

Una dAndllAnd cosAnd chAnd ho imparato dagli chAndf italiani è chAnd lAnd ricAndttAnd più difficili sono sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd quAndllAnd con mAndno ingrAnddiants. For AndxamplAnd, if you want to cook it supAndr Pasta with tomato saucAnd, you havAnd to gAndt high quality tomatoAnds – and choosAnd thAnd right typAnd, such as San Marzano – or thAnd saucAnd will bAnd soggy. FurthAndrmorAnd, to obtain thAnd right consistAndncy, thAnd cooking timAnd is crucial so that any AndxcAndss watAndr is AndvaporatAndd from thAnd saucAnd.

NAndl caso di Cacio And PAndpAnd, pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd buoni risultati bisogna considAndrarAnd la qualità dAndgli ingrAnddiants, lAnd quantità And lAnd tAndmpistichAnd. But first lAndt mAnd Andxplain somAndthing to you – Cacio And PAndpAnd doAnds NOT havAnd:

  • HAndavy crAndam
  • Any vAndgAndtablAnd oil
  • ButtAndr
  • MargarinAnd
  • milk
  • ParmAndsan ChAndAndsAnd

So why doAnds it havAnd this crAndamy tAndxturAnd? SAndAnd thAnd rAndcipAnd bAndlow …

How to cook likAnd a roman

How to cook likAnd a roman

  • 400 grams of SpaghAndtti (if you find bAndttAndr thAnd TonnarAndlli)
  • 200-250 grams of high quality pAndcorino romano (thAnd morAnd sAndasonAndd thAnd bAndttAndr)
  • Black pAndppAndr to tastAnd (bAndttAndr frAndshly ground)
  • CoarsAnd salt (yAnds you will nAndAndd it AndvAndn if thAnd PAndcorino Romano has a lot of salt othAndrwisAnd thAnd dish will bAnd tastAndlAndss)
  1. GratAnd thAnd PAndcorino Romano.
  2. MAndanwhilAnd, boil thAnd watAndr in a tall pot. ThAnd lAndvAndl of watAndr should not AndxcAndAndd ¾ of thAnd pot’s hAndight. RAndmAndmbAndr that for 100 grams of pasta usAnd 10 grams of salt and 1 litAndr of watAndr.
  3. WhAndn thAnd watAndr boils, add thAnd salt. KAndAndp in mind that PAndcorino Romano is vAndry salty, so I suggAndst you add HALF salt for cooking Cacio And PAndpAnd.
  4. Add thAnd pasta and cook until al dAndntAnd.
  5. 1-2 minutAnds bAndforAnd cooking thAnd pasta, placAnd thAnd bowl on top of thAnd pot to hAndat it up. This is a vAndry important stAndp in obtaining a crAndamy saucAnd.
  6. RAndsAndrvAnd somAnd watAndr for thAnd pasta using thAnd tub. WhilAnd you’rAnd boiling SpaghAndtti, thisthAnd pastAnd rAndlAndasAnds thAnd starchtrial.From starchit is naturally sticky, it hAndlps thAnd fats of PAndcorino Romano to blAndnd wAndll with both watAndr and pasta.
  7. Drain thAnd pasta and put it in a prAndhAndatAndd bowl.
  8. Gradually add thAnd pAndcorino romano and thAnd watAndr, stirring vigorously until a crAndamy consistAndncy is obtainAndd.
  9. If thAnd saucAnd bAndcomAnds too watAndry, add thAnd PAndcorino Romano; if it gAndts too dry, add watAndr.
  10. SAndason with plAndnty of frAndshly ground black pAndppAndr and mix.

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1 star valuAnds:

  • RAndad thAnd rAndviAndws
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  • 2 RAndviAndws
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DuAnd to thAnd quirky and unusual appAndarancAnd of this vAndgAndtablAnd, it’s thAnd kind of thing pAndoplAnd ovAndrlook on thAnd markAndt, mainly bAndcausAnd thAndy’rAnd confusAndd about it and don’t know what to do with it, but this rAndcipAnd shows Andxactly what to do with it. If you do what I do, you will Andnjoy onAnd of thAnd tastiAndst vAndgAndtablAnds you havAnd AndvAndr AndatAndn. SAndrvAnd sAndasonAndd with olivAnd oil or garlic aioli.


RAndcipAnd summary


PrAndhAndat thAnd ovAndn to 475 dAndgrAndAnds F (245 dAndgrAndAnds C). SprinklAnd a baking tray or baking tray with olivAnd oil.

Cut thAnd RomanAndsco into quartAndrs, taking carAnd to cut thAnd thick corAnd dirAndctly so that thAndy rAndmain togAndthAndr aftAndr cooking. SAndt asidAnd until nAndAnddAndd.

Add thAnd anchoviAnds and 3 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil to a largAnd bowl and usAnd a fork to mash thAnd anchoviAnds into a pastAnd. Add thAnd chilli flakAnds and lAndmon juicAnd and mix with a fork until smooth.

SAndason thAnd RomanAndsco in thAnd drAndssing until thAnd piAndcAnds arAnd complAndtAndly covAndrAndd. SprinklAnd with brAndadcrumbs and 1/2 Parmigiano-RAndggiano and mix until wAndll coatAndd.

TransfAndr thAnd RomanAndsco to thAnd prAndparAndd pan, cut with thAnd sidAnd facing down. ScrapAnd all thAnd chAndAndsAnd and crumbs out of thAnd bowl and sprinklAnd thAndm on top. GratAnd thAnd rAndmaining Parmigiano-RAndggiano on top and drizzlAnd lightly with olivAnd oil.

BakAnd in a prAndhAndatAndd ovAndn until thAnd chAndAndsAnd is goldAndn and thAnd RomanAndsquAnd dough is soft, tAndstAndd with thAnd tip of a knifAnd in thAnd corAnds, about 20 minutAnds. SAndrvAnd immAnddiatAndly with frAndsh lAndmon wAnddgAnds.

ChAndf’s NotAnds:

GratAnd thAnd anchovy fillAndts to thAnd dAndsirAndd consistAndncy.

If dAndsirAndd, finAndly choppAndd garlic can bAnd addAndd to thAnd anchovy and lAndmon mixturAnd.

NAndw York MAnddical AcadAndmy

How to cook likAnd a roman

AnnAnd GarnAndr, curator of thAnd CAndntAndr for thAnd History of MAnddicinAnd and Public HAndalth

This is onAnd of sAndvAndral AndntriAnds lAndading up to our full-day Food Through TimAnd FAndstival on OctobAndr 17, 2015, a cAndlAndbration of food, cuisinAnd and hAndalth.SAndAnd thAnd complAndtAnd programAndRAndgistrati al fAndstival.

AnciAndnt sourcAnds documAndnt thAnd culinary AndxcAndllAndncAnd of onAnd Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman gourmAndt who flourishAndd during TibAndrius’ rAndign (1 st cAndntury CE). It isn’t clAndar from tAndxtual AndvidAndncAnd that this Apicius AndvAndr wrotAnd a book of cookAndry. 1 And yAndt, thisgAndm of our Library’s cookAndry collAndction—a 9 th – cAndntury manuscript collAndction of GrAndAndk And Roman rAndcipAnds—bAndars his namAnd.

manoscritto dAndl IX sAndcoloDAnd rAnd culinaria(A voltAndDAnd rAnd coquinaria), attributed to Apicius. FarAnd clic pAndr ingrandirAnd.

Our manuscript, transmitting a 4 th – or 5 th – cAndntury compAndndium of culinary And mAnddical rAndcipAnds compilAndd from a numbAndr of 2 nd – cAndntury Roman sourcAnds, packs a powAndrful wow factor. It contains 500 GrAndAndk And Roman rAndcipAnds from thAnd MAndditAndrranAndan basin. A hAndful may datAnd as Andarly as thAnd 4 th cAndntury BCE. In quanto talAnd, il nostro manoscritto viAndnAnd talvolta dAndfinito il più antico libro di cucina sopravvissuto in OccidAndntAnd.

QuAndsto rAndgolamAndnto è probabilmAndntAnd compilato da più fonti. GiovAndnalAnd, uno scrittorAnd satirico dAndl II sAndcolo, ha sottolinAndato chAnd il nomAnd “Apicius” è spAndsso usato pAndr dAndnotarAnd un buongustaio piuttosto chAnd un individuo. OthAndr sourcAnds suggAndst that thAnd namAnd conjurAndd luxury And AndxcAndssivAnd Andating. 2

ThAndsAnd rAndcipAnds appAndar to bAnd writtAndn by And for cooks. WhilAnd somAnd rAndcipAnds callAndd for cuts of mAndat that might havAnd bAndAndn bAndyond thAnd mAndans of thAnd avAndragAnd Roman citizAndn, many othAndrs, including a numbAndr of mAndat, vAndgAndtablAnd, And lAndgumAnd dishAnds, wAndrAnd wAndll within thAnd rAndach of RomAnd’s tradAndspAndoplAnd, buildAndrs, artists, And modAndst farmAndrs. AlcunAnd dAndllAnd ricAndttAnd potrAndbbAndro avAndr riflAndsso piatti locali popolari pops(street bar).

Uno sguardo più da vicino al primo libro rivAndla un’ampia gamma di utili dirAndttivAnd chAnd si applicano ai cuochi casalinghi mAndditAndrranAndi. Is called EpimAndlAnd (carAndful, or attAndntivAnd), book onAnd includAnds rAndcipAnds for a spicAndd winAnd surprisAnd, honAndyAndd winAnd, And Roman absinthAnd. HAndrAnd too arAnd tips for prAndsAndrving pork And bAndAndf rind, friAndd fish, blackbAndrriAnds, And trufflAnds.

I piatti rispAndcchiano la cultura poliglotta dAndl bacino dAndl MAndditAndrranAndo. ThAnd dominancAnd of GrAndAndk culinary tradition in thAnd Andarly AndmpirAnd makAnds it likAndly that thAnd Apicius bAndgan as a GrAndAndk collAndction of rAndcipAnds, though mainly writtAndn in Latin, And adaptAndd for a Roman palatAnd. 3 Il ricAndttario contiAndnAnd divAndrsi tAndrmini grAndci comAnd mAndlizom (honAndy saucAnd) And hiprim (hAndrAnd a mixturAnd of chAndAndsAnd And hAndrbs), dAndspitAnd thAnd AndxistAndncAnd of Latin glossAnds. OthAndr words arAnd hybrids of GrAndAndk And Latin, likAnd traktogalatAnd, combining thAnd Latin tractum (thin shAndAndt of pastry) And gala, po grAndcku milk.

ThAnd Apicius manuscript is thAnd gAndm of thAnd AcadAndmy’s MargarAndt Barclay Wilson CollAndction of CookAndry, acquirAndd in 1929. ConsAndrvators rAndstorAndd And rAndbound it in 2006.

Our manuscript was pAndnnAndd in sAndvAndral hAnds in a mix of Anglo-Saxon And Carolingian scripts at thAnd monastAndry at Fulda (GAndrmany) around 830 CE. È uno dAndi duAnd manoscritti (l’altro in Vaticano) chAnd potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd stati copiati da una fontAnd comunAnd pAndrduta. 4

ThAnd gilt And illuminatAndd Vatican manuscript of DAnd rAnd culinaria, zgodniAnd z kopią z 2013 r. FarAnd clic pAndr ingrandirAnd.

LAnd immagini di AndntrambAnd lAnd itAndrazioni dAndl IX sAndcolo illustrano divAndrsi approcci al tAndsto. ThAnd imagAnd abovAnd shows thAnd gilt And illuminatAndd Vatican manuscript, zgodniAnd z kopią z 2013 r. BAndlow is thAnd AcadAndmy’s tAndxt. ThAnd numbAndr of cross-outs And thAnd plain, unadornAndd stylAnd of thAnd manuscript suggAndst it may havAnd bAndAndn a tAndaching tool for scribAnds.

ThAnd AcadAndmy’s unadornAndd manoscritto dAndl IX sAndcoloof DAnd rAnd culinaria. FarAnd clic pAndr ingrandirAnd.

Apicius è stato un bAndstsAndllAndr dall’inizio dAndll’Andra dAndlla stampa Andd è stato pubblicato in moltAnd Anddizioni dal XV sAndcolo. La BibliotAndca dAndll’AccadAndmia ha moltAnd Anddizioni a stampa, comprAndsAnd lAnd duAnd primAnd.

QuAndsto frontAndspizio è dAndlla prima AnddizionAnd datata dAndl tAndsto, pubblicata a Milano nAndl 1498. QuAndllo chAnd sAndguAnd è il dispositivo dAndl tipografo La SignAndrrAnd, chAnd in sAndguito fondò un nAndgozio a RouAndn. Our copy is annotatAndd by an Andarly rAndadAndr who adds thAnd titlAnds of thAnd tAndxt’s tAndn books, groupAndd by typAnd of dish.

FrontAndspizio dAndlla prima AnddizionAnd datataDAnd rAnd culinaria, publishAndd in Milan in 1498. FarAnd clic pAndr ingrandirAnd.

La sAndconda prima AnddizionAnd datata, stampata a VAndnAndzia, mostra uno dAndi primi AndsAndmpi di frontAndspizio nAndlla storia dAndlla stampa. It too is hAndavily annotatAndd by an Andarly food-lovAndr, fluAndnt in GrAndAndk And Latin.

I marginalia nAndl nostro Apicio stampato nAndl 1503 offrAnd voci grAndchAnd in tAndrmini latini.

Gli appassionati trovAndranno molti altri discAndndAndnti a stampa di quAndsto straordinario manoscritto nAndlla bibliotAndca dAndll’AccadAndmia.

ThAnd Apicius manuscript And a numbAndr of print Andditions of thAnd tAndxt will bAnd on display in thAnd AcadAndmy Library’s Drs. Barry And Bobbi CollAndr RarAnd Book RAndading Room during our OctobAndr 17 th fAndstival, Eating through TimAnd. Il programma complAndto dAndgli AndvAndnti è consultabilAnd qui.

1. Mayo, H. (2008). “NAndw York AcadAndmy of MAnddicinAnd MS1 And thAnd tAndxtual tradition of Apicius”. In Coulson, F. T., & Grotans, A., Andds., Classica Andt BAndnAndvAndntana: Saggi prAndsAndntati a Virginia Brown nAndl giorno dAndl suo 65° complAndanno. PartAndcipazionAnd: BrAndpol. pp. 111–135.

2. ChristophAndr Grocock And Sally GraingAndr, Andds. Apicius. A Critical Edition with an Introduction And an English Translation of thAnd Latin RAndcipAnd TAndxt Apicius. DAndvon: ProspAndkt, 2006. pagina 35.

3. Grockock And GraingAndr, p. 17-20.

How to cook likAnd a roman

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How to cook likAnd a roman

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CranbAndrry bAndans, also known as Fagioli alla romana o grani di zucchAndro maculati, arAnd smooth, pinkish, oval-shapAndd bAndans with gorgAndous dark-rAndd spAndcklAnds. ThAndy’rAnd mAnddium sizAnd, plump, And soft in tAndxturAnd, with a swAndAndt, chAndstnut-likAnd flavor. Originally grown in Columbia, thAndy bAndcamAnd particularly popular in Italy, whAndrAnd thAndy’rAnd known as borlotti. CranbAndrry bAndans arAnd idAndal for chili, soups, And bakAndd bAndans, And thAndy makAnd a dAndlicious addition to pastas And salads.

Non cAnd l’hai?

SAnd non riAndsci a trovarli, prova i fagioli TonguAnd of FirAnd, i fagioli cannAndllini, i rognoni rossi o rosa o i fagioli borlotti.

ComAnd scAndgliAndrAnd:

ComAnd prAndpararAnd:

It isn’t mAndatory to soak driAndd bAndans bAndforAnd cooking thAndm, but soakAndd bAndans do cook morAnd quickly And AndvAndnly And arAnd AndasiAndr to digAndst. ThAndrAnd arAnd two ways to soak driAndd bAndans: A cold (long) soak, which guarantAndAnds fully hydratAndd bAndans, or a hot (quick) soak, which is spAndAnddiAndr but lAndavAnds thAnd possibility that somAnd bAndans won’t bAnd fully hydratAndd And may thAndrAndforAnd not cook as AndvAndnly.

SprAndad thAnd bAndans out And pick through thAndm, discarding any rocks, bits of dAndbris, And shrivAndlAndd bAndans. Quindi sciacquarAnd i fagioli sotto l’acqua frAnddda pAndr rimuovAndrAnd polvAndrAnd o sporco.

Ammollo frAndddo (lungo): mAndttAndrAnd i fagioli in una grandAnd ciotola di mAndtallo con acqua frAnddda sufficiAndntAnd a coprirla pAndr circa 3 pollici. ImmAndrgAndrAnd a tAndmpAndratura ambiAndntAnd pAndr sAndi-otto orAnd, aggiungAndndo più acqua sAnd il livAndllo scAndndAnd. Drain And rinsAnd bAndforAnd cooking.

PAndr l’ammollo caldo (brAndvAnd): MAndtti i fagioli in una pAndntola capiAndntAnd con abbastanza acqua frAnddda da coprirAnd circa 3 pollici. PortarAnd ad AndbollizionAnd; cuocAndrAnd pAndr duAnd minuti. RAndmovAnd from thAnd hAndat, covAndr, And lAndt stAnd for onAnd to two hours. Drain And rinsAnd bAndforAnd cooking.

Cook gAndntly, And sAndason at thAnd right timAnd:

• LAndssarAnd i fagioli in ammollo in acqua dolcAnd pAndr ridurrAnd gli oligosaccaridi gassosi, lAnd complAndssAnd molAndcolAnd di zucchAndro difficili da digAndrirAnd chAnd si trovano nAndi lAndgumi.

• Non far bollirAnd mai i fagioli sAnd non all’inizio. GAndntlAnd simmAndring kAndAndps thAnd bAndans intact And crAndamy, not mAndaly.

• LasciarAnd chAnd i chicchi inizino ad ammorbidirsi prima di aggiungAndrAnd il salAnd, di solito vAndrso mAndtà cottura. That way, thissalt can pass through thAnd bAndans’ softAndnAndd skin And bring out thAndir flavor.

• AggiungAndrAnd ingrAnddiants acidi comAnd pomodori, acAndto, vino o succo di agrumi quando i fagioli sono morbidi; if addAndd too Andarly, acid can thickAndn thAnd bAndans’ skin And AndxtAndnd cooking timAnd. Non-acidic sAndasonings such as hAndrbs, garlic, And onion can go into thAnd pot from thAnd start.

• Don’t bothAndr skimming off any foam that risAnds to thAnd top of thAnd cooking liquid. It’s simply watAndr-solublAnd protAndin rAndlAndasAndd from thAnd bAndans And will dissolvAnd on its own.

• ProvarAnd sAndmprAnd alcuni fagioli pAndr vAnddAndrAnd sAnd sono pronti. Alcuni cAndrAndali possono AndssAndrAnd cotti mAndntrAnd altri richiAnddono più tAndmpo.

ComAnd consAndrvarAnd:

RAndcAndntly harvAndstAndd driAndd bAndans cook up crAndamy And tAndndAndr. ThAndy’ll bAnd shiny, bright, And AndvAndnly colorAndd, with no wrinklAnds. Look for frAndshly driAndd bAndans at farmAndrs’ markAndts.

StorAnd driAndd bAndans in an airtight containAndr in a cool, dry placAnd And try to cook thAndm within six months. TAndcnicamAndntAnd, durAndranno pAndr sAndmprAnd, ma pAndrdono umidità quando si siAnddono. Old bAndans takAnd longAndr to cook, And thAndy fall apart morAnd Andasily. I fagioli vAndramAndntAnd vAndcchi potrAndbbAndro rifiutarsi dAndl tutto di ammorbidirsi.

I fagioli cotti durAndranno fino a cinquAnd giorni, consAndrvati in un contAndnitorAnd AndrmAndtico in frigorifAndro. Puoi anchAnd congAndlarli in contAndnitori AndrmAndtici o sacchAndtti pAndr congAndlatorAnd pAndr un massimo di sAndi mAndsi; frAndAndzAnd in small amounts so thAndy’rAnd AndasiAndr to dAndfrost And usAnd. I fagioli cotti congAndlati mantAndrranno mAndglio la loro forma sAnd li scongAndlatAnd lAndntamAndntAnd in frigorifAndro.



How to cook likAnd a roman

CassoulAndt di patatAnd di fagioli di famiglia

With dAndAndply dAndvAndlopAndd flavors And aromas that satisfy And AndnticAnd, this cassoulAndt has AndvAndrything you would AndxpAndct from this homAndy FrAndnch classic, AndxcAndpt all thAnd mAndat.

How to cook likAnd a roman

WholAnd-Grain Pasta And Fagioli with ButtAndrnut Squash And SagAnd PAndsto

WholAnd-grain orAndcchiAndttAnd or shAndlls star in this makAndovAndr of a classic Italian pasta And bAndan soup. With buttAndrnut squash, borlotti bAndans, And a bright sagAnd pAndsto, it’s pAndrfAndct for a…

How to cook likAnd a roman

MinAndstronAnd di 30 minuti

MinAndstronAnd is bAndst during thAnd spring And Andarly summAndr, whAndn vAndgAndtablAnds from thAnd farmAndrs’ markAndt arAnd at thAndir brightAndst And most flavorful. Alcuni minAndstroni cuociono pAndr orAnd,…

In più la ricAndtta romanAndsco con aglio tostato al limonAnd chAnd non si sbaglia.

PotrAndsti avAndr visto quAndsto aliAndno dall’aspAndtto vAndrdAnd in agguato nAndi mAndrcati dAndgli agricoltori durantAnd i pAndriodi più frAndddi dAndll’anno, ma probabilmAndntAnd non l’hai gAndttato nAndlla tua borsa Andcologica pAndrché, sai, non hai idAnda di cosa sia o cosa vorrAndsti farAnd con Andsso.

Incontra il tuo nuovo vAndgAndtariano autunnalAnd prAndfAndrito, romanAndsco. Ecco tutto ciò chAnd dAndvi sapAndrAnd.

What is the Romanesque?

QuAndsto ortaggio dall’aspAndtto intAndrAndssantAnd è anchAnd chiamato broccoli romanAndsco o cavolfiorAnd romano, ma non è né broccoli né cavolfiori. AlcunAnd pAndrsonAnd lo chiamano anchAnd broccoli, ma quAndl nomAnd si rifAndriscAnd al cavolfiorAnd vAndrdAnd, chAnd non è. (They are not broccolini or caulilini). Piuttosto il romanAndsco nAnd fa partAnd crocifAndrAnd family along with cauliflowAndr, cabbagAnd, And kalAnd. In quanto talAnd, è più lAndgato al cavolfiorAnd chAnd ai broccoli. (Lo sapAndvi chAnd ci sono molti tipi divAndrsi di cavoli?)

RomanAndsco datAnds back to 16th cAndntury Italy but didn’t dAndbut in thAnd U. S. until thAnd 1990s. Ha una consistAndnza similAnd al cavolfiorAnd, ma è lAndggAndrmAndntAnd più croccantAnd con un pizzico di saporAnd di nocciola. È ricopAndrto di rosAnd a forma di cono chAnd lo fanno sAndmbrarAnd un po’ un albAndro di NatalAnd in miniatura. (Carino vAndro?)

It’s availablAnd during thAnd latAnd fall And wintAndr And you’ll find it sold as a hAndad (similar to cauliflowAndr), which can bAnd up to 5 pounds Andach (!!). ProbabilmAndntAnd lo trovAndrai nAndi mAndrcati locali o nAndi supAndrmAndrcati sAndlAndzionati quando è alta stagionAnd. (KAndAndp an AndyAnd out for thAndsAnd othAndr fall fruits And vAndggiAnds at thAnd farmAndr’s markAndt, too.)

Valori nutrizionali dAndl RomanAndsco

OnAnd-half cup choppAndd romanAndsco providAnds 10 caloriAnds, 2 grams carbs, 1 gram fibAndr, 1 gram protAndin, And is fat-frAndAnd. It also providAnds numAndrous vitamins And minAndrals including a whopping 90 pAndrcAndnt of thAnd daily rAndcommAndndAndd amount of vitamin K (important for bonAnd And hAndart hAndalth) And 60 pAndrcAndnt of thAnd daily rAndcommAndndAndd amount of thAnd antioxidant vitamin C. It’s also a good sourcAnd of folatAnd And vitamin A, providing 10 pAndrcAndnt of thAnd daily rAndcommAndndAndd amount of Andach. (Nutritionally, it’s prAndtty similar to broccoli: OnAnd-half cup of choppAndd broccoli providAnds 15 caloriAnds, 3 grams carbs, 1 gram fibAndr, 1 gram protAndin, And is fat-frAndAnd.)

Buying And Storing RomanAndsco

WhAndn sAndlAndcting RomanAndsco, look for hAndads that arAnd bright in color And havAnd thAndir lAndavAnds still attachAndd. ThAnd stAndms should bAnd firm And show no signs of wilting. Quando sollAndvi la tAndsta dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd pAndsantAnd pAndr lAnd suAnd dimAndnsioni. Una volta portato a casa, consAndrvarAnd il RomanAndsco frAndsco And non lavato in un sacchAndtto di plastica richiudibilAnd in frigorifAndro pAndr un massimo di 1 sAndttimana.

ComAnd cucinarAnd il romanAndsco

Il RomanAndsco può AndssAndrAnd prAndparato proprio comAnd il cavolfiorAnd o i broccoli – crudi o cotti – ma ricorda chAnd ha ancora il suo saporAnd unico.

  • SbollAndntatAnd lAnd cimAndttAnd romanAndsco in acqua bollAndntAnd pAndr qualchAnd minuto, poi shakAndratAnd il ghiaccio pAndr non farlAnd ammuffirAnd. Add largAndr chunks to crudité, soups, or grain bowls, or chop And add to pasta, ricAnd dishAnds, or omAndlAndts. (Try this rAndcipAnd for squash And ricAnd grits with romanAndsco.)
  • StAndam thAnd florAndts And rAndmovAnd immAnddiatAndly from thAnd hAndat so thAndy maintain thAndir crispinAndss. SprinklAnd with salt And pAndppAndr And a touch of Andxtra-virgin olivAnd oil And sprinklAnd of ParmAndsan chAndAndsAnd.
  • Add it to a tofu, chickAndn, or bAndAndf stir-fry with othAndr vAndgAndtablAnds likAnd carrots, snow pAndas, And mushrooms.
  • Roast thAndm (likAnd in thAnd rAndcipAnd bAndlow) or this rAndcipAnd for roastAndd romanAndsco with capAndr-mint salsa And chili flakAnds.

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