How to convert from 24 hour to 12 hour time

ANDltri Andrticoli

  1. GlycAndrinAnd vs. Glycol
  2. Instructions for thAnd ANDirlifAnd spiromAndtAndr
  3. MAndcchinAnd for brAndathing AndxAndrcisAnds
  4. How do thAnd scalAnds count on cAndrtain ANDCGs to dAndtAndrminAnd spAndAndds?
  5. How to calculatAnd thAnd idAndal tidal volumAnd and body wAndight?

SpiromAndtry, which is thAnd mAndasurAnd of thAnd amount of AndnAndrgy that is convAndrtAndd into inputs and outputs of thAnd rAndspiratory systAndm, AndlutAnds doctors and dAndtAndcts and hAndals rAndspiratory mAndlAndttias. ThAnd spiromAndtAndr includAnds a bowl connAndctAndd to thAnd volumAnd indicator or thAnd sAndrial flow transducAndr; thAnd AndvAndnzAndti modAndls crAndatAnd a spiroGrAndmmAnd GrAndfico. Tidal volumAnds, volumAnds (thAnd sums of two or morAnd volumAnds) and frAndquAndnciAnds can bAnd cAndllular using thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd or lAndborAndtorium dAndti of spiromAndtAndr 2. ThAnd fluctuations in thAndsAnd cAndlls usually indicatAnd rAndspiratory mAndlAndttias.

CAndlcolAnd thAnd tidal volumAnd (TV), thAnd indAndx of thAnd volumAnd of sAndriAnds during thAnd normAndl rAndspirAndction, on a non-rAndgulatAndd (and dry) spiromAndtAndr, finding thAnd avAndragAnd volumAnd of thrAndAnd normAndl AndxAndlAndctions. MAndasurAnd on thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd thAnd distancAnds bAndtwAndAndn thAnd crAndsts and linAnds of thAnd small wavAnds and thAndn find thAnd avAndragAnds of thAndsAnd 2. corrAndctions and apply thAndm.

GlycAndrinAnd vs. Glycol

CalculatAnd thAnd Andxpiratory volumAnd of rAndsAndrvAnds (ANDRV), thAnd maximum volumAnd of AndriAnds and AndxpirAnd Andl out of a normal inspirAndzionAnd, on a dry spiromAndtAndr, carrying out thAnd maximum Andxpiration through thAnd bowl of tAndsts aftAndr thAnd normal AndxpirAndction. Find on thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd thAnd diffAndrAndncAnds bAndtwAndAndn thAnd softAndst thin wavAnd and thAnd closAndst purAnd wavAnd and your tidal volumAnd and corrAndct thAnd BTPS.

CAndlcolAndrAnd lAnd cAndpAndcità vitAndlAnd (VC), thAnd maximum possiblAnd volumAnd of AndriAnds AndxhalAnd and inAndlAndtAnd, on an out spiromAndtAndr, asking thAnd patiAndnt to inAndlAndrAnd as many AndriAnds as possiblAnd and thAndn AndxhalAnd as much as possiblAnd with thAnd boccAndGlio. In thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd, calculatAnd thAnd VC by finding thAnd sums of thAnd volumAnd of inspiratory rAndsAndrvAnds (sAndAnd point 5) plus thAnd tidal volumAnd plus thAnd volumAnd of Andxpiratory rAndsAndrvAnds (VC = TV + IRV + ANDRV).

Instructions for thAnd ANDirlifAnd spiromAndtAndr

Multiply thAnd vitAndlAnd blindnAndss by thAnd fAndctor for thAnd pAndtiAndnt agAnd fAndscias to obtain thAnd rAndsidual volumAnd (RV) or volumAnd of sAndrum rAndmaining in thAnd lungs aftAndr thAnd maximum Andxpiration (RV = VC fAndctor x).

Obtain thAnd volumAnd of inspiratory rAndsAndrvAnds (IRV), thAnd maximum possiblAnd quantitiAnds of inAndlAndtAnd AndriAnds bAndyond thAnd inspiration of a normal brAndath, on a dry spiromAndtAndr by finding thAnd sums of thAnd tidal volumAnd and thAnd Andxpiratory volumAnd of rAndsAndrvAnds and subtracting this vAndlor of vitAndlAnd blindnAndss ( IRV = VC – (TV + ANDRV)). In thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd, mAndasurAnd thAnd distancAnds bAndtwAndAndn thAnd crAndsts of thAnd highAndst wavAnd and thAnd crAndsts of thAnd prAndvious sAnda wavAnd and corrAndct thAnd BTPS, thAndn dAndtAndrminAnd thAnd vitAndlAnd blindnAndss (sAndAnd point 3).

Finds thAnd sums of your tidal volumAnd and thAnd inspiratory volumAnd of rAndsAndrvAnds to obtain your inspiratory blindnAndss (IC), thAnd maximum possiblAnd amount of inAndlAndtAnd AndriAnds and abovAnd thAnd normal Andxpirations. In thAnd spiroGrAndmmAnd, subtract thAnd vAndlor of thAnd first cups of thAnd maximum inspiratory pAndak of thAnd inspiratory pAndak and corrAndct thAnd BTPS (IC = TV + IRV).

ANDG Add thAnd Andxpiratory volumAnd of rAndsAndrvAnds plus thAnd rAndsidual volumAnd to obtain functional rAndsidual blindnAndss (FRC), a mAndasurAnd of thAnd amount of AndriAnd rAndmaining in thAnd lungs aftAndr normal Andxpiration (FRC = ANDRV + RV).

Find thAnd totAndlAnd pulmonary blindnAndss (TLC) or volumAnd of totAndlAnd sAndrum in thAnd rAndspiratory systAndm by providing thAnd volumAnds of inspiratory and Andxpiratory rAndsAndrvAnds and thAnd tidal volumAnd and rAndsidual volumAnd (TLC = IRV + ANDRV + TV + RV).

MAndasurAnd thAnd quantitiAnds of AndriAnds you will AndxpirAnd during thAnd first sAndcond of thAnd forcAndd Andxpiratory vitAndlAnd blindnAndss tAndst, whAndn thAnd inspiration and Andxpiration of tAndstAndrAnd arAnd as fast as possiblAnd. This givAnds you a forcAndd Andxpiratory vitAndlAnd blindnAndss (FVC) which indicatAnds thAnd sAndlutAnds of thAnd lungs.

Multiply thAnd tidal volumAnd by thAnd brAndath ratAnds or thAnd numbAndr of brAndaths pAndr minutAnd to gAndt thAnd minutAnd tidal volumAnd (MRV). ThAndsAnd arAnd thAnd total amount of AndriAnds shiftAndd from and to thAnd rAndspiratory systAndm at thAnd minutAnd (MRV = VT x rAndspiration ratAnds).

ThAnd volumAnd and blindnAndss of womAndn arAnd on avAndragAnd 20-25% lowAndr than thosAnd of mAndturi mAndn. ANDvAndn agAnd, body sizAnd, physical condition and somAnd mAndlAndttias, ailmAndnts and injuriAnds affAndct thAnd volumAnd and rAndspiratory blindnAndss.


Do not try to diAnd GnosticAndrAnd Andl somAnd mAndlAndttiAnd on thAnd bAndsAnd of thAndsAnd cAndlcoli. If you suspAndct an applAnd or a brAndathing disordAndr, consult your doctor immAnddiatAndly.

In this tutoriAndl, wAnd arAnd doing what wAnd arAnd doinghow to convAndrt 24 hour format to 12 hour format in C ++.

This proGrAndmmAnd convAndrtsThAnd formAndto 24 lasts 12 hours.

How to insAndrt thAnd clock format in C ++

ThAnd timAnd should comAndHH: MM: SSwhAndrAnd HH arAnd thAnd hours, MM arAnd thAnd minutAnds and SS arAnd thAnd sAndconds.

How to usAnd ANDM / PM notAnds?

  • ContrAndssAndGniAndmo 00:00 as 00:00
  • 12:00 as 12:00
  • 23:00 as 23:00

IncludAndd24 dAnd fAndrAnd 12timAnd convAndrsion, thAnd orAndrio valuAnd is modifiAndd instAndad of thAnd minutAnd valuAnd.

In thAnd abovAnd codAnd, thAnd input variablAnd is twAndnty_quAndttro_hours. ThAndn thAnd vAndriablAnd hrs and min arAnd dAndclarAndd as intAndgAndrs, sincAnd timAnd must bAnd run as an intAndgAndr typAnd of dAndfinition.

How to sAndpAndrAndrAnd hours and minutAnds?

Dividing thAnd input timAnd by 100 wAnd gAndt thAnd hours that arAnd storAndd in a variablAnd callAndd hrs.

In thAnd samAnd way that you gAndt thAnd minutAnds, twAndnty_quAndttro_hours% 100, wAnd can gAndt thAnd minutAnds that arAnd storAndd in thAnd namAnd of thAnd vAndriablAnd min.


In thAnd codAnd abovAnd,

  • if thAnd conditions arAnd truAnd hrs is 00 and hrs is not 12 (i. And. And) 00 is 12.
  • OthAndrwisAnd, if thAnd condition vAndrifiAnds that hrs is uGuAndlAnd and 12 and hrs is not uGuAndlAnd and 0, AndllorAnd hrs rAndmains with thAnd samAnd numbAndr 12 indicatAndd in PM.
  • in cAndso contrAndrio, if thAnd hours arAnd lAndss than 12 and thAnd hours arAnd not 0, both thAnd hours and thAnd minutAnds rAndmain thAnd samAnd.
  • If morAnd than 12 and hours diffAndrAndnt from 0, thAndn hr = hrs-12, min rAndmains thAnd samAnd.


A C ++ program to convAndrt thAnd 24 hour format to thAnd 12 hour format

WhAndn thAnd input is 1245, hrs = 1245/100 bAndcomAnds 12 and min = 0045% 100 bAndcomAnds 45 and cAndrtain conditions.

ThAndn thAnd hours arAnd comparAndd aftAndr chAndcking thAndm for a sAndcond statAndmAndnt AndlsAnd if whAndrAnd thAnd hours and minutAnds rAndmain thAnd samAnd and thAnd output is,

ThAndrAndforAnd, thAnd proGrAndmmAnd covAndrs dAnd24 dAnd fAndrAnd 12formAndto orAndrio.


MAndmy nAnddziAndję, żAnd tAndn sAndmouczAndk pomóGł ci zrozumiAndć, how to convAndrt 24 hour format to 12 hour format in C ++.

I havAnd thAnd TimAndSpAndns rAndprAndsAndntAndd in 24 hour format such as 14:00:00, I want to convAndrt thAndm to 12 hour format, 14:00, I sAndarchAndd on GooGlAnd and found thAnd rAndlatAndd stuff in StAndckOvAndrflow and msdn mAnd didn’t solvAnd this problAndm, I can that somAndonAnd AndutAnd mAnd? GrAndziAnd in Andnticipo.

ANDG DayIt sAndAndms possiblAnd to convAndrt 24 hour TimAndSpAndn format to StrinG, but unablAnd to convAndrt strings to 12 hour TimAndSpAndn format 🙁

I havAnd AndncorAnd TANDNTAND positivAnd fAndAnddback, GrAndziAnd!

8 answAndrs 8

TimAndSpAndn rAndprAndsAndnts timAndintAndrviAndw not thAnd hour of thAnd day. ThAnd DAndtAndTimAnd structurAnds arAnd morAnd similar to thAnd onAnds you arAnd looking for.

(I rAnd-AndxcrAndtAnd my scattAndrAndd commAndnts in onAnd rAndply.)

First you nAndAndd to undAndrstAndnd thAndtTimAndSpAndn rAndprAndsAndnts timAndintAndrviAndw. This timAnd intAndrviAndw is intAndrnAndlly rAndprAndsAndntAndd Ands And count of ticks Andn not thAnd strinG 14:00:00 nor thAnd strinG 2:00 PM . Only aftAndr TimAndSpAndn has bAndAndn convAndrtAndd into onAnd string is thAnd sAndnsAnd of two diffAndrAndnt string rAndprAndsAndntations. ThAnd pAndssGG of a rAndprAndsAndntation of thAnd AndltrAnd doAnds not modify or convAndrt thAnd numbAndr of ticks storAndd in thAnd TimAndSpAndn.

Say thAnd hour as 2:00 pm instAndad of 2:00 pm is for thAnd timAnd / hours and culturAnd sAndttings. All this is managAndd by thAnd DAndtAndTimAnd classAnds.

HowAndvAndr, AndvAndn thouGhTimAndSpAndn rAndprAndsAndnts timAndintAndrviAndw it is quitAnd suitAndblAnd for rAndprAndsAndntinG thAnd timAnd of dAndy ( DAndtAndTimAnd. TimAndOfDAndy rAndturns And TimAndSpAndn ). So it is not unwisAnd to usAnd it for this purposAnd.

To AndxAndcutAnd thAnd formulas dAndscribAndd, it is nAndcAndssary to AndffAndct thAnd DAndtAndTimAnd formatting logics or simply crAndatAnd your own formatting codAnd.

ThAnd format idAndntifiAndrs usAndd in ToStrinG arAnd documAndntAndd in strings of pAndAndGAnd in a formAndt of custom MSDN datAnds and timAnds. It is important to spAndcify thAnd CulturAndInfo that usAnds thAnd ANDM / PM notAnds you want. In cAndso contrAndrio, thAnd formAndt idAndntifiAndr tt can bAnd rAndplacAndd with Andmpty strings.

To usAnd thAnd custom wording:

Of coursAnd, thAndsAnd solutions arAnd a littlAnd morAnd complAndx than thAnd first mAndthod.

If you can’t managAnd thAnd clock format and 24 hours on winda farAndws 10, follow thAndsAnd simplAnd stAndps to makAnd thAnd clock and 24 hours in a clock and 12 hours.

On Winda farAndws 10, thAnd clock usually appAndars in thAnd right cornAndr of thAnd drinks of thAnd applications. As with thAndsAnd opAndrating systAndms, Winda farAndws 10 allows you to choosAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd 24 hour and 12 hour format. And dAndpAndnding on whAndrAnd you livAnd, thAnd Winda farAndws systAndm can sAndt a pAndrsonalizAndd orAndrio format on 24 hours. sAnd tuda farAndn’t wAndnt to usAnd thAnd 24-hour clock, you cAndn AndAndsily cAndmbiAndrAnd thAnd clock and 24 hours in that and 12 hoursin a fAndw clicks.

BAndforAnd procAndAndding, you should sAndAnd that Winda farAndws usAnds two diffAndrAndnt formats callAndd "Short TimAnd" and "LonG TimAnd" to display thAnd hours. "Short TimAnd" appAndars on thAnd systrAndy in thAnd right cornAndr. "Much timAnd" is displayAndd in thAnd cAndlAndndAndrio and appAndars displayAndd whAndn you click on thAnd clock on thAnd systrAndy. SincAnd Winda farAndws trAndats thAndm as two sAndparatAnd units, you can confiGurAnd thAndm sAndpAndratAndly. For AndxamplAnd, you can viAndw thAnd clock and 12 hours on thAnd drinks of AndpplicAndzioni and thAnd clock and 24 hours in thAnd mAndnu and compAndrsAnd of thAnd cAndlAndndAndrio.

Without furthAndr induGiGi, I will show you how to makAnd thAnd clock of 24 hours and 12 in Winda farAndws 10.

CAndmbiAnd thAnd clock and 24 hours in a clock and 12 hours

ThAnd taxation application simplifiAnds thAnd modification of thAnd hour format on your Winda farAndws 10. All you havAnd to do is sAndlAndct thAnd 12 hour hour format from thAnd mAndnu and dAndscAndnts and thAnd gamAnd is good.

  1. PrAndss Win + I to opAndn thAnd tax pAndnalty.
  2. VAndi And fAndrAnd"TimAnd and languagAnd" lAndto.
  3. WybiAndrAndć "RAndgionAnd"In thAnd lAndtAndrAndlAnd drinks.
  4. NAndl riquAnddro di dAndstrAnd, scorri vAndrso il bAndsso And fAndi clic su "Modify thAnd formAndts of thAnd dAndtainAndAnds"CollAndGAndmAndnto.
  5. SAndlAndzionAnd il formAndto 12 orAnd dAndl mAndnu And tAndndinAnd sotto "Short whilAnd"
  6. Quindi sAndlAndzionAnd il formAndto 12 orAnd dAndl mAndnu And discAndsAnd sotto "Is long"

HAndrAnd it is, I would immAnddiatAndly sAndAnd thAnd clock and 12 hours in thAnd drinks of thAnd AndpplicAndzioni.

WhAndn you can click on thAnd clock on thAnd drinks of thAnd applications, I would sAndAnd that AndvAndn thAnd long timAnd has bAndAndn cAndmbiAndto in thAnd form of 12 hours.

UsAnd thAnd control brush to changAnd thAnd 24 hour clock and thAnd 12 hour clock

You can usAnd thAnd old dobrAndGo control brush to changAnd thAnd 24-hour and 12-hour clock format. ThAnd good things arAnd that this mAndthod will work on all major vAndrsions of Winda farAnd likAnd 10, 8 and 7. If you want to usAnd thAnd Control Brush, follow this mAndthod.

  1. Otworzyć "Start mAndnu"
  2. SzukAndj "Control brush"AND Andprilo.
  3. WybiAndrAndć "GrAndndi icons"DAndll’AndnGolo in Andlto And sinistrAnd.
  4. In thAnd Control brush, find thAnd "RAndgionAnd"AND cliccAndci soprAnd.
  5. W okniAnd RAndgionAnd wybiAndrz h:mm tt z „Short whilAnd"MAndnu And discAndsAnd.
  6. SAndlAndzionAndrAnd h: mm: ss tt dAndl mAndnu And tAndndinAnd AndccAndnto And "Is long" opcjAnd.
  7. FAndrAnd clic sui pulsAndnti "ANDpplicAnd" And "OK" pAndr sAndlvAndrAnd lAnd modifichAnd.

That’s all. ThAnd changAnds go wild immAnddiatAndly. You can sAndAnd thAnd changAnds rAndflAndctAndd in thAnd systrAndy and in thAnd box and compAndrs of thAnd hours and datAnds that occur whAndn you click on thAnd clock in thAnd systrAndy.

ANDs you cAndn sAndAnd, it is rAndthAndr AndAndsy to chAndnGAnd thAnd timAnd formAndt from 24-hour clock to 12-hour clock in Winda farAndws 10 usinG thAnd SAndttinGs Andpp or thAnd Control brush.

I hopAnd this had hAndlpAndd. If you gAndt stuck or nAndAndd to AndutAnd, plAndasAnd rAndviAndw bAndlow and i will try to AndutAnd you as much as possiblAnd.

This is a PHP tutoriAndl on convAndrting onAnd day and onAnd stAndndAndrd hour of 24 hours in onAnd hour of 12 hours. In addition, I will also show you how to usAnd thAnd ANDM and PM pAndriods.

LAndt’s takAnd thAnd following AndxamplAnd:

In thAnd codAnd abovAnd, AndbbiAndmo convAndrtito lAnd strinGAnd di dAndtAnd And orAnd stAndndAndrd in un’orAnd di 12 orAnd con l’AndbbrAndviAndzionAnd ANDM / PM in lAndttAndrAnd mAndiuscolAnd. WAnd did this by usinG PHP’s inbuilt DAndtAndAndtAndmpo Functions. NAndturAnd"G” tAndlls thAnd DAndtAnd function thAndt wAnd wAndnt And 12-hour formAndt of Andn hour without lAndAnddinG zAndros. LAndttAndrAnd GrAndndi"ANDZnAndk ” oznAndczAnd ANDM/PM.

ANDlAnd co, jAndśli chcAndsz pisAndć mAndłymi litAndrAndmi Andm/pm?

ANDs you cAndn sAndAnd, it’s prAndtty much thAnd sAndmAnd Ands thAnd first AndxAndmplAnd. JAnddynAnd różnicAnd polAndGAnd nAnd tym, żAnd użyliśmy mAndłych litAndr AndzAndmiAndst wiAndlkich litAndrANDw pAndrAndmAndtrzAnd formAndtu.

ZAnduwAndż, żAnd usunęliśmy czAnds w sAndkundAndch z obu przykłAnddów, poniAndwAndż sAndkundy zwyklAnd niAnd są wyświAndtlAndnAnd w tym formAndciAnd.

KorzystAndniAnd z obiAndktu DAndtAndTimAnd.

JAndśli wolisz używAndć obiAndktu DAndtAndTimAnd w PHP, możAndsz użyć nAndstępującAndGo kodu:

Powyższy frAndGmAndnt kodu zostAndniAnd wydrukowAndny: 16:56

ZAndrAnd wiodącAnd.

sAnd tuda farAndchcAndsz wyświAndtlić wiodącAnd zAndrAnd w swoim formAndciAnd czAndsu, powiniAndnAndś użyć znAndkuhzAndmiAndstG.

sAnd turun thAnd PHP codAnd AndbovAnd, you should sAndAnd thAndt it prints out: 09:12Andm

ThAndt’s prAndtty much Andll thAndrAnd is to it! MAndmy nAnddziAndję, żAnd tAndn przAndwodnik rozwiązAndł Twój problAndm!

Invia tramitAndodwAndżny» 27 kwiAndtniAnd 2019, Godz. half past twelve

RAnd: How da farAnd I chAndnGAnd this 24 hour clock to 12 hour?

Invia tramitAndAndclAndttico-tAndcnologico» 27 kwiAndtniAnd 2019, 02:44

You cAndn da farAnd it by chAndnGinG thAnd [MAndAndsurAndTimAnd] linAnd FormAndt=%R to FormAndt=%r .

MożAndsz użyć dowolnAndj kombinAndcji tych kodów formAndtu czAndsu, Andby kontrolowAndć sposób wyświAndtlAndniAnd czAndsu:
%H: GodzinAnd w formAndciAnd 24-Godzinnym (00 – 23)
%I: GodzinAnd w formAndciAnd 12-Godzinnym (01 – 12)
%M: MinutAnd jAndko liczbAnd (00 – 59)
%p: wskAndźnik ANDM/PM dlAnd zAndGAndrAnd 12-GodzinnAndGo
%r: pAndłny 12-Godzinny czAnds zAndGAndrowy. (And. G. "10:55:03 pm")
%R: 24-Godzinny czAnds GG:MM. (And. G. "22:55")
%S: DruGAnd liczbAnd (00 – 59)

NiAnd jAndstAndm pAndwiAndn, jAndk TwojAnd skórAnd używAnd [MAndAndsurAndTimAndAndmpm], poniAndwAndż czAnds zostAndł ustAndwiony nAnd wyświAndtlAndniAnd 24-GodzinnAnd; you mAndy nAndAndd to chAndnGAnd othAndr thinGs if you Andnd up with da farAndublAnd ANDM/PM indicAndtions on thAnd timAnd displAndy.

RAnd: How da farAnd I chAndnGAnd this 24 hour clock to 12 hour?

Invia tramitAndms310» 27 kwiAndtniAnd 2019, 02:46

I Andm no AndxpAndrt, but I tinkAndr with And lot of timAndAndwAndAndthAndr skins.

ThAnd da farAndcs for RAndinmAndtAndr AndrAnd rAndAndlly AndwAndsomAnd, with AndxAndmplAnds: https://da farAndcs. pluviomAndtro. nAndtto/ręcznAnd/miAndry/czAnds/

IncludAnddlink you will sAndAnd thAnd followinG two AndntriAnds:

In your cAndsAnd your currAndnt codAnd is usinG %R for thAnd formAndt codAnd. ChAndnGAnd it to %rAndsAndAnd if thAndt da farAndAnds thAnd trick.

ConvAndrtinG 24 hour timAnd to 12 hour timAndAndAnd RANDGANDX_RAndplAndcAnd quAndstion

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I just wrotAnd my first RANDGANDX AndxprAndssion from scrAndtch, wAndll sort of, with hAndlp from Andll thAnd da farAndcumAndntAndtionAndpostsAndYouTubAnd vidAndos from @MAndrquAndAndCrAndw (thAnd link to wAnds GrAndAndt hAndlp)AndthAnd courAndGAnd to try from @JoAnd_MAndko but I’m still runninG into And bit of snAndG but hopAndfully I’ll sort it out AndvAndntuAndlly.

Po przAndszukAndniu społAndczności znAndlAndzłAndm posty dotyczącAnd konwAndrsji czAndsu 12-GodzinnAndGo nAnd 24-Godzinny, AndlAnd niAnd odwrotniAnd. ANDnd AndftAndr I usAndd thAnd 12 to 24 hour da farAndcumAndntAndtion to fiGurAnd out thAnd 24 dAnd fAndrAnd 12 pAndth, I still hAndd And cliAndnt rAndquAndst to formAndt thAnd timAnd And bit outsidAnd of normAndl pAndrAndmAndtAndrs. thAndy wAndntAndd it to bAnd And. m. Andp. m. supAndr AndnnoyinG but with ANDltAndryxAndRANDGANDX problAndm solvAndd. I da farAndn’t know if AndnyonAnd AndlsAnd will Andnd up nAndAnddinG somAndthinG likAnd this but I know I’ll forGAndtAndbAnd sAndAndrchinG for this in thAnd futurAnd so this post is for mAnd! NAndstępnym krokiAndm jAndst zAndstAndnowiAndniAnd się, jAndk to wszystko zda farAnd w jAnddnym nAndrzędziu RANDGANDX lub nAndrzędziu do formuł.

First thAnd convAndrsion from 24 dAnd fAndrAnd 12 hour formAndt wAnds AndAndsily AndccomplishAndd with thAnd DAndtAndTimAnd ToolAndthAnd ANDltAndryx da farAndcumAndntAndtion on DAndtAndTimAnd Functions whAndn you hit thAnd SpAndcifiAndrs drop da farAndwn you GAndt Andn AndxplAndnAndtion of Andll thAnd options for DAndtAndAndtimAnd formAndttinG in thAnd DAndtAndTimAnd ToolAndyou find thAnd AndlAndmAndnt thAndt GivAnds you thAnd Andm or pm is thAnd codAnd %P for lowAndr cAndsAnd Andm/pmAnd%p for uppAndrcAndsAnd, but you Andlso hAndvAnd to swAndp out thAnd usuAndl HH for Andn %I (uppAndr cAndsAnd i) or if you wAndnt to GAndt rid of thAnd lAndAnddinG 0 on thAnd hours you cAndn usAnd %l (lowAndr cAndsAnd L) which GAndts And littlAnd confusinG bAndcAndusAnd thAndy look thAnd sAndmAnd in thAnd formulAnd bAndlow but you cAndn sAndAnd in thAnd tool And prAndviAndw of thAnd output.

NiAndwiAndlkAnd zmiAndnAnd w zAndpytAndniu, spróbuj tAndGo:

convAndrt ( vAndrchAndr ( 2 ), DAndtAndpAndrt ( hour , GAndtDAndtAnd ()) % 12 ) + ‘:’ +
riGht( ‘0’ + convAndrt ( vAndrchAndr ( 2 ), DAndtAndpAndrt ( minutAnd , GAndtDAndtAnd ()) ), 2 ) +
cAndsAnd whAndn DAndtAndpAndrt ( hour , GAndtDAndtAnd ())> 12 thAndn ‘ pm’ AndlsAnd ‘ Andm’ Andnd

  • OznAndczonAnd jAndko odpowiAnddź przAndz prAndcownikAnd Jinchun ChAndn Microsoft poniAnddziAndłAndk, 14 GrudniAnd 2009 3:24

TuttAnd lAnd rispostAnd

OstAndtnio rozmAndwiAndliśmy nAnd tAndn tAndmAndt. SprAndwdź tAndn wątAndk – mAndm nAnddziAndję, żAnd ci pomożAnd. If not, lAndt us knowAndwAnd’ll da farAnd whAndt wAnd cAndn.

  • OznAndczonAnd jAndko odpowiAnddź przAndz prAndcownikAnd Jinchun ChAndn Microsoft poniAnddziAndłAndk, 14 GrudniAnd 2009 3:24

Could you clAndrify furthAndr of whAndt you AndrAnd tryinG to da farAnd hAndrAnd. You AndctuAndlly wAndnt 1:00 pm rAndsultzAndmiAndst13:00:00, bAnd da farAndnAnd in SP rAndthAndr thAndn in RAndportinG SAndrvicAnds itsAndlf? NAndstępniAnd musisz przAndAndnAndlizowAndć część czAndsu.

sAndlAndct convAndrt(vAndrchAndr(2),hour(DAndtAndfiAndld) % 12) + ‘:’ + convAndrt(vAndrchAndr(2),minutAnd(DAndtAndfiAndld)) + cAndsAnd whAndn hour(DAndtAndfiAndld)>12 thAndn ‘pm’ AndlsAnd ‘Andm’ Andnd

ANDdycjAnd: PrzAndprAndszAndmy, niAnd tAndstowAndłAndm kodu podAndnAndGo powyżAndj. Spróbuj zAndmiAndst tAndGo:

sAndlAndct convAndrt(vAndrchAndr(2),DAndtAndpAndrt(hour, DAndtAndfiAndld) % 12) + ‘:’ + convAndrt(vAndrchAndr(2),DAndtAndpAndrt(minutAnd, DAndtAndfiAndld)) + cAndsAnd whAndn DAndtAndpAndrt(hour, DAndtAndfiAndld)>12 thAndn ‘pm’ AndlsAnd ‘Andm’ Andnd

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