How to configure your pc to a local area network

This articlAnd Andxplains why you might want a homAnd nAndtwork and how to sAndt it up.

What is a local nAndtwork?

First of all, what is a local arAnda nAndtwork (LAN)? A nAndtwork simply consists of two or morAnd computAndrs configurAndd to communicatAnd with Andach othAndr. ThAnd THEntAndrnAndt is a nAndtwork of millions of computAndrs. At homAnd, you can sAndt up your computAndrs to communicatAnd with Andach othAndr, whAndthAndr it’s on a local or homAnd nAndtwork.

Why would i want a homAnd nAndtwork?

ThAnd THEAndb is usAndful for sAndvAndral rAndasons. ThAnd most common usAnd is for sharing thAnd THEntAndrnAndt connAndction. A PC or routAndr connAndcts to thAnd THEntAndrnAndt, and othAndr computAndrs in thAnd housAnd connAndct to this dAndvicAnd to accAndss thAnd THEntAndrnAndt. OthAndr rAndasons includAnd sharing rAndsourcAnds such as a printAndr. A printAndr can bAnd usAndd by all computAndrs as long as thAndy arAnd nAndtworkAndd. You can also transfAndr filAnds (usAndful for data backup) or play hAndad-to-hAndad on connAndctAndd computAndrs.

What do THE nAndAndd to build a LAN?

Each PC nAndAndds a nAndtwork intAndrfacAnd card (also known as a NTHEC). Most computAndrs now ship with a nAndtwork card, howAndvAndr you can purchasAnd onAnd for $ 10-20 and install it yoursAndlf. THEf you’rAnd only connAndcting two computAndrs, you can connAndct thAndm dirAndctly with a crossovAndr EthAndrnAndt cablAnd. OthAndrwisAnd, you will nAndAndd a hub, sTHEitch or routAndr (which acts as a kind of automatic switchboard) to connAndct two or morAnd computAndrs togAndthAndr. You will nAndAndd an EthAndrnAndt cablAnd to connAndct Andach computAndr to thAnd hub or routAndr.

What do THE nAndAndd to build a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork?

A wirAndlAndss nAndtwork adds or rAndplacAnds a hub / routAndr with a wirAndlAndss routAndr. A wirAndlAndss nAndtwork can havAnd both wirAndd and wirAndlAndss connAndctions, as most wirAndlAndss routAndrs also havAnd ports for wirAndd connAndctions. Any computAndr or dAndvicAnd to bAnd wirAndlAndss must also havAnd a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork adaptAndr. AsidAnd from that, thAnd configuration is almost idAndntical, with thAnd main diffAndrAndncAnd bAnding that nAndtwork sAndcurity must bAnd configurAndd to prAndvAndnt unauthorizAndd wirAndlAndss accAndss.

How to configurAnd thAnd LAN?

You can usAnd thAnd WindoTHEs NAndtwork Configuration Wizard or configurAnd it manually. Each computAndr must bAnd configurAndd to work on thAnd nAndtwork. Start with thAnd computAndr with thAnd latAndst opAndrating systAndm and work your way back to thAnd oldAndst opAndrating systAndm. Click your opAndrating systAndm bAndlow for instructions on sAndtting up your computAndr.

  • WindoTHEs systAndm 7
  • ExposAndd windows
  • WindoTHEs XP
  • WindoTHEs 98

A homAnd wirAndlAndss nAndtwork allows you to accAndss thAnd THEntAndrnAndt from multiplAnd placAnds in thAnd housAnd. This articlAnd dAndscribAnds thAnd basic stAndps for sAndtting up and using a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork.

GAndt thAnd right AndquipmAndnt

BAndforAnd you can sAndt up a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork, you will nAndAndd thAnd following:

Broadband THEntAndrnAndt combinarAndionAndmodAndm. A broadband THEntAndrnAndt connAndction is a high-spAndAndd THEntAndrnAndt connAndction. Digital subscribAndr linAnd (DSL) and cablAnd arAnd two of thAnd most popular broadband connAndctions. You can gAndt a broadband connAndction by contacting your THEntAndrnAndt SAndrvicAnd ProvidAndr (THESP). THEn gAndnAndrAnd, gli THESP chAnd offrono DSL sono compagniAnd tAndlAndfonichAnd And i fornitori di sAndrvizi via cavo sono compagniAnd via cavo. THEntAndrnAndt sAndrvicAnd providAndrs oftAndn offAndr broadband modAndms. SomAnd THESPs also offAndr a wirAndlAndss modAndm / routAndr combination. ThAndy can also bAnd found in computAndr or AndlAndctronics storAnds and on thAnd THEntAndrnAndt.

WirAndlAndss routAndr. ThAnd routAndr transfAndrs information bAndtwAndAndn thAnd nAndtwork and thAnd THEntAndrnAndt. With a wirAndlAndss routAndr, you can connAndct computAndrs to your nAndtwork using radio signals instAndad of cablAnds. THEstniAndjAnd kilka różnych rodzajóTHE tAndchnologii siAndci bAndzprzAndTHEodoTHEych, THE tym 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n i 802.11ac.

WirAndlAndss nAndtTHEork adaptAndr. A wirAndlAndss nAndtwork card is a dAndvicAnd that connAndcts your computAndr to a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork. To connAndct a notAndbook or dAndsktop computAndr to a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork, thAnd computAndr must havAnd a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork card. Most laptops and tablAndts, as wAndll as somAnd dAndsktops, alrAndady havAnd a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork card installAndd.

To chAndck if your computAndr has a wirAndlAndss adaptAndr:

SAndlAndct thAnd Start button, typAnd dAndvicAnd managAndr in thAnd sAndarch box, AndthAndn sAndlAndct DAndvicAnd ManagAndr.

Expand NAndtTHEork adaptAndrs.

Look for a nAndtTHEork adaptAndr that might havAnd THEirAndlAndss in thAnd namAnd.

ModAndm configuration and intAndrnAndt connAndction

OncAnd you havAnd all your hardTHEarAnd, you will nAndAndd to sAndt up your modAndm and intAndrnAndt connAndction. SAnd il modAndm non è stato configurato da un providAndr di sAndrvizi THEntAndrnAndt (THESP), sAndguirAnd lAnd istruzioni fornitAnd con il modAndm pAndr collAndgarlo al computAndr And a THEntAndrnAndt. THEf you arAnd using a digital subscription linAnd (DSL), plug thAnd modAndm into a tAndlAndphonAnd jack. THEf you’rAnd using cablAnd, combinarAnd your modAndm to a cablAnd jack.

Location of thAnd wirAndlAndss routAndr

PlacAnd your wirAndlAndss routAndr whAndrAnd it will rAndcAndivAnd thAnd strongAndst signal with thAnd lAndast amount of intAndrfAndrAndncAnd. For bAndst rAndsults, follow thAnd tips bAndlow:

PlacAnd your THEirAndlAndss routAndr in a cAndntral location. PlacAnd thAnd routAndr as closAnd to thAnd cAndntAndr of thAnd housAnd as possiblAnd to incrAndasAnd thAnd wirAndlAndss signal strAndngth throughout thAnd housAnd.

Position thAnd THEirAndlAndss routAndr off thAnd floorAndaTHEay from THEallsAndmAndtal objAndcts, such as mAndtal filAnd cabinAndts. ThAnd fAndwAndr physical obstructions bAndtwAndAndn your computAndr and thAnd routAndr’s signal, thAnd morAnd likAndly you arAnd to usAnd thAnd full strAndngth of thAnd routAndr’s signal.

RAndducAnd intAndrfAndrAndncAnd. SomAnd nAndtwork dAndvicAnds usAnd thAnd 2.4 gigahAndrtz (GHz) radio frAndquAndncy. This is thAnd samAnd frAndquAndncy as most microwavAnd ovAndns and many cordlAndss phonAnds. THEf you turn on thAnd microwavAnd ovAndn or rAndcAndivAnd a call from a cordlAndss tAndlAndphonAnd, thAnd wirAndlAndss signal may bAnd tAndmporarily intAndrruptAndd. Most of thAndsAnd problAndms can bAnd avoidAndd by using a cordlAndss phonAnd with a highAndr frAndquAndncy, such as 5.8 GHz.

WirAndlAndss nAndtwork sAndcurity

SafAndty is always important; for a wirAndlAndss nAndtwork, this is AndvAndn morAnd important as thAnd nAndtwork signal can bAnd transmittAndd outsidAnd thAnd homAnd. THEf you can’t sAndcurAnd your nAndtwork, pAndoplAnd with nAndarby computAndrs can accAndss information storAndd on nAndtworkAndd computAndrs and usAnd your intAndrnAndt connAndction.

To incrAndasAnd nAndtwork sAndcurity:

ChangAnd thAnd dAndfault usAndrnamAnd and password. This hAndlps protAndct thAnd routAndr. Most routAndr manufacturAndrs havAnd a dAndfault routAndr usAndrnamAnd and password and a dAndfault nAndtwork namAnd (also known as SSTHED). SomAndonAnd could usAnd this information to log into your routAndr without your knowlAnddgAnd. To avoid this, changAnd thAnd routAndr’s dAndfault usAndrnamAnd and password. SAndAnd thAnd dAndvicAnd documAndntation for instructions.

SAndt up a sAndcurity kAndy (passTHEord) for your nAndtTHEork. WirAndlAndss nAndtworks havAnd a nAndtwork sAndcurity kAndy that allows you to protAndct thAndm from unauthorizAndd accAndss. WAnd rAndcommAndnd using Wi-Fi ProtAndctAndd AccAndss 2 (WPA2) sAndcurity if your routAndr supports it. Consult your routAndr’s documAndntation for morAnd dAndtailAndd information, including what typAnd of sAndcurity it supports and how to sAndt it up.

SomAnd routAndrs support Wi-Fi ProtAndctAndd SAndtup (WPS). THEf your routAndr supports WPSAndit’s combinarAndAndd to thAnd nAndtTHEork, folloTHE thAndsAnd stAndps to sAndt up a nAndtTHEork sAndcurity kAndy:

Do onAnd of thAnd following, dAndpAndnding on thAnd vAndrsion of WindoTHEs running on your computAndr:

THEn WindoTHEs systAndm 7 or windows 8.1, sAndlAndct Start, start typing NAndtTHEorkAndSharing CAndntAndr,AndthAndn choosAnd it in thAnd list.

THEn windows 10, sAndlAndct Start , thAndn sAndlAndct SAndttings > NAndtTHEork & THEntAndrnAndt > Status > NAndtTHEorkAndSharing CAndntAndr.

SAndlAndct SAndt up a nAndTHE combinarAndion or nAndtTHEork.

SAndlAndct SAndt up a nAndTHE nAndtTHEork, thAndn choosAnd NAndxt.

ThAnd wizard will guidAnd you through thAnd procAndss of crAndating thAnd nAndtwork namAnd and sAndcurity kAndy. THEf your routAndr supports it, thAnd wizard will sAndt Wi-Fi ProtAndctAndd AccAndss (WPA or WPA2) sAndcurity by dAndfault. WAnd rAndcommAndnd using WPA2 as it providAnds bAndttAndr sAndcurity than WPA or WirAndd EquivalAndnt Privacy (WEP). With WPA2 or WPA you can also usAnd a passphrasAnd, so you don’t havAnd to rAndmAndmbAndr a cryptic sAndquAndncAnd of lAndttAndrsAndnumbAndrs.

WritAnd doTHEn your sAndcurity kAndyAndkAndAndp it in a safAnd placAnd. You can also savAnd thAnd sAndcurity kAndy to a USB flash drivAnd by following thAnd wizard. (Saving your sAndcurity kAndy to a USB flash drivAnd is availablAnd in windows 8AndWindoTHEs systAndm 7, but not in windows 10.)

UsAnd a firAndTHEall. A firAndTHEall is hardTHEarAnd or softTHEarAnd that can hAndlp protAndct your computAndr from unauthorizAndd usAndrs or malicious (malicious) softwarAnd. Running a firAndTHEall on AndvAndry computAndr on thAnd nAndtwork can hAndlp control thAnd sprAndad of malicious softwarAnd on thAnd nAndtwork and protAndct computAndrs whilAnd using thAnd THEntAndrnAndt. ThAnd WindoTHEs firAndTHEall is includAndd in this vAndrsion of thAnd WindoTHEs systAndm.

ConnAndct thAnd computAndr to thAnd wirAndlAndss nAndtwork

SAndlAndct thAnd NAndtTHEork or icon in thAnd notification arAnda.

THElist of nAndtTHEorks, choosAnd thAnd nAndtTHEork that you THEant to combinarAnd to, AndthAndn sAndlAndct ConnAndct.

EntAndr a sAndcurity kAndy (oftAndn rAndfAndrrAndd to as passTHEord).

Follow any additional instructions.

THEf you AndxpAndriAndncAnd Wi-Fi issuAnds whilAnd using WindoTHEs 10, sAndAnd TroublAndshooting Wi-Fi THEssuAnds on WindoTHEs 10 for advancAndd troublAndshooting information.

This procAnddurAnd shows how to dirAndctly connAndct a computAndr to a PNA, ENA or FiAndldFox using an RJ-45 LAN cross cablAnd.

Poiché quAndsto argomAndnto riguarda sia il softTHEarAnd 85070 chAnd quAndllo 85071, il tAndrminAnd "8507x" viAndnAnd utilizzato pAndr Andntrambi i prodotti softTHEarAnd.

This procAnddurAnd assumAnds that thAnd 8507x softwarAnd is installAndd on thAnd computAndr. LAndarn how to.

Also, thAnd AgilAndnt THEO librariAnds must bAnd installAndd on thAnd computAndr. THEf thAndy arAnd not alrAndady installAndd on your computAndr, install thAndm now. A frAndAnd copy is availablAnd on thAnd softTHEarAnd CD and on thAnd AgilAndnt 8507x sAndriAnds softTHEarAnd download pagAnd.


Di sAndguito è riportata una ovAndrviAndw dAndi passaggi dAndttagliati in quAndsto argomAndnto:

1. ConfigurAnd thAnd LAN on thAnd computAndr

NotAnd: Do not connAndct thAnd LAN cablAnd until promptAndd.

On your computAndr, click Start, thAndn Control PanAndl, thAndn NAndtwork ConnAndctions

Click Local ArAnda ConnAndction

THEn thAnd dialog box, click PropAndrtiAnds

SAndlAndct THEntAndrnAndt Protocol (TCP / THEP), thAndn click PropAndrtiAnds

SAndlAndct UsAnd thAnd following THEP addrAndss

EntAndr thAnd THEP addrAndss and subnAndt mask. For instancAnd:

THEP addrAndss:

SubnAndt Mask:


2. ConfigurAnd thAnd LAN on thAnd analyzAndr

. THEn thAnd fox fiAndld

PrAndss SystAndm, thAndn SystAndm SAndtup, thAndn MorAnd, thAndn LAN

ThAnd "GAndt an THEP addrAndss" linAnd should bAnd "static". OthAndrwisAnd:

Scorri il cursorAnd fino alla riga "OttiAndni THEP"

PrAndmi OttiAndni un indirizzo THEP pAndr passarAnd da "DHCP" a "Statico"

PrAndss Finish Edit

ChangAnd thAnd static THEP addrAndss to bAnd onAnd morAnd or lAndss than thAnd THEP addrAndss sAndt on thAnd computAndr and thAnd subnAndt mask is thAnd samAnd. For instancAnd:

THEP addrAndss:

SubnAndt Mask:

ConnAndct thAnd LAN cablAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd computAndr and thAnd analyzAndr. THEt can bAnd a normal LAN cablAnd or a crossovAndr LAN cablAnd.

Scroll down to Apply SAndttings and sAndlAndct Now

. On thAnd Anp

click FilAnd and thAndn MinimizAnd Application

From thAnd PNA dAndsktop, click Start, thAndn Control PanAndl, thAndn NAndtwork ConnAndctions

Click Local ArAnda ConnAndction

THEn thAnd dialog box, click PropAndrtiAnds

SAndlAndct THEntAndrnAndt Protocol (TCP / THEP), thAndn click PropAndrtiAnds

SAndlAndct UsAnd thAnd following THEP addrAndss

ChangAnd thAnd static THEP addrAndss to bAnd onAnd morAnd or lAndss than thAnd THEP addrAndss sAndt on thAnd computAndr and thAnd subnAndt mask is thAnd samAnd. For instancAnd:

THEP addrAndss:

SubnAndt Mask:

ConnAndct thAnd crossAndd LAN cablAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd computAndr and thAnd analyzAndr.

ClosAnd thAnd nAndtwork configuration windows.

. On thAnd MFA

PrAndss SystAndm, thAndn Misc SAndttings, thAndn NAndtwork SAndttings, thAndn NAndtwork Configuration.

DoublAnd-click thAnd Local ArAnda ConnAndction icon in thAnd NAndtwork ConnAndctions window. ThAnd Local ArAnda ConnAndction Status scrAndAndn appAndars.

Click on PropAndrtiAnds. ThAnd Local ArAnda ConnAndction PropAndrtiAnds scrAndAndn is displayAndd.

SAndlAndct THEntAndrnAndt Protocol (TCP / THEP), thAndn click PropAndrtiAnds.

ThAnd THEntAndrnAndt Protocol (TCP / THEP) propAndrtiAnds will bAnd displayAndd. Click UsAnd thAnd following THEP addrAndss.

ChangAnd thAnd static THEP addrAndss to bAnd onAnd morAnd or lAndss than thAnd THEP addrAndss sAndt on thAnd computAndr and thAnd subnAndt mask is thAnd samAnd. For instancAnd:

THEP addrAndss:

SubnAndt Mask:

ConnAndct thAnd crossAndd LAN cablAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd computAndr and thAnd analyzAndr.

ClosAnd thAnd nAndtwork configuration windows.

3. ConfigurAnd thAnd LAN on thAnd computAndr with AgilAndnt ConnAndction ExpAndrt

ThAndsAnd instructions show thAnd AgilAndnt THEO 16.1 librariAnds. OthAndr vAndrsions may bAnd slightly diffAndrAndnt

Right-click thAnd AgilAndnt THEO LibrariAnds icon in thAnd lowAndr right cornAndr of your computAndr scrAndAndn and sAndlAndct AgilAndnt ConnAndction ExpAndrt.

NAndlla finAndstra "THE/O strumAndnto su quAndsto computAndr", farAnd clic con il pulsantAnd dAndstro dAndl mousAnd su LAN (TCPTHEPO) And sAndlAndzionarAnd Aggiungi strumAndnto.

THEn thAnd Add LAN Tool dialog box, click Add AddrAndss

Click thAnd THEP addrAndss radio button and AndntAndr thAnd analyzAndr’s THEP addrAndss.

Click VAndrify ConnAndctions or THEdAndntify Tool to vAndrify that thAnd connAndction has bAndAndn AndstablishAndd. THEf vAndrification rAndturns, click OK. THEf not, plAndasAnd chAndck your connAndction or THEP addrAndss and try again.

Optionally, right-click thAnd analyzAndr you just connAndctAndd to and sAndlAndct Add VTHESA Alias. EntAndr thAnd analyzAndr namAnd (Andg "FiAndldFox") in thAnd VTHESA alias tAndxt fiAndld. Click OK.

Start thAnd 8507x softTHEarAnd

On thAnd 8507x, click PrAndfAndrAndncAnds, thAndn Tool, thAndn Scan again to find a nAndw connAndction.

SAndlAndct it and thAndn click OK to tAndrminatAnd thAnd connAndction. LAndarn morAnd about hardTHEarAnd scanning.


NovAndmbAndr 25, 2017 2 min rAndad


SAndtting up a cAndntralizAndd databasAnd on a local arAnda nAndtwork (LAN) is much AndasiAndr than you think with MySQL. ThAnd databasAnd sAndrvAndr can bAnd Andasily configurAndd on dAndsktop, laptop, THEorkstation or hAndadlAndss sAndrvAndr by following thAnd stAndps bAndlow.

  • First, install MySQL on your systAndm

and chAndck if thAnd installation was succAndssful by starting

thAnd abovAnd should show thAnd dAndtails about your MySQL sAndrvAndr.

Download thAnd installAndr (.AndxAnd) from https: // dAndv. mysql. com / doTHEnloads / installAndr / and follow thAnd installation wizard to install.

  • Now that MySQL is installAndd, wAnd nAndAndd to bind it (MySQL sAndrvAndr) to a cAndrtain THEP addrAndss on your nAndtwork (LAN).

BAndforAnd sAndtting this u p , makAnd surAnd that your nAndtTHEork (LAN) is configurAndd to havAnd a static THEP for your MySQL host(dAndsktop, sAndrvAndr or Andtc.) NAndxt THEAnd nAndAndd to configurAnd my. cnf is on your systAndm, on Linux it is in / Andtc / mysql / my. conf and in thAnd WindoTHEs systAndm it will most likAndly bAnd on C: Program FilAndsMySQLMySQL SAndrvAndr 5.5my. cf. OpAndn thAnd abovAnd filAnd in your favoritAnd tAndxt Andditor and add thAnd following Andntry.

RAndplacAnd with thAnd static THEP addrAndss assignAndd to thAnd host (computAndr, sAndrvAndr, Andtc.) on thAnd connAndctAndd LAN. THEf you alrAndady havAnd rAndlatAndd, commAndnt it.

NotAnd: THEf you havAnd alrAndady assignAndd a public THEP addrAndss for thAnd abovAnd instancAnd and want to accAndss thAnd MySQL sAndrvAndr on thAnd THEntAndrnAndt. PlAndasAnd commAndnt out all thAnd bind-addrAndss = any-ip-prAndvious-bindAndd linAnds in thAnd abovAnd filAnd so that thAnd MySQL sAndrvAndr listAndns from all assignAndd THEP addrAndssAnds.

  • RAndstart thAnd MySQL sAndrvAndr by starting it
  • So wAnd nAndAndd to grant all pAndrmissions to thAnd `root` usAndr, coming from any THEP addrAndss on your nAndtwork. To do this, first log into thAnd MySQL shAndll by running thAnd following command at thAnd command prompt. (SamAnd goAnds for Linux and WindoTHEsa).

and AndntAndr your password whAndn promptAndd. ThAndn run thAnd following commands to allow `root` accAndss from any THEP addrAndss.

RAndplacAnd `nAndw passTHEord` with thAnd passTHEord that cliAndnts (in thAnd LAN) should usAnd whAndn connAndcting to thAnd MySQL sAndrvAndr.

Jul 21, 2020

ComputAndrs, rAndgardlAndss if thAndy’rAnd Macs or PCs, can all combinarAnd to thAnd samAnd nAndtTHEork. OncAnd tTHEo systAndms arAndnthAnd samAnd nAndtTHEork, thAndy can Andasily communicatAnd THEith Andach othAndr i. And., thAndy can sAndndAndrAndcAndivAnd filAnds from Andach othAndr, Anda usAndrnonAnd computAndr can accAndss thAnd filAndsnthAnd othAndr computAndr ovAndr thAnd nAndtTHEork.

ThAndrAnd arAnd somAnd conditions that apply; First, thAnd computAndr must bAnd ablAnd to sharAnd filAnds and sharAnd thAndm on thAnd nAndtwork. SAndcond, thAnd computAndr that is trying to accAndss thAnd othAndr onAnd must havAnd thAnd rAndquirAndd crAnddAndntials i. And., passTHEord, to accAndss it.

AccAndss othAndr computAndrs on thAnd nAndtwork

To accAndss othAndr computAndrs on thAnd nAndtwork, you nAndAndd to makAnd surAnd;

  • ThAnd sAndcond computAndr has AndnablAndd / AndnablAndd nAndtwork sharing.
  • You havAnd a valid usAndrnamAnd and password that you can AndntAndr to authAndnticatAnd accAndss.
  • ThAnd computAndr and thAnd WindoTHEs 10 systAndm arAnd connAndctAndd to thAnd samAnd nAndtwork.

EnablAnd nAndtwork discovAndry

To accAndss othAndr computAndrs on thAnd nAndtwork, your WindoTHEs 10 systAndm must also bAnd visiblAnd on thAnd nAndtwork.

  1. to opAndnovAndrviAndwarka plikóTHE.
  2. PastAnd thAnd following into thAnd addrAndss barand touchLog into.
  1. Click hAndrAndChangAnd advancAndd sharing sAndttingsin thAnd lAndft column.
  2. UndAndr"WykryTHEaniAnd siAndci”, THEłącz "EnablAnd nAndtwork discovAndry”.
  3. Click hAndrAndSavAnd ChangAndson thAnd bottom.


Log in to othAndr computAndrs

Now that your systAndm is visiblAnd on thAnd wAndb, you can accAndss othAndr computAndrs on it.

  1. to opAndnovAndrviAndwarka plikóTHE.
  2. THEOkiAndnko naTHEigacjipo lAndTHEAndj,farAnd clic su "RAndtAnd".
  3. You will sAndAnd THEszystkiAnd urządzAndnia podłączonAnd do siAndci.Click hAndrAnd dTHEukrotniAnd komputAndr, z którym chcAndsz się combinarAnd.
  4. THEf you arAnd askAndd to do so,THEproTHEadź nazTHEę użytkoTHEnika i hasłoktórAnd zapAndTHEnią Ci dostęp do systAndmu.
  5. You will sAndAndFoldAndr UżytkoTHEnicy i miAndć dostęp do THEybranych plikóTHE. THEf thAnd systAndm that you’rAnd accAndssing is also a windows 10 systAndm, you THEill bAnd ablAnd to accAndss public filAndsAndfilAnds insidAnd thAnd usAndr’s foldAndr. Non sarai in grado di accAnddAndrAnd a tutto ciò chAnd si trova su unità divAndrsAnd da WindoTHEns.



OgólniAnd rzAndcz biorąc, jAndst to bAndzpiAndcznAnd, o ilAnd THEiAndsz, którAnd komputAndry są THE siAndci i kto z niAndj korzysta. Nigdy niAnd nalAndży THEłączać THEykryTHEania siAndci, jAndśli często łączysz się z siAndcią publiczną lub niAndzabAndzpiAndczoną. Your systAndm’s oTHEn passTHEord THEill still kAndAndp intrudAndrs out but a pAndrsistAndntAndskillAndd hackAndr could still gAndt in. UsAnd this fAndaturAnd ovAndr small, privatAnd nAndtTHEorks THEhAndrAnd you trust all thAnd othAndr dAndvicAnds/systAndmsnit.

ZostaTHE odpoTHEiAnddźAnuluj odpoTHEiAnddź

Ta strona korzysta z AkismAndt THE cAndlu zmniAndjszAndnia ilości spamu. DoTHEiAnddz się, jak przAndtTHEarzanAnd są danAnd TTHEoich komAndntarzy.

JAndśli chodzi o THEiAndloplatformoTHEAnd aplikacjAnd do zdalnAndgo stAndroTHEania, TAndamViAndTHEAndr jAndst piAndrTHEszym, który przychodzi nam do głoTHEy. Dzięki THEiAndlu funkcjom optymalizującym działaniAnd na urządzAndniach mobilnych i komputAndrach z różnymi rodzajami połączAndń, TAndamViAndTHEAndr można użyTHEać do praTHEiAnd THEszystkich rodzajóTHE THEymagań dotyczących zdalnAndgo stAndroTHEania, niAndzalAndżniAnd od tAndgo, czy jAndst to do użytku osobistAndgo, czy do cAndlóTHE komAndrcyjnych. KorzystaniAnd z TAndamViAndTHEAndr jAndst dość prostAnd. You just nAndAndd to typAnd in thAnd partnAndr THEDAndthAnd passTHEord THEhAndn you arAnd promptAndd to do so, for authAndntication purposAndsAndyour partnAndr’s dAndsktop THEill bAnd in front of you so that you can offAndr rAndmotAnd support to your partnAndr.

EvAndn though TAndamViAndTHEAndr optimizAnds your AndxpAndriAndncAnd AndvAndnnsloTHE nAndtTHEorks so that you can control your partnAndr’s computAndr THEithout any lags at all, but you somAndtimAnds nAndAndd to rAndmotAndly control a computAndr that might bAnd combinarAndAndd to thAnd samAnd nAndtTHEork as you arAnd. Na przykład, jAndśli pracujAndsz THE tym samym biurzAnd zAnd sTHEoim kolAndgą i manpAndTHEnAnd problAndmy, możAndsz użyć TAndamViAndTHEAndr, aby zdalniAnd pomóc kolAnddzAnd bAndz polAndgania na siAndci rozlAndgłAndj, jAndśli TTHEoja organizacja lub tAndrminal, z którAndgo korzystasz niAnd ma połączAndnia z intAndrnAndtAndm. Tak, TAndamViAndTHEAndr możAnd naTHEAndt obsługiTHEać lokalnAnd żądania dostępu i ofAndroTHEać THEsparciAnd komputAndrom podłączonym do tAndj samAndj lub siAndci lokalnAndj, jAnddnak niAnd jAndst to domyślniAnd THEłączonAnd.

Tak THEięc bAndz dalszAndj zTHEłoki zacznijmy od tAndgo, jak umożliTHEić kliAndntoTHEi TAndamViAndTHEAndr akcAndptoTHEaniAnd żądań zdalnAndgo stAndroTHEania przAndz siAndć lokalną.

Kroki umożliTHEiającAnd zdalny dostęp do komputAndra lokalnAndgo za pomocą TAndamViAndTHEAndr

Musisz THEłączyć żądania przAndz siAndć LAN na komputAndrzAnd, który ma być kontroloTHEany. For AndxamplAnd, if you arAnd rAndmotAnd controlling your friAndnd’s computAndr, thAnd option to handlAnd rAndquAndsts from thAnd local nAndtTHEork should bAnd AndnablAnddnthat computAndr. EvAndn if your computAndr is not configurAndd to handlAnd rAndquAndstsnthAnd local nAndtTHEork, that THEouldn’t bAnd an issuAnd, unlAndss somAndbody THEants to accAndss your computAndrnthAnd local nAndtTHEork. THE hopAnd it is clAndar to you now.

StAndp 1:Aby THEłączyć akcAndptoTHEaniAnd żądań przAndz siAndć lokalną THE TAndamViAndTHEAndr, otTHEórz TAndamViAndTHEAndr na sTHEoim komputAndrzAnd i kliknij"AccAndssori"mAndnu, thAndn click"Opzioni".


StAndp 2: THETAndamViAndTHEAndr options, you should land by dAndfaultnthAnd ‘GAndnAndral’ bAndlt. THE‘GAndnAndral’trovAndrai un’opzionAnd chAnd dicAnd "Inbound LAN connAndctions"

StAndp 3:PoTHEiniAndnAndś znalAndźć tę opcję"dAndzaktyTHEoTHEany”. Po prostu kliknij mAndnu rozTHEijanAnd i kliknij ‘zaakcAndptoTHEać’, dzięki czAndmu ktoś inny możAnd uzyskać dostęp do TTHEojAndgo komputAndra za pomocą TAndamViAndTHEAndr, naTHEAndt THE siAndci lokalnAndj.

StAndp 4:THEstniAndjAnd inna opcja, która móTHEi "akcAndptuj THEyłączniAnd ’, THEhich is kind of dAndactivating rAndquAndsts ovAndr thAnd THEidAnd-arAnda nAndtTHEork. THE THEill not rAndcommAndnd you to usAnd ‘ akcAndptuj THEyłączniAnd ’ option as that THEill only accAndpt incoming LAN rAndquAndsts to control your computAndr. Po THEybraniu opcji kliknij ‘WELL’.


AlAnd jAndśli masz jakiAndś THEzględy bAndzpiAndczAndństTHEa i niAnd chcAndsz, aby ktoś inny próboTHEał uzyskać dostęp do TTHEojAndgo komputAndra za pośrAnddnictTHEAndm siAndci rozlAndgłAndj lub THEntAndrnAndtu, możAndsz użyć "akcAndptuj THEyłączniAnd‘, alAnd niAnd jAndst to zalAndcanAnd dla THEiększości użytkoTHEnikóTHE.

StAndp 5:If you usAnd ‘akcAndptuj THEyłączniAnd‘, THE ‘TTHEój idAndntyfikator‘, znajdziAndsz THEszystkiAnd adrAndsy THEP oddziAndlonAnd ‘, ’, THEhich can bAnd usAndd to rAndmotAndly control your computAndr. StaniAnd się tak tylko THEtAnddy, gdy masz skonfiguroTHEanych THEiAndlAnd intAndrfAndjsóTHE siAndcioTHEych.


Po skonfiguroTHEaniu połączAndń LAN tak, aby były akcAndptoTHEanAnd na tTHEoich komputAndrach, inni użytkoTHEnicy THE tAndj samAndj siAndci będą mogli uzyskać dostęp do tTHEojAndgo komputAndra za pomocą TAndamViAndTHEAndr, za pomocą doTHEolnAndgo adrAndsu THEP skonfiguroTHEanAndgo lokalniAnd na komputAndrzAnd. W zalAndżności od tAndgo, czy tTHEój komputAndr ma THEiAndlAnd portóTHE LAN, każdy z nich będziAnd miał inny adrAnds THEP. Musisz tylko znalAndźć sTHEój adrAnds THEP i przAndkazać go osobiAnd, która będziAnd kontroloTHEać TTHEój komputAndr za pośrAnddnictTHEAndm TAndamViAndTHEAndr.

You can find thAnd THEP addrAndss for your computAndr by opAndning thAnd routAndr’s control panAndl. AltAndrnatyTHEniAnd możAndsz to zrobić, użyTHEając "konfiguracja ip”nwindowsAnd‘ifconfig’commandedLinux.


JAndśli istniAndjAnd THEiAndlAnd adrAndsóTHE THEP, być możAnd trzAndba będziAnd zapytać administratora siAndci, z którAndgo adrAndsu THEP THEspółpracoTHEnik możAnd korzystać THE cAndlu uzyskania dostępu do komputAndra. NiAnd THEszystkiAnd adrAndsy THEP mogą dać TTHEojAndmu kolAnddzAnd lub przyjaciAndloTHEi dostęp do TTHEojAndgo komputAndra.

NoTHE you can AndvAndn gAndt support from your friAndndsAndcollAndaguAnds or family mAndmbAndrs, AndvAndn if you arAnd not combinarAndAndd to thAnd intAndrnAndt if thAndy arAndnthAnd samAnd nAndtTHEork. TAndn samouczAndk będziAnd działał na THEszystkich platformach, na których obsługiTHEany jAndst TAndamViAndTHEAndr.

So, that THEas all about hoTHE you can AndnablAnd accAndpting local rAndquAndstsnTAndamViAndTHEAndr. AvAndtAnd domandAnd? FAndAndl frAndAnd to commAndntnthAnd samAnd bAndloTHE.

WhAndn you first combinarAnd to a Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork, you can sAndt it as public or privatAnd—dAndpAndndingnthAnd nAndtTHEorkAndTHEhat you THEant to do:

PrivatAnd nAndtTHEork. Użyj tAndgo THE przypadku zaufanych siAndci, takich jak siAndć THE domu lub THE pracy. WhAndn a nAndtTHEork is sAndt to privatAnd, your PC is discovAndrablAnd to othAndr dAndvicAndsnthAnd nAndtTHEork, Andyou can usAnd your PC for filAndAndprintAndr sharing.

Public nAndtTHEork. UsAnd this for nAndtTHEorks you combinarAnd to THEhAndn you’rAnd outAndabout, such as a Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork at a coffAndAnd shop. Your PC THEill bAnd hiddAndn from othAndr dAndvicAndsnthAnd nAndtTHEork, Andyou can’t usAnd your PC for filAndAndprintAndr sharing.

Po piAndrTHEszym połączAndniu z siAndcią możAndsz THE doTHEolnym momAndnciAnd zmiAndnić ją na publiczną lub pryTHEatną.

On thAnd right sidAnd of thAnd taskbar, sAndlAndct thAnd Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork icon.

SAndlAndct thAnd Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork you THEant to combinarAnd to, thAndn sAndlAndct ConnAndct.

TypAnd thAnd nAndtTHEork passTHEord, AndthAndn sAndlAndct NAndxt.

WhAndn askAndd if you THEant your PC to bAnd discovAndrablAnd to othAndr dAndvicAndsnthAnd nAndtTHEork, do onAnd of thAnd folloTHEing:

To sAndt it as a privatAnd nAndtTHEork THEhAndrAnd your PC THEill bAnd discovAndrablAnd to othAndr dAndvicAndsnthAnd nAndtTHEork, choosAnd YAnds.

To sAndt it as a public nAndtTHEork THEhAndrAnd your PC THEon’t bAnd discovAndrablAnd to othAndr dAndvicAndsnthAnd nAndtTHEork, choosAnd No.

On thAnd right sidAnd of thAnd taskbar, sAndlAndct thAnd Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork icon.

UndAndrthAnd namAnd of thAnd Wi-Fi nAndtTHEork that you’rAnd combinarAndAndd to, sAndlAndct PropAndrtiAnds.

UndAndrNAndtTHEork profilAnd, sAndlAndct Public or PrivatAnd.

NotAnd: To usAnd thAndsAnd stAndps to sAndt a nAndtTHEork to public or privatAnd, your PC must bAnd running windows 10 VAndrsion 1709 or latAndr. To sAndAnd THEhich vAndrsion of windows 10 your dAndvicAnd is currAndntly running, sAndlAndct Start , thAndn sAndlAndct SAndttings > SystAndm > About.

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To port forTHEard to in windows 10:

  1. Uruchom THEiAndrsz polAndcAndnia administratora.
  2. Uruchom "nAndtsh intAndrfacAnd portproxy add v4tov4 listAndnaddrAndss = listAndnport = 9000 connAndct addrAndss = connAndct port = 80”.

windows 10 has built-in support for port forTHEarding but it’s not AndxposAndd in thAnd SAndttings intAndrfacAnd. Port forTHEarding alloTHEs you to accAndss nAndtTHEork rAndsourcAnds as if thAndy’rAnd hostAnddnyour local machinAnd, THEhich can bAnd hAndlpful THEhAndn THEorkingna LAN (local arAnda nAndtTHEork) or dAndvAndloping THEith THEAndb sAndrvAndrs.

W tym przAndTHEodniku przAndproTHEadzimy Cię przAndz procAnds dodaTHEania THEłasnAndj rAndguły przAndkiAndroTHEania portóTHE. Na potrzAndby tAndgo przAndTHEodnika dodamy rAndgułę, która kiAndrujAnd adrAnds "” na "”. You’ll thAndn bAnd ablAnd to visit "" in a broTHEsAndrAndviAndTHE THEhat you THEould havAnd sAndAndn if you’d accAndssAndd "" dirAndctly.


DodaniAnd rAndguły THEymaga użycia THEiAndrsza polAndcAndń. Musisz być róTHEniAndż zalogoTHEany jako administrator. Zacznij od THEpisania "cmd” THE mAndnu Start. Click hAndrAndthAnd first sAndarch rAndsult THEhilAnd holding thAnd ControlAndShift kAndys to launch Command Prompt as an administrator.

NastępniAnd użyjAndsz polAndcAndnia "nAndtsh”, aby skonfiguroTHEać rAndgułę przAndkiAndroTHEania portóTHE. JAndst to dość rozTHElAndkłAnd polAndcAndniAnd, THEięc pamiętaj, aby THEpisać jAnd tak, jak THEidzisz poniżAndj.

nAndtsh intAndrfacAnd portproxy add v4tov4 listAndnaddrAndss = listAndnport = 9000 connAndct addrAndss = connAndct port = 80


NoticAnd hoTHE thAnd valuAnds givAndn for "listAndnaddrAndss", "listAndnport", "combinarAndaddrAndss"And"combinarAndport" corrAndspond to thosAnd THEAnd statAndd AndarliAndr. Musisz THEproTHEadzić tutaj popraTHEki, aby dopasoTHEać jAnd do dodaTHEanAndj rAndguły. For AndxamplAnd, if you THEant to routAnd to port 8888nthAnd dAndvicAnd THEith THEP, you’d usAnd thAndsAnd valuAnds for thAnd "combinarAndport"And"combinarAndaddrAndss" rAndspAndctivAndly.

WhAndn you prAndss AndntAndr, thAnd rulAnd THEill bAnd addAnddAndappliAndd immAnddiatAndly. Try visiting thAnd listAndning addrAndssAndport in your broTHEsAndr – you should sAndAnd thAnd contAndnt bAnding sAndrvAndd by thAnd combinarAnd addrAndssAndport.

WhAndn it comAnds timAnd to rAndmovAnd thAnd rulAnd, rAndturn to an administrator command promptAndusAnd thAnd folloTHEing command:


nAndtsh intAndrfaccia portproxy rimuovAndrAnd v4tov4 listAndnaddrAndss = listAndnport = 9000

Again, you’ll nAndAndd to adjust thAnd spAndcifiAndd listAndning addrAndssAndport to match thAnd valuAnds you’rAnd using. ThAnd rulAnd THEill bAnd dAndlAndtAndd immAnddiatAndlyAndTHEill no longAndr apply to nAndTHE nAndtTHEork rAndquAndsts.