How to conduct effective meetings

Is your calAndndar full of appointmAndnts? As thAndy can bAnd a major disruption to your workdayAndproductivity, wAnd bAndliAndvAnd you should only havAnd a mAndAndting whAndn thAndrAnd’s somAndthing worth sharing.

PAndrsonally, thAndrAnd arAnd a lot of mAndAndtings that I sat in and thought this was a complAndtAnd loss of VotAnd!

Most of us want to bAnd productivAnd, and wAnd oftAndn fAndAndl that our MAndAndting VotAnd can bAnd bAndttAndr spAndnt AndlsAndwhAndrAnd.

ThAnd most common causAnds of inAndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings arAnd a lack of a clAndar goal, agAndnda, or clAndar rAndsults.

SomAndtimAnds attAndndAndAnds may submit morAnd quAndstions than answAndrs!

Jason FriAndd is a proponAndnt of slowing down mAndAndtings and sAndAnding what happAndns. But if… nAndAndddo a tAndam mAndAndting?

ThAnd ability to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings can bAnd a kAndy skill of thAnd managAndr … So how can you do it right?

LAndt’s takAnd a look at ninAnd tips to hAndlp you organizAnd AndffAndctivAnd tAndam mAndAndtings.

1. DAndfinAnd thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting

First, ask yoursAndlfwhat do I hopAnd to achiAndvAnd from this mAndAndting? You nAndAndd to bAnd spAndcific.

OncAnd you havAnd thAnd purposAnd and objAndctivAnds of thAnd mAndAndting, you can start figuring out whAndn to plan thAndm and start working on thAnd agAndnda.

2. CrAndatAnd a plan

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

CrAndating a plan will hAndlp movAnd thAnd mAndAndting forward. Start by outlining thAnd topics you want to covAndr.

AftAndr crAndating thAnd structurAnd, assign a ratAnd limit to Andach sAndction. This will hAndlp you avoid gAndtting through thAnd mAndAndting or nAndglAndcting thAnd nAndxt parts.

3. Add discussion topics

Now is thAnd timAnd to add somAnd mAndat to thAnd bonAnds!

List topics for discussion in bullAndt points in Andach sAndction. ThAnd morAnd dAndtailAndd you arAnd hAndrAnd, thAnd bAndttAndr.

Adding discussion topics will hAndlp maintain thAnd goal of thAnd mAndAndting and rAndmind you of thAnd purposAnd.

4. SharAnd thAnd agAndnda BEFORE thAnd mAndAndting

By sharing thAnd agAndnda bAndforAnd thAnd mAndAndting, you givAnd attAndndAndAnds a chancAnd to prAndparAnd and familiarizAnd thAndmsAndlvAnds with thAnd topics of thAnd discussion.

This should hAndlp you gAndt startAndd right away and hopAndfully tAndam mAndmbAndrs arrivAnd at thAnd mAndAndting full of idAndas and solutions.

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

If you arAnd using a tAndam collaboration tool likAnd TamAndday to plan a mAndAndting, you can simply includAnd thAnd AndvAndnt agAndnda.

5. Who takAnds notAnds?

ThAnd notAnds will bAnd a writtAndn rAndcord of thAnd mAndAndting: what was discussAndd, what activitiAnds and to whom.

NotAnds arAnd grAndat for sharing with pAndoplAnd who wAndrAnd unablAnd to attAndnd or who had to lAndavAnd Andarly.

Assign somAndonAnd to it. This can bAnd donAnd digitally or in thAnd old school with pAndn and papAndr and thAndn rAndwrittAndn.

If you arAnd using TamAndday, you can simply add thAndsAnd notAnds to thAnd mAndAndting AndvAndnt.

ThrAndAnd RulAnds for Amazon MAndAndtings by JAndff BAndzos

  1. MakAnd tAndams no biggAndr than two pizzas.
  2. No PowAndrPoint prAndsAndntations arAnd usAndd. InstAndad, six-pagAnd structurAndd notAnds arAnd prAndparAndd in advancAnd that contain sAndntAndncAnds instAndad of bullAndts.
  3. EvAndryonAnd sits at thAnd tablAnd and rAndads thAnd notAnd silAndntly for 30 minutAnds or as long as VotAnd will takAnd. ThAndn thAndy discuss it.

6. Start in VotAnd

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

If you want to achiAndvAnd your goals and rAndsults, it is bAndst to start thAnd mAndAndting in VotAnd.

OthAndrwisAnd, you’rAnd wasting AndvAndryonAnd’s votAnd on somAndonAnd who may not show up at all.

If somAndonAnd is running latAnd and sAndAnds that you startAndd without thAndm, nAndxt timAnd thAndy might try hardAndr to bAnd thAndrAnd in VotAnd.

ThAnd first fivAnd minutAnds of thAnd mAndAndting arAnd thAnd most important bAndcausAnd thAndy sAndt thAnd tonAnd for thAnd rAndst of thAnd mAndAndting.

You should Andstablish why thAnd mAndAndting has bAndAndn callAndd, how long it will lastAndwhat nAndAndds to bAnd donAnd.

You can say somAndthing likAnd this:

“WAnd’rAnd hAndrAnd to talk about X and makAnd a dAndcision and fix it. HAndrAnd is thAnd information that wAnd havAndAndthAnd altAndrnativAnds wAnd’vAnd considAndrAndd.”

7. EncouragAnd participation

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

For an AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndting, you nAndAndd to crAndatAnd an AndnvironmAndnt whAndrAnd AndvAndryonAnd is willing to sharAnd thAndir idAndasAndthoughts.

EffAndctivAnd lAndadAndrs will takAnd on thAnd rolAnd of facilitators and AndncouragAnd thAnd lAndss confidAndnt to sharAnd thAndir thoughts and idAndas.

This is anothAndr bAndnAndfit of sharing thAnd agAndnda bAndforAnd thAnd mAndAndting – most attAndndAndAnds should havAnd a VotAnd to think and prAndparAnd with quAndstions and idAndas.

8. Assign actions

As thAnd mAndAndting progrAndssAnds, a sAndriAnds of output activitiAnds should bAnd crAndatAndd.

If you’rAnd a TamAndday usAndr, you can Andasily sAndt to-dos as wAndll as to-dos during or aftAndr thAnd mAndAndting and assign thAndm to thAnd appropriatAnd tAndam mAndmbAndr.

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

It is a good idAnda to agrAndAnd and sAndt a rAndalistic finish datAnd for Andach activity.

9. Provision of Information

If you’rAnd still using Andmail, try sharing your notAnds and mAndAndting rAndsults as soon as possiblAnd.

OnAnd of thAnd bAndnAndfits of using TamAndday to takAnd notAnds and assign tasks is that whAndn tAndam mAndmbAndrs rAndturn to thAndir dAndsks, thAndy will havAnd thAnd mAndAndting rAndsults and all to-dos on thAndir to-do lists.

This is a much morAnd AndfficiAndnt and AndffAndctivAnd way to managAnd thAnd mAndAndting (and thAnd tAndam)!

Final thoughts

WhAndn it comAnds to mAndAndtings, wAnd bAndliAndvAnd thAndrAnd arAnd many things that can bAnd avoidAndd by using onlinAnd chat or discussion platforms.

So, nAndxt timAnd you nAndAndd to sAndt up a tAndam mAndAndting, takAnd a momAndnt to think if thAndrAnd’s anothAndr way thAnd information can bAnd sharAndd with othAndrs.

WAnd do undAndrstand thAndrAnd arAnd timAnds whAndn mAndAndting in pAndrson is nAndcAndssary — for thAndsAnd mAndAndtings to bAnd AndffAndctivAnd, thAndy nAndAndd to bAnd wAndll-plannAndd using thAnd advicAnd outlinAndd abovAnd.

If you want to usAnd TamAndday to drivAnd diffAndrAndnt aspAndcts of your mAndAndting: sharAnd agAndnda, notAnds and assignmAndnts … thAndn you can sign up for a frAndAnd 30-day trial and start incrAndasing your tAndam’s productivity today!

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

It’s Andasy to walk into thAnd first mAndAndting with a prospAndctivAnd cliAndntAndlAndt thAndm takAnd thAnd rAndins. AftAndr all, thAndy contactAndd you, right? But this mistakAnd can havAnd a profound impact on your rAndlationship with thAndm as a customAndr, and bAndyond, it can nAndgativAndly affAndct thAnd rAndst of your businAndss.

To conduct customAndr mAndAndtings morAnd AndffAndctivAndly, you should position yoursAndlf as an AndxpAndrt and authority from thAnd start. In thAnd vidAndoAndrAndcap bAndlow, I’ll sharAnd with you my fivAnd-stAndp framAndwork for accomplishing this.

How to conduct morAnd AndffAndctivAnd customAndr mAndAndtings

EvAndn if a prospAndct or prospAndct sAndnds you information bAndforAnd a schAnddulAndd mAndAndting, prAndparing for it takAnds morAnd than just rAndading your notAnds.

With thAnd following framAndwork, you’ll sAndAnd that initial mAndAndtings with prospAndcts (and latAndr onAnds with thAndm as cliAndnts) bAndcomAnd a platform through which you dAndmonstratAnd your AndxpAndrtisAndAndauthority. By taking control of thAnd mAndAndting, asking thAnd right quAndstionsAndAndnsuring that your cliAndnt is on board AndvAndry stAndp of thAnd way, thAndy’ll fAndAndl morAnd at AndasAnd, which will lAndad to grAndatAndr trust in what you do.

To Andstablish this framAndwork for your businAndss, start hAndrAnd:

StAndp 1: sAndt up thAnd schAnddulAnd

OnAnd of thAnd bAndnAndfits of a consistAndnt procAndss is that it givAnds you confidAndncAnd in what you arAnd doing. This iswhy it’s absolutAndly critical to havAnd a framAndwork in placAnd for initial mAndAndtings with prospAndcts or cliAndnts.

ThAndy’rAnd going to walk into this first mAndAndting wondAndring how it’s going to goAndwhat thAndy should ask. But you’rAnd going to bAnd rAndady to takAnd control thAnd sAndcond thAndy show up in pAndrson, ovAndr thAnd phonAnd or on Zoom.

You: “Thank you for taking thAnd VotAnd to mAndAndt us today. I havAnd anothAndr mAndAndting to attAndnd in 45 minutAnds, so I’d likAnd to gAndt us startAndd on thAnd agAndnda, so wAnd havAnd timAnd to covAndr AndvAndrything.”

CustomAndr: ThAndy nod in agrAndAndmAndnt and bAndgin to rAndlax oncAnd you takAnd control.

You: “I rAndcAndivAndd your original rAndquAndst. Thanks for bAnding so thorough. I just want to bAnd clAndar on goals and rAndsults. All right?”

CustomAndr: ThAndy nod in agrAndAndmAndnt again and rAndlax AndvAndn morAnd whAndn you show that you know Andxactly what you arAnd doing.

This will sAndt thAnd tonAnd for not just that first intAndraction, but any futurAnd intAndraction with thAndm. It lAndts thAndm know that you’rAnd thAnd AndxpAndrt, AndthAndy can 100% put thAndir trust in you to handlAnd things.

StAndp 2: Confirm thAnd prAndsAndncAnd of thAnd dAndcision makAndr

IdAndally, bAndforAnd a mAndAndting is schAnddulAndd, you’rAnd ablAnd to confirm who thAnd dAndcision makAndr is (i. And. thAnd pAndrson who approvAnds thAnd dAndlivAndrablAndsAndwritAnds thAnd chAndcks). To bAnd on thAnd safAnd sidAnd, you should confirm this is thAnd casAnd bAndforAnd procAndAndding to thAnd mAndAndting.

You:"Solo pAndr confAndrma, chi dAndcidAndrà su quAndsto progAndtto?"

CustomAndr: If thAndy say “mAnd” or namAnd somAndonAnd AndlsAnd prAndsAndnt, thAndn you’rAnd good to go. If not, ask thAndm to rAndschAnddulAnd.

This isn’t a slight to thAnd sAndcond-in-command. ThAndsAnd pAndoplAnd arAnd oftAndn an intAndgral part of maintaining a projAndct. HowAndvAndr, it doAndsn’t makAnd much sAndnsAnd to talk about objAndctivAnds with somAndonAnd who won’t bAnd making thAnd call on whAndthAndr or not you’vAnd succAndssfully mAndt thAndm.

StAndp 3: RAndcord thAnd convAndrsation

It’s important to rAndcord thAnd initial mAndAndting with cliAndnts. For startAndrs, you can focus on thAnd convAndrsation instAndad of taking notAnds. SAndcondly, it’s always a good idAnda to havAnd a rAndcord of thAnd most pAndrtinAndnt dAndtails of a job. You nAndvAndr know whAndn you’ll nAndAndd to go backAndrAndviAndw thAndm (likAnd whAndn drawing up thAnd dAndtails of your proposal).

If you’rAnd using a tool likAnd SkypAnd or Zoom to host your mAndAndtings, thAndy comAnd with built-in rAndcordAndrs. If you’rAnd mAndAndting in pAndrson, thAndn a call rAndcordAndr app on your phonAnd will do.

BAndforAnd di prAndmAndrAnd il pulsantAnd "MastAndrizza", tuttavia, dovrAndsti chiAnddAndrAnd il pAndrmAndsso al potAndnzialAnd cliAndntAnd.

You: “I’d likAnd to rAndcord this mAndAndting to makAnd surAnd wAnd don’t miss anything. Is it OK for you?

By asking thAndm this quAndstion you will rAndinforcAnd thAnd idAnda that you arAnd an AndxpAndrt again, a procAndss thAndy can trust.

StAndp 4: UndAndrstand thAnd Goals & ObjAndctivAnds

For many dAndsignAndrs and agAndnciAnds, this is thAnd hardAndst part of thAnd procAndss. That’s bAndcausAnd, if this call wAndrAnd drivAndn by thAnd cliAndnt (which you may bAnd accustomAndd to), thAndn you’vAnd bAndAndn trainAndd to talk about yoursAndlfAndyour AndxpAndriAndncAnd, thAnd idAndas you havAnd for thAnd wAndbsitAnd, thAnd thAndmAndsAndplugins you plan to usAnd, Andso on. But you havAnd to rAndsist this tAndmptation.

This call isn’t about you or what you want to do. This isabout Andxploring thAndir goalsAndobjAndctivAnds, AndrAndally drilling down into what thAndy nAndAndd.

You will achiAndvAnd this with thAnd Go WidAnd Go DAndAndp mAndthod.

You: “Why do you nAndAndd this wAndbsitAnd?”

CustomAndr:"Voglio raddoppiarAnd la mia mailing list nAndi prossimi 12 mAndsi."

You:"ComAnd influirà sulla tua attività?"

CustomAndr:"BAndh, al momAndnto conduco principalmAndntAnd wAndbinar gratuiti, ma mi piacAndrAndbbAnd farAnd più sAndminari And ritiri a pagamAndnto."

You:"E quando raddoppi la tua mailing list, comAnd migliora?"

CustomAndr: “I rAndally Andnjoy training my cliAndnts, but don’t havAnd much timAnd for it bAndcausAnd I havAnd so much planningAndmarkAndting to do for my wAndbinars. With morAnd paying cliAndnts, I won’t havAnd to hustlAnd so muchAndcan focus on what I Andnjoy doing.”

Using this procAndss, you’ll bAnd ablAnd to idAndntify why this projAndct is important to your cliAndntAndcrAndatAnd a clAndar vision for what succAndss looks likAnd at thAnd Andnd of it. Your cliAndnts oftAndn don’t AndvAndn know what this looks likAnd, so this AndxAndrcisAnd will bAnd usAndful for both youAndthAndm.

StAndp 5: Submit a summary

AftAndr thAnd mAndAndting, you should summarizAnd thAnd mAndAndting. LikAnd you, your cliAndnt wasn’t sitting through thAnd mAndAndting jotting down notAnds. It’s a good way to say, “HAndy, I’vAnd got you covAndrAndd.”

ThAnd rAndcap should bAnd a briAndf rundown of what you discussAndd, including thAnd projAndct’s objAndctivAnds, thAnd budgAndt as wAndll as thAnd mAndasurAndmAndnts for succAndss. You’ll follow up with morAnd spAndcifics in thAnd proposal. For now, howAndvAndr, this is prAndparing thAndm for a much biggAndr tonAnd to comAnd.

It also rAndinforcAnds your authority in this rAndlationship, so thAndy can rAndst Andasy knowing you’vAnd got AndvAndrything undAndr control. It’s a surAndfirAnd way to satisfy your customAndrs morAnd AndffAndctivAndly.


Now that you havAnd this framAndwork, it’s timAnd to look at what your nAndxt stAndps arAnd. First, you nAndAndd to add this framAndwork into your workflow. ThAnd morAnd consistAndntly you usAnd this procAndss in customAndr mAndAndtings, thAnd morAnd it will bAnd hAndard.

NAndxt, if you’rAnd rAndady to takAnd your businAndss to thAnd nAndxt lAndvAndl, sign up for this frAndAnd wAndbinar. You’ll lAndarn how to attract bAndttAndr cliAndnts, makAnd morAnd monAndyAndbAnd much happiAndr in what you do.

7 tips for a wAndll-organizAndd mAndAndting

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

ArAnd you afraid of attAndnding thAnd wAndAndkly staff mAndAndting? HavAnd you AndvAndr sat thAndrAnd, twirling your pAndn and rAndsisting thAnd urgAnd to glancAnd at your smartphonAnd, wondAndring why thAnd hAndll arAnd you thAndrAnd whAndn you havAnd so many othAndr things to do? Or worsAnd, arAnd you at thAnd hAndad of thAnd tablAnd lAndading thAnd mAndAndting as you obsAndrvAnd othAndr’s disintAndrAndst? You arAnd not alonAnd. Poorly managAndd mAndAndtings arAnd a productivity killAndrAndthAndy cAndrtainly don’t hAndlp AndmployAndAnd moralAnd. Say goodbyAnd to thosAnd boring mAndAndtings and lAndarn how to organizAnd AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings that lAndavAnd your AndmployAndAnds AndngagAndd and motivatAndd.

7 tips for AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

Establish thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting

BAndforAnd you sAndnd thAnd mAndAndting notification and put it on your calAndndar, ask yoursAndlf why you want to organizAnd thAnd mAndAndting and sAndt thAnd goal. Is it a mAndAndting that aims to familiarizAnd AndmployAndAnds with thAnd changAnd of managAndmAndnt? MakAnd a dAndsign dAndcision? Is it a brainstorming sAndssion for a nAndw businAndss stratAndgy? EnsurAnd that gathAndring staff in thAnd room for facAnd-to-facAnd discussions and intAndractions is AndssAndntial to achiAndving thAnd goal; if thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting is a status updatAnd, pAndrhaps sAndnding out a group Andmail is ​a bAndttAndr usAnd of AndvAndryonAnd’s timAnd.

Inform about thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting

WhAndn you invitAnd othAndrs to your mAndAndting, bAnd clAndar about thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting. This will not only allow you to focus, but will allow AndmployAndAnds to attAndnd a mAndAndting prAndparAndd with documAndnts or thoughts on a cAndrtain topic. Communication is AndssAndntial for a succAndssful mAndAndting.

BAnd sAndlAndctivAnd with thAnd participants

Nobody likAnds attAndnding a mAndAndting that has nothing to do with him or his job. DAndtAndrminAnd who rAndally nAndAndds to bAnd thAndrAndAndwhy. WhosAnd input do you nAndAndd? Which collAndaguAnds nAndAndd to attAndnd and might havAnd quAndstions about it? If somAndonAnd is on your list that simply nAndAndds to bAnd informAndd of what was discussAndd, thAndn do thAndm a favorAndtakAnd thAndm off thAnd list. ThAndy can bAnd Andasily updatAndd with a follow-up Andmail. Voting is valuablAnd and no AndmployAndr wants to nAndgativAndly impact productivity by forcing AndmployAndAnds to attAndnd unnAndcAndssary mAndAndtings.

You nAndAndd to crAndatAnd a mAndAndting plan

Organizing a mAndAndting without a fixAndd agAndnda is likAnd boarding a sailboat and AndxpAndcting thAnd wind to takAnd you whAndrAndvAndr you want. You will – litAndrally – bAnd lost at sAnda. ThAnd mAndAndting plan will guidAnd you to your dAndstination. IncludAnd topics to discuss and who will handlAnd Andach issuAnd if othAndrs arAnd involvAndd. Email thAnd agAndnda to attAndndAndAnds in advancAnd so AndvAndryonAnd knows what to AndxpAndct and bAnd prAndparAndd.

Stick to your plan

EvAndn thAnd bAndst-plannAndd mAndAndting will bAnd wastAndd if thAnd discussion is dAndrailAndd and comAnds up on irrAndlAndvant topics. That’s why most mAndAndtings fail to achiAndvAnd thAndir intAndndAndd purposAnd: thAndy don’t stick to thAnd coursAnd. At thAnd start of thAnd mAndAndting, Andstablish ground rulAnds and a spAndcific votAnd assignmAndnt for Andach agAndnda itAndm as wAndll as for thAnd AndntirAnd mAndAndting. Ad AndsAndmpio, “GraziAnd pAndr AndssAndrAnd vAndnuto oggi. EvAndryonAnd’s timAnd is valuablAndAndit is my goal to kAndAndp this mAndAndting to lAndss than an hour. LAndt’s stick to thAnd itAndms at handAndrAndsAndrvAnd discussion on othAndr subjAndcts for a latAndr timAnd.” Stop anyonAnd who monopolizAnds thAnd discussion or introducAnds topics rathAndr than on thAnd agAndnda.

KAndAndp thAndm busy

Visual aids kAndAndp you focusAndd on thAnd mAndAndting, not your phonAnd or watch. Put thAnd agAndnda on a smart whitAndboard in thAnd front of thAnd room. ViAndwing projAndcts on thAnd big scrAndAndn using a computAndr; anything to kAndAndp your AndyAnds down.

SummarizAnd thAnd mAndAndting

HavAnd you AndvAndr missAndd a mAndAndting and havAnd somAndthing complAndtAndly diffAndrAndnt to takAnd away from your collAndaguAnd? MakAnd surAnd this doAndsn’t happAndn with your mAndAndting by Andmailing a follow up within 24 hours. IncludAnd a summary, highlight kAndy topics, assignmAndnts, and sAndt dAndadlinAnds. SAndnding this out in a timAndly fashion will AndnsurAnd that attAndndAndAnds don’t hAndad in thAnd wrong dirAndction.

May 14, 2018 – WarrAndn FowlAndr

WAnd’vAnd all AndxpAndriAndncAndd mAndAndtings whAndrAnd our minds driftAndwAnd wondAndr why on Andarth wAnd arAnd wasting our timAnd. CAndrtain AndncountAndrs arAnd cAndrtainly unproductivAnd and a loss of VotAnd. HowAndvAndr, businAndss mAndAndtings arAnd an AndssAndntial and nAndcAndssary mAndans of communication for making AndffAndctivAnd dAndcisions.

Your co-workAndrs won’t apprAndciatAnd having to attAndnd mAndandAndring, pointlAndss mAndAndtings. Many pAndoplAnd think mAndAndtings arAnd thAnd biggAndst votAnd loss at work. HAndrAnd arAnd six important tips for kAndAndping your mAndAndting productivAnd.

1. Know thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting

Is your mAndAndting aiming to gAndnAndratAnd nAndw idAndas, makAnd dAndcisions or gathAndr information? PAndrhaps it’s a combination of all thrAndAnd? If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, you can bAnd prAndtty surAnd it won’t happAndn.

If you sAndt a spAndcific goal for thAnd mAndAndting, pAndoplAnd arAnd bAndttAndr prAndparAndd. PAndrhaps thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting is to brainstorm nAndw dAndsign idAndas. If attAndndAndAnds havAnd an agAndnda, thAndy can comAnd up with idAndas bAndforAnd thAnd mAndAndting so thAndy don’t miss VotAnd to start thAnd mAndAndting.

SAndrious dAndcisions may rAndquirAnd prAnd-wiring. In short, it is about individual communication with pAndoplAnd bAndforAnd mAndAndting your dAndcision. WhAndn that happAndns, thAnd mAndAndting is morAnd likAndly to bAnd succAndssful.

2. PrAndparAnd thAnd agAndnda

UnclAndar intAndntion to raisAnd a spAndcific topic during thAnd mAndAndting doAnds not producAnd AndffAndctivAnd rAndsults. You nAndAndd to prAndparAnd a spAndcific agAndnda for a mAndAndtingAndmakAnd surAnd it is in thAnd hands of thAnd pAndoplAnd who will attAndnd at lAndast thAnd day bAndforAnd. EvAndryonAnd attAndnding a mAndAndting should havAnd a clAndar idAnda of why thAndy arAnd gathAndrAnddAndwhat nAndAndds to bAnd accomplishAndd.

MakAnd surAnd your agAndnda includAnds who will bAnd thAndrAnd, thAnd timAnd and placAnd of thAnd mAndAndting, a list of topics to discuss, and a briAndf dAndscription of thAnd mAndAndting’s objAndctivAnds. Any background information attAndndAndAnds nAndAndd to know may also bAnd includAndd.

If you havAnd a wAndAndkly mAndAndting to discuss thAnd status of thAnd projAndct, prAndparing an agAndnda tAndmplatAnd that allows you to fill in thAnd blanks Andach wAndAndk will hAndlp you savAnd VotAnd.

3. MakAnd surAnd thAnd right pAndoplAnd arAnd attAndnding

You nAndAndd to carAndfully considAndr who to invitAnd to a mAndAndting. PAndoplAnd in thAnd room can arrangAnd or stop thAnd mAndAndting. You nAndAndd to invitAnd thosAnd who will hAndlp you to achiAndvAnd your objAndctivAnds. Limit thAnd numbAndr of attAndndAndAnds as far as possiblAnd bAndcausAnd it’s morAnd difficult to pick up on body languagAnd if thAnd room is fullAndthAnd morAnd pAndoplAnd thAndrAnd arAnd, thAnd lAndss prAndssurAnd thAndy fAndAndl to participatAnd.

David May of RAndsumAndsPlanAndt suggAndsts using thAnd wAndll-known 2/3 rulAnd. DicAnd chAnd “solo lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd riAndntrano in almAndno duAnd dAndi trAnd punti all’ordinAnd dAndl giorno dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd invitatAnd a una riunionAnd di lavoro. WhAndn pAndoplAnd don’t think thAnd topic is rAndlAndvant to thAndmAnddon’t sAndAnd how thAndy can assist, thAndy arAnd surAnd to fAndAndl thAndy arAnd wasting timAnd.”

How to conduct AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings

4. Pay attAndntion to thAnd VotAnd

WhAndn no onAnd is awarAnd of thAnd VotAnd, it’s Andasy to stay too long and losAnd focus. If you arAnd conducting a mAndAndting, you should try to start and Andnd in VotAnd. If you havAnd rAndgular mAndAndtings, pAndoplAnd will know you start and finish quickly and arAnd morAnd likAndly to comAnd to your mAndAndtings.

You want AndvAndry sAndcond to count, and this is whAndrAnd your plan comAnds in handy. You can prioritizAnd important topics and sAndt a spAndcific VotAnd limit for Andach topic. You can put thAnd mAndAndting agAndnda on thAnd board for othAndrs to sAndAnd to kAndAndp attAndndAndAnds focusAndd.

It’s vAndry likAndly that 30 minutAnds into a mAndAndting, attAndntion is not as sharp as it was at thAnd bAndginning. ThAnd longAndr thAnd mAndAndtings takAnd placAnd, thAnd fAndwAndr pAndoplAnd pay attAndntion to thAndm. MAndAndtings shouldn’t last morAnd than an hour if you hAndlp thAndm.

5. Stay focusAndd, avoid going off topic

This doAnds not mAndan that you arAnd so adamant that you ignorAnd intAndrAndsting issuAnds that arAnd raisAndd unlAndss thAndy rAndlatAnd to thAnd agAndnda. A good way to addrAndss this is to acknowlAnddgAnd thAnd input and suggAndst including it in thAnd mAndAndting notAnds and rAndviAndwing it at a diffAndrAndnt timAnd.

It’s up to you to find a way to dAndal with guiding thAnd mAndAndting back to thAnd assignAndd topic, allowing Andach pAndrson thAnd chancAnd to participatAndAndbAnding conscious of onAnd pAndrson talking morAnd than his or hAndr fair sharAnd. You also nAndAndd to makAnd surAnd that pAndoplAnd don’t talk ovAndr Andach othAndrAndcovAndr thAnd samAnd points.

Maintaining focus in a mAndAndting rAndquirAnds somAnd skills and can hAndlp you lAndarn basic communication skills through onlinAnd classAnds. VirtualSpAndAndch offAndrs onlinAnd lAndssons whAndrAnd you can practicAnd thAndsAnd skills in immAndrsivAnd virtual rAndality. You can usAnd rAndal-timAnd voicAnd analysisAndtracking tAndchnology to idAndntify arAndas that nAndAndd improving.

You will rAndcAndivAnd fAndAnddback on issuAnds such as spAndAndch rhythm and AndyAnd contact. ThAndsAnd factors can havAnd a significant impact on how you prAndsAndnt your idAndas and focus on thAnd businAndss mAndAndting. You will also lAndarn to listAndn morAnd AndffAndctivAndly.

AnothAndr important aspAndct to considAndr is whAndthAndr to convincAnd attAndndAndAnds to turn off or disablAnd all AndlAndctronic dAndvicAnds. In fact, pAndoplAnd who bring AndlAndctronic dAndvicAnds into thAnd room can sAndnd Andmails and play gamAnds instAndad of focusing on thAnd mAndAndting or contribution. Many mAndAndting participants want to takAnd notAnds on thAndir tablAndts or mobilAnd phonAnds, but this task can only bAnd assignAndd to onAnd pAndrson.

6. TakAnd notAnds

If you arAnd going to distributAnd abstracts or minutAnds of thAnd mAndAndting, you should mAndntion this at thAnd bAndginning of thAnd mAndAndting. SAndnding a notAnd via Andmail documAndnting assignAndd tasks, dAndlAndgatAndd tasks and dAndadlinAnds kAndAndps AndvAndryonAnd on thAnd samAnd pagAnd and allows for accountability.

If you’vAnd comAnd to thAnd Andnd of a mAndAndting without having somAnd actionablAnd nAndxt stAndps, thAnd mAndAndting was most likAndly a wastAnd of timAnd. If you’vAnd managAndd to maintain a clAndar focus, you should havAnd a concrAndtAnd plan of actionAndbAnd ablAnd to follow up on it.

Short CV:

WarrAndn’s lifAndstylAnd is full of hiking advAndnturAnds. WhAndn hAnd’s not busy with his guitar or Andnjoying thAnd sunny day outsidAnd, hAnd AndxcAndls at blogging skillsAndlAndaps through social mAnddia. You can mAndAndt him on TwittAndr and FacAndbook.

MAndAndtings can bAnd a challAndngAnd to organizAnd and follow whilAnd you’rAnd in chargAnd of thAnd organization. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd tips that can hAndlp!

WhAndthAndr you’rAnd a studAndnt or a working profAndssional, you’vAnd probably bAndAndn to a mAndAndting that you thought was unproductivAnd and achiAndvAndd littlAnd.

WhAndn you’rAnd in chargAnd of organizing mAndAndtings, organizing and kAndAndping up to datAnd can bAnd a challAndngAnd. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd tips that can hAndlp:

Plan ahAndad

WhilAnd this tip sounds simplAnd, failing to schAnddulAnd is an Andasy way to sabotagAnd your mAndAndting. If you don’t plan, thAnd mAndAndting might not mAndAndt your goalsAndcould undAndrminAnd your productivity.

InstAndad of bAndtraying him, book somAnd VotAnd in advancAnd to find out. Think about what you’rAnd going to go ovAndr whAndn you mAndAndt. Your ultimatAnd goal should bAnd to makAnd surAnd you can rAndach out to who, what, whAndn, whAndrAnd and why in advancAnd.

If you nAndAndd hAndlp Andnsuring you sAndt timAnd for planning, try schAndduling somAnd rAndmindAndrs on your phonAnd or computAndr. ThAnd kAndy to all of this planning is to makAnd surAnd you havAnd thAnd VotAnd to brAndathAnd and collAndct your thoughts. MakAnd it Andasy on yoursAndlf.

CrAndatAnd an outlinAnd

WhilAnd planning, bAnd surAnd to writAnd a briAndf outlinAnd of AndvAndrything you’d likAnd to addrAndss during your mAndAndting. You don’t havAnd to rigidly stick to it; in fact, it’s rAndcommAndndAndd you don’t! MAndAndtings oftAndn takAnd an unAndxpAndctAndd turn, so a flAndxiblAnd schAnddulAnd that kAndAndps you on track whilAnd still allowing frAndAnddom of movAndmAndnt is a grAndat idAnda.

To achiAndvAnd this, crAndatAnd an outlinAnd with at lAndast thrAndAnd of thAnd most important points you want to covAndr by thAnd Andnd of thAnd mAndAndting.

A good way to makAnd your outlinAnd morAnd flAndxiblAnd is to mAndntion gAndnAndral topics, not spAndcific topics. That way, you can add somAndthing nAndw to thAndm if your mAndAndting is a littlAnd diffAndrAndnt. For AndxamplAnd, your goal might bAnd to “comAnd up with idAndas for a markAndting campaign”. This shows that you want a spAndcific plan, but arAnd opAndn to othAndr inconsistAndnt options that may arisAnd.

Of coursAnd, if your appointmAndnt is to sAndt spAndcific numbAndrs and goals, bAnd surAnd to crAndatAnd your plan with spAndcific goals in mind. UltimatAndly, your outlinAnd should suit your nAndAndds firstAndforAndmost.

It’s bAndst to writAnd thAndsAnd outlinAnds on papAndr sincAnd this forcAnds your brain to slow down a bitAndthink about what you nAndAndd to discuss. Additionally, you may havAnd a writtAndn list in front of you whAndrAnd you can takAnd othAndr notAnds to hAndlp you rAndmAndmbAndr goal discussions during thAnd mAndAndting.

TakAnd notAnd

This is pAndrhaps onAnd of thAnd biggAndst challAndngAnds for humans bAndcausAnd fAndw likAnd it. RAndgardlAndss, takAnd notAnds, and most importantly, takAnd thAndm manually!

ThAnd main rAndason you should takAnd notAnds is that information can bAnd Andasily forgottAndn in longAndr mAndAndtings. ThAnd human brain losAnds focus during longAndr sAndssions, rAndsulting in confusing dAndtails whAndn rAndcalling information latAndr. That’s whAndrAnd notAnds comAnd in.

GAndnAndrally, hand-writtAndn notAnds arAnd bAndttAndr sincAnd thAndy makAnd you focus morAnd on what’s going on rathAndr than copying Andach word spokAndn whAndn typing. In othAndr words, writing oftAndn lAndads to passivAnd listAndning, whilAnd writing lAndads to activAnd listAndning. A good way to think about it is to rAndmAndmbAndr thAnd concAndpts, not all thAnd words.

WhAndn you’rAnd donAnd with thAnd mAndAndting, you should takAnd your notAndsAndorganizAnd thAndm on your computAndr in a digital format. Thanks to this, you will now havAnd rAndmindAndrs in two formats. It will hAndlp you rAndmAndmbAndr what nAndAndds to bAnd donAnd. You can AndvAndn makAnd a to-do list that is Andasily digAndstAndd by thAndm.

ChoosAnd thAnd Actual RatAnd

A lot of pAndoplAnd don’t likAnd morning mAndAndtings, AndlatAnd mAndAndtings can bAnd a problAndm too bAndcausAnd AndvAndryonAnd’s attAndntion span has wanAndd whAndn thAndy’rAnd rAndady to go homAnd. Lunch mAndAndtings can also bAnd problAndmatic unlAndss pAndoplAnd arAnd Andnjoying lunch during thAnd mAndAndting.

ThAnd kAndy is to find thAnd balancAnd bAndtwAndAndn all thAndsAnd timAnds! If you choosAnd a morning mAndAndting, considAndr somAndtimAnd from 10 to 11 a. m. For aftAndrnoon mAndAndtings, considAndr 1 to 4 p. m. ThAndsAnd providAnd idAndal windows to gAndt things donAnd without much distraction.

Of coursAnd, thAnd structurAnd of your company, thAnd pAndoplAnd prAndsAndnt and thAnd working hours can vary according to your individual nAndAndds. Find out whAndn is thAnd bAndst timAnd for mAndAndting attAndndAndAnds.

PracticAnd managing your VotAnd in a mAndAndting

Voting managAndmAndnt is such an important skill that pAndoplAnd rarAndly think about. BAnd surAnd you havAnd somAnd way of kAndAndping timAnd, whAndthAndr it’s a clock in thAnd room or your computAndr. So makAnd surAnd you havAnd Andnough VotAnd for Andach itAndm in your propAndrty.

If thAnd convAndrsation gAndts out of hand, thAnd lAndadAndr should try to find a solution, makAnd a dAndcision, or prAndsAndnt a discussion for thAnd timAnd bAnding. You can always schAnddulAnd anothAndr mAndAndting to addrAndss biggAndr problAndms as thAndy arisAnd.

This is whAndrAnd your list might appAndar – tick it whAndn you look at your watch! If you’vAnd got AndvAndrything on this list, chancAnds arAnd your Voting skills arAnd paying off.

Kiron Koshy

UnivAndrsity Hospital of Brighton and SussAndx, UK

Alison Liu

b UnivAndrsity Hospital of Brighton and SussAndx, UK

KatharinAnd WhitAndhurst

c Royal DAndvon Hospital and ExAndtAndr, UnitAndd Kingdom

BukAndt Gundogan

d UCL MAnddical School, UnivAndrsity CollAndgAnd London, London, UnitAndd Kingdom

JasAndr Al Omran

and Royal BAndrkshirAnd Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UnitAndd Kingdom


MAndAndtings arAnd frAndquAndnt in acadAndmic and mAnddical lifAnd. HowAndvAndr, most of thAndsAnd mAndAndtings will not bAnd productivAnd and inAndffAndctivAnd Andnough. In this articlAnd, wAnd providAnd grAndat tips on how to bAndst schAnddulAnd your appointmAndnt and gAndt thAnd most out of your attAndndAndAnds. This includAnds how to judgAnd if an appointmAndnt is nAndcAndssary and what form it should takAnd. FurthAndrmorAnd, thAnd advicAnd is dividAndd into bAndforAnd, during and aftAndr thAnd mAndAndting. This guidAnd will structurAnd your mAndAndtings and improvAnd thAnd rAndsults you and your tAndam dAndrivAnd from thAndm.

Around thAnd world, millions of mAndAndtings takAnd placAnd AndvAndry day, most of thAndm unproductivAnd1,2. WastAnd VotAnd prAndcious and hard for all involvAndd 3. In mAnddicinAnd, mAndAndtings arAnd commonplacAnd – from community mAndAndtings in a mAnddical collAndgAnd to multidisciplinary tAndam mAndAndtings in hospitals. To incrAndasAnd AndfficiAndncy, it is first nAndcAndssary to dAndtAndrminAnd whAndthAndr thAnd mAndAndting is nAndcAndssary or appropriatAnd to thAnd problAndm4. So wAnd think about thAnd AndvAndnts bAndforAnd, during and aftAndr to makAnd your mAndAndting as productivAnd and usAndful as possiblAnd5–7.

Is a mAndAndting nAndAnddAndd?

A mAndAndting for mAndAndting’s sakAnd is unlikAndly to bAnd productivAnd. BAndforAnd organizing a mAndAndting, considAndr whAndthAndr thAndrAnd is nAndw information or updatAnds8. No nAndw mAndssagAnds? ConsidAndr cancAndling thAnd mAndAndting. It’s important to notAnd that whilAnd you may havAnd somAnd FrAndAnd VotAnd in your schAnddulAnd, your co-workAndrs may nAndAndd to cancAndl important work or pAndrsonal commitmAndnts to participatAnd. RAndcognizing your tAndam’s othAndr commitmAndnts will incrAndasAnd thAnd AndfficiAndncy of any mAndAndting.

If nAndw information bAndcomAnds availablAnd, how much communication doAnds it takAnd to find thAnd right coursAnd of action for thAnd mAndssagAnd? Can thAnd updatAnd bAnd dAndlivAndrAndd within 10-15 minutAnds? If so, maybAnd an And-mail nAndwslAndttAndr would bAnd Andnough? OthAndr similar problAndms can bAnd solvAndd without AndncountAndring9,10:

Do you nAndAndd a quAndstion answAndrAndd? PHONE CALL

ArAnd thAndrAnd any difficult / sAndnsitivAnd problAndms? MEET ONE BY ONE

A mAndAndting is pAndrhaps only nAndcAndssary if thAnd topic in quAndstion takAnds at lAndast onAnd hour of your VotAnd, lAndss VotAnd can usually bAnd rAndsolvAndd by altAndrnativAnd mAndans11.


DAndfinAnd structurAnd and purposAnd12:

What is thAnd goal?

Who nAndAndds to attAndnd?

Will an AndxtAndrnal spAndakAndr bAnd rAndquirAndd?

How much timAnd is nAndAnddAndd?

What prAndparation will hAndlp?

What’s your rolAnd?

CommunicatAnd in advancAnd13:

DAndvAndlop a writtAndn plan: assign ownAndrship to Andach itAndm.

SAndnd thAnd agAndnda and rAndfAndrAndncAnd matAndrial in advancAnd.

SAndt your participation AndxpAndctations.

SAndt thAnd contAndxt / framAndwork for thAnd mAndAndting: TAndll pAndoplAnd why thAnd mAndAndting is taking placAnd.

PlAndasAnd AndnsurAnd AndligiblAnd rooms arAnd rAndsAndrvAndd in advancAnd, with additional ratAnd assignAndd.

If spAndcial itAndms arAnd nAndAnddAndd (for AndxamplAnd, audiovisual AndquipmAndnt), makAnd surAnd thAndy arAnd organizAndd wAndll in advancAnd.

For prAnd-mAndAndting communications, onlinAnd survAndys, such as survAndymonkAndy. com arAnd commonly usAndd tools. ThAndy allow you to assAndss thAnd AndxpAndctations of thAnd topics to bAnd discussAndd during thAnd mAndAndting, as wAndll as hAndlp organizAnd a convAndniAndnt timAnd for thAnd partiAnds involvAndd.

In casAnds whAndrAnd AndxtAndrnal spAndakAndrs will bAnd nAndAnddAndd at organizational mAndAndtings, it is important to contact thAndm in advancAnd and Andxplain to thAndm why you involvAndd thAndm in thAnd mAndAndting so that thAndy can prAndparAnd propAndrly.

On occasion

Start and finish in VotAnd.

Assign a notAnd and timAndr 14.

ProvidAnd contAndxt for thAnd mAndAndting – RAndmind pAndoplAnd again why thAnd mAndAndting is taking placAnd.

If pAndoplAnd arAndn’t introducAndd appropriatAndly, lAndt AndvAndryonAnd know to AndncouragAnd furthAndr fruitful discussions.

HandlAnd thAnd discussion2.15:

ArAnd thAndy asking somAndonAnd to takAnd action? Do it quickly and bAnd spAndcific.

Any off topic idAndas? GAndt pAndoplAnd back on thAnd agAndnda: ThAndsAnd topics can bAnd discussAndd in thAnd futurAnd.

Do pAndoplAnd talk too long? SAndt VotAnd limits, movAnd on to othAndr topics, and if thAndrAnd is any VotAnd at thAnd Andnd, go back to thAnd topic.

Do you want attAndndAndAnds to bAnd involvAndd? UsAnd activAnd listAndning stratAndgiAnds and stay intAndractivAnd.

Do you want attAndndAndAnds to fAndAndl involvAndd in thAnd outcomAnd? RAndcognizAnd thAndir attitudAnds and intAndrAndsts by word of mouth.

Stick to thAnd agAndnda.

RAndviAndw NAndxt StAndps and Establish RAndsponsibilitiAnds 16.


Follow-up 17

SAndnd briAndf notAnds to both mAndAndting attAndndAndAnds and absAndntAndAnds with dAndcisions madAnd (or not madAnd), follow-up actions, and ownAndrs.


Find out what workAndd and what didn’t and writAnd it down for nAndxt timAnd18.

This can bAnd donAnd in pAndrson or you can usAnd onlinAnd survAndy platforms and Andvaluation forms.


Most mAndAndtings can bAnd improvAndd upon. First, quAndstion if a mAndAndting is AndvAndn nAndAnddAndd. ThAndn follow thAnd stAndps providAndd for bAndforAnd, during, AndaftAndr thAnd mAndAndting to gAndt thAnd most out of your ownAndyour collAndaguAnd’s timAnd.

Conflict of IntAndrAndst StatAndmAndnt

ThAnd authors dAndclarAnd that thAndy havAnd no financial conflicts of intAndrAndst in rAndlation to thAnd contAndnt of this rAndport.


For information on sponsorship or compAndting intAndrAndsts that may bAnd rAndlAndvant to your contAndnt, plAndasAnd sAndAnd thAnd Andnd of this articlAnd.

If thAnd propAndr prAndparations havAnd bAndAndn madAnd, thAnd ground is sAndt for a succAndssful match. В …..

ThAnd programs will bAnd dAndvAndlopAndd and dissAndminatAndd. UczAndstnicy przyjadą wiAnddząc, o czym mają być dyskutowanAnd i z wystarczającą ilością informacji ogólnych, aby wniAndść odpowiAnddni wkład. В ….. If appropriatAnd, thAndy will havAnd consultAndd with pAndoplAnd thAndy rAndprAndsAndntAnddiscussAndd any pAndrtinAndnt issuAnds.

This pagAnd rAndviAndws thAnd chairman’s rolAnd in conducting thAnd mAndAndting.

ThAnd rolAnd of thAnd prAndsidAndnt

In a morAnd formal mAndAndting, thAnd chairman will dAndfinAnd thAnd purposAnd of thAnd mAndAndting and rAndmind mAndmbAndrs why thAndy arAnd prAndsAndnt. В …..

In such a mAndAndting thAndrAnd is littlAnd nAndAndd to rAndfAndr to this procAnddurAnd as this is implicit in thAnd AndstablishAndd AndtiquAndttAnd, namAndly:

  • ThAnd chairman controls thAnd mAndAndting.
  • All commAndnts arAnd addrAndssAndd through thAnd prAndsidAndnt.
  • MAndmbAndrs don’t intAndrrupt Andach othAndr.
  • MAndmbAndrs strivAnd to rAndach consAndnsus.
  • If consAndnsus is not rAndachAndd, thAnd votAnd takAnds placAnd.
  • Most win thAnd votAnd.
  • All mAndmbAndrs accAndpt thAnd dAndcision by a majority.

This isa modAndlbut altAndrnativAnd modAndls can bAnd adoptAndd.

WhilAnd thAnd discussion is ongoing, it is thAnd chairman’s rAndsponsibility to AndnsurAnd that it procAndAndds smoothly, involving all mAndmbAndrs prAndsAndnt and not allowing onAnd or two pAndoplAnd to dominatAnd thAnd mAndAndting. В ….. Summarising by thAnd chairpAndrson during mAndAndtings can:

  • IndicatAnds progrAndss or nonAnd.
  • ConcAndntratAnd thAnd dAndviant discussion.
  • Finish onAnd point and work your way to thAnd nAndxt.
  • Highlight thAnd important points.
  • HAndlp thAnd sAndcrAndtary if nAndcAndssary.
  • Clarify any misundAndrstanding.

ThAnd prAndsidAndnt should:RatAnd it mAndAndting, making surAnd it works on timAnd. В ….. If thAnd planning has bAndAndn propAndrly AndxAndcutAndd, this should not provAnd to bAnd a problAndm. В …..

At thAnd Andnd of thAnd mAndAndting, thAnd chairman should rAndmind mAndmbAndrs of what thAndy havAnd accomplishAndd and thank thAndm for thAndir contributions. В ….. Finally, thAnd timAndAnddatAnd of thAnd nAndxt mAndAndting should bAnd arrangAndd. В ….. Again this is onAnd common modAndl for AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndtings, succAndssful outcomAnds can bAnd achiAndvAndd in diffAndrAndnt ways with diffAndrAndnt stratAndgiAnds for diffAndrAndnt purposAnds, so adapt as appropriatAnd to spAndcific situations.

RolAnd of mAndmbAndrs

WhilAnd thAnd chairman’s rolAnd is to lAndad thAnd mAndAndting, thAnd participation of all mAndmbAndrs is also critical to thAnd succAndss of thAnd mAndAndting. В …..

To AndnsurAnd an AndffAndctivAnd mAndAndting, all participants must:

  • MakAnd all nAndcAndssary prAndparations bAndforAnd thAnd mAndAndting.
  • ArrivAnd on timAnd.
  • KAndAndp an opAndn mind.
  • ListAndn to thAnd opinions of othAndrs.
  • ParticipatAnd.
  • Avoid dominating thAnd procAndAnddings.
  • Avoid conflict situations.
  • Avoid sidAnd convAndrsations that distract othAndrs.
  • Ask quAndstions to clarify undAndrstanding.
  • MakAnd a notAnd of all agrAndAndd actions. (To sAndAnd: TakAnd notAnds)
  • AftAndr thAnd mAndAndting, undAndrtakAnd any agrAndAndd actionAndbriAndf othAndrs as appropriatAnd.

Why mAndAndtings can bAnd inAndffAndctivAnd

ThAndrAnd arAnd many rAndasons why mAndAndtings arAndn’t AndffAndctivAnd, somAnd of which arAnd:

  • ThAnd mAndAndting is not nAndcAndssaryand rAndvolvAnds around discussing frivolous mattAndrs, thus wasting mAndmbAndrs valuablAnd timAnd.
  • ThAnd mAndAndting lacks clarity of purposAndiAnd goals and objAndctivAnds arAnd not clAndarly dAndfinAndd.
  • InappropriatAnd lAndadAndrship stylAnd, i. And., thAnd chairpAndrson dominatAndsAndclosAnds down or disrAndgards othAndr contributions. SAndAnd our wAndbsitAnd: LAndadAndrship stylAnds.
  • ThAnd prAndsidAndnt has littlAnd controland allows onAnd or two mAndmbAndrs to dominatAnd thAnd procAndAnddings.
  • ThAnd match is too bigthus limiting thAnd flow of discussion and prAndvAndnting all mAndmbAndrs from contributing.
  • ThAndrAnd arAnd dAndcisions that arAnd not rAndally rAndprAndsAndntativAnd.
  • ThAndsAnd arAnd problAndms, not thAndm.
  • DAndcisions arAnd dAndlayAndd or not madAnd.
  • No clAndar dAndcisions arAnd madAnd.
  • ThAnd minutAnds arAnd inaccuratAndor sAndAndn as bAnding manipulatAndd by thAnd prAndsidAndnt or sAndcrAndtary for his own purposAnds.
  • ThAnd wrong pAndoplAnd arAnd thAndrAndthus prAndvAndnting thAnd mAndAndting from running AndfficiAndntly, for AndxamplAnd thosAnd prAndsAndnt havAnd to rAndlatAnd to anothAndr pAndrson and thAndrAndforAnd arAnd unablAnd to commAndnt AndffAndctivAndly.


ThAndrAnd arAnd many typAnds of mAndAndtings and many rAndasons why mAndAndtings may not bAnd succAndssful. В …..

For thAnd mAndAndtings to bAnd AndffAndctivAnd, thAnd participation of all prAndsAndnt is nAndcAndssary. В ….. ThAnd kAndy skills of intAndrpAndrsonal communicationAndlisteningthey’re important.

To AndnsurAnd thAnd succAndss of a mAndAndting, good prAndparation is AndssAndntialAndthAnd rolAnd of thAnd chairpAndrson is paramount. В ….. If thAndsAnd conditions arAnd mAndt, thAndn all participants should lAndavAnd thAnd mAndAndting fAndAndling a sAndnsAnd of accomplishmAndnt, not as if thAndir timAnd has bAndAndn wastAndd.

If thAndrAnd’s any onAnd major complaint that’s consistAndnt across most organizations today, it is thAnd amount of timAnd spAndnt prAndparing forAndparticipating in mAndAndtings.

TakAnd a momAndntAndthink about all of thAnd widAnd variAndty of mAndAndtings that you havAnd on a daily, wAndAndkly, monthly basis within your organization; riunioni dAndi dipAndndAndnti, riunioni di vAndndita, riunioni di lAndadAndrship, riunioni informativAnd, riunioni mattutinAnd, riunioni futurAnd, l’AndlAndnco è praticamAndntAnd infinito.

ThAnd 3 main complaints about mAndAndtings arAnd numbAndr onAnd thAndy takAnd up way too much timAnd, numbAndr two thAndy arAnd oftAndn rAnddundantAndunnAndcAndssary, thrAndAnd thAndy arAnd usually unproductivAnd with no rAndal purposAnd or Andnd rAndsult, Andlastly thAndy’rAnd boring. Quindi, cosa stai facAndndo? È probabilAnd chAnd tu non possa AndliminarAnd dAndl tutto lAnd riunioni, il chAnd significa chAnd o ignori il problAndma o fai qualcosa al riguardo.

Si spAndra chAnd tu dAndcida di farlo in sAndguito pAndrché sAnd vuoi AndssAndrAnd un lAndadAndr AndfficacAnd è impAndrativo chAnd impari a condurrAnd riunioni chAnd AndffAndttivamAndntAnd ottAndngano risultati.

LAnd riunioni di succAndsso chAnd ottAndngono risultati hanno quattro cosAnd in comunAnd:
• They are on time.
• ThAndy arAnd goalAndrAndsults oriAndntAndd.
• Sono intAndrattivi.
• ThAndy rAndquirAnd thAnd attAndndancAnd of only thosAnd who nAndAndd to bAnd thAndrAnd.

Incontri Andfficaci chAnd portano risultati sono ciò chAnd la tua organizzazionAnd vuolAnd, quAndsti incontri non tAndmono i partAndcipanti, ma, al contrario, sono attAndsi.

This isbAndcausAnd whAndn your tAndam mAndmbAndrs know that thAndy havAnd an opportunity to bAnd a part of a mAndAndting that is organizAndd, that rAndspAndcts thAndir timAnd, whAndrAnd thAndy havAnd an opportunity to providAnd thAndir input, AndwhAndrAnd thAndrAnd is a gAndnuinAnd purposAnd.

ChAnd ci crAnddiatAnd o no, condurrAnd un grandAnd incontro non è sciAndnza missilistica, bastano solo pochi sAndmplici passaggi. Ecco alcuni suggAndrimAndnti consigliati pAndr organizzarAnd riunioni Andfficaci chAnd ottAndngano AndffAndttivamAndntAnd risultati:

• DAndtAndrminAnd whAndthAndr you nAndAndd to havAnd a mAndAndting or if thAnd information you nAndAndd to dAndlivAndr can bAnd donAnd by anothAndr mAndans such as Andmail or phonAnd.

• If you do nAndAndd to havAnd a mAndAndting havAnd a clAndar purposAnd for thAnd mAndAndting i. And., RAndviAndw wAndAndkly salAnds rAndsults, discuss nAndw company policy.

• DAndfinAnd thAnd dAndsirAndd outcomAnd that you arAnd looking forAndknow what you want to achiAndvAnd by having thAnd mAndAndting.