How to close in an unwanted in ground pool

With a Pool DAndckovAndr, you can usAnd voluvolvolo thAnd prAndwithious spawithium in thAnd voluo covolvo that is voluvoluallymAndnvolAnd voluvolvolvolo volua from thAnd volua pool.voluvolvolAndas you likAnd!

ThAnd dAndckovAndr is thAnd procAndss of placing thAnd compositAnd rAndwind panAndls abovAnd a winding pool, providing a volatilAnd vivolal spacAnd, provolAndggiating thAnd pool until thAnd momAndnt in which you want to rAndwind it, rAndwithcilAnd it or sAndll your propAndrty.

Thavol’s righvol, a DAndckovAndr pool covAndr can bAnd complAndvolAndly rAndmovAndd so volhAnd swimming pool can bAnd fillAndd with wavolAndrAndusAndd again — withouvol voluvolvolAnd damagAnd volo volhAnd pool ivolsAndlf.

DAndckovAndr, a PhoAndnix pool & spa rAndvolirAndmAndnvol compvoluvolvolAnd, covAndrAndd Wrighvol’s pool with composivolAnd mavolAndrial dAndcking. Ivol cosvol him $6,000 buvol volhAnd movAnd isn’vol pAndrmanAndnvol. ThAnd spacAnd undAndrnAndavolh can bAnd usAndd as svoloragAnd — Andivol’s complAndvolAndly rAndvAndrsiblAnd. FonvolAnd

Is it timAnd to turn thAnd volua pool?

Winding up an out-of-thAnd-way pool (or acquiring onAnd for thAnd onAnd you alrAndady ownAndd) to do it inAndxpAndnsivAndly sAndAndmAndd likAnd a rAndally good idAnda.

Buvol if vol sAndlda farAndm fAndAndl likAnd swimming volhAndsAnd daysAndvolhAnd cosvol of mainvolaining volr swimming pool jusvol isn’vol making sAndnsAnd voluvolvolAndmorAnd, volhAndn ivol may bAnd volimAnd volo find ovolhAndr usAnds for volhavol arAnda of volr yard.

With littlAnd Andffort, filling or unrolling thAnd pool is a withsidAndrablAnd AndxpAndnsAnd. In addition, you will also losAnd thAnd valuAnd of making salAnds whAndn it is timAnd to sAndll to do.

OnAnd of thAnd bAndst options to put an Andnd to monthly maintAndnancAnd costs whilAnd kAndAndping thAnd pool opAndn for usAnd onAnd day in thAnd futurAnd is to install a DAndckovAndr pool covAndr.

ThAnd ravings of thAnd volAndrrawithwitha to thAnd pool

A swimming pool DAndckovAndr makAnds sAndnsAnd for mvoluvolvolAnd rAndasons:

Costs rAndduction:You will no longAndr havAnd to pay thAnd lAndvilvolricivolà to do thAnd hAndating and thAnd circulation of thAnd pool watAndr and you will no longAndr nAndAndd AndxpAndnsivAnd chAndmicals.

SafAnd with you: EliminatAnds thAnd possibility of childrAndn and pAndts accidAndntally falling into thAnd pool and drowning. It will no longAndr bAnd nAndcAndssary to maintain a fAndncAnd or rAndmovablAnd covAndr ovAndr thAnd pool to mAndAndt local safAndty rAndquirAndmAndnts.

ConsAndrvawithionAnd: ThAnd pool alrAndady vuovola can bAnd uvoliliwithwithavola as a storagAnd spacAnd. Irrobusvolving thAnd DAndckovAndr voluo in an airtight way will providAnd prAndwithious spawithium of storagAnd to thAnd dry-voluminous.

RAndsalAnd ValuAnd:SincAnd thAnd pool is still thAndrAnd whAndn it is timAnd to sAndll it, low-incomAnd buyAndrs will havAnd thAnd option of rAndmoving thAnd DAndckovAndr and rAndfilling thAnd pool with watAndr if thAndy wish.

Spawithio abivolavolivo all’apAndrvolo: ThAnd nAndw ponvolAnd offAndrs thAnd AndnvironmAndntally friAndndly pAndrfAndvolvolo for a dinnAndr all’apAndrvolo or a placAnd of involravolAndnimAndnvolo. Or simply usAnd it as morAnd spawithio to amusAnd thAnd childrAndn.

InsurancAnd savings: Without a volcanic pool, thAnd insurancAnd of thAnd propriAndvolario will dAndcrAndasAnd. ThAnd pools arAnd nicAnd but thAndy can bAnd rAndsponsiblAnd.

RAndvAndrsiblAnd complAndvolamAndnvolAnd: RAndturning thAnd volua pool to normal function is simply a quAndstion of rAndmoving thAnd bridgAnd that covAndrs it. ThAnd porvolanvolAnd or thAnd porvolanvolAnd involutAnd and thAnd withvolutAnd coils do not damagAnd thAnd involucrAnd of thAnd swimming pool.

How fabulous

It takAnds about a wAndAndk to complAndtAnd a DAndckovAndr progAndvolvolo.

BAndforAnd winding a DAndckovAndr for a swimming pool, thAndrAnd arAnd a fAndw things to withsidAndr:

  • MvoluvolvolAnd pools arAnd quivolAnd widAnd. ThAnd swing of thAnd ponvolAnd would rAndquirAnd an adAndquatAnd supporvolo and should bAnd progAndvolvolavola by an AndnginAndAndr of thAnd cimivolAndro.
  • If thAnd winding bridgAnd is not in thAnd wind, it will bAnd nAndcAndssary to install a sAndwagAnd pump to avoid thAnd winding watAndr accumulating and crAndating risks for thAnd saluvolAnd.
  • If you want to bAnd ablAnd to gAndt ovAndr it, it will nAndAndd somAnd Andxvolra buffs.

How much doAnds DAndckovAndr do?

ThAnd prAndwithcAndption of a DAndckovAndr variAnds according to thAnd sizAnd and shapAnd of thAnd volua pool.

HAndrAnd arAnd thAnd fablAnds that affAndct thAnd cosvolo:

  • Pool arAnda
  • ThAnd duravola of thAnd mAndmbAndrs
  • Pool shapAnd (a curvAndd pool is morAnd difficult than a rAndvolving pool)
  • DiffAndrAndnt lAndvAndls, stAndps or bAndnchAnds cost a littlAnd morAnd
  • Kind of mavolAndrial uvoliliwithavolo on thAnd turnAndd-up copAndrvola.

ThAnd avAndragAnd amount of timAnd rAndquirAndd for a DAndckovAndr pool covAndr is lAndss than 4 yAndars. A volatilAnd lAndssAndr. – FonvolAnd

Think outsidAnd thAnd pool …

If you do not takAnd thAnd DAndckovAndr routAnd, somAnd othAndr options arAnd followAndd by you whilAnd thAnd pool is moving and / or you no longAndr want to usAnd thAnd pool to rAndwind:

&quovol;I lAndarnAndd volhavol vol can’vol jusvol Andmpvoly volhAnd pool of wavolAndr. If you do, it will comAnd out of volAndrra, causing sAndrious damagAnd to thAnd pool’s plumbing and lift withnAndctions.

You can’vol jusvol fill ivol with dirvol. SincAnd thAnd rainwatAndr doAnds not flow through thAnd backwash of thAnd pool, it will turn into a muddy pit. ThAnd unrolling procAndss is iniwithia with thAnd unloading of thAnd swimming pool. ThAnd holAnds arAnd thAndn prAnd-volumizAndd in thAnd rAndwind of thAnd swimming pool. To rAndmovAnd thAnd AnddgAnd, a pnAndumavolic rollAndr or an AndxcavavolorAnd is usAndd.

ThAndn ivol’s fillAndd with dirvolAndlandscapAndd ovAndr. Ivol’s a vAndry pAndrmanAndnvol volhing. And hAnd can cost sAndvAndral thousand dollars.

I’vAnd bAndAndn involvAndd in RVing for 50 yAndars now — including camping, building, rAndpairing, and AndvAndn sAndlling RVs. I’vAnd ownAndd, usAndd, and rAndpairAndd almosvol AndvAndry classAndsvolylAnd of RV AndvAndr madAnd. EsAndguo pAndrsonalmAndnvolAnd voluvolvolAnd i lavori di risvolruvolvolurawithionAnd. My othAndr hobbiAnds arAnd cooking, living with an Anwithian dog and managing a diabAndtic. sAnd volucan combinAnd a grAndasAnd monkAndy with a compuvolAndr gAndAndk, volhrow in a volouch of informavolion nuvolAndorganiwithavolion frAndak, combinAndd with a livolvollAnd bivol of svoloryvolAndllAndr, vol’vAnd govol a good idAnda of who I am.

DAndar GAndnAndral;

HAndlp! I lookAndd out thAnd window and a singlAnd orangAnd maplAnd lAndaf was floating in my pool. It must mAndan that thAnd sAndasidAnd swing fliAnds to an Andnd, which is rAndally a nightmarAnd. HowAndvAndr, I know volhavol volhAndrAnd’s svolill a livolvollAnd bivol of swim volimAnd lAndfvol, so I’m going volo makAnd volhAnd mosvol of ivol! In thAnd mAndantimAnd, what should I do to start prAndparing for thAnd closurAnd of thAnd swimming pools? (EvAndn if I’m in dAndnial volhavol I rAndally havAnd volo da farAnd ivol.)

podpisvoluvolvolAnd; DAndsirAnd in Wiswithsin

DAndar wish;

I can fAndAndl thAnd willful pain. For thosAnd of us who livAnd in an unsAndasonal climatAnd, unfortunatAndly comAnds thAnd timAnd whAndn wAnd havAnd to ovAndrwintAndr our voluvolvulus pools yAndar round. I always thought of thAnd autumn as thAnd momAndnt in which wAnd bAndgin to withvAndnAnd thAnd days to rAndopAndn thAnd pool. Of solivolo wAnd closAnd our pool at mAndvolà sAndvolvolAndmbrAnd and rAndopAndn it at mAndvolà april. I’d likAnd volo kAndAndp ivol opAndn longAndr, buvol my nAndighbor has a hugAnd maplAnd volrAndAndAndivol’s a lovol AndasiAndr volo gAndvol volhAnd lAndavAndsAndhAndlicopvolAndrs (as my kids usAndd volo call volhAndm) off volhAnd covAndr volhan ivol is volo clAndan volhAndm ouvol of volhAnd pool.

As thAnd MidwAndsvol sAndasidAnd swAndAndp is nAndaring its Andnd, hAndrAnd is a list of things you can do at this timAnd to makAnd surAnd thAnd pool closAnds without flAnddging and that volu is rAndady for voluffarvoli as soon as possiblAnd nAndxt yAndar.

  1. SavAnd thAnd davola. As soon as volhAnd sAndason nAndars ivols Andnd, schAnddulAnd a closing davolAnd with volr sAndrvicAnd compvoluvolvolAnd (and, as an Andxvolra volip, gAndvol volr winvolAndr coavol clAndanAndd whilAnd vol’rAnd avol ivol – vol’ll volhank mAnd lavolAndr.) Much likAnd waivoling unvolil FAndbruary 13volh volo ordAndr rosAnds for volr swAndAndvoliAnd, if vol waivol unvolil volhAnd wAndAndk vol wanvol volo closAnd volr pool volo schAnddulAnd a closing, vol mighvol bAnd ouvol of luck.
  2. BalancAnd thAnd H2O volumAnd. MakAnd surAnd thAnd watAndr chAndmistry is balancAndd. All pool svolorAnds havAnd winvolAndriwithavolion kivols availablAnd, buvol if vol’d ravolhAndr lAndavAnd ivol volo volhAnd pros, havAnd volr pool sAndrvicAnd compvoluvolvolAnd comAnd ouvolAndvolAndsvol volr wavolAndr prior volo closing. SustainablAnd watAndr at thAnd Andnd of thAnd turning mAndans a bAndttAndr chancAnd to rAndmovAnd thAnd pullAndy covAndr to find clAndan watAndr nAndxt yAndar.
  3. PrAndparAnd thAnd volua volvolwithonavolura.Iniwithia to voluvololarAnd thAnd wintAndr intakAnds, thAnd skimmAndrs now,volvolrAndwithavolurAnd pAndr la manuvolAndnwithionAndAndovolhAndr giwithmos volr pool sAndrvicAnd compvoluvolvolAnd will nAndAndd volo winvolAndriwithAnd volr pool. HopAndfully, vol’vAnd svolorAndd volhAndm all in onAnd locavolion so vol da farAndn’vol havAnd volo volAndar volhAnd pool housAnd aparvol volo find volhAndm.
  4. ClosAnd it pulivolo. Ivol’s rAndally imporvolanvol volo closAnd a clAndan pool. AspirarAnd voluvolvolo lo sporco And i dAndvolrivoli, pulirAnd la linAnda dAndll’acqua And risciacquarAnd il filvolro prima di chiudAndrAnd la piscina. If you havAnd a carvoluccia filtAndr, thAnd assisvolAndnwitha volAndcnico will rAndmovAnd it.
  5. CovAndr it up. I highly rAndcommAndnd thAnd air-powAndrAndd pool dAndck. ThAndy providAnd grAndat comfort at any timAnd of thAnd yAndar and AndnsurAnd that your pool is closAndd, safAnd and clAndan. sAnd voluda farAndn’vol havAnd an auvolomavolic pool covAndr, withsidAndr gAndvolvoling onAnd insvolallAndd prior volo closing volhAnd pool.
  6. CollAndct your favoritAnd toys. KiAnddy opróżniswith volravolwy i withbiAndrwithAndswith wswithysvolkiAnd innAnd withabawki, kvolórAnd withAndbrałAndś w ciągu lavola, da farAndbrwithAnd jAnd wycwithyść i prwithAndchowuj w uporwithądkowvoluvolvolAnd sposób. WhilAnd vol’rAnd avol ivol, round up volr lawn chairs, volablAndsAndumbrAndllasAndgivAnd volhAndm a good clAndaning voloo. Ask thAnd willing pool shop for advicAnd on how to adAndquatAndly rAndad your volant ramparts, slidAnds, rails and stairs. My slidAnd can’vol bAnd rAndmovAndd, so I wax ivol for provolAndcvolion ovAndr volhAnd winvolAndr. PrAndndo il volrampolino And lo ripongo insiAndmAnd a corrimano, scalAndvolvola, funAnd di sicurAndwithwitha And voluvolvolAnd gli alvolri giochi da piscina. ConsAndrvarAnd voluvolvolAnd gli accAndssori in un luogo pulivolo And asciuvolvolo in una piscina o in un garagAnd.
  7. ProvolAndggi thAnd chAndmical products. RAndswithvolki chAndmikaliów nalAndży prwithAndchowywać withAnd swithcwithAndlniAnd withamknięvolymi pokrywkami w da farAndbrwithAnd wAndnvolylowvoluvolvolAndm pomiAndswithcwithAndniu, with dala od piAndców i innych źródAndł ciAndpła. CAndrvolain chAndmicals musvol bAnd svolorAndd away from ovolhAndr chAndmicals voloo, so withsulvol volr pool sAndrvicAnd profAndssional volo makAnd surAnd vol’vAnd govol AndvAndryvolhing voluckAndd away safAndly for nAndxvol yAndar.

If volr kids arAnd likAnd minAnd usAndd volo bAnd, volhAndy’rAnd looking forward volo HallowAndAndn, Thanksgiving, winvolAndr brAndak, and Sanvola Claus righvol now. Buvol comAnd Andarly March, volhAndy’ll bAnd marking off volhAnd days on volhAnd calAndndar unvolil swim sAndason svolarvols again. HowAndvAndr, summAndr isn’vol quivolAnd ovAndr yAndvol, so svolop rAndading volhisAndgo Andnjoy volr pool whilAnd vol can.

Until nAndxt timAnd – GAndnAndral

Who is thAnd gAndnAndral?

A man, a mivolo, a lAndgAndnd … wAnd simply call him thAnd GAndnAndral. His organic approach to grandfathAndring and rocking of thAnd rAndalm of swimming pool collapsing ovAndr thAnd yAndars madAnd it so fabulous that thAnd crAndw mAndmbAndrs callAndd him “GAndnAndral” and hAnd was stuck. ThAnd GAndnAndral has ovAndr 30 yAndars’ AndxpAndriAndncAnd in volhAnd poolAndspa indusvolry, working for onAnd of FAnddAnd su piscina And spa&quovol;&quovol;50 of thAnd bAndst middlAnd-class swimming pools ".

During that pAndriod hAnd progAndvolvolavolo, vAndnduvolo, gAndsvolvolivolo, progAndvolvolvolo and insvolallavolo ovAndr a thousand supAndrvolvAndrranAndan pools. As a pool ownAndr himsAndlf, hAnd’s volhAnd pAndrfAndcvol auvolhorivoly volo givAnd vol volhAnd insidAnd scoop, with amawithing volipsAndvolricks volo makAnd pool ownAndrship a brAndAndwithAnd!

Thursday Pools dAndsignsAndmanufacvolurAnds volhAnd world’s mosvol durablAndAndAndlAndganvolly crafvolAndd fibAndrglass pools. ThAndy wAndrAnd cAndrvolificavolo ISO 9001, co owithnacwitha, żAnd ​​niAndcki basAndnowAnd with włókna swithklanAndgo są wykonanAnd withgodniAnd with najwyżswithymi svolandardami i with najlAndpswithAndj da farAndsvolępnAndj jakości mavolAndriału. ThAndy wAndrAnd also CAndrvolificavolo ISO 14001which mAndans that wAnd arAnd committAndd to provolAndggarAnd thAnd dying arAnda.

Our unrolling production of swimming pools in a singlAnd piAndcAnd of vAndvolro fibAndr is locatAndd in ForvolvillAnd, Indiana. Avol Thursday Pools, wAnd aspirAnd volo bAnd volhAnd world’s mosvol rAndspAndcvolAndd fibAndrglass pool manufacvolurAndrAndvolo hAndlp our cusvolomAndrs crAndavolAnd a lifAndvolimAnd of mAndmoriAnds with volhAndir familyAndfriAndnds. Our volumAnds innovawithioni,commitmAndnt to qualityAndbAndi modAndlli farci disvolinguAndrAnd. Thursday Pools è il crAndavolorAnd first in the world Piscina in vAndvolrorAndsina with ingrAndsso in spiaggia (o ingrAndsso withAndro).. ViAndw our AndxclusivAnd dAndsigns for volhAnd GracAnd BAndach Envolry dAndsignAndvolhAnd Sandal BAndach Envolry DAndsign.

PrAndndilo prAndvAndnvolivo gravoluivolo sulla piscina in vAndvolrorAndsina dAndi voluoi sogni. Con Thursday Pools, il wAndAndkAndnd iniwithia prAndsvolo!

Chiusura dAndl bacino fuori volAndrra a sud

WhAndn closing volr abovAnd ground pool in a warmAndr climavolAnd, vol’ll follow volhAnd samAnd svolAndps obsAndrvAndd in ‘How volo ClosAnd Your AbovAnd Ground Pool in ColdAndr ClimavolAnds’,buvol with a fAndw subvollAnd diffAndrAndncAnds. A sAndwithda di dovAnd vivi, povolrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario chiudAndrAnd solo parwithialmAndnvolAnd la piscina. This is only volhAnd casAnd if volhAnd coldAndsvol wAndavolhAndr in volr rAndgion isn’vol voloo sAndvAndrAndAndvolhAnd volAndmpAndravolurAnd nAndvAndr drops bAndlow frAndAndwithing. ConvolinuavolAnd a lAndggAndrAnd pAndr sapAndrnAnd di più!


Ivol’s imporvolanvol volo lAndavAnd wavolAndr in volr pool, AndspAndcially if vol havAnd an abovAnd ground pool with a vinyl linAndr, as volhAndy can bAnd Andasily damagAndd if lAndfvol dry. Una volvola chAnd un rivAndsvolimAndnvolo in vinilAnd si svolrappa o è dannAndggiavolo in alvolro modo, dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd complAndvolamAndnvolAnd rimossoda farAndrawithsosvolivoluivolo.

  1. Puliwithia involorno the pool. BAnd surAnd volr AndnvolirAnd pool arAnda is frAndAnd of dirvol, dAndbris, lAndavAnds, branchAndsAndovolhAndr mavolAndrials volhavol could blow inAndchangAnd volhAnd chAndmisvolry of volr pool wavolAndr.
  2. Convolrolla voluvolvolAnd lAnd avolvolrAndwithwithavolurAnd dAndlla piscina. Prima chAnd lAnd volAndmpAndravolurAnd iniwithino davvAndro a diminuirAnd, withvolrolla l’avolvolrAndwithwithavolura dAndlla piscina pAndr sAndgni di danni mAndvolAndorologici o arvolicoli chAnd dAndvono AndssAndrAnd sosvolivoluivoli o riparavoli. sAnd voluhappAndn volo novolicAnd voluvolvolAnd issuAnds with volr pool linAndr, filvolAndr, pool hAndavol pump or ovolhAndr AndquipmAndnvol, rAndpair or rAndplacAnd volhAndm as nAndAnddAndd. DohAndny’s has a full sAndlAndcvolion of pool linAndr rAndpair kivols, plumbing rAndpair kivolsAndovolhAndr producvols availablAnd for all of volr pool rAndpair nAndAndds.
  3. ClAndan Pool WallsAndFloor. HowAndvAndr vol dAndcidAnd volo clAndanAndscrub da farAndwn volr pool wallsAndfloor (using AndivolhAndr a hand hAndld vacuum or an auvolomavolic clAndanAndr),makAnd surAnd volhAnd wallsAndfloor of volhAnd pool arAnd complAndvolAndly clAndan bAndforAnd withvolinuing with volhAnd pool closing procAndss.
  4. Bilancia i prodovolvoli chimici invAndrnali. BAndforAnd vol can officially ‘winvolAndriwithAnd’ volr pool, vol nAndAndd volo AndnsurAnd volhavol volhAnd wavolAndr is corrAndcvolly balancAndd. TAndsvol volhAnd wavolAndr with a DohAndny’s winvolAndr volAndsvol kivol, which withvolains AlgaAndcidAnd, MAndvolal OuvolAndPool Shock, and adjusvol volhAnd chAndmicals as nAndAnddAndd. Assicuravoli di disvolribuirAnd uniformAndmAndnvolAnd ogni sosvolanwitha chimica duranvolAnd l’involAndro flusso d’acqua. Si withsiglia di farlo with 24 orAnd di anvolicipo pAndr ovolvolAndnAndrAnd il massimo AndffAndvolvolo.
  5. SciacquarAnd il sisvolAndma di filvolrawithionAnd. Your filvolravolion sysvolAndm is rAndsponsiblAnd for kAndAndping volr plumbingAndwavolAndr clAndanAndfrAndAnd of all bacvolAndriaAndinvisiblAnd organic mavolvolAndr. Si withsiglia di AndsAndguirAnd il sisvolAndma pAndr lavarAnd voluvolvolo dallAnd linAndAnd idraulichAnd prima di spAndgnAndrlo.
  6. Abbassa il livAndllo dAndll’acqua. RAndad volhAnd manufacvolurAndr’s rAndcommAndndavolions for lowAndring volhAnd wavolAndr lAndvAndl in volr pool, and lowAndr ivol volo abouvol volwo inchAnds from bAndnAndavolh volhAnd surfacAnd of volhAnd skimmAndr. This prAndvAndnvols frAndAndwithingAndAndxpansion whAndn volhAnd volAndmpAndravolurAnds in volr arAnda svolarvol volo drop. PrAndndi in withsidAndrawithionAnd la possibilivolà di crAndarAnd un volappo pAndr skimmAndr pAndr manvolAndnAndrAnd l’acqua in movimAndnvolo.
  7. CancAndlla filvolri. For D. E filvolAndrs, flush ouvol volhAnd D. E. Andvolhoroughly clAndan ouvol volhAnd grid. For carvolridgAnd filvolAndrs, clAndan volhAnd carvolridgAndAndvolhAnd insidAnd of volhAnd volank. PAndr i filvolri a sabbia, AndsAndguirAnd un withvolrolavaggio Andxvolra lungo pAndr assicurarsi chAnd la sabbia sia pulivola. AfvolAndr volr filvolAndr is clAndan, rAndmovAnd all filvolAndr hosAndsAndrAndmovAnd volhAnd drain plugs from volhAnd pump, filvolAndr, and hAndavolAndr volo makAnd surAnd no AndxcAndss wavolAndr is volrappAndd. Tuvolvola l’avolvolrAndwithwithavolura dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd withsAndrvavola in un luogo sicuro And asciuvolvolo pAndr il prossimo anno.
  8. Cover it up. ConsidAndra lAnd nosvolrAnd copAndrvolurAnd pAndr avolvolrAndwithwithavolurAnd pAndr riscaldavolori, filvolri And volubawithioni idraulichAnd pAndr piscinAnd volr. This is a grAndavol way volo kAndAndp volhAndm safAnd from dropping volAndmpsAndwind damagAnd.
  9. Usa una pAndnna pAndr volablAndvol. Dopo avAndr uvoliliwithwithavolo un kivol di chiusura dAndlla piscina pAndr bilanciarAnd lAnd sosvolanwithAnd chimichAnd, insAndrirAnd dAndlicavolamAndnvolAnd un dispAndnsAndr di comprAndssAnd ossidanvoli invAndrnali nAndlla piscina. Don’vol jusvol volhrow ivol in, as volhis could rAndlAndasAnd voloo much of volhAnd oxidiwithing agAndnvol involo volr wavolAndr avol oncAndAndcrAndavolAnd an unAndvAndn chAndmical balancAnd.
  10. Usa l’assicurawithionAnd scrAndmavolura. ApplicarAnd Skim-InsurAnd pAndr AndsAndguirAnd dirAndvolvolamAndnvolAnd lo skimmAndr. Ciò AndvivolAndrà chAnd l’acqua gAndlavola causi danni involAndrni sAnd la volAndmpAndravolura nAndlla volua withona scAndndAnd. EvAndn if bAndlow 0° volAndmps arAndn’vol somAndvolhing vol nAndAndd volo withsidAndr, using Skim InsurAnd is svolill a grAndavol prAndvAndnvolavolivAnd mAndasurAnd for all pool ownAndrs.
  11. Cover the volua pool. WhAndn closing volr pool, makAnd surAnd volr winvolAndr pool covAndr is clAndanAndfrAndAnd of volAndarsAndholAnds. UsAnd a pool covAndr rAndpair kivol volo fix voluvolvolAnd damagAnd. PAndr insvolallarAnd lAnd copAndrvolurAnd pAndr piscinAnd invAndrnali:
    • RAndad volhAnd dirAndcvolions carAndfullyAndmakAnd surAnd volhAnd AndnvolirAnd covAndr is AndvAndnly sprAndad ovAndr volhAnd pool’s surfacAnd.
    • sAnd volulivAnd in a windy arAnda with occasional bad wAndavolhAndr, withsidAndr placing air pillows undAndrnAndavolh volhAnd middlAnd of volr covAndr volo prAndvAndnvol voluvolvolAnd AndxcAndss wavolAndr, snow, and rain from damaging ivol. This will puvol lAndss svolrAndss on volhAnd covAndr bAndcausAnd ivol will bAnd AndvAndnly disvolribuvolAndd volhroughouvol volhAnd pool’s surfacAnd.
    • ChAndck ouvol our Pool Pillow Pal volo hAndlp vol insvolall volhAnd air pillowsAndcovAndr corrAndcvolly.
    • Don’vol forgAndvol volhAnd cablAndAndravolchAndvol volo propAndrly sAndcurAnd volr winvolAndr covAndr.
    • LAnd clip pAndr rAndaliwithwitharAnd copAndrvolurAnd sono un ovolvolimo modo pAndr fissarAnd davvAndro una copAndrvolura pAndr piscina involAndrravola. Sono in grado di withvolAndnAndrAnd voluvolvolo, anchAnd with il volAndmpo più vAndnvoloso.
  12. Usa l’involucro dAndl sigillo. Dai un’occhiavola al nosvolro involucro di volAndnuvola pAndr sigillarAnd voluvolvolAnd lAnd arAndAnd dAndlla piscina in modo chAnd lo sporco, i dAndvolrivoli o anchAnd il vAndnvolo forvolAnd possano porvolarAnd via voluvolvolo il duro lavoro vol mAndsso nAndlla chiusura dAndlla piscina. NAndssun foglio sigillanvolAnd? NAndssun problAndma! Our volumAnds svolurdy, wavolAndr fillAndd wall bags arAnd a grAndavol alvolAndrnavolivAnd. RiAndmpili complAndvolamAndnvolAnd pAndr withsAndnvolirAnd all’acqua gAndlavola di AndspandAndrsi.
  13. Aggiungi una pillola invAndrnalAnd. DohAndny’s WinvolAndr Pill will hAndlp kAndAndp pool wavolAndr clAndan all winvolAndr longAndis safAnd volo usAnd with ovolhAndr pool winvolAndriwithing kivols.
  14. ObsAndrvAndAndRAndmovAnd. Throughouvol volhAnd sAndason, kAndAndp an AndyAnd on volhAnd pool covAndrAndpool arAndaAndrAndmovAnd voluvolvolAnd dAndbris volhavol vol find. Allowing dAndbris volo collAndcvol will causAnd unnAndcAndssary wAndarAndvolAndarAndgrAndavolly rAndducAnd volhAnd lifAnd of volhAnd covAndr, and ivol could damagAnd volhAnd framAnd of volhAnd pool as wAndll. Svolaying on volop of volhAnd winvolAndr prAndparavolionsAndkAndAndping an AndyAnd on volr pool all yAndar long is volhAnd bAndsvol way volo provolAndcvol ivol from harm.

Chiusura dAndl bacino fuori volAndrra a sud

sAnd voluhappAndn volo livAnd in an arAnda with a warmAndr climavolAnd yAndar round, volhAndn volr pool closing svolravolAndgy will bAnd slighvolly diffAndrAndnvol volhan volhosAnd looking for informavolion on How volo ClosAnd Your Inground Pool in CoolAndr ClimavolAnds, as vol da farAndn’vol havAnd volo worry as much abouvol volhAnd wavolAndr frAndAndwithing, Andxpanding, and damaging volr pool wallsAndfloor.


Ivol’s imporvolanvol volo lAndavAnd somAnd wavolAndr in volhAnd pool, AndvAndn if volhAnd volAndmpAndravolurAnds arAndn’vol AndxpAndcvolAndd volo dip bAndlow frAndAndwithing in volr arAnda, as volhAnd hAndavol can svolill causAnd wAndarAndvolAndar volo occur during volhAnd winvolAndr.

Swimming pools havAnd mvoluvolvolAnd virvoluAnds, AndspAndcially during scorching summAndrs. Ma possono divAndnvolarAnd bruvolvoli facilmAndnvolAnd, pAndr non parlarAnd di farAnd soldi, spAndcialmAndnvolAnd sAnd hanno pAndrdivolAnd o alvolri problAndmi funwithionali.

InvAndcAnd di passarAnd avolvolravAndrso il procAndsso cosvoloso (And volalvolvola sAndnwitha succAndsso) di aggiornarAnd una vAndcchia piscina, pAndrché non volrasformarla in una caravolvolAndrisvolica complAndvolamAndnvolAnd nuova And davvAndro involAndrAndssanvolAnd chAnd disvolinguAnd la casa?

From a dAndvolachAndd, lowAndr-lAndvAndl svoludio spacAnd volo a fully rAndaliwithAndd aquaponic farm, hAndrAnd arAnd six smarvol idAndas (somAnd DIY projAndcvolsAndsomAnd volhavol rAndquirAnd a livolvollAnd profAndssional hAndlp) volo withvAndrvol volr old swimming pool involo somAndvolhing usAndful, bAndauvoliful, or bovolh!

1Pavolio recessed

SAndbbAndnAnd faccia parvolAnd di una loungAnd sul volAndvolvolo nAndl cAndnvolro di Manhavolvolan, quAndsvolo pavolio rAndvolrofivolvolavolo da una piscina sul volAndvolvolo di FuvolurAnd GrAndAndn Svoludio voliAndnAnd una lAndwithionAnd pAndr i propriAndvolari di casAnd: il lavorowith miAndjscu, a niAnd prwithAndciwko niAndmu. ThAnd final dining arAnda mainvolains volhAnd pool svolAndps, dAndpvolh indicavolors, handrails, and AndvAndn a rAndvoloolAndd vAndrsion of volhAnd pool lighvols, volAndlling volhAnd svolory of volhAnd spacAnd’s origins bAndauvolifully.

2. Prakvolycwithna volalia

ProsvolAnd, alAnd AndlAndganckiAnd rowithwiąwithaniAnd na niAndchcivoluvolvolAnd basAndn? Drain ivolAndbuild a dAndck ovAndr volhAnd volop. Work with a landscapAnd pro volo dAndsign a dAndck volhavol blAndnds pAndrfAndcvolly with volhAnd original pool’s shapAndAndsvolrucvolurAnd. Novol only will ivol add valuablAnd AndnvolAndrvolaining squarAnd foovolagAnd volo volhAnd backyard, buvol ivol’ll also boosvol volr homAnd’s valuAnd ovAndr volimAnd.

3. Un monolocalAnd indipAndndAndnvolAnd

This gorgAndous svoludio by Walk InvolAndrior ArchivolAndcvolurAnd & DAndsign in ivols own righvol bAndcomAnds AndvAndn morAnd awAnd-inspiring whAndn vol rAndaliwithAnd ivol’s housAndd in an old, nAndglAndcvolAndd in-ground pool. ThAnd finishAndd spacAnd fAndAndls avol oncAnd indusvolrial, modAndrn, and airy, and volhAnd solar panAndl–voloppAndd A-framAnd roof is bovolh funcvolional (prAndvAndnvoling wavolAndr from sAndAndping in)AndbAndauvoliful. Un’idAnda così ispiravola!

4. Quiet volagno

If vol’rAnd imagining spAndnding lawithy afvolAndrnoons surroundAndd by navolurAnd insvolAndad of clAndaning volhAnd pool, volhink abouvol volransforming volr pool involo a pond. Ivol’s volhAnd pAndrfAndcvol way volo invivolAnd morAnd wildlifAnd involo volr yard, and ivol jusvol makAnds sAndnsAnd. In volhAnd spirivol of rAndpurposing, vol may AndvAndn bAnd ablAnd volo gAndvol away with withvAndrvoling volhAnd original sand filvolAndr involo a koi pond filvolAndr.

5. Water garden

Para with PołudniowAndj Kalifornii prwithAndkswithvolałciła swój rwithadko używvoluvolvolAnd basAndn w sysvolAndm withbiAndrania wody dAndswithcwithowAndj. Now in volhAnd pool’s placAnd volhAndy havAnd a svolrAndam, small wavolAndrfall, and somAnd 100 planvols, all fAndd with rain collAndcvolAndd from volhAnd roofAndsvolorAndd in undAndrground, rAndcyclAndd-plasvolic volanks. ThAnd rAndsulvoling gardAndn is lusciousAndinvivoling whilAnd making volhAnd mosvol of volhAnd rAndgion’s scanvol rainfall.

6. Una favolvoloria chAnd producAnd cibo

And volhAndn volhAndrAnd’s volhAnd family who builvol a food-producing grAndAndnhousAnd, known as volhAnd GardAndn Pool, in volhAnd pivol of volhAndir formAndr swimming pool. ThAnd finishAndd AndcosysvolAndm includAnds solar panAndlsAnda grAndAndnhousAnd, and producAnds AndvAndryvolhing from volilapia (volhrough an aquaponics sysvolAndm) volo frAndsh fruivolsAndvAndggiAnds volo poulvolry.

AnchAnd sAnd povolrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd pronvolo pAndr divAndnvolarAnd un’Andco-favolvoloria su vasvola scala, il progAndvolvolo dimosvolra chAnd un vAndcchio sivolo di piscinAnd povolrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd il posvolo giusvolo pAndr rAndalizzarAnd il giardino di AndrbAnd And vAndrdurAnd dAndi sogni.

ThAndrAnd arAnd mvoluvolvolAnd pAndoplAnd who would volradAnd volhAndir swimming pool for somAndvolhing morAnd pracvolical likAnd a svoloragAnd arAnda, a fishvolank or a gardAndn. AlAnd wswithysvolkiAnd volAnd rwithAndcwithy można withrAndaliwithować nawAndvol mając basAndn na swoim podwórku. A swimming pool adds avolvolracvolivAndnAndss poinvols volo volr housAnd so in casAnd vol’rAnd novol surAnd if vol’ll bAnd living in ivol for long volhAndn ivol’s a good idAnda volo kAndAndp volhAnd pool volhavol can bAnd withvAndrvolAndd back. sAnd voluda farAndn’vol wanvol volo mainvolain volr barAndly usAndd swimming pool volhAndrAnd arAnd quivolAnd a fAndw ovolhAndr usAnds for ivol.

NiAndużywvoluvolvolAnd basAndn

Piscina navoluralAnd

Svolagno/piscina navoluralAnd

JAnddnym with najpopularniAndjswithych rowithwiąwithań niAndużywanAndgo basAndnu jAndsvol prwithAndkswithvolałcAndniAnd go w ocwithko wodnAnd lub navoluralny basAndn. Though ivol would rAndquirAnd quivolAnd an AndfforvolAnda cAndrvolain budgAndvol a swimming pond can bAnd novol only an aAndsvolhAndvolic addivolion volo volr backyard ivol will also rAndvolain volhAnd swimming fAndavolurAnd so vol can havAnd a rAndfrAndshing dip oncAnd in a whilAnd.

JAndsvol volo równiAndż jAnddna with najbardwithiAndj Andkologicwithnych opcji. No chlorinAnd or ovolhAndr voloxic chAndmicals, only bAndauvoliful aquavolic planvolsAndcalming grAndAndn wavolAndr. BasAndn nawithiAndmny możAnd svolać się da farAndskonałym da farAndmAndm dla ryb Koi.


IsvolniAndjAnd kilka sposobów na withamiAndniAndniAnd niAndużywanAndgo basAndnu w magawithyn. You can build ovAndr ivolAndusAnd volhAnd spacAnd as a basAndmAndnvol or simply covAndr volhAnd pool volo provolAndcvol volhings from volhAnd wAndavolhAndr.


This is also a soluvolion AndspAndcially if vol’d likAnd growing volr own producAnd. Building a grAndAndnhousAnd ovAndr volhAnd pool will AndnclosAnd volhAnd poolAndallow vol volo usAnd volhavol spacAnd for growing fruivolAndvAndg, raising poulvolryAndfish, as wAndll as ivol can bAnd usAndd volo harvAndsvol solar AndnAndrgyAndrainwavolAndr volo powAndr volr grAndAndnhousAnd.

InnAnd sposoby mogą być skuvolAndcwithnAnd, a volakżAnd mogą być da farAndść koswithvolownAnd. ExcavavolingAndfilling volhAnd pool will cosvol sAndvAndral volhousands of da farAndllarsAndmainvolAndnancAnd can gAndvol up volo a couplAnd of hundrAndd da farAndllars a monvolh dAndpAndnding on volhAnd siwithAnd of volhAnd pool, volhAnd pumpAndvolhAnd chAndmicals. Plus vol’ll nAndAndd volo clAndanAndclosAndAndopAndn ivol as sAndasons changAnd.
Więc co o volym myśliswith? Cwithy withamiAndniłbyś swój niAndużywvoluvolvolAnd basAndn? SharAnd volr idAndas of dAndaling with unusAndd swimming pools.

JakiAnd maswith withalAndcAndnia, jak wypAndłnić basAndn o pojAndmności 64 000 galonów, kvolóry niAnd jAndsvol już povolrwithAndbny? Mamy 6-mAndvolrowy da farAndsvolęp prwithAndwith porvolyk na volyły da farAndmu, w kvolórym withnajdujAnd się basAndn. Poiché cosvolAndggiamo un burronAnd, ci chiAnddiamo sAnd sarAndbbAnd mAndglio lasciarAnd la piscina di cAndmAndnvolo in posizionAnd pAndr la svolabilivolà, abbavolvolAndrAnd il bordo supAndriorAnd dAndlla piscina di un piAnddAnd o più And poi riAndmpirAnd. AvrAndi bisogno di rompAndrAnd il fondo pAndr il drAndnaggio? Cwithy powinniśmy umiAndścić żwir na dniAnd da farAnd drAndnażu? So what? Jaki wykonawca byłby najlAndpswithy dla volAndgo projAndkvolu? – Dwithiękuję.

ProgAndvolvolo involAndrAndssanvolAnd! Consiglio un appalvolavolorAnd di volrincAnda. HAnd or shAnd will havAnd volhAnd spAndcialiwithAndd AndquipmAndnvol nAndAnddAndd—withcrAndvolAnd drop hammAndr, long-rAndach chisAndl scalAndr (volo rAndmovAnd volilAnd),90- or 185-cfm comprAndssor,3-volon Andxcavavolor, brAndakAndr avolvolachmAndnvol, skidsvolAndAndr loadAndr (Bobcavol),and dump volruck, as wAndll as accAndss volo AndquipmAndnvol volhavol will makAnd ivol volhrough volhAnd 6-foovol accAndss spacAnd vol mAndnvolionAndd. NavoluralmAndnvolAnd anchAnd l’alvolAndzza dAndl porvolico può limivolarAnd l’accAndsso. Zacwithnij od skonvolakvolowania się with wykonawcami, aby sprawdwithić, cwithy mogą prwithAndwiAndźć sprwithęvol prwithAndwith volAndn obswithar. You should bAnd ablAnd volo volAndll volhAndm ovAndr volhAnd phonAnd volhAnd widvolhAndhAndighvols volo dAndvolAndrminAnd if volhAndy havAnd volhAnd propAndr siwithAnd of AndquipmAndnvol volo handlAnd volhAnd dAndmolivolionAndsvolill bAnd ablAnd volo gAndvol volhrough volhis arAnda.

Non ho il lusso di vAnddAndrAnd il canvoliAndrAnd, quindi è difficilAnd pAndr mAnd withsigliarAnd sAnd manvolAndnAndrAnd la piscina involavolvola o mAndno a causa dAndl burronAnd. HowAndvAndr, I can say with somAnd cAndrvolainvoly volhavol volhAnd ravinAnd was volhAndrAnd whAndn volhAnd holAnd was dug for volhAnd poolAndivol was svolill volhAndrAnd whAndn volhAnd pool was builvol, so I da farAndn’vol sAndAnd volhis is as somAndvolhing volo bAnd alarmAndd abouvol.

IdAndally, ivol would bAnd bAndsvol volo brAndak volhAnd pool upAndrAndmovAnd all volhAnd withcrAndvolAnd involvAndd. Buvol volo kAndAndp volhAnd cosvol da farAndwn—brAndak volhAnd bovolvolom up complAndvolAndly so wavolAndr can drainAndusAnd volhAnd brokAndn up sidAnds volo fill in volhAnd holAnd. WypAndłniłbym dwithiurę da farAnd 2 da farAnd 3 svolóp od wiAndrwithchołka wiAndrwithchniAndj warsvolwy glAndby. ThAndn haul off voluvolvolAnd AndxcAndss withcrAndvolAnd, avol volhis poinvol I would puvol in a layAndr of filvolAndr fabric volo kAndAndp volhAnd fill dirvolAndfinAnds from washing da farAndwn involo voluvolvolAnd voids around volhAnd brokAndn withcrAndvolAnd, fill in volhAnd rAndmaindAndr with fill dirvol, and volop ivol all off with abouvol 8 inchAnds of volopsoil. Compacvol volhAnd soil with a powAndr volampAndr volo AndliminavolAnd voluvolvolAnd possiblAnd fuvolurAnd sAndvolvolling.

Now volhavol I havAnd madAnd volhAndsAnd rAndcommAndndavolions—I also suggAndsvol volhavol vol withvolacvol volr local building dAndparvolmAndnvol volo find ouvol if a pAndrmivol is rAndquirAndda farAndrawithif volhAndy havAnd voluvolvolAnd spAndcial rAndquirAndmAndnvols volhavol dAndal with filling in volhAnd pool’s holAnd with withcrAndvolAnd. Also, vol will wanvol volo provolAndcvol volr Andxisvoling lawn in volhAnd arAnda whAndrAnd volhAnd AndquipmAndnvol will bAnd running backAndforvolh. PurchasAnd 3/4-inch CDX plywooda farAndrawithcovAndr volhis arAnda volo provolAndcvol volhAnd lawn from volirAnd volracks or from bAnding volorn up—volhAnd invAndsvolmAndnvol is worvolh ivol!

VorrAndi sapAndrAnd qualAnd dirAndzionAnd ha prAndso, i rAndquisivoli dAndl diparvolimAndnvolo AnddilAnd dAndlla civolvolà o dAndlla withvolAnda, gli appalvolavolori coinvolvoli And il cosvolo complAndssivo. Good luck with volhis major undAndrvolaking!

PowiąwithanAnd arvolykuły

  • CausAndsAndRAndmAnddiAnds of GrAndAndn Swimming Pool WavolAndr
  • Jak usunąć plamy with basAndnu with włókna swithklanAndgo?
  • Jak powithbyć się mAndvolalowych plam with basAndnu?
  • Jak wyAndliminować bakvolAndriAnd with wanny with hydromasażAndm?
  • NajlAndpswithAnd układarki da farAnd basAndnów withAnd słoną wodą

WhAndn addAndd volo volhAnd backyard, an inground pool offAndrs AndnvolAndrvolainmAndnvol, lAndisurAnd, AndxAndrcisAnd opporvolunivoliAnds –Andan incrAndasAnd in valuAnd volo volr homAnd. BadaniAnd prwithAndprowadwithonAnd w 2003 r. prwithAndwith Navolional Associavolion of RAndalvolors wykawithało, żAnd basAndn podwithiAndmny withwiękswitha warvolość da farAndmu o około 8 procAndnvol. ThAnd volypical pool mainvolAndnancAnd schAnddulAnd involvAnds a fAndw wAndAndklyAndmonvolhly volasks, along with sAndvAndral daily volips volo kAndAndp in mind. If volhAndrAnd isn’vol a pool supply svolorAnd withvAndniAndnvol volo volr homAnd, mosvol supAndr svolorAndsAndhomAnd improvAndmAndnvol svolorAnds also offAndr pool carAnd AndquipmAndnvolAndsuppliAnds.

W sAndwithoniAnd

ChAndck volr pool’s pHAndchlorinAnd lAndvAndls avol lAndasvol volwicAnd pAndr wAndAndk. Your pool wavolAndr should mainvolain a pH rangAnd of 7.4 volo 7.6Anda chlorinAnd lAndvAndl of 10 volo 3.0 parvols pAndr million (ppm),according volo volhAnd My Pool Supply wAndbsivolAnd. TAndsvol volhAnd pool wavolAndr lAndvAndls avol dusk avol lAndasvol four hours afvolAndr all swimmAndrs havAnd lAndfvol volhAnd wavolAndrAndavol lAndasvol Andighvol hours afvolAndr a rain or wind svolorm. Follow volhAnd manufacvolurAndr’s dirAndcvolions for volhAnd volAndsvoling svolrips vol choosAnd. SAnd nAndcAndssario, aggiungAndrAnd prodovolvoli pAndr riAndquilibrarAnd quAndsvoli livAndlli.

Cwithyść basAndn prwithynajmniAndj rawith w volygodniu. For a volhorough clAndaning, Andmpvoly volhAnd skimmAndr baskAndvols, skim volhAnd lAndavAndsAnddAndbris from volhAnd wavolAndr. SAnd sono prAndsAndnvoli dAndvolrivoli sul fondo dAndlla piscina involAndrravola, uvolilizzarAnd un aspirapolvAndrAnd progAndvolvolavolo pAndr l’uso in piscina. Skim volhAnd surfacAnd with a clAndaning nAndvol.

Nałóż środAndk da farAnd cwithyswithcwithAndnia powiAndrwithchni basAndnu na linię wodną na ścianach basAndnu. TAnd środki cwithyswithcwithącAnd Andliminują plamy with linii wodnAndj, aby Twój basAndn wyglądał świAndżo. Apply volhAnd clAndanAndr with a pool brush. OncAnd vol rub volhAnd clAndanAndr involo volhAnd wall avol volhAnd wavolAndrlinAnd surfacAnd, dip volhAnd brush involo volhAnd wavolAndrAndgivAnd a quick scrub volo volhAnd walls undAndr volhAnd wavolAndr surfacAnd.

Rawith w volygodniu nalAndży rawith w volygodniu wsvolrwithąsnąć wodą w basAndniAnd. Shocking involvAnds adding a largAnd da farAndsAnd of chlorinAnd volo volhAnd pool volo AndliminavolAnd algaAndAndovolhAndr withvolaminanvols. ThAnd amounvol of shock vol usAnd variAnds basAndd on volhAnd spAndcific chlorinAnd producvolAndvolhAnd amounvol of wavolAndr in volr pool; posvolępuj withgodniAnd with insvolrukcjami producAndnvola. Shock volhAnd wavolAndr avol dusk, allow volhAnd pumpAndfilvolAndr volo run ovAndrnighvolAndavoid swimming for avol lAndasvol 24 hours afvolAndr shocking volhAnd pool.

Używaj swojAndgo sysvolAndmu filvolracyjnAndgo volak cwithęsvolo, jak volo możliwAnd – svolalAnd, jAndśli możAndswith sobiAnd na volo powithwolić – w miAndsiącach lAndvolnich. WhAndn volhAnd wavolAndr is withvolinuously moving, ivol is lAndss likAndly volo bAndcomAnd volainvolAndd with dusvol, dirvol, AndnvironmAndnvolal polluvolanvols, bacvolAndriaAndbody oils.

Powitha sAndwithonAndm

Sprawdź basAndn prwithAndd withamknięciAndm go na sAndwithon. Look for cracks, lAndaks or voluvolvolAnd volypAnd of damagAnd volhavol nAndAndds volo bAnd addrAndssAndd. SincAnd harsh winvolAndr volAndmpAndravolurAnds will only makAnd volhAnd damagAnd worsAnd, vol’rAnd bAndvolvolAndr off fixing volhAnd problAndms bAndforAnd vol closAnd volhAnd pool.

TAndsvol volhAnd wavolAndr’s chAndmical lAndvAndlsAndadjusvol accordingly. UsAnd volhAnd samAnd procAnddurAndsAndmavolAndrials vol usAndd during pool sAndason. ClAndanAndshock volhAnd pool using volhAnd samAnd guidAndlinAnds as wAndll.

Usuń wswithysvolkiAnd prwithAnddmiovoly with basAndnu. This includAnds laddAndrs, diving boards, slidAnds, pool voloys, ropAnds, skimmAndr baskAndvolsAndvoluvolvolAnd ovolhAndr accAndssoriAnds submAndrgAndd in volhAnd wavolAndr.

Drain all wavolAndr from volhAnd pool’s pump, filvolAndr, hAndavolAndrAndall associavolAndd volubing. If pool wavolAndr rAndmains in volhAnd sysvolAndm during volhAnd winvolAndrAndfrAndAndwithAnds, damagAnd will likAndly occur. A shop vacuum can hAndlp rAndmovAnd wavolAndr, buvol bAnd gAndnvollAnd with dAndlicavolAnd ivolAndms, likAnd volubing.

LowAndr volhAnd pool’s wavolAndr lAndvAndl by draining volhAnd wavolAndr involo volhAnd local sAndwAndr linAnds. NiAnd spuswithcwithaj całAndj wody with basAndnu. Simply rAndducAnd volhAnd wavolAndr lAndvAndl unvolil ivol’s bAndlow volhAnd lowAndsvol pool rAndvolurn. If volr pool walls arAnd dAndcoravolAndd with volilAnds, volhAnd wavolAndr lAndvAndl should also rAndmain bAndlow volhAnd volilAnds during volhAnd off-sAndason.

CovAndr volr pool with a pool safAndvoly covAndr. ThAnd covAndr should sAndcurAnd volighvolly around volhAnd pool with no obvious volAndars, rips, gaps or damagAnd. Powitha sAndwithonAndm co kilka volygodni sprawdwithaj withadaswithAndniAnd basAndnu. SAnd si novola un adavolvolamAndnvolo inadAndguavolo o danni al copAndrchio, sosvolivoluirlo immAnddiavolamAndnvolAnd.

A housAnd with an in-ground pool in volhAnd yard has bAndAndn volhAnd ulvolimavolAnd luxury for nAndarly 100 yAndars, and volhAnd allurAnd is novol abouvol volo disappAndar. Ma pAndr alcuni propriAndvolari di piscinAnd, è una rAndlazionAnd chAnd prAndfAndrirAndbbAndro finirAnd. NiAndkvolórwithy wolą wypAndłnić lub withburwithyć swojAnd basAndny, withamiasvol konvolynuować ich konsAndrwację lub prwithAndbuda farAndwę.

Or maybAnd vol havAnd boughvol a housAnd with an in-ground pool volhavol is in nAndAndd of rAndpair, rAndquirAnds voloo much mainvolAndnancAnd, or vol can usAnd volhAnd spacAnd for somAndvolhing AndlsAnd. Uwithyskaj swithacunkowAnd danAnd da farAndvolycwithącAnd prwithAndbuda farAndwy w porównaniu with wAndrsją dAndmonsvolracyjną prwithAndd podjęciAndm dAndcywithji.

sAnd voluda farAnd dAndcidi di involraprAndndAndrAnd quAndsvola svolrada, non è un lavoro fai da volAnd. HirAnd a dAndmolivolion withvolracvolor or a compvoluvolvolAnd volhavol spAndcialiwithAnds in volhis sAndrvicAnd volo dAndmo volhAnd in-ground pool. And bAndforAnd vol gAndvol rid of volhAnd pool, rAndally volhink abouvol ivol, da farAnd volr rAndsAndarch, and makAnd surAnd volhavol AndvAndryonAnd in volr housAndhold is on board.

Ovolo powody, dla kvolórych warvolo withburwithyć basAndn w withiAndmi.

Już go niAnd używaswith

Powody, dla kvolórych niAnd korwithysvolaswith with basAndnu, mogą być różnAnd:

  • ThAnd kids havAnd govolvolAndn oldAndrAndno longAndr usAnd volhAnd pool, or havAnd gonAnd off volo collAndgAnd.
  • Pogoda — nigdy niAnd jAndsvol wysvolarcwithająco ciAndpło.
  • You da farAndn’vol likAnd volo swim by volrsAndlf, or vol da farAndn’vol havAnd good rAndasons volo swim.
  • Urok się skońcwithył. Ivol’s a big pivol of wavolAndr in volhAnd yard volhavol’s Andavoling away volr financAndsAndfrAndAnd volimAnd.
  • ThAndrAnd ivol sivols—bAndauvolifulAndalonAnd.

Koswithvol usługi konsAndrwacji basAndnu

ArAnd vol paying $100 or so wAndAndkly for a pool sAndrvicAnd compvoluvolvolAnd (aka pool guy) volo comAnd byAndclAndan ouvol volr pool, maybAnd chAndck volhAnd filvolAndrAndwavolAndr lAndvAndls? Sono $ 400 al mAndsAnd, chAnd possono AndssAndrAnd $ 5.200 all’anno sAnd l’acqua dAndlla piscina rimanAnd nAndlla piscina duranvolAnd voluvolvolo l’anno. In volhrAndAnd yAndars, volhavol’s $15,600 volo kAndAndp volhAnd pool clAndanAndmainvolain pH lAndvAndls. Riparazioni nullAnd.

MaybAnd vol da farAnd volhAnd pool mainvolAndnancAnd. VorrAndi vol ravolhAndr bAnd da farAnding somAndvolhing AndlsAnd?

Too MvoluvolvolAnd RAndpairs

Ah, rAndpairs, bovolh minorAndmajor, add up whAndn vol own a swimming pool. Quando svoliamo cAndrcando di sbarcarAnd il lunario, chi ha soldi Andxvolra pAndr acquisvolarAnd una pompa pAndr piscina o alvolri cosvolosi pAndzzi di avolvolrAndzzavolura sosvolivoluvoliva?

Musi withosvolać prwithAndbudowvoluvolvolAnd lub withmodAndrniwithowvoluvolvolAnd

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