How to clean concrete patio

Get your cement patio prepared for out of doors entertaining with these cleansing ideas from DIY specialists.

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How to clean concrete patio

Yard Paver Patio with Backyard Equipment

Backyard Yard Paver Patio with Chairs Umbrella Crops Pots Bushes and Ornament

Picture by: Jit Lim

Patios take a beating through the years. You retain the flooring of you home clean, so maintain your patio clean as effectively. Spring is an efficient time to clean so that you’re prepared for peak patio season. Right here’s how to clean a cement patio.

Transfer crops, furnishings and different equipment off the patio. Sweep the floor to take away grime and particles. Take away the weeds that will have grown alongside the sides or between the cracks within the pavers.

For a frivolously dirty patio, you may take away grime with a cleaner and a stiff brush. You should utilize bleach combined with water. Add 1/eight cup of liquid dishwashing detergent to the answer and put into a twig bottle. Spray the answer onto the floor, let sit for a couple of minutes after which scrub with a stiff nylon-bristled brush. Don’t use a metallic brush as a result of it could possibly go away metallic bits on the concrete that rust and stain the patio. When you have flowerbeds surrounding your patio, shield them as effectively. Bleach will hurt the crops. Rinse the bleach off with the hose. Oxygen bleach (like OxiClean) is a safer possibility. Dilute with water and spray on the patio, then rinse off. For powerful stains, combine oxygen bleach with water to make a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Apply to stained areas and let sit for an hour. Scrub with a nylon-bristle brush.

You can too make pure, eco-friendly cleaners from components in your kitchen.

Vinegar is the go-to pure cleaner and it really works on patios. Combine it equal elements of vinegar and water to clean stains, or use full-strength vinegar on closely dirty patios. Baking soda is one other good pure cleaner. Combine half cup baking soda to one gallon of water for a delicate cleansing answer. Add 1/eight cup of liquid dish detergent. Spray on patio floor, let sit for 30 minutes, then scrub and rinse.

For closely stained or mildewed patios, chances are you’ll want a stress washer. You’ll be able to lease one at a device rental middle or residence enchancment retailer. Comply with the instructions on the machine on how to clean a cement patio. Be certain to put on protecting eyewear and gloves when utilizing a stress washer as a result of the water comes out at a excessive pressure. Defend your own home’s exterior partitions and doorways from free particles the stress washer will take away from the patio floor by masking the partitions with plastic sheeting.

As soon as your patio is clean, shield it from future stains by sealing it with a concrete sealer. Use a paint curler to apply the sealer. Begin from the center of the patio and roll the sealer out to the sides. As soon as it’s dry, you’ll have a glowing clean patio that’s prepared for out of doors entertaining.

How to clean concrete patio

The Spruce / Sydney Brown

When you have greenish-black stuff in your concrete patio, it is in all probability mildew, mildew, or moss. Damp or moist circumstances from rain or humidity can encourage mildew and mildew to develop in these nooks and cracks of concrete pavers or bricks. It is necessary to discover a certain method to take away it that will not destroy close by landscaping and hurt the setting with a blast of harsh chemical substances. This methodology makes use of pure, super-versatile components in most properties, like vinegar and Borax. These cleaners ought to have the ability to deal with most instances of mildew or mildew.

How to Usually To Clean Your Patio or Outside Floor

The frequency of cleansing will depend upon how a lot mildew, mildew, or moss there may be and the way usually it comes again. Purposes may have to be repeated for particularly moldy areas. Different occasions, this may very well be carried out yearly for a spring cleansing each season. Bear in mind, will probably be definitely worth the effort when friends come over and there will likely be no embarrassment of the ugly mildew.

What You will Want

Tools / Instruments

  • Knee pads
  • Laborious-bristle scrub brush (non-metallic)
  • Hose with energy nozzle or an influence washer (stress washer)
  • Bucket


  • half cup White vinegar
  • half cup Borax
  • Water


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The Spruce / Sydney Brown

How to Clean Your Patio With Home made Resolution

No want for fancy cleaners—this do-it-yourself patio cleansing answer and methodology will get your patio and different out of doors surfaces glowing very quickly.

Put together the Resolution

Dissolve 1 cup of heat water along with the white vinegar and Borax. Pour the answer into a twig bottle or maintain in a bucket and use a sponge to apply.

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The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Moist the Space

Utilizing an influence nozzle or a powerful spray, hose off the realm that wants to be clean. Get it utterly moist.

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The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Apply the Resolution

Apply the answer with a sponge or spray bottle. Do one space at a time. When you have a big space, break it into manageable elements.

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The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Let the Resolution Soak

Permit cleansing components to permeate floor(s) for a couple of minutes. Give it time to work. If the mold or moss is very aggressive, permit the answer to soak in for an extended period of time, like a half-hour or extra.

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Scrub With a Laborious-Bristle Brush

Don a pair of waterproof rubber gloves, get down on fingers and knees (this is the place knee pads may come in useful), seize the hard-bristle brush, and begin scrubbing. Scrub in a round, clockwise, or counterclockwise motions, tackling a few 3-foot x 3-foot space at a time. Dip the comb into the answer if it begins to run out. Hold going till some progress is completed. Ensure to deal with all the green-infested patio, walkway, or floor. Simply suppose how robust that scrubbing arm will likely be. Change arms for an evenly toned exercise.

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The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Rinse Off the Patio

Utilizing a powerful spray, hose off the patio or floor that you simply simply scrubbed. Should you adopted instructions, used the correct quantity of stress whereas scrubbing, and did not slack off, the inexperienced patio ought to begin to look concrete-colored once more. Select a time of day when there may be as a lot daylight as doable to dry the rinsed-off patio. Moss and mildew love dampness and shade.

Test again in per week to see if additional cleansing is required.

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Ideas to Hold Your Patio Clean Longer

For individuals who adopted the directions, scrubbed onerous, and used the answer a couple of occasions with out a lot luck, know that generally harder measures are referred to as for. A product like Moist & Overlook ought to do the job. Whereas the label says it’s bleach-free, phosphate-free, non-acidic, and secure close to crops and on all out of doors surfaces (when used as directed), do take warning when utilizing this product. Put on rubber gloves and keep away from pointless dripping into your backyard or grass.

Comply with the instructions on the container of the cleansing product, ensuring that the earlier cleansing solvents have been totally rinsed off with a powerful blast from the hose. Whereas the product used could declare that scrubbing is not essential, it can in all probability be essential to have these sleeves rolled up; proceed to scrub the moldy/mossy space till it is freed from all of the inexperienced stuff.

Attempt revisiting the realm in per week or two to carry on prime of the mildew and mildew. Persistence will repay.

To clean concrete surfaces safely and successfully, start with the least poisonous cleanser and up the ante as wanted. This is how.

How to clean concrete patio

The very first thing to find out about cleansing concrete? You don’t want to be delicate. In spite of everything, it’s a really onerous materials.

Primary Cleansing

These approaches will allow you to get a good distance towards eradicating ground-in grime, mildew, spilled paint and most meals stains.

  • Cleansing concrete outside: you may lease a stress washer to be used together with a biodegradable detergent.
  • Cleansing concrete indoors: your provides are doubtless to be a bucket, scrub brush, and detergent. Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia additionally work effectively too.

The dangerous information for the fastidious home-owner is that concrete is a porous materials with innumerable tiny voids that may harbor grime, mildew, and every kind of deep, cussed stains.

How to clean concrete patio

You’ll be able to—and will— attempt making use of frequent detergents instantly to the powerful spots and scrubbing with a bristle (not wire) brush. However chances are you’ll not get far.

I as soon as tried cleansing a concrete storage flooring that had been uncovered to leaky oil pans and transmissions for years and years. Energy washing did little or no. What helped somewhat, although finally not sufficient, was scrubbing the realm with TSP, then hitting it with the hose.

As a final resort, I used an utility of muriatic acid—this was the silver bullet that efficiently vanquished all of the remaining oil spots.

Heavy-Responsibility Cleansing

Muriatic acid can work wonders on filthy concrete (and it may also be very helpful in cleansing extra smears of dried mortar and grout, or when trying to alleviate powerful rust stains).

Nevertheless, please be suggested that you simply should be extraordinarily cautious with this highly effective acid. Don’t even use muriatic acid except you actually need to. Should you should use it, ensure to put on protecting gear (together with protecting clothes), and all the time comply with the producer’s instructions for dilution.

Stopping Stains

Concrete sealer is a dependable possibility for avoiding stains within the first place. Select a transparent silane- or siloxane-based water-repellent sealer (view instance on Amazon) and apply the product with a paint sprayer or curler. Sealing won’t have an effect on the looks or traction of the concrete floor.

If the injury has been carried out and no quantity or diploma of cleansing appears to be doing the trick, then, if it’s indoor concrete, contemplate making use of a masonry primer and a masonry topcoat. Such a coating would cover the previous stains and seal the concrete to stop additional staining.

How to clean concrete patio

Cleansing and sealing a concrete flooring, comparable to a driveway or patio, is a good way to enhance the looks and enhance sturdiness. The method may be carried out in a couple of hours.

Step 1 – Choose a Energy washer

If you don’t personal an influence washer, you may both buy one from a neighborhood ironmongery store or lease one from any device rental store.

Step 2 – Put together the Concrete

Use your hose to spray down the concrete. Apply any cleansing chemical that’s particularly formulated for cleansing concrete. Bleach and water may even work effectively. Some industrial options are particularly designed to take away oil, so contemplate one like this if in case you have noticeable oil stains in your driveway.

Step 3 – Scrub the Concrete

Use a scrub brush to totally scrub the concrete with the cleansing chemical. Pay particular consideration to areas that present noticeable stains. If doable, use a scrub brush with an extended deal with. It will assist cut back the effort and time wanted to cowl the entire flooring.

Step 4 – Rinse the Concrete

Join your energy washer to your hose and switch it on. Transfer the stress washer wand backwards and forwards throughout the width of the concrete, working your method down, till you’ve got totally rinsed all of the cleansing chemical substances from the concrete. You also needs to deal with areas that had stains to take away any extra residue that will have give you the cleaner. If any stains stay, you may repeat step 2 and re-rinse the concrete.

As soon as you might be happy with the look of the concrete, permit it to dry utterly earlier than continuing. Usually, this can take round 24 hours, although sizzling solar or cool air could shorten or lengthen drying time.

Step 5 – Apply the Concrete Sealer

Pour the concrete sealer within the curler pan and use the curler with an extension to apply the sealant to the concrete. Use gradual, mild motions till the concrete is totally coated by the sealant. You will want to apply 2 to Three skinny coats of sealant. A coat that’s too thick can lead to bubbles that aren’t solely unattractive however can cut back the effectiveness of the sealant.

Step 6 – Let Dry

Permit the brand new sealant to dry earlier than permitting anybody to stroll on the concrete. It will common between 24 and 48 hours relying on the local weather wherein you reside.

How to clean concrete patio

Irrespective of how the paint received in your concrete, listed here are the most effective strategies for eradicating it. Picture: Christin Lola / Shutterstock.

When you have ever by accident spilled or splattered paint onto on a brand new concrete flooring, patio, or different floor, you in all probability threw up your fingers in despair, assuming the spot could be everlasting. Whereas paint spills on concrete could appear to be a disaster, they’re actually nothing to cry over. Typically, the paint may be eliminated efficiently with a little bit of effort and time.

The supplies and strategies required for paint removing will depend upon quite a lot of elements, together with the kind of paint (water vs. oil-based), the scale of the spill, and the porosity of the concrete. Listed here are a few of your choices, together with a couple of ideas for getting the most effective outcomes.

Need skilled assist? Discover contractors providing concrete cleansing close to me.

Paint Strippers

Lots of the similar chemical strippers designed for eradicating paint from wooden may also be used on concrete and masonry surfaces. Ensure the stripper is formulated for the kind of paint you’re attempting to take away. Some merchandise will solely take away water-based latex paint whereas others will work on each oil- and water-based paints. Search for an environmentally pleasant product that’s secure to use on each indoor and out of doors concrete surfaces, comparable to Soy Gel Coatings Remover from Franmar Chemical compounds. These strippers are sometimes thick gels that can keep energetic a very long time after utility. Additionally they are biodegradable, low in odor, and freed from caustic chemical substances.

  • Finest for: Eradicating small paint spills on concrete flooring or out of doors surfaces.
  • How to apply: Utilizing a brush, broom, or squeegee, apply a thick layer of paint stripper to the affected space, following the producer’s directions. Let the stripper sit till it totally penetrates and the paint begins to soften (anyplace from 4 to 24 hours). As soon as the paint is visibly wrinkled or puckered, it’s prepared to be faraway from the floor with a scraper or wire brush. End by hosing off or mopping up any remaining residue.
  • Security tip: Don’t use paint strippers containing methylene chloride. These solvent-based strippers work quick, however they’re extremely poisonous when inhaled or absorbed by way of the pores and skin. Lately the EPA banned the sale of those paint strippers to shoppers, and main home-improvement shops are not carrying them.

Energy Washing

Environmentally pleasant paint strippers are efficient, however the goopy mess they go away behind is usually a trouble to eliminate. If the paint spill is on exterior concrete, energy washing is a good different and avoids a lot of the cleanup.

  • Finest for: Eradicating giant paint spills or spray paint splatter on out of doors concrete surfaces.
  • How to do it: For the most effective outcomes, use an influence washer with a stress score of a minimum of 3000 psi and a move price of a minimum of Four gallons per minute. Should you don’t need to spend money on an industrial energy washer, contemplate renting or borrowing one. You can too rent knowledgeable to do the job.
  • See the following pointers for stress washing concrete.

Soda Blasting

For cussed paint spills that may’t be eliminated by energy washing or chemical strippers, an efficient and environmentally pleasant different is soda blasting. This methodology, which makes use of granular sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) blasted at excessive stress onto the floor, can take away a number of layers of paint or coatings quick. It is also a less-aggressive paint removing methodology than sandblasting and gained’t injury the concrete floor.

  • Finest for: Eradicating giant paint spills or complete coats of paint from out of doors concrete surfaces.
  • How to do it: Though you may lease soda blasting items from {hardware} shops and tools rental corporations, it takes some talent to function the tools correctly and safely. Your greatest wager is to rent knowledgeable soda blasting service.
  • Tip: Should you do determine to do the job your self, ensure you use an industrial-grade sodium bicarbonate (not the baking soda you purchase on the grocery retailer) and take the suitable security precautions by sporting a respirator. Additionally, don’t let any overspray are available contact with crops as a result of the excessive pH stage of the fabric may be dangerous.

Ground Grinders

As a substitute of utilizing paint strippers, a chemical-free different for eradicating paint from concrete flooring is by grinding it off utilizing a walk-behind or handheld concrete grinder These machines are very efficient at eradicating skinny coatings and paints or for cleansing and frivolously abrading concrete flooring surfaces.

  • Finest for: Eradicating giant paint spills or complete coats of paint from inside concrete flooring and storage flooring.
  • How to do it: You’ll be able to lease handheld and small walk-behind concrete flooring grinders at many home-improvement shops and tools rental corporations, together with the suitable grinding disks. Nevertheless, the tools may be tough to function, particularly for the inexperienced. Until what you’re doing, you’re higher off hiring knowledgeable.
  • Tip: To manage airborne mud particles, use a concrete flooring grinder outfitted with a vacuum port so it may be attached to an industrial vac. Not solely will a vacuum maintain the air free from dangerous mud, it can additionally eradicate messy cleanup.

What if the Paint Nonetheless Will not Come Off?

Should you’ve tried all the things and there is nonetheless paint left in your concrete, contemplate resurfacing your concrete. A coating is utilized over the previous floor supplying you with a clean, clean canvas that may be finsihed in your selection of colours, textures and patterns.

How to Inhibit Paint Absorption into Concrete

Naked, untreated concrete can act like a sponge and take in paint and different undesirable stains readily, making them tougher to take away. Holding your concrete protected with a sealer or flooring wax will assist stop absorption, permitting you to take away the spot extra simply. Should you get to the spill early earlier than the paint dries, you may usually take away it utilizing solely detergent and water. If the paint has dried, chances are you’ll have the ability to merely scrape it off the floor.

How to clean concrete patio

Mould will make your concrete look dangerous, and may develop into a well being and security challenge. For small areas, you may often eliminate the mildew your self, however for bigger issues, get skilled assist from a contractor providing concrete cleansing close to me.


Moist circumstances may cause mildew and mildew progress on out of doors concrete like driveways, patios and steps. This progress often happens in damp or shaded areas that do not obtain a whole lot of solar or warmth. Concrete, with all its nooks, crannies and pores, is definitely an awesome incubator for mildew. Moist, humid climate with heat temperatures solely improves the rising circumstances.

What does mildew on concrete appear like?

Mould may appear like black spots or areas which have turned inexperienced. Some mildew is white, however may be confused with efflorescence, which is a salty movie on the concrete. If the white substance dissolves simply with water it’s doubtless the latter.


One of the best answer is to scrub and clean the affected areas with a mold-killing detergent or a easy answer of family bleach and water. Be certain to scrub aggressively to get down into the pores of the concrete. Let the detergent or bleach answer soak in for some time to make sure that all of the mildew is killed. After scrubbing, rinse with an influence washer to get all of the strong natural matter out of the concrete.

Conquer ugly splotches in your driveway, patio, and storage flooring to restore the good-looking appears of these hardworking surfaces.

How to clean concrete patio

Concrete driveways, patios, and storage flooring could take a beating, however that doesn’t imply they need to present the indicators. Whereas these rugged surfaces are certain to obtain their share of errant oil, paint, rust, mud, foliage, and even “accidents” from household pets, you may banish stains and restore your concrete’s beauty with somewhat elbow grease and know-how. Learn on for tried-and-true therapies that actually work on the most typical culprits for concrete stains.

How to Take away Oil Stains from Concrete

Oil spills go away unattractive black splotches on concrete flooring that may additionally monitor into your house from the soles of your footwear. Assault stains by absorbing as a lot oil as doable earlier than it penetrates.

  1. Pour clay or “clumping” cat litter (however not crystal or clay alternate options like corn) over all the stain and work it in with a stiff broom or brush.
  2. Go away the kitty litter in place for a minimum of an hour—or in a single day for an in depth or previous stain—after which sweep up the mess.

For some new or small concrete stains attributable to oil, that is all of the remedy chances are you’ll want.

If the concrete nonetheless bears a mark, don rubber gloves and goggles and do the next:

  1. Combine one cup of TSP (trisodium phosphate) in a gallon of sizzling water, then pour the answer over the blemish.
  2. Let it soak in for a minimum of 30 minutes, after which scrub with a stiff nylon brush.
  3. Lastly, blast the spot together with your hose set to the very best stress.

Repeat the method as essential on deep-set stains.

How to Take away Paint Stains from Concrete

Whereas a slight trace of colour may all the time stay for those who spill a considerable amount of paint onto unsealed concrete, you may take away a lot of the mess. If the stain is comparatively recent and small, placed on rubber gloves and eye safety earlier than mixing one cup of TSP right into a gallon of sizzling water. Pour the answer over the paint, work it into the stain with a stiff, long-handled brush, after which rinse together with your hose set to the very best move.

Massive or previous paint spills want a chemical paint stripper—and that requires eye safety, chemical-resistant gloves, and a respirator (most suitable option) or a mud masks (appropriate provided that working in an open space with good air flow).

  1. Combine paint stripper with an absorbent materials comparable to child powder, diatomaceous earth, or finely floor clay kitty litter till you get the consistency of thick paste.
  2. Use a brush or thick sponge to smear the paste over all the paint spill and permit 20 minutes of dwell time.
  3. Use a plastic paint scraper to take away the paste and loosened paint. If there’s nonetheless fairly a little bit of stain, unfold the paint stripping paste once more and go away on for half an hour earlier than once more scraping it away.
  4. Sprinkle a scouring powder like Comet over any remaining stain and scrub totally with a nylon brush and water.
  5. Rinse the realm with a powerful blast out of your hose.

Comply with these instructions to take away an ugly rust stain out of your concrete patio, driveway or storage flooring.

How to clean concrete patio

Concrete Paver Walkway With Pebble Joints

Sq. concrete paver walkways with Mexican pebble joints join the completely different areas of the yard, and pea gravel makes for a clean and budget-friendly mulch materials.

Picture by: Joslyn Amato

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Should you’ve ever left metallic furnishings on a patio or previous backyard instruments on a driveway, you’ve in all probability seen the ugly, brownish-orange stains this stuff can go away behind. When metallic will get moist, it could possibly rust, and that rust can switch to your concrete surfaces. Properties that depend on effectively water are additionally susceptible to rust stains, as effectively water tends to be excessive in iron. Nevertheless it occurs, a rust spot can actually tarnish the look of your house.

It’s necessary to be aware that the longer the rust stain has been in your concrete, the tougher will probably be to take away. With that in thoughts, we’re breaking this tutorial down into two classes: minor versus main rust stains. Should you’re undecided how previous your stain is, we suggest beginning with the remedy for minor rust stains after which, ought to that not work successfully sufficient, transfer on to the remedy for main rust stains.

Minor Rust Stains

Earlier than you start, take into accounts in case your concrete is painted or delicate in any method. Whether it is, it’s your decision to dilute the next options with one equal half water and use a brush that gained’t strip away paint.

Begin by cleansing the floor with cleaning soap and water, it doesn’t matter what stage of rust stain you’ve got. It will wash away surface-level grease or grime that would stop the acids from successfully eradicating the stain. Easy dish cleaning soap ought to do the trick.

After the floor is clean, begin with pure lemon juice — not a diluted model, because the stronger the acid the higher it can take away the stain. When you’ve soaked the stain totally with the lemon juice, let it sit. That is key. We suggest letting it steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

When you’ve let it sit, use a wire brush to scrub on the spot. That is one other occasion when the delicacy of your concrete comes into play. Should you’re nervous in regards to the paint sporting, use a gentler nylon brush. In case your concrete is extraordinarily delicate, you need to use a sponge; nonetheless, this gained’t be fairly as efficient as a brush.

Subsequent, rinse the spot and let it dry. You’ll have to go on the stain once more with the identical course of. If the stain is very deep, you may substitute the lemon juice for one thing stronger, comparable to white vinegar. Comply with the identical course of with white vinegar if essential.