How to clean combat boots

I’m wondering how to wear combat boots after 40? I see a lot of young girls wearing them with short shorts, but I’m not sure if it’s acceptable for a woman my age to be wearing them, or what I should wear them with?

I wore Doc Martens in the ’90s and loved how comfortable they were, but I have a feeling that these boots aren’t worn in the same manner this time around? Can you give me ideas for how to wear Doc Martens over 40? Thanks! Trudy

How to clean combat boots

Hi Trudy,

This is a great example of an old trend that comes around and makes you wonder if you should try it again. The answer, If you rocked Dr. Martens and flannel shirts during your younger grunge days, you can certainly wear them again. Just be sure to style them in a modern way that is in sync with the times and your age.

Combat boots look hip and cool on mature women when they are part of a whole look, (not thoughtlessly tossed on with anything). For example, pairing combat boots with something unexpected and feminine like this silky blouse and leopard print scarf (above) is a modern, grown-up look.

Doc Martens have even been spotted on older stars like Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon, so there’s certainly no need to worry about looking like a granny in combat boots! Here are a few more ideas for what to wear with Doc Martens and combat boots over 40.

How to clean combat boots

1) Jeans

Jeans are a natural with combat boots, but a skinny leg jean and big clunky combats will make your feet look huge. So all you need to do is balance the look by wearing something long and loose up top. An oversized sweater, tunic or loose, flowy blouse works. Skinny jeans can be tucked into combat boots.

Baggy boyfriend jeans can be cuffed or worn down, long over your Doc Martens. Throw on a cute field jacket for an edgy outdoors look.

Want instant sophistication? Try raw-edge denim and a tailored blazer + a pair of rebellious Dr. Martens.

How to clean combat boots

2) Cropped Pants

If you try to wear combat boots without giving your outfit a feminine touch, you a going to look like you are wearing a military costume. It’s the contrast between the feminine and the masculine that you need to pull off this look. Here, the prettiest pink color transforms what could be a plaid punk look into a sophisticated outfit with a cool edge. Cropped plaid pants work perfectly to show off this edgy boot and give the outfit attitude!

3) Short Flirty Dresses

Another easy solution to counteract the macho feel of combat boots is to wear a short, feminine dress with them. Pick something that is soft, light, flowy and has movement. Florals work well to create a contrast. Pair your pretty dress with tights and lace-up combat boots.

How to clean combat boots

4) A Maxi Dress or Skirt

Long dresses and skirts work just as well. Here’s an example. Pair this flowy floral maxi with combat boots, and a black leather jacket for a dash of subculture style.

I must confess any look with combat boots is not for me. My taste leans more to boots that are sleek and fine. None-the-less, if it works for you, go for it. Dressing after 40, or at any age is all about personal expression and being authentic.

Doc Martens aren’t the only kind of combat boots around. There are a lot of other combat boots that are less chunky, edgy and a little more feminine and refined. You may be more in that camp and if so, I have included lots here.

Do you like combat boots, or do they belong in the army? Have you ever owned a pair of Dr. Martens? I’d love to know.

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How to clean combat boots

How to clean combat boots

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  • Use Wonder Balsam to keep your boots clean, protect the leather, and keep it soft and supple

How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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Nearly half a million cars are eligible to be booted and towed if they were to be found in the District right now. But data released by Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh, who also chairs the Transportation and Environmental Committee, indicates there isn’t enough to enforce tickets given to drivers.

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) – Nearly half a million cars are eligible to be booted and towed if they were to be found in the District right now.

But data released by Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh, who also chairs the Transportation and Environmental Committee, indicates there isn’t enough to enforce tickets given to drivers.

Just under 44,000 D.C. residents are eligible to be towed now, along with 167,000 Virginia drivers and 335,000 Maryland drivers. A car can be booted in the District if it has two unpaid fines.

The total number of staff with the Department of Public Works to handle all the boots: 6, which work in two teams.

"Six?! For the entire district? Not enough," said Jabari Douglas, a driver who’s gotten a speeding ticket in the district and paid it.

Cheh says those DPW workers are trying: they average 35-50 cars getting boots a day when they do find them. But it would take 25 years to catch up.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars of missed fine opportunity here, Cheh says, but safety is more important.

"If we’re going to have cameras and we’re going to catch people running red lights or speeding, and they’re going to get a citation, it’s irrelevant about how we’re going to change behavior if these citations are just thrown in the trash," Cheh said.

Cheh says a collaborative, and large operation is needed to be able to enforce fines more thoroughly in the District and is already looking at ways to do that.

One key thing on her radar: reciprocity.

Currently, D.C. has a so-called ‘Clean Hands’ ordinance. That means any D.C. resident who wants to renew a D.C. license has to pay off all fines.

However, a Virginia or Maryland resident with outstanding tickets in D.C. doesn’t have to pay them off before getting their license renewed.

"We have asked the Metropolitan Washington Council on Governments to convene the three states so we all can negotiate a successful path forward on ticket reciprocity," Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure Lucinda Babers said. 

How to clean combat boots

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How to clean combat boots

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