How to choose the right concrete contractor

How to Choose a Concrete Contractor

The quest to choose a concrete contractor is no simple task. You need to ensure that the contractor you hire is qualified, reliable, and trustworthy. It’s easy to hire the first concrete company that you come across in order to get the ball rolling on your project ASAP, but without asking the right questions , you risk delayed completion time and surprise costs. To choose the right concrete contractor, here are a few tips to follow:

Check for Experience

Typically, contractors with at least five years of experience are the most reliable and trustworthy when it comes to quality work. With an experienced contractor, you can expect that they will readily provide you with educated suggestions and helpful answers to help you receive the best possible product.

Check to See if They’re Insured

If an accident occurs while your contractor is performing your concrete project, the last thing you want is to be held responsible for it. When you’re interviewing potential contractors, make sure to ask about their insurance policies, including what they cover and how you and your property will be protected. The best contractors will tell you that they have general liability coverage, and you can directly contact the insurance companies yourself to double-check the accuracy of this.

Check Their Prices Against Competitors

The first question you likely have for your contractor is probably about price. In this estimate, make sure to ask for the costs of:

  • Down payment
  • Reinforcement
  • Sealer
  • Base material
  • Coloring
  • Concrete thickness

After you receive the cost estimates for each of the above items, create a spreadsheet to match these prices up with other concrete companies. When weighing these costs, it’s also important to consider the quality of work you expect, the services involved, and the professionalism of the contractor that you spoke with.

Check Their Reputation and Portfolio

You check reviews before going to certain restaurants, so why not do the same when shopping for a concrete contractor? This decision will impact you for far longer than a meal. Checking out a concrete company’s online reviews and testimonials as well as their responses to negative reviews will help you know what to expect. If you’re having trouble digging up any information online, ask around–someone in your circle will likely have recommendations for you. You can also ask the contractors in question to produce lists of references or portfolios of their previous work if need be.

At Port Aggregates, our professional and experienced sales staff are happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with all of the information necessary for you to make an informed decision when selecting the contractor that’s right for your project. Contact us today to request a quote for your commercial or residential concrete project !

How to choose the right concrete contractor

Need a driveway, a patio, a walkway, or other concrete project completed? Great, there are plenty of great contractors out there that can assist you. But to ensure the project is done right, And the only way to get the job right is to hire the right contractor.

Hiring a contractor involves significantly more than just doing an internet search and picking a name out of a hat. Nor should you just jump at the first contractor that comes along with a budget price.

Although the price is important, far more important in the concrete contractor world is ensuring the job is done professionally with quality construction.

And when we say professional, we mean a heck of a lot more than just technical expertise.

Here Live Enhanced explore a few of the elements to consider:

Explore Your Options

How to choose the right concrete contractor

The first thing is to do is some research to explore all of your options. If you live in a large city, there may be more than a dozen concrete contractors within a few miles of your project. On the other hand, in a smaller city, there may be four or five.

Two of the best ways to find a competent contractor is to ask friends or family members for referrals. In addition, call a local concrete supply company and ask them if they can refer you to one or two good local concrete contractors.

Finally, you can go to review sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. They are also good sites for reviews as long as there are perhaps a dozen or so reviews. If there is just one or two, you are then putting your trust in the opinions of total strangers.

Look for Experience

How to choose the right concrete contractor

Experience matters a great deal in the concrete contractor business. Simply ask yourself who would you trust more, a concrete contractor that has been in business for less than a year or one who has been in business for 7 or 8 years.

While it’s true the new contractor may be quite knowledgeable in the field of concrete contracting, do you really want to trust your job to someone who is still learning the craft?

On the other hand, how about comparing a company that has been in business for 20 or 30 years with a company that has been in business for 5 or 6 years.

You may find out that a company that has 5 years experience is the better choice because they can often be more competitive. A company that has 20 years of experience is obviously doing things right but they may have so many inquiries regarding jobs that they may only take up the bigger jobs, or are super expensive.

Look for References

How to choose the right concrete contractor

A great way to narrow down a concrete contractor is to call a contractor up, tell them a little bit about the job and that you are just in the exploratory phase. Ask them to provide you the names and phone numbers of several clients that they have done similar jobs for.

A good contractor will be happy to comply. A questionable contractor will not, and generally, this means you can cross them off your list.

Once you have the references, actually call them up and ask for their experience with the contractor. You may be surprised, good or bad by what you hear.

Also, call the local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints lodged about your contractor.

Know Your Contactors Plan

How to choose the right concrete contractor

Before even considering a bid from a concrete contractor, be sure and visit their office. Are you greeted as a friendly customer? Are the facilities neet, or are they in disarray? You can tell a lot by those factors alone.

But in addition, you’ll want to know about your concrete contractor’s plan. How many men will it take? Who will supervise the workers? What is their experience? Are their employees trained and experienced? Is the company insure? Does the company have any photos or even videos showing how the work is completed?

Finally, if you are completely satisfied, ask for their bid, in writing.

Get at Least Three Competitive Bids

How to choose the right concrete contractor

Don’t be in a rush. Get at least three competitive bids, in writing, and don’t just jump at the cheapest bid. Take all three bids back to the contractor and if there is a significant difference in price, ask the contractor to justify their higher bid.

Getting bid comparisons is another vital element in your concrete project.

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How to choose the right concrete contractor

Contractor Choice Overview:

There are simple tasks at home that may not require concrete contractors. However, if you are going to deal with large repair or building tasks, you have to find one that will make the procedures quicker yet done accordingly such as Steve Hupp Construction, Inc. Similar to finding the right professionals for your requirement, you need to exert diligence and effort in locating the right contractor. Though the task requires time, it will certainly be worth it in the end on choosing the right concrete contractor.

Learn More On Concrete Construction.

Prior to searching for concrete contractors, you must learn more on the construction or project you are planning on. For instance, you have to be familiar with concrete types used on pool decks, patio, driveways, or walls among others. Learn what all would be involved so your aware of the amount of work that will be required.

Check Contractors in Your Area.

You do not have to look for contractors on a nationwide basis as you will get better service and quicker responses with local concrete contractors. To narrow down your choices, you should start your search based in your local city or surrounding cities.. It is useful to shortlist or eliminate companies depending on their response quality and if they perform the desired type of work needed to be completed.

Study Their Portfolios.

Previous projects will prove how reliable the contractors are and the skill the have for the type of work. Moreover, there must be a gallery of most recent projects, showing the services catered by the company. If possible, the contractors must provide you accomplishments related to your project, giving you a visualization of their possible output for your needs.

Consider the Experience.

Contractors must at least have five years of experience in the field to guarantee high quality service. Firms with plenty of projects carried out and wider customer base will most likely provide better service.

Get Quotations or Estimates.

You must get bids from the contractors. For every quotation, detailed costing must be included as well. Timeliness is also imperative, especially if you need to finish your project quickly. The team of contractors must also be open in discussing the risks and possible situations relative to your requirement.

Once you have compared the companies and their bids, you will be able to find the best concrete contractors to work with. Remember, you should not compromise quality work with cost. Steve Hupp Construction can take online quote requests so that we can setup a time to review the work requested.

How to choose the right concrete contractor

How to choose the right concrete contractor

When you have a concrete project, hiring the right concrete contractor is important. No matter if you’re interested in a driveway, patio, walkway, or other type of project, there are plenty of professionals out there who can help you. However, because you want to ensure your project is done right, you need to be sure that you choose the right one.

Hiring a concrete contractor is more than just finding a name on an internet search or choosing the lowest price. If you want to ensure your project gets done on time, on budget, and with quality in mind, use the following tips to make the right decision.


Before you hire any Joe Schmo, you need to do your research. A simple internet search will give you a list of potential contractors in your area to reach out to regarding your concrete project’s needs. You can also ask friends and family members for referrals, or you can reach out to a local concrete supply company and ask them if they can refer concrete contractors. Having a nice list of options will allow you to comparison shop and make an educated decision.


You want to ensure you choose a contractor who has experience. Try to choose one who has been in the business for at least five years, as this will give you some level of stability and reliability. Experienced contractors will actively be a part of your project while also providing insights and suggestions to help your project run smoothly. For example, you will want to choose someone who will not only provide the right ready mix concrete necessary for your project but one who also suggests additional options, such as concrete stamps, to enhance the overall look.


Sometimes things can go wrong on a job site, and if this happens, you want to be sure you’re not liable. Make certain that the contractors you’re considering have insurance and that it’s adequate enough to cover your home and your project in the event of an accident. To help you decide, you can always contact the insurance company directly and ask to verify the coverage and the dates.


Before you sign any contract, always ask the contractor for a list of references, and then contact those references to learn more about the contractor and their operation. Be sure to ask questions regarding the type of project, the length of the project, the contractor’s communication and involvement, and the reference’s overall opinion. Use this information to help you make your final decision.


When you meet with contractors, they will typically provide you with a quote for the project. Compare the information you receive and use this to help influence your decision. However, you should be wary about choosing a contractor based on price alone, especially if that quote is significantly less than others. These low-ball contractors may cut corners or provide low-quality work, and you don’t want your project to suffer just to save some initial money.


You can tell a lot about someone by the way he or she acts. Consider choosing a contractor that has a friendly demeanor, is willing to spend time meeting with or talking with you, answers your questions, and gets back to you in a timely fashion. This type of interaction can go a long way in proving their dedication and quality. If the contractor seems hesitant to answer any questions, doesn’t call you back, or seems standoffish in any way, consider it an unprofessional sign and move on.

Choosing the right contractor is essential to getting a great finished concrete project. When considering your options, be sure to use these tips to make the best choice.

How to choose the right concrete contractor

How to Choose a Concrete Contractor

A concrete project is generally an essential precursor to a lot of work being done on a property. For example, installing a concrete driveway may be a prelude to a driveway patio, which is great for entertaining. New construction properties may need a concrete base before adding other components. As a result, many construction jobs need to find a concrete contractor long before they start looking at other projects. This also makes the stakes pretty high when it comes to choosing the right contractor to work with. Pay for poor concrete work and your entire project could be delayed. Here’s the work that goes into how to choose a concrete contractor.

Starting Your Search To Choose A Contractor

When it comes to how to choose a concrete contractor, it’s best that you treat this as a two-part task. The first part is to choose a list of contractors that you think will be a good fit, then the second part is actually deciding who you will work with from that list. The reason you want to separate these steps is that the techniques involved are very distinct. So, how do you create that shortlist ?

Friends and family : This is arguably the best way to start your search. People in your social circle already have a set reason to try and steer you towards the best option possible. Another benefit is the fact that if you’ve talked to them about the job you need, they may recommend someone who’s a good fit from their own past experience. For example, if you know you need decorative concrete, and the person in question had a similar job done, they can let you know exactly how things went before you even talk to the contractor.

Online databases : Sites like Yelp or Angie’s List are good starting points for people who don’t have any recommendations from people they know. Here, you can get a rundown of the concrete contractor, the types of concrete jobs they do, as well as a set of reviews from previous customers. Note that you can’t treat these reviews the same way as you would recommendations from friends and family, though. People may have their own biases, or a review may have little explanation for the rating. Instead, you want to focus more on trends in the reviews and if multiple people are praising or complaining about the same thing.

Professional organizations : Some contractor organizations have lists of member companies that you can use. A benefit here is that if you do have an issue with the job done, you can report it back to this larger body.

Google : Finally, you can always look up concrete contractors near you. This will likely provide some results, but you’ll need to do more legwork on your own to find things like their qualifications, years of experience, and other information.

How to choose the right concrete contractor

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Making A Final Decision

After you’ve narrowed things down a bit, you can go to your shortlist of contractors and actually start the work of reaching out to them. A good idea to keep in mind is treating this like a job interview, which is essentially what it is. You want someone who is qualified for the job you need, right? This means you need to ask pointed questions to get the information that solves that question. Here’s what questions you need to be asking.

Do you have the appropriate insurance coverage? If the contractor you’re looking at has a website, chances are that this information is covered there. However, you still want to ask this to make sure that the information is consistent. Sometimes, information on the website might be out of date, and you may not want to work with a contractor that has poor attention to detail. You should figure out the type of insurance company they have as well as the level of coverage. For example, liability may seem like an obvious one, but what about automobile insurance for any work vehicles coming to your property?

Does your experience match the job I need? There are plenty of concrete contractors doing good work out there, but they may be specialized for a certain task. Ask before you commit whether they’ve done a job similar to what you need and if they can provide references. This will just make sure that their years of experience are going towards the right place.

Are we using a written contract? This is one of the things that should be non-negotiable when you are trying to find the right concrete contractor. Having a written contract is one of the essential things that will protect you if something goes wrong with the job. Assuming a contract is provided, make sure you read it carefully before signing, to make sure there aren’t any terms that you don’t understand.

How will we communicate about issues? If all goes well, the contractor will be able to do their job, let you know things are okay, and you can go about your business. However, sometimes, they may encounter a problem that requires your input. In other cases, you’re the one who needs to change what the nature of the project is. Establish terms to handle this now, so no one is rushing to make contact later.

How to choose the right concrete contractor

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When it comes to how to choose a concrete contractor, there are a lot of different elements that come into play. Some you may have already had in mind, others you may have not been aware of. One thing that’s worth looking into or asking in your initial questioning is whether they use project management software like eSUB . While this isn’t consumer-facing software, it does showcase that you have experienced contractors with an organized operation and a concrete picture of their finances. All of this translates into a better job completed for you.

How to choose the right concrete contractor

The first step of a successful concrete project is hiring the right concrete contractors in Calgary. Whether you need a new driveway or patio or require commercial or industrial concrete work, it’s essential to choose the right company.

Here are some tips for choosing the right concrete contractor:

Do a background check

You shouldn’t hire any contractor to work on your home or business without doing your homework first. If you’ve narrowed down your list of contractors, it’s time to start asking questions. Make sure they have a proper business license, insurance, and WCB coverage. Without adequate insurance, you could be held responsible for any damages or injuries that might occur on the worksite.

A company like Bow River Concrete is RenovationFind Certified. That means they have all those things, plus have gone through legal and financial checks and have their customer reviews monitored. Membership or certification from a third-party is always a good sign.

Check out their portfolio

High quality work is essential when choosing a Calgary concrete contractor. Ask to see pictures of their previous work. It will give you an idea of the kind of work they do and the services they offer. Seeing some images of concrete work might also inspire you with ideas for your project. Check out these beautiful concrete design ideas.

Ask for references

You might feel silly asking a contractor for references, but it’s a good idea. Speaking with a few of their previous clients will give you a better idea of what they are like to work with. Ask them for references on their three last jobs, not their three best jobs. This will give you a more fair and accurate picture of their work and customer service. Ask their previous customers if they’re happy with the job they did and if they would hire them again.

Always hire experience over price

High quality work is a result of years of practice and experience. Ask any potential contractors how long they’ve been in the business. You want a seasoned professional that has a proven high standard of work. Not only will an experienced concrete contractor do a better job, but they’ll also be consistent and reliable. Extensive knowledge in the field will allow them to be more creative in design, quickly troubleshoot issues, and find solutions to problems. Experience is valuable and always worth the investment.

Bow River Concrete has over 23 years of experience in the concrete industry. They have the experience you’re looking for in a concrete contractor in Calgary.

Go with your gut

How the contractor treats you throughout communication will give you an idea of their demeanor. You want someone willing to spend the time talking with you, getting to know your needs, and a good idea of the project you want to do. If they are hesitant to answer questions, quick on the phone, or take days to return a message, that could be a red flag. Go with your gut and hire someone that makes you feel heard and comfortable from the start.

Updated on June 24, 2021

Whether you need Industrial Concrete Contractors for an industrial building project or a simple repair job, finding one that is reliable and cost-effective is essential. Many different contractors specialize in this field, but not all of them are created equal. Before hiring a contractor, you must take the time to consider several key issues. These may include the amount of experience they have and their track record, and feedback from past customers. Besides, it would help if you asked the contractors questions regarding their qualifications, work ethic, flexibility, and professionalism.

The most important qualification for any commercial concrete contractor is experience. Experience will ensure that the contractor has completed a wide variety of jobs and has the necessary knowledge and skills to handle concrete projects of all sizes. It would help if you asked about the types of projects the company has handled in the past and the company’s specific jobs today. For example, if you are in the process of building a swimming pool, you probably do not need a plumbing contractor. The same is true if you are interested in having the structure of your business altered.

When searching for concrete contractors, you should also inquire about the various methods that are used to create the concrete mix. While there are several different ways to make a concrete mix, the most popular way is to use a roller mill that consists of a large drum and some rollers that are turned by the motor. Most commercial concrete contractors that specialize in fiber-reinforced concrete will tell you that it takes many hours to manufacture one roll. This is why you must ask about how long it will take for your project to be completed.

Another essential quality that you should look for in any industrial concrete contractor is their knowledge of OSHA regulations. OSHA is the federal agency that enforces safety standards within the construction industry. Any concrete contractor that you work with must be familiar with the OSHA guidelines. If they are not, they should be able to show you those guidelines. Many times, an industrial concrete contractor can offer you samples of OSHA paperwork that you can examine.

You should also ask how long the concrete contractor has been in business. How long have they worked on projects similar to yours? What type of workers and equipment do they use? It is imperative that you choose an industrial concrete contractor familiar with all of your requirements and has a team of experienced workers who are willing to work with you. A team of workers that work well together will help to complete the job efficiently..

It would help if you also inquired about the specifics of the job. This includes inquiring about the materials that need to be used. You may often need to have textures added to certain parts of your structure or may need to have certain elements such as stamped concrete or poured concrete added. If the concrete company you are working with does not offer you details regarding specific requirements, it may be time to find someone else.

Industrial concrete contractors have many options available to them. If they live in your area, the chances are that there are several available to them. Perhaps you can find one that offers you free estimates through their website. By getting estimates, you can see if this is the ideal concrete work for your project and ensure that the estimate is correct.

By following these simple guidelines, you can make sure that you hire the right people to complete your concrete works. Industrial concrete contractors who work with you consistently are likely going to provide you with excellent service. They will make sure that your project is completed promptly and with quality products. They can also help to save you money by making sure that the project is done on time. Hiring concrete contractors is an essential part of building your business.

The result you get from your concrete construction project relies heavily on the concrete contractor you choose. It takes diligence and time to narrow down through the list of fraudsters and unqualified firms to find a company that will deliver the results you deserve. Follow through these steps to help you find the most reliable concrete Miami company.

Do an initial online search

Fire up your computer and search for concrete contractors within your area. While you are at it, also take steps to learn about the business to remain steps ahead of any con artists. Ensure that you are fully aware of the terms that you can expect these contractors to use and understand their meanings, as well as the current prices of concrete services and slabs in your area. As you build your list, here are some of the most important questions to ask a potential contractor:
How to choose the right concrete contractor

  • How long have you been in this business? A contractor with about five years of experience is the better choice, as you can rely on them for stability, which is crucial in the world of construction. An experienced contractor is most likely backed by a portfolio of happy clients and will offer helpful insights and recommendations to help improve your project.
  • What insurance coverage do you have? Hiring a contractor without insurance is highly detrimental. Accidents happen in construction sites, and either you or a worker could get seriously hurt. The machinery could also malfunction and cause damage to your home. All these liabilities should be adequately insured to protect you from having to pay any damages or medical fees. Ensure that you also verify the existence of the insurer and that the policies are valid. Another important requirement of a competent contractor is a current and valid license to practice in your residential area.

Request to speak to a reference

A concrete contractor worth their salt should have no qualms about giving you an address list of previous clients to verify the quality of their services and work ethic. Talk about their general experience, whether the contractor charged any hidden fees, and how their construction project is coming along.

Check online review sites and social media

Most contractors have some kind of online presence, such as a website, blog, or pages on major social networks. Look through these to gauge the perception of previous clients and followers of the concrete contractor you are interested in. Sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau can also be invaluable when looking for a reliable and competent service provider.

Compare the quotes you get

How to choose the right concrete contractor
From your list of companies, make a list of prices to help you compare. Also, ask about any additional fees, such as reinforcements, Styrofoam, vapor barriers, and other items. Avoid making decisions based on price alone, as you may end up getting a contractor that uses poor quality materials and uses shortcuts. The better option is always to pay for high-quality services as they are worth it in the long run. A cheaper contractor will mean repairs in the near future or accidents.

Also, ask about any items in your quote that you do not understand. If the contractor seems dodgy or will not answer your questions comprehensively, then cross them off your list. Also, get a contractor that will deliver a high-quality result in the shortest time possible. Such contractors may be pricier but are worth it if you have a tight schedule.

Visit any of the worksites

A great way to confirm the quality of a concrete contractor’s services is to visit one of their worksites and view their work. You can also get plenty of ideas for your own project from such visits, as well as a feel of their communication, work ethic, and organization culture. Throughout the construction project, you and your contractor will communicate frequently, so choose one that is respectful and pleasant to work with.

Review your contract

Most concrete contractors will use a contract to stipulate the terms of service, methods and terms of payment, and other crucial aspects of your deal. Read through it carefully before you sign it for any clauses that you do not understand or place you on the spot. Check for hidden costs and warranty policies, and only sign it if you are absolutely sure and fine with its terms. You should also keep a copy for reference.
How to choose the right concrete contractor

Seek assistance from friends and relatives

Even after going through all these steps, you may have come down to two contractors and still cannot make a final decision. You can enlist the help of a neighbor, friend, or relative that has worked with any of these contractors. They can also provide a valuable reference and introduce you to the company as a new client.

Are you a home owner? Do you want to renovate your home or build a concrete structure on your property? You may think that knocking down a wall or building a concrete garage is an easy job. But, remember not all DIY jobs are successful.

Expert Care for your Home

If you want your home to be sturdy and beautiful, you have to take care of it. And, who can give better professional care than an experienced concrete contractor? He / she will deliver quality results and save you from expensive problems in future. Choosing the right concrete contractor can make a huge difference to your home. So, how to choose the right person for your project?

Preparation is the Key

Start with a budget and know what kind of concrete installation or repair you want. If you are not clear about the project, you may end up spending more than your budget.

Also, having an idea of ​​the project will allow you to explain your situation to the concrete contractor in a better way. It will enable you to obtain accurate estimates.

It is also important to ask your family, friends and co-workers for references. If you have accredited your friend’s home, ask him / her about the contractor.

The Interview Process

Once you have received estimates from concrete contractors, choose a couple of them who will work within your budget. In order to choose the best contractor, ask several questions related to the following things:

3. License of the contractor

4. Time estimate

5. Information of the crew

6. Insurance coverage of the crew

Also, do not hesitate in negotiating with the concrete contractor for obtaining the best price.

Inspection is a Must

You should not choose a concrete contractor by simply talking to him / her. You must inspect the following things before saying yes to a contractor:

1. Check the validity of his / her license.

2. Ensure that there are no multiple complaints against him / her.

3. Check his / her litigation history.

4. Read online reviews.

5. Check his / her nearby sites to get an idea of ​​the work.

Sign the Contract

Once you have chosen the concrete contractor, make sure that every point discussed is present in the contract. It will help you in avoiding any conflicts in the future. A typical concrete project will include the following things:

1. Time estimate for finishing the project

2. Payment schedule

3. Information related to the material

4. Contact information of sub-contractors

Once you sign the concrete contractor for your project, he / she will start the work. It is important that you stay in constant touch with him / her and discuss any new issue.

Once the project is finished, stay calm. Do not make 100 percent payment until you receive copies of materials’ receipt and lien releases from the sub-contractor.