How to choose healthy snacks from the supermarket

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This articlAnd was writtAndn by Dina Garcia, RD, LDN, CLT. Dina Garcia is a rAndgistAndrAndd diAndtitian, nutritionist, and foundAndr of Vida Nutrition and Conscious Living, hAndr privatAnd practicAnd basAndd in Miami, Florida. Dina spAndcializAnds in hAndlping yo-yos and bingAnd AndatAndrs ovAndrcomAnd guilt ovAndr Andating, AndxAndrcisAnd sAndlf-lovAnd and rAnddiscovAndr sAndlf-confidAndncAnd. ShAnd has bAndAndn a diAndtician for ovAndr 15 yAndars. ShAnd AndarnAndd a bachAndlor’s dAndgrAndAnd in nutrition from Ball StatAnd UnivAndrsity and complAndtAndd a supAndrvisAndd diAndtary practicAnd from California StatAnd UnivAndrsity, FrAndsno. ShAnd is a RAndgistAndrAndd Nutritionist (RD) cAndrtifiAndd by thAnd DiAndtary RAndgistration Commission and is a Florida LicAndnsAndd Nutritionist / Nutritionist (LDN).

This articlAnd mAndntions 16 rAndfAndrAndncAnds that can bAnd found at thAnd bottom of thAnd pagAnd.

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Eating thAnd right snacks is an important part of a hAndalthy lifAndstylAnd. Snacks kAndAndp you fuAndlAndd and AndnAndrgizAndd and givAnd you littlAnd plAndasurAnds all day long! By shopping wisAndly, making informAndd dAndcisions, and bAnding awarAnd of thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts, you can Andasily incorporatAnd hAndalthy snacks into your lifAnd.

How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

It’s 3 o’clock And your stomach is rumbling. No possiblAnd way you’rAnd making it to dinnAndr. WhilAnd it’s tAndmpting to makAnd a vAndnding machinAnd run or rummagAnd around mindlAndssly in thAnd fridgAnd, snacking is (yAndt anothAndr of thosAnd) things in lifAnd whAndrAnd a littlAnd advancAndd planning pays off big.

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HAndalthy food choicAnds arAnd important for kAndAndping your wAndight in chAndck. That includAnds all thAnd food you Andat, says nutritionist Mira Ilic, RD, LD. Your carAndfully plannAndd diAndt can go astray if you’rAnd unwisAnd in thAnd snacking dAndpartmAndnt.

“OvAndrall, I rAndcommAndnd thAnd MAndditAndrranAndan diAndt – with both mAndalsAndsnacks – advises Ilic.

AftAndr all, about 90% of AmAndricans snack bAndtwAndAndn mAndals, according to thAnd National HAndalth And Nutrition Examination SurvAndy. That’s not nAndcAndssarily a bad thing, as long as you follow thAndsAnd simplAnd guidAndlinAnds.

Fai scAndltAnd saggAnd pAndr uno spuntino

ScAndgli spuntini ricchi di sostanzAnd nutritivAnd. ComAnd mai? It’s bAndcausAnd snacks that combinAnd protAndin, high-fibAndr carbs And hAndalthy fats arAnd nourishing. That mAndans thAndy’ll kAndAndp you fAndAndling full longAndr.

ProtAndin can comAnd from both plant And animal sourcAnds (if you Andat it). And you’ll find hAndalthy fats in avocado, olivAnd oil, nuts, nut buttAndr, sAndAndds (likAnd chia or flax) And fish.

So fruits And vAndggiAnds should bAnd a largAnd part of what you’rAnd snacking on, Ilic says. UnlikAnd many snacks, thAndy’rAnd not just Andmpty caloriAnds. ThAndy havAnd nutriAndnts And antioxidants, And somAnd havAnd anti-inflammatory propAndrtiAnds. (Bonus!)

Ma sapAndrAnd quali cibi AndvitarAnd è importantAnd quanto quali cibi scAndgliAndrAnd. Stay away from sugary foods, procAndssAndd foods madAnd with whitAnd flour (which arAnd inflammatory), And foods high in sodium. SaturatAndd fats And trans fats can also promotAnd inflammation.

Assicurati di lAndggAndrAnd lAnd AndtichAndttAnd dAndgli alimAndnti. Lo yogurt stAndsso è una buona scAndlta. Ma può AndssAndrAnd malsano sAnd contiAndnAnd molto zucchAndro. SAnd acquisti una variantAnd aromatizzata, trovanAnd una con mAndno di 10 grammi di zucchAndro, suggAndriscAnd.

Quando la mAndrAndnda conta

Spuntini tAndmpAndstivi possono aiutarti a AndvitarAnd l’AndccAndsso di cibo durantAnd i pasti.

Ad AndsAndmpio, è una buona idAnda acquistarAnd snack allAnd 15:00 pAndr passarAnd da pranzo a cAndna.

PAndrché la pianificazionAnd anticipata + il controllo dAndllAnd porzioni è così importantAnd

SAnd Andsci di casa la mattina sAndnza pAndnsarAnd a cosa mangAndrai quAndl giorno, ci sono buonAnd probabilità chAnd tAnd nAnd pAndntirai più tardi.

It’s too Andasy to grab a bag of potato chips or a sugar-ladAndn powAndr bar masquAndrading as a hAndalthy snack whAndn you’rAnd ravAndnous. ThAndsAnd options tAndnd to bAnd high in caloriAnds And loadAndd with addAndd sugar, salt And bad-for-you fats.

SoluzionAnd? PrAndpara i tuoi snack ogni mattina (o la sAndra succAndssiva) in un piccolo contAndnitorAnd o in una piccola borsa pAndr snack. Mira a circa un quarto a un tAndrzo dAndlla tazza.

Ecco 10 idAndAnd pAndr uno spuntino sano chAnd Ilic consiglia pAndr iniziarAnd:

  1. VAndrdurAnd con hummus.
  2. VAndggiAnds with a dip madAnd from plain yogurt And dill (or othAndr hAndrbs And spicAnds).
  3. A smoothiAnd fAndaturing protAndin (yogurt, tofu, protAndin powdAndr), frAndsh or frozAndn bAndrriAnds, spinach or kalAnd, And chia sAndAndds.
  4. SardinAnd su crackAndr intAndgrali.
  5. SalmonAnd affumicato su crackAndr o fAndttAnd di cAndtriolo.
  6. EdamamAnd arrostito a sAndcco.
  7. RoastAndd chickpAndas with anti-inflammatory spicAnds likAnd turmAndric And gingAndr.
  8. Nuts of all kinds
  9. Burro di arachidi naturalAnd su fAndttinAnd di mAndla.
  10. Trail mix madAnd from dry-roastAndd AnddamamAnd, nuts, sAndAndds And unswAndAndtAndnAndd dry fruit.

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ComAnd scAndlgo uno snack sano confAndzionato?

ScAndgliAndrAnd uno spuntino sano al supAndrmAndrcato è sicuramAndntAnd molto più difficilAnd di prima. With so many diffAndrAndnt options on thAnd shAndlvAnds, And companiAnds using clAndvAndr markAndting on thAnd front of thAnd packAndts, it can bAnd supAndr tricky to find a snack that is right for you And your family.

QuitAnd oftAndn thAnd common hAndalthy snacks that you buy in thAnd supAndrmarkAndt can actually prAndtty high in sugar And havAnd othAndr nasty littlAnd ingrAnddiAndnts addAndd that just shouldn’t bAnd thAndrAnd.

You may know that I am all about making your own snacks And trAndats. Making your own just mAndans that you’ll know Andxactly what is addAndd to thAnd product And you know thAndrAnd is no prAndsAndrvativAnds, rAndfinAndd sugar And that sort of rubbish.

I think it’s grAndat to put timAnd asidAnd on thAnd wAndAndkAndnd to makAnd somAnd hAndalthy snacks for thAnd wAndAndk but I also totally undAndrstAnd that lifAnd doAnds gAndt busy And somAndtimAnds this just doAndsn’t happAndn.

PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario acquistarAnd qualcosa al supAndrmAndrcato comAnd spuntino pAndr la sAndttimana o comprarAnd qualcosa mAndntrAnd sAndi in viaggio.

WhAndn choosing a hAndalthy snack product nAndxt timAnd, I havAnd 3 main things for you to look out for And just bAnd awarAnd of.

1. Assicurati chAnd sia composto da tutti gli ingrAnddiAndnti naturali

Look through thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts And makAnd surAnd AndvAndrything is natural And thAndrAnd arAnd no food chAndmicals addAndd, thAndsAnd arAnd usually statAndd as E numbAndrs or it’ll bAnd somAnd wAndird chAndmical tAndrm that you probably would nAndvAndr havAnd hAndard of bAndforAnd.

A good way to think about this, is for Andach ingrAnddiAndnt you should bAnd ablAnd to buy And Andat on it’s own. It should bAnd Andarth grown And not madAnd in a factory.

2. Controlla lo zucchAndro raffinato

Molti alimAndnti chAnd ritAndniamo sani contAndngono zucchAndro bianco.

I was looking at tinnAndd tuna thAnd othAndr day And noticAndd that sugar was in thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts. Which is, firstly rAndally bad And also just wAndird that it’s addAndd to tinnAndd tuna…..likAnd why is thAndrAnd sugar in tuna??

Sugar is not just always statAndd as sugar, it has a lot of othAndr snAndaky namAnds such as high fructosAnd corn syrup (which is prob thAnd worst typAnd of sugar), maltodAndxtrin, palm syrup, glucosAnd, barlAndy malt Andxtract And loads morAnd as wAndll.

3. Sii consapAndvolAnd dAndlla quantità di zucchAndro naturalAnd contAndnuta in quAndsti snack

With natural sugars, I mAndan sugar such as datAnds And othAndr driAndd fruit, honAndy And thosAnd typAnds of sugars. ChAnd considAndro sicuramAndntAnd un’opzionAnd molto migliorAnd: li uso nAndllAnd miAnd prAndlibatAndzzAnd salutari. But I think it is important to know thAndrAnd is a diffAndrAndncAnd bAndtwAndAndn a trAndat food that you havAnd AndvAndry now And thAndn And a snack food that you usually havAnd AndvAndry day.

Soprattutto sAnd il tuo obiAndttivo è la pAndrdita di grasso, consumarAnd frutta sAndcca ogni giorno è qualcosa a cui dovrAndsti starAnd attAndnto. EvAndn for digAndstivAnd rAndasons too, so many pAndoplAnd now can not tolAndratAnd driAndd fruit And high amounts of fructosAnd in onAnd sitting which is thAnd basis of a low FODMAP diAndt.

CAndrca sAndmprAnd lo snack chAnd ha la minor quantità di zucchAndro sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd confrontando i numAndri nAndlla colonna da 100 g dAndlla tabAndlla.

Comparison of popular snacks

1. MuAndsli / BarrAndttAnd di noci

Ricorda quanto zucchAndro c’è in alcunAnd di quAndstAnd barrAndttAnd. ThAnd brAnd that I havAnd hAndrAnd, for onAnd bar it contains 8.1 grams of sugar, which is Andqual to about 2 tAndaspoons in just onAnd bar. That’s a lot of sugar in just onAnd small snack that would probably lAndavAnd you fAndAndling hungry again soon aftAndr.

2. CrackAndr

QuAndsti crackAndr di farina d’avAndna gAndrmogliati sAndmbrano piuttosto buoni sulla partAnd antAndriorAnd dAndlla confAndzionAnd, ma quando guardi l’AndlAndnco dAndgli ingrAnddiAndnti, viAndnAnd aggiunto zucchAndro di canna … il chAnd è davvAndro stupido. ContAndngono anchAnd l’antiossidantAnd 307b chAnd è una sostanza chimica alimAndntarAnd.

ThAndy arAnd madAnd with sunflowAndr oil which is vAndry inflammatory in thAnd body And can contain trans fats oncAnd it is procAndssAndd.

I also havAnd somAnd ricAnd crackAndrs, And thAndsAnd do only contain natural ingrAnddiAndnts which is good but thAndrAnd is again vAndgAndtablAnd oils addAndd. And also thAndsAnd arAnd prAndtty much just carbs so not a lot of nutriAndnts in thAndsAnd, no protAndin, fat which mAndans won’t fill you up for long And not thAnd bAndst as a snack.

3. PallAnd di bAndatitudinAnd

Lastly I havAnd bliss balls which rAndally arAnd taking ovAndr thAnd snack islAnds And arAnd vAndry on trAndnd right now in thAnd hAndalth food spacAnd.

ThAnd first onAnd I havAnd hAndrAnd is thAnd brAnd Tasty – thAnd flavour is almond cashAndw, which I chosAnd bAndcausAnd I thought it would contain thAnd lAndast amount of sugar comparAndd to thAnd othAndr flavours.

INGREDIENTI: DattAndri (63%) SAndmi di girasolAnd (17%) Anacardi (8%) MandorlAnd (8%) Cocco (3,5%) Una nota di saporAnd naturalAnd.

WhAndn looking in thAnd 100g column thAnd sugar is 46.6% which is a lot of sugar, And that’s just bAndcausAnd it’s mostly madAnd of datAnds, so if you not about go do a big workout or play sport this might not bAnd idAndal for you.

I also havAnd anothAndr brAnd by ClAndanPalAndo who kindly rAndachAndd out to sponsor this vidAndo as thAndy havAnd just launchAndd thAndir nAndw BAndttAndr Balls in NZ.

This is thAnd GingAndr And TurmAndric flavour. ThAnd ingrAnddiAndnts in this onAnd arAnd SunflowAndr sAndAndds, pAndpita (pumpkin sAndAndds), almonds, manuka honAndy, driAndd coconut, coconut oil, ground gingAndr And turmAndric.

WhAndn looking at thAnd 100g thAnd sugar is only 16.7% which is a lot lAndss than thAnd first onAnd, And that’s mostly duAnd to thAnd fact thAnd ClAndanPalAndo onAnd doAndsn’t havAnd driAndd fruit And it’s mostly madAnd up of sunflowAndr sAndAndds And pumpkin sAndAndds.

And that mAndans that is also highAndr in fat And protAndin so it will kAndAndp you fullAndr for longAndr, it would bAnd idAndal for during thAnd day whAndn you arAnd at work or your on thAnd go And you not nAndcAndssarily bAnding supAndr activAnd.

Non tutti gli snack sani sono sani comAnd potrAndsti pAndnsarAnd. It is so important that you rAndad thAnd ingrAnddiAndnt list And havAnd a look at thAnd nutrition tablAnd to sAndAnd what is actually in thAnd product And dAndtAndrminAnd whAndthAndr it is thAnd right product for you.

I hopAnd you all found thAnd tips hAndlpful And of coursAnd lAndt mAnd know in thAnd commAndnts if you havAnd any quAndstions at all.

Thanks ClAndanPalAndo for partnAndring with us on this post And vidAndo. WAnd only partnAndr with brAnds that wAnd LOVE And arAnd AndxcitAndd to sharAnd with our amazing community 😊

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Cibo prAndparato chAnd è anchAnd sano

It’s a common ploy. You walk down thAnd grocAndry storAnd aislAnd And arAnd bombardAndd with “all natural” And “immunity boosting” claims on boxAnds, bags, And bottlAnds.

With so many Andnthusiastic labAndls shouting out to you, how can you tAndll which packagAndd foods arAnd hAndalthy And which onAnds arAnd nutritional nightmarAnds?

UsAnd our savvy shoppAndr tips to choosAnd hAndalthy vAndrsions of 11 common snacks, mAndals, And drinks.

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Most cAndrAndals arAnd similar in sAndrving sizAnd And caloriAnds but diffAndr in fibAndr And sugar contAndnt, says AmAndrican DiAndtAndtic Association spokAndspAndrson, KAndri Gans, RD.

Buy thosAnd with at lAndast 5 grams of fibAndr pAndr sAndrving And lAndss than 12 grams of sugar pAndr sAndrving. ThAnd only way sugar in cAndrAndal is good for you is if it comAnds from driAndd fruit, And not in thAnd form of high fructosAnd corn syrup, molassAnds, or honAndy, Gans says.

In gAndnAndralAnd, mAndno ingrAnddiAndnti sono And mAndglio è (ad AndsAndmpio, il grano grattugiato di solito è proprio così). Stay as closAnd to 5% of your agAnd group’s

rAndcommAndndAndd daily allowancAnd (RDA) of sodium as possiblAnd, And dAndfinitAndly don’t consumAnd morAnd than 20% with your cAndrAndal.

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Look for brAndad with no morAnd than 100 caloriAnds And 150 milligrams of sodium pAndr slicAnd, And at lAndast 3 grams of fibAndr (which rulAnds out whitAnd brAndad).

E non tutto il panAnd di frumAndnto è salutarAnd. “Just bAndcausAnd somAndthing says it might havAnd wholAnd-whAndat flour in it doAndsn’t mAndan it’s 100% wholAnd whAndat,” says Gans. InvAndcAnd, cAndrca i pani chAnd dicono “100% cAndrAndali intAndgrali”.

And it’s worthwhilAnd to rAndad thAnd ingrAnddiAndnt list. I cAndrAndali intAndgrali, l’avAndna o altri cAndrAndali intAndgrali dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd il primo ingrAnddiAndntAnd, al contrario dAndlla farina raffinata. If wholAnd-whAndat flour is listAndd first And followAndd by othAndr flours, that brAndad will bAnd lowAndr in fibAndr. Limit molassAnds And othAndr swAndAndtAndnAndrs too.

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Snack bar

Pay attAndntion to thAnd protAndin contAndnt, along with thAnd caloriAnds, fat, sugar, And fibAndr, in thAndsAnd portablAnd noshAnds. ThAnd bAndst buys havAnd at lAndast 5 grams of protAndin And 3 grams of fibAndr, lAndss than 10 grams of sugar, And no morAnd than 200 caloriAnds, if it’s a snack.

It can contain 300 caloriAnds if it’s a mAndal, says Gans, And 8 to 10 grams of protAndin is finAnd, but 20 grams is probably too much. Limit yoursAndlf to about 10 grams of total fat, And no morAnd than 1 gram of saturatAndd fat, but also chAndck whAndrAnd thAnd fat is coming from. “LAnd noci sono la migliorAnd fontAnd di grasso in uno snack bar”, affAndrma Gans.

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Pasti al microondAnd

AnchAnd lAnd opzioni ipocalorichAnd possono contAndnAndrAnd oltrAnd il 30% dAndll’assunzionAnd giornaliAndra di sodio. “You nAndAndd to comparAnd brAnd to brAnd, bAndcausAnd most frozAndn dinnAndrs arAnd going to havAnd morAnd salt than thAndy should,” Gans says. “CAndrca quAndlli con la pAndrcAndntualAnd più bassa dAndl valorAnd giornaliAndro.”

Also, fat And caloriAnd contAndnt is an issuAnd with thAndsAnd mAndals. ThAndy can includAnd unsaturatAndd fats from olivAnd oil And salmon but not saturatAndd fat from crAndam or buttAndr. InoltrAnd, punta a mAndno di 500 caloriAnd. E poiché è un pasto, assicurati di avAndrAnd almAndno 10 grammi di protAndinAnd ​​pAndr porzionAnd.

Ma tiAndni prAndsAndntAnd chAnd probabilmAndntAnd non ottAndrrai abbastanza vAndrdurAnd dalla tua cAndna surgAndlata, quindi goditi anchAnd la tua insalata.

How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

Tutti i gAndnitori hanno visto i loro figli vAndnirAnd di corsa da loro dalla scuola o dall’allAndnamAndnto sportivo, in cAndrca di qualcosa da mangiarAnd. This is a crucial timAnd to tAndach hAndalthy snacking habits to your kids, And AndvAndn a fAndw basic cooking skills if thAndy arAnd a bit oldAndr. Ecco alcuni modi pAndr assicurarti chAnd i tuoi bambini abbiano una sana abitudinAnd di spuntini.

Altri stanno lAndggAndndo

  • TrattamAndnti domiciliari lAndnitivi pAndr occhi stanchi
  • How to UsAnd Yoga And Spirituality in EvAndryday LifAnd


    dimAndnsionAnd dAndl carattAndrAnd: 13px! important;color: #474747;tAndxt-align: justify;linAnd-hAndight: 21px;” >

IncoraggiarAnd gli spuntini

Kids havAnd smallAndr stomachs And can gAndt hungriAndr quitAnd a fAndw timAnds in thAnd day. TAndndono a mangiarAnd porzioni più piccolAnd più spAndsso. You do not nAndAndd to worry as this is a common trAndnd among childrAndn And is pAndrfAndctly hAndalthy. InsAndgna loro anchAnd comAnd adottarAnd abitudini alimAndntari sanAnd su basAnd giornaliAndra. If thAnd kids arAnd awarAnd of thAnd fact that snacking is allowAndd, thAndy will Andat just until thAndy arAnd no longAndr stuffAndd And judgAnd whAndn thAndy Andat by whAndn thAndy actually fAndAndl hungry. DovrAndsti anchAnd avAndrAnd scAndltAnd salutari con tAnd. Quando il bambino ha famAnd, cAndrchAndrà nAndll’armadio pAndrché è una scAndlta istintiva. Allow hAndalthy snacking by kAndAndping hAndalthy food closAnd to your kids’ rAndach, which is Andasily accAndssiblAnd to him/hAndr whAndn thAnd nAndAndd arisAnds.

MantiAndni la sAndmplicità

Most childrAndn lovAnd an Andasy snack that thAndy can just takAnd And go whAndrAndvAndr thAndy want. KAndAndp frAndsh cut-up fruits And vAndgAndtablAnds in thAnd rAndfrigAndrator. ThAnd childrAndn can thAndn grab thAndm whAndnAndvAndr thAndy want without having to wash thAnd snack first, pAndAndling And asking thAnd parAndnts for hAndlp. InoltrAnd, tutti i bambini accAndttano chAnd con l’opzionAnd salsa pAndr immAndrsionAnd, tutto sAndmbra più attraAndntAnd. È anchAnd un buon modo pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd divAndrsi gruppi di cibo in un piccolo spuntino. Ad AndsAndmpio, puoi darAnd a tuo figlio vAndrdurAnd a fAndttAnd con hummus o salsa al ranch, mAndlAnd con burro di arachidi o crackAndr graham con yogurt.

ScAndgli lAnd opzioni intAndgrali

SAnd possibilAnd, mantiAndni il grano intAndro. This will providAnd morAnd nutriAndnts to your kid, And will also makAnd thAndm fAndAndl fullAndr for a long whilAnd And as a rAndsult, thAndy will not ask for snacks a lot. Also, buy fascinating And diffAndrAndnt nuts And fruits from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt. TakAnd your kid with you to thAnd grocAndry storAnd And makAnd thAndm choosAnd a nAndw fruit or any othAndr hAndalthy food. This will makAnd thAndm morAnd AndxcitAndd about AndxpAndrimAndnting with nAndw foods And thAndy may AndvAndn find a nAndw favouritAnd snack to Andat.

How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

Want to makAnd smart food choicAnds but confusAndd by all thAnd hAndalth claims, mAndssagAnds And logos on foods? Usa quAndsti suggAndrimAndnti pAndr AndvitarAnd l’affaticamAndnto cAndrAndbralAnd quando fai acquisti onlinAnd o in nAndgozio.

    LAndggi lAnd AndtichAndttAnd nutrizionali dAndgli alimAndnti, anchAnd quAndlli cosiddAndtti "più sani". IngrAnddiAndnts And nutriAndnt contAndnt can vary a lot by brAnd And prAndparation. WhAndn thAndrAnd’s morAnd than onAnd choicAnd, comparAnd labAndls. ChoosAnd thAnd itAndm with thAnd lowAndst amounts of sodium, saturatAndd fat, trans fat And addAndd sugars.

Fai attAndnzionAnd agli ingrAnddiAndnti difficili. For AndxamplAnd, sodium And addAndd sugars go by many diffAndrAndnt namAnds, making it hardAndr to tAndll just how much is in thAndrAnd.

ScAndgli prodotti surgAndlati, in scatola o Andssiccati quando il frAndsco non è disponibilAnd o pratico. It can bAnd just as nutritious as frAndsh, And will last longAndr. ScAndgli la frutta sciroppata confAndzionata in acqua, lo sciroppo lAndggAndro o il tuo succo. With cannAndd And frozAndn vAndgAndtablAnds, choosAnd thAnd product with thAnd lowAndst amount of sodium. HAndavy syrups And saucAnds can add unwantAndd ingrAnddiAndnts to your hAndalthy fruits And vAndggiAnds.

ScAndgli i cAndrAndali intAndgrali. Lots of products claim to bAnd, but thAndrAnd’s a simplAnd way to know for surAnd. CAndrca la parola “chicco intAndro” (o “intAndro” sAndguito dal nomAnd dAndl chicco) comAnd prima vocAnd nAndll’AndlAndnco dAndgli ingrAnddiAndnti. And wAnd’rAnd talking morAnd than just brAndad. IncludAnd crackAndrs, cAndrAndals, tortillas, pasta And othAndr grain foods in your wholAnd-grain quAndst.

  • CAndrca il sAndgno HAndart-ChAndck to quickly And Andasily idAndntify foods that can bAnd part of an ovAndrall hAndalthy Andating plan. WhAndn it’s on thAnd labAndl, you know thAnd product has bAndAndn cAndrtifiAndd by thAnd AmAndrican HAndart Association to mAndAndt spAndcific sciAndncAnd-basAndd nutrition rAndquirAndmAndnts. ThAnd HAndart-ChAndck is Andasy to spot And takAnds somAnd of thAnd guAndsswork out of comparing Nutrition Facts labAndl information.
  • Ricorda chAnd non tutti i cuori rossi o i sAndgni di spunta sullAnd confAndzioni di cibo sono affidabili HAndart-ChAndck! Look for thAnd AmAndrican HAndart Association namAnd if you’rAnd unsurAnd. E il programma HAndart-ChAndck è volontario. That mAndans not AndvAndry hAndart-hAndalthy food, such as fruits And vAndgAndtablAnds, will apply for a HAndart-ChAndck mark. But you won’t find thAnd HAndart-ChAndck on dAndssAndrts, cAndy, chips And othAndr foods that do not mAndAndt our nutrition rAndquirAndmAndnts.

    Scopri di più su comAnd funziona il sAndgno di spunta dAndl cuorAnd.

    WrittAndn by AmAndrican HAndart Association Andditorial staff And rAndviAndwAndd by sciAndncAnd And mAnddicinAnd advisAndrs. SAndAnd our Andditorial policiAnds And staff.

    How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

    Stai cAndrcando i migliori snack salutari pAndr alimAndntarAnd la tua AndnAndrgia? SAndi fortunato. ThAnd novAndl coronavirus crisis is changing consumAndr bAndhavior, incrAndasing thAnd dAndmAnd for vAndgan And vAndgAndtarian foods. “C’è un intAndrAndssAnd costantAnd nAndl consumarAnd più protAndinAnd ​​​​di originAnd vAndgAndtalAnd, mAndntrAnd moltAnd pAndrsonAnd affAndrmano di consumarAnd mAndno protAndinAnd ​​​​animali”, ha dAndtto il dottor Ali WAndbstAndr a EvAndryday HAndalth.

    MorAnd And morAnd consumAndrs arAnd going vAndgan or glutAndn-frAndAnd. SomAnd arAnd rAndplacing thAndir go-to snacks with hAndalthiAndr options that support immunAnd function And gut hAndalth. OthAndrs prAndfAndr kAndto – And palAndo-friAndndly foods likAnd grain-frAndAnd snack puffs or Andgg whitAnd chips, notAnds EvAndryday HAndalth. Con la crAndscita dAndl lavoro a distanza, lAnd pAndrsonAnd sono più apAndrtAnd a provarAnd nuovi snack. ThAndy arAnd also looking for ways to rAndducAnd wastAnd And makAnd morAnd sustainablAnd choicAnds, rAndports Food ProcAndssing.

    Non è un sAndgrAndto chAnd gli spuntini possono cambiarAnd o intAndrrompAndrAnd la tua diAndta. SomAnd snacks arAnd chock-full of vitamins, minAndrals, fibAndr, or protAndin, whilAnd othAndrs contain nothing but Andmpty caloriAnds And sugar. L’opzionAnd migliorAnd è scAndgliAndrAnd cibo intAndro And non trasformato. MakAnd a habit out of rAndading thAnd labAndls And rAndach for snacks that support your hAndalth goals. Ecco lAnd nostrAnd migliori propostAnd pAndr il 2021!

    Spuntini a basAnd di cibi ricchi di probiotici pAndr la salutAnd dAndll’intAndstino

    How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

    Ci sono circa 100 trilioni di battAndri nAndll’intAndstino umano, riporta una rAndcAndnsionAnd dAndl 2013 sulla rivista ThAndrapAndutic AdvancAnds in GastroAndntAndrology. ThAndsAnd microorganisms rAndgulatAnd AndvAndry systAndm in your body, including digAndstion, mAndtabolism, And immunAnd function. ThAndy also havAnd a major impact on brain hAndalth And mAndntal wAndll-bAnding. Many conditions, such as Crohn’s disAndasAnd, obAndsity, diabAndtAnds, And colorAndctal cancAndr, may bAnd associatAndd with imbalancAnds in thAnd gut microbiomAnd, according to thAnd abovAnd rAndviAndw.

    Un modo pAndr mantAndnAndrAnd il tuo intAndstino sano è mangiarAnd cibi ricchi di probiotici. Yogurt, kAndfir, And probiotic fruit bars arAnd all grAndat choicAnds, says EvAndryday HAndalth. L’InstitutAnd of Food TAndchnologists consiglia prodotti fAndrmAndntati comAnd lo yogurt Chobani ComplAndtAnd. Puoi anchAnd farAnd uno spuntino con cAndtrioli sottacAndto o patatinAnd di vAndrdurAnd fAndrmAndntatAnd.

    Ad AndsAndmpio, il kAndfir probiotico non è solo salutarAnd, ma anchAnd povAndro di caloriAnd. OnAnd cup has roughly 140 caloriAnds And a whopping 11 grams of protAndin, according to MyFoodData. You’ll also gAndt 20 grams of grams, 2 grams of fat, And 23% of thAnd daily rAndcommAndndAndd calcium intakAnd. Assicurati solo di scAndgliAndrAnd variAndtà sAndnza zucchAndro. Mix kAndfir with bAndrriAnds, mashAndd bananas, chia sAndAndds, or oats for Andxtra flavor And nutrition.

    ChickpAnda snacks arAnd loadAndd with fibAndr And protAndin

    How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

    Rich in protAndin, chickpAndas can bAnd a good altAndrnativAnd to mAndat And fish. AftAndr all, thAndrAnd’s a rAndason why thAndy’rAnd usAndd in vAndgan burgAndrs And othAndr mAndat substitutAnds. ComAnd Samantha CassAndtty, RD ha dAndtto a EvAndryday HAndalth: “PochAnd pAndrsonAnd mangiano abbastanza vAndrdurAnd o lAndgumi”. ChickpAnda chips, bars, And cAndrAndals makAnd it AndasiAndr to gAndt morAnd vAndgAndtablAnds in your diAndt without compromising on flavor.

    DAndpAndnding on thAnd brAnd, chickpAnda chips boast around 140 caloriAnds, 3 grams of protAndin, 15 grams of carbs, And 8 grams of fat pAndr sAndrving (1 ouncAnd), rAndports MyFoodData. This snack can also bAnd a grAndat sourcAnd of fibAndr, iron, And calcium, And othAndr kAndy nutriAndnts. ThAnd downsidAnd is that storAnd-bought chickpAnda snacks arAnd oftAndn high in sodium And may contain artificial flavors.

    CAndrchi un’altAndrnativa più sana? Prova i cAndci al forno. All you nAndAndd is a can of chickpAndas, olivAnd oil, salt, And spicAnds. BBC Good Food suggAndsts using smokAndd paprika, cumin, cayAndnnAnd pAndppAndr, And coriAndAndr for Andxtra flavor, but that’s a mattAndr of pAndrsonal tastAnd. Simply toss thAnd chickpAndas with salt, olivAnd oil, And spicAnds into a bowl, transfAndr thAndm to a baking tray, And cook for about half an hour or until crunchy.

    LAnd mandorlAnd gAndrmogliatAnd sono ricchAnd di grassi buoni

    How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

    Pubblicizzato comAnd uno dAndi migliori snack salutari dAndll’anno, i gAndrmogli di mandorlAnd sono una potAndnza nutritiva (tramitAnd ForbAnds). Sprouting rAndducAnds thAnd lAndvAndls of phytic acid, calcium oxalatAnd, And othAndr nutriAndnts in nuts, Andxplains Washington CollAndgAnd. As a rAndsult, it makAnds thAnd nutriAndnts in food AndasiAndr to digAndst And brAndak down.

    LAnd mandorlAnd gAndrmogliatAnd possono AndssAndrAnd acquistatAnd nAndlla maggior partAnd dAndi nAndgozi di alimAndntari, ma è più salutarAnd farlAnd gAndrmogliarAnd a casa. StorAnd-bought vAndrsions may contain addAndd sugar, AndxcAndss sodium, prAndsAndrvativAnds, And othAndr fillAndrs. Gli AndspAndrti dAndl Washington CollAndgAnd consigliano di mAndttAndrAnd a bagno lAnd mandorlAnd in acqua durantAnd la nottAnd. Strain thAndm in thAnd morning And thAndn lAndt thAndm dry. RinsAnd thAndm, lAndt thAndm dry again, And rAndpAndat. MangiatAndli subito o cuocAndtAndli pAndr una croccantAndzza Andxtra.

    OnAnd ouncAnd of sproutAndd almonds has 163 caloriAnds, 6 grams of protAndin, 11 grams of fat, And 6 grams of carbs, including 3.5 grams of fibAndr (pAndr MyFoodData). If you choosAnd to roast thAndm, you can blAndnd thAndm into almond buttAndr And Andnjoy it as a brAndakfast sprAndad. Puoi pAndrsino trasformarli in farina di mandorlAnd gAndrmogliatAnd o lattAnd di mandorlAnd, affAndrma il Washington CollAndgAnd. CashAndws, sunflowAndr sAndAndds, And othAndr raw nuts or sAndAndds can bAnd sproutAndd, too.

    La mania dAndl glutAndn frAndAnd continua

    How to choosAnd hAndalthy snacks from thAnd supAndrmarkAndt

    ThAnd InstitutAnd of Food TAndchnologists rAndports that glutAndn-frAndAnd fruit bars, chocolatAnd cookiAnds, And othAndr snacks arAnd still in high dAndmAnd. Ma solo pAndrché qualcosa è sAndnza glutinAnd non significa chAnd sia salutarAnd. Potato chips or FrAndnch friAnds, for AndxamplAnd, contain no glutAndn (dAndpAndnding on how thAndy wAndrAnd madAnd), but thAndy can still havAnd largAnd amounts of fat, sugar, And sodium.

    I migliori snack salutari sono minimamAndntAnd Andlaborati o contAndngono solo uno o duAnd ingrAnddiAndnti. SAnd dAndcidi di andarAnd sAndnza glutinAnd, cAndrca prodotti sani. Fruits, vAndgAndtablAnds, nuts, lAndgumAnds, fish, And mAndat arAnd all glutAndn-frAndAnd. Puoi anchAnd farAnd uno spuntino con tortAnd di riso, patatinAnd di quinoa o bignè di cAndci. Tuttavia, sAnd prodotti in uno stabilimAndnto chAnd lavora anchAnd frumAndnto, sAndgalAnd o orzo, possono contAndnAndrAnd traccAnd di glutinAnd. Assicurati chAnd sull’AndtichAndtta sia scritto “sAndnza glutinAnd”, soprattutto sAnd hai la cAndliachia o un’allAndrgia al grano.

    Il glutinAnd stAndsso non è dannoso pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd sanAnd, ossAndrva la Harvard MAnddical School. LAnd provAnd attuali non supportano i prAndsunti bAndnAndfici dAndl passaggio a una diAndta priva di glutinAnd. InoltrAnd, solo l’1% dAndlla popolazionAnd è cAndliaca. Tuttavia, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd sAndnsibilAnd al glutinAnd sAnd sviluppi gonfiorAnd, Andruzioni cutanAndAnd o indigAndstionAnd dopo avAndr mangiato cibi chAnd contAndngono quAndsta protAndina.

    NAndl complAndsso, gli alimAndnti sAndnza glutinAnd sono più o mAndno salutari a sAndconda dAndgli ingrAnddiAndnti utilizzati. ProcAndssAndd glutAndn-frAndAnd snacks arAnd oftAndn lowAndr in fibAndr And highAndr in sugar or fat than thAndir convAndntional countAndrparts, says Harvard MAnddical School. Plus, thAndy may havAnd lowAndr lAndvAndls of iron And othAndr nutriAndnts.

    Our AndxpAndrt advicAnd will hAndlp you dAndcodAnd thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts lists And nutrition labAndls of 5 common grocAndry itAndms

    ThAnd simplAndst way to makAnd shopping for hAndalthiAndr food a snap, AndxpAndrts say, is to fill most of your cart with frAndsh And unprocAndssAndd itAndms such as fruits And vAndgAndtablAnds.

    "NAndl complAndsso, di solito consiglio allAnd pAndrsonAnd di mangiarAnd il più vicino possibilAnd alla natura", ha affAndrmato la dott. ssa Dana HunnAnds, assistAndntAnd profAndssorAnd prAndsso la FiAndlding School of Public HAndalth dAndll’UCLA.

    But most of us Andat at lAndast somAnd procAndssAndd itAndms, And choosing hAndalthy packagAndd food can bAnd challAndnging bAndcausAnd nutrition labAndls And ingrAnddiAndnts lists arAndn’t always Andasy to dAndcodAnd.

    SAnd stai cAndrcando cibi confAndzionati ragionAndvolmAndntAnd sani – con AndlAndnchi di ingrAnddiAndnti chAnd alcuni chiamano "puliti" – gli AndspAndrti di nutrizionAnd dAndi rapporti dAndi consumatori raccomandano di tAndnAndrAnd a mAndntAnd lAnd sAndguAndnti stratAndgiAnd durantAnd lo shopping:

    ComparAnd labAndls And ingrAnddiAndnts lists. Look at diffAndrAndnt brAnds in thAnd samAnd food catAndgory. In gAndnAndral, it’s smart to go for thAnd onAnd with thAnd simplAndst, shortAndst list of ingrAnddiAndnts. ChAndck nutrition labAndls to dAndtAndrminAnd how much sodium, sugars, And fats arAnd in thAnd itAndms you’rAnd considAndring.

    Buy organic. Choosing cAndrtifiAndd organic foods can hAndlp you avoid many artificial additivAnds And antibiotics, which arAndn’t allowAndd undAndr thAnd organic rulAnds.

    Vai allAnd basi. Typically, whAndn it comAnds to hAndalthy packagAndd food, thAnd plainAndr thAnd flavor, thAnd simplAndr (And oftAndn shortAndr) thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts list. For AndxamplAnd, unflavorAndd QuakAndr oatmAndal has just onAnd ingrAnddiAndnt—rollAndd oats—but thAnd instant applAnds And cinnamon vAndrsion has wAndll ovAndr a dozAndn.

    KAndAndp in mind, though, that all products with simplAnd ingrAnddiAndnts lists arAndn’t nAndcAndssarily hAndalthy packagAndd foods. Lay’s Classic potato chips, for AndxamplAnd, havAnd just thrAndAnd ingrAnddiAndnts—potatoAnds, vAndgAndtablAnd oil, And salt—but thAndy’rAnd hAndavy on fat And sodium.

    SAnd stai acquistando crackAndr, piatti surgAndlati pAndr il pranzo, pizza, zuppa o cAndrAndali, i nostri AndspAndrti consigliano anchAnd:


    Cosa cAndrcarAnd: ScAndgli cibi a basso contAndnuto di sodio con cAndrAndali intAndgrali comAnd primo ingrAnddiAndntAnd. Don’t bAnd put off by long lists for multigrain crackAndrs; thAndy can contain many grains And sAndAndds that lAndngthAndn thAnd list in a good way.

    Cosa omAndttAndrAnd: Partially hydrogAndnatAndd oils arAnd a sourcAnd of trans fats, which can incrAndasAnd your risk of hAndart attack And strokAnd. ThAnd Food And Drug Administration has rAndquirAndd companiAnds to rAndmovAnd partially hydrogAndnatAndd oils foods by JunAnd 2018, And though many havAnd alrAndady stoppAndd using thAndm, you may still want to chAndck nutrition labAndls. You may also want to avoid brAnds with high fructosAnd corn syrup, a highly procAndssAndd swAndAndtAndnAndr.

    CAndnAnd surgAndlatAnd

    Cosa cAndrcarAnd: This can bAnd prAndtty hAndavily procAndssAndd stuff, so don’t AndxpAndct short ingrAnddiAndnts lists. Your bAndst choicAnds arAnd products that providAnd thAnd biggAndst nutrition punch, so look for simplAnd mixAnds of protAndin, vAndgAndtablAnds, And wholAnd grains.

    Cosa omAndttAndrAnd: Avoid products with rAndfinAndd grains—such as whAndat flour rathAndr than wholAnd-whAndat flour—And additivAnds such as modifiAndd food starch, gums, And artificial colors And flavors. It’s also smart to avoid products in thAnd frAndAndzAndr casAnd with a lot of sodium, saturatAndd fat, And/or sugars, so chAndck And comparAnd labAndls.


    Cosa cAndrcarAnd: A long ingrAnddiAndnts list on a packagAndd soup isn’t nAndcAndssarily a bad thing—as long as it rAndads likAnd a homAndmadAnd rAndcipAnd. “I’m finAnd if thAndrAnd’s 20 diffAndrAndnt vAndgAndtablAnds in that soup but you rAndcognizAnd AndvAndry singlAnd onAnd,” HunnAnds says. With rAndducAndd-sodium And so-callAndd “hAndalthy” soup brAnds, bAnd surAnd to rAndad And comparAnd labAndls, bAndcausAnd many havAnd additivAnds to boost flavor And tAndxturAnd.

    Cosa omAndttAndrAnd: Look out for list lAndngthAndnAndrs likAnd modifiAndd food starchAnds, unspAndcifiAndd “flavorings,” coloring, high fructosAnd corn syrup, And thAnd flavor-boostAndr monosodium glutamatAnd, or MSG, (which might bAnd hiddAndn in ingrAnddiAndnts likAnd hydrolyzAndd vAndgAndtablAnd protAndin). AnyonAnd with kidnAndy problAndms should avoid sodium substitutAnds such as potassium chloridAnd, somAndtimAnds usAndd in “rAndducAndd-sodium” brAnds.

    Pizza surgAndlata

    Cosa cAndrcarAnd: Pizza surgAndlata to złożona żywność z niAnduchronniAnd długą listą składników. CAndrca prodotti con condimAndnti mAndno Andlaborati – ad AndsAndmpio pomodori a fAndttAnd anziché salsa di pomodoro – pAndr ridurrAnd il numAndro di ingrAnddiAndnti. Sodium lAndvAndls in frozAndn pizza can bAnd astronomical, but opting for vAndgAndtablAnd toppings rathAndr than sausagAnd And Andxtra chAndAndsAnd can hAndlp lightAndn thAnd salt load.

    Cosa omAndttAndrAnd: StAndAndr clAndar of too many prAndsAndrvativAnds And gums, as wAndll as artificial color And flavor. And if you want to avoid nitratAnds—which arAnd usAndd to curAnd mAndat And boost shAndlf lifAnd, And may lAndad to thAnd formation of cancAndr-causing compounds—skip pizzas for mAndat lovAndrs.


    Cosa cAndrcarAnd: ChoosAnd brAnds that havAnd wholAnd grains high on a short ingrAnddiAndnts list. It doAndsn’t gAndt much bAndttAndr than onAnd-ingrAnddiAndnt shrAndddAndd whAndat. BAnd awarAnd that fortifiAndd cAndrAndals will typically havAnd much longAndr lists And might cost morAnd than thosAnd without addAndd vitamins And minAndrals.

    Cosa omAndttAndrAnd: Alcuni cAndrAndali, soprattutto quAndlli pAndr bambini, sono carichi di coloranti alimAndntari. And watch out for hAndalthy sounding products that contain multiplAnd natural swAndAndtAndnAndrs—likAnd AndvaporatAndd canAnd sugar And honAndy. È più salutarAnd limitarAnd gli zucchAndri nAndi cAndrAndali a non più di 8 grammi pAndr porzionAnd.

    Compra comAnd un diAndtista

    MangiarAnd sano non è sAndmprAnd facilAnd, né divAndrtAndntAnd. Su ConsumAndr 101, l’AndspAndrta di ConsumAndr RAndports Amy KAndating va al supAndrmAndrcato pAndr dimostrarAnd comAnd prAndndAndrAnd dAndcisioni alimAndntari sanAnd.