How to choose flowers for a new baby

The birth of a baby is a momentous occasion, and the gift you choose should reflect your jubilation for the proud new parents.

A common choice is to send a bouquet in gender appropriate shades: soft and varying shades of pinks and pastels for a newborn girl, light blues and vibrant yellows for a newborn boy.

How to choose flowers for a new baby

A unique and truly imaginative gift to send to celebrate the birth of a baby is to send an arrangement in a novelty container, something that serves as a keepsake long after the flowers have faded. The Just Duckie bouquet, available for both a girl and boy, is a perfect example of such a gift.

How to choose flowers for a new baby

What proud parent wouldn’t enjoy receiving a charming bouquet displayed in a miniature Baby’s First Bouquet – Girl or a delightful bouquet displayed in a It’s a Boy Bear and Balloon?

Gifts such as these will remind parents of their own idyllic days of childhood bliss, as they anticipate making memories with their new bundle of joy.

If the new mother is having a baby shower which you can’t attend, consider sending her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to show how much you care.

How to choose flowers for a new baby

Becoming a mother is a sacrifice. Mothers give their time and a piece of their hearts to share their little one with the next generation. Every person reading this post is doing so because a mother gave us part of herself. Isn’t it time to return the favor?

Choosing the correct bouquet for new mothers may seem difficult, but at FTD, flowers are our specialty. Our in-depth article will make selecting the correct blooms as joyful as that baby she will introduce you to.

Choosing Flowers for Mom & Baby

Why Not Try Birth Flowers?

It’s a celebration of life. A great way to show support is by celebrating the newborn as well as our new mother. One of the best ways to do this is to select flowers based on the month her new edition enters the world.

Each month of the year has a corresponding flower. March for example is daffodils and April daisies and sweet peas. Consult a full list of birth flowers for more information on their meanings and pairings.

Tip: Find out your mother-to-be’s birth month as well. With a little imagination and attention to detail you can create a personalized bouquet that shows you understand the eternal connection between mother and her child.

Flowers For All Genders

You may have been in attendance during their gender reveal party. You might be waiting for the birth just like the parents. But no matter who is joining the family in that hospital room, we have the flowers to show your support.

Traditional flowers for baby boys lean toward the color blue. Hygengias make for a wonderful addition to an arrangement. Also, they can be seeded in the backyard. Their brilliant blue blooms represent peace, love and tranquility.

For baby girls, try pink roses . Always a staple, pink roses represent love, gentleness and appreciation. They also pair nicely with babies breath in a bouquet. If roses seem too common we suggest pink c hrysanthemums or carnations.

If the new baby’s gender is unknown or neutral there are plenty of options to brighten their new nursery. Sunflowers are associated with joy and rebirth. They also make a terrific centerpiece in a home while remaining gender neutral.

Same Day Flowers For New Moms

She has gone through a great ordeal to become a mother. Don’t be afraid to go big with her flower display. When trying to brighten a room, lilies, tulips and dahlias work wonders.

If you’re looking for a spectacular new mom flower display, roses make a huge statement. Twelve or more fragrant roses can be a colorful touchstone in a hospital room or bedroom.

Looking for something more understated? We suggest a fresh potted orchid . They are beautiful, resilient and elegant just like your new mother. Tasteful free standing flowers can stand out in a room full of beautiful bundles.

Flowers For Her Supporters

While it is not commonly considered, many people were behind the scenes making sure your new mother always had support in her birthing process. Nurses, doctors, and grandparents are just a few that come to mind. Sometimes giving a gift to them shows support for mothers as well.

For hospital staff, try small succulents. These hearty plants resemble our health care heroes: resilient, strong and crucial to their environment. Also, they are small and decorate a home or work office perfectly.

Grandparents tend to flock around the maternity ward. If you’re looking to say thank you to these proud smiling faces, the official flowers of mommas and poppas are lilies. All varieties pair well but stargazers make a nice touch.

Celebrate Motherhood with FTD Flowers

The miracle of birth has forever been linked to the life cycle of flowers. That is perhaps why giving flowers to mark the occasion of a birth feels so appropriate: They remind us to live in the moment.

Gifts are a representation of our love. As long as you give with that in mind, you can’t go wrong. Birth months, favorite colors, the baby’s name and gender can all impact your decision on which flowers to buy in a heartfelt way.

Finally, be there for your new mother. This event just changed the world forever. Beside your beautiful gift, ask if you can help load the car home from the hospital. Perhaps assist with the installation of the car seat. This can take so much stress off new parents.

Nothing is more stressful than trying to find a florist on the way to the birth. If you are in a pinch and don’t have time to plan the perfect gift, try our FTD Canada same day delivery feature .

How to choose flowers for a new baby

There are few occasions as emotional and joyful as welcoming a new baby to the family. When choosing a gift to celebrate the occasion you want to make sure it’s just as touching and meaningful.

Flowers are the perfect way to welcome a new baby into the world and congratulate the parents. They’re a beautiful representation of the new life that is blossoming.

However, choosing the right flowers to send to welcome the little one may be difficult. This guide will help you pick the best flowers for a new baby to send to make your gift stand out and be that bit more special and meaningful.

The Most Thoughtful Flowers to Welcome a Baby Girl

How to choose flowers for a new baby

Typically pink, white and purple flowers are chosen to welcome the baby girl, but you don’t have to feel restricted by these options! The most popular flowers for the parents of a baby girl are lilies, roses and carnations.

When choosing your flowers it is important to consider flowers that are easily displayed in a hospital room. So choose arrangements that are compact yet vibrant. When sending flowers to the hospital room, we recommend a blossoming arrangement of soft pink and purple lilies, orchids, roses and carnations or a stunning, vibrant vase of pink and purple roses and gerberas. These flowers will brighten up the room and make it feel more homely.

The Best Flowers to Send for a Baby Boy

How to choose flowers for a new baby

Sending flowers after the arrival of a beautiful baby boy is just as appropriate as sending flowers for a baby girl. However, when it comes to choosing flowers for a boy, blue, white and yellow flowers are traditionally chosen. Carnations, roses and blue irises are common flowers to send for a baby boy.

When looking to send flowers to the hospital for a baby boy, florists recommend a posy with a bright mix of blue flowers like irises and other favourites like roses, miniature gerberas and feathery carnations.

Choosing Flowers to Welcome a Baby Home from Hospital

How to choose flowers for a new baby

If you missed sending flowers to the hospital to welcome a baby, you can also do so once the mother and baby have come home from hospital. As the new parents settle in with their bundle of joy, this is also a perfect time to send them a touching floral gift.

When looking to send baby flowers to someone’s home, we recommend choosing flowers that come in a vase. Flowers in a vase require less care – that’s one less hassle for the family, who have enough to worry about caring for their newborn!

These flowers can be easily placed somewhere special in their home and will be a constant reminder of your kind thoughts. Choosing flowers with vibrant colours, such as sunflowers, can also instantly brighten up the home.

When looking to do something extra special, why not surprise the mum by having a luxurious arrangement of flowers waiting for her on her dining table when she comes home from the hospital. A breathtaking arrangement would be perfect to leave the mum speechless and feel cared for when she returns home.

Pair Cute Gifts with Flowers for a New Baby

To make the flowers that extra bit special and meaningful, adding a gift to go along with the flowers is the ideal way. When it comes to the arrival of a new baby our top recommendations are adding a soft toy or balloon.

A soft toy is the perfect personal touch as it will be with them as they grow up, long after the flowers are gone. It will be a reminder as being the gift you got them when they were born.

Pairing a foil balloon with the flowers is also a great idea to add that extra finesse to your gift. Foil balloons last anywhere between a couple of days and a week, depending on weather conditions while latex balloons filled with helium last up to 10 hours. Either way, they add that celebratory touch you want with your new baby flowers!

These are the Best Flowers for a Baby’s First Birthday

Before you know it, the baby’s first birthday is fast approaching. Not only are flowers the perfect gift for the parents of a new born baby, they are also a great accompaniment with your gift for their first birthday.

When choosing flowers for a first birthday celebration, we recommend fun and vibrant flowers. Something that both the baby and mum will love. Pairing bright gerberas, chrysanthemums, statice and roses in a fun pink bucket is a good idea, or choose vivid, iris, pale roses, crisp white miniature gerberas and feathery white sim carnations which is paired with a teddy bear for the baby.

Flowers are the perfect accent for birthday decor, be it inside the house, in the backyard or even out in the park! You’ll have something special for both the baby and the mum and will be sure to leave a memorable impression.

Mark New Beginnings with a Bunch of Fresh Flowers

Now that you have an understanding of the best flowers to give newborns and for a baby’s first birthday, make sure you personalise the choice and choose the best ones to make your gift more memorable and special.

How to choose flowers for a new baby

Congratulations! New Baby Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

A new baby arrives, and with it comes excitement and joy. When a precious little one is born, it’s hard not to rejoice and celebrate the new life. It’s natural to also extend congratulations to the new parents as well. A bouquet is a great way to do all three: rejoice, celebrate, and extend well wishes on the birth of a new baby. Flowers are vibrant and cheerful and can contribute to the air of happiness in the hospital, in the nursery room at home, or in one’s house in general. At Avas Flowers, we have an assortment of new baby floral arrangements and other gifts. Our premium flowers are easy to order, and courtesy of our affiliation with local florists across the country, we can provide delivery nationwide.

When celebrating the birth of a new baby, flower arrangements are a popular choice. The key to giving a floral gift is to select one that is not only attractive but one that has been purchased with thought and care. At Avas Flowers, we make it easy for you to make a thoughtful decision by offering some of the most attractive floral arrangements to give in celebration of a new baby. While you’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to ordering a floral baby bouquet, you’ll also find that we offer balloon bouquets, balloon and flower arrangements and other arrangements as well. The birth of a baby isn’t the only occasion that warrants the gift of a baby bouquet, however. Congratulations are also in order when parents who are adopting bring home their new baby. Flowers are just as relevant and appreciated regardless of whether the baby is a newborn or several months old.

When browsing our selection of flowers, balloon arrangements, and other gifts for new babies, you’ll find that you are faced with several choices. When choosing a gift for a baby, some people gravitate toward specific colors for girls and boys. On this page, you’ll find flowers and gift baskets in shades of pink for baby girls as well as blue gifts and flowers for new baby boys. Other people choose to select gender-neutral colors for their nurseries and baby items and use colors such as yellow, light green, or orange. This is also an option when ordering a bouquet of flowers or balloons, as our selection of flowers, colors, and arrangements are diverse.

Avas Flowers is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the right flowers for the birth of a new baby. As an online florist, we are able to offer you an assortment of quality baby flower arrangements. When you buy from us, we can even arrange same-day flower delivery on eligible orders. We also offer excellent customer service to all of our customers. If you have any questions on how to send flowers or about any of our available arrangements or gifts for babies, simply contact us. We are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also fill out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

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How to choose flowers for a new baby

New Port Richey Florist can help with you gifting, Has your friend or loved one recently welcomed a new child? Are you anticipating the arrival of a little one not here just yet? New baby flowers are a great way to share joy and let the new parents know you care.

We have quite a few new baby flowers that can welcome the new bundle of joy and show your appreciation. These are the most popular new baby flowers to gift when a new addition to the family arrives.


Sunflowers are a great welcoming gift for a baby boy or girl. These gender-neutral flowers symbolize light and sunshine. While they brighten up any room in a household, they also help to provide positive vibes to the new family addition. Sunflowers are a sure way to brighten any mood and even make those first few sleepless nights a little more tolerable.


Beautiful daisies can also be a wonderful, safe flower to gift to your new friend or family member. Daisies grow in a variety of colors from the popular white and yellow to bright purples and even oranges.

Another benefit of giving these types of flowers is that they are quite low maintenance. What a great way to show your happiness and support by giving a beautiful and easy gift that the family can just stick in the corner and appreciate without any hassle!


With their bright citrus-like colors, Marigolds embody bright, positive energy. These flowers are perfect for new baby arrangements because they radiate energy. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they also have healing properties. As part of the Calendula family, they are known for their soothing properties.

Even if you are not one to make your own tinctures or lotions specifically to give to a new parent, you can take pleasure in the fact that these flowers are calming even just by looking at them.

Congratulate the new baby arrival in your life with these beautiful flower selections. The bright colors will create warmth and a receiving atmosphere to welcome the parents and a baby home. We offer the variety you are looking for in a new baby flower arrangement, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

New port richey florist is American owned and operated. You will speak t a real person and all our products are made here on the premises and in vases with adornments. We never send out any thing in a box that needs to be assembled. when you see the price online, the only thing it does not include is tax and delivery. We do not up charge you for arranging you purchase and it is hand delivered by our staff personally, that has been with us for over 6 years.

We take pride in our work and believe that it should be done just like it was going to our family or friends. When you order from us , you become part of our family.

Leaving flowers at the grave or memorial site for somebody who has passed away is something many of us feel the need to do. However, we want to make sure we do it in a way that will properly reflect upon, and honor, the life of our late loved one. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose just the right flowers. Should the flowers be bright and festive, or should they be more subtle and understated? Should we buy a wreath, a bouquet, a pillow, or a spray? How many flowers should we place on the grave?

All of these questions really boil down to what your instincts tell you to do. There is no right or wrong. However, we’d like to give you some general thoughts that might help you follow your instincts to the perfect graveside flowers.

Flower Meanings
Flowers carry a lot of symbolism, which is very important for remembrances. Listed below are some of the artificial silk flowers we sell here, and what each one symbolizes:

  • Rose (red) – Passionate love
  • Rose (pink) – Friendship
  • Rose (yellow) – Zealous
  • Rose (white) – Purity
  • Poppy – Consolation – Also symbolic for veterans
  • Calla Lily – Marriage and fidelity
  • Sunflower – Adoration
  • Peony – Healing
  • Zinnia – Thoughts of friends
  • Daisy – Innocence
  • Hydrangea – Perseverance
  • Gladiola – Strength of character
  • Carnation (red)– Flashy
  • Carnation (pink) – Gratitude
  • Carnation (white) – Remembrance
  • Larkspur – Beautiful spirit
  • Orchid – Delicate beauty

More Symbolism
Wreaths are customary at funerals as symbols of life, death and the immortality of the soul. A wreath may be used at a grave site as a symbol of hope that the spirit as moved on and surpassed the death of the body.

Final Thoughts
When choosing flowers to leave at a grave, let your heart be your guide. If your memories of the deceased make you think of a field of daisies, leave a bouquet of daisies. If you have a special memory of the person where a vase of roses was present, leave a vase of roses. In these situations, more often than not, your heart will lead you in the right direction.

A well-designed centerpiece has an almost magical ability to pull the entire tablescape together. Find inspiration as you craft these fun, elegant, and cute baby-shower centerpieces.

1 of 11

A baby shower is something any mother-to-be will appreciate, and that’s true no matter what the event looks like. In the time of COVID-19, you’ll likely be planning a virtual baby shower or even a socially distanced drive-by gathering, as these are smart, safe ways to celebrate in light of the pandemic. However, if you’re keeping celebrations amongst your household or quarantine pod, you can enjoy many of the traditions expected of a baby shower. One of them? A set table with centerpieces.

Centerpieces should speak to your baby shower’s theme and overall décor. Does the mother-to-be enjoy literature? Host a shower based on her childhood favorites and celebrate works like Peter Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, and anything written by Dr. Seuss. If she’s a Francophile, whisk her away to the French countryside with flowers and towers of macarons. In a fantasy, craft a wooded wonderland featuring small miniature animals in cloches atop faux-bois pedestals. Balloons elevate the scene, adding height and dimension to your decorations; plus, there are a number of eco-friendly options these days. Considering color palette is always a good idea: sweet pastels, bright candy-colored hues, and muted colors found in nature. Flowers are always welcomed, too: Opt for symbolic varieties such as baby’s breath (also known as Gypsophila), a simple delicate flower that evokes innocence and purity. Others include acacia, buttercups, white camellia, and daisies. These can be displayed in cloches, goblets, tiered stands, or the traditional vase. A simple addition of the centerpiece elevates the table settings and sets the tone for the celebration.

Here, choose your centerpiece and set the table for gathering in celebration of the expecting parents and their little arrival.

The exotic, flamboyant flowers of orchids nodding gracefully on slender stems always steal the show; naturally their pots always play second fiddle. As it turns out, the containers orchids grow in really do matter if you want your star to survive and thrive. Whether you're repotting an older orchid that has outgrown its home or you're looking to upgrade the container, there are important things to know about the different pot types available to you. To help us sort out the details, we asked Susie Turner, orchid expert and owner of Green Door Design in Mill Valley, California, for some tips on choosing the best orchid pot.

Don’t Toss the Plastic Container

Guess what? An orchid should ideally live and grow in a plastic or terra-cotta grow pot. "Pots for growing orchids must have drainage holes or slits in the container to ensure your plant doesn't get soggy, wet feet," says Turner. "The pot must also be clean and sterilized to prevent fungus, viruses, or bug invasions, and be properly sized for your plant."

Pick the Right Size Pot

If you're repotting, the new pot should be just slightly larger than the previous grow pot, otherwise, there will be too much growing medium, and the possibility that water will collect in the root zone. When selecting a new pot, go up just one inch in size.

What to Buy

Surprisingly, Turner's top choice for grow pots are clear plastic pots with drainage holes. The benefits of clear pots are you can inspect your potting medium and observe as it dries out. You can also keep a close eye on the roots and check for pests, rotting, or overcrowding. Plastic pots are easy to plop into different decorative containers for when you want to switch things up, and they allow orchid roots to take in sunlight, just as they would in their natural habitat. Another popular choice is porous terra-cotta grow pots because they allow air and water to pass through (this is the choice of traditional orchid enthusiasts.) As for specialty pots, the most important feature to look for is if the pot has multiple drainage holes, slats, or cut-outs on the sides as well at the bottom to allow for drainage and airflow.

Design Tips

When grouping multiple orchids in one decorative pot, keep each orchid in its plastic grow pot. "When multiple orchids are placed together, the individual plants should have a little space [in between] and not be squeezed too tightly together," says Turner. "Next, place small pebbles underneath them to catch excess water and decorative moss or rock on top to create a seamless design." And forget spending a lot of money on a big decorative container. Turner encourages her clients to look in their own home for a beautiful old ceramic or wooden bowl, an urn, or some other large vessel that will nicely hold a group of orchids to create a beautiful display.

When Using a Decorative Container

Just remember that if your decorative container is a cachepot and doesn't have drain holes, you'll need to remove the orchid from its pot, water it over a sink, and then return it to its home once all the water has drained.

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