How to choose a homeschool curriculum

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So, you’ve made the big decision to homeschool your kids. Now the fun begins! You decide which home school program you want to use! Choosing a curriculum can seem like a daunting, monumental task, but it doesn’t have to be! With these six simple steps home school curriculum selectionyou will find what you need for our children!

How to choose a homeschool curriculum

Selection of the home school curriculum

First, don’t panic about choosing the wrong curriculum. You won’t know if something truly works until you try it! Now that we’ve removed it, here are some tips for choosing a resume!

Consider your time commitment

How much time can you spend a day studying at home? If you’re able to sit down with your child for every subject, you can choose curriculum that is teacher intensive. I consider many of the traditional box curricula like My Father’s World and Sonlight teacher-intensive. The good and the beautiful also take a lot of your time, especially in the early years.

If you have less time, you can choose online learning programs like Easy Peasy or Math Textbooks.

Consider your child’s learning style and home schooling style

When I started studying at home, I decided I was leaning towards a Charlotte Mason home education. I’ve looked into programs such as Ambleside Online and Simply Charlotte Mason before deciding to use My Father’s World and The Good and the Beautiful while adding my own Charlotte Mason twist.

Do you have more than one child?

One of the biggest factors that led me to choose My Father’s World was the family style curriculum. Being a large family, it is important for me to be able to teach my children as many subjects as possible together. Consider choosing study programs for different age groups to maximize your time and create a learning culture in your home.

Take advantage of package sales

I love selling packages online like Build Your Package as they allow me to choose a variety of programs to save and use when I need to fill in the gaps. I love making fun study units with kids and adding other cool stuff, and selling packages allows me to do it for a great price!

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How to choose a homeschool curriculum
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How to choose a homeschool curriculumCurriculum selection is based on your educational philosophy and each child’s learning styles and stages of development.

Questions to consider:

  • What are my children’s learning styles?
  • Where are they evolutionary?
  • Am I far ahead on some topics and late on others?
  • How much freedom do I think children should have to be guided by their own interests?

The curriculum you choose will be governed by your personal educational philosophy. The two ends of the educational spectrum may be represented by E. D. Hirsch, author of Cultural skillsand John Holt, author of the bookInstead of educationand other books.

Hirsch believes there is a core of knowledge that every child should know. He tried, through his Fundamental Knowledge Foundation, to publish works defining a set of information that, in his opinion, should learn children of different ages. He believes that a coherent set of shared knowledge is more democratic and helps to create cooperation and solidarity in our nation. The facts and skills he identifies are based on reports issued by state departments of education, professional teachers’ associations, and the educational systems of several other countries, like Japan, France, Sweden, and Germany, which he considers successful.

On the contrary, Holt writes: “Besides the right to life itself, the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control one’s mind and thoughts. That means, the right to decide for ourselves how we will explore the world around us, think about our own and other person’s experiences, and find and make the meaning of our own lives” Instead of education, page 4). Holt’s philosophy of education has been termed child-led interest or unschooling. He believes that each child, pursuing her interests, will develop the necessary skills and gather the necessary facts to be successful in her enterprise of choice.

In Hirsch’s model, the teacher is the source of most information; while in Holt’s model, the teacher is the facilitator, providing resources, guidance, transportation, and funding. In Hirsch’s model, shared knowledge leads to increased cooperation in society; in Holt’s model, the infinite variety of choices leads to self-directed, self-knowing individuals. If you lean toward Hirsch’s model, you will probably choose a pre-packaged curriculum. If you lean toward Holt’s model, your children’s interests will drive the variety of resources you choose.

Adaptation to the needs of your children

When you choose your curriculum it is beneficial to be familiar with one or more of the learning style modalities so that you can decide what materials best mesh with your child’s learning styles. For delightful and thought-provoking reading, try Thomas Armstrong’s In their own wayor the book Dawny Markowa,How Smart Your Child Is: A Life Changing Approach to Learning.

Homeschooling allows you to speed up or slow down in order to match your child’s developmental readiness in various subjects. A comprehensive study program gives you less freedom to meet developmental needs than a program tailored to meet your child’s diverse developmental needs.

Other resources for finding curricular gems include members of local support groups, curriculum fairs, and exhibition halls at home school conferences. In the curriculum, as in other areas of home teaching decisions, your approach can change over time. Some novices at home start with a full program because parents are concerned about their abilities or because their child is used to doing it in school. Later, some people find the finished resume too restrictive and time-consuming and choose a more individualized approach.

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If you’ve been homeschooling for any amount of time, you’ve likely discovered Cathy Duffy and her amazing review site! Home school moms turn to Cathy Duffy Reviews to help them choose a curriculum for their children. We’re honored to have Cathy join us today on the show to chat about her personal history of the home school, how to choose curriculum, and the importance of worldview.

How to choose a homeschool curriculum

Welcome to Notes of Homeschool episode 116 from the Moxie podcast!

As a former class teacher, now a home mom of five, I love to equip and encourage other families to teach at home.

At Homeschool with Moxie Podcast, our goal is to inspire and encourage you with hands-on strategies that take you from overwhelmed to confident in your home school adventure. Hear interviews with incredible influencers in the world of home schooling and more.

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How to choose a homeschool curriculum

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About Cathy Duffy

Cathy Duffy is best known as a curriculum specialist.

Cathy began schooling her three children at home in 1982 and continued their education through high school. In addition to teaching her children, she has conducted numerous group activities for home school students and church groups. Her extensive research and experience has made Cathy a popular speaker at home education conferences around the world.

You can find full reviews of hundreds of resume options on her website, CathyDuffyReviews. com. You can also follow her on Facebook.

How to choose a home school curriculum?

Are you wondering how to choose a home education program for your children? Each child has a unique learning style and you, as a home school mom, have a unique teaching style. Then, you’ll also want to consider your family’s educational goals and worldview expectations for the curriculum you use.

Well, the good news is – you don’t have to start from scratch when searching for curriculum! Cathy Duffy has been revising the curriculum for the home education community since 1984.

We cover so many topics in this episode. Hear what Cathy has to say:

  • her personal history of the home school
  • how was home schooling in the 80s?
  • how the home school market has changed over the years
  • What Makes a Resume or Resource Good for the Home School Market?
  • the importance of knowing one’s own philosophy of education
  • because you need to know your children’s learning styles
  • the meaning of the worldview and what it is
  • How to choose a home education program suitable for your family?
  • because home teaching is an excellent educational choice

Resources for the home school curriculum

Cathy Duffy’s book,102 most chosen home school curriculamakes it easy to choose the right resume! He has extensive reviews of each of them The highest elections. This book will walk you through the entire resume selection process, helping you choose only the best products on the market.

Najnowsza Cathy Duffy’s book,How to choose a home education program?makes it easy to choose the right resume! In this ebook, Cathy simplifies the resume selection process by using questionnaires and charts. Guide readers through the process of determining their preferences for educational philosophy, learning styles, and goal setting.