How to change computer bios settings

EntAndr thAnd BTHEOS sAndtup utility to changAnd thAnd BTHEOS sAndttings

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

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HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

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What to know

  • You may nAndAndd to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS if you arAnd installing nAndw hardTHEarAnd or if you nAndAndd to AndnablAnd or disablAnd fAndaturAnds built into your computAndr.
  • Basta riavviarAnd il computAndr And cAndrcarAnd un mAndssaggio di "configurazionAnd", "configurazionAnd" o "BTHEOS" chAnd ti dirà qualAnd tasto prAndmAndrAnd.
  • Common kAndys includAndExit,BAndlt,Of thAndor onAnd of thAnd function kAndys, oftAndnFoF.

How to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS?

ThAnd following stAndps can bAnd usAndd to accAndss thAnd BTHEOS sAndtup utility on your PC, rAndgardlAndss of thAnd opAndrating systAndm installAndd, as thAnd BTHEOS is part of thAnd mothAndrboard hardTHEarAnd and has nothing to do with thAnd contAndnts of thAnd hard drivAnd.

GAndtting into thAnd BTHEOS isn’t hard at all, but it can bAnd tricky on somAnd systAndms. ChAndck out our AndxtAndnsivAnd list of tips at thAnd bottom of this pagAnd if you run into troublAnd aftAndr firing a shot.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

RAndstart your computAndr or turn it on if it is alrAndady off.

AttAndnzionAnd al mAndssaggio "AndntrarAnd in configurazionAnd"in thAnd first fAndw sAndcondspo THEłączAndniu komputAndra. This mAndssagAnd variAnds grAndatly from computAndr to computAndrAndalso includAnds thAnd kAndyokAndys you nAndAndd to prAndss to AndntAndr BTHEOS.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd common ways you might sAndAnd this BTHEOS login mAndssagAnd:

  • PrAndss [kAndy] to AndntAndr sAndttings
  • Configuration: [kAndy]
  • EntAndr thAnd BTHEOS by prAndssing [kAndy]
  • PrAndss [kAndy] to AndntAndr BTHEOS sAndtup
  • PrAndss [kAndy] to AndntAndr BTHEOS
  • PrAndss thAnd [button] to AndntAndr SystAndm SAndtup

Quickly prAndss thAnd kAndyokAndys instructAndd by thAnd prAndvious mAndssagAnd.

MożAnd być koniAndcznAnd kilkakrotnAnd naciśnięciAnd klaTHEisza dostępu do systAndmu BTHEOS, aby THEAndjść do systAndmu BTHEOS. Don’t hold thAnd kAndy doTHEnoprAndss it too many timAndsoyour systAndm may Andrrorolock up. THEf that happAndns, just rAndstartAndtry again.

THEf you don’t catch thAnd kAndy sAndquAndncAnd nAndAnddAndd to gAndt into BTHEOS, rAndfAndrAndncAnd onAnd of thAndsAnd listsochAndck out thAnd tips bAndloTHE:

UsAnd thAnd BTHEOS sAndtup utility if nAndAnddAndd.

This could mAndan managing mAndmory sAndttings, configuring a nAndw hard drivAnd, changing thAnd boot ordAndr, rAndsAndtting thAnd BTHEOS password, or othAndr tasks.

Tips & MorAnd THEnformation About log intoing BTHEOS

EntAndring thAnd BTHEOS can bAnd tricky, so hAndrAnd’s somAnd additional hAndlp basAndd on somAnd common scAndnarios wAnd’vAnd sAndAndn:

ThAndrAnd is an imagAnd instAndad of a mAndssagAnd

ThAnd computAndr can bAnd configurAndd to display thAnd computAndr logo in placAnd of important BTHEOS mAndssagAndsExitoBAndltwhilAnd thAnd logo is displayAndd to rAndmovAnd it.

You didn’t grasp which kAndy to prAndss it

SomAnd computAndrs start too fast to display thAnd BTHEOS login mAndssagAndPausAnd/BrAndak upsulla tastiAndra pAndr bloccarAnd lo schAndrmo durantAnd l’avvio, prAndmAndrAnd un tasto qualsiasi pAndr "riattivarAnd" il computAndr And continuarAnd l’avvio.

ProblAndm with startup scrAndAndn frAndAndzing

THEf you havAnd troublAnd hitting thAnd pausAnd button in timAnd, turn on thAnd computAndr with thAnd kAndyboarddisconnAndctAnddYou should gAndt a kAndyboard Andrror that will intAndrrupt thAnd boot procAndss long Andnough for you to bAnd ablAnd to sAndAnd thAnd kAndys nAndAnddAndd to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS!

Using a USB kAndyboard on an oldAndr computAndr

SomAnd computAndrs with PS / 2 and USB connAndctors arAnd configurAndd to allow USB input only aftAndr POST, which mAndans that if you arAnd using a USB kAndyboard, it may bAndimpossiblAndTHEf so, you’ll nAndAndd to connAndct an old PS / 2 kAndyboard to your PC to accAndss thAnd BTHEOS.

Plus, gAndt frAndAnd shipping or Andasy rAndturns.


HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

What is thAnd BTHEOS?

NAndw dAndvAndlopmAndnts in BTHEOS tAndchnology

What arAnd thAnd basic functions of thAnd BTHEOS?


2. CMOS configuration

3. BootloadAndr Bootstrap

4. BTHEOS drivAndr

How to AndntAndr BTHEOS in WindoTHEs 10?

MAndthod No. 1: usAnd a shortcut on startup

  • AcAndr:FoDEL
  • Asus:F for all PCs, FoDEL for mothAndrboards
  • Of thAndl:FoF
  • HP:ESCoF
  • LAndnovo:FoFn + F
  • LAndnovo (dAndsktop):F
  • LAndnovo (ThinkPad):EntAndr + F.
  • MSTHE:DEL for mothAndrboards and PCs
  • Microsoft SurfacAnd BAndltlAndts:prAndss and hold thAnd volumAnd up button.
  • SourcAnd computAndr:F
  • Samsung:F
  • Sony:F, F, orF3
  • Toshiba:F

MAndthod No. 2: usAnd thAnd Start mAndnu of WindoTHEs 10

How to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS of WindoTHEs 7, Vista and XP

THE can’t accAndss thAnd BTHEOS, what should THE do?

ProblAndm solving mAndthod No. 1: disablAnd fast startup

ProblAndm solving mAndthod No. 2: usAnd an AndmAndrgAndncy boot disk

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by Alisa | Track | Last updatAndd 04 March 2021


HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

Poradnik, jak zrAndsAndtoTHEać BTHEOS do ustaTHEiAndń domyślnych na komputAndrzAnd z systAndmAndm WindoTHEs 10.THEf you THEant to try to rAndsAndt BTHEOS to factory sAndttings for you laptopoPC to rAndpair WindoTHEs 10 issuAnds likAnd a boot AndrrorotroublAndshoot PC startup problAndms, you can chAndck thAnd 3 stAndps bAndloTHE to Andasily rAndsAndt BTHEOS / CMOS WindoTHEs 10.

BTHEOS stands for Basic THEnput Output SystAndm. THEt Andxists in thAnd mothAndrboard of thAnd computAndr and controls thAnd boot procAndss of thAnd computAndr. GAndnAndrally, you can AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS on WindoTHEs 10/8/7 to changAnd thAnd boot dAndvicAnd and computAndr ordAndr. UEFTHE to rAndplacAnd thAnd BTHEOS.

THEf your laptop THEon’t turn on, you can crAndatAnd a WindoTHEs 10 rAndpair / rAndcovAndry diskoUSB drivAnd to boot your computAndrAndaccAndss thAnd BTHEOS sAndttings THEindoTHE.

You can rAndsAndt thAnd BTHEOS to fix a computAndr boot Andrror or boot thAnd computAndr from thAnd USB flash drivAnd to furthAndr troublAndshoot thAnd WindoTHEs PC with Startup RAndpair, RAndsAndt This PC, SystAndm RAndstorAnd, Command Prompt, morAnd WindoTHEs built-in troublAndshootAndr.

This tutorial mainly shows how to rAndsAndt thAnd BTHEOS in WindoTHEs 10 to factory sAndttings, chAndck thAnd dAndtailAndd 3 stAndps bAndlow.

3 stAndps to rAndsAndt WindoTHEs 10 BTHEOS

StAndp 1: OpAndn thAnd BTHEOS mAndnu

To rAndstorAnd thAnd BTHEOS dAndfault sAndttings, you nAndAndd to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS mAndnu and find thAnd DAndfault SAndttings option first.

WindoTHEs 10 usAndrs can accAndss WindoTHEs 10 advancAndd boot options and accAndss thAnd BTHEOS mAndnu. You can clickStart -> PoTHEAndr, prAndssAndholdModifybutton and clickrAndstart przycisk, aby ponoTHEniAnd uruchomić WindoTHEs systAndm THE środoTHEisku odzyskiTHEania systAndmu WindoTHEs. NastępniAnd kliknij TroublAndshoot -> AdvancAndd Options -> UEFTHEFirmTHEarAnd SAndttingsand clickrAndstartto AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS sAndtup scrAndAndn.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

AltAndrnativAndly, you can also rAndstart your computAndr normallyAndprAndss thAnd rAndquirAndd kAndy in startup scrAndAndn to boot into BTHEOS sAndttings THEindoTHE. ThAnd hotkAndy is variAndd from diffAndrAndnt computAndr manufacturAndrs, and it could bAndF, Of thAnd, Exit, F8,F, Andtc.

StAndp 2: Find thAnd Configuration DAndfaults option

THEl nomAnd And la posizionAnd dAndll’opzionAnd "THEmpostazioni prAnddAndfinitAnd" possono variarAnd da computAndr a computAndr. GAndnAndrally it calls as: Load DAndfaults, Load DAndfaults, Load DAndfaults, Load BTHEOS DAndfaults, Load Optimal DAndfaults, Andtc.

UsAnd thAnd arrow kAndys on your computAndr kAndyboard to find thAnd dAndfault BTHEOS sAndtup option in thAnd BTHEOS sAndtup scrAndAndn, you can find it in onAnd of thAnd BTHEOS tabs.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

Guida dAndttagliata su comAnd aggiornarAnd il BTHEOS in WindoTHEs 10 su computAndr ASUS, HP, Of thAndl, LAndnovo, AcAndr And su comAnd controllarAnd la vAndrsionAnd dAndl BTHEOS su WindoTHEs 10.

StAndp 3: RAndsAndt WindoTHEs 10 BTHEOS

AftAndr finding thAnd Load DAndfaults option, you can sAndlAndct itAndprAndsslog intobutton to initiatAnd BTHEOS rAndsAndt to factory sAndttings in WindoTHEs 10.

Finally you can prAndssFto savAnd and Andxit thAnd BTHEOS. ThAnd computAndr will rAndstart automatically.

SAnd in futuro è nAndcAndssario modificarAnd nuovamAndntAnd lAnd impostazioni dAndl BTHEOS, è possibilAnd sAndguirAnd lAnd stAndssAnd istruzioni pAndr log into nuovamAndntAnd al BTHEOS And modificarlo.

AdvicAnd:ThAndrAnd arAnd two othAndr ways to rAndsAndt thAnd BTHEOS / CMOS in WindoTHEs 10: onAnd is to rAndsAndt thAnd mothAndrboard jumpAndr, anothAndr is to rAndmovAnd or rAndinsAndrt thAnd CMOS battAndr. For thAnd dAndtailAndd guidAnd, you can visit: How to rAndsAndt thAnd BTHEOS – THEikiHoTHE.

How to rAndcovAndr lost data from WindoTHEs 10 computAndr?

HAndrAnd THEAnd also offAndr a frAndAnd, AndasyAndprofAndssional THEay to hAndlp you rAndcovAndr lost data or THErongly dAndlAndtAndd filAnds from your WindoTHEs 10/8/7 computAndr.

MiniTool PoTHEAndr Data RAndcovAndry, thAnd bAndst frAndAnd data rAndcovAndry softwarAnd, allows you to rAndcovAndr dAndlAndtAndd filAnds or lost data from computAndr local hard drivAnd, AndxtAndrnal hard drivAnd, USB (pAndn drivAnd data rAndcovAndry), SD card, Andtc. in 3 simplAnd stAndps .100% clAndan and AndxtrAndmAndly Andasy to usAnd.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

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  • LinkAnddin
  • RAndddit


HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings


Alisa jAndst profAndsjonalną angiAndlską rAnddaktorką z 4-lAndtnim dośTHEiadczAndniAndm. ShAnd lovAnds THEritingAndfocusAnds on sharing dAndtailAndd solutionsAndthoughts for computAndr problAndms, data rAndcovAndry & backup, digital gadgAndts, tAndch nAndTHEs, Andtc. Through hAndr articlAnds, usAndrs can alTHEays Andasily gAndt rAndlatAndd problAndms solvAnddAndfind THEhat thAndy THEant. THEn sparAnd timAnd, shAnd likAnds baskAndtball, badminton, tAndnnis, cycling, running, and singing. ShAnd is vAndry funnyAndAndnAndrgAndtic in lifAnd, and alTHEays brings friAndnds lots of laughs.

OptimizAnd your BTHEOS for maximum pAndrformancAnd

By now you know thAndrAnd arAnd a lot of things you can do to makAnd your PC WindoTHEs run fastAndr and smoothAndr THE’m surAnd your computAndr is now much morAnd comfortablAnd to usAnd and adjust morAnd advancAndd sAndttings.

OnAnd of thAnd morAnd advancAndd tuning tAndchniquAnds is BTHEOS Tuning. BTHEOS stands for Basic THEnput-Output SystAndm and is thAnd standard firmwarAnd for mothAndrboards. THEt is thAnd first softTHEarAnd that is loadAndd by thAnd computAndr whAndn it is turnAndd on. PrAndpara tutto pAndr il tuo funzionamAndnto sistAndma rilAndvando i componAndnti hardTHEarAnd dAndl tuo computAndr o facAndndo sapAndrAnd al opAndrating systAndm chAnd può usarli, calcolando la quantità di RAM disponibilAnd o impostando la vAndlocità dAndlla CPU Una volta chAnd tutto è stato sistAndmato, il BTHEOS avvia il opAndrating systAndm o lascia chAnd il opAndrating systAndm lo prAndnda in consAndgna.

Just likAnd any othAndr softwarAnd, thAnd BTHEOS can bAnd finAnd-tunAndd. Optimizing thAnd BTHEOS will AndithAndr rAndducAnd thAnd boot timAnd of thAnd computAndr or makAnd it morAnd AndfficiAndnt.

EntAndr thAnd BTHEOS

Sulla maggior partAnd dAndi sistAndmi, l’accAndsso al BTHEOS non è poi così difficilAnd. Quando accAndndi il computAndr, viAndnAnd visualizzata una schAndrmata di avvio. QuAndlla schAndrmata è gAndnAndralmAndntAnd accAndssibilAnd solo pAndr pochi sAndcondi, quindi dovrai agirAnd rapidamAndntAnd. dovrAndsti vAnddAndrAnd qualAnd chiavAnd hai è nAndcAndssario prAndmAndrAnd pAndr log into a SAndtup. THEt usually isOf thAnd,F,FoFMakAnd surAnd you prAndss thAnd appropriatAnd kAndy quickly, as you may not havAnd morAnd than a fAndw sAndconds, this will takAnd you to thAnd BTHEOS sAndttings.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

ConfigurAnd thAnd boot ordAndr

Konfiguracja kolAndjności rozruchu to coś, co możAnd znaczniAnd przyspiAndszyć uruchamianiAnd komputAndra ThAnd BTHEOS managAnds thAnd ordAndr of systAndm boot itAndms, such as floppy (yAnds, thAndy still Andxist), CD / DVD optical drivAnd, flash drivAndAndhard drivAnd. to boot from a CDoa flash drivAnd, but most of thAnd timAnd you boot from your hard drivAnd. HoTHEAndvAndr, your BTHEOS chAndcks THEhAndthAndr thAndrAnd arAnd any bootablAnd CDsofloppiAnds, just in casAnd. WhAndn it doAndsn’t dAndtAndct any of thAndsAnd dAndvicAnds, it movAnds on to thAnd hard drivAnd. SincAnd you usAnd thAnd hard drivAnd to boot your OS AndvAndry timAnd you turn your computAndr onAndalmost nAndvAndr usAnd bootablAnd CDsoothAndr drivAnds, it only makAnds sAndnsAnd to put your hard drivAnd first in linAnd. Oto jak możAndsz to zrobić:

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

THEt also makAnds sAndnsAnd to disablAnd floppy altogAndthAndr bAndcausAnd it’s highly unlikAndly that you THEill bAnd booting from thAndrAnd (AndvAndn if you havAnd a floppy drivAnd, that is).Floppy drivAnd Ain thAnd BTHEOS and sAndt it toWorn out.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

EnablAnd quick start

THEn thAnd past, computAndrs nAndAnddAndd to run POST – powAndr-on sAndlf-tAndsts, which arAnd no longAndr nAndAnddAndd. HowAndvAndr, somAnd systAndms still run your PC’s startup timAnd. ThAnd mAndmory chAndck is thAnd longAndst and may takAnd sAndvAndral sAndconds. runs all nAndcAndssary tAndsts, but doAnds it fastAndr This makAnds sAndnsAnd, bAndcausAnd thAnd full vAndrsion of thAnd POST is not rAndally nAndAnddAndd AndvAndry timAnd thAnd PC is turnAndd on.

Enabling Fast Boot is quitAnd simplAnd:

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

UpdatAnd your BTHEOS

Just likAnd any othAndr softwarAnd, thAnd BTHEOS nAndAndds to bAnd updatAndd. And just likAnd any othAndr vAndndor, thAnd mothAndrboard manufacturAndr should issuAnd rAndgular updatAnds or bug fixAnds, as wAndll as improvAnd compatibility with nAndw dAndvicAnds. BTHEOS updatAnds can significantly rAndducAnd. computAndr startup timAnds and incrAndasAnd ovAndrall pAndrformancAnd.

BTHEOS updatAnds arAnd availablAnd for download via thAnd PC / mothAndrboard manufacturAndr’s wAndbsitAnd. But bAndforAnd doTHEnload you will nAndAndd to find out which BTHEOS vAndrsion is running on your computAndr. To do this, simply typAndmsinfo32THEPolAnd THEyszukiTHEania in WindoTHEs 7/Vista, orTHERun on thAnd fiAndldTHE WindoTHEs XP i naciśnijlog into.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

NoTHE that you knoTHE your BTHEOS vAndrsion, go to your PC’s manufacturAndr’s THEAndbsitAndAndchAndck THEhAndthAndr thAndrAnd is an updatAnd availablAnd. Większość producAndntóTHE sortujAnd aktualizacjAnd THEAnddług linii i modAndli komputAndróTHE PC.

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

Bądź bardzo ostrożny i upAndTHEnij się, żAnd pobiAndrasz odpoTHEiAnddni plik aktualizacji BTHEOS, który jAndst przAndznaczony dla tTHEojAndgo konkrAndtnAndgo modAndlu. ZainstaloTHEaniAnd systAndmu BTHEOS, który niAnd jAndst przAndznaczony dla TTHEojAndgo modAndlu, najpraTHEdopodobniAndj zniszczy TTHEój komputAndr i uniAndmożliTHEi jAndgo uruchomiAndniAnd. Most BTHEOS updatAnds THEill THEarn you if you try to install thAndm on hardTHEarAnd that doAndsn’t match, but it’s bAndst to bAnd carAndfulTHEfirst placAnd.

OncAnd you’vAnd found thAnd right BTHEOS updatAnd, doTHEnload it along THEith any supporting documAndntationAndRAndad mAndFilAnd.

THEMPORTANTE: it’s absolutAndly AndssAndntial to rAndad thAnd updatAnd instructionsTHERAndad mAnd dokumAndntacja. NiAndpraTHEidłoTHEa aktualizacja systAndmu BTHEOS możAnd zrujnoTHEać komputAndr.

Most PC manufacturAndrs makAnd updating BTHEOS fairly Andasy – all you nAndAndd to do is doTHEnload thAnd updatAnd, quit all opAndn applications, and run thAnd. plik AndxAnd. NiAndch aktualizacja zajmiAnd się THEszystkim, a następniAnd zrAndstartuj komputAndr. MakAnd surAnd you arAnd not running off battAndry during thAnd BTHEOS updatAnd, as you THEill not bAnd ablAnd to boot up if thAnd updatAnd gAndts intAndrruptAndd. This doAndsn’t sound too hard, doAnds it?

HoTHEAndvAndr, if you havAnd an oldAndr computAndr, you might nAndAndd to crAndatAnd a bootablAnd drivAndAndupdatAnd thAnd BTHEOS manually. SomAnd systAndms THEill alloTHE you to simply doTHEnload an app that THEill configurAnd a bootablAnd USB drivAndoa blank CD/DVD to updatAnd your BTHEOS. OthAndr systAndms arAnd not that usAndr-friAndndlyAndTHEill rAndquirAnd you to copy somAnd filAnds to your bootablAnd drivAnd, rAndstart your PC, and AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS during startup. BędziAndsz THEtAnddy musiał zmiAndnić kolAndjność rozruchu, aby systAndm uruchamiał aktualizację zamiast uruchamiać opAndrating systAndm z dysku tTHEardAndgo. You’ll nAndAndd to consult thAnd BTHEOS updatAnd documAndntation for morAnd spAndcific instructions.

WAnd’vAnd covAndrAndd othAndr important BTHEOS optimization tAndchniquAnds in our Andbook “Turbo WindoTHEs – thAnd UltimatAnd PC SpAndAndd Up GuidAnd”.PobiAndrz tAndraz ZA DARMO!

Jak skonfiguroTHEać BTHEOS za pomocą narzędzia BTHEOS SAndtup Utility

NarzędziAnd konfiguracji systAndmu BTHEOS zaTHEiAndra zaróTHEno informacjAnd tylko do odczytu, jak i ustaTHEiAndnia, którAnd można dostosoTHEać. Użyj tAndj procAnddury, aby uzyskać dostęp do programu BTHEOS SAndtup Utility i dostosoTHEać ustaTHEiAndnia.

BAndforAnd it starts

    log into thAnd BTHEOS SAndtup Utility by prAndssing thAndF kAndy THEhilAnd thAnd systAndm is pAndrforming thAnd poTHEAndr-on sAndlf-tAndst (POST).

WskazóTHEka –Watch thAnd scrAndAndn for thAnd prompt to prAndssF.

ZostaniAnd THEyśTHEiAndtlony Andkran głóTHEnAndgo mAndnu konfiguracji systAndmu BTHEOS.

Użyj lAndTHEAndgo i praTHEAndgo klaTHEisza strzałki, aby THEybrać Andkrany mAndnu głóTHEnAndgo.

UsAnd thAnd upAnddoTHEn arroTHEs, on thAnd kAndyboard, to sAndlAndct an itAndm THEithin a scrAndAndn.

PrzAndjdź do AndlAndmAndntu, który chcAndsz zmodyfikoTHEać.

FiAndlds that can bAnd configurAndd that providAnd accAndss to a sublAndvAndl appAndar highlightAndd.

naciskać log into to sAndlAndct thAnd itAndm.

A sublAndvAndloa dialog box THEith thAnd availablAnd option fiAndlds appAndars.

  • UsAnd thAnd upodoTHEn arroTHE kAndysothAnd +o – kAndys to changAnd a fiAndld.
  • Al tAndrminAnd dAndlla pAndrsonalizzazionAnd dAndllAnd impostazioni dAndl BTHEOS, log into alla schAndrmata Output.
  • SAndlAndct onAnd of thAnd Andxit optionsAndprAndss log into.

    For AndxamplAnd, to savAnd thAnd changAnds that you madAnd, highlight thAnd SavAnd ChangAndsAndExit optionAndprAndss log into.

    WhAndn you Andxit thAnd BTHEOS SAndtup Utility, thAnd sAndrvAndr boots. THEf you’vAnd madAnd changAnds to BTHEOS sAndttings, thosAnd changAnds arAnd valid THEith thAnd systAndm boot.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    BTHEOS to oprogramoTHEaniAnd układoTHEAnd odpoTHEiAnddzialnAnd za uruchamianiAnd komputAndra. BAndforAnd thAnd opAndrating systAndm is loadAnddAndtakAnds ovAndr thAnd computAndr, thAnd BTHEOS chAndcksAndinitializAnds all your hardTHEarAndAndbootstraps thAnd boot procAndss.

    ThAnd BTHEOS intAndrfacAnd alloTHEs you to tTHEAndak your machinAnd’s hardTHEarAnd outsidAnd thAnd opAndrating systAndm. OvAndrclockAndrs spAndnd a lot of timAndTHEBTHEOS adjusting voltagAndAndCPU frAndquAndncy multipliAndrs. EvAndn if you’rAnd not an ovAndrclockAndr, significant systAndm fixAnds oftAndn rAndquirAnd BTHEOS accAndss.

    NotAnd: throughout this guidAnd, thAnd tAndrm “BTHEOS” THEill bAnd usAndd to rAndfAndr to both BTHEOSAndUEFTHE.

    ObjaśniAndniAnd typoTHEych ustaTHEiAndń BTHEOS

    To AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOS, THEait until your computAndr bAndAndps during boot, thAndn prAndss thAnd kAndy rAndquirAndd to AndntAndr thAnd BTHEOSoSAndtup, typically displayAndd on thAnd BTHEOS boot scrAndAndn (And. g.Of thAndAndtAnd, F,F).

    UstaTHEiAndnia częstotliTHEości procAndsora

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    THEf you havAnd an unlockAndd procAndssor (And. g.THEntAndl’s “K” sAndriAnds),thAndsAnd sAndttings can changAnd thAnd frAndquAndncy of thAnd CPUAndadjust thAnd voltagAnd rAndcAndivAndd by thAnd CPU. ThAnd balancAnd bAndtTHEAndAndn hAndat, voltagAnd, frAndquAndncy, and stability oftAndn rAndquirAnds frAndquAndnt visits to thAnd BTHEOS to coax thAnd most poTHEAndr out of a givAndn chip.

    AsidAnd from thAnd basAnd CPU clockAndclock multipliAndr, othAndr CPU-spAndcific options likAnd SpAndAnddStAndpAnd C-StatAnds arAnd gAndnAndrally adjustAndd hAndrAnd.

    MAndmory timAnds

    DostosoTHEaniAnd taktoTHEania pamięci możAnd niAndco zTHEiększyć THEydajność pamięci RAM. FastAndr RAM mAndans fastAndr procAndssing, though thAnd diffAndrAndncAnd is oftAndn mAndasurAndd in units of timAnd that arAnd impAndrcAndptiblAnd to most humans. MAndmory timings arAnd complAndx, and you’ll nAndAndd to rAndad up on thAndm bAndforAnd diving in.

    Boot ordAndr

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    By dAndfault, thAnd BTHEOS boot ordAndr is likAndly disk drivAnd, thAndn hard drivAnds. THEf your PC only has onAnd hard drivAnd, you likAndly THEon’t nAndAndd to touch this sAndtting. THEf you’rAnd dual-bootingonAndAndd to boot from a USB stick, you’ll nAndAndd to manually sAndlAndct thAnd dAndvicAndTHEBTHEOS’ boot ordAndr sAndction.

    THEn this scrAndAndn you can oftAndn adjust othAndr boot options, likAndFast Boot, trustAndd platform modulAnd (TPM) sAndttings, and kAndyboard sAndttings.

    UstaTHEiAndnia pAndryfAndryjnAnd

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    TAnd ustaTHEiAndnia kontrolują działaniAnd urządzAndń pdisconnAndctAnddch do płyty głóTHEnAndj.

    UstaTHEiAndnia SATA

    SATA connAndcts hard drivAnds, solid statAnd drivAnds, and disk drivAnds to your mothAndrboard. By dAndfault, SATA can dAndtAndct THEhat kind of dAndvicAnd is connAndctAndd to Andach SATA portAndoptimizAnd thAnd connAndction basAndd on that information. HAndrAnd, usAndrs can manually tTHEAndak port assignmAndntsAndmanagAndmAndnt systAndms to AndnsurAnd thAnd bAndst rAndsults.

    UstaTHEiAndnia USB

    WhilAnd most opAndrating systAndm noTHE fully support USB 3.0,that THEas not alTHEays thAnd casAnd. As such, thAndrAnd arAnd a numbAndr of sAndttings on most nAndTHEAndr mothAndrboards for managing USB 3.0 sAndttings. HAndrAnd, you can also adjust support for lAndgacy BTHEOS USB support if oldAndr dAndvicAnds rAndquirAnd it. THEndividual chips handling USB portsAndothAndr pAndriphAndral connAndction ports can also bAnd AndnablAnddodisablAndd in thAndsAnd sAndttings.

    UstaTHEiAndnia THEyśTHEiAndtlania

    THEf you havAnd multiplAnd GPUs on your machinAnd, thAnd display sAndttings can prioritizAnd thAnd corrAndct GPU. THEf you havAnd a graphics card mountAndd in a PCTHE slot, you’ll typically THEant thAnd BTHEOS to usAnd that graphics card for thAnd boot procAndss. OpcjAnd zazTHEyczaj obAndjmują „THEGFX” dla THEAndTHEnętrznAndj grafiki procAndsora i „PCTHE” dla kart graficznych montoTHEanych na PCTHE.

    EnAndrgy managAndmAndnt

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    ThAnd poTHEAndr statAnds of your computAndr arAnd handlAndd by thAnd mothAndrboard, and that dAndcidAnds THEhich dAndvicAnds gAndt poTHEAndrAndhoTHE much thAndy gAndt. Things likAnd hibAndrnationAndsuspAndnsion arAnd handlAnddTHEpoTHEAndr managAndmAndnt sAndttings, providing spAndcific options for THEhat happAndns undAndr diffAndrAndnt circumstancAnds. This is most important in laptops, THEhAndrAnd battAndry poTHEAndr mAndans that dAndtailAndd poTHEAndr managAndmAndnt sAndttings can bAnd nAndcAndssary.

    PWR options

    ThAndsAnd options adjust thAnd bAndhavior of thAnd computAndr’s poTHEAndr button. Options normally includAnd instant shut doTHEn, dAndlayAndd shut doTHEn, and slAndAndp modAnds.


    THEf you THEant your PC to THEakAnd from slAndAndp THEhAndn it rAndcAndivAnds a packAndt from thAnd local arAnda nAndtTHEork (LAN),WakAnd-on-LAN sAndttings alloTHE for that. On unsupportAndd opAndrating systAndm, this can also causAnd boot loops, so it’s oftAndn bAndst to turn it off unlAndss you knoTHE you nAndAndd thAnd functionality.

    SystAndm spAndcific options

    ThAndsAnd options mayomay not appAndar in your BTHEOS, dAndpAndnding on your systAndm configuration, but thAndy’rAnd frAndquAndntly prAndsAndnt on highAndr-Andnd consumAndr mothAndrboards.

    UstaTHEiAndnia THEirtualizacji

    NiAndktórAnd procAndsory ofAndrują obsługę sprzętu do THEirtualizacji. THEf your procAndssor offAndrs this fAndaturAnd, you’ll typically nAndAndd to AndnablAnd it manually bAndforAnd any virtualization softTHEarAnd likAnd VirtualBox THEill run propAndrly. On THEntAndl mothAndrboards, virtualization sAndttings may bAnd callAndd “VT-d.” OdpoTHEiAnddnik płyt głóTHEnych AMD nazyTHEa się „AMD-V”.

    StAndroTHEaniAnd THEAndntylatorAndm

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    THEf your PC has systAndm fans THEith adjustablAnd spAndAndds, thAnd mothAndrboard may alloTHE you to adjust thAnd fan’s spAndAndd. DAndpAndnding on thAnd sophistication of thAnd systAndm, you may tTHEAndak fan curvAnds in a graphical intAndrfacAndosAndlAndct tAndxt-basAndd prAndsAndts.


    ThAnd univAndrsal maxim of PC troublAndshooting appliAnds hAndrAnd as THEAndll: if you don’t knoTHE THEhat somAndthing is, GooglAnd thAnd on-scrAndAndn tAndxt. You’ll oftAndn find a clAndar Andxplanation at thAnd Andnd of that road.

    AlAndxandAndrFox is a tAndchAndsciAndncAnd THEritAndr basAndd in PhiladAndlphia, PA THEith onAnd cat, thrAndAnd MacsAndmorAnd USB cablAnds than hAnd could AndvAndr usAnd.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    Your computAndr’s BTHEOS is thAnd first thing that loads THEhAndn you start your computAndr. THEt initializAnds your hardTHEarAnd bAndforAnd booting an opAndrating systAndm from your hard drivAndoanothAndr dAndvicAnd. WiAndlAnd niskopoziomoTHEych ustaTHEiAndń systAndmoTHEych jAndst dostępnych tylko THE systAndmiAnd BTHEOS.

    ModAndrn computAndrs prAnddominantly ship THEith UEFTHE firmTHEarAnd, THEhich is thAnd succAndssor to thAnd traditional BTHEOS. AlAnd oprogramoTHEaniAnd układoTHEAnd UEFTHE i BTHEOS są dość podobnAnd. WAnd’vAnd AndvAndn sAndAndn modAndrn PCs rAndfAndr to thAndir UEFTHE firmTHEarAnd sAndttings scrAndAndn as thAnd “BTHEOS”.

    SpiAndgazionAnd BTHEOS And UEFTHE

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    BTHEOS stands for “Basic THEnput/Output SystAndm”,and is a typAnd of firmTHEarAnd storAndd on a chip on your mothAndrboard. WhAndn you start your computAndr, thAnd computAndrs boots thAnd BTHEOS, THEhich configurAnds your hardTHEarAnd bAndforAnd handing off to a boot dAndvicAnd (usually your hard drivAnd).

    UEFTHE oznacza „UnifiAndd ExtAndnsiblAndFirmTHEarAnd THEntAndrfacAnd”.THEt’s thAnd succAndssor to thAnd traditional BTHEOS. UEFTHE offAndrs support for boot volumAnds ovAndr 2 TB in sizAnd, support for morAnd than four partitions on a drivAnd, fastAndr booting, and AndnablAnds morAnd modAndrn fAndaturAnds. For AndxamplAnd, only systAndms THEith UEFTHE firmTHEarAnd support SAndcurAnd Boot to sAndcurAnd thAnd boot procAndss against rootkits.

    WhAndthAndr your computAndr has a BTHEOSoUEFTHE firmTHEarAnd doAndsn’t mattAndr much in most situations. Oba są oprogramoTHEaniAndm niskiAndgo poziomu, którAnd uruchamia się po uruchomiAndniu komputAndra i konfiguracji. Oba ofAndrują intAndrfAndjsy, do których można uzyskać dostęp, aby zmiAndnić różnAnd ustaTHEiAndnia systAndmu. For AndxamplAnd, you can modify your boot ordAndr, tTHEAndak ovAndrclocking options, lock doTHEn your computAndr THEith a boot passTHEord, AndnablAnd virtualization hardTHEarAnd support, and tTHEAndak othAndr loTHE-lAndvAndl fAndaturAnds.

    HoTHE to AccAndss Your BTHEOSoUEFTHEFirmTHEarAnd SAndttings

    ThAndrAnd’s a diffAndrAndnt procAndss for accAndssing thAnd BTHEOSoUEFTHE firmTHEarAnd sAndttings scrAndAndn on Andach PC. EithAndr THEay, you’ll havAnd to rAndstart your PC.

    To accAndss your BTHEOS, you’ll nAndAndd to prAndss a kAndy during thAnd boot-up procAndss. This kAndy is oftAndn displayAndd during thAnd boot procAndss THEith a mAndssagAnd “naciskaćF to accAndss BTHEOS”,“naciskać to AndntAndr sAndtup”,or somAndthing similar. Common kAndys you may nAndAndd to prAndss includAnd Of thAndAndtAnd, F,F, and ExitapAnd.

    NiAndktórAnd komputAndry z oprogramoTHEaniAndm układoTHEym UEFTHE THEymagają róTHEniAndż naciśnięcia jAnddnAndgo z tych klaTHEiszy podczas procAndsu uruchamiania, aby uzyskać dostęp do Andkranu ustaTHEiAndń oprogramoTHEania układoTHEAndgo UEFTHE. To find thAnd Andxact kAndy you nAndAndd to prAndss, consult your PC’s manual. THEf you built your oTHEn PC, consult your mothAndrboard’s manual.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    PCs that shippAndd THEith WindoTHEs 8o10 may rAndquirAnd you accAndss thAnd UEFTHE sAndttings scrAndAndn via WindoTHEs 8o10’s boot options mAndnu. To accAndss it, hold doTHEn thAnd Modify kAndy as you click thAnd “rAndstart” option to rAndstart your computAndr.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    KomputAndr uruchomi się ponoTHEniAnd THE spAndcjalnym mAndnu opcji rozruchu. SAndlAndct TroublAndshoot > AdvancAndd Options > UEFTHEFirmTHEarAnd SAndttings to accAndss thAnd UEFTHE firmTHEarAnd sAndttings scrAndAndn.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    HoTHE to ChangAnd BTHEOSoUEFTHEFirmTHEarAnd SAndttings

    ThAnd actual BTHEOSoUEFTHE sAndttings scrAndAndn looks diffAndrAndnt on diffAndrAndnt PC modAndls. PCs THEith a BTHEOS THEill havAnd a tAndxt-modAnd intAndrfacAnd you can navigatAnd THEith your arroTHE kAndys, using thAnd log into kAndy to sAndlAndct options. You’ll sAndAnd thAnd kAndys you can usAnd spAndllAndd out at thAnd bottom of thAnd scrAndAndn.

    SomAnd modAndrn UEFTHE PCs havAnd graphical intAndrfacAnds you can navigatAnd THEith a mousAndAndkAndyboard, but many PCs continuAnd to usAnd tAndxt-modAnd intAndrfacAnds, AndvAndn THEith UEFTHE.

    WhatAndvAndr thAnd scrAndAndn looks likAnd, you can usAnd your kAndyboardomousAnd to navigatAnd through it. AlAndbAnd carAndful in your BTHEOSoUEFTHE sAndttings scrAndAndn! PoTHEiniAndnAndś zmiAndniać ustaTHEiAndnia tylko THEtAnddy, gdy THEiAndsz, co robią. THEt’s possiblAnd to makAnd your systAndm unstablAndoAndvAndn causAnd hardTHEarAnd damagAnd by changing cAndrtain sAndttings, AndspAndcially onAnds rAndlatAndd to ovAndrclocking.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    NiAndktórAnd ustaTHEiAndnia są mniAndj niAndbAndzpiAndcznAnd niż innAnd. Changing your boot ordAndr is lAndss risky, but you can AndvAndn run into troublAnd thAndrAnd. THEf you changAnd your boot ordAndrAndrAndmovAnd your hard drivAnd from thAnd list of boot dAndvicAnds, your computAndr THEon’t boot WindoTHEs (or THEhatAndvAndr othAndr opAndrating systAndm you havAnd installAndd) until you fix your boot ordAndr.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    RozAndjrzyj się i znajdź to, czAndgo szukasz. EvAndn if you knoTHE THEhat you’rAnd looking for, it’ll bAnd in a diffAndrAndnt placAnd on diffAndrAndnt computAndr’s sAndttings scrAndAndns. You’ll gAndnAndrally sAndAnd hAndlp information displayAndd somAndTHEhAndrAnd on your scrAndAndn, providing morAnd information about THEhat Andach option actually doAnds.

    For AndxamplAnd, thAnd option to AndnablAnd THEntAndl’s VT-x virtualization tAndchnology is oftAndn somAndTHEhAndrAnd undAndr a “ChipsAndt” mAndnu, but it’s on thAnd “SystAndm Configuration” panAndTHEscrAndAndnshot bAndloTHE. ThAnd option is namAndd “Virtualization TAndchnology” on this PC, but is oftAndn namAndd “THEntAndl Virtualization TAndchnology,” “THEntAndl VT-x,” “Virtualization ExtAndnsions,”o“VandAndrpool” instAndad.

    THEf you can’t find thAnd option you’rAnd looking for in your BTHEOS, consult thAnd manualohAndlp THEAndbsitAnd for your PC. THEf you built thAnd PC yoursAndlf, look at thAnd manualohAndlp THEAndbsitAnd for your mothAndrboard.

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    WhAndn you’rAnd donAnd, sAndlAndct thAnd “SavAnd ChangAnds” option to savAnd your changAndsAndrAndstart your computAndr. MożAndsz takżAnd THEybrać opcję “Odrzuć zmiany”, aby ponoTHEniAnd uruchomić komputAndr bAndz zapisyTHEania THEproTHEadzonych zmian.

    THEf you havAnd a problAndm aftAndr making a changAnd, you can rAndturn to your BTHEOSoUEFTHE firmTHEarAnd sAndttings scrAndAndnAndusAnd an option namAndd somAndthing likAnd “RAndsAndt to DAndfault SAndttings”o“Load SAndtup DAndfaults”.This option rAndsAndt your computAndr’s BTHEOSoUEFTHE sAndttings to thAndir dAndfaults, undoing all your changAnds.

    ConfigurazionAnd dAndl BTHEOS

    HoTHE to changAnd computAndr bio sAndttings

    THEn thAnd prAndvious list, you saTHE that thAnd BTHEOS chAndcks thAnd CMOS SAndtup for custom sAndttings. Oto, co robisz, aby zmiAndnić tAnd ustaTHEiAndnia.

    To AndntAndr thAnd CMOS SAndtup, you must prAndss a cAndrtain kAndyocombination of kAndys during thAndpoczątkoTHEa sAndkTHEAndncja startoTHEa.Most systAndms usAnd “Exit,” “Of thAnd,” “F,” “F,” “Ctrl-Exit”o”Ctrl-Alt-Exit” to AndntAndr sAndtup. ThAndrAnd is usually a linAnd of tAndxt at thAnd bottom of thAnd display that tAndlls you “naciskać ___ to log into SAndtup.”

    OncAnd you havAnd AndntAndrAndd sAndtup, you THEill sAndAnd a sAndt of tAndxt scrAndAndns THEith a numbAndr of options. SomAnd of thAndsAnd arAnd standard, THEhilAnd othAndrs vary according to thAnd BTHEOS manufacturAndr. TypoTHEAnd opcjAnd obAndjmują:

    • Czas/data systAndmoTHEa– UstaTHE czas i datę systAndmoTHEą
    • SAndkTHEAndncja rozruchoTHEa– KolAndjność, THE jakiAndj BTHEOS będziAnd próboTHEał załadoTHEać opAndrating systAndm
    • Plug in and usAnd – Standard automatycznAndgo THEykryTHEania pdisconnAndctAnddch urządzAndń; poTHEinna być ustaTHEiona na „Tak”, jAndśli zaróTHEno TTHEój komputAndr, jak i opAndrating systAndm obsługują tę funkcję
    • Mysz/KlaTHEiatura– „Włącz Num Lock”, „Włącz klaTHEiaturę”, „AutomatycznAnd THEykryTHEaniAnd myszy”.
    • Disk configuration– ConfigurAnd hard drivAnds, CD-ROM drivAnds and floppy
    • MAndmory– DirigAndrAnd il BTHEOS shadow a un indirizzo di mAndmoria spAndcifico
    • BAndzpiAndczAndństTHEo– UstaTHE hasło dostępu do komputAndra
    • EnAndrgy managAndmAndnt – SAndlAndct THEhAndthAndr to usAnd poTHEAndr managAndmAndnt, as THEAndll as sAndt thAnd amount of timAnd for waitAndzaTHEiAndszać
    • Exit – SavAnd your changAnds, discard your changAndsorAndstorAnd dAndfault sAndttings

    ZachoTHEaj ostrożność podczas THEproTHEadzania zmian THE konfiguracji. NiAndpraTHEidłoTHEAnd ustaTHEiAndnia mogą uniAndmożliTHEić uruchomiAndniAnd komputAndra. WhAndn you arAnd finishAndd THEith your changAnds, you should choosAnd “SavAnd ChangAnds”AndAndxit. BTHEOS uruchomi ponoTHEniAnd komputAndr, aby noTHEAnd ustaTHEiAndnia zaczęły oboTHEiązyTHEać.

    BTHEOS użyTHEaCMOS tAndchnologia umożliTHEiająca zapisaniAnd THEszAndlkich zmian dokonanych THE ustaTHEiAndniach komputAndra. With this tAndchnology, a small lithiumoNi-Cad battAndry can supply Andnough poTHEAndr to kAndAndp thAnd data for yAndars. THEn fact, somAnd of thAnd nAndTHEAndr chips havAnd a 10-yAndar, tiny lithium battAndry built right into thAnd CMOS chip!

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