How to celebrate

How to celebrateMake it a goal to celebrate life in some way, however small, every day. Below you’ll find a list of 50 simple joys to help remind you to slow down, celebrate life, and enjoy the moment!

1. Have afternoon tea “alfresco”. Find a small coffee shop with tables set up outside; or pack a picnic basket—filled with iced tea, chicken salad from the deli, scones, and a warm, crusty loaf of French bread–and head out to the park.

2. Go for a bike ride. Like John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride”. Better yet, ride your bike to a swimming hole and take a swimsuit and towel along.

3. Plant pots of brightly colored flowers; you can choose to plant camellias, violets, and geraniums. For fragrant blossoms plant jasmines.

4. Find George Carlin videos on YouTube (Carlin is hilarious). Here’s a great one to get you started: George Carlin Talks About “Stuff”.

5. Renew a relationship with someone you’ve lost touch with.

6. Create a collage of pictures of your loved ones, frame it, and hang it up in a visible spot in your home.

8. Get a delicious, gooey brownie and savor every morsel.

9. Arranging beautiful flowers in a vase is a simple, exquisite pleasure.

10. Give someone you love a gift “just-because”. Better yet, make it a care package or a gift basket filled with their favorite things: flavored coffee, a great coffee mug, and the book they’ve been wanting to read; microwave popcorn and all of the “Indiana Jones” movies on DVD; their favorite scented bath products; and so on.

11. Get your picture taken by a professional photographer.

12. Create a butterfly garden in your yard by choosing butterfly-friendly plants.

13. Stretch out on your couch with a compendium of your favorite comic strip, read it through from beginning to end, and laugh until your stomach hurts. If you don’t have a favorite comic strip, I recommend Calvin & Hobbes.

14. Plan your fantasy vacation. Do online research, cut out pictures from magazines, collect brochures from travel agencies, and plan your vacation to the last detail. Don’t censor yourself by thinking about the cost or when you’ll have the time to go. To paraphrase Goethe, first you move and then Providence moves too.

15. Start putting together your Christmas list, both what you plan to give others and what you would like to receive. (Thinking about Christmas always lifts my spirits, no matter what month of the year it is.)

16. Learn to bake peach cobbler.

17. Go to a body of water near your home and skip rocks.

18. Hunt for bird nests. When you find one, don’t touch it, just look.

19. Go to an arboretum or a botanical garden. Take a sketch pad and pencil and capture anything that inspires you.

20. Make a donation: donate your time at a food shelter; invest in a third world country entrepreneur through; donate blood; donate clothes you no longer use to a battered women’s shelter; donate children’s books to a hospital nearby; celebrate life by paying it forward.

22. Sing in the shower.

23. Do something that gives you a sense of luxury. You can get a leather notebook to jot down your thoughts, or a beautiful fountain pen. Start collecting fanciful note cards so that you have them on hand when you want to send a hand-written “thank you”.

24. If you love reading, join a book club. Sharing your love of literature with others is a great way to celebrate life.

25. Watch the sunset.

26. Watch the sunrise.

27. Get a yo-yo. Learn the “Walk-the-Dog” trick and the “Drop in the Bucket” trick.

28. Wear audacious underwear. Nobody has to know.

29. Buy a bird feeder—or even better, build one—and hang it in a place where you can see it often.

30. Go outside at night—or climb up to your building’s rooftop—and look at the stars.

31. Stop and really listen to a street musician.

32. Go to a pet shop and “ooh” and “aah” at the puppies and kittens.

33. Simmer apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves in water on your stove.

34. Play a game you loved as a child: play with marbles or jacks; jump rope; play hopscotch; draw with colored chalk on the sidewalk; get some Play-Doh; or go to a park and climb on the swings.

35. Whenever you take on a task at work ask yourself: “Is there any way to make this task more fun?”

37. Get yourself a big book of sudokus or crossword puzzles and sit back for an afternoon of fun mind stimulation.

38. Sit down with a large art book filled with Impressionist paintings by artists such as Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Pisarro, Degas . . .

39. Find a shampoo and conditioner that smell like watermelon.

40. Walk barefoot in the grass.

41. Go out for a walk in the rain. Deliberately step in puddles.

42. Visit antique stores and flea markets until you find the perfect brass knocker for your front door, one that makes you smile every time you’re about to enter your home.

43. Buy the softest terry cloth robe you can find and put it in the drier just before taking a shower, so that it’s nice and warm when you get out of the shower and put it on.

44. Get a bright red umbrella.

45. Go out for a walk and take your camera along; take photographs of interesting faces.

46. Listen to Louis Armstrong singing, “What a Wonderful World“. Here’s the best line from the song: “Trees of green. Red roses too. Skies of blue. Clouds of white. The brightest day. The dark sacred night. What a wonderful world. ”

47. Eat your favorite cereal from when you were a child: Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch, etc.

48. Listen to your favorite “Beatles” songs.

49. Go out and play Frisbee with a friend. If you have a dog, better yet.

50. Have an ice cream cone!


In the words of Fannie Fern, “There are no little things. Little things are the hinges of the universe.” Live your best life by celebrating the little things every day.

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How to celebrate

November 27, 2009

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How to celebrateWe’re wrapping up our week-long series on goal setting, and what better way to end the series than with a celebration. I mentioned in a previous post how important it is to take time to celebrate each success in your goal setting process, from your mini-goals all the way up to your long-term goals.

By taking time to celebrate every success, no matter how big or small, it will build your confidence and make it easier to keep pushing to reach those large-scale future goals. Not to mention, a celebration can give you closure on goals you’ve been working toward for a while, provide encouragement to continue and make every success even more worthwhile.

So now that you’ve accomplished that goal, are you ready to celebrate? Your celebration doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can be something you do alone or something you share with others. It just has to make you feel good and help you enjoy your accomplishment.

Here are some great ways to celebrate your successes, both big and small.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Share the news with friends, family and colleagues.
  3. Give your goals a one-day break.
  4. Reflect on the path you took.
  5. Write down your success and put it where you can see it everyday.
  6. Sleep.
  7. Thank everyone who supported you.
  8. Tweet it.
  9. Accept and enjoy the compliments.
  10. Watch a favorite TV show or movie.
  11. Support someone else in reaching his or her goal.
  12. Cross it off your master list of goals.
  13. Go for a run.
  14. Veg out.
  15. Cheer for yourself.
  16. Do something you enjoy but rarely have time to do.
  17. Take a day off from work.
  18. Have a drink.
  19. Whistle.
  20. Go out for dinner.
  21. Write your success story to share in a newsletter or email to clients and colleagues.
  22. Share it on Facebook.
  23. Spend the day with your family.
  24. Start a success journal.
  25. Buy yourself something new.
  26. Have a party (recommended only for the big goals!).
  27. Write a blog post about it.
  28. Hit the gym.
  29. Take the dog for a long walk.
  30. Treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation.

Keep in mind that in order to get the most out of your celebration, you should do it immediately after reaching your accomplishment and before moving on to your next goal.

What do you do to celebrate your success when you accomplish a goal?

There are many ways to celebrate Juneteenth. From an outdoor cookout with traditional foods to the modern day office conference room, Juneteenth can be celebrated in various settings. Start with a reading of the “History of Juneteenth” to learn how Juneteenth celebrations have endured and evolved through the years. For a deeper understanding of the spirit in which current day celebrations are held, read the “About Juneteenth” section.

In the Workplace

Recognizing Juneteenth in the workplace supports corporate diversity ideals and sends a signal that the company is truly dedicated to its diverse employee base.

  • Idea! – Decorate a conference room, lobby or workspace with a Juneteenth theme to acknowledge the day’s celebration. Bring the group together for refreshments and an explanation of Juneteenth.

An extended celebration could include artifacts, dance, skits, etc. The event should be celebratory, festive and in honor of African American history. Present co-workers with Juneteenth buttons, t-shirts, etc and encourage them to wear them the remainder of the day.

  • Idea! – Challenge co-workers to present African American facts, de-bunk myths and stereotypes.
  • Idea! – Discuss company diversity initiatives and ensure employees that race and gender will never be barriers to their progress within the company.
  • Idea! – Bring in a guest speaker. Make this an important date on the corporate calendar. Contact for more ideas!
  • Juneteenth Gift Basket

    In the Community

    Celebrations in the community are exciting and fun-filled events.

    Give to an animal shelter, create a charm, or visit a sanctuary.

    Our pets are members of our families, which is why so many of us feel the loss of a four-legged friend so profoundly. There are ways to continue celebrating their lives even after they’re gone, though. First and foremost, do what feels closest to your heart, whether that be creative memorykeeping ideas or choosing to support animals in need within your local community. “Animals bring so much love and joy to our homes, honoring them in a way best suited for your family is a personal decision,” explains Marla Valentine, the co-director at Rock N’ Rescue.

    “[One] way to channel the sadness into the gift of love that they provided you [is] by giving back to others and continuing the cycle of hope and love!” adds Juli Cialone, the co-director at Rock N’ Rescue. Here, discover meaningful ideas that can help you commemorate your pet’s memory in your everyday life.

    Give to a local animal shelter.

    Julie Castle, the CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, says one way to celebrate the memory of your beloved pet is by giving back to the animal community. “Donating to an animal shelter is a wonderful way to save the lives of countless more while honoring your pet’s memory,” she adds. “As part of our organization, Best Friends can help those who wish to set up a fundraiser to pay tribute to their pet’s memory.”

    Cialone and Valentine also note that items like food and litter are always needed at local rescues, and fundraisers could be a way to get the whole family involved. “Kids love to feel like they are making a difference and it will help them channel their own grief into something positive,” Valentine says. “It’s a teachable moment for kids to learn that as heartbreaking as it is to lose a pet, fostering is a way to celebrate life and the love your pet brought into your home,” adds Cialone.

    Plant a tree.

    Nature is also a positive place to honor your pet, as you can nurture your environment and see it grow. “Planting a tree or plant in their honor is also a beautiful way to celebrate their memory, giving back to nature while having a living memorial,” notes Castle. Plus, start your own garden or design an outdoor space on your property to pay homage. Consider creating a private area with shrubs or a garden with meaningful florals that remind you of your loved one.

    Visit a sanctuary.

    Consider going to a sanctuary, too: “At the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we celebrate the lives of our sanctuary animals at our Angels Rest location; Angels Rest is one of the most peaceful and serene places that anyone can experience,” says Castle. “Surrounded by the beauty of Angel Canyon, the musical sounds of wind chimes honoring these animals ring with the slightest breeze.”

    Create and wear a charm.

    Wearing a piece of jewelry, like a charm, is a personal memento that you can sport each day and even customize to symbolize your pet. Consider a piece from Sprout Design Lab, a Charleston, South Carolina-based company run by female engineer, Jade Brown. This company uses 3D printing that can turn pet paw prints into delicate charms on 14K yellow gold or sterling silver necklaces.

    Sponsor an animal.

    “You can also sponsor a specific animal with medical needs and help save a life!” explains Cialone. “You can make it a family event and all of these things can be done to honor the memory of your pet and help other pets in need. You will be rescuing pets and enriching the lives of so many people that animal touches along the way!” says Valentine. Look into rescues, like Rock N’ Rescue, that make it their mission to protect animals and support families during their times of grieving, too.

    “When we rescue animals from high-kill shelters, hoarding, abuse and abandonment, we do so not only to save these precious souls, but to enrich the lives of every single person they touch, from the initial rescue team to the foster caregivers, to, of course, the adoptive family,” says Cialone.

    Make drawings, poems, or music.

    No matter a person’s age, channeling feelings into a creative outlet can be a helpful way to express their loss. Cialone and Valentine say that drawings of pets can be made into pillows, Christmas ornaments, or wall décor. They also suggest writing poems and music or creating photo collages and memory books for auditory and visual opportunities to commemorate a pet’s life. “We love the idea of a silhouette photo collage; it is a beautiful timeless piece that can be displayed anywhere in your home,” notes Valentine.

    Craft a display.

    Keep reminders of your pet around your home, like a pet collar in a creative display, to keep their memory alive, as Cialone suggests. “Many families keep a keepsake in the house or garden, such as a memorial stone,” adds Valentine. “While there are countless kits online, kids can easily make their own with a simple set of paints.” Castle also notes that you can buy wind chimes, bricks, and plaques to display as a memory at a sanctuary, like the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

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    How to celebrate

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    How to celebrate

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    How to celebrate

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    Your big day deserves the best! To celebrate, we’ll send you an email with a special $5 OFF coupon inside! To redeem, follow the instructions in the email.

    How to use your achievements to fuel more growth

    How to celebrate

    Why? Because as Tony says, “You can only build on success.” As you celebrate accomplishments , it creates a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and pull yourself to greater victory and triumph. You will raise your standards for what is possible and develop the rituals and habits necessary to make sustainable success a part of who you are.

    How to celebrate

    Take time for self-care

    “Having a great cup of coffee, sitting back and contemplating what I’ve accomplished. Being thankful, and using that energy to propel me forward.”

    How to celebrate

    Achieving your goals isn’t always easy. It takes hard work and inner strength , and it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself. When you reach a milestone or complete a particularly hard task, relax. Celebrate success with self-care : a cup of coffee, a moment alone and some self-reflection. You’ll feel re-energized for new goals.

    Spend time with loved ones

    “I watch my kids with great admiration. They are so much stronger than I ever was. It is they who allow me to see any of my own success.”

    How to celebrate

    When we turn our “shoulds” into “musts,” we learn how to connect our goals back to our ultimate purpose. For many, family is that purpose. Love and connection are essential to living a fulfilling life , so when we’re ready to celebrate accomplishments , we often turn to those closest to us. Seeing the positive impact our success has on our loved ones inspires us to keep going.

    Show your appreciation

    “I look for a way to share it with the people that made it possible.”

    How to celebrate

    Not a single successful person has gotten where they are today without help. Tony Robbins himself has had mentors to guide him . Celebrate success by including your supporters. Go out for a nice dinner. Give small gifts of appreciation. Tell them how much they mean to you. The secret to living is giving , even when you’re celebrating your own accomplishments.

    Get creative

    “After seeing all the great touchdown victory dances on the red zone football show, I am currently creatively working on my own victory dance.”

    How to celebrate

    There’s a reason for victory dances: moving the body in new ways can promote confidence and give us energy. Next time you achieve a goal, put on your favorite song and dance. Strike a power pose . Do some yoga or take a walk outside. Use your happiness to both celebrate success and elevate your mood .

    Practice gratitude

    “With a deep, purposeful breath that gives me space for gratitude and energy for what’s next.”

    How to celebrate

    It’s always a good time to practice gratitude , but it’s especially important when you’ve achieved something big in your life. Take a deep breath and let yourself feel relieved, happy or excited. Then set your intentions for what’s next. You’ll simultaneously celebrate success and shift your focus to a new goal.

    Be spontaneous

    “I celebrate with someone I really care about. We just do whatever comes to us in that moment – no plan, we just go and experience it.”

    How to celebrate

    If you’re an achiever, you probably have a lot of goals and plans. You set your mind to something and you do it. But don’t forget that variety is one of the Six Human Needs . When our entire lives are planned, we can get bored. Celebrate success by being completely spontaneous and doing something out of your comfort zone.

    Use it to fuel you

    “I use my success to fuel my drive to take steps towards my next goal.”

    How to celebrate

    Our failures are learning moments, but our successes are the fuel that keeps us going. Always celebrate accomplishments – no matter how small. Track your progress so that you can see how far you’ve come, even if you haven’t yet reached your ultimate goal. It will help you stay positive , which is the key to continued success.

    Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

    While I usually write about sleep, today I offer a gift for your waking hours.

    21 Ways to Celebrate Life
    A Gift from Joshua Rothstein
    -April 16, 1987 – October 7, 2002-

    Who better to suggest how to celebrate life than one for whom life is no longer on this earth but whose perspective is eternal. And so it was that Ways to Celebrate Life came to be. My son Josh was struck by a car and killed at age 15 ½ in 2002. My profound grief was tempered by a blessing. Josh began to communicate to me, often through my pen, as he did before his 17th birthday on April 16, 2004. He gave me 17 Ways to Celebrate Life as a gift to share. For his earthly birthdays that followed, he offered an additional “way” to celebrate life. In honor of Josh, I now share 21 Ways to Celebrate Life with you:

    1. Smile. Smiling makes you and those around you feel good. If you don’t feel good, a smile can trick your brain into feeling better.
    2. Eat ice cream.
    3. Run on the beach. If you can’t physically do this, use your imagination.
    4. Call someone who is ill or lonely. Listen to their story. Take the time. Tell them your story, if they ask.
    5. Listen to music that touches your heart and soul.
    6. Sing in the shower, or out loud if you are comfortable.
    7. Visit the grave of a loved one and celebrate your continued BREATH. And tell your loved one what’s on your mind.
    8. Play with a dog.
    9. Thank yourself for putting up with all the things about yourself that drive you nuts! Activate your sense of humor!
    10. Apologize to someone you have wronged in any way.
    11. Take a day, or even a few hours, “off” to do something you always want to do but never take the time to do.
    12. Eat something you never indulge in (unless allergic!) and savor every bite. slowly. No guilt permitted!
    13. Re-watch your favorite funny or happy movie in your most comfortable clothes.
    14. Make plans with 2 friends that you are crazy about but never see. near or far away.
    15. Go outdoors to a natural setting. Sit. Close your eyes. Listen to the world. It’s all an extension of you! Your breath connects you intrinsically to the world.
    16. Laugh. Do something fun or silly that evokes laughter. It has been said that laughter is God’s sunshine.
    17. Place this list in an envelope and revisit it periodically to see how you are celebrating YOURSELF! If you are good to yourself, you can be much better to those around you.
    18. Go to your heart and make all your decisions from there; and all will be well.
    19. Follow the path that matters.
    20. Believe and feel the change you want to see and you will BE the change you envision.
    21. . Yet you must know that in the end, it is LOVE’s garden you must tend.

    An epiphany would come to me soon after sending out Josh’s 21st birthday tribute on April 16, 2008. #21 would be the last “way.” Josh would not communicate a 22nd Way to Celebrate Life for his 22nd birthday. This was clear. With the addition of #21, there was nothing more to say. For we “must know that in the end”. as well as in the beginning and in the middle. “it is love’s garden we must tend.” It is ALL about love. And when we really think and act from love, which ways 1 through 20 help us cultivate, life will be a garden of celebration. and we will honor Josh and all beings, both those alive and those for whom breath and a heartbeat are no more.

    I hope Josh’s 21 Ways to Celebrate Life will resonate for you, bringing inspiration and joy. In this Light, I hope to perpetuate ways to celebrate life today, tomorrow and always. The list is now yours to use and to share. With love from Josh and his Mom, happy celebrating! ♥

    William on November 18, 2019

    How to celebrate

    “Inspired by the Gospel, the Fathers of the Church from the earliest centuries stressed that just as St. Joseph took loving care of Mary and gladly dedicated himself to Jesus Christ’s upbringing, he likewise watches over and protects Christ’s Mystical Body, that is, the Church.”


    How to Celebrate the Year of St. Joseph

    As we devote an entire year to St. Joseph’s honor, we will undoubtedly unlock many special graces not only for the Diocese of Charlotte, but for each of the faithful who increase their devotion to him during this special year. There is no greater model than St. Joseph from whom we can learn how to live virtuously in imitation of Jesus and Mary.

    “Devotion to St. Joseph is one of the choicest graces that God can give to a soul, for it is tantamount to revealing the entire treasury of our Lord’s graces,” wrote St. Peter Julian Eymard, “When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights, he unites it to St. Joseph by giving it a strong love for the good saint.”

    Below are ideas for how to celebrate the Year of St. Joseph:

    For Individuals:

    • Begin the Year of St. Joseph with a special intention for his intercession, for which you will offer your prayers and St. Joseph devotions throughout the year.
    • Learn about St. Joseph’s virtuesand try to imitate them
    • Participate in the 33-day consecration to St. Joseph
    • Pray the Holy Rosary daily, reciting the Year of St. Joseph prayer at the conclusion
    • Plan a pilgrimage to one or more of the St. Joseph parishes across the diocese
    • Adopt St. Joseph traditions into your prayer life and family life
    • Attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on his feast days: March 19th and May 1st
    • Participate in the Year of St. Joseph events across the diocese
    • Include prayers to St. Joseph in your morning and evening prayers
    • Encourage others to foster as greater devotion to St. Joseph
    • Take advantage of the Year of St. Joseph indulgences granted by the Holy See

    For parishes:

    • Offer the Votive Mass of St. Joseph on Wednesdays, the traditional day given to his honor *
    • Recite a prayer to St. Joseph after daily Masses, such as the Litany of St. Joseph
    • Plan special prayers and activities during March, the month the Church dedicates to St. Joseph
    • Offer opportunities for parishioners to participate in a 33-day consecration to St. Joseph, with the final consecration prayer said in unison at the parish lead by the pastor or parochial vicar
    • Celebrate St. Joseph’s feast days on March 19th and May 1st with a special celebration, such as the St. Joseph’s Table
    • Incorporate a study of St. Joseph’s virtues into catechetical lessons and activities throughout the year using the monthly themes for the Year of St. Joseph.
    • Include a link to the Year of St. Joseph website on the parish website
    • Promote the Year of St. Joseph events in your parish bulletins and social media channels
    • Launch a Fraternity of St. Joseph men’s group

    * Priests who have pastoral care of souls are encouraged to lead devotions with the lay faithful on Wednesdays throughout the year. This can include the recitation of the Litany of St. Joseph before or at the end of Mass or weekly recitation of the Chaplet of St. Joseph. When not impeded by an obligatory memorial or feast, priests are encouraged to celebrate a Votive Mass of St. Joseph (n. 13) on Wednesdays while using the daily readings or choosing appropriate readings according to the General Instruction of the Roman Lectionary. These Wednesday celebrations are an opportune time to develop a catechesis on the saintly figure of St. Joseph and expound upon the virtues of Christian manhood and family life.