How to celebrate your parents’ anniversary at home

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Finding the right gift to honor and celebrate your parents’ 30-year marriage means considering their lifestyle and preferences. While sentimental parents may love a gift that evoke memories or emphasizes the family they’ve built, an adventurous couple might be thrilled to receive a second honeymoon trip. Incorporating traditional and modern anniversary gift themes help narrow your options. Whatever you choose, your parents will cherish any sincere gift from your heart.

Keeping With Tradition

If your folks like tradition, they may appreciate pearl-themed gifts, the traditional gifts for the 30th wedding anniversary, such as a decorative pearl-framed mirror with the frame customized to include their wedding date. Have decorative champagne glasses made with tiny pearls attached and their wedding date etched into the glass. To give each of your parents an individual gift, choose a classic pearl necklace or pearl earrings for mom, while dad receives pearl cufflinks. The modern gift for the 30th anniversary is diamonds, so you may want to splurge on diamond jewelry or diamond and pearl jewelry.

30 Years of Memories

For sentimental parents, gather one picture of your parents from each year of their marriage and make copies. Use the copied pictures to make a decorative collage to have framed and hung in their home. Include pictures that have the whole immediate family in them, as well as pictures of just your parents. Alternately, present the story of their life in a picture-book type format. Many photo gift companies offer hardbound books using photos and words you provide. Create a list of 30 memories or special things you love about your parents in honor of their 30-year marriage. Work on the list in collaboration with your siblings. Have the list blown up and placed in a decorative frame.

Celebrating 30 Years

Plan a 30th anniversary dinner for your parents. To incorporate the traditional pearl theme, send them to a fancy seafood restaurant that serves oysters, pearls’ original home. Or, plan an anniversary celebration with shucked oysters on a bed of ice, served with lemons, sea salt, hot sauce, cocktail sauce and horseradish as toppings. Incorporate pearls and diamond gift themes into the decor for the anniversary party. Use shimmery pearl-colored tablecloths and scatter faux diamond gemstones around the table or fill round centerpieces with them. Lilies, the traditional flower of the 30th wedding anniversary, make appropriate centerpieces.

Second Honeymoon Trip

Work together with family members to plan a big trip, so your parents can go somewhere special for their anniversary. Send them to the same place that they went for their honeymoon or to a place they’ve always wanted to visit. To tie in the traditional gift theme, send them to an exotic locale that has a pearl farm nearby, such as the Bora Bora Pearl Company Farm in Bora, Bora, Tahiti. Your parents can dive, find some Tahitian oysters and search for Tahitian pearls inside. Alternately, send them on a relaxing vacation to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they can take a day trip to Pearl Harbor.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

If mom and dad hadn’t tied the knot, you might not be here to celebrate their special day — so their anniversary definitely deserves some fuss. Whether your parents are a flamboyant, sociable couple or the most private people you know, you can use their personalities and interests to commemorate their anniversary in a way they won’t soon forget.

Bon Voyage

If your parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary, consider going above and beyond to make it a one-of-a-kind vacation. Talk to other family members about pitching in financially and then organize a vacation based upon your mom and dad’s favorite getaway ideas. You can book a weekend at a historic bed and breakfast for a romantic anniversary celebration on a budget. Arrange a short cruise to the Bahamas if your parents can’t get time off work – a little bit of sunshine celebration on a budget, too. For a grander getaway, surprise your parents with a two-week cruise throughout the Caribbean or the European vacation they’ve always wanted. If money is tight, bring the destination home; turn the backyard into a Caribbean oasis, the outdoor deck into a Parisian bistro or the dining room into an Italian café.

Private Celebration

Once family and friends have offered their best wishes, let your parents celebrate their anniversary privately, too. You can prepare a romantic candlelit dinner at home for an inexpensive gift or splurge with a dinner for two at their home, catered by a professional chef. Send them for a couples massage, give them tickets to an event they’ve been excited about or arrange for them to tour a nearby vineyard. If they’re adventurous, send them on a zip-line tour or arrange for a private scuba diving lesson. If your parents aren’t daredevils, consider a private horseback riding session or a romantic horse and carriage ride instead.

Heartfelt Gift

Create a scrapbook of all your parents’ significant moments, from their wedding day to your college graduation. Encourage as many family and friends to add to the scrapbook as possible to create a comprehensive snapshot of their married years together. Or, create a single video from all the family footage and conclude the film with a short video message of well-wishing from everyone involved in the gift. Help your parents celebrate by giving them new photos to add to their relationship scrapbook with a couples photo shoot or create a photo collage of all the members of the family. Have a special item engraved to commemorate your parents’ anniversary, such as champagne glasses or a pair of lockets.

Party Time

If your parents enjoy a little attention every once in a while, throw them an anniversary bash to celebrate their big day with friends and family. You can plan an anniversary on a budget, hosting a simple backyard barbecue at home, or make it an elaborate affair by renting out a banquet hall, catering the event and arranging for a live band to perform. You can host an anniversary dinner at the location your parents first met or plan a themed event to celebrate the decade of their wedding, their favorite film or music genre.

Having a good partner in every situation is a blessing who stands back in your good and bad times. Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents is quite exciting that indicates the successful marriage life in every thick and thin moment. And their experience will teach you a lot that helps you run your life all with all kinds of happiness and surprise. No love and care are better and greater than your parents and you have the responsibilities to keep them happy and enthusiastic all the time without letting them feel any inconvenience. This is the right time to bring unconditional love and happiness in your parents’ life by celebrating this togetherness in a better possible way. Here are the lists of some celebrating ideas to excite your parents on this special occasion.

1. Arrange For A Remarkable Party

A venue matters more for effectively celebrating this successful milestone. Book a pleasant and lovely hall whether it may be a local park, house, restaurant, or any other celebrating house to give a memorable treat to your parents and greet them a “happy 50th anniversary”. Parents are the ones who made a plethora of sacrifices for their children and make them happy and comfortable even in a hard time. This is your turn to make them a smile with your remarkable party on this most special occasion.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

2. Order Delicious Foods And Drinks

At first, the celebrations are incomplete without cutting a fresh-baked luscious cake. There are incredible varieties and designs of cakes that have been available at the portals, you just find a perfect one to send your 50th anniversary wishes in an effective manner. Arrange all their favorite food and dishes to make the day pleasant and awesome in their lifetime. Having varieties of mouth-watering in the party will fulfill the day and make your parents feel complete on this 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

3. Create A Video With Their Memories

Any other gifts are special and owe more than the memories that they have collected in their life. You just pick out their pictures and moments that they spent together in the past days to make a surprise 50th wedding anniversary video. It lets them think about the past days and how they are happy and being with each other. This would be a great lesson to the upcoming generation who keeps on misunderstanding and fighting with their partner.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

4. Invite All Your Loved Ones Surprisingly

This is the most special occasion to share your love and happiness with your friends and family members who are here to support you. Without letting know, you should invite all those people to your home to give a surprise treat and party on this epic 50th wedding anniversary. The wishes and greetings from their loved ones and make them feel special and unique on this special occasion. The surprise arrival of those people will make your parents happy and enthusiastic about the whole day.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

5. Perfect Gifts For Couples

Having a successful married life is quite a tedious thing where the couples need to sacrifice and understand each other without expecting anything in return. This would lead them to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary celebration and act as a perfect role model for their upcoming generation. On this special occasion, you need to send your hearty wishes and greetings with excellent personalised gifts specially made for couples.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

6. Décor The Place With Mesmerizing Theme

How would the celebration complete without having a decoration theme? You just buy varieties of flowers over the internet portal to décor the place with an eye-catching theme to impress your parents at the first sight. The celebration becomes boring and dull without the presence of fragrance flowers and this would bring all kinds of happiness to this 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Apart from that, the florals can express your hearty feelings and emotions as well to your parents and make them feel loved.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

7. Plan A Surprise Trip

Your parents must have a dream to visit certain places in their life. But, till the date, they never spent even a minute for their happiness. Among plenty of 50th anniversary celebration ideas, plan a surprise trip is quite amazing that makes them feel relaxed and excited. Let them spend some time with each other without having any stress and tension in their mind. This is a time to have some massive collection of memories in their lifetime with the beauty of nature.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Bottom Lines

Planning to conduct a surprise 50th wedding anniversary celebration of your parents? Just look at the above-mentioned ideas that will be helpful to greet your parents and make them surprised on this special occasion. They spend their whole life for the health and wealth of their family members, so let them have some time with each other without having any disturbances.

Are you looking out for the best ways to celebrate your parents’ wedding anniversary? It is a hearty occasion and you need to pick out the best way to create memorable moments in their life. Mom and dad are great blessings for everyone who spends their entire life only for their children. You are really lucky to celebrate this special occasion. Not all people have a chance to celebrate their mom-dad’s wedding anniversary. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your parents’ wedding anniversary by creating a lot of special moments in your family dictionary.

First, you need to list out their favorite things for planning your ideas accordingly. Continue your reading to know some ideas for celebrating this special occasion effectively.

Pick Out The Perfect Venue As Per Their Taste

Usually, parents have plenty of thinking in their minds towards their children’s career and future. Both of them never think about themselves and their requirements. They keep on earning for their children and make them live happily. Therefore, you need to take them to their favorite places and allow them to spend some time for themselves without having any worries and tension. Purchase the best anniversary gifts for parents to surprise them. As a child, you need to fulfill their dreams by arranging an exact venue that they wanted to visit.

Create A Video With Full Of Their Favorite Memories

First, you need to collect their precious memories for creating a video for remembering their past. Get the wedding day photos from starting to till the present for creating the most beautiful moments in their life. At the same time, do forget to add your photos as well. However, you are the most significant part of their life. Pick out the best and famous melody songs of their time to add it as a background for giving an amazing experience. You need to include your own wishes and feelings via this video to make your bond even stronger.

Choose The Appropriate Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

People need to step up into the online platform for availing a wide variety of wedding anniversary gifts for parents with a beautiful message or a poem. Among the plenty of collections, you need to select out the best and attractive one to show your true love and affection. No matter how the gift is but the parents will surely love it. Instead of getting confused, you need to understand their taste for choosing the gift accordingly. You need to do thorough research on the internet for surprising your parents with special anniversary gifts for creating beautiful moments in their lifetime.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Buy A Delicious Cake

No matter what the occasion is going to celebrate, the function will not be fulfilled without cake cutting. You need to purchase a delicious cake as per their taste for creating the sweetest memories in your life. This is one of the best ways to add some more fun and flavor to your parent’s wedding anniversary. Remember, the flavor of the cake should add extra sweetness to your memories and so you need to buy the cake accordingly.

In the online platform, you can find numerous amounts of anniversary cakes in different shapes and flavors for fulfilling the requirements of the individuals. And you need to decorate your home and make it more colorful for surprising them.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Record Your Personal Wishes

If you want to express your excess love and care towards your parents, then why not record your feelings and wishes a personal message. You just take your phone or camera to share your feeling and care and make them understand you more. If any of the misunderstandings or fights have happened in your family, don’t worry your message will be a great solution for it.

The problems included in your family members will be resolved quickly once they understand your true love and care. They think this is the most precious gift for their wedding anniversary that will act as a memorable moment in their life.

Plan For A Dinner

You need to find out their favorite food items and drinks to arrange for a mouth-watering dinner. Usually, parents wish to spend their valuable time with their children to get rid of their tension and worries. Initially, you need to buy their favorite food items from one of your parents’ favorite hotels and join with them to have wonderful memories of your life.

Final Thoughts

People need to take your footsteps into MyFlowerTree where you can find out the marriage anniversary gifts for parents for celebrating your parents’ wedding anniversary. Make research and choose the unique gifts for surprising them at an affordable price. The gifts available at this site will help you to create memorable moments with your parents.

This is your special day. Whatever you do, don’t allow financial challenges to get in the way of celebrating the wonderful union you share. Set aside the time and get creative!

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite ways to save money while celebrating your anniversary?

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A couple’s 15th wedding anniversary is the third of the five year milestone anniversaries. Spending a decade and a half together is definitely a cause for celebration, whether you choose to celebrate alone as a couple or with family and friends.

Wedding Vow Renewals

One way to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary is to renew your wedding vows. You can have a second wedding, run off to Las Vegas and renew your vows, or travel to an exotic location with a service on the beach. Whether your first wedding was not what you wanted or you loved everything about the day so much that you want to do it all over again, your 15th wedding anniversary celebration gives you the opportunity to renew your vows and to include friends and family, both new and old.

Crystal and Glass

The 15th wedding anniversary is known as the crystal or glass anniversary. Though this idea usually pertains to gifts it can also be used in your celebration. Consider hosting your anniversary party in a glass room. Examples would be restaurants with large, panoramic windows, garden club greenhouse patios, and conservatories. Use glass tables and glass or crystal place settings to further enhance the transparency effect.

Visiting the Past

For a more intimate 15th wedding anniversary celebration, consider recreating one of the special days in your relationship such as your first date, honeymoon, or the day that you became engaged. Though you may remember what happened on that day, recreating it can cause you to remember the day in more detail and to re-experience your relationship when it was still new.

So your anniversary is coming up, but you’re stuck in isolation. Definitely not the most romantic place to be! Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, international events and wedding planner and founder of La Fête, recently celebrated her anniversary in isolation and has some tips for all the couples out there who are going through the same experience. So, here are the best ways to celebrate your anniversary in quarantine!

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Words From Charlotte.

“Our two year wedding anniversary was on the 17th March 2020, just a few days prior to the total lockdown. So as conscious adults, we decided not to risk anything and stay home. It’s such a weird feeling of wanting to celebrate yet realising you can’t really do anything that special because you’re at home. What we did was cook a lovely meal, lit a couple of candles and enjoyed reminiscing over the past couple of years. Of course, we also looked at our wedding photos!” Charlotte tells us.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

The Important Things.

“I will say that being in quarantine during this time is for sure testing our relationship (we’ve been together for 7 years). But I think we are also learning a lot about each other, spending so much time in each other’s pockets. We are growing to appreciate how much of a support we can be for each other not just in the big things, but also in the smaller things. Which right now, being honest, the smaller things are sooooo important!” Charlotte says.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

The Goal.

In the grand scheme of things, who cares where you are or what you are doing on your anniversary, as long as you are together, happy and healthy – that’s the main thing. Check out some of our favourite anniversary ideas below!

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Your Best China.

Do not have dinner in front of the TV. Make the effort to set the table with your best crockery and china.

You bought it for all those “special occasions” right? Well, use them! If you have dinner in front of the TV, then it’s just like any other night. If you make the effort and make the dinner table look nice, you’re setting yourself up for a nice evening together with the illusion of being at a nice restaurant. Get some fresh flowers delivered too. You’ll be making the table look nice and helping out a small business too!

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Spice It Up.

You probably have most of the day to cook something really nice, so why shouldn’t you?

Get out of your comfort zone! You have the time, so why not have some fun? Look up a feasible recipe (of your spouse’s choice), buy all of the ingredients and get to work. Do the whole thing – starters, mains, dessert and some nice wine. Truly commit to making it an experience. You two should even cook together. Getting out of your comfort zone with your significant other can more often than not, bring you closer. Try soup or velouté as a starter, a lovely meat in sauce for a main – maybe a homemade sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, and then your favourite dessert!

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

A Bit Of Tradition.

Try and take inspiration from the traditional anniversary themes: paper, cotton, etc.

Whether for the theme of the evening, or for the gifts. It means that you can find some more unique gifts and also potentially make something from all the bits you have at home! “For us, that meant using cotton tablecloth, napkins, etc. We were dressed all in cotton too! And then our gifts to each other were personalised cotton bathrobes with Mr Q and Mrs Q embroidered on the back.” Charlotte tells us.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

See our anniversary guide here

Oh The Memories.

Get your wedding album out, or go through photos and videos since you’ve been together.

Browse through them, reminisce and enjoy. It’s so nice taking yourself back to that place emotionally. Seeing what you remember, what you don’t, quickly turning into tears and laughs.

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Say No To Corona.

Make sure to not talk about the current situation

Coronavirus is off the table (literally). You probably talk about it enough on a daily basis, so scrap it from the conversation. Enjoy one night away from it and just you and your partner – together and healthy. There’s nothing better right?

How to celebrate your parents' anniversary at home

Need some date night ideas while you’re in quarantine? Try these gems!

Letter Writing: Your parents will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next month

IELTS General Writing Task 1 with sample answer.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your parents will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next month. You are planning a big celebration, but you are not sure how to make the occasion really memorable.

  • explain why the occasion is special
  • ask for her assistance
  • set up a time to meet at your friend’s convenience to discuss your plans

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any address.

Begin your letter as follows:

Sample Answer:

Dear friend Joan,

Hope this letter will find you in good shape. I am doing well here despite of being busy with study. Anyway, I am writing this letter in connection with 40th wedding anniversary of my parents.

As you know my family culture, we have several occasions to celebrate. Wedding anniversary is one of them. The day of the anniversary brings along with itself a day of union of family members, a day of fun for children, a day of festivity for the elders. I think you do understand the significance of the day.

However, the onus is on me to manage the whole event and make it memorable with sophisticated style and special touches. Since only few days are left and I am bit puzzled about the preparation. I know you have expertise in event management and I really need your assistance in this matter.

Do me a favour, will you? If it is possible, then I would come to your office discussing about the preparation. Please let me know your convenient time.