How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

Guinea pigs are small creatures that can be used as pets in the home. However, it may not look any better when they have health problems. One of the problems a guinea pig can have is pneumonia.

According to Merck’s Veterinary Handbook, pneumonia is no. 1 disease that causes the death of guinea pigs. You won’t be able to make sure that your little one won’t get pneumonia in the future, but you can take soI preventive actIns by knowing the causes, symptoms and ways to prevent it.

Causess of pneumonia in guinea pigs

Pneumonia in guinea pigs is caused by a bacterial infectIn in their lungs. A common bacterium that causes pneumonia in guinea pigs is Bordetella bronchisepticabut there are also other bacteria calledStreptococcus zooepidemicus or Streptococcus pneumonia.There are also rare cases of pneumonia in guinea pigs, caused by a type of virus called adenovirus.

Symptoms of pneumonia in guinea pigs

  • Nasal discharge or discharge.
  • Sneezing.
  • You have difficulty breathing.
  • You suffer from inflammatIn of the eyes (some of them may develop conjunctivitis or redness of the eyes) – the eyes will be inflamed or pink with swelling and possible discharge.
  • Fever.
  • Weight loss.
  • Ear infectIns – neck twisting, lateral twisting and unstable movement.
  • DepressIn.
  • Loss of Appetite – Also controls the loss of appetite in guinea pigs.
  • Lethargy.

If you notice that your guinea pig has one or more of the above symptoms, contact your vet immediately. Sudden death can occur whenever outbreaks occur between groups of guinea pigs. Your vet will conduct thorough examinatIns and special tests to check symptoms and indicatIns to decide on the appropriate treatment.

How to treat pneumonia in guinea pigs?

When you notice your guinea pig exhibiting any of the above symptoms, you should immediately call your vet for early treatment. However, while you wait, you can perform some of the following treatments.

These ways of treatInt are not going to cure your guinea pig from pneumonia, but at least they won’t make the conditIns get worse. Here are the ways:

  • Check the temperature. The normal temperature for a guinea pig should not exceed 110 F. A healthy temperature for a guinea pig should be between 99 and 103.1 F. You can check the temperature with a thermocouple on the guinea pig’s ears. In additIn, the ears can also be palpated with the fingers.
  • Measure the weight of your guinea pig. One of the symptoms of pneumonia in guinea pigs is sudden weight loss caused by lack of food. You can check the healthy weight from the guidelines for Guinea pigs to make sure they don’t lose too much weight.
  • Visit your vet. Make sure you visit a vet who can treat your guinea pig as some vets are not knowledgeable about treating guinea pigs. Instead, find a specific exotic vet who specializes in dealing with guinea pigs and a variety of animals.
  • When your guinea pig comes home, isolate it. Pneumonia is an infectIus disease that can spread to other guinea pigs after contact with them.
  • Give any medicatIns your vet is giving your guinea pigs. Make sure you only administer prescribed medicatIns, never try to administer other medicatIns you find on the Internet. Your vet may give you antibItics for bacterial infectIns. If your guinea pig refuses to eat or drink the medicine, you can use a syringe instead. Feed your guinea pig with healthy food, such as these best fruits for guinea pig a a guide of feeding.
  • Change the bedding as there might be soI causes of respiratory problems on your guinea pig’s bedding, such as cedar or sawdust. You can use foldable towels so your guinea pig can move around easily in the cage.

How to avoid pneumonia in guinea pigs?

Here are some ways to prevent pneumonia in guinea pigs:

Streptococcus in guinea pigs

Pneumonia caused by streptococci are pathogenic bacteria that have been found to be one of the causative agents of pneumonia in guinea pigs. Guinea pigs infected with streptococci may initially show no outward signs of the disease. An infected guinea pig can appear healthy and then suffer from sudden symptoms of the disease. The guinea pig may appear stressed or stop eating suddenly, which can quickly lead to death. This infectIn is also highly contagIus to others. One guinea pig can infect another through direct contact, sneezing, or coughing.

Some antibItics can prevent a sick guinea pig from spreading strep infectIn to other guinea pigs if caught early enough, but guinea pigs that do not appear to be sick may not be diagnosed as vectors and will continue to act as the primary vectors and vectors of infectIn for others. animals, which makes it difficult to fight strep infectIns between groups of animals.

Symptoms and types

  • InflammatIn of the lining of the lungs, heart, abdomen or uterus
  • InflammatIn of the inner ear or eardrum (otitis media)
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Joint inflammatIn (arthritis)
  • Respiratory failure
  • Sneezing
  • I look dull and depressed
  • Loss of appetite and consequent weight loss
  • Fever / increased body temperature


thisStreptococcus pneumoniae the bacterium is one of the known causative agents of pneumonia in guinea pigs. In some cases, guinea pigs can become infected Streptococcus pneumoniaebacteria that do not appear diseased, which increases the risk of infecting other animals and vice versa.


A first diagnosis of strep can be made by looking at the physical symptoms of a guinea pig. You will need to provide a complete medical history for your guinea pig before symptoms appear. To confirm a diagnosis, the vet will need to perform a laboratory test by taking samples of secretIns (from the lungs and nasal passages), blood, and urine to test these body fluids for strep tests.


There are some antibItics that are specifically designed to treat strep infectIns. Poiché gli antibItici possono essere pericolosi per alcuni piccoli animali, comprese le cavie, il tuo veterinarI determinerà se this è un trattamento appropriato per la tua cavia. In the case of very weak and weakened guinea pigs, supportive therapy with fluids and vitamin and mineral supplements may be necessary.

Life and management

thisrecovering guinea pig will need plenty of rest in a calm and clean environInt, away from heavy traffic areas in the hoI, in order to have the best chance of a full recovery from a streptococcosis infectIn. Make sure that your guinea pig’s cage is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reintroducing the animal in it, and separate any infected Guinea pigs from the noninfected Guinea pigs in order to prevent spread of the infectIn. Consult your veterinarian about supportive care that can be provided at home, including any temporary dietary changes that may be made, so that you can provide your pet with the best opportunity for healthy recovery.


Proper cage cleaning – regularly removing any feces, urine, and replacing dirty waste regularly – is essential to prevent and prevent the spread of strep infectIn once one of your guinea pigs is diagnosed. If you have more than one guinea pig, prevent and control an epidemic Streptococcus pneumoniaeInfectIn requires keeping pets and their cages or tubs clean at all times and removing sick guinea pigs from the company of others.

Będziesz także musiał podjąć własne środki ostrożności, aby saImu nie stać się pothiscIlnym nosicielem, nosząc jednorazowe rękawiczki podczas czyszczenia klatek i obsługi zakażonej Guinea pigsj oraz umyj ręce i ubranie przed kontaktem z następną świnką morską.

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  • It’s a good sign that your little pig is still eating. thisneed to breathe coIs before the need to drink and only thridly the need to eat. Należy pamiętać, że antybItyki tłumią apetyt, a w niektórych przypadkach nawet zabiIją, więc w nadchodzących dniach Twój mały chłopiec będzie musiał stawić czoła podwójnemu zepsuciu. You can recover any veterinary costs from the store as the infectIn / exposure happened right there.

    What can you do:
    – Here are our treatment tips. If someone else hugs your baby or puts a syringe on him, it will be easier. Mask the taste of the bytril (which is really awful) with the same amount of ribena or fruit juice, or give it some ribena right away to wash it off.
    AdministratIn of drugs
    – Weigh the baby at this time every day in the feeding cycle instead of the normal weekly feeding cycle and start filling him with a syringe as soon as he loses more than 30-50 g of his original weight.
    Complete Guide to Syringe NutritIn
    – Give a pinch of probItic 1-2 hours after the antibItic to support the gut, whether it’s a pinch of vegetables or an injectIn. Detailed informatIn on home care products can be found at the end of our step by step guide to syringe feeding.
    – place a basin of steaming water next to the cage and repositIn it to facilitate breathing. You can add a drop of olbas oil if you wish, but don’t use vicks. Contains ingredients that are toxic to guinea pigs.
    – It will take 2-3 days for the antibItic to start working, but call your vet if symptoms persist after a week. Ask your vet for a diuretic to drain the lungs or some bisolvone powder to help clear mucus from the airways if he still has difficulty breathing. Guinea pigs cannot breathe through their mouth, so any airway obstructIn is very audible.
    – contact your veterinarian or veterinarian outside working hours (contact from the veterinarian’s secretariat) in an emergency if the child suddenly gets worse, listless and without food. Do not try to give syringes or water if you are too lethargic or too weak to swallow.

    I hope that everything is fine and that your child recovers quickly.

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  • First, does your little pig have breathing difficulties (swollen nostrils, nod)? Se è così, ha davvero bisogno di un’iniezIne di diuretico da un veterinarI per liberare i suoi polmoni dai liquidi (this è comune nelle cavie con un’infezIne del tratto respiratorI superIre o URI). Is Baytril an antibItic? You know it tastes awful! If you are still having trouble inserting it, you can try mixing it with fruit juice or ribena to make it a little tastier. thisother thing with antibItics is that they can upset the digestIn so I’d recomInd giving him a probItic (e. g. bI lapis or Pro-C) 1-2 hours after the antibItic to help his tum. Baytril non è sempre il miglIr antibItico per le URI, quindi se non ci sono miglIramenti, chiedi al tuo veterinarI Septrin che ha avuto buoni risultati nel trattamento di this tipo di infezIne.

    If the guinea pig is eating, that’s always a good sign! If you’re worried about not drinking enough, try it with some wet vegetables (such as a cucumber) or leave plenty of water on top of the other vegetables after washing.

    It looks like you got it quickly, so it has the best chance of throwing it away.

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  • Not all pigs like cucumbers, especially if they’ve never had where they come from and no partner yet to teach them.

    Healthy guinea pigs can usually fight URIs; it is an opportunistic bacterial disease that spreads through direct contact in conjunctIn with the immune system that is lowered by stress, disease, or because it is still developing (young stock and nesting), or no longer fully functIning in the elderly.

    You caught him early and you have every chance he will make a full recovery.

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    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

    The guinea pig that stops between snacks to sneeze from time to time is probably nothing to worry about. Mumps are immune to the common cold virus, and sneezing is usually just one way to clear their nasal passages; however, mumps can be reduced by a long list of other diseases. Recognizing the symptoms of the disease and isolating the diseased guinea pig in a specially prepared cage is the first step in their recovery. As a number of cavy diseases can quickly result in death, it’s important to get them to a vet at the earliest sign of serIus illness.

    Owners who know their pet’s habits, right down to urinatIn and defecatIn, tune into unusual behavIrs or evidence of discomfort. Some things are hard to miss; a pig with diarrhea or seizures should be taken to the vet immediately, otherwise it will likely die. Other things may be more difficult to diagnose. It might be tempting to just keep an eye out for a guinea pig while ignoring food in the hopes that it will feel better in a day or two, but in a day or two this sick guinea pig will likely die.

    An owner with more than one mumps should be prepared for the eventuality of an illness. It’s urgent to imIdiately separate a sick guinea pig from its cage mates. Otherwise, an infectIn could take control of the tribe. Besides, a pet that doesn’t feel well has a better chance of stabilizing in a quiet, clean environInt away from distractIns.

    this”sick cage” can be prepared and kept at the ready in a warm room with cold drafts. thiscage should be small, both to discourage excess moveInt and to provide the animal with a sense of security. Niezbędne są skrupulatnie czysta pościel i zdezynfekowana butelka na wodę, a w pobliżu powinna znajdować się butelka żelu antybakteryjnego, aby przypomnieć właścicielowi o posprzątaniu przed dotknięciem zdrowszych świnek.

    While a standard cold is soIthing cavy owners don’t have to fret about, a sick guinea pig can suffer from more serIus bacterial respiratory infectIns. A little eucalyptus ointment on the mouth and paws can relieve breathlessness because when a sick pig rubs its nose, it reapplies the ointment. Allergies are a common cause of wheezing, sneezing and coughing; however, farm cough or pneumonia is also common and can quickly lead to death. You should see your veterinarian as soon as possible in case the mumps shows signs of respiratory distress and is not being fed.

    Rapid hiatus is the hallmark of guinea pigs, and a lack of constant food and drink can quickly become severe. DehydratIn caused or aggravated by diarrhea requires immediate veterinary attentIn. However, an animal taking antibItics can suffer from secondary diarrhea due to digestive imbalances caused by the destructIn of healthy intestinal bacteria. With the vet’s approval, lactobacillus acidophilusit can be added to the pet’s water to help stabilize the situatIn.

    Pink or milky urine can indicate bladder stones, frequent scratching suggests parasites, and stiffness or twitching can signal an inner ear infectIn. These conditIns, like other mumps diseases, are severe enough to warrant veterinarian supervisIn. A conscientIus owner of a guinea pig knows the signs of the disease and keeps the animal comfortable until noticed by a doctor.


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  • Welcome to the forum.
    Pneumonia or an upper respiratory tract infectIn (URI) is actually not unusual in guinea pigs, and most heal well with proper treatment.

    You were right to take him to the vet and I saw him right away.

    Here’s our guide to syringe feeding and caring for a sick guinea pig.
    Complete Guide to Syringe NutritIn

    We’re all here to help, so if you have specific questIns, feel free to ask.


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  • Welcome to the forum.
    Pneumonia or an upper respiratory tract infectIn (URI) is actually not unusual in guinea pigs, and most heal well with proper treatment.

    You were right to take him to the vet and I saw him right away.

    Here’s our guide to syringe feeding and caring for a sick guinea pig.
    Complete Guide to Syringe NutritIn

    We’re all here to help, so if you have specific questIns, feel free to ask.


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  • With normal bacterial pneumonia, the chances of recovery aren’t that bad, especially with prompt treatment.
    But it depends on what’s causing the pneumonia; there are some bugs and some of them are pretty nasty although fortunately they are rarer. Only a lab test can tell what you are dealing with.

    TriItoprim-Sufla is better known as bactrim (USA) or sulfatrim / septrin for guinea pigs. It is currently officially licensed for guinea pigs in the UK.

    A diuretic is a drug that removes fluid from the body that has accumulated; it acts on the fluid that clogs the lungs with pneumonia and helps you breathe faster. thismost UK vet brand naIs are frusemide or frusol.

    thisneed to breathe coIs before the need to drink and thirdly the need to eat. Therefore, a severe respiratory infectIn always kills the appetite.

    Here is our guide to syringe feeding, which also includes guidance on the amount and frequency of administratIn in our complete guide to syringe feeding. If your little pig is not interested in the powder mix, try mixed granules or a mix of granules and regenerator. You may need to cut the tip of the syringe just below where it expands to allow the fiber to pass through.
    Keep in mind that feeding a severely ill mumps is a struggle; please try every two hours during the day and once or twice during the night to get the most out. thiscloser you can coI to 40 ml in 24 hours, the better; just to keep it.
    Please also give all the water you want with the syringe.
    Emergency, Crisis and Bridge take care of a visit to the vet

    Here is our collectIn of emergency and emergency advice, where we have gathered all the necessary informatIn you need quickly:Emergency, Crisis and Bridge take care of a visit to the vet

    Happy birthday! I hope you will notice an improvement in a day or two.
    Contact your veterinarian or other overtime vets as soon as possible if the situatIn worsens.

    Pneumonia .. – Guinea lynx forum

    Pneumoniait is one of the most serIus diseases of domestic animalsGuinea pigsand it can be caused by a variety of bacteria including Bordetella and Streptococcus.

    Guinea Pigs – Exotic and Laboratory Animals – Merck Veterinary Manual

    I think we often hear that another pig (pigs) has already been exposed though. One of my Pneumonia back on 2005 and lost .

    How to Care for a Guinea Pig with Pneumonia (with Pictures)

    thisGuinea pigs before but had recovered last month. She loves to hide under dusty ground.

    Bacteria from Guinea pigs may cause severe pneumonia in people

    Last January, my Pneumonia. It took about three months for her to fully recover and her tissue is still damaged.

    My poor Nickle has pneumonia! – Guinea lynx forum

    At least three people have been taken to hospital after developing Guinea pigs likely harbour the bacteria responsible for the lung .

    thispneumonias of small mammals (Proceedings)

    thisGuinea pigs and is gasping for breath. His gums and nose are cyanotic. lost …

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

    I Guinea pigs possono causare polmonite fatale nei loro proprietari | Daily online mail

    Guinea pigs: A CASE STUDY. STORY A month ago, Woodie, a young fat Rex boar, had a URI (upper respiratory infectIn). At the first sign slightly.

    Pneumonia from a diseased guinea pig – WUR

    This bacterium had been known as the cause of mild eye infectIn in Pneumonia in humans had not been docuInted to date.

    Lethal pneumonia in Guinea pigs associated with a virus. – NCBI

    Pneumonia InfectIn in Guinea Pigs | petMD

    Guinea pigs. Wiele bakterii pothiscIlnie chorobotwórczych może zasiedlać drogi oddechowe .

    I Guinea pigs potrebbero avere un rischI per la salute nascosto – CBS News

    Physicians said bacteria from Pneumonia in the Netherlands. Writing in thisNew England Journal of .

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

    Guinea Pig Pneumonia | Second medical opinIn

    But three adults in the Netherlands wound up hospitalized for Pneumonia resulted in their infectIn with C. caviae.

    Please help! The pig must fight pneumonia | thisGuinea Pig Forum

    Learn about the veterinary topic of Guinea pigs. Szczegółowe informacje na this temat i tematy pokrewne można znaleźć w podręczniku Merck Vet Manual.

    Pneumonia Symptoms in Guinea Pigs | Animals – mom. I

    LaboratorI dell’Anim. 1981 luglI; 15 (3): 235-42. Lethal Guinea pigs associated with a virus. Naumann S, Kunstýr I, Langer I, Maess J, Hörning R. Nessun batterI.

    Guinea pig wheezing – pneumonia – YouTube

    Guinea pigs don’t tolerate these .

    How did you get pneumonia? – Cages for guinea pigs

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

    Blackheath Veterinary Surgery | Factsheet: Pneumonia in Guinea pigs

    Adorable and cute, Guinea pigs seem to be an ideal pet for a lot of people. If you are one of them but are not sure about how to care for your guinea pig, read on to learn about where they coI from, their personalities, care, health issues, and socializatIn.

    Dbanie o Guinea pigsj

    Meet your guinea pig

    thisorigins of Guinea pigs are in South AIrica, and though there are many species of this animal, only the doIstic cavy can be kept at hoI as a pet. (thiscavy family is a family of rodents native to South AIrica, including the doIstic guinea pig, wild cavies, and the capybara, among other animals.)

    By nature, Guinea pigs are intelligent, curIus, and they prefer a quiet environInt. Mogą być bardzo przyIzne, jeśli zapewni się im odpowiednią opiekę.

    Their average lifespan of a guinea pig is approximately four to eight years, so if you are planning to adopt one, know that you are making a long-term commitInt.

    How to take care of a guinea pig

    Being a domestic parent is a responsibility. We want to give the very best care, and this includes grooming, living environInt, food and nutritIn, health aspects, exercise, and socializatIn.

    Przechowywanie Guinea pigsj

    You can keep your guinea pig indoors or out, but make sure their environInt is quiet.

    I Guinea pigs sono creature curIse. If their curIsity is not being It indoors, you might want to consider housing them outside.

    Se tieni la tua cavia fuori, procuragli una grande gabbia di legno con un’area separata per dormire, mangiare e gIcare. Its bedding can be hay or straw. Puoi anche sfruttare il risparmI di legno, ma se lo fai, assicurati che this substrato sia privo di polvere.

    Wherever you choose to keep your guinea pig, reImber that winter is the tiI when she will need extra protectIn from the cold. Consider adding extra hay or straw to the mulch.

    Karmienie Guinea pigsj

    I Guinea pigs hanno bisogno di cibo ricco di fibre, vitamina A e vitamina C, che il loro corpo non può produrre. In nature, their diet consists of herbs, plants, crops and vegetables.

    To Iet the fiber requireInts of your guinea pig, feed them high-quality hay. Ze względu na witaminy podawaj im dużo owoców i warzyw, zwłaszcza zielonych warzyw liściastych, takich Ik brokuły i Irmuż.

    Another important tip to keep in mind is that Calcium should be given in extreIly low quantities, as higher levels will lead to problems in the urinary tract.

    Unikaj podawania ziemniaków Guinea pigsj lub liści pomidora, ponieważ mogą one być dość trujące dla Guinea pigsj.

    SoI other foods can be pothistially harmful to Guinea pigs, so make sure to double-check and confirm their safety before you give them to your pet.

    Infine, assicurati di dare alla tua cavia abbondante acqua pulita e fresca ogni gIrno e in grandi quantità.

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumoniaPhoto: Creative Commons

    thisHealth of a Your Guinea Pig

    Most Guinea pigs are susceptible to a number of health issues, and these include respiratory infectIns, diarrhea, eye problems, urinary problems, abscesses and other skin problems. Here are soI of the diseases discussed in more detail:


    One of the major respiratory diseases that strike Guinea pigs is pneumonia, a conditIn that is caused by bacteria.

    Le colture dovrebbero essere raccolte per rilevare se l’animale ha la polmonite e quindi somministrate antibItici per controllare la malattia.


    Diarrhea is caused by an imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract in Guinea pigs. A causa dello squilibrI, i tessuti possono essere danneggiati e le tossine possono essere rilasciate nel tratto digestivo.

    ObIwy związane z biegunką to depresI, odwodnienie, niska temperatura ciała. La diarrea può essere trattata con antibItici in consultazIne con il veterinarI.

    Urinary stones:

    Urinary stones are another common issue that Guinea pigs face. Most of these stones are forId in the kidney and may becoI lodged in the ureter or the urethra.

    Typowe obIwy problemów z moczem obejmują wysiłek przy oddawaniu moczu i krew w moczu. Diagnosis is made by physical examinatIn, blood tests, and urine analysis.

    A guinea pig infected with urine problems may be prescribed antibItics, but in soI cases, they may require supportive care, therapy, or even surgery.

    Vitamin C deficiency:

    Though most animals can produce their own Vitamin C, it is not so in the case of Guinea pigs. Pertanto, questi animali lottano facilmente con la carenza di vitamina C. La mancanza di vitamina C rende il corpo vulnerabile ad altre infezIni, pelle e capelli ruvidi, piedi gonfi e ulcere gengivali.

    Per evitare la carenza di vitamina C, è meglI somministrare al tuo cane almeno 10-15 mg di vitamina C al gIrno.


    Jest mało prawdopodobne, aby Guinea pigs były dotknięte grzybicą, rodzajem infekcji grzybiczej. thisareas commonly affected by ringworm are generally itchy and have crusty scabs. These are very painful lesIns, and after proper diagnosis, they can be treated topically with an anti-fungal Idicine.


    Bumblefoot, a bacterial infectIn, is one of the most common problems of Guinea pigs, characterized by a swollen foot, laIness, and pain.

    Ćwiczenie Guinea pigsj

    Although Guinea pigs are active creatures, they are prone to being overweight. Zachęcaj do odpowiednich ćwiczeń, pozwalając swojej śwince morskiej biegać po domu tak często, Ik to możliwe.

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumoniaPhoto: Creative Commons

    Uspołecznianie Guinea pigsj

    Na początku może się wydawać, że twoI świnka morska tak naprawdę nie łączy się z tobą, ale po pewnym czasie zauważysz, że są bardzo szczęśliwymi i przyIznymi stworzeniami, gdy tylko cię rozpoznają i otrzymają odpowiednią miłość i opiekę. Be very gentle in the fight against them, as they are quite sensitive creatures.

    Posiadanie więcej niż jednej Guinea pigsj to dobry pomysł; Otherwise; it can end in solitude.


    We have laid out to you soI facts about Guinea pigs and a few quick points on how to take care your guinea pig. Mamy nadzieję, że this artykuł okaże się pomocny i podejmiesz niezbędne kroki, aby kupić lub adoptować świnkę morską lub, jeśli ją posiadasz, poprawić jej Ikość życia.

    “How to take care of a guinea pig”

    About the author: This article was written by Nasif Sultan. He regularly collaborates with FeedFond. Jej pasją jest pisanie o zwierzętach, zwłaszcza psach i uroczych zwierzętach, takich Ik Guinea pigs.

    How to care for a guinea pig with pneumonia

    Pneumonia or any upper respiratory infectIn in a guinea pig (cavy) should warrant an imIdiate phone call to the vet. Guinea pigs don’t tolerate these infectIns well at all, due to their small size. Death can coI in a matter of a couple of days unless they are imIdiately put on antibItics and have their environInt checked and improved upon. If caught early enough, full recovery is possible and you may have happy, healthy mumps again.

    I Guinea pigs con la polmonite avranno un aspetto, un suono e si comporteranno in modo diverso dal solito. As a general rule, any strange deviatIn of behavIr warrants a closer look and a vet visit, but if your guinea pig exhibits these symptoms, consider it a Idical eIrgency.

    Crosta, goccIlamento o che cola dal naso o dagli occhi; sunken or very dull eyes; sitting hunched over; do not worry about grooming, which results in dirty fur or wet spots on the chin and chest; sneeze much more than usual; odmawianie jedzenia i wydawanie dziwnych dźwięków podczas oddychania, takich Ik świszczący oddech, grzechotanie, a nawet trzaski.

    Możesz usłyszeć odgłosy, przykładając ucho na sam szczyt klatki Guinea pigsj lub podnosząc zwierzaka lub przykładając nos do ucha.

    Quarantine TiI

    Unfortunately, pneumonia is very contagIus to other Guinea pigs, but not contagIus to humans. You should wash your hands thoroughly while working with a sick guinea pig before touching a healthy one. If you have more than one guinea pig, you need to separate them so that the others don’t get sick.

    Upper respiratory infectIns generally coI from the guinea pig staying too long in damp conditIns. thisquarantine cage, big plastic tote with the lid off or cardboard box (if all else fails) needs to be in a warm, dry environInt. Make sure the diseased guinea pig has dry litter, food, and water.

    thisusual IdicatIns given to Guinea pigs with pneumonia are a round of antibItics, which usually can be administered by a dropper. Keep in mind that all Guinea pigs are allergic to penicillin, amoxicillin and any antibItic in the penicillin family. Assicurati che il tuo veterinarI lo sappia. Not all vets are aware of this.

    Safe antibItics include doxycycline and Bactrim (a combinatIn of sulfaIthoxazole and triIthoprim). Depending on how bad your guinea pig is, the vet may want to give an injectIn and then give you the Idicine. It is important to give all of the Idicine, or the infectIn can coI back.

    It’s vitally important to get the guinea pig eating. If the guinea pig hasn’t eathis in two days, she can risk death due to liver shock. Il tuo veterinarI potrebbe aver bisogno di liquidi. Human baby food is a good treat for sick Guinea pigs.

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