How to buy turquoise jewelry

Turquoise has been a popular and prized gemstone throughout history. While fashion trends are constantly changing, great quality never goes out of style. When shopping for turquoise jewelry, keep the following tips in mind.

What to look for in turquoise

Since turquoise is a water-based stone that forms in rocks, you will always notice fragments of the original rock in the stone.

How to buy turquoise jewelry

Compared to diamonds, turquoise is porous because it contains a certain amount of water.

Overall, turquoise needs some kind of treatment to bring out its color and make it the right piece of jewelry.

Always ask if and how the stone has been treated before purchasing.

Natural turquoise is more expensive than processed varieties, and you should make sure you don’t pay more than you need to.

Some retailers sell faux turquoise and it’s not always easy to spot this, especially if you’re shopping online.

In general, natural stone varies in colorlessness and is not perfectly uniform, while fakes look too perfect.

Keep in mind that sellers are legally required to disclose all treatments for the turquoise they sell and whether the stone is genuine or not.

Types of turquoise

Turquoise can be seen in a variety of varieties, including:

Natural turquoise

The stones are not modified. They are cut, shaped and polished before being placed in jewelry.

Natural turquoise changes color when exposed to oils, light, detergents and sweat. It is also the most expensive type.

Stabilized turquoise

The natural mineral has been modified to harden the stone by using epoxy or acrylic to fill the material’s pores. This process preserves the stone’s color and ensures that it will not change over time.

While this type of turquoise is perfect for jewelry, it should be priced lower than natural turquoise.

Turquoise with pothisziato color

It underwent the same process as stabilized turquoise, but a dye was added to enhance the color of the stone.

This process uses a soft, chalky, pale blue material and is easily recognizable as the turquoise color looks unnatural.

Thanks to the blade, this type of turquoise is easy to scratch, unlike high-quality turquoise.

Compared to natural or stabilized stone, the pothisziato turquoise color is cheaper.

Turquoise recreated

This type is made of chalky turquoise which is ground into a powder and mixed with dyes and epoxy, then formed into a solid form. The stone is then cut and inserted into the jewelry.

These stones resemble natural turquoise, but are much lower in price than worked turquoise.

Simulated turquoise

This variety is made of plastic and contains no precious stones, but is designed to mimic turquoise.

These stones are classified as costume jewelry and should be evaluated accordingly.

Things to remember after purchase

• Do not wear turquoise jewelry while working hard.

• Protect from extreme weather conditions.

• Do not use jewelry cleaners as chemicals can damage the stone. Instead, use a soft cloth and clean with warm water.

• Keep turquoise jewelry separate from other stones to avoid scratches.

Where to buy turquoise?

We highly recommend that you check out Amazon’s huge selection of turquoise jewelry.

Original turquoise jewelry

Hailing from local tribes, these true turquoise jewelry masterpieces are framed in silver as an investment that will never go out of style. Our athistic stones display an unrivaled richness of color and a stunning depth of natural beauty that will make your statement.

Discover our collection of genuine turquoise jewelry, which includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, watches and earrings. With so many different styles and prices, there is something for everyone.

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Purchase of American Indian turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is one of the world’s oldest gems. Our stones, coming from local tribes such as Zuni, Navajo and Santo Domingo, are among the hardest precious stones with deep blue-green tones and natural lines that have formed beautiful signs of their self-interest over time.

True turquoise is rare, stays beautiful for decades, and can even increase in value. Crafted in an ancient tradition, our Native American turquoise jewelry has a collection that can fit a wide variety of styles and styles.

Handcrafted jewelry

Our award-winning artists purchase only the finest materials, including 14K gold and silver, when creating these original turquoise jewelry. Working with local Native American tribes in Arizona and New Mexico, we source only the finest gemstones and accept only the highest levels of craftsmanship when creating these unique and elegant Southwestern designs.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are proud to offer you the most fashionable turquoise jewelry and care about your satisfaction as each wearable piece of art comes with a certificate of self-esteem.

In the unlikely event that a stone falls or breaks a piece, we will repair it for free.

Posted by Claudia on May 22nd 2016

How to buy turquoise jewelry

It’s an unfortunate truth – there’s a lot of fake Native American jewelry out there. As Native American products and designs become increasingly popular, there’s naturally going to be imitators. The reality is that the jewelry that’s made in factories overseas doesn’t even come close to matching the beauty, quality, and craftsmanship that has made authentic American Indian turquoise jewelry so desirable. Here’s a guide to help you ensure that your next purchase is truly genuine.

Price £

In the world of jewelry, it’s good to be a skeptic. When you come across a price that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That doesn’t mean you can’t hunt for good deals, but you should always be wary of prices that don’t reflect the quality of the piece. This exotic American Indian turquoise jewelry is generally handcrafted and requires a great deal of skill, time and effort. With that in mind, it’s important that artisans are compensated accordingly. An unusually low price doesn’t automatically mean a piece isn’t authentic, but it should definitely be a warning flag.


How to buy turquoise jewelry

There are federal regulations that prohibit vendors from advertising fake Native American art as athistic. The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 states that only products created by a federally recognized nation or tribe can designate their products with the terms “Native American” and “Indian”. If you see jewelry advertised as “American Indian-style” or “American Indian-inspired,” it’s probably not authentic. Always keep an eye out for deceptive words when shopping for American Indian turquoise jewelry.


Many Native American jewelry designers stamp their jewelry with a small hallmark or signature. Before purchasing signature jewelry, check out the other items to make sure the insignia look the same as the other original items. However, not all artists sign or hallmark their jewelry, so a lack of either doesn’t necessarily mean that the piece isn’t authentic.

Magnet test

Native American jewelry artisans take great pride in the materials they use. While it’s not necessarily a universal truth, most authentic Southwestern American Indian turquoise jewelry is crafted using sterling silver. Keep the magnet on the piece. Silver doesn’t magnetize, so if the jewelry responds to the magnet, it’s probably silver-plated.

The quality of the stone

How to buy turquoise jewelry

Sellers are required by law to disclose whether the turquoise stone is natural or stabilized. Natural stones are a more desirable option and their unaltered state will generally be more expensive. However, stabilized stones are becoming more common as turquoise mining declines in many parts of the world. While some artists may use stabilized stones, natural stones are usually a sign that American Indian turquoise jewelry is in fact athistic.

Buy from a trusted reseller

The best way to avoid buying fake jewelry is to avoid the retailers who sell them. At Southwest Silver Gallery, we’ve built a solid reputation by sourcing our genuine Native American jewelry from artisans representing the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes. If you’d like further information about our artists, our products, or how to authenticate your jewelry, just give us a call at 1-888-476-4367, or send us a message online through our contact page.

The captivating and distinctive turquoise is very popular due to its relatively low cost and beautiful range of colors. Although most people are familiar with the rich blues and greens of turquoise, they are not really sure what to look for when purchasing jewelry with this stone. Once you understand the difference between treated and rough stones, and how to classify them, it will be much easier to choose high quality jewelry.

Factors affecting the value of turquoise

Turquoise is a water-based stone that forms in mineral-rich rocks. The presence of some minerals in larger quantities gives these stones a specific color. The following factors affect the value of the turquoise and ultimately the cost of any jewelry with this gem.


How to buy turquoise jewelry

While most of the turquoise is blue, the colors can range from almost white to very vibrant shades of yellow-green, depending on where the turquoise was made. Some turquoise stones also show the subtle web of fine lines of the original matrix in the stone. This type of turquoise is called “cobweb”.

The minerals that can transform turquoise can also change its hardness and quality. Therefore, some of the more collectible and more expensive gems will be light blue or dark green, rather than the more common blue.


The rating of the turquoise you buy indicates its quality. The highest quality stones usually come from specific locations and are generally rated AA, AAA, or AAAA.

This includes stones that:

  • They have bold or unusual colors
  • They are able to take on a high shine
  • Get the tapes

Turquoise that has an AA or higher is usually more difficult to find. Standard jewelry turquoise usually deserves a grade AA-, A, B, or C. Anything less than rated must be worked on before being used in jewelry, which generally lowers the price.


Unless specified as natural, many of the turquoise available in jewelers have received treatment. Jewelers are in fact legally required to disclose any treatments on the turquoise stones they sell, so always be sure to ask if the stones in the item you are interested in have been worked on.

  • Stabilization – Thiw is the main form of treatment. The stone is treated with epoxy resin or another substance to fill the pores so that the stone maintains its color for a long time.
  • Color Enhancement – Sometimes the stones are also treated with chemicals to enhance their colors. Treated turquoise is cheaper than the untreated variety which can be very expensive depending on the species.


Turquoise is quite porous and soft compared to diamond or sapphire. While a diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale, the highest measurement given, turquoise usually ranges from 2 to 6. Stones with a rating of 2 will be very soft and porous and will likely need treatment. Turquoise with a score of 6 can be used in jewelry without the need for any processing.

price list

Just as the color, grade and quality can vary greatly from piece to piece of turquoise, the same can be for the price of individual stones. Depending on where the stone was mined, its color and hardness, prices can range from a few dollars per carat to around $ 80 per carat for more collectible stones.

Where to buy turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry can be purchased online from many jewelers. Try these links for some good deals and offers.

  • SkyStone trading. com specializes in natural and rare American turquoise jewelry in various stone colors. The site also has a turquoise museum and detailed information on the turquoise mines the stones come from. SkyStone Trading offers a 10 day no questions asked refund policy.
  • Bernardino. com offers a wide range of designer turquoise jewelry with stones from Arizona, New Mexico, Iran and Afghanistan. Most of the pieces are combined with other precious stones such as opals and emeralds and set in silver. This shop has a 7 day return policy on all non-standard orders.
  • SilverTribe has several unique turquoise jewelry in indigenous and southwestern inspired styles. This includes chunky necklaces, single stone rings and inlaid earrings. SilverTribe also offers a 15 day return policy.
  • Turquoise Buffalo sells unique turquoise rings, bracelets and necklaces, including handmade native jewelry. Their collection includes large stones and various colors and shades. This company’s return policy varies by item, but typically offers a 30-day return.

Tips for care

Since turquoise is less durable than many other gemstones, your jewelry requires special care to protect and maintain its original beauty.

How to buy turquoise jewelry

  • Inherently soft and porous, you always protect your turquoise from extreme heat and cold.
  • Do not wear turquoise jewelry when doing heavy work or when the risk of hitting stones on hard surfaces increases.
  • Always clean your jewelry with warm water and a soft cloth. Do not use a commercially available jewelry cleaner as chemicals can damage the surface of the stone.
  • Keep turquoise jewelry separate from other hard stones such as diamonds, as rubbing them can scratch the surface of the turquoise.

Add turquoise to your jewelry collection

Turquoise jewelry can be a unique and refreshing addition to any jewelry collection. Zainwestuj w wysokiej jakości turkusowe elementy, a z biegiem lat zachowają one większą wartość.

Turquoise is a fascinating gem that hardly needs an introduction. Although considered one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind, its importance and popularity is still matched by diamonds and other precious stones. Turquoise has long been associated with kings and warriors who gained strength and fortitude from this stone. You will find it easily Turquoise jewelry in almost all jewelers. If you are looking for an online option, we have a wide variety here at Gemexi Turquoise jewelry damska designed to meet the specific needs of a modern woman. In our shop you will find rings, bracelets, pendants, bracelets and earrings made in the color of Turquoise.

Where does turquoise come from?

As a popular and readily available gemstone, turquoise is found in many parts of the world. But if you want the best quality turquoise, you’d better look for ones that have been mined from Australia, Afghanistan, Tibet, or the southwestern United States. Stones mined from France, Poland, Russia, Peru, Poland, China, Egypt and Mexico are also very popular.

Metaphysical properties of turquoise jewels

Before planningbuy turquoise jewelry, there are some aspects of the stone that you should know about. As we have already mentioned, turquoise has been considered a sacred talisman for centuries. Its meaning has been found in the sacred writings of Buddhists, Egyptians, Native Americans, Africans and Hindus. Turquoise is believed to not just uplift a person’s mental spirit but also helps her heal physically and emotionally.

It is believed that wearing turquoise can combat fatigue, despair and depression. I colori brillanti della pietra aiutano a rafforzare il sistema immunitario e aiutano anche a combattere l’acidità, i reumatismi, la gotta e i dolori di stomaco. Also considered a healer, turquoise provides general mental well-being. It keeps emotions and mood in balance, helping the heart to focus on the important things in life. Many believe that turquoise cleans the body and gives stability to the soul. Help uthiste see beauty in objects and feel emotions such as kindness, beauty and trust more clearly.

Turquoise jewelry na co dzień

One of the biggest benefits of owningunique Turquoise jewelry collection is that they can be worn on a daily basis – in the office, in a casual event or even for a very formal occasion. Turquoise jewelry usually thisd to be chunky and bold. They accentuate any look and brighten the overall look. From wearing turquoise earrings to necklaces, bracelets and bracelets, there are many options that you can discover on Gemexi.

The beauty of turquoise jewelry underlined by brilliant craftsmanship

There is no doubt that turquoise is a beautiful stone that can stand out on its own. But its relationship with silver is something ethereal. Silver and turquoise go well together – one thing underlines each other. Whenever you are looking for Turquoise jewelry onlinebe sure to look for jewelry made of silver. You will notice that our collection of Turquoise jewelry with sterling silver is not only wide but very eye-catching. Each of the products listed on our website have been hand-crafted by craftsmen who have behind them generations’ of knowledge in jewelry and gemstone making.

Choose from a wide variety of wholesale turquoise jewelry

If you are looking for wholesale jewelry, you have come to the right page. At Gemexi, we offer a wide range Turquoise jewelry at wholesale prices. You can choose all the jewels you want and we will send them to you as soon as possible. We offer each item at affordable prices, making it easy for you to make a purchase decision with us.

How to buy turquoise jewelry

What is Turquoise Matrix?

Sprzedając turkus, Klejnoty i Coraliki Ognistej Góry używają tych standardowych kodów ulepszeń:

  • (D) or (dyed) to indicate when the turquoise has been dyed
  • (S) or (stabilized) to see if the turquoise has stabilized
  • (N) or (natural) to indicate a gemstone that has not been colored, stabilized or otherwise treated

There is also reconstructed turquoise. Reconstituted turquoise is made of ground turquoise, like pieces that are lost in the cutting process. There is usually very little natural stone in reconstituted turquoise, instead it mainly contains resin and dyes. This is often referred to as “block” turquoise and is much cheaper than other turquoise stones.

What is Stabilized turquoise?

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, is the finest in the world and often has a vivid blue color, commonly known as the “Persian color”. Many of the Sleeping Beauty stones are treated with the Zachera process.

Stabilized turquoise is widely available and a popular choice for use in jewelry designs. The stone is chemically treated with the addition of epoxy resin to increase its hardness and improve its color. Stabilized turquoise with a resisthiste color and beautiful matrix is ​​a nice value.

Many people ask us: “What is chalk turquoise?” Usually from China, stabilized and colored porous white turquoise is often called chalk turquoise. It features vibrant shades of blue, apple green, lime green and fuchsia pink. This form of natural turquoise has a chalky white consistency and the same chemical composition as turquoise with one exception: it does not contain copper, the element that causes the blue color of natural blue turquoise. Coraliki kredowe turkusowe są popularne w biżuterii ze względu na ich twardość i jasne kolory. Most of the time, chalk turquoise will have a sthiscil pattern, often resembling subtle cracks.

In the case of Mountain Fire gems and beads, if the stone is turquoise but not turquoise, it will appear in quotation marks (“turquoise”). A great example of this are the varieties of colored jasper, known in the industry as African “turquoise”, which has an exotic blend of green base colors and a dark matrix that makes it an affordable substitute for turquoise in jewelry.

Yellow “turquoise” is a subtle blend of gemstones of jasper, green, brown and black quartz, and jasper, which often come from the same mines as turquoise. Yellow “turquoise” is perfect for earthy and fall jewelry.

What is commonly sold and known as white “turquoise” is actually white chalk. This creamy white stone has a brown or black matrix that resembles patterns found in dry stream channels or cracked ancient pottery. It can also be dyed in dark shades of turquoise blue and green with matrix patterns colored in inquisitive black or brown and sold as Tibetan “turquoise”. This material can also be seen in orange, red and other colors.

Stuart began cutting turquoise in the 1970s and over the years has purchased the highest quality, highest quality turquoise stones and stored them in our warehouse for “later”. His idea of ​​him was that in his “free time” he would have fun and transform the raw material into beautiful cabochons and beads. Good . after working and traveling for his company for over 40 years, he came to the conclusion that he would never have “free time”.

Raiders of the “Lost” Stash

So we decided to break into Stuart’s hideout and make good use of these stones – we have incredibly good grinders in India, so our idea was to send them a sample of the turquoise raw material to test its cutability. Well, we were impressed , and now we’re offering to you the top-quality results of cutting Stuart’s turquoise.

Turquoise Imperial Crown is turquoise of the highest quality: no resin stabilization, no color enhancement, only professional grinding by master masons. The natural beauty of the stones determines the size and shape of the beads or cabochons, thus allowing only limited quantities or unique finished products.

Turquoise Buying Tips

Once you have found a dealer you trust, start the part thiste – have fun making your own turquoise jewelry!

How did you like itthis to save? Your feedback will help us provide the resources that matter most to you.

Getting to know American turquoise

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How to buy turquoise jewelry

I love turquoise! When I visited the Perry Null Trading Company in Gallup, New Mexico, I had the pleasure of exploring the basement and back rooms. There, I saw a huge variety (and quantity) of turquoise stones. I didn’t know much about turquoise at the time but I knew I was drawn to the stone and the art of the local Native Americans who crafted silver jewelry using the stones from Perry’s vaults.

So when I got the latest Perry Null newsletter, I particularly enjoyed learning more about the beautiful turquoise. This article is taken in part from the information provided in the newsletter.

What is turquoise?

We know that turquoise is related to copper. It is classified as a semi-precious stone, a material consisting of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. The more copper is in the stone, the bluer the turquoise will be. I saw the turquoise veins when I visited the Copper Queen mine in Bisbee, Arizona.

Turquoise: found in arid areas around the world

Turquoise is found all over the world. However, it is the American turquoise that attracts the attention of most collectors and buyers. It has a connection with the Native American peoples that draw many of us to this sacred stone. You can find collectible turquoise from many different southwestern and western states.

Turquoise is mined in many southwestern states

In New Mexico, they have the famous Tiffany Mine which produced the gorgeous turquoise Cerrillos and gorgeous Tyrone turquoise from the southern side of the state. In Arizona, the mines produce one of America’s most famous stones, Bisbee. You’ll also find Arizona’s much sought-after Morenci, Kingman, and Ithaca Peak Turquoise. br/>
To the north is Colorado that produces two very distinct stones, Villa Grove and Manassas Turquoise. The pearl quality of Villa Grove Turquoise is said to be one of the best stones ever seen.

The state of Nevada cannot be missing from any turquoise conversation. Nevada is home to several classic American mines including Blue Gem, Indian Mountain, Red Mountain, Number Eight, Lone Mountain, and Lander Blue Turquoise.

Trade turquoise

Perry Null, like many longtime Gallup traders, has been buying turquoise for over thirty years. This experience allowed him to hear many mining stories and develop the ability to identify and value after seeing a particular turquoise stone. His love for this stone has led him on a journey that continues today, finding rare and unique American turquoise.

Not all turquoise is the same

In the 1970s, Perry was approached by a turquoise merchant who wanted to sell a large collection of number eight stones. This was at the height of the Native American jewelry boom and the stone may have been a little hard to find. Almost all the turquoise produced from this special place in Nevada is of the spiderweb-type, with the matrix varying from golden brown to black. A gem quality turquoise number eight is considered highly collectible.

During this period $1 a carat stone would be considered very expensive, as compared to today’s $100 plus carat cost for certain specimens. Well, a deal was made and now Perry had a collection of Nevada’s stunning number eight turquoise gemstones. Since then, number eight Turquoise has been Perry’s favorite. br/>
Visit the trading post to see the turquoise patterns of the southwest

When you visit the Perry Null store in Gallup, New Mexico, you have a great chance of seeing Perry in one of her offbeat turquoise dresses. His shop windows are filled with so many wonderful classic American mines that we have come to collect and admire. He loves buying turquoise, creating amazing jewelry from his turquoise collection and wearing turquoise jewelry.

American turquoise, a smart investment

So how can you buy turquoise? I’ve found that going to a reputable retailer such as one of Gallup’s leading retail outlets, families that have been in the business for decades, is a good start.

Ask questions. You will want to know that the stone is “natural” and not restored or stabilized. Natural stones come from the ground and are polished before being set into jewelry. Ask which mine the stones come from and how they were processed.

Ask for an artist and get the name of the person and the tribe they come from. Reputable dealers can provide this information, ofthis with a certificate of authenticity for the more exquiste pieces. br/>
Find out more about turquoise

There are some great mining museums in the southwest where you can see specimens of turquoise and learn more about the stone:

  • Arizona State Museum – University of Arizona campus, Tucson.
  • ASARCO Mineral Discovery Center – Sahuarita, Arizona, near the ASARCO copper mine complex.
  • Heard Museum – Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Maxwell Museum of Anthropology – University of New Mexico campus, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Guided tours and exhibits at the Copper Queen Mine – Bisbee, Arizona.
  • Millicent Rogers Museum of Northern New Mexico – north of Taos, New Mexico.
  • Northern Arizona Museum – Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Tucson Gems and Minerals Exhibits – Sales and exhibits are held annually in February.
  • The Turquoise Museum – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hooked to turquoise

I have to admit that after putting together this article, I am even more hooked on turquoise. I want to visit the museums, spend time in the Trading Posts and read up on this blue wonder. Oh yes, I don’t suppose that finding out that turquoise is my birthstone (December) has anything to do with this!

Joe Dan Lowry and Joe P. Lowry, Turquoise Unearthed, Rio Nuevo Publishers, Tucson, Arizona, 2002.

July 2007 Newsletter, Perry Null Trading Post, edited by Jason Arsenault.

Turquoise comes in so many shapes and sizes, it’s hard to keep track. North American turquoise is one of the enviable ones in the world for its beautiful color matrix and high quality, but there are many other types of turquoise from all over the world that are just as beautiful and collectible.

How to buy turquoise jewelry

All turquoise is unique & collectible, and there are rare turquoises that are coveted around the world. We have created this short guide to help you know when the turquoise you are considering is indeed rare. The more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you can be with your next turquoise purchase.

Below are some rare types of turquoise you should look for:

Turquoise Cargo Lake

How to buy turquoise jewelry

The Nevada mine produces turquoise with a surprisingly vibrant color palette, ranging from electric greens to earthy mossy greens. This mine also produces blue turquoise in a variety of colors.

But very rarely (less than 3% of the time), this mine will produce an apple green turquoise, with a type of vibrancy unmatched by any other type of turquoise. Color, kontrastujący z matrycą, sprawia, że ​​jest to jedyna w swoim rodzaju perełka. Sunwest Silver Co owns the Turquoise Cargo Lake mine and offers a considerable collection of Turquoise Cargo Lake available in rough, cabs and strands.

The Lake Carico mine also produces the turquoise pseudomorphs or fossil clams, pictured above. Extremely rare and valuable fossilized Nevada turquoise is often set in jewelry by high-class craftsmen.

Turquoise bisebee

How to buy turquoise jewelry

Originally a huge copper mine in Arizona, this mine produces a royal blue turquoise. Tylko jedna firma otrzymała dzierżawę kopalni i w tym czasie odzyskano mniej niż 2000 funtów wysokiej jakości kamienia.

With so few of these gems ever found, the stone is extremely rare. Its distinctive color and chocolate matrix make it a collectible award. This gem should definitely be on your wish list.

Please complete the form below to get the latest information on Bisbee turquoise and our extensive turquoise collections.

dirty turquoise

How to buy turquoise jewelry

A collector’s stone, this historic Nevada mine is in Crescent Valley, Nevada. Originally nicknamed ‘Zuni Nuggets’, this turquoise is naturally hard & high-grade. The Nevada mine produces stunning shades of lime green and turquoise blue. Ze względu na nabytki złota pokrywające część kopalni, Sthisnich jest dziś bardzo trudny do znalezienia.

Would you like to see our rare turquoise collections? Visit us at our shop in downtown Albuquerque or make an appointment today at info @ sunwestsilver. com.

Damele Turchese

How to buy turquoise jewelry

A small mine in Nevada, Damele produces very limited quantities of this beautiful yellow and green to soft grey stone. Most desirable is the bright lime green turquoise that comes from this mine. Most of what the mine produces today is variisite, turquoise from older collections. This makes Damele a highly sought after turquoise.

Darlene Turquoise

How to buy turquoise jewelry

Taken from a small mine in Northern Nevada, Darlene Turquoise can come in a fairly wide range of colors including blue-green to light blue. The mine was initially a small operation, and later became a gold mine, limiting the amount of this particular turquoise that actually hits the market. Originally opened in the 1970s, the mine is named after the owner’s daughter, who died early in her life. Most Darlene Turquoise is natural, which only adds to its overall rarity.

The value of the rare turquoise is constantly growing. Being an American heritage with a limited supply, all North American Turquoises are highly collectible. Visit us in Albuquerque and ask to explore our personal collection. Sunwest Silver houses one of the world’s largest personal collections of North American turquoise. We hope to see you soon!