How to burn boredom when you have beaten super smash bros

Event matches return to Smash Bros. In Brawl. Unlike in Melee, where there were 51, in Brawl there are 62. However, 21 of them can only be used in co-op. These matches force you to win under certain conditions or pit you against different characters

The first match is just a simple brawl pitting you as Mario against Bowser & DeDeDe on the moving Delfino Plaza Stage. A good method would be to take them down as their recovery is not that good and they are difficult

The second match is unique in that when you play Fox you will never be in control of it as you are constantly in the Landmaster Final Smash attack. The goal of this match is to get as many Landmaster knockouts as possible. Simple enough

The third game can be quite difficult. Your mission in this event is KO Kirby before the scene lands on the Meta Knight ship; Bill. This is a really tough job as Kirby can easily bounce back so you need to be quick and sharp in your attacks

The fourth game is easy because you don’t have to fight. All you have to do is destroy the platforms in Skyworld. However, Wario is also on the scene and will give you trouble so you can KO him first, but that’s not necessary

The fifth game is a simple Pokémon battle. Coach VS Coach and as such you have to KO your opponent to win the game

The sixth game is essentially a survival game. As Bowser, you have a firm point against infinite Mario. Your task is to reach the end of the level. It should be easy if you avoid Mario, but don’t stop and fight them as you will likely be eliminated

Game 7 puts you in front of 15 Mini Diddy Kong. 3 at a time, you have to eliminate them all without dying. A common tactic would be to use a special Donkey Kong to fly them, but watch out for shy guys running around the track

In the next game, you will face three Pokémon controlled by the Pokémon Trainer; Ivysaur, Charizard & Squirtle. They are alone, so they cannot change. You must, like Pikachu, KO each of them

In the next game you will be like Ike against the two normal Diddy Kongs. Your job is their KOKO. However, if you delay this effort and reach the third part of the level, Donkey Kong will come and join the fight with you, making the event even more difficult.

Game 10 puts you in the first All-Star game. This match puts you in front of 8 characters who have been in the Smash series since the beginning. You fight them two at the same time and each of them is replaced shortly after being KOed. This is a real stamina match, but since you can choose your character, you can use the best and beat him easily

You will face many Yoshis in the next game. As Ice Climbers, you must have their KOKO sorted based solely on their color. This order is; Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue & Blue. Rainbow colors. Do it in the correct order and you will win the game. Six against two at the same time

This match is not intended to knock out your opponent. Instead, to win this match, you’ll need to put both Kirby and Pikachu in the eggs while using Yoshi’s neutral specialty. A very difficult undertaking, so make sure they are around when you catch them

This match is quite difficult because instead of knocking out the three Warnaio you normally fight, you have to collect the Dragoon and KO parts of all three Wara. To do it fast you have to lure them to the last piece, grab it and shoot it quickly where you have the piece, otherwise they will separate and it won’t work

This match is also difficult as you have to defend yourself as Olimar which puts your Pikmin at risk. The goal is to protect the pickles and allow their flowers to bloom. It takes about a minute, so it can be tough if your Pikmin is still dying

This game is a Dedede game for everyone. You, playing as King Dedede, are battling 3 Dedede, one of which is Giant and Metal, making the KO even more difficult. Your task is to eliminate the giant metal Dedede. Isn’t that easy at all?

This game puts you in front of two other Samus Zero Suits. Smash Balls will decorate the scene and you’ll need to capture it and use the Ultimate Smash to get into the Power Suit before your opponents do.

In this match against the Two Ice Climbers. Instead of fighting to the death, the goal of this match is for you, as Zelda, to reach the top of the entire waterfall without being knocked out. Seems easy? This is not

In this game, as Link, you will face Dark Link, the shadow version of Link. This is a resistance match and a life or death struggle. Be careful because he can quickly make many good strong attacks

This is a simple game on the level of Mario Bros. in which you fight against the characters of the arcade game it is based on; Mario & Luigi. This match is a bit difficult as they cannot be shot down or shot down, but they can be won easily.

In the second Star Clash, you will face newcomers in Brawl who have been there since the beginning. You fight two at the same time, so it can be very difficult to finish this match. Be very careful and use items to your advantage. Again, you can play any character so you can easily use your skills

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From Animal Crossing to Mario Party, these are our all-time favorite video games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Whether you’re a lifelong gamer or are picking up a controller for the first time, a surefire way to cure your boredom during social distancing is to turn to video games. And perhaps the most popular console at the moment is the Nintendo Switch, first released back in 2017. We may all be homebound for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t immerse ourselves in some virtual fantasies.

In the three years since the console’s premiere, games of all varieties have appeared on the Nintendo Switch. From classic Mario and Luigi adventures to some good old-fashioned farming games—because who doesn’t love to own a virtual farm, right?—there’s no lack of immersive games to dive into. The Switch is perfect for many reasons – not only can you connect it to your TV for a traditional gaming experience, but you can also use it as a portable device, making it portable from the living room to your bedroom.

If you’re looking for the best immersive Nintendo Switch games to occupy your time during quarantine, here are eight entertaining—and easy to play—options. All are now available for purchase from the Nintendo Switch Store.