How to burn a cd

CDs are used to store software, data, audio, and videos inscribed on the Disc through a process known as burning. This article will dwell on the details and provide easy step-by-step procedures to help you burn a CD in Windows 10.

Things You Require to Burn a CD

There are two basic things required to burn a CD on your laptop. The most important thing is to make sure that your laptop is equipped with an Optical Disc Drive (ODD) with the necessary drivers.

Usually, most of the laptops do possess the ODD component, and Windows 10 works automatically with any CD-R/W, thereby not requiring drivers. Secondly, you must also have a blank CD on which you can burn/write the data.

Let’s get started

  • You have to select Burn files to Disc, which will open the Burn a Disc window asking, How do you want to use this Disc? In case the notification disappears before you could click, you can eject and insert the Disc again or click the right mouse button on the CD drive icon and click on auto-play.
  • You will then find a dialog box wherein you must add a title for the Disc. You can name it anything, although it must contain limited characters. Make sure you incorporate a relevant title.
  • Below the dialog box, you will find two options on how to Burn/Write the Disc. The choice you make between the two methods will determine the outcome of your CD.

Like a USB Flash drive

  • Here, if the Disc is write-only, it is possible to erase data. However, in such a case, it will show that the space is used. However, if the Disc is rewritable, the entire space can be reused several times.
  • One thing to remember is that, in this method, burning CD might pose issues when using older Windows versions.
  • Once you choose to Burn/write the Disc like a USB flash drive and click on ‘Next,’ the laptop will format the Disc so it can be used as a USB flash drive or a storage device.
  • A file explorer window will open, and all you need to do is drag and drop the files or copy the files you want to the disc drive.
  • After copying all the files, you can eject the CD. It is now ready for use. You can rewrite, erase or play the CD on another computer.

With a CD/DVD player

  • When you choose to burn/write the CD using this option, a window will open where you can manage all the files you wish to burn.
  • Drag and drop or copy the files in the area stating files ready to be written to disc. There will be a delay in burning the files/writing on the CD.
  • Once you complete the selection and management of the files, you must click on drive tools on the menu bar.
  • Then, select finish burning, which will open a new wizard, Burn to Disk.
  • You must provide the title, choose the recording speed, and select Next.
  • It will open up a progress bar and provide the estimated time to complete burning the CD.
  • When the process of burning/writing is over, a new window will pop up notifying, You have successfully burned your files to the disc.
  • In this window, an option will emerge asking Do you want to create another disc using the same files? If you wish to make another disc, click on the check box and go through the process of burning/writing the Disc.
  • If you are done with burning/writing the files of the Disc, you can click on the Finish button. Now, you can use the Disc on any computer/laptop.

In conclusion

Using the Disc once in a while could help ensure that the Disc is not ruined. It is advisable to back up the data on the Disc to another disc or device after 10 -15 years, although the shelf life is claimed as 5–30 years for average CDs.

CDs are an excellent way to store your data during the short term. However, if you are shelving it for a very long time, you could lose your data as the Disc might degrade or because of improper Disc storage.

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How to burn a cd

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How to burn a cd

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How to burn a cd

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How to burn a cd


If you have CD or DVD backups in the ISO file format that you need to burn to disc, it’s easy to do so in Windows 10. We’ll show you how.

What Is an ISO File?

In simple terms, an ISO is a file that contains an exact copy of the entire contents of an optical disc. When you burn an ISO file to a blank disc, the new disc will have all the properties of the original. This includes files, folders, and programs contained on the original disc.

You can also mount an ISO file on your current OS if you want to use it as a virtual CD or DVD at some point, and you can create backups of your own discs by creating an ISO file from them.

How to Burn an ISO Image to a Blank Disc

To burn your ISO file to a blank CD-R or DVD-R, first, insert the disc into your CD-R or DVD-R burner drive. Then, open the folder containing your ISO file in Windows File Explorer. Our example ISO file is named “Windows,” but yours will likely be different.

How to burn a cd

Right-click the file and select “Burn disc image” in the menu that appears.

How to burn a cd

In the Windows Disc Image Burner window, select your disc burner drive.

How to burn a cd

If you want extra reassurance that the disc will burn properly, check “Verify the disc after burning.” This will perform a check to verify that the contents of your disc exactly match the ISO once it has been burned.

How to burn a cd

Next, select “Burn.” This will begin burning the ISO file to your desired disc.

How to burn a cd

Burn times can vary, so you might want to grab a beverage and come back later. You can always work on something else while the disc is burning. As the disc burns, you’ll see a progress bar showing its overall progress.

How to burn a cd

When the disc finishes burning, the bar will be full, and if you checked “Verify” earlier, the system will verify the disc.

When everything is done, the status bar will turn fully green, and the status will read “The disc image has been successfully burned to disc.” Click “Close.”

How to burn a cd

If you’d like to check the disc yourself, open File Explorer and open your optical disc drive. If the disc is written in a filesystem that Windows can read (and not a Linux format, for example), the individual files that made up the initial ISO image will be present here and ready to use.

If the ISO came from a CD or DVD in your collection, the files will reflect that, and it will behave just like the original. If it’s from an operating system ISO, you can use it as an installation or rescue disc.

How to burn a cd

And that’s it! Eject your freshly burned disc and enjoy. If you need to burn other files to CD-R or DVD-R on Windows 10, there are ways to do that, too. Good luck!

How to burn a cd

If you have a CD, you may need to burn files like videos, or music files to the CD for data storage or sharing. Well then, how to burn a CD in Windows 10? MiniTool offers you a guide and you can know how to easily burn data to the CD on your PC.

Many laptops come with a CD burner or CD burning software that can help you to burn a CD. With it, you can easily burn your important files, videos, or music to the CD for file backup or sharing. If the laptop doesn’t have an internal CD burner, you can buy an external CD burner to connect to the laptop.

How to use the built-in Windows software to burn a CD? See the following guide.

How to burn a cd

How can you create bootable USB from ISO in Windows 10 for a clean install? This post will show you the Windows 10 USB tool for ISO to USB.

How to Burn a CD

How to Burn Files to a CD

It is easy to perform the task and the following are the steps on how to burn a data CD.

Step 1: Prepare files that you want to burn. If they are saved to a separate device, transfer them to your computer.

Step 2: Insert your CD to the PC’s optical drive. Ensure the CD is blank before doing the burning task. If it has been used before, erase it first.

Step 3: After inserting the CD to your PC, you will see a dialog either in Notification Center or as an AutoPlay window. Just open it. If there is no dialog box, go to File Explorer, double-click the CD/DVD drive icon, and a window will prompt to ask you how you want to use the disc.

Step 4: Enter a disc title and choose a burning method.

Like a USB flash drive allows you to save, edit and delete files on the disc anytime and the disc can work in Windows XP and later. With a CD/DVD player can work on most computers and help burn files in group but individual files cannot be edited or removed after burning.

Step 5: A blank folder will appear. You can open another File Explorer, drag items (files, documents, videos, etc.) you want to burn to the empty folder.

Step 6: Click Manage and then Eject.

If you want to want your music to play on any CD or DVD player, you can move to the next section.

How to Burn Music to a CD to Play in a Car

If you want to play music in a car, you can burn some music files to a CD and play them. Just follow these steps to burn a music CD.

Step 1: Also, insert your blank CD to your computer.

Step 2: In Windows 10, type Windows Media Player to the search box and click the result to open it.

Step 3: After opening this player, click Burn at the upper right corner.

Step 4: Go to File Explorer, locate music files you want to burn to a CD, and drag them to the burn list.

Step 5: Click the Start burn button to begin the burning process of music to the CD.

The End

How to burn a CD in Windows 10? After reading this post, you know how to burn a video to a CD and how to burn a music CD easily. Just follow the way mentioned above when you have a need.

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Answer: Modern computers, especially laptops, rarely come with an optical drive, such as a CD or DVD player. So is it possible to play or burn CDs and DVDs if your computer doesn’t have a CD or DVD drive?

Yes. But you still need an optical drive. The easiest way to play or burn CD/DVD discs is to buy an external optical drive. Most optical drive peripheral devices connect via USB and are plug-and-play. That means you can simply connect the drive and use it the same you would use an internal CD/DVD player. Many external CD/DVD burners are available for under $50.

Alternatively, if you have another computer with an optical drive, you may be able to access the CD or DVD player from that system. First, you need to connect both computers to the same network (wired or wireless).

In Windows, you can use the Network File and Folder Sharing or feature to share an optical drive with other systems on the network. Simply open the “This PC” window in Windows Explorer. Then right-click the CD/DVD drive icon and select Give access to → Advanced sharing. ” . Finally, select the appropriate network or use the “Advanced Sharing” option to choose what users can access the drive.

In macOS, open System Preferences and choose the Sharing option. Then check the box next to “DVD or CD Sharing.” This will allow other Macs connected to the same network to access the optical drive. You can open, play, and burn CDs and DVDs from other systems just like you can from the computer with the physical drive.

In order to backup videos, or play videos on home cinema, you should learn more about how to burn a DVD disc on Windows and Mac. Of course, you should make sure a DVD drive within your computer. As for Windows, there are still some default DVD burners to create a DVD. But the latest MacBook does not provide DVD drive any more. You can burn a data disc instead of a standard DVD disc. Just learn more details about the DVD burning process on Windows and Mac from the article now.

Part 1: The Ultimate Method to Burn Any Video to DVD

Vidmore DVD Creator is a versatile DVD burner that converts any video and audio files into a standard DVD or Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder, even for HD videos and 4K files. It provides the ready-to-use menu templates and customization templates for the DVD menus and even the advanced editing features to edit the video files.

  1. Burn any video and audio file to a DVD disc for most of the DVD players.
  2. Edit the DVD video with the built-in video editor before burning to DVD.
  3. Choose ready to use DVD menu templates or personalized menu on DVD.
  4. Provide powerful tools to edit the videos and chapters for the DVD disc.

How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10/8/7

Step 1 : Download and install the DVD burner, launch the program on your PC. After that, you can choose the DVD Disc menu and insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive. Click the Add Media File(s) button to add the videos you want to burn DVD on Windows 10.

How to burn a cd

Step 2 : Once you have uploaded the videos, you can choose the desired audio track or subtitle for the output DVD disc. Moreover, you can also set the disc type, select the aspect ratio and choose the desired video quality at the bottom before click the Next button.

How to burn a cd

Step 3 : If you need to further edit the videos or manage the chapters, click the Power Tool button to find the advanced features within Video Tools and Chapter Tools . You can edit the video, audio files, subtitles, chapters and even thumbnails for burning DVD on Windows.

How to burn a cd

Step 4 : After that, you can choose the right DVD menu template from the Menu Template tab on the right side. If you need to design a menu with the desired button and template, you can choose the Custom Template tab. Just view the menu by clicking the Preview button.

How to burn a cd

Step 5 : Tick the checkbox next to Burn to disc option. After that you can set up the burning settings and playback mode. Otherwise, the DVD burner will optimize the options based on your hardware. Now you can click on the Start button to initiate burning a DVD on Windows 10/8/7.

How to burn a cd

Part 2: How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10/8/7 for Free

The built-in DVD burning function is a simple method to burn a DVD on Windows 10. Besides the video formats, you can also add audio files, GIF, PDF and TXT. The function can only produce data DVD, which means that the data DVD will only play on computers or DVD players support the video formats.

Step 1 : Put an empty CD or DVD into the CD/DVD burner drive of your computer and open a File Explorer window. If possible, you can also group the files for burning a DVD into the same folder.

Step 2 : Find the desired video files on your hard drive. Press Ctrl and select each video. Right-click on selected files, and choose the Send to option and select the DVD RW Drive on the context menu.

How to burn a cd

Step 3 : When the Burn a Disc dialog will pop up, you can type in a disc name in the Disc title box and select the With a CD/DVD player option. Click on the Next button to send your videos to DVD burner drive.

How to burn a cd

Step 4 : When it finishes, the DVD burner drive will open automatically. Go to the Drive Tools at the top menu bar, you can click the Finish burning option. And then enter the disc title again, and select a proper speed.

How to burn a cd

Step 5 : Once you click on the Next button, Windows 10 will burn a DVD automatically. Of course, you can also use the same method to create a DVD with Windows 8/8.1/7 as well.

Part 3: How to Burn a DVD on MacBook Free of Charge

What should you do if you need to create a DVD disc on Mac? You can get a built-in DVD burner function as well. It supports all file formats compatible with Mac. Similar to Windows 10 DVD burner, this function can only produce a data disc, but not playable DVD.

Step 1 : Create a new folder and move all video files you want to burn to a DVD on Mac into the folder.

Step 2 : Right-click on the new folder and choose Burn to Disc on the context menu. When prompted, insert an empty DVD into your computer.

Step 3 : Then enter a name for the DVD in the Disc Name box, set the Burn Speed. By default, it is set to the max speed, but you can change it.

Step 4 : Now, click the Burn button to begin burning a DVD on Mac.

How to burn a cd

Part 4: FAQs about How to Burn DVDs on Your Computer

1. What are the Differences between Data DVD and Playback DVD?

A data DVD that is usually only readable by a computer when a video DVD that can play in any DVD player. A data DVD is great for copying DVD files that are on one computer and moving them to a new computer. This DVD could also be used to archive files as a storage or back-up solution. A video DVD, on the other hand, is generally used for exhibition.

2. Can I Burn a DVD in Windows Media Player?

Unfortunately, Windows Media Player cannot burn movies to a playable DVD. It does support burning audio CD, which just contains music and audio files. If you use the burn feature in Windows Media Player to burn a DVD, you will just get a data DVD.

3. How Do You Format a DVD?

Just insert the physical disc into your DVD burner drive. Once the DVD has loaded, click Burn files to disc from the dialog box. Enter a disc name. Click Show formatting options and decide the format based on your need. After that, click the Next button to format the DVD.


Here is the guide about how to burn a DVD on Windows 10 and macOS in various situations. For data DVDs, the built-in function is an easy option. If you want to watch the videos on a large screen, you can burn a video DVD with Vidmore DVD Creator according to your requirement.

Try Vidmore DVD Creator for Free

A powerful and easy-to-use disc burner that burns video files to DVD and Blu-ray with customized menu template

CD, compatible disc, is the digital disc data storage, which lets you store and play music, videos and photos. You can create a CD to store your cherished song as CD-R, still, you are able to burn a SVCD from videos to preserve it, also, you could make a Photo CD from pictures as the gift to give your loved ones. No matter what CD styles you want to get, the first thing you should do is to burn CD. This page aims at telling the 3 free ways to burn a CD on iTunes, Mac and Windows 10/8/7 computer.

How to burn a cd

How to Burn a CD

Part 1. How to burn songs to a CD on iTunes (Windows and Mac)

iTunes is the free tool that manages your iPhone data, but also the player to play music or videos. Here, in this part, iTunes will be the CD burner to help you create the music files on iTunes into a CD.

Step 1 Create the audio playlist on iTunes

Drag the music files that you want to burn to a CD into iTunes library. Click “File” > “New” > “Playlist”, and then drag the songs into the playlist.

Step 2 Sort playlist

From “Sort” menu, you can choose the sort type to choose an automatic sort order or arrange the audio file manually. After that click “Done”. Then click the playlist and select “Burn Playlist to Disc”.

Step 3 Burn song to a CD on iTunes

Insert a blank disc into your drive, and you will see some burning settings, like preferred speed, disc format (burn an audio CD, MP3 CD, DVD or data CD), Gap between songs, Sound Check, CD text.

After making all settings, you are able to click “Burn” button to start to burn the audio file into a CD.

How to burn a cd

Part 2. How to burn music videos and photos to a CD on Windows 10/8/7

You can create a CD that stores about 80 minutes of music on Windows Media Player, which is the built in Windows app.

Step 1 Run Windows Media Player on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, in the Player Library, click “Burn” > “Burn Options” and then select “Audio CD” or “Data CD”.

Step 2 Insert a black disc into your CD burner. If your computer has more than one CD drive, select the drive that you will burn.

Step 3 Drag the video files, videos or pictures into the list pane on the right side of the Player Library to create the burning list. After that, click “Start burn” to make the audio CD on your Windows computer.

Part 3. How to burn a CD on Mac

Like Windows computer, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, etc. also enable you to burn a CD for free.

What you need is the Mac with built-in optical drive, if not, just give you an external DVD drive like Apple USB SuperDrive.

Here you can go to “Apple menu” > “About This Mac” to click “Storage” to see the entry of your optical drive.

Step 1 Insert a blank disc into optical drive. In the pop-up window, select “Open Finder” under “Action” and click “OK” and then you will see the burning interface.

Step 2 Double-click the disc to open its window, and drag the files or folder that you want to burn a CD.

Step 3 After that, you are able to rename the disc, and choose burn speed > “Burn” to start to burn a CD on Mac.

This post focuses on showing how to burn a CD on iTunes, Windows and Mac computer. You can take the free ways to have a try by yourself.

Alternatively, if you have CDs that want to extract music to MP3 for playing on iPhone, then you should visit: How to rip CD to MP3.

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May 31, 2018 09:20 / Updated by Jenny Ryan to DVD Creator

What is CDA? Want to convert CDA to MP3 to store on your hard disk? Read this article and find a CDA to MP3 converter alternative.

After burning a CD or DVD, you may need this post to help you get the free DVD player to watch DVD files.

There are several ways to combine your MOV files into one quickly and effortlessly. In this article, you’ll learn how to join multiple MOV clips with free and online tools.

Как и со старых загрузочных дискет, с дисков CD или DVD-ROM можно загружать DOS или другие операционные системы. Простого копирования файлов на CD для этого недостаточно, поскольку там должна быть главная загрузочная запись и другие скрытые файлы запуска системы. Вместо этого лучше всего создать один файл с образом загрузочного CD, который называется образом ISO. Большинство приложений для записи CD-ROM распознают такой файл образа. Если записать файл ISO как образ, новый CD будет точной копией исходного загрузочного диска. Помимо загружаемой ОС на CD будут различные программные приложения, такие как разнообразные служебные программы Seagate, которые можно загрузить в формате образа ISO.

В этом документе описаны способы использования загруженного образа ISO и подготовка файла .iso к использованию.

Требования к оборудованию: для записи образа ISO на компакт-диск необходимо внутреннее или внешнее устройство записи компакт-дисков.

How to burn a cd

1. Скачайте образ ISO для CD в папку на своем компьютере.
2. Вставьте пустой компакт-диск в привод CD-RW.
3. Найдите папку, где сохранили файл.
4. Выделите файл (Windows 7/Vista) и/или щелкните его правой кнопкой мыши (только для Windows 7), чтобы просмотреть опции создания
1. Загрузите файл .ISO на компьютер Macintosh
2. Вставьте пустой диск.
3. На рабочем столе щелкните пункт «Служебные программы» (иногда «Программы», а затем «Служебные программы»).
4. Запустите «Дисковую утилиту».
5. В меню «Файл» выберите команду «Открыть образ диска».
6. Выберите образ ISO для записи.
7. В списке томов будет пункт, соответствующий файлу ISO. Выберите его.
8. Щелкните значок Запись.

9. Будет открыто диалоговое окно «Выберите образ для записи».
10. Выберите файл .iso, который необходимо записать на диск CD/DVD.
11. Убедитесь, что чистый диск установлен в дисковод, и нажмите кнопку «Запись».
12. Будет открыто диалоговое окно «Дисковая утилита» с индикатором хода выполнения записи.
13. После завершения записи «Дисковая утилита» проверит правильность записи образа.
14. Нажмите ОК, чтобы извлечь диск.

Этот файл образа ISO можно использовать только с продуктами, для которых он предназначен.

Не используйте функцию "Copy" в Windows . С ее помощью записать образ ISO на компакт-диск невозможно.

ССЫЛКА НА СТОРОННИХ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЕЙ И ВЕБ-САЙТЫ СТОРОННИХ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЕЙ. Ссылки на сторонних производителей и продукты сторонних производителей приводятся только в информационных целях и не подразумевают одобрение или рекомендацию, явную или подразумеваемую, любой из указанных компаний. Компания Seagate не дает гарантий, явных или подразумеваемых, в отношении производительности или надежности этих компаний и продуктов. Каждая указанная компания является независимой и не находится под управлением компании Seagate; поэтому компания Seagate не несет никакой ответственности и не берет на себя какие-либо обязательства в отношении действий или продуктов указанных компаний. Решение о начале сотрудничества с любой из компаний должно приниматься на основании самостоятельно произведенной независимой оценки. Чтобы получить характеристики продуктов и сведения о гарантии, обращайтесь напрямую к соответствующему поставщику.

С помощью iTunes Вы можете создать собственные CD и DVD, содержащие аудио- и видеофайлы из медиатеки iTunes.

Важно! Вы не можете записывать следующее на CD или DVD-диски:

фильмы и телешоу, приобретенные в iTunes Store;

песни или музыкальные видеофайлы, загруженные из Apple Music.

Что требуется для записи дисков?

Накопитель с функцией записи дисков. (Чтобы узнать о совместимости Вашего дисковода, выберите пункт меню «Правка» > «Настройки», нажмите «Дополнения», затем нажмите «Запись». Если дисковод есть в списке, он совместим.)

Плейлист iTunes, содержащий музыку и видео, которые Вы хотите записать на диск. Если плейлист содержит покупки из iTunes Store, Вы можете записывать его на диск любое количество раз при условии, что все объекты являются песнями iTunes Plus. Если некоторые объекты не являются песнями iTunes Plus, Вы можете записать плейлист не более семи раз.

Чистый диск. Некоторые старые CD-плееры не могут воспроизводить диски CD-RW (но могут воспроизводить диски CD-R). Вы можете пользоваться DVD-дисками на компьютере, но большинство DVD-плееров не могут читать DVD-диски с данными. (RW обозначает «чтение-запись» и означает, что диск можно стирать и использовать повторно.)

Сколько файлов можно записать на диск?

Количество песен на диске зависит от формата файлов и объема диска. На аудио-CD объемом 650 МБ помещается около 74 минут музыки, или около 150 файлов MP3. Есть компакт-диски, позволяющие записать 700 МБ музыки. DVD может вмещать 4,7 ГБ, то есть почти в пять раз больше песен, чем CD.

Диски каких типов следует использовать?

Чтобы создать аудио-CD, которые подходят для большинства стереосистем, используйте диски CD-R. Диски CD-RW обычно работают только в компьютерах.

Чтобы создать CD с MP3-файлами для воспроизведения на компьютере или CD-плеере формата MP3, используйте диск CD-R; некоторые MP3-плееры воспринимают и диски CD-RW.

Если Ваш компьютер оснащен устройством записи DVD, Вы можете записывать плейлисты на диски DVD-R или DVD-RW. DVD-диски, которые Вы создаете с помощью iTunes, пригодны только для Вашего компьютера (но не для DVD-плееров).

Для получения дополнительной информации о дисках, поддерживаемых iTunes, посетите веб-сайт поддержки iTunes.