How to bungee jump

How to bungee jump

The Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia offer plenty of heights from which to bungee jump, but despite the rush of adrenaline and excitement you’ll feel like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, safety should remain your first priority. In West Virginia, commercial operators of bungee jumping are regulated by a state law called the Commercial Bungee Jumping Safety Act.

Step 1

Make sure you can jump from the location you want. Clubs and commercial operations are familiar with where bungee jumping is allowed, but if you are with a private group that wants to jump from a specific location, check with the property owner. The New River Gorge Bridge used to be a popular bungee jumping site, but a jumper was injured there in 1993 and jumping hasn’t been allowed since.

Step 2

Find a company or club that offers bungee jumping. Adventure excursion companies are a good place to start. If they don’t offer bungee jumping themselves, they might know of a local club or company that does. It is worth tapping into the experience of a local organization that will know the best locations to jump from and can give you insight into local jump sites.

Step 3

Check the company’s safety record. If you are jumping with a commercial company, its safety records are publicly available. The company is required by law to notify the state of any fatalities or serious injuries within 24 hours after they happen. The company has to keep a written record of each accident that must be readily available for public inspection. Look over the incidents. If you are uncomfortable with the frequency of accidents the company has, look elsewhere for a bungee jumping company.

Step 4

Make sure the company’s inspection is current. Commercial bungee jumping companies must have annual inspections in West Virginia. Ask to see the certificate and make sure it’s current to give you some reassurance that the company is operating legitimately and its equipment is in good shape.

What I didn’t anticipate was that, for me, the scariest part wasn’t the jump. There was enough adrenaline to numb my senses for that, and so when the guides yell at you to jump, you jump. Climbing over the railing onto the platform, though, was terrifying. I just kept telling myself that the guides do this dozens of times a day, this is their job, etc.

I didn’t get whiplash or anything, but also didn’t know that when you bounce back for the first time, you are travelling much faster than when you’re initially free-falling. (I guess this makes sense, but wasn’t something I had thought about.) So be prepared to go hurtling back up pretty quick.

For me, the nerves were totally worth it. It’s a huge rush, and one of those "HOLY SHIT I JUST JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE AND AM TOTALLY STILL ALIVE HOW AWESOME AM I" moments.

Have fun!
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I would say, don’t visualize, actually. You run the risk of over-thinking and psyching yourself out. Don’t look at the ground and pick out the spot on the ground you think you’ll hit. Instead, look at the horizon and be present in the moment of enjoyment.

The scariest thing for me was the sound of the air rushing past your ears . The "whoosh" sound accelerates as you pick up speed, of course, but then it crosses an invisible line where you realize that you’re falling faster than you’ve ever fallen before, and you’re still accelerating.
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I’d also say that the best thing you can do is forget about it. Don’t overthink it. I’m sure all the safety precautions will be in place and, from my own experience bungee jumping, there’s not one thing I’d wish I’d done beforehand.

I’ve also parachuted. Sure, there’s a lot of preparation needed for that, in the form of techniques and emergency measures. But during my first jump, on the plane ride up what the instructor had us all do is sing songs together. The idea he explained later is that you don’t want to start dwelling too much at that point or get yourself into a panic. You want to, you need to relax.
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I’m no fan of heights, I fly, I go to high levels in office buildings, but I have to psyche myself into doing it.

What I’d do if someone was forcing me to bungee-jump is to start doing things that were height related. Take elevators to the top floor of tall buildings.

I’m not sure that doing something that terrifies me is in anyway going to translate into fun retro-actively.

I suggest that you keep a journal of everything prior to doing the jump and then afterwards.

If you get up there and want to chicken out a the last minute. Go ahead. No one will think any worse of you.

I face my fears everyday, I suck it up and do it. I wouldn’t deliberately subject myself to stuff that’s unnecessary. That’s pointless.

So I go over bridges, fly, drive on freeway flyovers and all the other stuff a person does to get through life.

Bungee jumping and skydiving is totally off the table.
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Best answer: I posted something like this a few months ago but it was about skydiving. I even chickened out TWICE and felt miserable because I didn’t do it. No one is forcing you to do this, just know that. But if you feel a strong urge to do it and get there and DON’T do it, you will regret it. Regret is forever. Fear is temporary with these types of things. That’s what I have realized.

I may be scared going up in the plane but I know if I rode the plane down ever again, I would regret it. But I know if I am scared going up in the plane, and actually jump when I land I will be happy as hell and have an awesome time. How many situations do you go into thinking the worst and it turns out nothing like you thought it would, but better. This is one of those things.

Don’t listen to those people who try to talk you out of it. If you want to do it, you will be so much more happier if you do it and prove those who were worried sick about you that you made it through and are fine!
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I bungee jumped at Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. At 111 meters it is quite high, and there is nothing underneath you in any direction, just the beautiful river valley. I was not expecting to do this, and in fact I was quite annoyed that my girlfriend suggested it when we were in the area. But then came the day when I survived being roared at by a lion, charged by an elephant, and chased by a hippo. After that I figured it wasn’t my time to die and I should complete the package by jumping off a 300 foot bridge with a rubber band attached to my ankles.

I can’t tell you how other operations work, but at Vic Falls the people running the operation don’t give you time to think. Take advantage of that. There is a queue and once you get to the front and they start strapping you in they are talking a constant stream of BS at you. It was funny, it was well intentioned, and it was constant culminating with "step up to the gate, 3, 2, 1, bungee!"

The thing I realized at the time is that there is a very deep reptilian brain in all of us that knows you are not supposed to jump into thin air. It’s like a safety override or something, just saying saying "don’t do it. stop." It is natural to jump onto something. That is what your body is normally focused on when you jump: the thing you are jumping onto. With bungee jumping you aren’t jumping onto anything. You are just jumping. For me it was a very unnatural experience and if I stood there and thought about there’s no way I would have been able to do it. But luckily I was carried by the momentum so I didn’t have a choice.

Because once you are in the air it is wonderful. I was surprised in that it does not feel like you are falling. It feels like you are floating. It is free fall, so in retrospect that makes sense. But I was not expecting it. Those couple of seconds of free fall are just a delicious wonderful feeling. And then the cord catches, which is much more gentle than it looks like in the film, and you swing back and forth a few times, and then you hang upside down by your ankles until they fetch you, which is a little annoying, but at Vic Falls at least the view is nice.

Contra cccorlew’s comment, bungee jumping is quite safe. The vast majority of bungee accidents happen because people are doing something really stupid without adequate safety measures, like jumping from 100 feet with a cord measured for 200 feet. If you’re using an established franchise that has been operating for a while you will not have this problem!

Good luck, and have a blast!
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My common sense will totally try and contradict the still, small voice. Every time…every stinkin’ time.

Do you ever get those wild thoughts, those lunatic impressions or giant glimpses of the future and you think, no way, that’s crazy and I don’t live in crazy town!

But if you’re like me you sometimes let that thought marinate and think…what if? Just what if it’s God directing me and not me just being hormonal or menopausal or a hundred other excuses we give for not taking a risk and daring to dream? It’s easy to brush those thoughts away because usually they require us to make a change. And I don’t like change. Change in behavior, change in environment, change in attitude. Okay, I admit it, I like the predictable parts of life. And the God I know is anything but predictable!

How to bungee jump

Here’s what I’ve learned about faith:

  1. if you can see it it isn’t faith.
  2. common sense is the enemy of faith.
  3. faith is a gift and we can ask for more of it.
  4. faith is spiritually discerned.
  5. faith asks us to believe in the impossible

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? No wonder more of us don’t take God at His word. I know for me, it makes me uncomfortable. It disrupts my perfectly planned routine. It forces me to face my fears. It completely defies my common sense.

So, here’s what I know after traveling with God for more than 35 years.

  1. If you can see it, it isn’t faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It’s like a shadow that your prayer and belief and vision will put substance to. What starts as a shadow, an inkling, passing thought or knowing will cause your common sense to rise up and try to shut it down.
  2. Common sense is the enemy of faith because it’scommon. Faith is unique, unusual, exotic and courageous. Yes, courageous because it takes courage to act on the unseen. To jump into God’s plan and throw caution to the wind! Most of us will never take God up on His offer to step into adventure with Him, to walk in the place of the unseen and spiritually bungee jump with Him into the place where dreams are born.
  3. Faith is a gift. We can ask for more of it. I did, years ago. I remember telling God, I don’t just want faith – I want GREAT FAITH! I wanted to believe for gigantic things for myself, my daughter, my husband. Let me tell you when you pray that prayer, God answers and it’s not always in the way you hoped! I thought He would make me more spiritual. He used it to make me more humble. He caused me to depend on Him in ways I never imagined but He proved over and over that He is enough.
  4. Faith is spiritually discerned. My natural man and spirit man are at odds and I won’t be able to figure it out with my intellect or common sense. I’ve learned to let go of what I know and come to Him as a child.
  5. Faith asks me to believe the impossible. Like believing for a miracle of divine healing or provision for a desperate need. Or believing your child has a phenomenal future ahead of him or your life can leave a lasting impact on others. He teaches me to call those things that are not as though they are. Don’t you just love that about God? It sounds so easy but it drives me to my knees!

I’m learning to walk in faith day by day, sometimes moment by moment, hand in hand with God. Many days my prayer is, “I believe Lord, help my unbelief!” It’s a process and it has it’s ups and downs.

Oh, and our faith will be tested. How else can you develop faith unless God gives you something you have to believe Him for because He’s the only one who can provide it? He has to test us in it and here’s why:

How to bungee jumpFaith is just a doorway.

A doorway into trust.

And that dear friends is the ultimate goal, the ultimate God Dare. Knowing and believing every day that He has my best interests at heart.

If I were to really go bungee jumping I’d want to be absolutely certain that the person in charge knows what he is doing and has taken all the proper safety measures. As I step out on the edge of the cliff, I’d have to pray the cords are tight and the harness is fastened correctly before I take that bungee plunge. Holding my breath and squeezing my eyes shut I count to three and jump. So far, He’s always been there to catch me.

Kate, a bungee jumper, wants to jump off the edge of a bridge that spans a river below. Kate has a mass m, and the surface of the bridge is a height h above the water. The bungee cord, which has length L when unstretched, will first straighten and then stretch as Kate falls.

Assume the following:

The bungee cord behaves as an ideal spring once it begins to stretch, with spring constant .
Kate doesn’t actually jump but simply steps off the edge of the bridge and falls straight downward.
Kate’s height is negligible compared to the length of the bungee cord. Hence, she can be treated as a point particle.

Use g for the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity.

How far below the bridge will Kate eventually be hanging, once she stops oscillating and comes finally to rest? Assume that she doesn’t touch the water. solve d using the measurements that you were given.

If Kate just touches the surface of the river on her first downward trip (i.e., before the first bounce), what is the spring constant ? Ignore all dissipative forces. (k in terms of L, h, m and g)

Homework Equations

F = ma
Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2a(delta s)
spring equilibrium = 1/2k(delta s)^2

The Attempt at a Solution

i got d = sqrt(m*2*g*L/k), but that was wrong.

the answer is (mg +kL)/k, though I’m not sure why. and i’m not sure how to go about part 2.

Hands were shaking uncontrollably. My heart was throbbing rapidly. Safety checks performed. Harness snugged around my body. Even the pep talk by the bungee jumping instructor couldn’t scare away my fears. With both legs bound together, I started walking toward the edge like a penguin.

I was at the ledge when the jump instructor gave his final set of instructions. The countdown started… “1…2…3…Jump!” My heart felt like it was going to come out of my throat. I wanted to turn back, but didn’t. Without wasting a second more, I looked at the yellow signboard at the far end of the platform for final confirmation. With arms stretched out, I leaned forward and JUMPED!

How to bungee jump

My free-fall had taken me to a different world, where nothing was stable or familiar. Wind caressed my tresses at jet speed. My anxieties had vanished into the thin air. I surrendered myself to the surroundings instead of controlling them—and that was the moment when I started to enjoy Bungee Jumping. I was free falling–head down, feet up! The blood was rushing to my head. I got the roller-coaster feeling in my stomach. I screamed with excitement. Suddenly, I was pulled up by the bungee. I went to the top again and the free-fall continued. This process occurred twice, albeit with lesser intensity as compared to the initial jump.

After almost a minute of adrenaline-pumping excitement, my jump was over. Alas! All good things must come to an end. Finally, two people waiting near the river pulled me down to an awaiting deck. My harness was removed, water bottle provided and an awaiting certificate saying, “I have guts!”

How to bungee jump

Yes, I had done it. I had faced my fears. There’s no better feeling than winning over your fear.

If you love an adrenaline rush, are not afraid of free-falling, and want to overcome your fear of heights, you should try Bungee Jumping.


  1. Choose a facility which has well-trained bungee jumping instructors, and is high and clear of obstructions.
  2. Wear comfortable casual clothes and closed shoes.
  3. Avoid eating before the jump. And don’t forget to look into the camera and smile.
  4. The sooner you jump the better. Avoid looking down.
  5. Don’t jump if you suffer from a heart condition, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological disorder, or are pregnant.


  1. Rishikesh:Jumpin Heights
  2. Lonavala:Della Adventures
  3. Bangalore: Kanteerava Stadium
  4. Goa: Gravity Adventure Zone, Anjuna Beach
  5. Jagdalpur:Nomadier, Chattisgarh


  1. Macau Tower (233 m), Macau, China
  2. Verzasca Dam (220m), Switzerland
  3. Bloukrans Bridge, (216 m), South Africa
  4. Rio Grande (206 m), New Mexico
  5. Europabrucke Bridge 192 m), Austria

Have you ever been bungee jumping? If so, where was it? Or, have you ever faced down a fear? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

How to bungee jump

Have you ever tried something amazing in life. As amazing as bungee jumping. It’s just diving into the open space…free falling and then the awesome rebound! Surrender yourself to a rope and just let go.

Here are 7 Reasons to go bungee jumping!

1. Forget your fear of Heights

The first and foremost motive to bungee jump. Get over your fear of heights!

Forgetting everything else, you dive into the open space towards the earth, that’s when you know your fear of heights is gone for life…

Plunge and have a new you!

How to bungee jump

2. Feel like a Bird!

‘I wonder how birds feel while flying!’ You can put an end to having this thought and feel like a bird. No better form of freedom is better than this. Thanks to thick ropes and other gears, you can spread your arms wide and fly.

So get ready to be a bird and take a stroll in the sky!

How to bungee jump

3. Life on Earth has a different Approach

How we build up each and everything to large sizes and how tiny everything is! This you realize only when you see the Earth from 400 feet. It’s freaking and amazing at the same time.

Do try it at least once!

How to bungee jump

4. To get a mind blowing view

The clouds are float with you, the rivers and the mountains are way beneath you and the tallest trees look like shrubs, that’s the way you define a good view. You get all this, plus you are experiencing it for real… Your mind has been blown!

This becomes life’s special moments for sure!

How to bungee jump

4. If Bungee Jumping with your partner, it will bring you closer

You are strapped into thick ropes, descending towards the ground and see your partner drawing towards you and he/she hugs you tight. That’s a memory for a lifetime…

Bungee Jump and you have a partner for life!

How to bungee jump

6. Stop worrying and trust yourself

‘I have a fear of heights’, ‘what if the ropes break!’, ‘How will I reach the ground without slumping’, ‘what if I get sick!’

One Bungee Jump and all your worries are gone… You trust yourself and dive!

Just to take a leap of faith!

How to bungee jump

7. Get a Sense of Accomplishment

Believe it or not, you have Bungee Jumped in life. You!

Isn’t that an inspiration for other scary things in life, it sure is…If you can Bungee Jump, you can do anything!

How to bungee jump

The city of Las Vegas is awash with guilty pleasures, most of which include some serious risk-taking: Slots, roulette, an impromptu wedding, and so on. There’s much to be said about the excitement of putting your financial life on the line, but if you require thrills that transcend wagering your inheritance on a spin of the wheel, head for the tallest building in Las Vegas to indulge in a little pulse-stopping athleticism. Bungee jumping, while not for the faint of heart, can be addictive, so keep that in mind whether this is your first jump or just the latest.

Step 1

Read about the physics and history of bungee jumping so you can feel confident that the equipment will properly support your jump. Once the domain of South Seas islanders on spiritual quests, bungee jumping was studied by British mathematician Robert Hooke in 1653. His Law of Elasticity continues to be followed by bungee cord manufactures, so specific materials, weaves and even the range of jumpers’ weights and heights are factored into the length and thickness of cords.

Step 2

Check with your insurance broker to make sure you are not violating terms of your employment or taking risks that can result in the termination of your insurance coverage as a result of clauses that specifically prohibit you from undertaking extreme, high-risk sports like bungee jumping, race car driving and skydiving. It goes without saying that you should not consider a jump if you’re at risk of a heart attack, have equilibrium problems or a history of strokes.

Step 3

Head for the Stratosphere Hotel–as of 2010 the only bungee jumping venue in Las Vegas since the city’s first venue, A.J. Hackett Bungy, ended its operation. Arrive any time between 11 a.m. and 1 a.m. on weekdays or until 2 a.m.on the weekend. Take the elevator to the 108th floor, where the 830-foot-jump tower awaits your jumping pleasure.

Step 4

Pay for your jump with cash or a credit card and sign a waiver before you’re indoctrinated on proper jump form and positions. Get a price break if you sign on for two jumps and ask about extras if you want a souvenir of the occasion, as packages including photos and DVD recordings of your jump are available for a few more bucks.

Step 5

Don a jumpsuit and harness. Observe the way the jump master attaches the cables to your rig. Follow jump position instructions to the letter before walking into the abyss and taking the plunge. Expect 14 seconds of weightless free fall before the decelerator device built into the Stratosphere jumping system constrains the drop speed to 40 mph from 60 mph.

  • Scotland Source: Physics of Bungee Jumping
  • Bungee: Highest Double Platform in Vegas
  • Sky Jump Las Vegas
  • You must weigh no more than 275 lbs. and be at least 14 to bungee jump at the Stratosphere.

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Bungee Jumping Locations, Companies & Bridges

How to bungee jump

Are you interested in bungee jumping but cautious because you are not quite sure what to expect? Xcelerated Adventures offers professionally guided adventures for bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, kayaking, hang gliding, rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, camping and much more. Just name the adventure and their staff has mastered it. They will safely guide you through each adventure. Xcelerated Adventures has been there done that and loved the experience so much that they want to share their passion with everyone. Check them out!

We do the research so you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying the extreme sports you love. We search the internet for bungee jumping locations but as new professional bungee companies become available and others do not have a well known presence, letting us know these locations will help grow the online extreme sports community. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Are you familiar with a new or unlisted company which offers bungee jumping in New York? Please recommend a bungee jumping company.

That’s an additional step some bungee jumping operators take to ensure the safety of their jumpers. Mistakes have occurred with miscalculations and equipment errors. Injuries that occur during bungee jumping despite safety measures are upper body intravascular pressure, eyesight damage, whiplash and neck damage.

Equipment for Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping at Great Canadian Bungee

Bungee Jumping at Great Canadian Bungee

GoPro® HD Cameras: Bungee Jumping TV Commercial – You in HD