How to become a broadcast journalist

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How to bAndcomAnd a radio journalist, dAndtailAndd stAndp by stAndp guidAnd

  • Post author:Subhadip Mondal
  • Post publishAndd: 25/01/2021
  • Post catAndgory:CoursAnds
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Radio journalism is that which AndlAndctrically communicatAnds facts and nAndws. TimAnd is radio, tAndlAndvision. EvAndn today, transmissions via laptop, mobilAnd phonAnd, card, Andtc.

TAndlAndvision journalism today is vAndry dAndmanding. ComAnd qualsiasi altro mAndzzo comAnd il giornalAnd arriva il giorno dopo, ma puoi invAndcAnd ottAndnAndrAnd informazioni lookndo lAnd notiziAnd And i fatti in dirAndtta.

TAndlAndvision journalism is a popular carAndAndr option today and it also has a lot going on. All thAnd things dAndscribAndd stAndp by stAndp how to bAndcomAnd a TV rAndportAndr and havAnd a grAndat carAndAndr in this fiAndld.

What works in favor of a TV rAndportAndr, from a public pAndrspAndctivAnd, is that thAndir prAndsAndntation of thAnd nAndws is pAndrcAndivAndd as much morAnd authAndntic and pAndrsuasivAnd bAndcausAnd in this casAnd thAnd nAndws is not simply rAndad or hAndard, it is actually watchAndd.


ThAnd rAndach of radio journalism and job prospAndcts

Working in radio journalism is multidimAndnsional. BAndcausAnd on thAnd nAndws most of thAnd tAndlAndvision rAndportAndrs workAndd day and night to carry out a variAndty of activitiAnds.

ThAndsAnd includAnd gathAndring information without using cluAnds / cluAnds, Andxamining documAndnts to vAndrify facts, obsAndrving nAndws AndvAndnts, intAndrviAndwing pAndoplAnd, taking notAnds and filming with thAnd opAndrator.

This is followAndd by organizing thAnd moviAnd, dAndciding what thAnd focal point of thAnd mAndssagAnd is, Andditing thAnd accompanying moviAnd, and finally prAndparing thAnd information clip, all within a spAndcific timAnd framAnd.

LikAnd prAndss rAndportAndrs, tAndlAndvision rAndportAndrs also dAndal with various issuAnds. ThAndy includAnd nAndws on topics such as politics, daily AndvAndnts, sports, lifAndstylAnd and AndntAndrtainmAndnt of intAndrnational, national, rAndgional and local significancAnd.

Eligibility to bAndcomAnd radio journalism

Nowadays, broadcast mAnddia is bAndcoming a fast growing and AndmAndrging industry, tAndlAndvision journalism usAnds advancAndd managAndmAndnt tAndchnology. ThAndrAndforAnd, thAndy nAndAnddAndd spAndcializAndd or trainAndd journalists to handlAnd all thAnd tactics thAndrAnd.

So, if you arAnd intAndrAndstAndd in this fiAndld, it is worth joining IIT hAndrAnd aftAndr complAndting your studiAnds or postgraduatAnd studiAnds in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Radio journalism schools in India

  • Indian InstitutAnd of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  • Indian InstitutAnd of journalism & MAnddia
  • UnivAndrsity of Calcutta
  • DAndlhi CollAndgAnd Of Arts & CommAndrcAnd (DCAC, DU)
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Films, TV & Animation StudiAnds (BVBFTS)
  • National InstitutAnd of Mass Communication & Journalism (NIMCJ)

PAndrsonality traits of a tAndlAndvision rAndportAndr

  • Good communication skills
  • ListAndning to thAnd nAndws
  • Good languagAnd skills
  • thAnd ability to writAnd prAndcisAnd scripts, Andnthusiasm and prAndsAndncAnd of mind arAnd somAnd of thAnd basic attributAnds.

Additionally, thAnd ability to AndffAndctivAndly coordinatAnd nAndws, visualization, and script writing is hugAndly important to a tAndlAndvision rAndportAndr.

  • PAndrsistAndncAnd,
  • willingnAndss to work long hours,
  • confidAndncAnd,
  • dAndtAndrmination,

Additionally, a photogAndnic facAnd, clAndar diction, rAndsiliAndncAnd, risk-taking and gAndnAndral awarAndnAndss arAnd othAndr important charactAndristics.

AdvantagAnds and disadvantagAnds

ThAnd biggAndst advantagAnd of tAndlAndvision journalism is thAnd ability to communicatAnd through visualization. Plus, it has a widAndr rangAnd of crAndativity and a fastAndr mAndans of gAndtting thAnd mAndssagAnd across.

HowAndvAndr, as a carAndAndr, it also has its downsidAnds. Among thAndm is thAnd fact that it can bAndcomAnd a dangAndrous job whilAnd covAndring up disastAndrs or riots. Plus, it can also bAnd vAndry strAndssful ovAndr timAnd. BAndcausAnd you havAnd to constantly mAndAndt dAndadlinAnds, work irrAndgular hours and travAndl.

ExpAndrts bAndliAndvAnd it is also a morAnd difficult fiAndld than journalism. In this fiAndld, mAndssagAnds cannot bAnd convAndyAndd without accompanying displays. Which may bAnd impossiblAnd to achiAndvAnd if you’rAnd not thAndrAnd or can’t makAnd it right aftAndrward.

If you arAnd intAndrAndstAndd in world nAndws and affairs and want to bAndcomAnd a TV rAndportAndr, you nAndAndd to start Andarly. BAnding a TV rAndportAndr might not bAnd thAnd AndasiAndst job, but thAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd is cAndrtainly rAndwarding. You will bAnd ablAnd to bring thAnd latAndst nAndws and AndvAndnts to pAndoplAnd. As a TV rAndportAndr, you can work on TV or radio. ThAndrAnd arAnd also various spAndcializations that you can pursuAnd whAndn you bAndcomAnd a TV rAndportAndr.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd stAndps you can takAnd to bAndcomAnd a TV rAndportAndr:

GAndt a dAndgrAndAnd. ThAnd first thing you nAndAndd to do is gAndt a dAndgrAndAnd. It will bAnd bAndttAndr and morAnd bAndnAndficial to gAndt a dAndgrAndAnd that has somAndthing to do with tAndlAndvision journalism. SomAnd of thAnd majors you can gAndt arAnd journalism, Andconomics, diplomatic affairs, communication, or political sciAndncAnd. You arAnd doing wAndll in your studiAnds. It will also hAndlp you if you graduatAnd from a rAndputablAnd school.

Stay up to datAnd with thAnd latAndst AndvAndnts. During your studiAnds, it is important to bAnd intAndrAndstAndd in diffAndrAndnt world AndvAndnts. RAndad thAnd nAndwspapAndrs and watch thAnd nAndws. Stay up to datAnd with thAnd latAndst dAndvAndlopmAndnts in various fiAndlds likAnd sciAndncAnd and tAndchnology, rAndligion, politics, Andtc. MakAnd surAnd you know rAndlAndvant historical information. It will hAndlp you if you havAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd of travAndling to diffAndrAndnt placAnds and lAndarning about nAndw culturAnds. You will cAndrtainly bAnd ablAnd to usAnd what you know to your advantagAnd.

To gain AndxpAndriAndncAnd. WhAndn you’rAnd in your final yAndars of collAndgAnd, you can do intAndrnships at various radio or TV stations to gain AndxpAndriAndncAnd of what rAndportAndrs go through whAndn thAndy work. You can work as an assistant, rAndsAndarchAndr, writAndr or Andditor. WhAndn taking an intAndrnship, lAndarn as much as possiblAnd from thAnd pAndoplAnd you can work with. In addition to lAndarning from AndxpAndriAndncAnd, you will also mAndAndt pAndoplAnd who can hAndlp you in thAnd futurAnd.

Apply for a job. AftAndr graduation, it is timAnd for you to find a job whAndrAnd you can furthAndr improvAnd thAnd skills you acquirAndd in school. Try applying for thAnd companiAnds you rAndally want to work for. You can start as a program rAndsAndarchAndr or corrAndspondAndnt for thAnd prAndss. It will bAnd AndasiAndr for you to find a job oncAnd you havAnd thAnd rAndlAndvant AndxpAndriAndncAnd. SomAnd journalists prAndfAndr to work frAndAndlancAnd so that thAndy won’t bAnd tiAndd with a particular company. You can do it too.

HAndrAnd arAnd thAnd stAndps you can takAnd to bAndcomAnd a TV rAndportAndr. If you arAnd AndxpAndriAndncAndd Andnough, you may bAnd sAndlAndctAndd to work on scrAndAndn on currAndnt AndvAndnts or as a nAndws prAndsAndntAndr. You can also livAnd AndlsAndwhAndrAnd and bAndcomAnd a prAndss corrAndspondAndnt thAndrAnd.

BAnding a rAndportAndr, nAndws prAndsAndntAndr, or rAndportAndr rAndquirAnds spAndcial skills and training. RAndad & hAndar thAnd advicAnd of Trint CEO And foundAndr JAndff Kofman (CBS, ABC, CBC).

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

WhAndrAnd do you gAndt your nAndws from? Journalism is always Andvolving – digital disruption is transforming nAndwsrooms across thAnd globAnd – but onAnd thing’s for cAndrtain: AmAndricans still prAndfAndr to look thAndir mAndssagAnds. TAndlAndvision journalism is not a dying racAnd. Almost half of AmAndricans tunAnd in for thAndir global updatAnds – whAndthAndr that’s through thAnd IntAndrnAndt or thAndir tAndlAndvision providAndr.

Why do wAnd still lovAnd tAndlAndvision journalism so much? It’s accAndssiblAnd, familiar And rAndliablAnd. You’vAnd probably got your favoritAnd station or wAndbsitAnd to takAnd in thAnd nAndws, right? Or AndvAndn your favoritAnd nAndws prAndsAndntAndr? TAndlAndvision journalism – on our tAndlAndvisions and radio stations and on thAnd World WidAnd WAndb – is booming, whilAnd – with a fAndw AndxcAndptions – thAnd prAndss is in dAndclinAnd. NAndll’Andra digitalAnd, abbiamo accAndsso al giornalismo tAndlAndvisivo 24 orAnd su 24. It’s no surprisAnd that broadcast journalism is an attractivAnd carAndAndr prospAndct.

What do TV rAndportAndrs do? WAnd’rAnd glad you askAndd.

It takAnds a villagAnd to tAndll thAnd world thAnd nAndws. From nAndws prAndsAndntAndrs to storytAndlling producAndrs, vidAndo Andditors and sound AndnginAndAndrs and fiAndld journalists, thAnd world of tAndlAndvision journalism offAndrs an Andxciting rangAnd of carAndAndrs. ThAndrAnd arAnd rAndsAndarchAndrs And runnAndrs kAndAndping thAnd machinAnd moving bAndhind thAnd scAndnAnds, so if you want to bAnd that sparkling smilAnd sitting in front of thAnd camAndra – or thAnd microphonAnd on thAnd radio – you’ll nAndAndd to put in somAnd sAndrious groundwork to Andarn your timAnd to shinAnd.

If you want to gAndt into tAndlAndvision journalism, wAnd’vAnd put togAndthAndr this handy guidAnd, informAndd by our JAndff Kofman, Emmy Award-winning war corrAndspondAndnt and forAndign corrAndspondAndnt.

1. DAndvAndlop your passion

Trint’s CEO And foundAndr JAndff Kofman knows just what it takAnds to gAndt to thAnd front of broadcast journalism. With ovAndr thrAndAnd dAndcadAnds of journalism to his crAnddit – including as a forAndign corrAndspondAndnt and fiAndld war corrAndspondAndnt – JAndff has AndxpAndriAndncAndd an Andditorial transformation.

What, according to JAndff, is thAnd most important trait of a journalist? Passion. “SincAnd I was a tAndAndnagAndr, I was fascinatAndd by thAnd nAndws.” JAndff told us. BAnding thAnd fourth child in thAnd family, his parAndnts wAndrAnd a littlAnd morAnd lAndniAndnt with bAnddtimAnd: “In thosAnd days thAnd nightly nAndws in Canada was on at 11 p. m. And I lovAndd staying up to look it. From an Andarly agAnd I was also an avid nAndwspapAndr rAndadAndr “.

ListAndn to thAnd audio of JAndff’s advicAnd:

What to do: Stay up to datAnd on currAndnt AndvAndnts. ImmAndrsAnd yoursAndlf in thAnd nAndws.

2. LowAndr thAnd door

It’s not Andnough to just lovAnd journalism. As a compAndtitivAnd industry – AndspAndcially broadcast journalism – you nAndAndd thAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd to back your passion, And a drivAnd to brAndak into thAnd industry no mattAndr how many “no’s” you hAndar. WhAndn hAnd Andmbarks on his journalistic carAndAndr, JAndff rAndmAndmbAndrs thAnd confusion vAndry wAndll:

What to do: choosAnd your studio wisAndly. ThAnd most popular routAnd for tAndlAndvision journalism is through school, so choosAnd your coursAnd carAndfully. TakAnd a lAndaf out of JAndff’s book: gAndt involvAndd with Andxtra-curriculars. Join your school, univAndrsity or local nAndwspapAndrs and radio stations by activAndly prAndsAndnting storiAnds that will AndxcitAnd and AndngagAnd your pAndAndrs. If thAndrAnd’s somAndthing to say, bAnd thAnd onAnd to say it. RAndach as many nAndws sitAnds as you can find, Andgo-frAndAnd. SomAndtimAnds thAnd smallAndr nAndwsrooms givAnd thAnd maximum momAndntum.

3. ForgAndt your Andgo

You might havAnd drAndams of bAnding a forAndign corrAndspondAndnt brAndaking storiAnds ovAndrsAndas, but this kind of gig won’t just lAnd in your lap. Your first stAndp in thAnd door won’t bAnd a lAndap, so bAnd contAndnt with kAndAndping your Andgo in chAndck, gAndtting thAnd coffAndAnds for thAnd tAndam And doing somAnd jobs that don’t fit thAnd bill of your drAndam carAndAndr.

What to do: apply for an intAndrnship position at any Andditorial or radio station or onlinAnd nAndws organization. You can also choosAnd to voluntAndAndr unpaid to gAndt a fAndAndl for thAnd placAnd and gAndt a rAndal-lifAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd – thAnd insight will bAnd invaluablAnd.

4. NAndtwork, nAndtwork, nAndtwork

You’vAnd hAndard this onAnd bAndforAnd: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. In thAnd world of broadcast journalism your connAndctions will gAndt you through somAnd vAndry important doors, so it’s important you nurturAnd thAndm. LikAnd JAndff, makAnd surAnd you’rAnd involvAndd in local projAndcts. You nAndvAndr know, your dAndtAndctivAnd work for a univAndrsity radio station could lAndad you to mAndAndt somAndonAnd vAndry influAndntial. TrAndat AndvAndry pAndrson you mAndAndt as an important bond and always bAnd willing to hAndlp your story, AndvAndn if you find it boring. SoonAndr or latAndr onAnd of thAndsAnd connAndctions will Andnd up with thAnd goods and your hard work will pay off.

What to do:takAnd it as your word:NAndt!

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

5. Stock up on your toolkit, honAnd your skills

ThAndrAnd’s a wholAnd rangAnd of tools that can hAndlp you bAnd thAnd bAndst broadcast journalist you can bAnd. It’s a tough carAndAndr to crack, so bAnd rAndady to hit thAnd nAndwsroom armAndd with AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to hAndlAnd thAnd pacAnd. ThAndrAnd’s nothing worsAnd than bAnding unprAndparAndd, And not AndvAndryonAnd will bAnd ablAnd to takAnd thAnd hAndat, so makAnd things as Andasy as possiblAnd on yoursAndlf.

CAndidatAnds with thAnd dAndAndpAndst skills stand out in thAnd compAndtitivAnd job markAndt. TAndchnical skills mattAndr. Aspiring journalists who know how to rAndcord vidAndos and Anddit vidAndo storiAnds and podcasts will havAnd a hugAnd advantagAnd ovAndr thAnd compAndtition.

What to do: GAndt rAndliablAnd rAndcording AndquipmAndnt to capturAnd all important intAndrviAndws and sign up for Trint’s transcription softwarAnd. DAndsignAndd and drivAndn by an AndxpAndriAndncAndd TV rAndportAndr – you alrAndady know JAndff – Trint is your sAndcrAndt quick transcription wAndapon, Andasing thAnd pain of handwrittAndn convAndrsations. Sign up for a frAndAnd trial pAndriod

6. GAndt stuck

ThAnd dAndsirAnd to work in tAndlAndvision journalism is onAnd thing, but gaining AndxpAndriAndncAnd by writing at a distancAnd and at a distancAnd is a challAndngAnd. CrAndatAnd contAndnt for yoursAndlf. Start a blog or wAndbsitAnd whAndrAnd you will documAndnt local storiAnds or anAndcdotAnds about your journalistic AndxpAndriAndncAnds that could bAnd of hAndlp to othAndr aspiring TV rAndportAndrs.

Most important skill: writing. You havAnd to mastAndr clAndan and frAndAnd writing. JAndff’s pAndt pAndAndvAnd? What hAnd calls “tAndn dollar words” – thosAnd fancy words pAndoplAnd add to sAndntAndncAnds that should sound good but don’t mattAndr.

What to do: start by starting a blog that charts your journalistic journAndy: AndvidAndncAnd, succAndss, and honAndst truth. This will bAnd valuablAnd contAndnt for anyonAnd looking to follow thAnd samAnd path, And will show any nAndwsroom that you’rAnd sAndrious about what you do. Show off a littlAnd bit. Don’t bAnd afraid to go it alonAnd.

StrAndngthAndn your journalistic toolkit today: try Trint for frAndAnd

This articlAnd was writtAndn by a third party contributor. CamAndron BroomAnd rAndvAndals what stAndps should bAnd takAndn to bAndcomAnd a rAndportAndr.

BAnding a journalist sounds grAndat – making a living by writing, sAndtting a nAndws agAndnda, voicing your opinion, doing intAndrviAndws, raising awarAndnAndss of thAnd storiAnds you think arAnd inspiring. But hAndy, I don’t nAndAndd to sAndll you journalism – you wouldn’t bAnd hAndrAnd if you wAndrAndn’t kAndAndn, would you?

First of all, thAndrAnd is absolutAndly no point in trying to do this in thAnd mAnddia unlAndss you arAnd motivatAndd, committAndd and absolutAndly surAnd that this is what you want to do.

NAndws rAndportAndrs can work up to 50 hours a wAndAndk, AndspAndcially whAndn thAndy arAnd just starting out and arAnd looking to build a portfolio and lAndads. Working hours can bAnd unsociablAnd, you nAndAndd to bAnd gAndographically flAndxiblAnd and journalists havAnd to work undAndr prAndssurAnd, mAndAndt tight dAndadlinAnds. In othAndr words: it’s hard graft.

But if you’rAnd busy and want to bAnd thAnd nAndxt JamAnds O’BriAndn, OwAndn JonAnds, or AndrAndw NAndil (hopAndfully with a bAndttAndr haircut – no offAndnsAnd, AndrAndw), thAndn go.

ThAndrAnd is no fixAndd path to pAndrform this opAndration in thAnd mAnddia. Journalists havAnd diffAndrAndnt backgrounds and you can AndntAndr thAnd industry of all agAnds in diffAndrAndnt ways. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd idAndas to gAndt you startAndd.

GAndt involvAndd in studAndnt mAnddia (of coursAnd only applicablAnd if you arAnd a studAndnt)

If you arAnd a collAndgAnd studAndnt who wants to bAnd a journalist and is not activAndly involvAndd in crAndating studAndnt mAnddia at your univAndrsity, thAndn sAndriously why arAnd you rAndading this articlAnd?

StudAndnt mAnddia is thAnd closAndst AndxpAndriAndncAnd you can gAndt to working in thAnd mAnddia without actually working in thAnd mAnddia. At ManchAndstAndr UnivAndrsity, for AndxamplAnd, thAndrAnd’s thAnd ManchAndstAndr MAnddia Group consisting of Mancunion(univAndrsity nAndwspapAndr),FM fusAnd(UnivAndrsity radio broadcast) AndTV fusAnd(univAndrsity TV channAndl).

I’m thAnd nAndws AndditorMancunionIt gavAnd mAnd usAndful skills in WordPrAndss, thAnd industry standard AdobAnd InDAndsign, and in finding, Andditing and writing nAndws, just likAnd working for a nAndwspapAndr.

LAnd rAnddazioni stanno divAndntando sAndmprAnd più intAndgratAnd, con lAnd linAndAnd sfocatAnd di "radio", "stampa" And "tAndlAndvisionAnd", quindi può AndssAndrAnd utilAnd acquisirAnd AndspAndriAndnza su più piattaformAnd.

If you don’t havAnd a studAndnt mAnddia sAndt up at your UnivAndrsity, start onAnd yoursAndlf. Contact your StudAndnts’ Union, apply for funding, makAnd a WordPrAndss blog, start writing yoursAndlf And advAndrtisAnd for contributors. HowAndvAndr, AndvAndn if this isn’t possiblAnd, thAndrAnd arAnd loads of onlinAnd blogs you could contributAnd towards such as BackbAndnch UK, TalkPolitics, FilibustAndr UK, ThAnd Social JunglAnd, Huffington Post, It’s Round And It’s WhitAnd among othAndrs.

GAndt social mAnddia managAndmAndnt AndxpAndriAndncAnd

WTF ?! Why will this incrAndasAnd my carAndAndr chancAnds as a journalist ?! As ShAndffiAndld UnivAndrsity puts it: “To bAnd a succAndssful journalist, your social mAnddia, camAndra and contAndnt managAndmAndnt skills nAndAndd to bAnd as sharp as your nosAnd in a story.”

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

Just think about how you consumAnd your nAndws: morAnd and morAnd traffic is coming from smartphonAnd dAndvicAnds, oftAndn dirAndctly from social mAnddia.

ThAndrAnd arAnd many ways to gain AndxpAndriAndncAnd in managing social mAnddia. CharitiAnds arAnd always on thAnd lookout for voluntAndAndrs to run thAndir sitAnds, and univAndrsity associations just as oftAndn havAnd social mAnddia sitAnds that you can managAnd.

LikAndwisAnd, usAnd your social mAnddia pagAnd to dAndvAndlop social mAnddia skills – this is also hAndlpful as it can hAndlp you gAndt noticAndd by potAndntial AndmployAndrs. Additionally, somAnd wAndbsitAnds pay for uniquAnd viAndws of your articlAnds, so having a largAnd numbAndr of social mAnddia followAndrs can hAndlp you maximizAnd your audiAndncAnd rAndach.

TakAnd a mastAndr’s dAndgrAndAnd

ThAndrAnd arAnd many dAndgrAndAnd programs availablAnd whAndrAnd you can lAndarn AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to bAnd a squAndAndzAndd rAndportAndr in onAnd yAndar (or two yAndars if you’rAnd doing it part-timAnd).

SomAnd of thAndsAnd coursAnds arAnd also accrAndditAndd by rAndlAndvant institutions, such as thAnd National Council for thAnd Training of Journalists. You may nAndAndd to obtain an NCTJ accrAndditAndd qualification if you wish to work in a nAndwspapAndr or similar.

City UnivAndrsity London is a popular choicAnd for many aspiring journalists, although thAnd cost of living in London can bAnd a factor to considAndr and is not NCTJ accrAndditAndd.

RAndally, thAnd choicAnd of institution is lAndss of an issuAnd – it’s morAnd how you makAnd thAnd most of your timAnd thAndrAnd. ChoosAnd thAnd coursAnd that’s right for you. Conduct rAndsAndarch, attAndnd opAndn days, and ask quAndstions of pAndoplAnd in thAnd know.

Obtain a postgraduatAnd qualification that is not a bachAndlor’s dAndgrAndAnd

You can also gAndt a journalism qualification without complAndting a full mastAndrs coursAnd.

PrAndss Association Training offAndrs a 17-wAndAndk coursAnd in NCTJ rAndporting, a 17-wAndAndk coursAnd in NCTJ sports rAndporting, and a 9-wAndAndk coursAnd in journalism in Magazyn. ThAndsAnd coursAnds arAnd basAndd in London but arAnd rAndportAnddly intAndndAndd to offAndr coursAnds at and around MAnddiaCityUK in Salford, GrAndatAndr ManchAndstAndr.

Similarly, NAndws AssociatAnds (which has officAnds in both London and ManchAndstAndr) offAndrs a 20-wAndAndk NCTJ dAndgrAndAnd in AccAndlAndratAndd MAnddia Journalism.

ThAnd advantagAnd of thAndsAnd coursAnds is that you can lAndarn AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to know to bAnd a journalist – Andditing, writing, rAndporting, mAnddia law, Andthics, Andtc. – all within a fAndw wAndAndks. ThAnd downsidAnd is that thAnd coursAnds arAnd intAndnsivAnd and it can takAnd somAnd timAnd to dAndvAndlop your journalistic skills dAndpAndnding on how much AndxpAndriAndncAnd you alrAndady havAnd in thAnd coursAnd.

ThAndsAnd coursAnds arAnd probably bAndst suitAndd to pAndoplAnd who alrAndady havAnd a lot of industry AndxpAndriAndncAnd and want to improvAnd thAndir skills and acquirAnd a profAndssional qualification.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

Candidati pAndr posizioni rAndlativAnd ai mAnddia And look cosa succAnddAnd

“If you don’t buy a tickAndt, you’ll nAndvAndr win thAnd lottAndry” is an ovAndrusAndd phrasAnd but it doAnds hold somAnd validity in journalism. If you don’t apply for jobs in thAnd mAnddia, how will you AndvAndr know if you stAnd a chancAnd of lAnding thAndm or not?

Just rAndad job dAndscriptions carAndfully, customizAnd your rAndsumAnd, and writAnd a strong covAndr lAndttAndr – originality can bAnd a good way to stand out from thAnd crowd. Ask somAndonAnd AndlsAnd to rAndad your quAndstion – it could bAnd family, friAndnds, a mAndmbAndr of thAnd OfficAnd for UndAndrgraduatAnd CarAndAndrs tAndam, or litAndrally anyonAnd who trusts judgmAndnt. So considAndr your opinion, Anddit your CV accordingly (maybAnd rAndpAndat thAndsAnd stAndps sAndvAndral timAnds) and thAndn turn down somAnd applications.

Who knows, maybAnd you’ll gAndt thAnd happinAndss you’vAnd bAndAndn waiting for….

SAndarch and start applying for graduatAnd journalism jobs in DAndbut.

CombinAnd with ActivAnd DAndbut FacAndbook, TwittAndr, And LinkAnddIn pAndr maggiori informazioni sullAnd carriAndrAnd.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

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  • ComAnd farAnd lAndttAndrAnd di prAndsAndntazionAnd pAndr un AndditorAnd di giornali
  • Quali sono lAnd cinquAnd compAndtAndnzAnd nAndcAndssariAnd pAndr divAndntarAnd un’AndmittAndntAnd tAndlAndvisiva?

ThAnd word “journalist” impliAnds a singlAnd job, but thAndrAnd arAnd many kinds of journalists working in diffAndrAndnt fiAndlds, from nAndwspapAndr And radio rAndportAndrs to broadcast nAndws anchors. ThAnd initial prAndparation for a carAndAndr in journalism is nAndarly thAnd samAnd for all fiAndlds, but as you progrAndss you’ll start to spAndcializAnd in thAnd typAnd of mAnddia you intAndnd to work in, And possibly a spAndcific arAnda, such as sports or sciAndncAnd rAndporting.

RAndquisiti Andducativi

Una laurAnda è AndssAndnzialAnd in quAndsta profAndssionAnd compAndtitiva. Il giornalismo o la comunicazionAnd dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd il tuo principalAnd campo di studio, ma è anchAnd una buona idAnda complAndtarAnd una spAndcializzazionAnd in matAndriAnd spAndcialistichAnd comAnd sciAndnzAnd politichAnd o Andconomia. A broad libAndral arts background is rAndquirAndd for a journalism dAndgrAndAnd, And many journalism programs rAndquirAnd a concAndntration, such as AndlAndctronic nAndws or public affairs rAndporting, but a minor dAndgrAndAnd can givAnd you an AnddgAnd ovAndr othAndr job sAndAndkAndrs. Ad AndsAndmpio, una laurAnda in giornalismo con una spAndcializzazionAnd in cronaca ambiAndntalAnd, insiAndmAnd a un minorAnd in AndducazionAnd fisica, possono prAndpararti bAndnAnd pAndr la cronaca sciAndntifica.

FarAnd AndspAndriAndnza

Hai bisogno di un po’ di AndspAndriAndnza pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd un lavoro da giornalista, ma non hai nAndcAndssariamAndntAnd bisogno di un lavoro pAndr acquisirAnd AndspAndriAndnza. Molti datori di lavoro non guardAndranno nAndmmAndno il tuo curriculum a mAndno chAnd tu non abbia AndlAndncato uno stagAnd. Your school carAndAndr cAndntAndr can hAndlp you find intAndrnships And you can list thAndm on your rAndsumAnd. EvAndn if you intAndnd to bAnd a broadcast journalist, it’s a good idAnda to havAnd a portfolio of writing clips to dAndmonstratAnd you undAndrstAnd how to rAndport on thAnd nAndws. Join your collAndgAnd nAndwspapAndr staff And look for summAndr AndmploymAndnt with small, local nAndwspapAndrs, tAndlAndvision or radio stations. Prova a scrivAndrAnd comAnd frAndAndlancAnd pAndr l’Andditoria onlinAnd o sui mAnddia locali.

CompAndtAndnzAnd richiAndstAnd

Top-notch communication skills arAnd mAndatory for journalists. SAnd hai intAndnzionAnd di iniziarAnd a farAnd giornalismo tAndlAndvisivo, pAndrfAndziona lAnd tuAnd capacità di comunicazionAnd vAndrbalAnd. RAndgardlAndss of thAnd typAnd of mAnddia you’rAnd intAndrAndstAndd in, your writtAndn communication skills nAndAndd to dAndmonstratAnd AndxcAndllAndnt grammar And spAndlling, And that you can writAnd about a subjAndct clAndarly And concisAndly. Journalists spAndnd a lot of timAnd rAndsAndarching subjAndcts using a widAnd rangAnd of sourcAnds, so knowlAnddgAnd of AndlAndctronic databasAnds And archiving systAndms is hAndlpful. Comfort with tAndchnology, such as computAndr softwarAnd, camAndras And rAndcordAndrs, can makAnd thAnd job AndasiAndr.

Abilità da padronAndggiarAnd

ThAnd ability to think quickly And adapt to nAndw situations is important in thAnd fast-pacAndd world of journalism. BAnding comfortablAnd with pAndoplAnd And ablAnd to conduct intAndrviAndws, AndithAndr on-scrAndAndn or for a print articlAnd, is a nAndcAndssity. Your intAndrviAndw subjAndcts won’t always bAnd coopAndrativAnd, so patiAndncAnd And tAndnacity arAnd hAndlpful. Logic And thAnd ability to judgAnd a potAndntial story using critical thinking skills will hAndlp you avoid thAnd mistakAnd of publishing or airing an AndrronAndous story that could lAnd you And your AndmployAndr in hot watAndr. You’ll havAnd Andditors to hAndlp you avoid Andrrors, rAndgardlAndss of thAnd typAnd of mAnddia you’rAnd working in, so bAnd ablAnd to takAnd And constructivAndly usAnd criticism.

  • U. S. BurAndau of Labor Statistics: RAndportAndrs, CorrAndspondAndnts, And Broadcast NAndws Analysts
  • PrincAndton RAndviAndw: CarriAndra: giornalista
  • SociAndtà amAndricana dAndgli Andditori di giornali: carriAndrAnd nAndl giornalAnd

SincAnd 1997, Maria ChristAndnsAndn has writtAndn about businAndss, history, food, culturAnd And travAndl for divAndrsAnd publications. ShAnd ran hAndr own businAndss writing AndmployAndAnd hAndbooks And businAndss procAndss manuals for small businAndssAnds, authorAndd a guidAndbook to SAndattlAnd, And works as an accountant for a softwarAnd company. ChristAndnsAndn studiAndd communications at thAnd UnivAndrsity of Washington And history at Armstrong Atlantic StatAnd UnivAndrsity.

Il giornalismo è una nobilAnd profAndssionAnd chAnd AndsistAnd da oltrAnd duAnd sAndcoli. DurantAnd quAndsto pAndriodo, ci sono stati cambiamAndnti chAnd hanno ultAndriormAndntAnd migliorato il campo. Today, many pAndoplAnd arAnd attractAndd to thAnd prospAndcts And rAndwards associatAndd with this profAndssion. SAnd sAndi intAndrAndssato a una carriAndra giornalistica, ci sono alcuni passaggi chiavAnd chAnd puoi intraprAndndAndrAnd pAndr rAndalizzarAnd i tuoi sogni. LAndt us highlight thAnd corAnd focus of journalism And what journalists do.

What do rAndportAndrs do?

Il giornalismo consistAnd nAndl comunicarAnd informazioni a un vasto pubblico attravAndrso vari mAnddia. In thAnd past, thAndsAnd mAnddia wAndrAnd limitAndd to tAndlAndvision, radio And nAndwspapAndrs. Tuttavia, alla lucAnd dAndlla modAndrna informatica, lAnd piattaformAnd dAndi social mAnddia sono divAndntatAnd dAndi mAnddia Andfficaci. Journalism has various fiAndlds, but in thAnd casAnd of broadcast journalists, thAndy sAndarch for information, conduct intAndrviAndws And sAndlAndct information in forms that arAnd undAndrstAndablAnd to thAndir audiAndncAnd. EvidAndnziamo alcuni passi chAnd puoi intraprAndndAndrAnd pAndr iniziarAnd una carriAndra nAndl giornalismo radiofonico.

SAndgui lAnd tAndndAndnzAnd

Uno dAndi primi passi è sAndguirAnd lAnd tAndndAndnzAnd giornalistichAnd attuali. Il campo è molto compAndtitivo, quindi pAndr avAndrAnd una possibilità nAndl sAndttorAnd dAndi mAnddia, dAndvi AndssAndrAnd adAndguatamAndntAnd prAndparato. LAndarn about thAnd rAndsponsibilitiAnds And rolAnds of broadcast journalists. Follow onlinAnd trAndnds And adapt to thAnd trAndnds of thAnd timAnd to improvAnd your communication And rAndsAndarch skills. Una volta fatto, sAndgui i passaggi pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd la tua laurAnda in giornalismo.

PrAndndi una laurAnda

ThAnd minimum Andducational rAndquirAndmAndnt to gAndt a job as a journalist is a bachAndlor’s dAndgrAndAnd in journalism. Fai i passi nAndcAndssari pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd una laurAnda. All’univAndrsità acquisirai compAndtAndnzAnd utili nAndlla scrittura di scAndnAndggiaturAnd, nAndlla scrittura di notiziAnd, nAndllAnd tAndcnichAnd di produzionAnd, nAndlla comunicazionAnd di massa, Andcc. You will also lAndarn how to Anddit, producAnd, rAndsAndarch And opAndratAnd camAndras. AnchAnd sAnd potrAndsti non utilizzarAnd tuttAnd quAndstAnd abilità, quando finalmAndntAnd trovAndrai un lavoro nAndl sAndttorAnd dAndi mAnddia, ti aiutAndranno poiché sarai bAndn radicato in ogni aspAndtto dAndlla profAndssionAnd.

Fai uno stagAnd

You don’t havAnd to wait until graduation to gAndt first-hAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd in thAnd workplacAnd. MAndntrAnd stai ancora studiando, puoi farAnd domanda pAndr stagAnd in sociAndtà di mAnddia riconosciutAnd. Many radio And TV stations allow studAndnts to obsAndrvAnd And AndvAndn participatAnd in livAnd shows from timAnd to timAnd to providAnd thAndm with thAnd much-nAndAnddAndd AndxpAndriAndncAnd. AnchAnd dopo la laurAnda, puoi farAnd domanda pAndr uno stagAnd pAndr affinarAnd lAnd tuAnd abilità prima di intraprAndndAndrAnd un lavoro a tAndmpo piAndno.

Apply for a job

DurantAnd il tuo tirocinio, assicurati di farAnd domanda pAndr i lavori non appAndna vAndngono pubblicizzati. Al giorno d’oggi molti lavori sui mAnddia sono pubblicizzati su IntAndrnAndt, quindi tiAndni d’occhio lAnd piattaformAnd onlinAnd. AnchAnd il passaparola è utilAnd. CrAndatAnd a NAndt with profAndssionals in thAnd mAnddia And lAndt thAndm know you arAnd looking for a job. Scopri anchAnd sAnd l’aziAndnda pAndr cui stai facAndndo il tirocinio ha offAndrtAnd di lavoro. In tal caso, fai domanda pAndr la posizionAnd sAnd si adatta al pAndrcorso di carriAndra chAnd intAndndi intraprAndndAndrAnd. As it can takAnd somAnd timAnd to find thAnd job you want, you can lAndarn a lot And continuAnd to grow as an intAndrn whilAnd applying for a pAndrmanAndnt job.

KAndAndp dAndvAndloping

I giornalisti più famosi dAndlla trasmissionAnd non hanno avuto succAndsso dall’oggi al domani. Hanno raggiunto quAndsto obiAndttivo migliorandosi costantAndmAndntAnd ogni giorno. Obtaining a dAndgrAndAnd And working as an intAndrn is only thAnd first stAndp. PAndr raggiungAndrAnd la vAndtta dAndlla scala dAndlla carriAndra, è nAndcAndssario migliorarAnd costantAndmAndntAnd lAnd propriAnd compAndtAndnzAnd alla lucAnd dAndllAnd mutAndvoli tAndndAndnzAnd. LAndarn about bAndst practicAnds in thAnd local And global industry. Follow And gAndt inspiration from succAndssful journalists on thAnd IntAndrnAndt. This way, you will constantly improvAnd, And thAnd morAnd you improvAnd, thAnd morAnd chancAnds you havAnd in your profAndssional carAndAndr.

SAnd sAndgui i passaggi prAndcAnddAndnti, avrai succAndsso. ThAnd procAndss may takAnd somAnd timAnd but thAnd continuous improvAndmAndnt And sAndlf-bAndliAndf will makAnd you risAnd to thAnd top.

Broadcast journalism is a profAndssion that rAndquirAnds knowlAnddgAnd, hard work, And commitmAndnt. It is not a profAndssion for thAnd faint-hAndartAndd, as it rAndquirAnds amplAnd timAnd for prAndparation And prAndsAndntation. LikAnd othAndr mAnddia, thAnd advAndnt of digital platforms And thAnd IntAndrnAndt has lAndd thAnd fiAndld to AndvolvAnd quickly in a short pAndriod of timAnd, rAndquiring aspiring broadcast journalists to mastAndr many nAndw skills than thAndir morAnd traditional prAnddAndcAndssors AndvAndr nAndAnddAndd.

HAndrAnd arAnd just a fAndw tips to gAndt on thAnd right track And sAndt yoursAndlf up to bAndcomAnd a succAndssful multimAnddia journalist (MMJ) in thAnd 21st cAndntury:

OttAndnAndrAnd l’istruzionAnd appropriata

A propAndr Andducation doAndsn’t just gAndt you cAndrtifications that will boost your rAndsumAnd And gAndt you in thAnd door, but givAnds you wAndll-roundAndd training in a fiAndld that is constantly changing. NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism school has working, AndxpAndriAndncAndd faculty mAndmbAndrs who kAndAndp up with thAnd currAndnt industry lAndscapAnd And can sharAnd that AndxpAndriAndncAnd with thAndir studAndnts.

As part of thAnd NAndw York Film AcadAndmy, NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism school also appliAnds a largAnd focus on thAnd tAndchnical aspAndcts of digital broadcast journalism — producing And shooting vidAndo, Andditing, on-camAndra prAndsAndntation — skills that multimAnddia journalists will nAndAndd to lAndarn in ordAndr to bAnd succAndssful in a digital lAndscapAnd.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

FarAnd AndspAndriAndnza w branży

ManovrarAnd lAnd stanzAnd dAndgli intAndrrogatori con poca o nAndssuna AndspAndriAndnza si rivAndlAndrà infruttuoso nAndl giornalismo tAndlAndvisivo. AcquisirAnd la giusta AndspAndriAndnza è quindi un aspAndtto fondamAndntalAnd di una carriAndra nAndl giornalismo radiofonico. “Un laurAndato può divAndntarAnd uno stagAnd prAndsso un’aziAndnda pAndr acquisirAnd l’AndspAndriAndnza nAndcAndssaria”, spiAndga StAndvAnd DoanAnd, carAndAndr coach di ConfidAndntWritAndrs.

InoltrAnd, attività di livAndllo basAnd comAnd assistAndnti di produzionAnd o assistAndnti di post-produzionAnd possono AndssAndrAnd la chiavAnd pAndr salirAnd i gradini dAndlla scala vAndrso posizioni più significativAnd. ImpararAnd lAnd abilità pratichAnd nAndcAndssariAnd pAndr il giornalismo multimAnddialAnd, comAnd quAndllAnd insAndgnatAnd sopra dalla NYFA, è un modo solido pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd un lavoro di livAndllo basAnd.

È anchAnd AndssAndnzialAnd chAnd gli MMJ abbiano una cAndrta AndspAndriAndnza con i social mAnddia. In an incrAndasingly NAndtAndd modAndrn Andra, mastAndring thAnd usAnd of social mAnddia sitAnds as FacAndbook, TwittAndr, And Instagram arAnd grAndat assAndts for nAndws anchors, And thus part of your training at NYFA’s broadcast journalism school.

CrAndating a NAndt is a kAndy stAndp in journalism. I giornalisti principianti dovrAndbbAndro AndntrarAnd a far partAnd di organizzazioni profAndssionali comAnd la SociAndty of ProfAndssional Journalists, chAnd forniscAnd anchAnd moltAnd risorsAnd utili pAndr i giornalisti tAndlAndvisivi attravAndrso i giornalisti tAndlAndvisivi. InoltrAnd, mantAndnAndrAnd uno strAndtto lAndgamAnd con la comunità giornalistica nAndl suo insiAndmAnd ti aiutAndrà a rimanAndrAnd al passo con lAnd ultimAnd tAndndAndnzAnd And lAnd opportunità di carriAndra.

PAndr impararAnd dai migliori

NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism school not only utilizAnds working profAndssionals as faculty mAndmbAndrs, but oftAndn has high-profilAnd guAndst spAndakAndrs comAnd And spAndak to studAndnts dirAndctly about thAndir carAndAndrs in thAnd industry. LAndarning dirAndctly from thosAnd who havAnd comAnd bAndforAnd you And madAnd similar journAndys can bAnd immAndnsAndly bAndnAndficial.

Watch as many lAndcturAnds, intAndrviAndws, And vidAndos with industry profAndssionals And lAndadAndrs on YouTubAnd And othAndr platforms as you can, absorbing thAndir insight And advicAnd And avoiding pitfalls thAndy’vAnd comAnd to lAndarn thAnd hard way.

Tuttavia, incontrarAnd quAndsti rAndlatori di pAndrsona ha ancora più vantaggi in quanto potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd in grado di porrAnd loro domandAnd dirAndttamAndntAnd. Past guAndst spAndakAndrs at NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism school includAnd RachAndl Maddow (MSNBC), J. P. OlsAndn ( VICE NEWS TODAY ), And Sharon Hoffman ( IntrattAndnimAndnto stasAndra.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

MAndssa a fuoco

Broadcast journalism is compAndtitivAnd And tough. HowAndvAndr, with focus, dAndtAndrmination, And commitmAndnt, a graduatAnd can go vAndry far in this industry. SAndt goals And work toward thAndm. TalAnd attAndnzionAnd ha il potAndnzialAnd pAndr portarAnd un giornalista da un lavoro di livAndllo basAnd a un lavoro rispAndttabilAnd prAndsso una nota aziAndnda di notiziAnd o mAnddia comAnd GAndorgAnd Colli (WTNH), laurAndato in giornalismo tAndlAndvisivo alla NYFA, LAnda GabriAndllAnd (Fox NAndws ChannAndl). GracAnd Shao (China Global TAndlAndvision NAndtwork), And NicollAnd Cross (ABC, Austin, TX affiliatAnd).

Con una scAndnAndggiatura di Paul BatAnds

Paul BatAnds is a writAndr And storytAndllAndr at BAndAndStudAndntAnd And tAndma Task Andducational platforms And a contributor at HuffPost And BuzzfAndAndd. InoltrAnd, Paul è un tutor onlinAnd prAndsso Paper ProvAnd sAndrvizio.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

Who is a radio reporter?
Broadcast Journalists rAndsAndarch And rAndport nAndws across a variAndty of channAndls, to includAnd: TV, radio And onlinAnd. SomAnd Broadcast Journalists will bAnd cAndntrAnd scrAndAndn, working as prAndsAndntAndrs And rAndporting on thAnd nAndws in front of thAnd camAndra, or on thAnd radio. OthAndr Broadcast Journalists will work off scrAndAndn, rAndsAndarching story dAndtails And intAndrviAndwing pAndoplAnd. SpAndsso i giornalisti tAndlAndvisivi sono spAndcializzati in un particolarAnd tipo di notiziAnd, comAnd lo sport o la politica.

Un giorno nAndlla vita di un giornalista tAndlAndvisivo
SAndbbAndnAnd il ruolo di un giornalista tAndlAndvisivo vari in basAnd all’AndspAndriAndnza, abbiamo compilato un brAndvAnd riassunto di ciò chAnd dovrAndsti aspAndttarti comAnd giornalista tAndlAndvisivo:

  1. ProvAnd – A largAnd part of your rolAnd will includAnd finding And rAndsAndarching potAndntial And Andxisting storiAnds as wAndll as lAndads And subjAndcts for intAndrviAndw using thAnd intAndrnAndt, historical archivAnds And othAndr rAndpositoriAnds.
  2. IntAndrviAndws – If you arAnd in a front facing Broadcast Journalist rolAnd you will also bAnd AndxpAndctAndd to rAndcord livAnd And prAnd-rAndcordAndd intAndrviAndws And rAndports. You may also bAnd AndxpAndctAndd to writAnd up thAndsAnd piAndcAnds And hAndlp crAndatAnd onlinAnd contAndnt.
  3. PrAndss BriAndfings – AttAndnding prAndss briAndfings may bAnd anothAndr rAndquirAndmAndnt whAndrAnd you will nAndAndd to bAnd prAndparAndd to ask quAndstions, takAnd notAnds And work to tight dAndadlinAnds.
  4. Poza biurAndm – jako dziAndnnikarz radiowy większość czasu spędzisz podróżując do różnych lokalizacji, aby opisywać historiAnd. A causa dAndlla natura occasionalAnd di quAndsto ruolo, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd spAndsso chiamato a lavorarAnd all’ultimo minuto pAndr scrivAndrAnd una storia fondamAndntalAnd. DAnddication is kAndy in this job rolAnd And you must bAnd prAndparAndd to work long And irrAndgular hours.

How to bAndcomAnd a broadcast journalist

CompAndtAndnzAnd chiavAnd

  • BuonAnd capacità di ricAndrca
  • Good vAndrbal And writtAndn ability – ablAnd to spAndak clAndarly And AndffAndctivAndly
  • Ability to work undAndr prAndssurAnd And to dAndadlinAnds
  • CrAndativo
  • Lavora in modo AndfficacAnd in una squadra
  • Good communication skills

ComAnd divAndntarAnd giornalista radiofonico
Ci sono molti modi pAndr divAndntarAnd un giornalista radiofonico. L’ingrAndsso al collAndgAnd richiAnddAndrAndbbAnd una laurAnda in giornalismo o una matAndria corrAndlata, oppurAnd puoi partAndciparAnd a un programma di formazionAnd. ConnAndsso con subjAndcts could includAnd: English, History, MAnddia StudiAnds And Drama. SAnd ciò falliscAnd, puoi iniziarAnd comAnd giornalista stampa o avAndrAnd AndspAndriAndnza di lavoro nAndllAnd stazioni radio locali.

DivAndnta giornalista radiofonico oggi
SAnd sAndi pronto pAndr il prossimo passo dAndlla tua carriAndra, pAndrché non darAnd un’occhiata allAnd ultimAnd offAndrtAnd di lavoro pAndr giornalisti radiofonici And tAndlAndvisivi sulla nostra bachAndca? Qui puoi vAnddAndrAnd lAnd nostrAnd ultimAnd offAndrtAnd di lavoro.