How to beat fungus brutal mode in plague inc

How to beat fungus brutal mode in plague inc

Fungus is the third challenge that awaits you in Plague Inc, and it works a little differently than the earlier stages. The key difference is that fungal spores have a hard time traveling long distances. Rather than relying on birds and airplanes to spread your disease, as in earlier modes, you’ll need to evolve fungal spore abilities to infect other countries.

Fungal spores make this level a little easier than Bacteria, since you can forcibly infect countries—looking at you, Madagascar—that are normally tough to reach.

Early game – Evolve Transmission Methods

Start in India. It’s a poor country with a warm climate and a ton of people, so your disease can grow exponentially without having to jump countries.

Evolve these transmission methods to get a foothold:

  • Water 1
  • Livestock 1
  • Water 2
  • Air 1
  • Livestock 2
  • Air 2

If any symptoms automatically mutate, devolve them immediately. You can’t let your disease show itself yet.

Mid-game – Evolve Abilities

By this point, your disease should have spread to at least five or six countries. As you earn more DNA points, your next set of Abilities should be:

  • Extreme Bioaerosol
  • Drug Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 2

At this point, your disease should still have no symptoms. Keep an eye out for them and devolve them as needed. Keep gathering DNA points until you’ve infected nearly the entire world. You should be pretty close to 100 by the time you move on to the next step. Once you have less than 8 countries to infect, evolve Spore Burst to reach them. If there are additional countries to infect, evolve Spore Burst again.

Endgame – Evolve Symptoms

Once there are zero healthy people left in the world, you’re ready to evolve symptoms and turn your disease deadly. This path is very efficient:

  1. Anaemia
  2. Haemophilia
  3. Internal Haemorrhaging
  4. Hemorrhagic Shock
  5. Necrosis
  6. Tumors
  7. Systemic Infection

Now, sit back and wait. If any new symptoms arise, let them do their thing. You can also evolve Coma and Total Organ Failure as well, once you have the DNA points. Pop any Cure bubbles that appear. Its unlikely researchers will be able to outpace the disease, but if they seem to be moving quickly, evolve Genetic Hardening I to be sure.

I came up with a Cure Mode strategy which works for Bacteria on Mega Brutal. With some modifications, it seems to work on Viruses, Parasites, and a few other disease types but not quite as well since those are harder to defeat than Bacteria, and I have mostly just tested it on Bacteria. It actually works for Bacteria on any difficulty level.

First of all, start a game in Cure Mode, then choose Bacteria, then select a game difficulty. I suggest playing on Casual until you discover 100% of Advisors, then doing the harder difficulty levels up to Mega Brutal.

For Disease Advisors, Forensic Epidemiologist is best, increasing Vaccine Research Speed. The other 4 are useless for this strategy, at least against Bacteria, because we are just going to let the disease spread to every country, and Bacteria do not need to be analyzed.

For Field Advisors, Crisis Manager is good, slowing Authority loss where you are deployed. Another option is Fast Response EMTs to increase the Field Operatives travel speed. The other 3 are useless for this strategy, because Non-Compliance is completely irrelevant in this strategy.

For Quarantine Advisors, it doesn’t matter, all 5 of them are useless in this strategy, pick anything. They all involve Quarantine actions and Non-Compliance which are irrelevant in this strategy. Personally I went with Celebrity Scientist since that seems like a generally useful one for strategies that do involve Non-Compliance, as it simply reduces Non-Compliance without altering the actions of governments like the others.

For Operation Advisors, Medical Coordinator is probably the best choice, to reduce Authority loss from Panic, although the others are valid choices too.

For Outbreak Advisors, Technical Officer is definitely the best choice for this strategy, to reduce global Infection rate, and the main focus of this strategy is reducing Infection rates. Don’t choose Regulation Enforcer since we won’t do any Lockdowns, it is irrelevant.

If you don’t have all these options, it is not a big deal, you can probably still win anyway, especially if you are on an easier difficulty mode, but you probably want to get all of those Advisors before doing Mega Brutal.

Alright so now start the game with those Advisors (or the best you could do). As far as what country to be your HQ, this is not very important, but you probably want something centrally located on the world map so that when you find out where the outbreak actually is, you can get there faster. Egypt is right in the middle of the map so start there.

Now go to the Operation tab of the Control menu immediately, and get Investigate Outbreaks, Deploy Field Operatives, and Government Partnerships. This should use up all your Resources.

Go back to the map and wait for the disease to be detected or red dots to appear on the map. Once that happens, go to the Control menu and see if the Origin Country is known yet. If so, go there using your Field Operatives. If not, guess which country it started in, by looking at which countries have red dots and picking the one that seems to be in the middle. After you do this, check in the Control menu for the Origin Country again if you didn’t get it the first time, and once it shows up, send your field operatives to the Origin Country.

OK, now it is time to get serious about combating this disease. We do not care about Compliance Risk at all and will not be doing any Quarantines, and Fatality Rate is a much more minor concern than Infection Rate. The main focus is Infection Rate. Also we need to research a Vaccine and manufacture it.

But the top priority at the beginning is Infection Rate. Immediately invest in Infection Control in the Operation tab so that your Field Operatives fight infections instead of spreading them.

Then go to the Response tab and invest in things on the top side, not the bottom side, things that reduce Infection Rate, as well as Contact Tracing.

I suggest first doing Contact Tracing 1, then Hand Washing, then Disinfectant Supplies, then Public Awareness, then Self-Isolation, then Contact Tracing 2.

After this, save up enough Resources to you can start Vaccine Research in the Operation tab. Then when you have enough Resources, get Field Research, while you are still in the Origin Country. Next, start up Vaccine Manufacturing.

Now go back to the Response tab and get Border Monitoring, Testing Capacity 1, and Social Distancing.

Now go to the World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary, and see which country is the most infected. If it is not the country your Field Operatives are in, move them there. From now on, you should regularly check the World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary every so often and send your Field Operatives to the most infected country on a regular basis, from now until the end of the game.

Now in the Response tab of the Control menu, get PPE Package 1, Contact Tracing 3, and Testing Capacity 2.

Now in the Operation tab of the Control menu, get Accelerated Research and Accelerated Manufacturing.

Now is a good time to check if another country has a higher infection rate than the current one under World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary, and send your Field Operatives there. From now on, please remember to keep doing this regularly yourself.

Next in the Response tab of the Control menu, get PPE Package 2, Contact Tracing 4, Testing Capacity 3, Mask Wearing, Improve Supply Chains, Surge Protocols, New Infrastructure, and Local Lockdowns. You might actually win the game before you are able to get all of these, depending on the difficulty level.

You should be able to win the game easily now if you remember to keep sending your Field Operatives to the most infected country. Once it says “Releasing. ” you are basically a winner.

If you experience dangerous levels of Authority loss, you can get Authority 1 on the Operation tab of the Control menu and further options things to boost your Authority after you get Authority 1 such as Authority 2, Censorship, Authority 3, and Fake News. If Authority runs out, you lose the game, but this should not happen with Bacteria and this strategy. Also, since Non-Compliance is not something to worry about in this strategy, it is perfectly safe to use Censorship and Fake News even though they increase Non-Compliance, which is bad in strategies where Non-Compliance actually matters.

Hello,i've seen many people struggling to beat cure mode.Since i've beaten every plague type on mega brutal multiple times,it's only fair that i help others to beat them aswell.(this work for mobile,and i'm 90% sure it works on pc/consoles)

Bacteria: First,advisors.You can beat it fairly straight-forward without them,but if you use them,then i suggest having:Fast response emt's,Forensic epidemiologist,Celebrity Scientist,Disaster Manager and Strategic fundraiser.These will be usefull for pretty much all disease types. Second,you should start in a remote nation,best choice beeing Greenland,since the only acces ports are in Europe. After you start,pick up the investigation of outbreaks,gouverment partnerships and field operatives.After finding the bacteria,quarantine the continent by closing ports and airports.For the rest of the game,lockdown the continents that are starting to have many cases,pick up contact tracing,response and complience iniatives,also dont forget to fund the cure.

Virus: The same thing as bacteria,both strategy and advisors,starting point,wise.The only difference being that the virus is more infectious,lethal,and tends to cause worse complience issues.

Parasite: Same as the others,just much more infectious,especially in poor nations.

In Plague Inc. for the Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.), Virus on Brutal isn’t nearly as difficult as Virus initially was the first time you played it.

I have listed my gene setup below. I have all genes unlocked, which just requires winning 25 games. You don’t need to unlock all of the genes to win this one, but a couple that I typically use are unlocked near the end.

DNA Gene – Metabolic Jump (Bonus DNA on red bio-hazard bubbles)
Travel Gene – Native Biome (Bonus infectivity in starting country, if you don’t have this one use Teracyte instead)
Evolution Gene – Sympto-Stasis (Symptoms don’t increase in cost)
Mutation Gene – Genetic Mimic (Slows down cure research)
Environment Gene – Extremophile (Minor bonus to all environments, if you don’t have this use any other you have unlocked)

The basic strategy here is extremely fast infection, and getting a lot of points with Metabolic Jump when your Virus spreads to other countries.

With Sympto-Stasis, your symptoms are extremely cheap, allowing you to buy a lot of symptoms at a fast rate.

Stage 1

  • Start in China
  • Symptoms: Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, Sneezing, devolve any lethal symptoms mutated
  • Transmissions: Air 1, Water 1
  • Abilities: Drug Resistance 1

Stage 2

  • Transmissions: Air 2, Water 2, Extreme Bioaerosol
  • Symptoms: Load up on every infectious symptom possible that has no lethality, devolve any lethal symptoms mutated
  • Abilities: Cold 1, Heat 1

Stage 3

  • Your Virus should be spreading wildly, the world will be alarmed when China has around 600 million infected with all of the symptoms you have
  • Transmissions: Bird 1 and 2, Livestock 1 and 2, Blood 1 and 2
  • Symptoms: Start adding minor lethal symptoms to gain access to deadly symptoms, like Paralysis, Coma, Immune Suppression, etc.
  • Abilities: Genetic Hardening 1 and 2

Stage 4

  • Most countries will be infected, around 4 billion of the population, and you’re gaining DNA points faster than you can spend them
  • Transmissions: Load up, you should have a lot of extra points
  • Symptoms: Keep loading up on minor lethal symptoms
  • Abilities: Viral Instabilities if you want your symptoms to go crazy, it’s not really necessary though

Stage 5

  • All countries infected, around 5 to 6 billion of the population, time to unleash hell!
  • Symptoms: Total Organ Failure, Necrosis, Hemorrhagic Shock, Internal Hemorrhaging
  • Transmissions: You should be about full by now, not really necessary
  • Abilities: Genetic Reshuffles if the cure gets too high, but it shouldn’t really

Stage 6

  • Everyone is infected, the world is quickly plummeting into chaos!
  • Symptoms: Throw every lethal symptom at them that you can afford
  • Congrats, you win!

Leave me comments with your scores. Here was mine on my first run with this build.

If you’ve already mastered basic Viruses in Plague Inc and you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, then you’ll want to take a look at the Necroa Virus. Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat Necroa Virus in Plague Inc.

Beating Necroa Virus in Plague Inc

As the word necroa implies, this Virus is all about using your dead victims as a means of transmitting your plague. However, the lifeless bodies don’t just sit idly by and wait for some unsuspecting schmuck to come by and pick up the disease.

No, the dead rise again and become carriers of your Necroa Virus. This is where things can start to get interesting. Even after a cure is formulated and the infected are healed, your army of zombies can still rapidly overwhelm entire nations.


Darwinist and Spliced Activation are going to be the most important genes to use for this mode. Darwinist will make your symptoms mutations explode. This may not seem like a good thing, but it’s just fine for the Necroa Virus.

That’s because we’re going to focus more on creating a bunch of dead people very quickly to form a formidable horde of zombies. Spliced Activation will help bring down the costs of abilities that will help your zombies move and overtake nations.

Becoming Infectious & Fatal – How to Beat Necroa Virus

Zoonotic Shift is going to be huge for your Necroa Virus plague. It will let your virus mutate more freely and move about from animals to humans. Rodents, Birds and Insects are the best options here since they all cover a wide variety of environments.

It will be time to go wild once you have enough DNA for the Cytopathic Reanimation symptom or once it mutates. This is the symptom that lets you start to build up your zombie army.

At this point, you’ll want to start building up your zombie symptoms which are essentially upgrades. Enhanced Motor Control, Anabolic Boost, Bone Dysplasia and Temporal Lobe Manipulation are important symptoms to add to your undead monsters.

You’ll also want to pick up all of the ‘Horde’ Abilities that are available as soon as you can. These are Instinct, Mentality, Vocalization and Pheromones. This will allow your hordes to contain millions of zombies.

After your horde has become as dangerous as it can be all that’s left is to bring your horde on a world tour. The Drifting Fermentation ability is crucial here so your hordes can float across the seas to different islands and continents.

Also, target Z Coms with your horde as soon as possible so they don’t get too powerful. This military group will handily wipe out your horde if you let them have enough time to prepare for you in a heavily populated nation.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to beat Necroa Virus in Plague Inc:

    Pick your genes

Spliced Activation and Darwinist are your best options for this mode.

Use animals to send your Necroa Virus around the globe.

Cytopathic Reanimation will enable the victims of your plague to come back as zombies. Use Horde abilities and Drifting Fermentation to travel to new countries.

This military force can become a major threat to your horde, so make sure you stop them before they get too big.

As you focus on Z Coms, also target uninfected nations to win the game.

That’s all there is to know about how to beat Necroa Virus in Plague Inc. If you want to learn more about other modes in this game, then check out these guides:

Blitzed thru Bacteria, Virus, Parasite cure mode games, but I have come to a halt with Fungus on Normal level.

What have others tried that have worked on Fungus normal level / brutal levels?

I’m having the same issue, I could bring infectivity and lethality down to almost zero and lock down the most affected continents but still end up losing 5 authority per second due to panic and deaths. Even if I’m close to finishing the vaccine or almost done with the vaccine production.

I lock down at least 3 continents at a time and keep switching depending on non compliance.

Invest in reducing infection, contact tracing, and non compliance.

Handle the vaccine research and authority accordingly. I was able to clear brutal with this strategy but is not working out in megabrutal.

This should work on mega brutal too. It is the same strategy I used. Eventually, you just have to lock down the entire world and nearly max out the branch that reduces noncompliance. Make sure to find the disease as quick as possible, lock down the continent, and slowly work on the vaccine while keeping authority ok. Another note, don’t worry about too much response tab (and if you buy anything from the response tab, make sure it focuses on decreasing lethality). Mainly worry about the operation tab and use the quarantine tab to lock down continents ASAP. (By lockdown, I mean the actual lockdown option, not shutting down airports and seaports). One last thing to keep in mind, make sure to buy the ventilation filters ASAP and only buy the anti fungal when the infectivity is through the roof. That’s my best advise for mega brutal. Hope you beat it!

Oct 15, 2021 The lethal proteins are in the Hard-to-Kill Hall of Fame–and may be more a brutal processing regimen that should have been sufficient to kill just about Why are prions so hard to kill (if kill is even the right word for an evil

Please help me beat Prion Brutal

Oct 15, 2021 Please help me beat Prion Brutal (no genes). I’ve been at this for months. 🙁 Because the cure spreads so fast, my strategy is to infect everyone

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The Prion game mode in Plague, Inc. is a very difficult challenge, especially on Brutal difficulty. Beat Bacteria on mega-brutal difficulty. They can choose from

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Plague Inc – How to Beat Nano Virus on Brutal. The Prion plague type is the 5th unlock-able plague in Ndemic Creation’s game, Plague Inc. Prion is unlocked

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Oct 15, 2021 Watch Plague Inc – How To Beat Prion on Brutal NO GENES – Jon & Lea’s World on Dailymotion. If this happens in the early game, it’s possible

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How to Beat Plague Inc: Evolved Prion ( Normal Difficulty ) Do not use any Genes (You may Comment gagner avec le Prion en mode Brutal dans Plague Inc..

How to Beat "Plague Inc." Prion on Normal

Oct 15, 2021 Step-by-Step Walkthrough · Start your virus in South Africa. · Build DNA points to 50. · Get Air Resistance 1. · Get Air Resistance 2. · Get Water

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Prion Master achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved: Beat Prion disease type on mega-brutal difficulty – worth 15 Gamerscore. After a couple of attempts, Steven

Well, I finally did it. Beat Cure Mode Fungus on Normal. My Authority literally ended at five. I had to fund every single lockdown in every single continent. It got so bad non-compliance wasn't an issue and my authority reached 2 before I locked down the final continent right before the vaccine came out.

Please please please nerf Fungus, it's stupidly difficult.

First time I beat Cure Fungus on Normal, I had 5 authority left.

I managed it a second time with 50 Authority remaining, and it felt more straightforward.

Closing borders and ports doesn’t work with fungus. I used only Force Lockdown on all affected continents, as soon as any infection was discovered, and poured everything into addressing non compliance. Grabbed the micron filters as soon as analysis done. Any extra, I spent on vaccine, contact tracing and so on, and held tight until the vaccine was ready. I used the task force to keep fatalities down in badly affected countries.

now do bioweapon god please no

I haven't tried Force Lockdown yet, thanks for the tips on the ridiculousness that is Fungus.

Holy bjesus. This is the best strategy out there. I had only 1 authority left. Did everything I can. Force lockdown was kind of scary at first, but once you level the non compliance thing, it should be no problem

I’m having the worst time with fungus really , it’s just the authority keeps going so quickly before I have a chance to get the vaccine out ! How do u win!

I deadass cannot do this. I've tried every single route on every single method to complete this but authority continues to go down faster than I can even react to it.

I don't even want to know what Bio-Weapon is like, or even Mega-Brutal for that matter. Shit is fucking difficult.

What is the absolute optimal way to complete this? I've followed all strategies and applied the Force Lockdown everywhere where it was necessary. Nothing.

so I literally just did this with 3 authority.

You want to put continents into lock down right away, doesn't matter if people revolt, smash everything into research and manufacturing after getting a few financial relief bonuses, I literally used ALL authority skills then used censorship and then fake news

Edit. My final score was 3

Legit. I hate fungus on this mode too.

The key with Fungus is that you do NOT start wasting your time with the infection and lethality stuff, as you did with Bacteria, Virus, and Parasite.

Instead, you focus on the mechanics of lockdowns.

-Upgrade the Non-compliance tech asap after the initial setup of finding the disease (the Operation tab, top left yellow bubbles, which decrease the rebellion from lockdowns). -At the same time, youll try to keep the disease in check using lockdowns on all 5 regions, in the Quarantine tab. Use the total lockdowns, not the air/water/land ones. If a region is starting to lose its infections, you can deactivate the lockdown to focus on another region.

-All the while, get that vaccine running asap, as well.

–Fungus is all about managing lockdowns, not about tinkering with the disease itself.–

As for advisors, i recommend:

Forensic Epidemiologist (faster vaccine research speed)

Celebrity Scientist (Reduces non-compliance from quarantine)

I used Regulation Enforcer (increases lockdown effectiveness), but you can switch it for something else

you can choose yourself what you want, but i chose the travel speed, to quickly find the disease in the start. The others are good too.

Medical Coordinator (reduces authority loss from Panic), probably the most helpful in this one.

Ok so I just beat it with 74 authority left

First just upgrade the research to find the disease dont worry about the like field operatives, I didn't need them at all

second once the fungus has been found immediately lockdown the continent it was found in and any other you can afford, do not waste you money on any air travel boat travel or border closures, just pick the lockdown options, also dont bother with targeted lockdown

third get the micron ventilations as soon as you have the money, dont worry about the fungal bloom one it isnt too bothersome

fourth invest as much as you can into financial relief while also upgrading your research, try to get maximum manufacturing before your research is done and manufacturing should be at like 80 percent after the vaccine is developed (side not i dont really know if the bypassing safety regulations is worth it, it only worked one time for me but it was a pretty substantial bonus, if you are gonna get it make it one of the first things you get before the vaccine is even at like 10 percent)

lastly maintain authority and upgrade response as you earn points, the previous steps really helped authority not get out of hand and made the spread almost non existent so there was basically no panic to ruin authority, people might freak out towards the end but if you fully upgraded research and manufacturing they wont have time to ruin things before the vaccine is already mass produced