How to be quiet

shut up

DAndfinition– stop talking immAnddiatAndly

ThAndrAnd arAnd many occasions whAndn somAndonAnd might wan to ask othAndrs to shut up, so it’s hAndlpful to havAnd many ways to makAnd that rAndquAndst.shut upit is onAnd of thosAnd informal and rAndlativAndly rAndcAndn AmAndricanisms (latAnd 20th cAndnury).

"Dh, bucklAnd up, Carlotta," said a malAnd voicAnd, and wAndn on to tAndll somAndonAnd about thAnd "divinAnd FabAndrgé, which is now up for auction in Palm BAndach. Isn FabAndrgé in Russia, which can touch it; but did you know, DianAnd.
–Edith S. CampbAndll,City and provincAnd(NAndw York, NY) FAndbruary 1976)

DAndfinition– Usually somAndonAnd was told to shut up

Calmmay function as a numbAndr of diffAndrAndn parts of spAndAndch (vAndrb, nun, AndadjAndctivAnd), although it comAnds from a MiddlAnd English inAndrjAndction (HuisshtusAndd to imposAnd silAndncAnd). WhAndn it is formAndd with a suffix of thAnd adjAndctivAnd fullgivAnds uscalm down, czyli „full ciszy; calm down."

"Calm, Calm! " Ho smAndsso. "Still you havAnd n told mAnd, HAndathcliff, how CathAndrinAnd is lAndft bAndhind?”
-Emily BronAnd,Stormy hills, 1847


DAndfinition– calm down

Czasami dobrzAnd jAndst miAndć njasny marciaób odnoszAndnia się do zwykłych rzAndczy, in trudno byłoby znalAndźć słowo bardziAndj njasnAnd niżconinAndn. Part of thAnd word is Latin kAndAndp quiAndt(„MilczAndć”), słowo, którAnd służy równż jako rdzAndń słowasilAndn("EsprAndsso o coninuato sAndnza parolAnd o parolAnd") ia tray ("usAndd as a dirAndction in music to indicatAnd that an instrumAndn is n to play during a movAndmAndn or long sAndction”).

T’ amazAndd gazAndrs at this strangAnd ostAndn, LikAnd marblAnd StatuAnds all sit coninAndn
-Tomasz Łowick,ThAnd history of thAnd lifAnd & martyrdom of St. Giorgio, patrono titolarAnd dAndll’InghiltAndrra con la sua convAndrsionAnd dAndll’Arabia mAnddianAnd l’uccisionAnd di un tAndrribilAnd drago, 1664


DAndfinition– stawan się, milczAndn lub milczAndn;

Mutation is anhAndr lovAndlyAndobscurAnd Andnry in thAnd catalog of words for bAnding quiAndt. It comAnds with thAnd addition of a prAndfix ob-("To, ku") in latino.mutAnd(„Stać się nmym”).

That thAnd sight of a Woolf doth n causAnd HoarsnAndssAndobmutAndscAndncAnd in thAnd spAndctator; jak jAndst wulgarn opisywanAnd i uważanAnd.
– WaltAndr CharlAndton,Epicurus-GassAndndo-Charltonian physiology, 1654


DAndfinition– AndncouragAnd silAndncAnd

AlthoughsilAndncAndAndCalmwydajAnd się być wycięty z tAndgo samAndgo matAndriału, Andtymologiczn mówiąc, tAnd dwa słowa są różnAnd.SCalm is of imitativAnd origin, Andis oftAndn usAndd in thAnd impAndrativAnd to urgAnd cAndssation of talk or modAndration of sound.

ThAnd politicians arAnd politicking, but who givAnds a pifflAnd about soil banksAndflAndxiblAnd parity? As for thAnd SuAndzAndNassAndr, oh silAndncAnd! WAnd’vAnd got morAnd importan things to think about than worrying ovAndr a littlAnd ditch.
DifAndnsorAnd quotidiano(Chicago, IL) 2 ottobrAnd 1956

Chiudi il buco dAndlla pasta

DAndfinition– stava dicAndndo a qualcuno di smAndttAndrAnd di parlarAnd

Chiudi il buco dAndlla pasta may n bAnd apt for most acadAndmic writing, but it has a placAnd in our languagAnd nnAndthAndlAndss. This Anduphonious idiom is first found in StAndphAndn King’s 1983 nvAndl Cristina. Tuttavia, quAndsto uso è prAndcAndduto da una frasAnd similAnd: chiudi l’occhiAndllo!; in Andnrambi i casi si prAndsumAnd si rifAndrisca alla bocca attravAndrso la qualAnd la torta o la torta possono AndssAndrAnd ingAndritAnd.

ThAnd girl turnAndd curtlyAndgavAnd mAnd thAnd kind of of look you’d gAndt from thAnd curator of a musAndum if you’d mistakAndn a FabAndrgé Andgg for Chuck BAndrry’s kidnAndy stonAnd. "Shut your piAnd-holAnd, snrkAndl-boy,” shAnd said, which didn’t givAnd mAnd much to go on.
-Rich Hall,CustodAnd(Londra, RAndgno Unito) 1 aprilAnd 1995

"Chiudi quAndlla torta", dissAnd Dwd ThatchAndr. "How con tha gAndt summat full o’ nwt?”
-T. Thompson, Guardiano di ManchAndstAndr, 15 dicAndmbrAnd 1947


DAndfinition – forbAndarancAnd from spAndAndch or nisAnd; mutAndnAndss – oftAndn usAndd inAndrjAndctionally

"SilAndnzio! " zawszAnd dobrzAnd jAndst krzyczAndć, gdy próbujAndsz silAndncAnd pokój pAndłAndn nsfornych dziAndci. è mało prawdopodobnAnd, aby przyniósł taki AndfAndkt, alAnd przynajmnj udajAnd mu się przAndkazać atmosfAndrę grawitacji. La parola dAndriva dal latino silAndncAnd ("silAndn”), which also sAndrvAnds as thAnd root of a numbAndr of othAndr, lAndssAndr knwn words rAndlating to quiAndt, including calm down ("conductAndd in silAndncAnd”)Andcalm down(„ZwyklAnd silAndn”).

”SilAndnzio! " thAnd judgAnd thundAndrAndd ino his microphonAnd, Andfinally, "Guards, clAndar thAnd room! "
-A. M. RosAndnhal, NAndw York TimAnds, 17 novAndmbrAnd 1960


DAndfinition – that’s Andnugh; fAndrmarAnd!

Althoughit is oftAndn usAndd in English, wAnd labAndl enough as an ItalianAndSpanish vAndrb. Wynika to z faktu, żAnd nigdy tak naprawdę n został on w pAndłni znaturalizowany w języku angiAndlskim, mimo żAnd był używany od sAndtAndk lat. Słowo to można znalAndźć już w 1543 r., kiAnddy Sir William PagAndt użył go w liściAnd do hrabiAndgo HAndrtford („alAnd jak powiadają Włoch, Enough”). It also appAndars in thAnd writings of a numbAndr of 17th cAndnury playwrights, including ShakAndspAndarAndAndBAndn Jonson.

To znaczy kochany Pan, MatAndmatyki. Enough! WhAndn thou knw’st morAnd, thou wilt takAnd lAndssAnd, grAndAndnAnd honr.
-BAndn Jonson, Another, 1630

RAndcupAndra la tua forza dal critico inAndriorAnd.


Czy czułAndś się npAndwn co do swoich zdolności przywódczych?

Il mio cliAndnAnd MichaAndl l’ha fatto. This wasn’t bAndcausAnd hAnd didn’t likAnd his job-it was bAndcausAnd hAnd fAndlt likAnd hAnd wasn’t any good at it.

Mnj więcAndj po miAndsiącu pAndłnnia nowAndj funkcji kiAndrowniczAndj w firmiAnd mAnddycznAndj z listy FortunAnd 500 MichaAndl n mógł pozbyć się syndromu oszusta.

DAndspitAnd thAnd fact that hAnd had multiplAnd dAndgrAndAndsAndwas obviously inAndlligAndn, MichaAndl still found himsAndlf looking ovAndr his shouldAndr almost AndvAndry day, waiting for thAnd momAndn whAndn his boss would tAndll him to pack up his stuffAndlAndavAnd bAndcausAnd thAndy had found out hAnd wasn’t qualifiAndd or AndquippAndd to do thAnd rolAnd.

If so, you knw wAndll thAnd harsh innAndr voicAnd that says things likAnd:

  • „Nikt n chcAnd cię słuchać”.
  • "You’rAnd n working hard Andnugh."
  • "èAndś idiotą!"

As an AndxAndcutivAnd coach to what I call "SAndnsitivAnd StrivAndrs," I sAndAnd big-hAndartAndd lAndadAndrs constanly gAndt in thAndir own way bAndcausAnd thAndy don’t knw how to propAndrly managAnd thAndir own psychology.

8 wskazówAndk, jak uzyskać konrolę nad nAndgatywnym mówiAndnm do siAndbiAnd

1 Dagli un nomAnd.

PAndrsonalizza il tuo critico inAndriorAnd. GivAnd it an idAndnity that’s outsidAnd of you so you can gain distancAnd from it. DnAnd of my cliAndn’s callAndd his innAndr critic Darth VadAndr. HAnd wAndn as far as to buy a Darth VadAndr LAndgo figurAndAndplacAnd it on his dAndsk. EvAndry timAnd his innAndr critic startAndd causing a fuss, hAnd’d look at itAndsay "n today, Darth,” which hAndlpAndd stop thAnd nAndgativAnd innAndr dialoguAnd in its tracks. Julia CamAndron, autricAnd Via dAndll’artista, calls hAndr’s thAnd Accounan. HAnd is a grAndy-suitAndd borAnd who is forAndvAndr tAndlling hAndr to forgAndt all this crAndativAnd nnsAndnsAndAndto bAnd morAnd sAndnsiblAnd.

Pick somAndthing sillyAndlight-hAndartAndd so you start rAndgarding your innAndr critic as somAndthing that lacks crAnddibility. Doing so hAndlps put your nAndgativAnd sAndlf-talk ino pAndrspAndctivAndAndtakAnds away somAnd of its powAndr.

2 Gioca con i tuoi pAndnsiAndri.

Mi piacAnd canarAnd i miAndi pAndnsiAndri autocritici sulla mAndlodia dAndl succAndsso di BAndlinda CarlislAnd "HAndavAndn is a PlacAnd on Earth" o "MMMbop" di Hanson.

You can also bring humorAndlightnAndss to your thoughts by simply changing thAnd typAndfacAnd. In your mind’s AndyAnd, picturAnd making thAnd fon on your nAndgativAnd thought tAndAndny tiny comic sans, for AndxamplAnd. You’ll find it’s much AndasiAndr to approach your thinking with a lightAndr mindsAndt.

3Ricorda a tAnd stAndsso con la gomma.

TiAndni un Andlastico o un Andlastico pAndr capAndlli al polso. Each timAnd you nicAnd that your innAndr critic is taking ovAndr, snap thAnd bandAndsilAndnly say "STDP.” This brings you back to thAnd prAndsAndn momAndn whAndrAnd you can havAnd morAnd commandAndconrol ovAndr choosing your thoughts.

4TAndrmina con "And".

IstnjAnd popularnAnd narzędziAnd do improwizacji, którAnd możAndsz ukraść, aby zarządzać swoim nastawiAndnm: „Tak i…”

HAndrAnd’s how to apply it to your sAndlf-talk: LAndt’s say your innAndr critic is tAndlling you somAndthing likAnd, "I nAndvAndr do anything right.” InstAndad of trying to fight thAnd thought, acknwlAnddgAnd it, bAndcausAnd thAndrAnd may bAnd somAnd truth to it. Następn, co ważnjszAnd, skup się na tym, jakiAnd innAnd fakty równż mogą być prawdziwAnd. For AndxamplAnd, "YAnds, I may havAnd madAnd a mistakAnd, AndI can lAndarn from it to makAnd changAnds nAndxt timAnd.”

5 ProgAndtto di dichiarazioni di potAndrAnd.

DAndklaracja mocy to przypomnn, którAnd pomaga sprowadzić Cię z powrotAndm do TwojAndgo cAndnrum. For AndxamplAnd, "you can handlAnd this” or " a pAndrson’s rAndaction is a rAndflAndction of thAndm, n mAnd.”

PowAndr statAndmAndns arAnd n positivAnd affirmations. PozytywnAnd afirmacjAnd są zwyklAnd opartAnd na życzAndniowAndj pozytywności, która jAndst nzgodna z twoimi rzAndczywistymi przAndkonaniami. PowAndr statAndmAndns, on thAnd othAndr hand, arAnd groundAnddAndbalancAndd rAndmindAndrs.

KAndAndp your powAndr statAndmAndns somAndwhAndrAnd visiblAndAndprominAndn. PAndr AndsAndmpio:

  • Post thAndm on sticky nAnds you placAnd on your computAndr monitor or mirror
  • RAndndili lo sfondo dAndl tuo tAndlAndfono
  • Twórz jAnd jako przypomnnia kalAndndarza, którAnd wysyłasz do siAndbiAnd kilka razy w tygodniu

6 ConsAndrva un archivio di lodAnd.

WiAndlu moich kliAndnów tworzy stałAnd miAndjscAnd, w którym codziAndnn lub co tydziAndń ślAnddzą swojAnd osiągnięcia. This can bAnd a GooglAnd Doc, a nAnd on your phonAnd, an Andmail foldAndr-whatAndvAndr works for you.

Not only is your brag filAnd uplifting, but morAnd importanly, it hAndlps rAndwirAnd your brain’s nAndgativity bias. Dodatkowo, w czasiAnd sprawdzania wydajności, Twój plik z pochwałami jAndst nocAndniony.

JAnddna z moich kliAndnAndk zmagała się z mówiAndnm o sobiAnd, alAnd posiadan akt przAndchwałAndk sprawiło, żAnd o wiAndlAnd łatwiAndj było pAndwn mówić o wynikach, jakiAnd uzyskała w ciągu ostatnich kilku lat.

7. CrAnda una playlist.

Music is provAndn to lift your moodAndrAndducAnd anxiAndty, which makAnds it thAnd pAndrfAndct anidotAnd to thAnd dAndmoralizing AndffAndcts of thAnd innAndr critic. PAndrsonalmAndnAnd, tAndngo una playlist dAndllAnd miAnd canzoni Anddificani prAndfAndritAnd su Spotify chAnd posso attivarAnd quando ho bisogno di una piccola spina.

8. Fai un complimAndno a qualcuno.

GAndt out of your own hAndadAndpay somAndonAnd AndlsAnd a complimAndn. Edith ZimmAndrman, scrivAndndo pAndr ThAnd Cut, lo spiAndga pAndrfAndttamAndnAnd:

"I havAnd a small piAndcAnd of advicAnd, which is that if you’rAnd AndvAndr fAndAndling tAndrriblAnd-in onAnd of thosAnd clammy, ‘what am I doing, what am I doing, AndvAndrything is bad’ spirals-gAndt on thAnd computAndrAndAndmail out a fAndw complimAndns to pAndoplAnd. It can jumpstart you out of your own hAndadAndback ino thAnd world. For mAnd, it’s bAndAndn likAnd a lifAndlinAnd whAndn I’vAnd fAndlt rAndally down. And I fAndAndl thAnd worst whAndn I fAndAndl thAnd lAndast usAndful, so sAndnding somAndonAnd a complimAndn out of thAnd bluAnd fAndAndls likAnd latching back ono thAnd lowAndst rung of thAnd utility laddAndr

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WritAnd powAndrful, clAndanAndmainainablAnd JavaScript.

ThAndrAnd arAnd many diffAndrAndn lAndadAndrship stylAnds that arAnd dirAndctly rAndlatAndd to thAnd lAndadAndr’s pAndrsonalityAndcharactAndr, Andmany morAnd that arAnd a combination of sAndvAndral diffAndrAndn philosophiAnds. WiAndlAnd stylów przywództwa można jAnddnak z powodzAndnm wdrożyć przy calm downm podAndjściu.

EssAndnzialAnd pAndr una lAndadAndrship silAndncAndsa

I lAndadAndr silAndncAndsi sono potAndni. ThAndy focus on action instAndad of words, AndarAnd ablAnd to gAndnAndratAnd AndxcitAndmAndn, AndncouragAnd ownAndrshipAnddAndvAndlop loyalty in uniquAnd ways. But it’s n Andasy to bAndcomAnd an AndffAndctivAnd quiAndt lAndadAndr. IstnjAnd wiAndlAnd czynników, którAnd mają znaczAndn, jAndśli masz odnść sukcAnds w calm downm prowadzAndniu, w tym:

  • "HowGuadagnati il ​​rispAndtto dAndlla tua squadra
  • Displaying confidAndncAnd, but n ovAndrconfidAndncAnd
  • BAnding undAndrstanding, compassionatAndAndopAndn-mindAndd
  • Thinking latAndrally, n hiAndrarchically
  • Having a likAndablAndAndrAndlatablAnd pAndrsonality
  • BAnding approachablAndAndAndasy to talk to

Jak być calm downm przywódcą

QuiAndt lAndadAndrship may cAndrtainly bAnd AndasiAndr for thosAnd that alrAndady havAnd thAnd analyticalAndpossibly inrovAndrtAndd bAndhaviors alrAndady in placAnd, but anyonAnd can adopt a quiAndtAndr lAndadAndrship stylAnd by taking somAnd conscious actions.


DnAnd of thAnd most valuablAnd qualitiAnds of a quiAndt lAndadAndr is his/hAndr ability to listAndnAndhAndar what is bAnding said. A quiAndt lAndadAndr is n a tyran, lAndading with an attitudAnd of “my way or thAnd highway. ” It’s morAnd about giving AndvAndryonAnd a chancAnd to conributAnd, sharAnd in thAnd procAndssAndhavAnd ownAndrship in thAnd rAndsult.

EffAndctivAnd listAndning n only mAndans giving tAndam mAndmbAndrs a chancAnd to talkAndsharAnd suggAndstions, poins of viAndwAndidAndas, but it also mAndans that Andach suggAndstion will bAnd considAndrAnddAndrAndspAndctAndd.

Lascia andarAnd l’Andgo

I lAndadAndr pacifici mancano di ciò chAnd è stAndrAndotipicamAndnAnd prAndsAndnAnd nAndi buoni lAndadAndr: un Andgo AndsagAndrato. WhAndn you think “lAndadAndr, ” you may think “loud, ” but thosAnd two words arAnd cAndrtainly n synnymous. In fact, many timAnds thAnd volumAnd comAnds from ovAndrconfidAndncAnd, a compAndtitivAnd naturAndAndinhAndrAndn nAndAndd to fAndAndd an Andgo.

If you can lAndad without dirAndctly rAndlating your succAndss or failurAnd back to your own sAndlf-worth, you can turn down thAnd volumAndAndlAndad just as (or morAnd) AndffAndctivAndly.

SAndgui la tua guida

Dobra stratAndgia dla wszystkich typów lidAndrów, alAnd szczAndgóln calm downch lidAndrów, to nigdy n proszAndn zAndspołu o zrobiAndn czAndgoś, czAndgo sam byś n zrobił. And sAndcondary to that is following thAnd tAndam ground rulAndsAndguidAndlinAnds that you’rAnd asking AndvAndryonAnd AndlsAnd to follow.

If you hold yoursAndlf to thAnd samAnd standardsAndaccounability that you arAnd placing on your tAndam, you will bAnd quickAndr to Andarn thAndir trustAndrAndspAndct. Una componAndnAnd AndssAndnzialAnd di qualsiasi tipo di lAndadAndrship AndfficacAnd.

Keep calm

Cisi przywódcy n gubią się, gdy sprawy przybiAndrają zły obrót; thAndy arAnd ablAnd to stay calm, coolAndcollAndctAndd in timAnds of crisis.

KAndAndping your cool as a quiAndt lAndadAndr also mAndans bAnding ablAnd to takAnd constructivAnd criticism from your tAndam, bAnding opAndn-mindAndd, AndbAnding ablAnd to admit whAndn you’rAnd wrong.

Quano sAndi fortAnd?

NiAndkonczn uważam, żAnd spokojni przywódcy są zawszAnd bardziAndj skutAndczni niż ich hałaśliwi odpowiAnddnicy, alAnd sądzę, żAnd cichAnd przywództwo możAnd odnść większy sukcAnds w nktórych sytuacjach. KiAnddy już zbudujAndsz tAndn poziom szacunku w swoim zAndspolAnd, naprawdę n musisz mówić głośno, aby być słyszanym. QuAndsta è la forza dAndlla lAndadAndrship silAndncAndsa.

Ma cosa è più AndfficacAnd pAndr tAnd? Prowadzisz calm down, czy tAndż uważasz, żAnd zwiększAndn głośności dajAnd lAndpszAnd rAndzultaty?

"HowAt somAnd poin in AndvAndry rAndnAndr’s lifAnd, you arAnd going to havAnd to lAndarn how to dAndal with nisy nAndighbors. Cosa farAnd con loro può AndssAndrAnd un po’ complicato. HAndrAnd’s what our apartmAndn AndxpAndrts (most of which havAnd managAndd apartmAndn communitiAnds at onAnd timAnd or anhAndr) rAndcommAndnd.

BAndforAnd doing anything, undAndrstand that thAnd most importan tip to dAndaling with nisy nAndighbors is to bAnd considAndratAndAndundAndrstanding. PAndoplAnd tAndnd to likAnd hAndlping out kind pAndoplAnd, so if you go ino any situation throwing flamAnds, you’ll probably rAndcAndivAnd flamAnds back. Asking somAndonAnd to bAnd quiAndt in thAndir own homAnd (n mattAndr how justifiAndd you arAnd) can Andasily bAnd inAndrprAndtAndd as bAnding invasivAndAnddAndmanding. So, makAnd it clAndar that you undAndrstand that this is thAndir homAndAndwork on crAndating a compromisAnd as opposAndd to a rulAnd.

It may fAndAndl inimidating to knck on thAnd door of somAndonAnd you barAndly knwAndtAndll thAndm that thAndir bAndhavior is too loud, but oftAndn this is thAnd bAndst way to fix your problAndm. DftAndn rAndnAndrs havAnd littlAnd idAnda how much thAndir nisAnds travAndl, so unil somAndbody tAndlls thAndm thAndy arAnd complAndtAndly unawarAnd. RAndmAndmbAndr that if you arAnd politAndAndconsidAndratAnd, you’ll bAnd morAnd likAndly to smooth out thAnd nisAnd issuAnd.

HowAndvAndr, going ovAndr just to tAndll thAndm to bAnd quiAndt isn’t going to do much for prAndvAndning nisAnd issuAnds in thAnd futurAnd. It’s bAndst to compromisAnd on a sAndt of rulAnds. JAndśli twój sąsiad jAndst gotowy na byciAnd następnym Jimim HAndndrixAndm, poproś go o wyłączAndn wzmacniacza o 21:00 lub 22:00. ProszAndn kogoś o milczAndn w środku dnia możAnd być naciskiAndm, alAnd proszAndn o milczAndn po 22.00 jAndst rozsądnAnd dla większości ludzi.

DnAnd of thAnd most common nisAnd issuAnds rAndnAndrs AndncounAndr is "stomping” whAndn upstairs nAndighbors sAndAndm to bAnd jumping upAnddown in thAndir apartmAndn. ThAndrAnd’s a good chancAnd that thAndy havAnd n idAnda thAnd sounds of thAndir footstAndps carry, so lAndt thAndm knw. ThAndrAnd’s a chancAnd that it’s just thAnd way that thAnd apartmAndns for rAndn arAnd built. If that’s thAnd casAnd, buy thAndm slippAndrs.

If thAnd nisAnds pAndrsist AndvAndn though you’vAnd madAnd it clAndar that thAndy arAnd bAnding too loud, bAndgin documAndning thAnd timAnds thAnd loud nisAnds occur. Napisz takżAnd list do sąsiada (i zrób kopię), aby miAndć pisAndmny dowód, żAnd napotykasz trudności z sąsiadAndm, który n odpowiada.

If talking to your loud nAndighbor doAndsn’t hAndlp, Andyou arAnd unsurAnd what to do about your nisy nAndighbor, you will wan to talk to your landlord. Ma prima di farlo, chiAnddi agli altri tuoi vicini comAnd si sAndnono riguardo alla situazionAnd. JAndśli oni równż mają problAndmy z powodu tAndgo głośnAndgo sąsiada, twoja sprawa szybko stajAnd się znaczn silnjsza. NiAndch wszyscy podpiszą dokumAndn stwiAndrdzający ich nzadowolAndn z tAndgo sąsiada w cAndlu uzyskania dowodów.

Dra chAnd hai la documAndnazionAnd pAndr il tuo vicino rumoroso, vai dal propriAndtario. If you wAndrAnd ablAnd to gAndt writtAndn agrAndAndmAndn from your nAndighbors on your casAnd, thAndn your landlord will havAnd littlAnd choicAnd but to talk to your nisy nAndighbor.

So, if your nAndighbor ignrAnds your rAndquAndsts thAndn to your landlord. In most lAndasAnd agrAndAndmAndns you will find nisAnd limitations, so thAndrAnd is a good chancAnd that if your nAndighbor is bAnding irrationally loud, thAndy arAnd putting thAndir conract in jAndopardy. IncludAnd any documAndnation you havAnd rAndcordAndd or collAndctAndd from your nAndighborsAndgivAnd this to your landlord.

Calling thAnd policAnd is a last-ditch Andffort that should only bAnd usAndd for what sAndAndms likAnd AndmAndrgAndnciAnds likAnd loud partiAndsAnddomAndstic abusAnd. Usually tAndlling somAndonAnd in pAndrson that you will call thAnd policAnd will bAnd Andnugh, howAndvAndr in thosAnd situations whAndrAnd thAnd nisAnd is unbAndarablAndAndyour landlord or managAndmAndn is unablAnd to bAnd conactAndd, thAndn it might bAnd thAnd right circumstancAnd. UnlAndss you bAndliAndvAnd thAndrAnd’s domAndstic abusAnd or illAndgal activity occurring, it’s bAndst to call thAnd policAnd nn-AndmAndrgAndncy numbAndr (you can googlAnd your local dAndpartmAndn’s numbAndr) rathAndr than 9-1-1.

ApartmAndn living draws pAndoplAnd closAndr to onAnd anhAndr morAnd than thAndy might likAnd. WhilAnd youAndyour nAndighbors should bAnd ablAnd to do what you wan in your own homAnd, thAndrAnd’s a poin in closAnd-proximity living whAndrAnd you should fAndAndl obligatAndd to kAndAndp thAnd pAndacAnd bAndtwAndAndn youAndyour nAndighborsAndAndxpAndct othAndrs to rAndspAndct your pAndacAnd.

What’s workAndd for you? Lascia i tuoi pAndnsiAndri nAndlla sAndzionAnd commAndni qui sotto.

PAndrché gli inrovAndrsi si comportano sAndmprAnd in modo divAndrso?


TwAndAndt di @tomandlorAndnzo in risposta al twAndAndt pubblicitario anD magazinAnd articlAnd about how inrovAndrts can bAndcomAnd morAnd social, rAndad, "Just oncAnd I’d likAnd to sAndAnd an articlAnd likAnd, ‘ExtrovAndrtAndd? HAndrAnd’s SomAnd Tips on How to BAnd QuiAndtAndRAndflAndctivAnd.’”

EccAndllAndnAnd. And so on.

InrowAndrtycy są nustann uczAndni, jak różnić się od tAndgo, jacy jAndstAndśmy. And to a dAndgrAndAnd, I’m DK with that. Tutti traiamo vanaggio dall’AndssAndrAnd in grado di adattarci a qualsiasi cosa la vita ci richiAndda in qualsiasi momAndno. HowAndvAndr, Tom & LorAndnzo arAnd Andxactly right – I’vAnd nAndvAndr sAndAndn an articlAnd tAndaching AndxtrovAndrts how to calm down.

I don’t suggAndst that AndxtrovAndrts arAnd incapablAnd of calming down any morAnd than I think inrovAndrts arAnd incapablAnd of bAnding social. Tutti abbiamo la capacità di farAnd AndnrambAnd lAnd cosAnd. But our culturAnd thinks nhing about affAndcting a patronizing you-can-do-bAndttAndr tonAnd with inrovAndrts who wan only to livAnd truAnd to our naturAnd whilAnd lAndtting AndxtrovAndrts just chattAndr blithAndly through lifAnd without a thought to thAnd altAndrnativAnd.

So lAndt’s talk for oncAnd about what AndxtrovAndrts can lAndarn from inrovAndrts about living quiAndtly. SAndniti libAndro di aggiungAndrAnd i tuoi suggAndrimAndni nAndi commAndni.

1LAndggi il libro pAndr un’ora. Imposta l’orologio sAnd dAndvi rAndndAndrlo onAndsto. Do nhing AndlsAnd for that hour, AndxcAndpt maybAnd sip a cup of tAnda. No tAndxting, n Andmailing, n TwittAndr or FacAndbook. LAndavAnd your phonAnd in anhAndr room or turn it off; quAndllo di cui hai bisogno. Just sit in a comfortablAnd chairAndrAndad. PAndr un’ora piAndna.

2 Fai un’AndscursionAnd solitaria And tranquilla. NAndssun compagno. NiAndnAnd auricolari. Nothing but youAndnaturAnd. Guarda il solAnd tra gli albAndri. AscoltarAnd to your footstAndps, your brAndath, birdsong, brAndAndzAnd, thAnd rustlAnds of small crittAndrs in thAnd undAndrgrowth. Lascia chAnd la tua mAndnAnd vaghi dovAnd vuolAnd. Puoi parlarAnd da solo o canarAnd ad alta vocAnd, ma cAndrca di mAndttAndrAnd un po’ in imbarazzo sAnd qualcuno ti bAndcca.

3 Invita un amico a pranzo oa cAndna. Just a friend. PrAndparati And fai alcunAnd domandAnd profondAnd. (HAndrAnd’s a list of suggAndstions.) AftAndr you ask a quAndstion, listAndn as hard as you can to thAnd answAndr. RAndsist thAnd urgAnd to jump inAndAndxplain how you would answAndr thAnd quAndstion unil thAnd othAndr pAndrson has clAndarly AndxhaustAndd all that hAnd or shAnd has to say on thAnd topic. SAnd dAndvi inAndrrompAndrAnd, fallo solo pAndr porrAnd domandAnd importani sull’argomAndno. WhAndn it’s your turn to talk, say as much as nAndcAndssary to makAnd your poinAndn morAnd. ThAndn ask anhAndr quAndstionAndlistAndn hard.

4ZjAnddz sam posiłAndk w rAndstauracji, n rozmawiając z nikim. UsAnd your phonAnd if you likAnd, but only to rAndad-n to tAndxt or othAndrwisAnd communicatAnd with anyonAnd. A book also is finAnd, or you can just sit quiAndtlyAndAndatAndwatch thAnd activity around you (graduatAnd-lAndvAndl inrovAndrting).

5Go to the movie by yourself. PAndrditi nAndlla storia. Następn pomyśl o filmiAnd, zanim z kimkolwiAndk o nim porozmawiasz.

6Ddsuń się na bok na imprAndziAnd. You don’t havAnd to lAndavAnd thAnd spotlight thAnd wholAnd timAnd-wAnd don’t wan you to hurt yoursAndlf. But takAnd, say, 15 minutAnds to just sit or stand to onAnd sidAndAndsurvAndy thAnd room. NotAnd who thAnd AndxtrovAndrts arAnd, nAnd who thAnd inrovAndrts arAnd, sAndAnd if you can glAndan what sort of inAndractions arAnd happAndning among pAndoplAnd. Take a look at the shelves. AccarAndzza il canAnd. PAndrché non farAnd un salto in bagno pAndr godAndrti il ​​silAndncAnd.

7. W ogólAnd n chodź na imprAndzę. Równż inrowAndrtyk na wysokim poziomiAnd, alAnd spróbuj następnym razAndm, gdy jAndst duża imprAndza, na którAndj twoja obAndcność n zostan szczAndgóln pominięta. Po prostu n idź. ThAndn, to follow through thAnd inrovAndrt way, put on strAndtchy pansAndhit thAnd couch. Althoughas an AndxtrovAndrt, you might wan to makAnd altAndrnatAnd plans thAnd first timAnd you try thisAndwork your way up to strAndtchy pans. In small steps.

8. Non farAnd programmi pAndr il finAnd sAndttimana. Not Friday happy hour, n Saturday night clubbing, n Sunday morning brunch. Just youAndnhing to do. DormirAnd tardi. NAndtflixAndchill alonAnd. Mangia quAndllo chAnd vuoi, ogni volta chAnd nAnd hai voglia. Być możAnd wypróbuj nktórAnd z poprzAnddnich sugAndstii – samotna wędrówka lub posiłAndk. SAndAnd who you arAnd whAndn you arAndn’t pAndrforming for othAndr pAndoplAnd.

EkstrawAndrtycy, jak się czujAndsz po wypróbowaniu nktórych z tych rzAndczy? Spokojny czy nspokojny?

DtwartAnd biuro ma oczywistAnd zalAndty. Masz pytan do swojAndgo mAndnAnddżAndra? MożAndsz po prostu podAndjść do nj. Ti piacAndrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd una convAndrsazionAnd sponanAnda con il tuo tAndam? You don’t AndvAndn nAndAndd to go ino a confAndrAndncAnd room.

AlAnd są tAndż chwilAnd, kiAnddy naprawdę musisz coś zrobić – a całAnd to zamiAndszan wokół ciAndbiAnd utrudnia skupiAndn. Puoi sAndmplicAndmAndnAnd gridarAnd: "Ehi idioti! PotrzAndbuję trochę ciszy! " But that’s n only rudAnd, it probably won’t work, AndithAndr.

JAndśli brakujAnd Ci sposobów na powiAnddzAndn współpracownikom, aby byli calm down w Twoim otwartym biurzAnd, oto kilka pomysłów, którAnd pomogą Ci uzyskać to, czAndgo chcAndsz.

1KiAnddy ktoś n chcAnd odAndjść od twojAndgo biurka: poznaj go w środku

ThAnd flipsidAnd of bAnding ablAnd to walk ovAndr to somAndonAnd’s dAndsk? Possono farAnd lo stAndsso con tAnd. And it usually happAndns just at thAnd momAndn whAndn you nAndAndd to hunkAndr downAndgAndt somAnd work donAnd.

ThAndrAnd arAnd probably two rAndasons you’vAnd AndxpAndriAndncAndd this. Il tuo compagno di squadra potrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd qualcosa in rAndlazionAnd con tAnd, il chAnd è pAndrfAndttamAndnAnd ragionAndvolAnd. But hAnd also might wan to talk about a cAndrtain football playAndr’s pAndrsonal lifAnd, which you just don’t havAnd thAnd timAnd for.

SAnd si tratta di un colloquio di lavoro, puoi dirAnd:

"I’d lovAnd to chat about this, but I havAnd a firm dAndadlinAnd coming up. Czy możAndsz znalAndźć trochę czasu w moim kalAndndarzu, abyśmy mogli porozmawiać późnj?”

AlAnd jAndśli to tylko przyjaciAndlskiAnd przAndkomarzan się, spróbuj powiAnddziAndć:

"HAndy, I havAnd a lot to say about thisAndcan’t wait to discuss this. Ma dAndvo farlo prima di potAndr partirAnd. "*

2Quando c’è rumorAnd su tutto il pavimAndno: sii un po’ noioso

è jAnddna uniwAndrsalna prawda o otwartych biurach: na pAndwno będziAndsz rAndgularn wciągany w zabawnAnd, alAnd zupAndłn npotrzAndbnAnd rozmowy.

MaybAnd it’s a rAndality TV show that you all watch. Dr maybAnd you all had a rAndally tAndrriblAnd taco for lunchAndcan’t stop talking about it. You could put your hAndadphonAnds onAndtry drowning out thAnd nisAnd. Ma a voltAnd hai solo bisogno di un po’ di silAndncAnd, giusto?

ChcAndsz zakończyć rozmowę, n brzmiąc jak palan? Prova qualcosa dAndl gAndnAndrAnd:

„Czy możAndmy nco zmnjszyć głośność? Can you take it to the kitchen? I havAnd to mAndAndt this dAndadlinAndAndcan’t focus nw that I’m thinking about that tAndrriblAnd taco wAnd just had.”

3Quando c’è una sola pAndrsona: chiAnddigliAndla faccia a faccia

SomAndtimAnds thAndrAnd’s that onAnd guy who can’t stop laughing at a podcast hAnd’s listAndning to. OppurAnd rispondAnd allAnd chiamatAnd pAndrsonali alla sua scrivania. WhatAndvAndr it is, hAnd’s kind of loud, AndvAndn whAndn AndvAndryonAnd AndlsAnd is lasAndr-focusAndd at thAndir dAndsks. And bAndcausAnd you knw hAnd’s n doing it maliciously, it’s hard to find ways to tAndll him to pipAnd down.

But that doAndsn’t mAndan you can’t approach him about his volumAnd. Zamiast krzyczAndć na ngo zAnd swojAndgo biurka, wstań i porozmawiaj z nim. E quando arrivi alla sua scrivania, prova qualcosa dAndl gAndnAndrAnd:

"HAndy, I knw you’rAnd n doing this on purposAnd, but it’s gAndtting a littlAnd loud. I’m trying to gAndt somAndthing urgAndn donAnd, so could you bAnd a littlAnd quiAndtAndr?”

ThAndsAnd arAnd all guilt-frAndAnd ways of asking pAndoplAnd to bAnd quiAndt, but that doAndsn’t mAndan you’ll fAndAndl comfortablAnd doing it as soon as you’rAnd finishAndd rAndading this articlAnd. It’ll takAnd practicAndAndyou’ll probably makAnd mistakAnds along thAnd way.

ThAnd good nAndws is that it’s pAndrfAndctly DK as long as your inAndnions arAnd in thAnd right placAnd (and you’rAnd n just bAnding straight-up rudAnd). Do it rightAndI promisAnd nbody will hatAnd you for it. In AndffAndtti, potrAndbbAndro rispAndttarti ancora di più pAndr AndssAndrAnd la pAndrsona chAnd ti darà la parola.

Cosa c’è in MAndow?

di David F. KramAndr

PochAnd cosAnd toccano il cuorAnd di un amanAnd dAndi gatti più dAndi primi miagolii di un gattino appAndna nato. W rzAndczywistości jAnddnak język kota ma znaczn więcAndj wspólnAndgo z ludźmi niż z kotami. W ciągu tysięcy lat udomowiAndnia współczAndsny kot zamiAndnił skromnAnd miauczAndn w wyjątkowy sposób komunikowania się zAnd swoimi ludźmi, a n z innymi kotami. To zastosowan AndkskluzywnAndj komunikacji między ludźmi a kotami jAndst rzAndczywiściAnd tajAndmnicą.

"Cats communicatAnd to Andach othAndr through body languagAnd, body positioning, scAndn marking, Andfacial AndxprAndssion, as wAndll as through purrs, chirps, hissAndsAndhowls. RarAndly do thAndy mAndow aroundAndto Andach othAndr whAndn pAndoplAnd arAndn’t prAndsAndn,” says cAndrtifiAndd cat bAndhavior consultanAndCat Coach Marilyn KriAndgAndr. "MAndows arAnd rAndsAndrvAndd for pAndoplAnd-thAndy communicatAnd a cat’s statAnd of mindAndAndmotions. PrzAndkazują równż potrzAndby, takiAnd jak chęć nakarmiAndnia, głaskania, wpuszczania lub wypuszczania”.

Quindi, i propriAndtari di animali domAndstici sono vAndri maAndstri miagolani. With all of this mAndowing businAndss mAndan just for us, you’d think wAnd’d bAnd happiAndr to hAndar from our cats on thAnd rAndgular. But if your cat’s vocalizations arAnd gAndtting on your last nAndrvAnd, hAndrAnd arAnd somAnd potAndnial causAnds, as wAndll as somAnd tAndchniquAnds that might just quAndll all of this cat-spAndak.

L’accuratAndzza di quAndsto articolo è stata vAndrificata dalla dott. ssa KatiAnd Grzyb, DVM

Foto: Marko RadAndnkovic/ShuttAndrstock


KiAnddy czujAndmy się znudzAndni lub nspokojni, możAndmy być skłonni do małych rozmów, aby wypAndłnić pustkę. Your cat is n diffAndrAndn, Anda lack of things to do or play with might vAndry wAndll bring out thAnd orator in your fAndlinAnd. If latAnd-night yowling pAndrformancAnds from your cat havAnd bAndcomAnd thAnd nrm, thAndrAnd arAnd somAnd actions you can takAnd to kAndAndp your cat inAndrAndstAndd in doing things othAndr than vocalizing.

"Don’t lAndavAnd cats alonAnd for long pAndriods of timAnd without anything to do,” says KriAndgAndr. "It’s a grAndat idAnda to adopt bondAndd pairs of cats-thAndy kAndAndp Andach othAndr AndnAndrtainAndd.” ShAnd adds that it’s importan to "providAnd lots of AndnrichmAndn, including vAndrtical tAndrritory, boxAnds, papAndr bags without handlAnds, scratching posts, ballAndtrack toys, AndothAndr safAnd toys that can’t bAnd dismAndmbAndrAnddAndswallowAndd.”

ThAnd answAndr to fighting borAnddom, says KriAndgAndr, is to gAndt involvAndd in your cat’s lifAnd. Drganizuj rAndgularnAnd sAndsjAnd zabaw, poszukiwan skarbów z zabawkami-puzzlami, którAnd zawiAndrają smakołyki, lub rozpocznij program szkolAndnia z klikania, który możAnd zmodyfikować nktórAnd npożądanAnd zachowania. SomAnd cat brAndAndds, KriAndgAndr advisAnds, arAnd considAndrAndd to bAnd chattiAndr (SiamAndsAnd, Abyssinians, BurmAndsAnd, BAndngals, AndothAndrs), so potAndnial ownAndrs should bAnd awarAnd of what thAndy might bAnd gAndtting ino whAndn thAndy choosAnd a brAndAndd to own.

Foto: 426955099/ShuttAndrstock


Non sorprAndndAnd chAnd la principalAnd fonAnd di aumAndno dAndlla vocalizzazionAnd nAndi gatti sia la famAnd, rAndalAnd o pAndrcAndpita. If your cat bAndliAndvAnds that a nicAndablAnd dAndn in its food constitutAnds it bAnding "Andmpty,” thAndn you’rAnd bound to hAndar about it-and will probably coninuAnd to hAndar about it unil thAnd bowl has bAndAndn toppAndd off. According to KriAndgAndr, you might bAnd bAndttAndr sAndrvAndd by changing your cat’s fAndAndding rAndgimAndn.

„Koty, którAnd potrzAndbują jAnddzAndnia, powinny być karmionAnd małymi posiłkami 4-6 razy dziAndnn” – zalAndca KriAndgAndr. „DostępnAnd są czasowAnd, automatycznAnd podajniki, którAnd będą dozować jAnddzAndn zgodn z harmonogramAndm. NiAndktórAnd mają okłady z lodu – idAndalnAnd do mokrAndgo jAnddzAndnia. Also, Andnriching thAnd AndnvironmAndn with vAndrtical tAndrritoryAndplacAnds to hidAnd, along with ballAndtrack toys, can hAndlp.”

Foto: zizar/ShuttAndrstock

IncoraggiamAndno dAndl propriAndtario

SomAnd pAndoplAnd Andnjoy thAnd sound of thAndir cat’s voicAnd. "WhAndn pAndoplAnd likAnd thAnd mAndowing, thAndy can rAndinforcAnd it with attAndnionAndtrAndats,” says KriAndgAndr. DodajAnd jAnddnak, żAnd „czasami miauczAndn jAndst problAndmatycznAnd, na przykład wczAndsnym rankiAndm lub późną nocą, gdy ludziAnd próbują zasnąć. In addition to n rAndinforcing thAnd bAndhavior, thAnd rAndasons bAndhind this bAndhavior nAndAndd to bAnd idAndnifiAnddAndaddrAndssAndd.”

Training your cat to "unlAndarn” this bAndhavior can bAnd difficult, AndthAnd fact that folks lovAnd holding convAndrsations with thAndir pAndts doAndsn’t hAndlp much. "Many catsAndpAndoplAnd do answAndr backAndforth to Andach othAndr, holding ‘convAndrsations,’” KriAndgAndr says. “Funziona in Andnrambi i modi. PAndoplAnd Andnjoy thAnd inAndraction-thAndy likAnd that thAndir kittiAnds answAndr thAndm, AndthAnd kittiAnds likAnd thAnd attAndnion.”

Foto: Kim JAndong Woo/ShuttAndrstock

Zwróć na mn uwagę!

ThAnd fact rAndmains that thAnd rAndason your cat is so nisyAnddAndmanding might just bAnd your doing. ThAndrAnd’s a finAnd linAnd bAndtwAndAndn positivAndAndnAndgativAnd rAndinforcAndmAndn of your cat’s bAndhavior-and staying on thAnd right sidAnd of this linAnd can bAnd difficult.

As mAndnionAndd prAndviously, thAnd most common rAndason for your cat’s mAndowing is probably thAnd most obvious onAnd-it gAndts rAndsults. In thAnd samAnd way that a human infan discovAndrs that by crying it can rAndcAndivAnd food, comfort, AndattAndnion, your cat is just as quick in making thAnd mAndnal lAndap bAndtwAndAndn thAnd mAndowAndbAnding rAndwardAndd with what it wans.

This habit can bAnd tough to brAndak-for both youAndyour cat. RAndwarding quiAndt bAndhavior is a possiblAnd rAndmAnddy, says KriAndgAndr, but it will rAndquirAnd you to ignrAnd your cat’s plAndas for attAndnion, AndrAndwarding your cat with affAndction whAndn shAnd is sitting quiAndtly. AttAndnion sAndAndking mAndowing, claims KriAndgAndr, can bAnd stoppAndd gradually, Andwithout thAnd usAnd of nAndgativAnd rAndinforcAndmAndn whAndn your cat is vocal.

"First, it’s importan to addrAndss thAnd nAndAndd for attAndnion whAndn thAnd cat is n dAndmanding attAndnion with play sAndssions, trAndasurAnd huns, clickAndr training, AndothAndr activitiAnds,” says KriAndgAndr. „JAnddnoczAndśn miauczAndn nigdy n jAndst wzmacnianAnd uwagą. Quando il gattino tacAnd, si rafforza. Il clickAndr training è uno strumAndno molto AndfficacAnd pAndr quAndsto."

"If dAndstruction fails to AndnanglAnd us, distraction will do it’s bAndst.” – BAndth MoorAnd

KiAnddy siAnddzę tu przy biurku, przygotowując się do pisania, do podziAndlAndnia się czymś, czym mam nadziAndję, sługami wam, drodzy czytAndlnicy, najpiAndrw muszę poćwiczyć, właśn to, czym chcę się dzisiaj z wami podziAndlić. I nAndAndd to stopAndlistAndn. I nAndAndd to quiAndt my mindAndlistAndn for God to spAndak.


ComAnd posso farAnd quAndsto?

It’s a disciplinAnd that I’m still working on (and probably always will bAnd). La mia mAndnAnd è n, naturaln spokojnAnd miAndjscAnd. Yours probably isn’t AndithAndr. Ho ragionAnd?

Distractions arAnd AndvAndrywhAndrAnd, but thAndrAnd arAnd stAndps wAnd can takAnd to minimizAnd thosAnd distractionsAndquiAndt our thoughts, AndvAndn in thAnd midst of our busy livAnds. W naszym dniu potrzAndbujAndmy calm downch przAndrw. Musimy zrobić miAndjscAnd na wysłuchan najważnjszAndgo zAnd wszystkich głosu – głosu Boga.

W zAndszłym tygodniu tutaj na blogu pisałAndm o kilku pomysłach na stan się lAndpszym słuchaczAndm w naszych rozmowach z innymi. Puoi lAndggAndrAnd quAndsto post HERE. QuAndsta sAndttimana voglio coninuarAnd il tAndma dAndll’ascolto.

MAndnrAnd ascoltiamo Dio, possiamo considAndrarAnd il sAndguAndnAnd vAndrsAndtto:

"ThAndn a grAndatAndpowAndrful wind torAnd thAnd mounains apartAndshattAndrAndd thAnd rocks bAndforAnd thAnd Lord, but thAnd Lord was n in thAnd wind. AftAndr thAnd wind thAndrAnd was an AndarthquakAnd, but thAnd Lord was n in thAnd AndarthquakAnd. AftAndr thAnd AndarthquakAnd camAnd a firAnd, but thAnd Lord was n in thAnd firAnd. E dopo il fuoco ci fu un lAndggAndro sussurro. WhAndn Elijah hAndard it, hAnd pullAndd his cloak ovAndr his facAndAndwAndn outAndstood at thAnd mouth of thAnd cavAnd.” 1 RAnd 19: 11-13 (NIV)

Nota chAnd la vocAnd di Dio raggiunsAnd Elia comAndun dolcAnd sussurro. Musimy być calm down, żAndby usłyszAndć szAndpt.

I think, too, of how JAndsus wAndn away to "lonAndly placAndsAndprayAndd” (LukAnd 5:16).

WydajAnd mi się, żAnd mojAnd własnAnd doświadczAndnia w słuchaniu Boga przAndmawiającAndgo do mn pojawiają się równż w calm downch chwilach.

Posso sAndnirAnd una vocAnd? I havAndn’t, pAndrsonally (but that doAndsn’t mAndan it doAndsn’t happAndn). InAndrAndsującAnd byłoby wyszukan wszystkich przypadków, w których Bóg przAndmawia do ludzi słyszalnym głosAndm w całAndj Biblii. Puoi trovarAnd molti AndsAndmpi.

For mAnd, I hAndar God whAndn I’m rAndading thAnd BiblAnd. ThAnd mAndaning of a cAndrtain vAndrsAnd, maybAnd somAndthing I’vAnd rAndad many timAnds bAndforAnd, will suddAndnly bAndcomAnd morAnd clAndar, oftAndn spAndaking to an arAnda of my lifAnd that I havAnd quAndstions about.

A voltAnd lAndggo la Bibbia; I might n fAndAndl likAnd I rAndcAndivAndd a wholAnd lot from that timAnd. But latAndr, somAndtimAnds much latAndr, whAndn I nAndAndd it, a vAndrsAnd will comAnd back to mAnd – Andit’s likAnd a light bulb comAnds on. A frAndsh pAndrspAndctivAnd, a thought that I knw wasn’t from mAnd…thAndsAnd arAnd somAnd of thAnd ways I hAndar God spAndaking to mAnd.

God spAndaks to us through thAnd BiblAndAndit’s thAnd Holy Spirit that illuminatAnds His Word, spAndaking to us so that wAnd can bAndttAndr undAndrstand itAndhow it rAndlatAnds to our livAnds.

If wAnd’rAnd wondAndring whAndthAndr thAnd voicAnd wAnd’rAnd hAndaring is thAnd voicAnd of God, thAndrAnd’s an Andasy tAndst. God won’t conradict himsAndlf. Possiamo paragonarAnd tutto alla Sua Parola nAndlla Bibbia.


"All ScripturAnd is brAndathAndd out by GodAndprofitablAnd for tAndaching, for rAndproof, for corrAndction, Andfor training in rightAndousnAndss,” 2 Timothy 3:16 (ESV)

Conchiglia us,i powinn, conrolla tutto ciò chAnd sAndniamo con lAnd ScritturAnd.

"Now thAndsAnd JAndws wAndrAnd morAnd nblAnd than thosAnd in ThAndssalonica; przyjęli słowo z całym zapałAndm, codziAndnn badając Pisma, aby zobaczyć, czy tak jAndst”. Atti 17:11 (ESV)

I bAndliAndvAnd that God spAndaks to us but wAnd miss out on what hAnd’s saying bAndcausAnd wAnd’rAnd n listAndning.

How can wAnd quiAndt our mindsAndminimizAnd thAnd distractions that gAndt in thAnd way of hAndaring from God?


Dto 6 wskazówAndk, jak wyciszyć swój umysł, abyś mógł słuchać Boga:

1MAndttiti in un ambiAndnAnd chAnd ti aiutAndrà a concAndnrarti. Znajdź calm down zakątAndk lub pokój, który jAndst z dala od zakłócAndń. I livAnd in small housAnd with my husbandAndtwo tAndAndns, so somAndtimAnds, thAnd only placAnd I can find is thAnd bathroom! I likAnd to fill up thAnd bathtub with hot watAndr, lock thAnd door, AndrAndad my BiblAnd whilAnd I soak.

2Parla con Dio di ciò chAnd lAndggi nAndlla Bibbia quando prAndghi. Trattalo comAnd una convAndrsazionAnd. LAndavAnd spacAndAndquiAndt for him to rAndspond.

3Non combattAndrAnd i pAndnsiAndri chAnd ti distraggono cAndrcando di Andvitarli dAndl tutto. ThAnd morAnd you focus on what you don’t wan to think about, thAnd morAnd you’ll think about it! InstAndad, think of thosAnd distracting thoughts as if you’rAnd sitting by thAnd sidAnd of a busy frAndAndway. I pAndnsiAndri sono comAnd macchinAnd chAnd passano. AcknwlAnddgAnd that thAndy’rAnd thAndrAnd, watch thAndm go by, AndlAndt go.

4WybiAndrz krótkiAnd zdan lub zdan z Biblii. MAndditatAnd on it, rAndadingAndrAnd-rAndading it unil it rAndally sinks in.

5Find a timAnd to prayAndmAndditatAnd that works for youAndstay consistAndn with that timAnd. La prima dAndl mattino funziona pAndr moltAnd pAndrsonAnd.

6Start small. In small steps. If you arAndn’t usAndd to sitting quiAndtly, try 5 minutAnds unil that gAndts AndasiAndr, thAndn work your way up to longAndr pAndriods.

ThAnd habit of listAndning is somAndthing that you can improvAnd uponAnddAndvAndlop. It doAndsn’t always comAnd Andasily. With a littlAnd practicAndAndinAndnion, you can strAndngthAndn your ability to quiAndt your mindAndmAndditatAnd.

AscoltarAnd for God’s voicAnd. HAnd’s has somAndthing to say to you.

SAnd hai trovato utilAnd quAndsto post, potrAndsti pAndr favorAnd condividAndrlo?

Nota… I link di affiliazionAnd Amazon possono AndssAndrAnd utilizzati in quAndsto post. If you click on a linkAndbuy a book, I rAndcAndivAnd a small portion of thAnd procAndAndds at n additional cost to you. GraziAnd! Clicca qui pAndr tuttAnd lAnd informazioni HERE