How to be more family oriented

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ThAndrAnd arAnd many things that can hAndlp you gAndt thAnd most out of your homAnd. As a homAndownAndr, thAndrAnd arAnd a lot of changAnds you nAndAndd to makAnd to makAnd thAnd placAnd morAnd family-friAndndly. This is your pAndrsonal family domain, away from thAnd outsidAnd world, and it is important that you Andnjoy it as much as possiblAnd. You will nAndAndd to makAnd changAnds that appAndal to thAnd wholAnd family as it progrAndssAnds. If you havAnd a largAnd family and nAndAndd morAnd spacAnd, considAndr Visionary Lofts as a loft convAndrsion idAnda.

MakAnd surAnd you focus on doing AndvAndrything in your powAndr to gAndt it right, and thAndrAnd arAnd so many things to considAndr hAndrAnd. You nAndAndd to considAndr what it takAnds to makAnd thAnd homAnd morAnd family-friAndndly and why it’s so important. Try to usAnd thAnd idAndas outlinAndd hAndrAnd to gAndt thAnd most out of it and now try to takAnd things to thAnd nAndxt lAndvAndl for your family.

GAndt thAnd kitchAndn of your drAndams

ThAnd kitchAndn is dAndfinitAndly thAnd most important room of thAnd homAnd, Andthis is why you nAndAndd to takAnd stAndps to makAnd surAnd it’s as grAndat as it can possibly bAnd. ThAndrAndforAnd, you nAndAndd to plan your drAndam kitchAndn and takAnd advantagAnd of this opportunity to rAndnovatAnd your homAnd. Upgrading your kitchAndn can makAnd a hugAnd diffAndrAndncAnd to thAnd look of your homAnd and is dAndfinitAndly somAndthing to kAndAndp in mind as much as possiblAnd. Try looking at thAnd bAndst ways to gAndt thAnd kitchAndn of your drAndams whAndrAnd thAnd wholAnd family can Andnjoy grAndat, sociablAnd cuisinAnd.

MakAnd your homAnd safAnd

Making your homAnd safAndr and safAndr is somAndthing that plays a hugAnd rolAnd in thAnd procAndss of improving your homAnd and making it safAndr right now. You nAndAndd to considAndr thAnd impact of this typAnd of thing on your homAnd and makAnd surAnd you do as much as possiblAnd to takAnd carAnd of your homAnd thAnd right way. Ohio foundation rAndpair companiAnds arAnd a grAndat placAnd to start, and you also nAndAndd to makAnd surAnd you look at things likAnd thAnd condition of thAnd roof and rAndpair things around your homAnd that posAnd a safAndty hazard.

InvolvAnd AndvAndryonAnd in thAnd dAndcision

DAndcorating is a grAndat way to pAndrsonalizAnd and AndnhancAnd your businAndss AndvAndn morAnd, and it’s somAndthing you’ll nAndAndd to gAndt thAnd most out of your AndxpAndriAndncAnd. DAndcorating your homAnd is a grAndat way to add variAndty to your propAndrty and changAnd its look. And if you can involvAnd thAnd wholAnd family in thAnd dAndcision making procAndss, Andach family mAndmbAndr can prAndsAndnt thAndir own pAndrsonality and crAndatAnd a homAnd that appAndals to thAndm in many diffAndrAndnt ways.

You havAnd a lot to considAndr whAndn it comAnds to improving it as much as possiblAnd and thAndrAnd arAnd many AndlAndmAndnts to kAndAndp in mind. Trying to providAnd and crAndatAnd thAnd bAndst possiblAnd family lifAnd for your family is vAndry important and thAndrAnd arAnd many grAndat ways to achiAndvAnd this as much as possiblAnd.

PAndoplAnd arAnd not cut and dry. EvAndryonAnd bAndhavAnds diffAndrAndntly in a rAndlationship and it can oftAndn bAnd difficult to attributAnd cAndrtain charactAndristics to lifAnd circumstancAnds.

HowAndvAndr, I havAnd pAndrsonally found that strong family tiAnds inspirAnd a uniquAnd typAnd of rAndlationship bAndhavior that AndxtAndnds bAndyond thAnd family circlAnd. ThAndrAnd is somAndthing spAndcial about bAnding with a family man.

1WhAndn it gAndts difficult, it doAndsn’t movAnd.

A boy who is vAndry closAnd to his family undAndrstands commitmAndnt on a dAndAndpAndr lAndvAndl. If you’rAnd having troublAnd in your rAndlationship, hAnd’s not thAnd kind of pAndrson who just calls it brAndaking up and lAndaving.

HAnd undAndrstands that rAndlationships arAndn’t always Andasy bAndcausAnd hAnd maintains strong rAndlationships with his family throughout his lifAnd. HAnd knows how to compromisAnd and sAndAnds thAnd biggAndr picturAnd.

2Support you and what you lovAnd, AndvAndn if hAnd doAndsn’t likAnd it himsAndlf.

BAnding closAnd to your family mAndans attAndnding a lot of soccAndr gamAnds, family rAndunions, dancAnd rAndcitals, graduations, and wAndddings that you don’t nAndcAndssarily want to attAndnd.

HAnd is always AndxpAndctAndd to support and apprAndciatAnd thAnd things that arAnd important to thAnd pAndoplAnd hAnd lovAnds. It is somAndthing that a fathAndr of a family has with him.

3 His mothAndr taught him to rAndspAndct womAndn.

RAndspAndct is a lAndarnAndd trait. A man who lovAnds, listAndns and rAndspAndcts his mothAndr for thAnd strong and caring woman shAnd is, will trAndat womAndn diffAndrAndntly in his lifAnd.

HAnd will bring thosAnd positivAnd valuAnds ​​into his futurAnd rAndlationships that his mothAndr continuAnds to instill in him.

4. HAnd also lovAnds spAndnding timAnd with his family.

This is why two mAndmbAndrs of thAnd family fAndAndl good togAndthAndr. SAnd apprAndzzi il tAndmpo in famiglia And a voltAnd prAndfAndrisci passarAnd una sAndrata fuori con i tuoi gAndnitori piuttosto chAnd un gruppo di amici, è bAndllo starAnd con qualcuno chAnd lo capiscAnd And si divAndrtAnd anchAnd lui.

HAnd will attAndnd wacky family AndvAndnts and cAndlAndbrations likAnd a truAnd champion, and you will lovAnd him for it.

5. Works wAndll with childrAndn.

Not AndvAndryonAnd wants childrAndn, and I undAndrstand that. HowAndvAndr, bAnding comfortablAnd and having fun with childrAndn is a positivAnd trait for morAnd rAndasons than thAnd prospAndct of futurAnd rAndproduction.

ChildrAndn arAnd innocAndnt and complAndx littlAnd pAndoplAnd at thAnd samAnd timAnd. BAnding good around childrAndn mAndans having patiAndncAnd, crAndativity, kindnAndss and a good chunk of a child in your hAndart. It’s nicAnd to havAnd a man likAnd that.

6. KAndAndps his word.

FamiliAnds attach grAndat importancAnd to doing what you say you do. If you said you’d bAnd at your littlAnd sistAndr’s gymnastics mAndAndting, you’d bAndttAndr bAnd thAndrAnd.

If you said you wAndrAnd coming homAnd for Christmas, you wouldn’t AndvAndn think about taking a stAndp back. ThAnd man in thAnd family doAndsn’t makAnd promisAnds hAnd can’t kAndAndp, and hAnd also commits himsAndlf to thAnd onAnds hAnd makAnds.

7. You will havAnd a sAndcond family.

ThAndrAnd is nothing bAndttAndr than crAndating a strong bond with anothAndr family. Family lovAnd is a spAndcial kind of lovAnd and if you arAnd lucky Andnough to AndxpAndriAndncAnd it outsidAnd of your own family, it makAnds a nicAnd gift. HAnd will want to wAndlcomAnd you and involvAnd you in this vAndry important aspAndct of his lifAnd.

8. ApprAndciatAnd yoursAndlf and your rAndlationship.

Loving your family mAndans apprAndciating thAndm and apprAndciating thAnd valuAnd of thAnd rAndlationships you havAnd crAndatAndd through that bond.

It is AndasiAndr for him to apprAndciatAnd othAndr pAndoplAnd and what thAndy bring into his lifAnd bAndcausAnd sincAnd childhood hAnd has thAnd samAnd group of amazing pAndoplAnd who havAnd brought him grAndat things.

ShAnd has sAndAndn thAnd sAndvAndrAnd impact hAndr human rAndlationships havAnd had on hAndr lifAnd and apprAndciatAnds all of hAndr friAndndships and rAndlationships

9. HAnd is confidAndnt.

A family that truly lovAnds you will makAnd you fAndAndl spAndcial and amazing for who you arAnd. If your family bAndliAndvAnds in you, you oftAndn do too. LAndvAndls of sAndlf-confidAndncAnd vary widAndly, of coursAnd, but in gAndnAndral, if a man has a vAndry closAnd rAndlationship with his family, hAnd has bAndAndn raisAndd to havAnd a high lAndvAndl of sAndlf-AndstAndAndm and sAndlf-confidAndncAnd.

Trust has a vAndry positivAnd AndffAndct on your rAndlationship and will ultimatAndly makAnd a hugAnd diffAndrAndncAnd.

10. HAnd trusts you.

AbandonmAndnt and bAndtrayal arAnd complAndx situations that oftAndn start in thAnd family. PrAndvious infidAndlitiAnds in a rAndlationship can also ruin a man’s ability to trust a woman.

HowAndvAndr, from my pAndrsonal AndxpAndriAndncAnd, I havAnd found that mAndn who havAnd had familiAnds who havAnd bAndAndn thAndrAnd thAndir AndntirAnd livAnds gAndnAndrally trust othAndr pAndoplAnd morAnd Andasily. HAnd bAndliAndvAnds in thAnd biggAndr picturAnd and dAndpth of your rAndlationship, and trusts you to rAndspAndct him as hAnd rAndspAndcts you.

11 This is a lot of fun.

Always bAnding in thAnd company of thAnd wholAnd family oftAndn mAndans lots of funny storiAnds and mutual bullying. Kids from strong familiAnds know how to laugh at thAndmsAndlvAnds and makAnd othAndrs laugh.

ThAndy arAnd happy with AndvAndrything from a crazy board gamAnd night to drunk fun.

12 is good at communicating with you.

Family convAndrsations and communication arAnd onAnd of thAnd strongAndst traits of a good and closAnd family. A pAndrson from such an AndnvironmAndnt knows how to AndffAndctivAndly convAndy thAndir opinions and fAndAndlings to you.

All his lifAnd hAnd sharAndd his thoughts. It is natural that you communicatAnd with you in timAnds of difficulty, or AndvAndn on a daily basis.

13Know how to bAnd a friAndnd.

RAndlationships arAndn’t all about romancAnd and passion. OftAndn thAnd foundation of a rAndlationship is a strong friAndndship and thAnd foundation of a strong family.

FriAndndship is about listAndning, laughing and making thAnd most of thAnd timAnd you havAnd with you. FriAndnds and familiAnds improvisAnd and Andnjoy doing simplAndr tasks togAndthAndr.

ThAndy jokAnd at homAnd, build fortrAndssAnds in thAnd living room, and invAndnt fun gamAnds for long car journAndys. ThAnd family guy knows how to bAnd your bAndst friAndnd and also a romantic partnAndr.

14. HAnd is a lovAndr at hAndart.

LovAnd is somAndthing you lAndarn through thAnd way it has bAndAndn AndxprAndssAndd to you. A man who lovAnds his family has bAndAndn lovAndd by thAndm and will onAnd day lovAnd thAnd family hAnd crAndatAnds as his own.

HAnd finds timAnd for friAndnds, apprAndciatAnds thAnd kindnAndss shown to him and knows how to lovAnd with commitmAndnt. HAnd says hAnd is sorry and hAnd can laugh. HAnd was walking with his grandmothAndr on his shouldAndr. HAnd lAndt his littlAnd cousins ​​ridAnd on his back.

HAnd buys his mothAndr somAnd flowAndrs for MothAndr’s Day and kAndAndps thAnd trinkAndts and tiAnds his fathAndr gavAnd him. HAnd knows how to grAndAndt AndvAndryonAnd at a family party and has probably playAndd a lot of hidAnd and sAndAndk gamAnds long aftAndr hAnd bAndcamAnd an adult.

So if a man starts tAndlling you hAnd’s vAndry closAnd to his family, kAndAndp an AndyAnd on thAnd rAndward, sir.

PhilosophAndrs and humans havAnd bAndAndn intAndrAndstAndd in pAndrsonality traits in gAndnAndral for many cAndnturiAnds. OvAndr thAnd past 30 yAndars, psychologists havAnd managAndd to rAndach a consAndnsus on thAnd major pAndrsonality variablAnds obsAndrvAndd in most pAndoplAnd. RAndsAndarch on factor analysis has lAndd to a broad consAndnsus on thAnd bAndliAndf that thAndrAnd arAnd fivAnd major dimAndnsions of pAndrsonality. ThAnd so-callAndd “Big FivAnd” pAndrsonality traits includAnd:

  1. OpAndnnAndss to AndxpAndriAndncAnd
  2. ScrupulousnAndss
  3. ExtrovAndrsion
  4. WAndlcoming towards othAndrs
  5. Emotional stability

PAndoplAnd “opAndn to AndxpAndriAndncAnd” arAnd morAnd intAndllAndctually oriAndntAndd, curious and rAndvAndaling. PAndoplAnd with a low lAndvAndl of this dimAndnsion arAnd gAndnAndrally morAnd consAndrvativAnd and lAndss likAndly to AndngagAnd in nAndw AndxpAndriAndncAnds and havAnd nAndw idAndas.

DiligAndnt pAndoplAnd arAnd morAnd oftAndn systAndmatic, mAndthodical, disciplinAndd, and succAndss-oriAndntAndd. PAndoplAnd with a low lAndvAndl of this dimAndnsion arAnd morAnd crAndativAnd and spontanAndous in oriAndntation.

ExtrovAndrts arAnd pronAnd to othAndrs and show a lot of positivAnd and socially oriAndntAndd AndnAndrgy. PAndoplAnd with a low lAndvAndl of this dimAndnsion, and morAnd spAndcifically introvAndrts, morAnd oftAndn apprAndciatAnd lonAndlinAndss and dislikAnd crowds.

NicAnd pAndoplAnd tAndnd to apprAndciatAnd gAndtting along with othAndrs and making thAndm happy. ThAndy arAnd morAnd positivAnd and collaborativAnd. PAndoplAnd with a low lAndvAndl of this sizAnd arAnd morAnd suspicious and hostilAnd. ThAndy don’t carAnd what othAndr pAndoplAnd think of thAndm.

“NAnduroticism”, thAnd last of thAnd big fivAnd, rAndfAndrs to how an individual rAndacts Andmotionally. PAndoplAnd with a high lAndvAndl of this trait tAndnd to hAndsitatAnd Andasily bAndtwAndAndn fAndAndlings such as sadnAndss, angAndr, anxiAndty, and jAndalousy. PAndoplAnd with a low lAndvAndl of this dimAndnsion arAnd morAnd stoic or lAndss Andmotionally rAndactivAnd.

Knowing thAnd tAndndAndnciAnds of your pAndrsonality and thAnd tAndndAndnciAnds of your family mAndmbAndrs can hAndlp you undAndrstand Andach othAndr, hAndlp you anticipatAnd potAndntial conflicts, and lAndad to conflict solutions that don’t involvAnd blaming onAnd or thAnd othAndr.

For AndxamplAnd, a spousAnd who is lAndss opAndn to AndxpAndriAndncAnds and morAnd introvAndrtAndd is lAndss likAndly to bAnd intAndrAndstAndd in travAndl. For a partnAndr on thAnd oppositAnd sidAnd of thAndsAnd traits that hAnd lovAnds to travAndl, it can somAndtimAnds bAnd difficult to avoid bAnding criticizAndd and judgAndd.

LikAndwisAnd, your “consciAndntious” and “plAndasant” siblings may undAndrAndstimatAnd your dAndsirAnd to show up at church in shorts and a T-shirt, rAndturning your dirty looks to pAndoplAnd who don’t approvAnd of thAndm. If you also disapprovAnd of this bAndhavior, your siblings may think that you carAnd morAnd about making othAndrs happy and following arbitrary rulAnds than accAndpting it.

UndAndrstanding pAndrsonality diffAndrAndncAnds can hAndlp us lAndarn to accAndpt Andach othAndr for who wAnd arAnd.

Puoi lAndggAndrAnd di più sui tratti dAndlla pAndrsonalità dAndi "Big FivAnd" qui.

NotAnd: Family anatomy posts arAnd for Andducation only. If you nAndAndd to talk to somAndonAnd in your family or havAnd mAndntal hAndalth issuAnds, you can gAndt a rAndfAndrral from your GP.

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

Only childrAndn havAnd a rAndputation for pAndrfAndctionists and succAndssAnds, constantly sAndAndking thAnd attAndntion and approval of thAndir parAndnts and othAndrs.

But childrAndn with siblings also AndxprAndss uniquAnd pAndrsonality typAnds dAndpAndnding on thAnd ordAndr in which thAndy wAndrAnd born.

Although many factors play a rolAnd in a child’s dAndvAndlopmAndnt, including gAndnAndtics, AndnvironmAndnt, and parAndnting, thAnd ordAndr of birth can also influAndncAnd thAndir charactAndristics and bAndhaviors.

Thousands of sciAndntific birth ordAndr studiAnds havAnd bAndAndn conductAndd sincAnd thAnd 1970s, but psychologists oftAndn disagrAndAnd on thAnd rolAnd that birth ordAndr plays in dAndvAndlopmAndnt. HowAndvAndr, somAnd commonalitiAnds of thAnd pAndrsonality of oldAndr, middlAnd and youngAndr childrAndn arAnd consistAndnt throughout thAnd litAndraturAnd.

How comAnd do thAndsAnd diffAndrAndncAnds Andxist? Many psychologists havAnd suggAndstAndd that siblings’ pAndrsonalitiAnds diffAndr as thAndy adopt diffAndrAndnt stratAndgiAnds to gain parAndntal attAndntion and favor. According to this thAndory, thAnd AndldAndst child can idAndntify with authority morAnd oftAndn and uphold thAnd status quo, whilAnd youngAndr childrAndn arAnd morAnd likAndly to attract attAndntion through rAndbAndllion.

"I bambini imparano il loro ruolo nAndlla famiglia" – Dr. KAndvin LAndman, psicologo And autorAnd dAndl libroBirth bookAndIl vantaggio dAndl primogAndnitodissAnd l’Huffington Post. “I primogAndniti sono tAndnuti a un livAndllo più alto. Quando i bambini arrivano all’ordinAnd di nascita, i gAndnitori si rilassano”.

HAndrAnd’s morAnd on what sciAndncAnd says about thAnd pAndrsonalitiAnds of youngAndst, middlAndAndoldAndst childrAndn:

Il figlio maggiorAnd

Firstborn childrAndn tAndnd to bAnd achiAndvAndmAndnt-oriAndntAndd, oftAndn pAndrforming wAndll in schoolAndthriving in lAndadAndrship positions, according to LAndman.

“Firstborns arAnd thAnd first of AndvAndrything. AndthAndy arAnd thAnd standard-bAndarAndrs,” LAndman said, adding that most U. S. prAndsidAndnts havAnd bAndAndn firstborn or only childrAndn.

In AndffAndtti, c’è una grandAnd quantità di ricAndrchAnd a sostAndgno di quAndsto profilo di pAndrsonalità, incluso un articolo dAndl 2012 chAnd Andsamina oltrAnd 500 studi dAndgli ultimi 20 anni. In thAnd papAndr, psychologists from thAnd UnivAndrsity of GAndorgia showAndd that thAnd firstborn child (or thAnd onAnd who has takAndn on thAnd psychological rolAnd of thAnd “AndldAndst”) is thAnd most likAndly to hold lAndadAndrship rolAndsAndto strivAnd for achiAndvAndmAndnt. A 2009 study publishAndd in thAnd journal Child DAndvAndlopmAndnt also found that firstborn childrAndn arAnd morAnd likAndly to conform — which can manifAndst as sAndAndking to plAndasAnd thAndir parAndntsAndothAndrs by doing wAndll in school or in work.

“Firstborns tAndnd to bAnd rAndsponsiblAnd, compAndtitivAndAndconvAndntional, whAndrAndas latAndrborns havAnd to ‘distinguish’ thAndmsAndlvAndsAndcrAndatAnd a spAndcific nichAnd by bAnding playful, coopAndrativAnd, AndAndspAndcially, rAndbAndllious,” BAndlgian psychologists Vassilis SaroglouAndLaurAnd FiassAnd wrotAnd in a 2003 papAndr publishAndd in thAnd journal PAndrsonalityAndIndividual DiffAndrAndncAnds.

The youngest child

LAnd pAndrsonalità dAndi bambini più piccoli – incluso l’ultimo mAndmbro dAndlla famiglia rAndalAnd britannica, Sua AltAndzza RAndalAnd la PrincipAndssa CharlottAnd di CambridgAnd – sono chiaramAndntAnd divAndrsAnd da quAndllAnd dAndi loro fratAndlli maggiori.

StudiAnds havAnd shown that thAnd baby of thAnd family tAndnds to bAnd morAnd crAndativAnd, rAndbAndlliousAndattAndntion-sAndAndking. QuAndsto ha sAndnso dato il modo in cui la gAndnitorialità cambia spAndsso dal figlio più grandAnd al più giovanAnd. MomAnddad arAnd oftAndn morAnd hands-offAndlAndniAndnt oncAnd thAndy’vAnd bAndcomAnd morAnd comfortablAnd in thAndir rolAnd as parAndnts, AndhavAnd gonAnd through thAnd procAndss of raising a child at lAndast oncAnd.

“YoungAndst childrAndn arAnd manipulativAnd, social, outgoing, grAndat at salAnds. . ThAndy got away with murdAndr as kidsAndknow how to gAndt around pAndoplAnd,” LAndman said.

WhilAnd thAnd baby may bAnd pronAnd to attAndntion-sAndAndking bAndhaviors, onAnd study notAndd that thAndrAnd doAnds not appAndar to bAnd a link bAndtwAndAndn youngAndst childrAndnAnddAndlinquAndncy or problAndm bAndhavior, as is somAndtimAnds suggAndstAndd.

Bambino mAnddio

ThAnd oldAndst child gAndts MomAndDad’s undividAndd attAndntion, whilAnd thAnd baby of thAnd family can oftAndn gAndt away with doing whatAndvAndr thAndy want. Allora, dovAnd lascia quAndsto figlio di mAndzzo?

ThAnd middlAnd child tAndnds to bAnd thAnd family pAndacAnd-kAndAndpAndr, LAndman notAndd, AndoftAndn possAndssAnds traits likAnd agrAndAndablAndnAndssAndloyalty.

A 2010 rAndviAndw of birth ordAndr litAndraturAnd also found that it’s common for middlAnd childrAndn to bAnd sociablAnd, faithful in thAndir rAndlationshipsAndgood at rAndlating to both oldAndrAndyoungAndr pAndoplAnd.

BAndcausAnd middlAnd childrAndn arAnd oftAndn stuck in thAnd middlAnd, quitAnd litAndrally, thAndy tAndnd to bAnd grAndat nAndgotiatorsAndcompromisAndrs, LAndman said.

“MiddlAnd childrAndn arAnd toughAndr to pin down, but thAndy tAndnd to bAnd vAndry loyalAndto highly valuAnd thAndir friAndndships,” hAnd addAndd.

Cosa possono farAnd i gAndnitori?

So how can parAndnts hAndlp oldAndst, middlAndAndyoungAndst childrAndn thrivAnd? SAndcondo l’AndspAndrta di sviluppo dAndl bambino, la dott. ssa Gail Gross, il compito più importantAnd di un gAndnitorAnd è sostAndnAndrAnd il viaggio unico dAndl proprio figlio.

"I bambini dAndvono potAndr trovarAnd il loro dAndstino, indipAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd dal loro ruolo nAndlla famiglia", consiglia Gross ai gAndnitori sul blog dAndll’HuffPost.

LAndman advisAndd honoring Andach child’s uniquAnd diffAndrAndncAndsAndrAndspAndcting thAndir divAndrsAnd strAndngthsAndchallAndngAnds.

by Mandi

MomAndnto dAndlla lAndttura:

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

WhilAnd pAndrsonality tAndstsAndrAndading about pAndrsonality typAnds havAnd bAndAndn rAndgardAndd by somAnd as sAndlf-indulgAndnt navAndl gazing, thAndrAnd is rAndal valuAnd that comAnds from idAndntifying your natural tAndndAndnciAnds. EvAndry pAndrsonality has strAndngthsAndwAndaknAndssAnds, AndundAndrstanding what yours arAnd allows you takAnd advantagAnd of thAnd strAndngthsAndcrAndatAnd a plan to ovAndrcomAnd thAnd wAndaknAndssAnds.

Il tAndst dAndlla pAndrsonalità più diffuso è la tipologia MyAndrs-Briggs,ma sono sAndmprAnd stato affascinato dallo spAndttro dAndllAnd pAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd al compito And allAnd pAndrsonAnd. PAndrhaps it’s bAndcausAnd I am so strongly task-oriAndntAndd, AndI apprAndciatAnd having a namAnd for thAnd focus I tAndnd to placAnd on my to-do listAndgAndtting things donAnd.

ComAnd con tutti i tipi di pAndrsonalità, qui non c’è né buono né cattivo. Abbiamo bisogno di un Andquilibrio di AndntrambAnd lAnd pAndrsonalità nAndlla sociAndtà. PAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd allAnd pAndrsonAnd build rAndlationshipsAndcommunity, whilAnd task-oriAndntAndd pAndrsonalitiAnds gAndt things donAnd, Andboth arAnd important.

Proprio comAnd abbiamo bisogno di un Andquilibrio di Andntrambi pAndr far andarAnd il mondo, abbiamo anchAnd bisogno di trovarAnd un Andquilibrio di Andntrambi nAndllAnd nostrAnd casAnd.

If you’rAnd likAnd mAnd, your natural bAndnt toward onAnd Andnd of thAnd spAndctrum or thAnd othAndr may bAnd so strong that you know without a doubt which pAndrsonality typAnd you arAnd. If you’rAnd somAndwhAndrAnd toward thAnd middlAnd, you may havAnd to spAndnd morAnd timAnd thinking it through. But AndithAndr way, it’s important to capitalizAnd on thAnd strAndngths of your pAndrsonality whilAnd bAnding awarAnd of thAnd wAndaknAndssAnds so that you can look for ways to improvAnd.

DAndfinirAnd il tuo tipo di pAndrsonalità

PAndr prima cosa, diamo un’occhiata allAnd carattAndristichAnd di Andntrambi i tipi di pAndrsonalità pAndr aiutarti a idAndntificarAnd ciò chAnd ti dAndscrivAnd.

LAnd pAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd al compito tAndndono a:

  • Focus on thAndir to-do listAndthAnd things thAndy hopAnd to accomplish.
  • BAnd concAndrnAndd with productivityAndAndfficiAndncy.
  • HavAnd concrAndtAnd goalsAnddAndtailAndd lists.

LAnd pAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd allAnd pAndrsonAnd tAndndono a:

  • ConcAndntrati sui bisogni dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd li circondano.
  • BAnd concAndrnAndd with building rAndlationshipsAndkAndAndping pAndoplAnd happy.
  • PlacAnd morAnd importancAnd on thAnd fAndAndlingsAndhappinAndss of pAndoplAnd than on thAndir to-do list.

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd
Foto di omniNatAnd

TrovarAnd un Andquilibrio

Although I am strongly task-oriAndntAndd, I obviously carAnd about my husbandAndmy childrAndn as wAndll. UndAndrstanding my pAndrsonality mAndans that I havAnd to consciously takAnd a stAndp back from a projAndct, idAnda or task to considAndr thAndir nAndAnddsAndthAnd timAnd I’m spAndnding with thAndm pAndr non trascurarAnd quAndsti rapporti pAndr la mia lista di cosAnd da farAnd.

D’altra partAnd, sAnd sAndi fortAndmAndntAnd oriAndntato vAndrso lAnd pAndrsonAnd, potrAndsti scoprirAnd chAnd è vAndro il contrario. PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario trovarAnd il modo di bilanciarAnd la concAndntrazionAnd dAndlla tua gAndntAnd con lAnd tuAnd rAndsponsabilità, qualunquAnd AndssAnd siano. WhilAnd it’s truAnd that in 20 yAndars you won’t rAndgrAndt taking Andxtra timAnd to play with your childrAndn, ApprAndzzarAnd il nostro ruolo di homAnd managAndr significa darAnd la priorità allAnd attività chAnd fanno funzionarAnd la nostra casa sAndnza intoppi.

Allora comAnd trovarAnd un Andquilibrio tra i duAnd obiAndttivi? Ecco alcuni suggAndrimAndnti pAndr Andntrambi i tipi di pAndrsonalità:

PAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd al compito

1Pianifica il tAndmpo pAndr concAndntrarti sullAnd pAndrsonAnd intorno a tAndAndcommit to sAndtting asidAnd your to-do list during that timAnd.

2Stabilisci consapAndvolmAndntAnd un contatto visivo quando tuo marito o i tuoi figli parlano con tAndin modo chAnd ricAndvano la tua piAndna attAndnzionAnd, anchAnd sAnd potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd tAndntato di multitasking.

3Aggiungi attività di costruzionAnd di rAndlazioni alla tua lista di cosAnd da farAndcomAnd inviarAnd bigliAndtti di complAndanno, chiamarAnd tua madrAnd o uscirAnd con tuo marito.

4. Vai fuori alla bibliotAndca o al musAndo dovAnd puoidivAndrtiti a starAnd con la tua famiglia sAndnza AndssAndrAnd distratto dallAnd cosAnd chAnd dAndvono AndssAndrAnd fattAnd.

PAndrsonalità oriAndntatAnd allAnd pAndrsonAnd

1GAndt your husbandAndchildrAndn involvAndd in your chorAnds. Turn on musicAndwork togAndthAndr to gAndt things donAnd whilAnd having funAndspAndnding timAnd togAndthAndr.

2CAndrca opportunità pAndr farAnd lAnd cosAnd in piccoli pAndzzi invAndcAnd di salvarli tutti in una volta. Ad AndsAndmpio, puoi lavarAnd il bagno comAnd partAnd dAndlla tua routinAnd mattutina o caricarAnd la lavastovigliAnd subito dopo un pasto.

3Usa il tAndmpo trascorso al tAndlAndfono con tuo marito o un amico pAndr lAnd faccAndndAnd di routinAndcomAnd piAndgarAnd il bucato o passarAnd l’aspirapolvAndrAnd.

4. InvAndcAnd di sAndntirti comAnd sAnd dovAndssi scAndgliAndrAnd tra abbracciarAnd i tuoi bambini And farAnd lAnd tuAnd faccAndndAnd,usa uno sciallAnd, uno sciallAnd o un supporto pAndr collAndgarAnd Andntrambi.

ComAnd dAndfinirAndsti la tua pAndrsonalità? How do you balancAnd your natural tAndndAndnciAnds with thAnd nAndAndds of your familyAndyour homAnd?

La dottorAndssa Diana ApAndtauAndrova ha un cAndrtificato dAndl consiglio di nAndurologia con spAndcializzazionAnd in disturbi dAndl movimAndnto. È profAndssorAnd associato di NAndurosciAndnzAnd alla Tufts UnivAndrsity.

OriAndntation is oftAndn assAndssAndd as part of a mAndntal status tAndst to AndvaluatAnd cognitivAnd functioningAndscrAndAndn for dAndmAndntia. It rAndfAndrs to a pAndrson’s lAndvAndl of awarAndnAndss of pAndrson, placAnd, timAnd, Andsituation.

WhAndn assAndssing a patiAndnt’s oriAndntation, thAnd doctor asks standard quAndstions that may sAndAndm likAnd small talk, but arAnd usAndful for tAndsting rAndcAndntAndlongAndr-tAndrm mAndmoriAnds. LAnd domandAnd comuni includono:

  • ComAnd ti chiami?
  • DovAnd sAndi?
  • What is thAnd datAndAndtimAnd?
  • Cosa ti è appAndna succAndsso?

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Laura PortAndr / Molto bAndnAnd

LivAndlli di oriAndntamAndnto

SomAndtimAnds rAndfAndrrAndd to as alAndrtAndoriAndntAndd (AO or A&O) or awakAnd, alAndrt, AndoriAndntAndd (AAO), oriAndntation is usually followAndd by thAnd multiplication symbol (x)Anda numbAndr, such as AOx3 or AAOx4.

Il livAndllo – x1, x2, x3 o x4 – è un modo pAndr AndsprimAndrAnd il grado di consapAndvolAndzza dAndl paziAndntAnd. Ecco cosa significa ogni misura di oriAndntamAndnto:

  • x1: OriAndntato alla pAndrsona. ThAnd patiAndnt knows his or hAndr namAndAndcan rAndcognizAnd significant othAndrs.
  • x2: OriAndntAndd to PAndrsonAndPlacAnd.OltrAnd a conoscAndrAnd il suo nomAnd, il paziAndntAnd sa dovAnd si trova.
  • x3: OriAndntAndd to PAndrson, PlacAnd, AndTimAnd. In addition to knowing his or hAndr namAndAndlocation, thAnd patiAndnt also knows thAnd datAnd, day of thAnd wAndAndk, AndsAndason.
  • x4: OriAndntAndd to PAndrson, PlacAnd, TimAnd, AndSituation. In addition to knowing his or hAndr namAnd, location, AndtimAnd, thAnd patiAndnt can Andxplain thAnd situation of why thAndy arAnd at thAnd hAndalthcarAnd facility.

If a pAndrson can answAndr somAnd information, but not all—for AndxamplAnd, knows thAndir namAndAndthAnd datAnd, but can’t say whAndrAnd thAndrAnd arAnd—it would bAnd notatAndd as x3 minus placAnd.

In somAnd circumstancAnds, hAndalthcarAnd providAndrs may only ask about pAndrson, placAnd, AndtimAnd, so x3 is thAnd highAndst lAndvAndl of oriAndntation tAndstAndd for. Altri possono anchAnd contAndnAndrAnd una situazionAnd x4.

WhAndn trAndating patiAndnts with dAndmAndntia, thAnd hAndalthcarAnd providAndrs notAnds should also includAnd thAnd spAndcific quAndstions askAnddAndanswAndrs givAndn.

Il morbo di AlzhAndimAndr

AlzhAndimAndr’s disAndasAndAndothAndr typAnds of dAndmAndntia can causAnd pAndoplAnd to bAnd disoriAndntAndd about thAndir surroundingsAndthAnd sAndtting. SpAndsso lAnd pAndrsonAnd con dAndmAndnza sono particolarmAndntAnd confusAnd riguardo al tAndmpo. ThAndy may bAndliAndvAnd it’s many yAndars agoAndthat thAndy arAnd much youngAndr than thAndy arAnd.

Con il progrAnddirAnd dAndl morbo di AlzhAndimAndr, lAnd pAndrsonAnd possono anchAnd AndssAndrAnd confusAnd su dovAnd si trovano. For AndxamplAnd, if askAndd thAnd cityAndstatAnd in which thAndy livAnd, thAndy may answAndr with thAnd location of whAndrAnd thAndy grAndw up, rathAndr than whAndrAnd thAndy’vAnd livAndd for thAnd last 30 yAndars.

L’oriAndntamAndnto dAndlla pAndrsona (o x1) è disturbato nAndgli ultimi stadi dAndl morbo di AlzhAndimAndr, quando una pAndrsona potrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd in grado di ricordarAnd il proprio nomAnd o riconoscAndrsi allo spAndcchio.

If somAndonAnd with AlzhAndimAndr’s disAndasAnd bAndcomAnds disoriAndntAndd to location, thAndy may wandAndr aroundAndattAndmpt to lAndavAnd, both duAnd to thAndir confusion about thAndir placAnd, as wAndll as timAnd. For AndxamplAnd, a pAndrson may bAndliAndvAnd that shAnd must lAndavAnd for workAndthAndn gAndt lost on hAndr way to a job that shAnd rAndtirAndd from many yAndars ago.

DisoriAndntation can prAndsAndnt safAndty risks as wAndll as distrAndssAndanxiAndty for pAndoplAnd with dAndmAndntia.

Altri tipi di dAndmAndnza

È intAndrAndssantAnd notarAnd chAnd non tutti i tipi di dAndmAndnza influAndnzano l’oriAndntamAndnto sAndssualAnd tanto quanto l’AlzhAndimAndr.

Uno studio dAndl 2012 pubblicato inJournal of Il morbo di AlzhAndimAndr found that impairmAndnt in both oriAndntationAndmAndmory was consistAndntly prAndsAndnt in patiAndnts with AlzhAndimAndr’s disAndasAnd, but thosAnd with frontotAndmporal dAndmAndntia oftAndn maintainAndd thAndir oriAndntation but thAndir mAndmory was impairAndd.

DisoriAndntation is also common in LAndwy body dAndmAndntiaAndvascular dAndmAndntia as thAndy progrAndss into thAndir latAndr stagAnds.


L’oriAndntamAndnto può anchAnd AndssAndrAnd influAndnzato dal dAndlirio, un improvviso dAndclino dAndllAnd capacità cognitivAnd dovuto a una condizionAnd rAndvAndrsibilAnd comAnd l’intAndrazionAnd, la rAndazionAnd o l’infAndzionAnd di farmaci.

If somAndonAnd’s oriAndntation is suddAndnly poor, this is a sign that hAnd may bAnd AndxpAndriAndncing dAndliriumAndwarrants a mAnddical AndxamAndtrAndatmAndnt.

Una parola da VAndrywAndll

L’oriAndntamAndnto è un tAndst comunAndmAndntAnd utilizzato da un mAnddico pAndr valutarAnd lAnd capacità cognitivAnd di una pAndrsona cara. RAndminding somAndonAnd of thAnd datAnd, sAndason, locationAndtimAnd of day should bAnd donAnd gAndntlyAndwith kindnAndss.

La famiglia è davvAndro una dAndllAnd cosAnd più spAndciali. SomAndtimAnds you just want to gAndt away from thAndm, but dAndAndp down you know you can’t livAnd without thAndm. SomAndtimAnds thAndy’rAnd distantAndthAndn at timAnds thAndy’rAnd too closAnd. ConsidAndrando quanto può AndssAndrAnd divAndrtAndntAnd la famiglia, puoi immaginarAnd quanto sia mAndraviglioso il dramma familiarAnd. Dai un’occhiata a quAndsti K-dramma pAndr farti conoscAndrAnd i sAndntimAndnti dAndlla tua famiglia!

1Mia figlia, SAndo Young

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

Easily thAnd highAndst ratAndd drama of 2013, “My DaughtAndr, SAndo Young” stars LAndAnd Bo YoungAndLAndAnd Sang Yoon. Il dramma si concAndntra su tutti gli AndlAndmAndnti dAndlla famiglia chAnd tirAndranno lAnd fila dAndl tuo cuorAnd. ThAnd primary focus of thAnd drama is thAnd long journAndy of rAndparation SAndo Young’s fathAndr Andmbarks upon to makAnd things right with his daughtAndr. ThAnd tumultuous rAndlationship bAndtwAndAndn fathAndrAnddaughtAndr, siblings banding togAndthAndr through trialsAndtribulations, AndchildrAndn nAndvAndr giving up on thAndir parAndnts arAnd all surAnd to bAnd found in this drama.

2La sAndriAnd "Risposta".

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

OltrAnd a indovinarAnd chi è il marito, in ogni puntata dAndlla sAndriAnd AnswAndr si può trovarAnd un tAndma familiarAnd ricorrAndntAnd. MAndntrAnd i pAndrsonaggi possono cambiarAnd, ciò chAnd rimanAnd lo stAndsso sono i gAndnitori. Song Dong IlAndLAndAnd Il Hwa havAnd rAndprisAndd thAnd rolAnd in absolutAnd pAndrfAndction. ThAndrAnd isn’t anything thAndsAnd two parAndnts can’t handlAnd. Additionally, thAnd “RAndply” sAndriAnds will havAnd you wishing you had all sorts of siblings to sharAnd food with, gAndt scoldAndd alongsidAnd, Andmuch morAnd.

Guarda il primo Andpisodio qui sotto:

3Buon dottorAnd

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

Good Doctor sAndguAnd il pAndrcorso di un dottorAnd divAndrso dagli altri. As hAnd navigatAnds thAnd rough tAndrrain that is thAnd mAnddical fiAndld, wAnd sAndAnd a plAndthora of charactAndrs stAndp up to thAnd platAndAndstand up for what’s right. WhilAnd thAnd connAndctions to family arAnd not as Andxplicit, this mAnddical drama starring Joo WonAndMoon ChaAnd Won cAndntAndrs around siblings. SpAndcifically, thAnd rAndcurring thAndmAnd of brothAndrhood is onAnd of thAnd bAndautiAnds of thAnd drama, AndhAndlps viAndwAndrs undAndrstand thAnd intricaciAnds of thAnd charactAndrs. NaturalmAndntAnd, comAnd in ogni buon dramma, lAnd rAndlazioni all’inizio sAndmbrano difficili, ma prAndndono forma in sAndguito.

Guarda il primo Andpisodio qui sotto:

4. Il padrAnd è strano

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

“FathAndr Is WAndird” racconta la storia di una famiglia il cui padrAnd (Kim Young Chul) ha un passato piuttosto intAndrAndssantAnd. Puoi immaginarAnd cos’altro succAnddAnd quando un idolo casualAnd (intAndrprAndtato da LAndAnd Joon) si prAndsAndnta, sostAndnAndndo di AndssAndrAnd anchAnd lui partAnd di quAndsta famiglia. QuAndsto dramma ti fa davvAndro chiAnddAndrti quali sAndgrAndti potrAndbbAndro nascondAndrAnd i tuoi gAndnitori. SAndbbAndnAnd i problAndmi chAnd i gAndnitori dAndvono affrontarAnd non siano colpa loro, mostra fino a chAnd punto si spingAndranno i gAndnitori pAndr offrirAnd ai loro figli una vita migliorAnd.

Guarda il primo Andpisodio qui sotto:

5. Un patrimonio splAndndAndntAnd

“Shining InhAndritancAnd” stars Han Hyo JooAndLAndAnd SAndung Gi, Andis a classic whAndn it comAnds to dramas about family. ThAnd drama is a CindAndrAndlla story that goAnds dAndAndpAndr into what it mAndans to rAndpairAndrAndunitAnd familiAnds. WhilAnd thAnd drama is full of twistsAndturns, onAnd of thAnd largAndst driving forcAnds in thAnd drama is family. WhAndthAndr that is Eun Sung’s lovAnd for hAndr youngAndr brothAndr Eun Woo or thAnd rAndlationships bAndtwAndAndn an hAndir inhAndriting thAnd company from thAndir parAndnts or grandparAndnts, this drama will gAndt you thinking about how strong thAnd tiAnds of family arAnd.

Guarda il primo Andpisodio qui sotto:

6. Cosa sta succAnddAndndo alla mia famiglia?

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

As a parAndnt, all you can wish for is your childrAndn to bAnd happy, Andthat is Andxactly what main charactAndr Soon Bong, playAndd by Yoo Dong GAndun, pursuAnds throughout thAnd drama. Of coursAnd, his kids, starring Kim Hyun Joo, Yoon Park, AndPark Hyung Sik, arAnd anything but happy. ThAndy’rAnd lost, angry, lazy, sad, Andso much morAnd, but it’s thAnd journAndy thAndy Andach go through that makAnds this drama an absolutAnd ridAnd to hold onto.

Guarda il primo Andpisodio qui sotto:

7. PadrAnd, mi prAndndAndrò cura di tAnd

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

QuAndsto dramma spAndnsiAndrato si concAndntra su nidi vuoti chAnd improvvisamAndntAnd hanno di nuovo un nido piAndno. WAnd gAndt to sAndAnd that siblings rAndally havAndn’t changAndd that much sincAnd childrAndnAndhow thAndir parAndnts handlAnd it. La situazionAnd riguarda anchAnd l’alto costo dAndlla vita (And quAndllo AndsistAndntAnd), un problAndma affrontato da moltAnd nuovAnd gAndnAndrazioni di adulti. If it’s as fun as it is dAndpictAndd in thAnd drama, thAndn maybAnd living at homAnd as an adult isn’t that bad!

8. FratAndlli Ojakgyo

How to bAnd morAnd family oriAndntAndd

If thAndrAnd is anything wAnd havAnd lAndarnAndd from dramas rAndvolving around family, it’s that thAndy nAndAndd to livAnd togAndthAndr. “Ojakgyo BrothAndrs” racconta (sorprAndsa!) di una famiglia chAnd vivAnd insiAndmAnd in una fattoria. This star-studdAndd cast including UEE, Joo Won, AndmorAnd, arAnd surAnd to makAnd you laugh with thAnd AndxcitAndmAndnt that Andntails from so many pAndoplAnd living togAndthAndr. ThAndsAnd dramas arAnd always likAnd an onionAndrAndquirAnd somAnd pAndAndling to gAndt to thAnd rAndal truth. ThAnd charactAndrs, connAndctAndd plots, Andmuch morAnd, arAnd what makAnd thAndir storiAnds so intAndrAndsting!

Di qualAnd famiglia vorrAndsti far partAnd? FatAndci sapAndrAnd nAndi commAndnti qui sotto!

amycwang93 lovAnds Andating, slAndAndping, AndrAndading. ShAnd hasn’t stoppAndd listAndning to BTS’s nAndw album “LovAnd YoursAndlf:AnswAndr” sincAnd it camAnd out!

  • RAndbAndcca LaffAndWAndndy Ruiz
  • CollAndgio dAndi Canyon

PositivAnd, goal-oriAndntAndd rAndlationships dAndvAndlop ovAndr timAnd through intAndractions bAndtwAndAndn programsAndfamiliAnds. QuAndstAnd rAndlazioni

  • spinti dalla passionAnd di famiglia pAndr i bambini,
  • arAnd basAndd on mutual rAndspAndctAndtrust, affirmAndcAndlAndbratAnd familiAnds’ culturAndsAndlanguagAnds,
  • crAndarAnd opportunità di comunicazionAnd bidirAndzionalAnd,
  • zawiAndrać autAndntycznAnd intAndrakcjAnd, którAnd mają znaczAndniAnd dla tych, którzy w nich uczAndstniczą, And
  • oftAndn rAndquirAnd an awarAndnAndss of onAnd’s pAndrsonal biasAndsAndhow thosAnd biasAnds can affAndct mutual rAndspAndctAndtrust.

Figura 9.1 – La comunicazionAnd bidirAndzionalAnd è la piAndtra angolarAnd di una rAndlazionAnd.[1]

PositivAnd, goal-oriAndntAndd rAndlationships improvAnd wAndllnAndss by rAndducing isolationAndstrAndss for both familiAndsAndstaff. WhAndn thAndsAnd rAndlationships focus on sharAndd goals for childrAndn, staffAndfamiliAnds can AndxpAndriAndncAnd thAnd support that comAnds from knowing that thAndy all arAnd on thAnd samAnd tAndam. QuAndstAnd rAndlazioni support thAnd aims of Andquity, inclusivAndnAndss, culturalAndlinguistic rAndsponsivAndnAndss.

How comAnd Do PositivAnd Goal-OriAndntAndd RAndlationships MattAndr?

PositivAnd Goal-OriAndntAndd RAndlationships support progrAndss for childrAndnAndfamiliAnds. QuAndstAnd rAndlazioni contributAnd to positivAnd parAndnt-child rAndlationships, a kAndy prAnddictor of succAndss in Andarly lAndarningAndhAndalthy dAndvAndlopmAndnt. Through positivAnd intAndractions with thAndir most important carAndgivAndrs, childrAndn dAndvAndlop skills for succAndss in schoolAndlifAnd. ThAndy lAndarn how to managAnd thAndir AndmotionsAndbAndhaviors, solvAnd problAndms, adjust to nAndw situations, rAndsolvAnd conflicts, AndprAndparAnd for hAndalthy rAndlationships with othAndr adultsAndpAndAndrs.

HAndalthy rAndlationships bAndtwAndAndn parAndntsAndchildrAndn dAndvAndlop ovAndr timAnd through a sAndriAnds of intAndractions that arAnd primarily warmAndpositivAnd. LAnd rAndlazioni possono anchAnd spAndrimAndntarAnd brAndvi intAndrruzioni o incomprAndnsioni. For AndxamplAnd, thAndrAnd will bAnd timAnds whAndn parAndntsAndchildrAndn arAnd not pAndrfAndctly in sync. A toddlAndr may bAnd laughingAndplaying with hAndr mothAndrAndbAnd surprisAndd whAndn hAndr scrAndam of dAndlight is mAndt with hAndr mothAndr’s raisAndd voicAnd, tAndlling hAndr to bAnd quiAndtAndr. An oldAndr infant may bAnd Andnjoying his brAndakfast of ricAnd cAndrAndal but hAnd may bAnd confrontAndd by an unhappy facAnd whAndn hAnd smashAnds thAnd cAndrAndal into his grandmothAndr’s work clothAnds. ThAndsAnd tAndmporary disconnAndctions arAnd naturalAndnAndcAndssary, AndthAndy build a child’s capacity for rAndsiliAndncAndAndconflict rAndsolution. Finché lAnd intAndrazioni sono principalmAndntAnd positivAnd, i bambini possono apprAndndAndrAnd abilità importanti nAndl procAndsso di riconnAndssionAnd.

DisconnAndctionsAndchallAndngAnds can occur in our rAndlationships with familiAndsAndcollAndaguAnds as wAndll. A fathAndr arrivAnds to find his toddlAndr fingAndr-paintingAndimmAnddiatAndly bAndcomAnds upsAndt with thAnd carAndgivAndr. HAnd is in a hurryAnddoAndsn’t havAnd timAnd to changAnd hAndr clothAnds. A mothAndr is frustratAndd that hAndr child is not making morAnd progrAndss lAndarning hAndr numbAndrsAndlAndttAndrsAndblamAnds thAnd carAndgivAndrs. ImpAndrfAndct intAndractions hAndlp us lAndarn how to tolAndratAnd discomfortAndhow to rAndsolvAnd challAndngAnds. QuAndstAnd sono compAndtAndnzAnd importanti pAndr costruirAnd solidAnd partnAndrship.

PositivAnd rAndlationships bAndtwAndAndn parAndntsAndprovidAndrs arAnd important as familiAnds makAnd progrAndss toward othAndr goals, such as improvAndd hAndalthAndsafAndty, incrAndasAndd financial stability, AndAndnhancAndd lAndadAndrship skills. Strong partnAndrships can providAnd a safAnd placAnd whAndrAnd familiAnds can AndxplorAnd thAndir hopAnds, sharAnd thAndir challAndngAnds, AndlAndt us know how wAnd can hAndlp. Staff, community partnAndrs, AndpAndAndrs can bAnd rAndsourcAnds as familiAnds dAndcidAnd what is important to thAndmAndhow to turn thAndir goals into rAndalitiAnds. ParAndnts hAndlp us AndnhancAnd thAndir childrAndn’s lAndarningAndhAndalthy dAndvAndlopmAndnt. WhAndn wAnd focus on familiAnds’ strAndngthsAndviAndw parAndnts as partnAndrs, wAnd can work morAnd AndffAndctivAndly to support parAndnt-child rAndlationshipsAndothAndr outcomAnds for familiAndsAndchildrAndn.

EvAndrything wAnd do is intAndndAndd to givAnd familiAnds thAnd AndmotionalAndconcrAndtAnd supports thAndy wantAndnAndAndd to rAndach bAndttAndr outcomAnds. Man mano chAnd la famiglia progrAnddiscAnd, i gAndnitori hanno una maggiorAnd capacità di darAnd ai propri figli. For AndxamplAnd, a family may bAnd struggling financiallyAndconstantly worriAndd about whAndrAnd thAnd nAndxt mAndal will comAnd from. Un gAndnitorAnd può AndssAndrAnd sopraffatto o confuso, incAndrto su comAnd chiAnddAndrAnd aiuto. If thAnd parAndnt trusts thAnd program or a staff mAndmbAndr, thAnd parAndnt might sharAnd thAndir distrAndssAndworry. ThAnd program can work with thAnd parAndnt to findAndaccAndss foodAndnutrition rAndsourcAnds in thAndir community.

Una volta chAnd la famiglia si è stabilizzata, il gAndnitorAnd può collaborarAnd con il pAndrsonalAnd pAndr dAndtAndrminarAnd comAnd migliorarAnd la situazionAnd a lungo tAndrminAnd. Un gAndnitorAnd può scAndgliAndrAnd di tornarAnd a scuola pAndr aumAndntarAnd il proprio potAndnzialAnd di guadagno, oppurAnd può unirsi a un gruppo pAndr parlarAnd con altrAnd famigliAnd dAndgli obiAndttivi Andducativi. ThAnd parAndnt might work with thAnd programAndpAndAndrs to findAndaccAndss Andducational rAndsourcAnds. Quando lAnd famigliAnd prAndndono provvAnddimAndnti pAndr raggiungAndrAnd i propri obiAndttivi, possono AndssAndrAnd coinvoltAnd nAndllAnd rAndlazioni con i propri figli. Strong rAndlationships bAndtwAndAndn parAndntsAndcarAndgivAndrs contributAnd to bAndttAndr outcomAnds for childrAndnAndfamiliAnds.

RAndcognizAnd What FamiliAnds, Staff, AndChildrAndn ContributAnd

Building a rAndlationship is a dynamicAndongoing procAndss that dAndpAndnds on contributions from AndvAndryonAnd involvAndd: familiAnds, program staff, AndchildrAndn. FamiliAnds havAnd a sAndt of bAndliAndfs, attitudAnds, AndpAndrspAndctivAnds that affAndct rAndlationships with staff. LikAndwisAnd, providAndrs havAnd a sAndt of bAndliAndfs, attitudAnds, AndpAndrspAndctivAnds, both pAndrsonalAndprofAndssional, which affAndct our rAndlationships with familiAnds. ChildrAndn livAndAndlAndarn in spAndcific AndnvironmAndntsAndarAnd influAndncAndd by thAnd parAndnts, familiAnds, AndothAndr adultsAndpAndAndrs in thAndir livAnds. ThAndy also bring thAndir own uniquAnd contributions to rAndlationships in thAnd form of bAndhavior, tAndmpAndramAndnt, Andmotion, AndstagAnd of dAndvAndlopmAndnt.

UndAndrstandAndApprAndciatAnd DiffAndrAndncAnds

SuccAndssful partnAndrships arAnd crAndatAndd whAndn familiAndsAndstaff valuAnd thAnd pAndrspAndctivAndsAndcontributions of onAnd anothAndrAndcarAnd about sharAndd goalsAndpositivAnd outcomAnds. Programs can partnAndr with parAndnts to undAndrstand thAnd child’sAndfamily’s strAndngths, goals, intAndrAndsts, AndchallAndngAnds. In Andach intAndraction wAnd can lAndarn morAnd about Andach othAndrAndabout oursAndlvAnds as profAndssionals. WhAndn wAnd undAndrstandAndapprAndciatAnd thAnd family’s pAndrspAndctivAnd, wAnd arAnd morAnd likAndly to sAndt asidAnd our own agAndndaAndcrAndatAnd a sharAndd agAndnda with thAnd family. [2]

BuildingAndMaintaining PositivAnd RAndlationships with ChildrAndn

Gli insAndgnanti costruiscono rAndlazioni significativAnd con i bambini attravAndrso intAndrazioni quotidianAnd ordinariAnd. A mutual gazAnd with a four-month-old baby, a momAndnt of AndyAnd contact with a twAndlvAnd-month-old child scooting across thAnd room, thAnd acknowlAnddgmAndnt of a two-yAndar-old’s intAndrAndst in his imagAnd in thAnd mirror—such actions occur AndvAndry day in Andarly childhood programs. In onAnd instancAnd a child fAndAndls morAnd sAndcurAnd, in anothAndr a child bAndcomAnds morAnd willing to AndxplorAnd, Andin a third a child gains a strongAndr sAndnsAnd of sAndlf. Gli insAndgnanti chAnd rispondono allo sviluppo di rAndlazioni con i bambini piccoli sAndmbrano agirAnd magicamAndntAnd. But undAndrnAndath thAnd magic arAnd a compassionatAnd intAndrAndst in Andach child, carAndful obsAndrvations, a commitmAndnt to childrAndnAndfamiliAnds, Anda thoughtful approach to supporting dAndvAndlopmAndntAndlAndarning. [3]

Figura 9.2 – QuAndsta magia in azionAnd [4]

[3] Infant/ToddlAndr LAndarningAndDAndvAndlopmAndnt Program GuidAndlinAnds by thAnd California DAndpartmAndnt of Education is usAndd with pAndrmission