How to be less naive

Lonely and socially awkward people sometimes seem genuinely naive and innocent. They look healthy and don’t even have a minimum edge level. They inadvertently give off this vibe because they spend too much time alone and don’t have enough experience with friendships and the world. This is especially true for high school or college students, where there can be large differences in life experience between one classmate and another.

There is nothing wrong with being innocent or a little naive. Overall, people tend to classify themselves into like-minded groups based on their interests and values. The most nervous people are, and so are the least nervous. I also argue that it could be a completely different problem if someone has an excessive advantage. Overall though, I think it’s good to find a good remedy. Most people have at least a slight edge over them, so if you look extremely innocent and healthy, you may be unnecessarily handicapped in your social interactions.

Being too innocent and naive has the following disadvantages:

  • Overly innocent guys can be considered useless gadgets firsthand.
  • They may not be invited to more exciting events because people think they won’t have fun or don’t know how to handle them. Again, for an extremely innocent person, an excited event can be nothing more than a party where there will be alcohol.
  • Possono essere visti come troppo "carini" nel cattivo senso della parola.
  • People may fear that a sane person will judge them (for example, for getting drunk and making vulgar jokes).
  • They may simply have a misconception about certain things or have no useful information about how the world really works (for example, they may perceive any person who smokes as depraved and mean).
  • They may needlessly fear things that are mostly harmless (e. g. seeing nightclubs as dangerous and inaccurate places).
  • In the most extreme cases, their innocence can lead to their exploitation.

I’ve found that innocence seems to be a trait that we sometimes like about other people, but don’t necessarily want it for ourselves. When another person is innocent, we can sometimes be condescending and see them almost as a cute pet – “Oh look how adorable and delightfully helpless they are!” There may also be an element of gender stereotypes. Generally, boys are expected to be wise about this world, but some like the idea that women are protected and inexperienced.

Several ways to gain a little more advantage

Find out more about the world

If you think you are too innocent and want a little more advantage, the first thing you can do is try to learn more about the world and the harder side of life. It sounds weird, but you can do this to some extent by reading or watching movies or movies online. The point is not to become a broken, blasé shell that knows too much, but to get rid of your extreme naivety.

You also want to try to get a more balanced picture of things that you may initially perceive as completely wrong. For example, an innocent person may have a simplistic view of weed smoking and think that anyone who does is a lazy degenerate. With more experience, they can see that there are many more nuances, and that many otherwise decent people smoke occasionally and are otherwise good little citizens.

Jeśli chcesz, wypróbuj samemu "bardziej ostre" zajęcia

I am not saying anything dangerous or illegal. However, there are some things you might consider upset that are harmless enough as long as you take some common sense precautions. As if someone who was truly protected could consider going to a bar as a reckless and rebellious act. Maybe broaden their horizons to try something like this and see it’s not a big deal. It’s really just another way to get to know the world.

Being a little cranky doesn’t mean being offensive or cartoonish nihilistic

The idea is to get to the point where you aren’t squeezing your pearls if someone tells you they sometimes take psychedelics while camping. This is not about starting to wear black and saying that life is nothing more than an absurd capitalist farce, or joking about genocide to show how perverse you are.

How to be less naive

June 4, 2018 3 min read

Nancy had the typical enthusiasm of children, she was friendly, light, childish and gullible. It seemed that she wanted to know everything but she lacked knowledge and wisdom. She delights in talking and gisting with others and she doesn’t care if she is revealingodivulging too much information. All she cares about is to feel better, improve and be happy.

Her emotions are clearly written on her face and her expressions don’t lie. She believes that everything is simple, in black and white, with no hidden plans. In a relationship, she believes that if she pouts, is nervous, explodes, threatens, or cries, she will change. Worse, she believes that if she gets sick and is about to die, she will change. She believes pretence isn’t dangerous and she can manage it. Nancy trusts too much in the wrong people. Nancy is a good example of a naïve person, and even a naïve person behaves naively and unintelligent. This is not a trait that can be maintained for too long. So what can naive people do?

How to be less naive

One of the main characteristics of naive people is that they are easily trusted. it’s not that it’s bad to warm up in front of people, it’s easy to trust them, but a world that has taught us to be extremely careful when dealing with other people, especially people we meet for the first time.

In order not to be naive or naive, one should always broaden the knowledge. Always try to improve your knowledge base. You cannot remain unaware of what is happening in your environment or in the world at large. It is quite dangerous.

How to be less naive

Always ask questions. don’t be too quick to assume that someone or something is honest with you. if you don’t understand why something is wrong, ask questions. Rest assured, don’t make decisions in a hurry.

BE MORE skepticism

Be more curious about things or situations. It is true that being a doubting Thomas isn’t such a good trait but as much as you are the good girl in any picture doubt facts until proven true. Never believe everything you are told about the hook and the weight, except the person who told you that they have earned your trust. And yes, let people gain your trust.

This is a very big mistake that many people make, not just the gullible ones. Avoid jumping to conclusions in all situations. Always check carefully.


Yes, always pay attention to things, people or situations that seem too good to be true. No man or situation is perfect. Only God is. So beware of people who are perfect and too divine to be true situations.

How to be less naive

While being naive can save you a lot of trouble in certain situations, it can also make you feel foolish at times. If you’re tired of being the subject of all the jokes and you no longer want others to treat you like a rug, here are some ways to help you stop being gullible.

1. Don’t let others define you

Do you completely rely on what others think of you? Just because someone says you’re naive doesn’t make you naive. It only changes when you think it’s right.

2. Be open minded

When you hear someone talk about something you don’t know about or aren’t sure about, don’t dismiss the idea immediately. Be open to new ideas and things.

3. Trust your instincts

Whenever you are in this situation, you may hear that little voice in your head telling you that something is wrong or that something is wrong somewhere. Pay attention to that voice and don’t ignore it. Trust your instincts.

4. Develop a habit of reading

Reading newspapers or good literature can help you a lot to keep up with what’s going on around you. You can also browse some websites that can help you develop your general knowledge.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

There is no shame in asking the right questions. Whenever you are in the company of someone who knows more than you do, don’t hesitate to learn new things. Be like a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as you can.

6. Watch carefully

Whenever you are out and about, or even at home, keep your eyes and ears open. Observe how people behave in different situations and learn to be wise. Don’t let others take you away.

7. Read between the lines

People may not always say what they mean, and likewise, they may not always mean what they mean. Sometimes they can make sarcastic comments at you. Don’t take everything at face value and practice reading between the lines.

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  • How did you become more worldly and less naive?
    Was it mainly reading / watching an educational program? Do you listen to the voices? Are you watching others? Improve your reasoning skills?

    And what advice would you give to someone who has lived a relatively safe life and is about to enter the world and needs help gaining street wisdom?

    Recommend everything: books, activities, movies, etc.

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    • December 20, 2013
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  • I realized that everyone was not going to treat me the way I would. not everyone has a good heart or good intentions, and learning that trust is something that will be earned, not given.

    Comes with time / money if you pay attention long enough

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  • Because X said yes

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  • The more you look at the motherfuckers and their behavior, the more you know.

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  • The best advice I can give you is to learn not only from your own experiences but also from those of others.


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  • Experience. Sometimes learning requires mistakes.

    Internet too: learn from other people’s mistakes * cough * via relationships * cough *

    Honestly, some people are inherently a lot more logical than others. You don’t really learn not to be naive as you grow up, you learn from experience and use common sense.

    Sometimes you will have to rethink your first thought / intuition, other times you have to do it. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and other times you have to use your head. It’s a trial and error method.

    The best thing to do is to look at the situations of other people around you to find out what not to do in certain situations.

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  • How did you become more worldly and less naive?
    Was it mainly reading / watching an educational program? Do you listen to the voices? Are you watching others? Improve your reasoning skills?

    And what advice would you give to someone who has lived a relatively safe life and is about to enter the world and needs help gaining street wisdom?

    Recommend everything: books, activities, movies, etc.

    As for my personality, I think I like to believe in the best people and I’m actually not too quick to think about the worst people, but I still know it’s unrealistic to consider the first available news as truth. I am looking for information, Google is my best friend, I have learned to use Google to find the information I need. This is how you find out that shit isn’t always what it seems. You will gradually become less and less naive. Honestly, it’s stupid to run away with the first shit you got here. Always question things.

    I propose to learn how to properly Google various terms and phrases to find what you are looking at. I also find forums to be very helpful, you will find like-minded people with different backgrounds who want to be as knowledgeable as you are about the right information.

    All professional dads

    Recently my wife was out with our kids when some guy on the street shouted the ‘F word.’ When my eight-year-old son asked what he said, my wife replied,“A word he shouldn’t have said.” My son asked what word. He had to make a decision, tell him and explain whether or not to tell him. He decided to tell him. It started a several-week-long vocabulary lesson with our kids about swear words: What they are, where they came from, and why they aren’t appropriate for them to use. Since then, our kids have heard curses from neighborhood kids, which has sparked more discussions.

    It is important for parents to educate their children in the world, especially in the bad parts.

    It is important for parents to educate their children in the world, especially in the bad parts. I don’t want anyone saying to my kids,“You’re so naive.” Personally, I’d rather inform my kids about the ills of the world before they experience them. That way they are prepared rather than wandering the world naively. Here are 5 ways to teach your kids not to be naive.

    1. Be an informed family.

    Read the newspaper. Subscribe to some kid-friendly periodicals that focus on the news rather than gossip and junk. If TV is part of the kids’ diet, require some news shows as part of the mix.

    2. Involve your children in ongoing dialogue.

    Be prepared (and sufficiently informed) to discuss current events with your children. Lead the conversation. Make it fun to stay on top of what’s going on. Keep a world map in your kitchen or dining room and make world geography and current events a visual part of your ongoing conversation.

    3. Keep the lines of communication open and fresh.

    Don’t allow yourself to become oblivious to what’s going on in your kids’ lives. That means don’t be naïve yourself! Cultivating a culture of openness in which to control things with “parents” is the norm. Be an intended part of their knowledge base. This begins with starting the conversation early. Don’t wait for them to experience something before you bring it up.

    4. Teach a healthy level of skepticism.

    Teach children to question everything with respect and to apply academic rigor in all their interactions and conversations. Gullibility is also an arable condition. To be warned is to be armed. Help your kids to be respectful and careful without arguing. Make sure they listen to scam stories and are well aware that naivety is unnecessary.

    5. Learn with your children.

    Show the children that mom and dad are always learning too. Arroganceo“I’d never fall for that” declarations can make your children shy about opening upoasking questions. Kultura rodzinna, w której uczenie się jest stałą dyscypliną dla każdego, jest nie tylko zabezpieczeniem przed naiwnością, ale także ogromnym krokiem w kierunku sukcesu w szkole, na uczelni i w życiu.

    Collect the question

    Coccolatevi con i vostri bambini e chiedete: "Cosa pensi che non va nel mondo?"

    If you are happy and you know it, express it carefully.

    New research shows that people who seem very happy are seen as more gullible and naïve than their less happy colleagues. Overly cheerful people are also more likely to be abused, receive bad advice, and be abused.

    These may be counterintuitive discoveries in an age where bookstores are full of guides to finding and designing happiness. But there are downsides to happiness that people haven’t carefully thought about, said Maurice Schweitzer, a co-author of the study and professor of operations, information and decisions at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    “I think we’ve gotten a little carried away with the idea that we’re supposed to express happiness,” Schweitzer told TODAY. “What happens when people are too happy and what signals do we send about it?”

    The signs may be that, in order to remain so joyful, very happy people protect themselves from all the bad things happening in the world and don’t think too much about things, which convinces the people around them that they are naïve to research.

    Moderate happiness is expected and normal in North American cultures, Schweitzer noted. It’s those very high standard the happiness that can be expressed in others by opportunistic behavior. This can be particularly dangerous in the workplace or in the company: very disoriented employees may seem unprepared to deal with customer complaints, while executives may be perceived as “so easy to talk about, ignorant, exploitable or generally ineffective”. a research.

    What’s the word for someone who is experienced and wise but is deliberately naive?

    I don’t intend it for sarcastic use; I’m trying to describe someone succeeding in making people think that that person truly is naïve.

    Is there a word for it?

    14 Answers 14

    I would probably choosehypocritical: "Prendere una posa ingenua per enfatizzare l’attenzione o l’inganno."

    False ignoranceis an expression used when someone pretends to be uninformed or unaware of something.

    Poszedłbym z "Lt. Columbo".

    Depending on the context, you might considercheater. This is an exact and precise word to use if someone is playing pool for money: they pretend they barely know the game, even lose a few small bets, then make a big bet and win dramatically. However, the word cheaterit has a different meaning, so if you try to relate to a context other than playing pool for money it could be misinterpreted.

    If the reason a person hides their wisdom and experience is not to encourage or push you, then there is probably not a good word for that.False, artificial, fakeofalse 1 innocence,inexperience,ornaivetyare probably expressions you can use.

    1. oartificial, if you like saying it in French.

    Coy – artfullyoaffectedly shyoreserved astutely indecisive; flirtatious.

    How to be less naive

    be stupid

    (idiomatic) To pretend to be slow-wittedolacking in specific knowledge, usually in order to avoid responsibility to gain some advantage.

    Phrasea wolf in sheep’s clothing can apply here. It refers to someone pretending to be harmless and / or innocent when, in reality, he is not. It describes someone with an ulterior motive.

    How to be less naive

    Trochę się poszukałem i odkryłem, że „fałszywa naivety” jest powszechnym określeniem tego. However, I have not found a single word with the same meaning.

    How to be less naive

    A sketchy, particularly if you intend to use it to describe a girl. False is close, but not entirely satisfying. It does not denote a discrimination of the subject of her, which would be a girl who tries to appear innocent. It is the opposite of a ingenious, definita una "ragazza innocente e fuori dal mondo".

    Perhaps Sandbager would also be suitable.

    Another pop culture reference (with a connotation for more flamboyanceooutlandishness) would beZaphod Beeblebrox. To cite the source:

    “One of the major difficulties Trillian experienced in her relationship with Zaphood was learning to distinguish between him pretending to be stupid just to get people off their guard, pretending to be stupid because he couldn’t be bothered to think and wanted someone else to do it for him, pretending to be outrageously stupid to hide the fact that he actually didn’t understand what was going on, and really being genuinely stupid. He was famous for being incredibly intelligent and he clearly was, but not always, which obviously worried him, hence the act. He preferred people to be more surprised than contemptuous. “

    – Douglas Adams,Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Wikipedia further summarizes the talents associated with him, saying:

    He was briefly the President of the Galaxy (a role that implies no power and simply requires the incumbent to get attention, so no one wonders who is really in charge, a role for which Zaphod was perfectly suited).

    Straight up! Our posts may contain affiliate links. While this doesn’t affect you at all (you pay no moreoless),we’ll receive a small commission, which helps us keep this whole show running. Thank you. 😉

    Buckminster Fuller was a man who had the ability to see life from many different perspectives. Not only that, but he also knew how to do it Operawith what he saw.

    Systems theorist, architect, author and inventor born in 1895 in Milton, Massachusetts, he became known as one of the most innovative, creative and forward-thinking minds of his generation.

    Uno dei primi "futuristi", la sua era una voce originale che difendeva i numerosi vantaggi della tecnologia e il suo utilizzo come un vantaggio sia per il pianeta che per tutte le diverse specie su di esso, se solo potessimo portarlo in allineamento con la natura.

    Ha progettato alcune delle strutture più innovative della storia, ha coniato i termini "Spaceship Earth" e "Synergy" e ha scritto oltre 30 libri, tenendo conferenze e tournée fino al momento della sua morte.

    As you’d expect, he wasn’t famous for his conformism. Like Einstein, he struggled in school as a child and was later expelled from Harvard twice: once for celebrating with a vaudeville group and the second time for a general “irresponsibility and lack of interest”.

    Only a few years later, however, a winch he invented while Operaing with the Navy would so impress them that he would be promoted to Officer training soon thereafter.

    This hands-on approach, coupled with a serious spiritual epiphany in his early 30s, would lead him to create his most famous invention, the geodesic dome.

    A structure that is, according to the Fuller Institute,“the lightest, strongest, most cost-effective structure ever devised”,the geodesic dome stands as a literal example of his life’s Opera and message: do more with less, for the benefit of all .

    Here are 15 Buckminster Fuller quotes for your pleasure. Many of you may be surprised at how many of them will recognize.

    1) “You never change things by fighting with existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. “

    2) "When I am Operaing on a problem, I never think about beauty … but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

    3) “Never forget that you are unique. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. Indeed, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world occur. So be that person.

    4) “I’m not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special except dare to think. And she dares to walk with the truth. And he dares to truly love to the end “.

    5) "Osa essere ingenuo".

    6) “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking. “

    7) "If humanity does not choose to be honest, we lose completely. It is absolutely a touch and go. Each of us can make a difference."

    8) “If success failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do… HOW WOULD I BE? WHAT WOULD I DO? “

    9) “Everything you’ve learned in school as “obvious” becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There’s not even a suggestion of a solid. There is no absolute continuity. There is no surface. There are no straight lines. “

    10) “I am not optimisticopessimistic. I feel that optimism and pessimism are very unbalanced. I am a very tough engineer. I am a mechanic. I am a sailor. I am an airline pilot. I don’t tell people I can get you across the ocean with my ship unless I know what I’m talking about.”

    11) “We should get rid of the deceptive idea that everyone has to earn a living. Today it is a fact that one in ten of us can make a technological breakthrough that can support the rest. Young people today are absolutely right to recognize this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everyone has to be employed in some kind of chore because, according to the Malthusian Darwinian theory, it has to justify its right to exist. So we have inspectors and people making tools for inspectors to check inspectors. People’s real job should be to go back to school and think about what they were thinking before someone shows up and tells them they need to make a living. “

    12) "I am convinced that all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most of them are born geniuses and degenerate rapidly."

    13) "I am not a thing – a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process, an integral function of the universe."

    14) “When I was born, humanity was 95% illiterate. Since I’ve been born, the population has doubled and that total population is now 65 per cent literate. That’s a gain of 130-fold of the literacy. When humanity is primarily illiterate, it needs leaders to understand, get the information and deal with it. When we are at the point where the majority of humans them-selves are literate, able to get the information, we’re in an entirely new relationship to Universe. We are at the point where the integrity of the individual counts and not what the political leadership, the religious leadership says to do. “

    15) “Mistakes are big. The more I do it, the wiser I get. “