How to be confident as a short person

by Aaron, February 11, 2017,

A short man is no less than a tall man.

It took me a while to realize this.

Today I want to talk about trust. It’s a topic I get asked quite a bit. Seriously, I’m an introvert.

I am the opposite of self-confidence.

However, many say I look confident.

1. Be great at what you do.

I admit. I’m pretty competitive. My girlfriend connects love and hate to this side of me. When I do something, I just want to be good. When I put my mind to it, I’ll compete.

Here are some funny stories, when I run in the park, I like to imagine someone in front of me as a competition. I’ll follow his speed and then try to chase him and keep my distance. This is who I am.

Back to the topic. When you’re short, you need to be great at things. You need a substance to outshine your growth.

Think Tom Cruise. He’s an amazing and successful actor. While news do pick on his height, it’s doesn’t overshadow his success as an actor. Not to mention that his wife is also taller than him.

As short men, we must follow The Way of Tom Cruise.

Sii fantastico in quello che fai e i soldi arriveranno da soli. Trust me.

Being short, I realized I had to work TWICE harder than someone taller than me. This means putting twice the effort in EVERY single thing that I do whether it’s

  • Opera
  • Operaout out
  • whatever I do

2. Dress well.

If you dress well you will feel better, you will look more attractive and women will like you more or find you more interesting.

I have noticed that when I dress well, people treat me differently. Call it judging the book by it’s cover. I’m calling it respect.

If you look presentable and dress respectfully. You’ll feel more confident.

How to be confident as a short person

3. Be optimistic

Something I’m still learning. Expect the best in any situation, believe that people see you as attractive and desirable. Stop thinking that people are judging you. It’s tough. I know it.

4. Learn to sound confident.

Here’s the thing, feeling confident and look confident are two different things. Some people always seem confident 24/7.

Short men can learn to look confident by exercising.

How to be confident as a short person

If you feel confident and seem confident, ask your friend or other people if they think like you.

My girlfriend always says I look confident. Deep down, I’m not. I’ve faked many times, you know what? It works!

Here is the fact, our self-perception is not always as accurate as we would like it to be.

I always thought I lack in confident but to my surprise, it’s the complete opposite. So, feeling confident isn’t enough, you need to convince others that you are confident.

Practice, practice, practice.

5. Have faith that you will be successful.

Many times, a short man’s life can get a bit of a shit. I know it. I’ve been in your shoes.

I was bullied, laughed at for being low, not taken seriously, rejected because I was short and more.

Trust me. Go ahead.

Have faith if you are alone. It’s easier said than done but it’s something you need to do.

The thing you need to know is we will NEVER be accepted in society’s expectation of men height. The best part is, NOT EVERYONE is judging us. So why the fuck?

It’s all bullshit. structure handed down from generation to generation. And the best way to deconstruct these things is to prove them wrong. The hypothesis that tall men are better than short men comes from the ancients

Don’t let a single criticism change who you are.

Short men are attractive. Don’t believe me? Read all the stories of short men dating taller men. Some women find short men attractive.

To sum up:

Anyone can do it. Believe in yourself, you are the most important person in your life. Room.

Anyone can do it. YOU, ME, the short guy next to you. Believe in yourself. If you don’t? Who will be?

How to be confident as a short person

Weight, size and body shape are important for every woman. But one thing that passes is some of the confidence in the short woman. Here are some styling tips for short girls.

Libra, body size and shape matter to every woman. They spend hours and thousands of dollars on diet products, exercise, and taxes at the gym. But one thing that passes is the part of the trust which is really important because honestly, if you are too aware you will lose your charm. You need to be confident no matter how tall or short you are. Self-confidence is what makes a good body and a bad body look bad.

Here are some of thestyle tips for short girls.

Don’t bend over:
Standing is really important. It is the correct posture that makes you look fit and your body is symmetrical. If you put your tailbone inside and straighten your pelvis, your belly will automatically be inside. If you are hunched, this will deduct another inch from your slight height. If you go straight, it doesn’t matter what your height is, but it naturally adds radiance to your face and improves your mood. This is the best style tips for short girls because medically, when your chin is lifted and you look at the world with confidence, eventually your brain is actively working with the same enthusiasm. This style tipsthey must be adopted by any Pakistani woman.

What to dress?
This is a very important choice that needs to be made wisely so I advise youPakistani-style tip for short girls. Pinstripe must be worn when choosing a dress model to dress, be sure to wear vertical straps, not horizontal ones. Because vertical stripes will not only make you look slimmer, they will also make you look taller. However, horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. Moreover, one should try not to wear too revealing to dressing neither too long; take half. Choose 3/4 sleeves as they will make your shoulders and upper body appear longer.

Sit down composed:
Ogni volta che ti siedi su una sedia o un divano nel tuo ufficio, a casa o a scuola. Keep your back straight and don’t leanoslouch. Pay attention, especially when working on the computer, straighten your back and comfortably reach the keyboard. Slipping on your desk or computer is also very bad for your back.

Try wearing high heels because they will make you look taller and make you walk really confident. One of the styles that really is there these days are wedges that are comfortable with both heels and plateaus. Wedges look equally nice with the eastern as well as the western to dresses. High heels are also a great option for little girls. But these are formal shoes that need to be worn from time to time. When wearing high heels / sandals, women always walk very neatly.

There are many celebrities in Hollywood, Bollywood or oursPakistani celebrities and models which are small, but dazzle and shake what they aspire to. Shakira, a very famous hip-hop singer and belly dancer who sang Waka Waka at the 2010 FIFA Cup, is only 5 feet 1 inch tall and Nicole Richie and Kristen Bell are 5 feet 1 inch tall. But they all manage to look so beautiful and delicious. Juggan Kazim Our own Pakistani TV Actress, Presenter and Famous Model who starred in Best Model of the Year starred in the movie while in Canada and modeled for Nishat Linen magazine, she looks so cute and beautiful even at 5 feet 3 inches tall . You know the key to their success and beauty is that, despite their petite build, they are confident. They believe in themselves and you have to too. GOOD LUCK!

Size is relative: Daniel Radcliffe, yes, in Kill Your Darlings. Photo: ok Photo by Sony / Everett / REX

Size is relative: Daniel Radcliffe, yes, in Kill Your Darlings. Photo: ok Photo by Sony / Everett / REX

The average Brit is 5 feet 10 inches and will say it’s around 5 feet 11 inches while the average woman is 5 feet 4 inches and will probably apologize for that. The latter thought is conjecture, but the rest are facts, or at least a well-crafted Wikipedia entry. How tall we are, according to new research by clinical psychologist Prof. Daniel Freeman, is closely related to how confident we feel. Freeman is interested in the relationship between paranoia and a sense of inferiority. In his experiment, his subjects were tricked by virtual reality into thinking for a time that they were surrounded by people taller than themselves. He showed that there is a strong relationship between being small, or at least smaller than the people around you, and feeling small, between your perceived physical reality and your inner emotional response.

There are obvious evolutionary reasons why you feel more confident when you are older than the probable opposition. But it’s been centuries since the brain has triumphed over power when it comes to gaining and maintaining power. However, we are apparently still conditioned to treat taller people with the respect that comes from atavistic fear that they might strike us, and it is so persistent that tall people are said to get better jobs, earn more and generally have better fun this time around than to their shorter brothers and sisters.

Even a generation ago, there was definitely something going on. In the mid-18th century, the difference between officer recruits (the upper class always took more money than most people had ever seen in their lives since joining the army) and a normal soldier was of Amazing 7.5 inches. Even in the 1950s, there was still a three-inch difference between manual and non-manual workers. But that doesn’t fully explain Freeman’s confidence score, and besides, there are tons of non-tall people doing well, including those whose looks are at least part of their job, like actor Daniel Radcliffe.

The film is particularly good at blurring the difference. Size only matters where it is relative. It seems obvious: you can’t feel small when you’re taller than everyone else in the room. Bad. Speaking of taller than average 5 feet 8.5 inches, you can. Or at least I could as a tall kid in a single school, perpetually stooping trying to make eye contact with my friends, always taller than the rest of my class. Except that the feeling of being small was actually a feeling of growing up, of being different – with glasses and the humiliating tendency to turn things upside down – and not in a positive way. What I wanted most in my life was to be able to flip backwards like my best friend. Playing Romeo because I was the tallest wasn’t really a reward.

However, this discrimination can be at the heart of it. It’s not that tall people feel better or more effective, or that you should speak to them with special respect. This è solo il modo in cui le persone inferiori li trattano. To begin with, you literally have to look at the tallest person. And the tallest person has to look down. Tall people have more space because they take up more space. Perhaps this translates into their attitude towards life. But maybe a tall person isn’t taking advantage of the advantage. They understand it. Just like the people involved in the experiment.

It is the emotion that Gloria Steinem felt on the streets of Tokyo when, analyzing an unexpected sense of freedom, she realized that – for the first time in her life – most men were shorter than her. As she says, we are not used to recognizing how our sense of ourselves in physical space shapes the way we think and is part of our mental well-being. It is not just our mind that speaks to our body: it is our body that speaks to our mind.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, Eleanor Roosevelt once said. Somehow it seems significant that Ms. Roosevelt was 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Being the loudest in a room isn’t always a good thing

How to be confident as a short person

June 14, 2018 4 min read

Calm and confident, they don’t seem to go hand in hand, but yes.

You may think that the most vocal are the people who are self-confident. The assumption is that you have to be outgoing and talk a lot to be considered confident.

The quiet person can still be seen and heard by others.

Confidence isn’t only about being the cen t er of attention. Yes, some people do well in this place. However, I find true trust to be much calmer. It is a state of being that you create in yourself. It’s about trusting who you are and what you can stand for.

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, said it best: “Trust is not swagger, pride or pure pretense of courage. Trust is silent. Self-confidence is a natural expression of skill, knowledge and self-respect. “

Research shows that ego silencing is far more effective in cultivating healthy, productive well-being, growth, health, productivity, and self-esteem than focusing out loud on self-improvement.

They are living proof that a person who is shy and introverted by nature can still exude confidence. People always told me I had to be stronger, but that never appealed to me.

When I was younger, I fought with confidence. When it comes to dating women, I literally got stuck and ran to the other side.

I was sensitive, soft, and caring, but that still didn’t cut it. He was confused. Isn’t that what women want??

However, after diving into the world of self-development, I eventually realized that I was missing the secret to sexual attraction — confidence.

Women are attracted to self-confident men, but not to confidence that is boastful or sleazy. More like a certainty that it is meek and humble. A man that isn’t obsessed with himself because he has worked through his insecurities. A man whose mere presence takes over peace simply by being himself.

To this day, I’m still introverted, but I’ve built up my confidence, in a way that allows me to be myself, unapologetically and proudly. In doing so, I inspired others to trust.

“Always be yourself and trust yourself. Don’t go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it. “- Bruce Lee

Quiet confidence is all about being quietly curious and open to life’s possibilities. Here are 3 ways you can develop calm confidence.

Someone who possesses quiet confidence doesn’t talk over people. Rather, they actively listen, without being judged. Their intention isn’t to give their opinionoadvice unless it is asked for because they possess an innate curiousness about the other person’s life.

We often struggle with the urge to fill our moments with words. Enjoy the silence that comes from pausing and taking a breath. Beautiful things can appear in a dialogue between two people.

Speaking with calm confidence will always overcome yelling with obvious uncertainty

La ricerca sull’ego silenzioso mostra che "Il volume dell’ego è ridotto in modo che possa ascoltare gli altri oltre che se stesso, cercando di avvicinarsi alla vita in modo più umano e con compassione".

When people feel comfortable in your presence, they feel safe in being themselves.

People who exude quiet confidence don’t boast that they know everything. Rather, they adopt an attitude of curiosity towards life.

A proverb once said: “A wise man never knows everything. Fools know everything.

Researchers have found that people with calm egos are more interested in personal development and balance and tend to seek development through competence, autonomy and positive social relationships.

These types of people are committed to getting the job done and they are challenging each other to meet their own standards of success. That said, they are still open to constructive feedback from others and are never afraid of insights that could improve their lives.

Arrogance involves praising and bragging about one’s characteroaccomplishments. People who display quiet confidence don’t try to fight for the limelight.

Rather, they want to inspire other people to be confident and become the best version of themselves. They don’t need the validation of others, because they are so comfortable in their own skin.

"Fiducia è sapere chi sei e non cambiarlo un po’ perché la versione della realtà di qualcun altro non è la tua realtà."

Silent trust means that your mere presence is speaking so loud that anyone can hear it. Don’t waste your time trying to be someone that you are not. Believe in yourself and trust that, you alone, are enough.

Thanks for reading!

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How to be confident as a short person

Today I’m going to teach you how to look more confident.

How come? Because self-confidence is one of the most important skills you can acquire in life (besides learning to use the Force, of course).

I know how important a little bit of confidence in everyday situations can be too, whether it’s negotiating with your boss for a raise, buying a car, introducing or meeting your boyfriend’s parents.

We are naturally attracted to people who have (or appear to have) a lot of trust and will influence our opinions.

I nerd di solito hanno un’estremità del bastone corta nella sezione "naturalmente sicuri", ma ciò non significa che non possiamo ottenerla come una nuova abilità in stile Matrix!

How to be confident as a short person

So, today we’re going to cover five steps you can take to immediately start seeing the difference in self-confidence.

Before I get into the game, I should note that many of our coaching clients report “increased confidence” as a result of the program. Which makes sense, because after you’ve changed your nutrition strategy, lost some weight, and learned to pick up a barbell, you start to understand what you’re truly capable of. That’s a huge confidence boost!

If you want to know if our 1-on-1 online coaching program is right for you, you can click on the image below for more information:

How to be confident as a short person

Stop bending over

How to be confident as a short person

If you can develop good posture, a trait that always seems to get around nerds, you’ll seem about 145% more confident in seconds (by the way, I definitely made up that statistic).

For most of my life I have had terrible posture (which caused a lot of pain in my lower back). It wasn’t until I made a conscious effort to focus on standing up straight and strengthening my lower back that the pain went away.

To stay focused, I hung POSITION! post-it on my bedroom door so I wouldn’t forget each morning. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Rise as high as you canas if you were a puppet and someone had just pulled a string at you which is attached to the top of your head.
  2. Pull the vanes down and back as far as possible –It will be really weird if you spend a lot of time hunched over your desk.
  3. Lift your chin and look straight ahead –stop looking down as you walk, there is a whole world out there to see.

How to be confident as a short person

If you have trouble pulling your shoulder blades back, try two back exercises (e. g., back pulls and dumbbell rowing) for each chest exercise during your workout. This svilupperà i muscoli della parte superiore della schiena e ti consentirà di riunire le scapole.

Do you want something simpler?

Try standing with your heels, butt, and head against a wall, and then pull your shoulder blades back until they’re touching the wall too. Do this every day and increase the length of the draw each time.

If you spend all day in a chair, try this: sit in the chair and then stand up WITHOUT rocking forward. If you have to lean forward even slightly, you’re doing it wrong.

Sit straight up like you’re always ready to stand without having to lean forward. Your lower back will probably get tired as hell sitting like this because it’s not used to the new position – work on it.

Plank every other day (working up to two minutes) and you’ll have a rock solid core and incredibly strong lower back.

This is probably the hardest step of all, as you’ve probably spent years and years developing poor posture without even thinking about it. Spend a month making a concerted effort to have better posture however, and you’ll be well on your way to a more confident appearance. Pretty soon you won’t even have to think about it!

I mentioned earlier that back exercises like chin-ups and reverse rowing can go a long way in maintaining proper posture. If you have no idea where to start your strength training adventure, download our guide: Strength training 101: everything you need to know.

It will walk you through every aspect of starting strength training, from equipment, to specific workouts, and how to know when you should move on to lifting more weight. You can get it for free when you join the Rebellion below!

Self-confident people seem to be more successful in their careers and tend to make progress in life. Self-confidence is a state of mind that determines how you feel about yourself and your abilities. In this article, we will find out what self-confidence means, what causes some people to lack self-confidence, and how to become a more self-confident person.

What is trust?

Confidence is an individual’s confidence in himself and his ability to be successful. Self-confident people tend to create their own happiness. They are proud of their achievements because they know they have worked hard.

They usually speak with conviction and usually do not doubt themselves. If they are unsure of something, they are not afraid to ask for help and learn from someone with more knowledge.

Confident people understand that doing too many tasks can be stressful and they know how to say no with confidence. They take time to listen to others as it gives them a chance to learn something new. Self-confidence is an important skill not only in your personal life, but also in your career.

What can cause a lack of self-confidence?

Many things can contribute to a lack of self-confidence. Family life, childhood experiences, and other life experiences usually play a role in shaping self-confidence. Genetics can also affect self-confidence.

For example, a person low in serotonin and oxytocin due to genetics can cause a feeling of insecurity. Your temperament can also play a role in your confidence level. Intrinsically cautious people are more insecure about themselves and the decisions they make. In some cases, the lack of trust is due to bullying or trauma.

Self-confident people are happier in life and more successful at work, so it’s important to find ways to build self-confidence.

How to become more confident

Here are eight tips for becoming a more confident person:

  1. Be proud of the little things.
  2. Don’t judge others.
  3. Learn to say no.
  4. Speak louder.
  5. Take some time to listen.
  6. Believe in your case.
  7. Accept that there is nothing wrong with it.
  8. Do an exercise.

1. Be proud of the little things

You definitely believe in your goals. On your way to greater self-confidence, invent one goal or several small goals. Use a journal to record these goals and track your progress.

Celebrate every victory, no matter how small it may seem. For example, you might be a single parent looking to pursue a specific career. The first step in this career is to find a reliable babysitter. Once found, celebrate that goal. Each result you achieve will increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

2. Don’t judge others

Judging others usually means they have something you are missing. Instead of judging someone, try to find what makes them unique and find ways to encourage them. Each person has a unique gift that he can offer to the world. Be aware that the person you were about to judge may also lack confidence, and your compliment can help them feel more confident.

3. Learn to say no

Saying “no” to people can be healthy, especially if it’s something you don’t want to be a part of. You don’t have to help your best friend relocate if you already have plans with the kids. You don’t have to feel guilty telling someone you can’t take a trip or bad luck because you want to rest on your day off. Learn to say no to things you don’t want to do confidently and avoid using phrases like "Pomyślę o tym"o"Oddzwonię do ciebie."

4. Speak out loud

Confident people are not afraid to speak up and express their opinions. If they have something of value to share, they do it with confidence. They are not afraid of being confused and see the contributions of others as an opportunity to learn. Be sure of your opinions and don’t get confused about personal matters. Instead, use feedback as a way to improve.

5. Spend some time listening

Listening to others gives you a chance to learn new things, especially from more experienced people. It allows you to gain knowledge and learn new skills that can help increase your level of self-confidence. By actively listening and paying attention to others, you can have more productive and satisfying interactions.

6. Believe in your case

Self-confident people tend to stick to their beliefs and opinions, even when they’re unsure. If you are confident, optimistic, and believe in your cause, others are likely to follow suit. Ad esempio, se ritieni che tu e i tuoi colleghi abbiate bisogno di un cambiamento, parla per loro e fallo con sicurezza. People are more likely to listen to your ideas and what you have to say when you express them with conviction.

7. Accept that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes

People with confidence are not afraid of making mistakes. Instead, they see a mistake as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. When they are wrong about somethingoa mistake has been made, confident people tend to hold themselves accountable and find ways to improve for the future. Accept that anyone, even the most self-confident, can sometimes make mistakes.

8. Practice

Exercise can be a great way to increase your confidence. Everyone, regardless of their healthofitness levels, can benefit from exercise. Set goals and keep a journal to track your progress. As you build your strengthoachieve other fitness goals, you may improve your confidence in the process.

How to be confident as a short person

Self-confidence is a combination of a state of mind and a strong sense of self-confidence, which is commonly used when we need self-confidence, especially in terms of personal judgment, strength, ability, etc. It is that voice that comes from within you and gives you the urge to do something that scares you. In today’s era, there is no place for those who lack self-confidence, because there is no lack of competition. An infinite number of people have it. And many people achieve their goals by using self-confidence as a ladder. For students, trust plays a key role in school life. More trust, more chance of success.


Anyone who has instilled this ability enjoys various privileges. One is to reduce the difficulty of hard work. It awakens you when you face failure in your life. It helps you focus on the areas that are depressing you. It gives your mind a spark to improve and achieve perfection on your next attempt. If you lack this much-needed skill, chances are you will be dominated by pessimism. Lack of confidence can be the cause of your sadness and dissatisfaction. Simple daily chores seem difficult when you lack self-confidence.

Build trust-

Self-confidence is a prerequisite for success and happiness. For many, always being confident would be a difficult task.

If you are also part of the same category, you need to learn techniques to develop self-confidence by following the steps below:

Opera out-

As you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which makes your mind happy. Additionally, you are moving towards a fit and healthy body which will automatically boost your self-esteem.

Change your wardrobe-

It may seem absurd at first, but it makes a difference. Your clothes can change your appearance and mood. Wearing clothes in the latest fashion gives a sense of self-confidence. The chances of an inferiority complex become fair. So go shopping and spend some cash. Self-confidence is worth regaining.

Avoid overconfidence-

Too much of everything is bad. Overconfidence is also not favorable. Overconfidence has caused many failures. People who experience it overlook the downside and tend to hug from time to time, which at some point proves harmful. Therefore, they fail.

Practice Power Poses-

Combination of the three P’ is just magical. You can get rid of all stress and anxiety by learning and practicing strong poses. Practicing positions of power is an immediate solution to this problem. When you practice the poses, your mind releases hormones which will increase your confidence. Ask your teacher to participate in a “power pose” session in the classroom and explain in detail what practicing a power pose can actually do to your mind.

Go get the goal-

A person lacks confidence in a dubious situation and this state of mind is natural at this stage. And the most visible problem young people face today is the lack of a goal. They don’t know what they are passionate about and what they want to achieve in life. The image is blurry and they lack self-confidence.

Setting a goal and striving to achieve it gives you a feeling of satisfaction in life. So start the introspection process and get rid of this problem.


Meditation introduces you to your soul. It takes you to another world and introduces you to the truth of life. Meditation has the power to bring people to peace and keep them in a stable state of mind. If you are in harmony, there is no question about the lack of self-confidence. All the negative vibrations from the outside world cannot affect you once you reach this level in the meditation process.

Become a helping hand-

You have had to experience this many times, that when you help someone in any way, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and you tend to experience the presence of positive energy in your environment. Plus, you see yourself as a better person. Not only that, you start a chain of helping others and this feeling is enough to strengthen your self-esteem.

These were the most powerful and easiest tips and tricks you can use to change your life by stepping up towards self-confidence.

How to be confident as a short person

Self-confidence is a bit elusive. You know you need to be confident if you want to make a good impression in the professional world, but getting that confidence isn’t as easy as it sounds. For some, confidence comes naturally, but for most, it’s harder to achieve – especially in unfamiliar situations

We assure you that you are not alone and remember a critical fact about self-confidence: in most situations it doesn’t matter if you feel safe on the inside, nor does it matter if you look confident on the outside. The goal is to appear confident even when you really aren’t, and there are a few tricks you can use to get there.

1. Stand up straight.

Sit on your feet. Move your shoulders back and straighten your spine. This will have many physical benefits, including better breathing and better back support, but just as importantly, it will make you look and feel more confident. People who slouchominimize their bodies tend to be viewed as unconfidentouncertain. You can also practice the “power pose” technique before you enter the room by stretching your arms far above your headoputting your hands on your hips with your elbows wide. These “positions of power” have been experimentally shown to increase confidence, but you may seem a little silly about performing them during an event, so keep them as an initial ritual.

2. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is crucial for increasing your perceived confidence, and without it, you’ll appear scatteredoinattentive. When you speak, look at your recipient’s eyes, oif you’re in front of many people, alternate between them. Even in a crowd, you should make eye contact with different people in your audience. It’s also important to maintain eye contact when the other person is speaking – the more you break eye contactolook around, the more indecisiveoshy you’ll seem. Don’t look at people like a serial killer – take breaks from time to time.

3. Don’t get upset.

Perforation is a major traitor to low confidence, and most of us fidget without even realizing it. Different people get excited in different ways; for example, some people have a habit of nervously jumping their legs and others have a tendency to wave their arms while talking. You might also find yourself adjusting your standing positiononodding excessively. Instead, try to sit still and only move when it’s appropriate, thoughtful. This può essere difficile, soprattutto se non sei consapevole delle tue abitudini di perforazione. Practice speaking with someone you know and ask himoher to identify any peculiar quirks you may not notice about yourself.

4. Speak slowly and clearly.

Speaking too quicklyoin a low tone of voice can make you appear less than confident. It also leaves you vulnerable to saying things you don’t meanoslipping up with verbal nonsense. The solution to these problems is to speak slowly and clearly. Take your time with phrases – it will give you time to choose your words better and at the same time make you seem more confident. Practice pronouncing the words clearly and loudly to get used to the approach.

5. Allow silence.

There is nothing wrong with a little silence. Too many people report “awkward silence” as an indicator of bad conversation, but it’s actually a useful and necessary social networking tool. Use silence to your advantage; for example, you can end an important sentence with a long pause to make it memorable. You can make the rhythm play in the conversation between the other speaker and you to show that you are really listening. Silence allows you to reflect and shows that you are confident in your speaking skills. Don’t neglect them.

6. Keep your hands visible.

Your hands say a lot about you, whether you realize itonot. Keep them visible and minimal activity in the conversation. For example, you can gesticulate words with a few deliberate actions, but don’t go crazy and break rule number three. You can also use your hands to offer moments of contact from time to time if the situation justifies it. It’s also important not to hide your hands by stuffing them in your pockets Keep them visible, make them appear more confident.

7. Take big steps.

This comes into play when you enter, exit, omove around in a room. Take wide, surefooted steps with every move, rather than quick, hurried, ofrantic steps. Take your time to go nowhere and remember to maintain proper body posture. This series of slow, deliberate movements will make you seem confident, so much so that people within a few feet of you will be able to pick it up.

The great thing about feigning confidence is that you will eventually delude yourself that you are truly confident. As with good posture and conversational manners, the only thing stopping you from implementing these strategies on a regular basis is practice. The more you practice feigning confidence, the more natural it will come to you and the more confident you will feel. With your newfound confidence, you will be able to speak more eloquently, gain a more attentive audience, and be viewed with more respect by your peers.