How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

Consumer Reports testers find the smoothest ride on the test track and commuting

Luxury cars should be far superior in terms of comfort, practicality and performance. Distinctive attributes include a refined ride that isolates passengers from unpleasant bumps and vibrations.

Consumer Reports testers found that normal suspicions of high-end luxury (think BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class) still drive the smoothest way. But some midsize luxury sedans make our list below, and that’s without the six-figure price tag.

The CR also evaluates some popular models that offer high-end driving, including the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Fusion. (See link below.)

How do we evaluate driving comfort?

Our ratings are based on a 30km loop at a specified speed along a route that includes various roads with bumps, ruts and ripples, as well as a typical stretch of motorway.

Our engineers noted that the suspension was adequately absorbed and insulated. Our testers determined whether the ride was stiff, rough, soft, or floaty and how well the car coped with surface flaws. CR testers looked for adverse driving movements, such as swinging sides. The CR team’s experiences from commuting in the test cars also were factored in.

The vehicles are listed in descending order, starting with the luxury model with the highest driving comfort score.

Mercedes S-Class

The S-Class is packed with features and features that set it apart from luxury cars. In fact, the plush and steady ride is the best we’ve ever tested. Bumps and ruts disappear under the car’s tires and standard suspension as if they weren’t even there. Driving on the freeway is a smooth glide.

BMW 7 Series

The new BMW 7 Series delivers a first-class travel experience with its serene ride, high-tech features, thoughtful touches in a comfortable and beyond-impeccable cabin, and interior silence. Le sospensioni pneumatiche standard ammortizzano la strada, mantenendo rilassata la grande BMW (e i suoi passeggeri). The ride remains composed regardless of how uneven the road is or how fast you’re driving on it. It’s only at low urban speeds that nastier sharp bumps come through.

Audi A6

The A6 has a comfortable ride and, unlike other Audis we’ve tested, it doesn’t feel overly firm at low speeds. Bodywork movements are well controlled and the car remains stable and composed on the highway. The cabin is extremely quiet, with only a hint of road noise and the muffled hum of the engine. A powerful supercharged V6 engine and clean eight-speed gearbox deliver effortless power. Available Quattro permanent all-wheel drive ensures traction and peace of mind on winter roads.

Read the complete road test of the Audi A6.

Continental Lincoln

Continental has a long history, and while this may make it a household name, it could also lead potential buyers to dismiss it as old news. But that’s a shame, because it’s a completely modern sedan. Continental drives very well in keeping with the mission of a luxury limousine. It absorbs almost all the rough roads and the body remains mostly stable. Cars with 19-inch wheels drive better than cars with 20-inch wheels, which have more road structure.

Audi A8

Audi’s flagship sedan, the A8, scored well in our luxury-car lineup, alongside the world’s best. While running can be difficult at low speeds, the overall performance is impressive. La sospensione assorbe bene urti e solchi gravi e i movimenti del corpo sono minimi. Highway driving is smooth. The cabin is very quiet and peaceful with a quiet road, wind and traffic noise.

Read the complete road test of the Audi A8.

Genesis of the G90

The G90 is a thoroughly capable and competitive luxury sedan that, if you ignore brand cachet, can challenge the world’s best. It falls short of the Mercedes S-Class’ ultimate magic carpet ride, but the G90 delivers a comfortable, soft, and steady ride. Only very sharp furrows or ridges can slip and only occasionally. Even though the G90 is a large and heavy car, it’s responsive in the corners but not sporty. It undervalues ​​most ultra-luxury flagships by a whopping $ 20,000, but it won’t give them much. We found the G90 to be pampered and luxurious. Its powertrain is as smooth, punchy, and refined as any competitor’s, and the car is very quiet.

BMW 5 Series

BMW’s focus on reducing weight, adding technology, and minimizing cabin noise resulted in a car that’s remarkably satisfying but no longer among the sportiest choices. Instead, it’s plush, quiet, finely crafted inside, frugal with fuel, and more user-friendly than before. BMW loyalists will immediately notice that driving this generation of the 5 Series is calmer and less aggressive than in the case of traditional BMWs. The car is not affected by most road imperfections and bumps are absorbed in a quiet and controlled way. The movements of the body are very well maintained and yet nothing is sudden. Overall, the ride is smooth and relaxed, whatever the road surface.

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac’s flagship CT6 is an impressive luxury car. Plush, roomy, quick, agile, and high-tech, it just might be worthy of Cadillac’s old slogan: “Standard of the World.” The CT6’s stellar road-test score certainly ranks it among the best sedans. Driving the CT6 in particular is not only very comfortable, but also stable and controllable. The suspension has a soft layer that masks any road imperfections, providing only cushioned impacts to the cabin. Highway driving is smooth, offering smooth driving movements on undulations.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar’s midsized XF luxury sedan faces an uphill battle against models from the segment-dominating German trio of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. The XF’s main draw is its terrific blend of handling agility and a supple ride. Driving will absorb almost any ruts or bumps on the pavement. Driving on the freeway is incredibly smooth. Unfortunately, several aspects—including a limited infotainment system, a rather bland interior, and unpolished noise isolation—hurt the Jag’s luxury credentials.

Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C300 has a beautiful interior and offers a driving experience close to perfection when it comes to balancing performance and comfort. The C300’s ride is steady, yet with a layer of cushiness that masks bumps very effectively. Impacts are suppressed, except for the odd hit in a bad hole due to the run-flat tires. Overall, the C-Class offers the most comfortable ride in the sports sedan segment. Our test car had standard suspension; other options include an adjustable Airmatic suspension and a sports suspension in combination with 18-inch wheels. The C300 delivers the driving pleasure people have come to expect from the brand. For those new to the brand, we think you’ll find the C300 to be comfortable, quiet, agile, and altogether well-done.

Road trips are always an epic adventure. All my life I have cared more than I can rely on hands and fingers, and each was remembered for the reason of him. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the open road and only seeing the fields and mountains in front of me, and I love that you always have the option of popping up whenever you see something beautiful along the highway. It can be difficult to know how to pack for a long journey without much space in the car, but I have a few dos and don’ts to help you out.

I always try to minimize my luggage into regular carry-on and try to skip things like excess toiletries or another pair of shoes to save space. But there are some things – like a small fridge full of snacks and some extra blankets and pillows – I think are absolutely essential when you’re on the go for a while.

So, if you, your crew, family, or SO are planning on taking a long trip in the near future, keep these packing tips in mind. But above all, don’t forget to take tons of photos and have fun. Road trips are always a special type of travel that is to be loved forever.

While snacks are definitely a must on road trips, try not to bring themmashed potato many – especially perishable ones. A good rule of thumb is to try to pack all perishable items, such as cheese sticks, fruit, and cured meats, into a refrigerator the size of a lunch box, and the rest of your snacks should not be perishable, such as potato chips. cookies, and a mix of trails. This way you don’t waste food.

Travel tips

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

Help dogs love the word “car”. (Photo: Ryan McVay / Digital Vision / Getty Images)

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A car-loving dog will be in heaven on a road trip, but some dogs would rather have the comfort of home. When you take Fido with you, his needs must be at the top of your priority list. Long journeys can be uncomfortable for some dogs. Keeping them healthy and happy is the best way to reward them for keeping company.

Consult your veterinarian first

If your dog associates road trips with visits to the vet, he may not be as keen to go out on the open road, but it’s worth checking before you go. Your vet can not only make sure your dog is healthy enough for the trip, but he can also prescribe sedatives if your dog worries in the car. Ask for a copy of your dog’s vaccination records, in case the hotels you stay in need to see them. It’s also time to microchipping your dog if he isn’t already, so you’ll have better luck retrieving your dog if he gets lost in motion.

Buy the equipment

Don’t let your dog roll around in the back seat. Not only is it illegal in some states, but it’s also dangerous and your dog will be thrown uncomfortably. Purchase a dog seat belt, a type of harness that attaches to your car’s seat belts. Choose a padded one for your dog’s comfort. Put blankets on the seat or bring her favorite pillow or dog bed so she can sit on it when she travels. Put your dog in the rear passenger seat where you can see him in the rear window.

Get ready

Bringing familiar food and toys will keep your dog’s digestive system healthy and comfortable. Put five or six toys in the bag, along with enough travel food, portable food and water tools, favorite treats, and other items your dog uses, such as a favorite blanket. You will also need plastic waste bags, a collar, a leash, and any medications. The ASPCA recommends giving your dog a small meal three to four hours before going out and bringing their own bottled water to drink. Not all tap water is the same, and drinking different water can make your dog sick.

Be careful on the way

As cute as a dog with its head out the window looks, it’s not safe. Keep the windows closest to your dog rolled up or cracked by an inch or two. Your dog is likely to be warmer than you, so in the summer months, he wears a hoodie and turn on the air conditioning with the vents facing the back of the car. Stop every two hours so that the dog can walk and go to the bathroom. Use maps or GPS to find local parks when you stop; Your dog will exercise more there than in the parking lot. Give your dog water at each stop and stick to a regular feeding schedule. Give your dog plenty of abdominal rubbing and tenderness during stops and talk to your dog while driving. Whatever you do, never leave your dog alone in the car, especially with the windows up, as he can overheat within minutes.

  • ASPCA: Car Travel tips
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  • Road Trip America. com: Road Trips with Rover & Felix: Tips for Traveling with Pets

Cooking, traveling and parenting are Kathryn Walsh’s three passions. During the day she prepares chicken nuggets and in the evening she prepares vegetarian parties and weekend excursions. Her work has appeared in The Syracuse Post-Standard and Insiders Magazine. Walsh holds a Masters in Journalism from Syracuse University.

12 answers

Wow, I can’t believe this thread appeared right now! I am planning a long trip with my elderly parents and I had to make sure it was okay. Dad has moderate dementia, but from everything I’ve read in these posts, it looks like he should be fine.

It’s a 900 mile journey and we will stop overnight instead of going straight. I’ll remember the information from ClearBlues and make sure we stop from time to time so they can walk and keep the blood moving.

We’re going to a family reunion for the moms family. She has two sisters and a brother that she really wants to see and will probably be the last time they are together because one of her sisters is very sick. I really want to take her there. Dad seems excited about the idea. I think she just wants to get out of the house 🙂

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

It definitely depends on the person in question. In her youth my mother was a traveler. I loved being always on the go. It was nothing for her to take what she called “itchy feet”, jump in at 3am and take a ride. She called one of us kids and said, “Guess where Dad and I are?” and they would have been 300 miles away, “took a ride”. Now I can barely get her out of the house, especially in the winter months. She really * wants * to go, but the convenience just isn’t there. For someone with severe urinary incontinence, mobility problems, and circulatory problems, it is not realistic or practical to drive for more than an hour at a time. A z powodu tych problemów długie podróże połamane na mniejsze kawałki też nie są mashed potato praktyczne. Our last trip north (last summer), which included a 10 hour drive, was Mom’s last long trip, I’m afraid. Since getting in and out of the van is difficult and painful for her, she just refuses to do it, which means she doesn’t go to the bathroom as often as she should and gets frustrated when someone tries to force her to – even if it’s for. the good of her. This means there are no long journeys.

We may to do ONE trip north this summer, but it will be a much shorter trip – 3 hours in the van instead of 10, with a stop half-way for a bathroom break, lots of extra clothes, incontinence pads and such packed, and her scooter so we can get her out and let her mashed potatol around the shops a bit, and maybe get closer to the water. Taking her on this journey will be a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

If you spend a lot of time in the car every day or often take long car trips, you need to make sure your car seats are comfortable and luxurious so that you don’t feel tired during and after driving.Comfortable car seats increase your safety level while driving mashed potato, as you can focus more on the road, instead of battling with the discomfort inside your driving space. By making small changes to the car seats, you can make your car more comfortable on the go. Up here OneHowTo. comwe will tell youhow to make the car seat more comfortable?.

  1. Add ergonomic car seat cushions
  2. Use thermal seat covers
  3. Use made-to-measure seat covers
  4. Add a pillow or neck pillow
  5. Install pre-made car seat covers
  6. Other considerations

Add ergonomic car seat cushions

Tcar seat covers opmashed potato i cuscini sono realizzati in memory foam o altri materiali che sostengono glutei, cosce e fianchi durante il viaggio. You can put these cushions directly on the car seats. The good thing is that they can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors to suit your car’s interior and style.

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

Use thermal seat covers

If your car is not there yetheated car seats, you may install a massaging and heated cushion which you can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. You can easily fit these covers into your car and remove them when needed. Seat covers are a must on long journeys, as you end up feeling more comfortable and relaxed with them.

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

Use made-to-measure seat covers

You can ordercustom seat covers with the selected material. Soft fabrics and fabrics make car seats softer and more luxurious. Gel-insert car seat covers, or those with contoured padding can actually improve your posture while traveling, and increase your comfort level.

Add a pillow or neck pillow

Neck pillows placed inside the seat can reduce the strain on the shoulder and neck muscles. If you are going on a long journey and don’t intend to take a break, this neck pillow will be a real luxury for you. You can also add support at the bottom of the car seat backrest, which will allow the seat to adapt to your body shape and avoid back pain.

How to be comfortable on a long car ride as a passenger

Install pre-made car seat covers

canbuy car seat covers in a variety of textures, patterns and styles and believe me they can make your car seats so comfortable and welcoming! Some covers are made with protective materials that even protect car seats from tearing and spilling. You will also find specialists car seat covers which are specially designed for extra style and comfort. Not only this, these covers also complement your car’s interior and design.

Other considerations

So if you wantto do Your car seat is more comfortable, a następnie skorzystaj z tych wskazówek, aby zto do to łatwo i szybko.

And if you want to know more about car hacks, check out the following OneHowTo articles:

If you want to read related articles toHow to make the car seat more comfortable?, we recommend you visit our Car maintenance and repair category.

Ride in style on these comfortable rides

Find the grades

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you know comfort is a priority. In a nutshell: you want the journey to be pleasant and not tire your body. A seat that causes discomfort or even a bumpy, noisy ride can to do the drive very unpleasant.

The cars listed below distinguish themselves in terms of ride comfort, quietness of the passenger compartment and comfort of the front seat. We have excluded small cars, sports cars and convertibles, which by definition do not offer much comfort.

Click on each vehicle’s name to go to the model page and see how they rate other factors such as performance, safety and reliability.

Audi A6 Premium Plus

A6 zapewnia bardzo wygodną jazdę i, w przeciwieństwie do innych testowanych przez nas Audi, nie jest mashed potato twardy przy niskich prędkościach. The cabin is extremely quiet, with only a hint of road noise and the muffled hum of the engine. The well-shaped front seats also offer support and comfort.

Buick Lacrosse CXS

LaCrosse is a sophisticated and thoroughly modern sedan, quiet, spacious and luxurious. Aside from the hiss of the tires and the sophisticated hum of the engine, a small amount of noise picks up the cabin. The front seats are well padded and comfortable, with well-shaped cushions and ample lumbar support.

Chevrolet Impala 2LTZ

The Impala is a large contemporary sedan that is spacious, comfortable, quiet and fun to drive. The large front seats are spacious and soft. They are pleasantly soft to the first touch and provide support underneath – an advantage to keep you comfortable on long journeys. Two adults will look great in the Impala’s well-shaped back seat.

Chrysler 300 (V6)

The Chrysler 300 is spacious and luxurious, and is one of the best large sedans on the market. The top 300C, which we tested, is comfortable, quick to drive and has a quiet, luxurious cabin with useful features and amenities. Driving on the freeway is calm and quite relaxed. Apart from the rattle of the tires and the hum of the engine, the cockpit is a very quiet place.

Ford Fusion Titanium

The top level Ford Fusion Titaniumhas a composed, civilized, and steady ride. There is a blessed silence in the cabin, the silence broken only by the air conditioning fan on crisp mornings and the harsh sound of the engine. The front seats are well shaped and comfortable, with good lumbar support. Leather seats are more supportive than fabric seats, the padding of which is slightly spongy on long journeys.

Lexus ES 350

Silence is the highlight of the Lexus ES. The cabin is pleasantly soundproofed; road structures and ambient (traffic) noise are effectively isolated and wind noise is contained. Both ES versions have quiet engines and the V6 ES 350 emits a well-sharpened V6 hum. Inside, the large front seats are comfortable with pleasantly soft cushioning.

Lexus LS460L

Lexus’ flagship sedan offers a luxurious, highly refined and hassle-free ride and a comfortable, relaxed ride. The LS glides silently and nonchalantly on almost any road surface, providing excellent insulation and absorption. It has an extremely quiet cabin, all seats are very comfortable and the rear is impressive even by limousine standards.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E350

The E350 has long been a solid, comfortable, quiet and capable sedan, and recently one of the top models in its class. Overall, the E-Class puts comfort, functionality and a good reflection on a sparkling shimmer. The E-class offers good shock insulation and a quiet and stable ride on the motorway. The front seats are wide, well shaped and provide 360 ​​degree support.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class GL350

This seven-passenger luxury SUV is the most comfortable SUV to drive we’ve tested, with a soft and quiet interior. The third row seat is useful and allows seven adults to drive comfortably. The GL’s well-padded front seats are wide and accommodating yet well contoured for good lateral support and the cushions are firm enough to be supportive without being mashed potato hard. The optional lumbar support on our GL model provides good lumbar support.

Mercedes-Benz S550

In the S550, driving comfort is truly extraordinary. Even compared to its direct competitors, it stands out for its considerable absorption as well as for a stable, calm and dignified attitude. Bumps and ruts disappear under the 19-inch S550 tires and standard AirMatic suspension as if they weren’t there. Driving movements are light but slow, giving a sense of stability and composure that is maintained regardless of surface or speed. Driving on the freeway is a smooth glide.

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We go from New York to West Palm Beach (no changes), then to Key West (Florida) from there, then to Miami and Orlando, then to Savannah, Georgia and back to New York. So we will spend a lot of time in the car. What would be the cheapest rental car? A total of two adult passengers – no children.

Personally, I prefer a medium sized vehicle. A compact car feels less safe IMO if involved in an accident and an SUV eats mashed potato much gas. Some people don’t like low cars, although I don’t mind them.

Hi I’ve done a ton of renting for both work and vacations including some really long drives. The Nissan Maxima Premium Class, Chrysler 300 and Ford Explorer Standard Elite Class SUV were a great choice for me. For the distance you guys are traveling, you’re going to want features like LED lighting, Ventilated Seats, Leather Plush Interior and other features that are important to you guys. The above vehicles are good options and worked well for me. If you can get an infinite deal, that would be fine too. Lots of value for money. Let us know how your trip is going and what you decided your car for! Have a nice trip!

Oto, co zto do, aby uniknąć skurczów i innych dolegliwości. Plus what to add to your travel first aid kit.

Long car journeys can literally be a pain. However, with these tips, you can be physically comfortable on long journeys.

Be careful. Driving sleepily can be fatal. Don’t push yourself to drive late into the night, when you are usually asleep. Change driver if you start to fade. If you’re the only driver, get a hotel room.

Stops every 2 to 3 hours. “Sitting mashed potato long is hard on the lower back due to that constant flexed position,” says Lynn Millar, Ph. D., presidente del dipartimento di terapia fisica presso la Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. It can squeeze the discs between the vertebrae, potentially causing pain, numbness, or tingling in the legs. Your neck and hips could get tight, mashed potato. Getting out of the car and walking can help you feel comfortable on long journeys.

Stretch your back. During breaks from driving, stand straight and wrap your arms back five times. Then stretch your arms above your head and lean back slightly. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower your arms and repeat once or twice.

Stretch your legs. Try this calf and hip flexor stretch: Stand with your feet unsteady in the string, left knee bent in front and right leg straight behind, so that your heel touches the ground. With your hands on your hips (or holding on to something to balance), contract the right side of your gluteal muscles. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.

Relax your shoulders. Keeping your chin parallel to the ground, slowly retract your head as far as possible. can poczuć rozciąganie wzdłuż górnej części kręgosłupa i ramion. Repeat six times.

Bend your feet. Trips longer than 4 hours increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis, a clot that forms, usually in the lower leg or thigh, says Mary Cushman, M. D., a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Stopping for a walk helps. Passengers in the car must perform ankle roll and alternate foot bending and pointing once approximately every half hour.

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Your travel first aid kit

Start with a pre-made kit, such as those sold by the Red Cross for $ 20. It offers you a variety of bandages, gauze, duct tape, and more for treating wounds, cuts, and burns. We recommend adding:

1. Your health and hospital insurance cards.

2. Get enough prescription drugs for the entire trip – and a few more days just in case.

3. An antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl Allergy and Generic) or Loratadine (Claritin and Generic), for an unexpected allergic attack.

4. A pain reliever such as acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic), ibuprofen (Advil and generic) or naproxen (Aleve and generic).

5. Antidiarrheal drugs such as loperamide (Imodium and generics) and bismuth subsalicylate (Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol and generics) and antacids.

6. Insect repellent and tweezers to remove ticks.

7. Sunscreen, aloe gel, hydrocortisone cream, or calamine lotion to prevent sunburn or soothe bites.

8. Antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer and an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin for infected wounds.