How to be a loner in school

DNA is the complex code that makes up the lifeform in all of us. Until now, it reading and writing it was a very specialised field but this program intends to bring it to the masses.

Serial Cloner is an application that allows you to read and write files DNA sequences that conform to the FASTA and pDRAW32 format. It is therefore an extremely powerful piece of software that will only be of interests to scientists and science-biology students. The program includes a whole host of mapping options such as genetic maps, fragment viewers and a virtual PCR. All the tools you need to analyze and manipulate your DNA sequences are available in a very simple and easy to read all-in-one-window. You can numerically select fragments and carry out calculations of peptides which I have no idea about but certainly look impressive. Obviously, the main aim of the program is to provide an easy way to clone DNA – a task which it does very well and mainly just using a graphical interface. Many of the program’s tools will only be familiar to scientists and academics but there’s also a web browser for the direct import of NCBI and EMBL entries.

A highly complex and powerful tool that could make your DNA cloning a lot easier and cheaper than in the lab.

Serial Cloner has been developed to provide a light molecular biology software to both Macintosh and Windows users.

Serial Cloner reads and writes DNA Strider-compatible files and import and export files in the universal FASTA format (as well as in pDRAW32 format). Powerful graphical display tools and simple interfaces help the analysis and construction steps in a very intuitive way

BRIAN Laundrie was a "heavier set social outcast” when he was at school, according to a long-time friend.

Laundrie's pal exclusively told The Sun that Gabby Petito's on-the-run fiancé was nearly 40 pounds heavier when he was 14-years-old.

How to be a loner in school

How to be a loner in school

The friend said Laundrie was a private person that was never into social media or photos until he started his van travels with Gabby.

"These last two years were the most public and open he has ever been. He's a pretty disconnected off the grid type of guy, not the 'selfie' type."

“He's the type of person that would be able to drop everything to secure his means of not being captured and to evade arrest or evade prosecution from what seems to be a pending crime.”

The friend revealed Laundrie had “zero friends” in middle school and would sit at the lunch table with two other people.

The pair were friendly at that time but didn’t become friends until high school.

“Brian was very quiet in school. He was a bit of an outcast when he was younger. He was just so to himself.”

Inhalants in this article are substances that are taken via the respiratory system or mouth to induce a feeling of being high to the user. They tend to have an immediate effect since they are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream via the lungs and distributed to the nervous system which includes the brain.

Types of inhalants

There are many types of inhalants grouped differently.

  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons. This is found in things like spot removers, dry cleaning agents, correction fluids and degreasers
  • Propane found in paints, air fresheners, hair spray, gas fuels, and deodorants.
  • Toluene found in paints, shoe polish, airplane glue, polish remover, etc
  • Butane in liquid fuels like petrol.
  • Fluorocarbons in analgesic sprays, asthma treatments, Freon gas, spray paints, etc.
  • Acetone in nail polish removers.

How they are taken
Inhalants can be taken in various ways. First is snorting or sniffing fumes directly from a container. Secondly a user may choose to spray the substance in the mucosa membrane of the mouth or nose. Other users will deposit the inhalants on a piece of paper and sniff it. A rag can be soaked with the inhalant and be stuffed inside the mouth. Another way is to fill balloons with a gas inhale it. This is famous for taking nitrous gas.

Statistics of abusers
A study done in Michigan gave worrying figures on the numbers involved in inhalants abuse. The study showed that 20 percent of young children have abused substances at least once before their eighth grade. At the age of 13, it is the prime age when they start this bad behavior. The race was another variable that was evaluated and it was found out that Hispanics abuse the inhalants more than the Whites and the blacks.

How inhalants are fatal
The inhalants are deemed as fatal substances because the can lead to death easily. There are various ways they can cause death. Foremost is the displace oxygen from the lungs and starve the body of the much-needed fuel of life. This condition is called asphyxiation.

Secondly they cause seizures and convulsions. The disturbances of the brain’s electrical discharges lead to these conditions. The third is they can lead to coma. Coma can occur as a result of a damaged brain shutting down some body organs. Choking can occur especially when the user decides to take it via the mouth.

Last but not least is that some accidents have been directly attributed to the intoxication of the drivers or road users. When one is intoxicated, judgment becomes impaired and can lead to improper use of the road or cannot control a vehicle fully hence cause accidents.

How to prevent inhalant abuse

Prevention of any form of drug abuse is a primary goal for society anywhere in the world. Lives have been lost, livelihoods disturbed and moral eroded by those who abuse the drug. There are many laid down mechanisms that can be used to prevent such abuses. Here are a few.

• Educate the youth on the dangers of inhalants. Most abuses are young adolescents who are eager to experiment on drugs. Been informed that there are dangers and possible fatalities of the act then some will not go that route. Education can be conducted by parents or guardian’s ant home or at school levels

• Arrest the peddlers. Though inhalants are cheap and can be found nearly everywhere, there is always a person whose sole business is to sell them as drugs rather than the intended useful way. If that some is identified and arrested, them a chain will be broken

• Engage young children in sports activities or other beneficial leisure. Idleness can lead to a desire for inhalants. Once they are engaged in sports like football and leisure activities like singing, they will find little or no time to contemplate of drugs

The piece of article has a brief insight on inhalants. Abusers need to be loved by society and taken through the rehabilitation process and those who have not yet begun need to be discouraged by all means possible.

The two brothers are both famous and both knew unspeakable horror.

Two brothers tied to Yosemite, one a hero, the other a monster: Part 1

The two brothers of the Stayner family are both famous, both tied to the wonder of Yosemite National Park, and both knew unspeakable horror.

Steven Stayner captured the heart of a nation when he helped another child escape from a pedophile, after enduring years of abuse and not wanting to see the child experience the same fate. Cary Stayner will forever be known for marring Yosemite’s reputation as a peaceful retreat with the brutal murders of four innocent women.

The Stayner family, made up of the two brothers, their three sisters and parents Kay and Delbert, lived in the secluded farming town of Merced, California, surrounded by almond groves and peach orchards, in the shadow of Yosemite National Park.

“They call [Merced] the gateway to Yosemite,” said Ted Rowlands, a former reporter who covered Cary Stayner’s story at KNTV for the San Francisco Bay area.

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Cary looked out for Steven, according to Cary Stayner’s former classmate Jack Bungart. “He loved his brother. You know, hung out with him, played with him.”

Martin Purdy, a friend of the brothers, remembered Cary as a “nice guy.”

“He was kind of a quiet guy. Our days would be– just get on our bikes in the morning and go to the park. Hang out with friends or skateboard,” Purdy told ABC News.

The boys were still in elementary school when a man named Kenneth Parnell entered the picture.

Parnell worked at the Yosemite Lodge, located about two hours away from the Stayner home. He befriended a co-worker named Ervin Murphy to assist him in a vile act that would shake the family forever.

“It was a sleety, wintery day,” Sean Flynn, a journalist who wrote about both Stayner brothers for Esquire, said. “He and Ervin Murphy got into Ken’s big, white Buick and drove into Merced.”

It was Dec. 4, 1972. Then-7-year-old Steven Stayner was walking home from school on Highway 140 when Parnell and Murphy were driving towards town. Stayner was lured into the vehicle and abducted.

“Kenneth Parnell stops the car and goes to a payphone, he comes back and tells Steven, ‘Your parents, I just spoke to them. They no longer want you,'” investigative journalist Pat LaLama said.

When Steven didn’t make it home from school, his parents sounded the alarm.

“Merced was the lead police department, and so they really mounted a large effort to search. And they searched. And there was just nothing there,” said Pat Lunney, an investigator assigned to Steven Stayner’s case.

“Cary was very upset,” childhood friend Mike Marchese told ABC News in a 1999 interview. “I heard stories about him going out and wishing on a star, that his brother would come home.”

For years, Parnell traveled around California with Steven.

“Steven Stayner had a new father figure, and it was Kenneth Parnell — who by day, was his father, and by night, was his rapist,” Rowlands said.

Steven was told his new name was Dennis Parnell and was enrolled in school. Against the odds, he flourished there.

“He had a great personality,” said Lori Duke, who dated Steven in high school but knew him as Dennis. “He was spunky. You could see that he wanted to play and be with kids and be normal.”

While Steven was a freshman at Mendocino High School, some 300 miles to the south, his older brother Cary was an upperclassman at Merced High School.

There was a “pall over” Cary, because he was “the kid who had his brother kidnapped,” said Bungart.

Cary Stayner “was a very, very good cartoonist,” and was voted “most creative” at school, according to Purdy.

Purdy said Cary Stayner always wore a hat. According to Rowlands, “He was wearing a hat because he was compulsively pulling his hair out. Emotionally, Cary Stayner had a tough time during his childhood.”

But Cary Stayner also exhibited some behaviors that made others uncomfortable, including, as he later admitted, exposing himself to his sister’s friend.

“It seemed as though he had a compulsion with trying to get close to women or be sexual with them,” Rowlands said. “But he was unable to develop any sort of interpersonal relationships with any women.”

The contrast between the two brothers is “surreal,” Flynn said.

“You have one brother who’s been subjected to just unspeakable horror for years, but by all appearances he’s a happy-go-lucky, jovial kid with a girlfriend. You have the other brother who’s left at home. Had no interest in girls, had no interest in people. And it wasn’t that he was just a loner, he was a bit of a creepy loner,” Flynn said.

By the time Steven was 14, he had been abused and manipulated by Parnell for seven years.

“At some point, Parnell and Steven together realized that Steven was growing up and that he was no longer going to be controlled by Parnell,” Lunney said. “Parnell wanted another kid that he could sexually assault.”

In February 1980, Parnell decided to capture a new, younger boy.

“He paid a local kid . to ride with him to the little town of Ukiah, California, puts this high school kid out on the street to go find him a boy, and he finds 5-year-old Timothy White walking home from school,” Flynn said.

For two weeks, Steven watched Timothy suffer the separation from his family. Then he took matters into his own hands. His high school girlfriend said he later told her what happened.

“He literally said, ‘I was not going to let that child go through what I had already been through. And if I didn’t take care of it now, it would just get worse,'” Duke said.

On March 1, 1980, Steven waited until Parnell was at work and then fled with Timothy. The two hitchhiked to Ukiah, California.

“It’s dark and Timmy can’t remember where he lives. So, Steven figures the best thing to do is to take him to the police station,” Flynn said.

Not only was Steven able to explain to police what happened to him and Timothy, he was also able to tell them his real name was Steven, not Dennis. Telling police, “I know my first name is Steven” became the most iconic moment in Steven’s remarkable story – later becoming the title of the book and a television movie.

“Steven was a national hero. He returns to Merced triumphant. Within days, he’s on ‘Good Morning America,'” Flynn said.

On GMA in March 1980, Steven shared with former host David Hartman that it felt “great” to be home. He told Hartman that his parents “didn’t change that much,” but his brother and sisters, “they changed a lot. I never recognized either one of them.”

The 46-year-old killed four young, gay men after contacting them on gay-chat websites such as Grindr.

In many ways, Stephen Port did not fit the serial killer stereotype.

The softly spoken bus depot chef had a “strange” obsession with children’s toys and rarely socialised, instead spending his free time in his flat on his laptop or internet dating, rarely going too far from work and home.

But the reality, unbeknownst to the few who knew him, was that the 6ft 5in former escort was obsessed with drug-rape pornography, and lured unwitting, boyish-looking, gay men to his flat through websites such as Grindr before fatally plying them with GHB, sexually abusing them, and disposing of their young corpses.

Port then weaved an unending web of lies to cover his tracks and muddy the waters, allowing him to strike again and again until police finally pieced together Port’s murderous involvement in the four deaths.

How to be a loner in school

Stephen Port murdered four young men in a 16-month drug-sex killing spree (Metropolitan Police/PA)

Port, originally from Dagenham, trained as a chef after dropping out of art school.

He lived at home until his early 30s, having come out as gay, and part-bought a one-bedroom flat in Barking that would eventually become the grim theatre for his depraved acts.

As he approached his 40s, but with his desire for much younger male company unrelenting, the balding Port began to wear a floppy blond hair-piece atop his athletic frame in an effort to persuade people he was closer to their age.

Port became a GHB user towards the end of 2013, and by then had come to the attention of police for allegedly drugging and raping a man on New Year’s Eve.

How to be a loner in school

Stephen Port’s flat in Barking, where he drugged, raped and murdered his victims (Metropolitan Police/PA)

Indeed, one of his few friends, neighbour Ryan Edwards, remarked how Port had a “voracious appetite” for meeting “very young” men.

But he later became so concerned that Port was spending time with “vulnerable” boys that he considered he might have “paedophile tendencies”.

Mr Edwards said he also had concerns about Port’s drug use, but was reassured by the predator that his interest in young males was legal, and that the drugs were for personal use only.

The truth, as police would later come to discover, was far more sinister.