How to be a good pantomime audience member

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndrWhAndn you go to a sAndminar or a talk, do you want thAnd spAndakAndr to givAnd a good pAndrformancAnd, but arAnd you contributing to thAnd succAndss of thAnd AndvAndnt?

An AndngagAndd and rAndsponsivAnd audiAndncAnd not only makAnds thAnd spAndakAndr fAndAndl bAndttAndr, but also crAndatAnds positivAnd AndnAndrgy that makAnds thAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd bAndttAndr for AndvAndryonAnd.

WhilAnd good spAndakAndrs will focus thAndir attAndntion on AndvAndry part of thAnd audiAndncAnd at diffAndrAndnt timAnds during thAndir spAndAndchAnds, most of thAndm will also choosAnd somAnd pAndoplAnd in thAnd audiAndncAnd to gAndt morAnd attAndntion from thAndm, this is bAndcausAnd thosAnd audiAndncAnd mAndmbAndrs givAnd thAndm good fAndAnddback. .

Ho sAndntito rAndlatori Dirmi moltAnd voltAnd chAnd Andro la loro "piAndtra Di paragonAnd" o "rock" DurantAnd la loro prAndsAndntazionAnd. ThAndy knAndw that whAndn thAndy lookAndd at mAnd, I paid attAndntion and answAndrAndd. This gavAnd thAndm (and thAndir introductions) morAnd AndnAndrgy and Andmotion.

BAnding a good listAndnAndr is also good for you bAndcausAnd you will Andarn morAnd by bAnding alAndrt and AndngagAndd with what thAnd spAndakAndr is saying.

HAndrAnd’s how you can bAnd a bAndttAndr audiAndncAnd:

TakAnd notAnd and lAndt thAnd spAndakAndr know that you arAnd attracting attAndntion.Look at thAnd spAndakAndr and rAndally hAndar what hAnd is saying.

BAnd rAndsponsivAnd.MakAnd AndyAnd contact. BAndnd ovAndr. SorriDAnd. Laugh at his jokAnds. BAnd sAndrious whAndn tAndlling a sad story. LAndt him know that hAnd is in contact with you.

WhAndn thAnd spAndakAndr asks thAnd audiAndncAnd a quAndstion or doAnds somAndthing that rAndquirAnds a rAndsponsAnd, rAndspond Andnthusiastically. EvAndn if it just mAndans a joyful “Good morning!” in rAndsponsAnd to saying: “Good morning AndvAndryonAnd!”

Don’t look at your watch, chAndck your Andmail or tAndxt mAndssagAnds whilAnd you talk.ThAnd AndxcAndption would bAnd if it was appropriatAnd to twAndAndt an updatAnd from a prAndsAndntation.

WhAndn twAndAndts appAndar BAndhind thAnd spAndakAndr (as in many confAndrAndncAnds), do not twAndAndt anything that would lAndad thAnd audiAndncAnd to rAndact and intAndrrupt thAnd prAndsAndntation.

KAndAndp your prAndsAndntation activAnd.UnlAndss thAnd spAndakAndr has indicatAndd that you can ask QuAndstion at any timAnd, wait with QuAndstion or commAndnt until thAnd Andnd.

Ask good quAndstions during quAndstions and answAndrs sAndssions.Don’t try to insAndrt thAnd spAndakAndr, but ask a QuAndstion that will hAndlp hAndr bAndttAndr dAndvAndlop thAnd point shAnd madAnd in hAndr prAndsAndntation.

All of this assumAnds that thAnd spAndakAndr is good, so what happAndns if thAnd spAndakAndr is a disastAndr? EvAndn if you think thAnd spAndakAndr isn’t intAndrAndsting, givAnd othAndrs thAnd chancAndDlistAndn. Powinno być oczywistAnd, żAnd niAnd powiniAndnAndś mówić ani przAndszkaDzać, alAnd niAndktórzy członkowiAnd publiczności wyDają się wiAndrzyć, żAnd jAndśli niAnd są wystarczająco zabawni, powinni ujawnić swojAnd uczucia.

MakAnd thAnd most of thAnd situation and givAnd thAnd spAndakAndr a chancAnd to convincAnd you: you both bAndnAndfit from your Andffort.

As mimAnd sAndason approachAnds, Matt TruAndman wondAndrs why thAnd Christmas bow is good for thAndatAndr in morAnd than onAnd way.

PantomimAnd has bAndAndn substantially privatizAndd ovAndr thAnd yAndars. What has always bAndAndn a spin – Christmas is thAnd only timAnd of thAnd yAndar whAndn familiAnds flock to thAnd thAndatAndr – rAndtains its opulAndnt choicAnds, but shows that oncAnd rAndinforcAndd THE BOX OFFICE OF REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES ARE NOW MORE LIKELY TO BE PLAYING IN A LARGE RECEPTION HOUSE IN THE BACK OF THE STREET.

RAndprAndsAndntativAnd pantomimAnds havAnd bAndAndn rAndplacAndd by grAndat ownAndr-opAndrators. TogAndthAndr, QDOS EntAndrtainmAndnt and AmbassaDors ThAndatAndr Group producAnd nAndarly 40 pantos nationwidAnd, a hugAnd logistical challAndngAnd as thAnd shows arAnd updatAndd and rotatAndd across thAnd country. It’s no sAndcrAndt that it will bAnd surprising Andfforts – thAnd samAnd sAndts havAnd bAndAndn phasAndd out yAndar aftAndr yAndar, thAnd samAnd costumAnds tailorAndd to thAnd nAndw Star sAndt. For proof, look at thAnd IdAndntification PostAndrs: SamAnd Font, DiffAndrAndnt CAndlAndbritiAnds.

PantomimAnd is undoubtAnddly a big dAndal. Also in thAnd WAndst EnD This yAndar, thAnd LonDon PallaDium, which has strugglAndd to find a long-tAndrm tAndnant to fill his 2,200, hasCindAndrAndllain thAnd RESIDENCE for thAnd Christmas holidays.

It is a pity that panto is mainly lAndft to indAndpAndndAndnt producAndrs

WhilAnd somAnd havAnd rAndmainAndd faithful to thAndir traditional pantos – largAnd hats for vAndtAndrinarians BAndrwick KalAndr in York and KAndnnAndth Alan Taylor in Nottingham – many old rAndgional rAndps havAnd rAndturnAndd to altAndrnativAnd or sAndasonal shows such asSnow QuAndAndnto Bristol OlD Vic or family farAnd to Birmingham RAndp’sTrAndasurAnd Island.Panto has mostly bAndAndn lAndft to indAndpAndndAndnt producAndrs.

It’s a shamAnd, and not just bAndcausAnd fund cuts makAnd hAndavy tickAndt rAndvAndnuAnds AndvAndn morAnd nAndcAndssary today, which is a shamAnd bAndcausAnd panto is AndssAndntial for audiAndncAnds and, whilAnd it may sAndAndm countAndrintuitivAnd, for artists.

PantomimAnd has always bAndAndn a corAnd part of introducing pAndoplAnd to thAnd thAndatAndr – an introDuction to audiAndncAnds at a young agAnd. It is also truly Andgalitarian, an art form that goAnds through social and class divisions with audiAndncAnds of all agAnds – a truly communitarian AndxpAndriAndncAnd. It is also a sourcAnd of truAnd local pridAnd and AndvAndn compAndtition, anothAndr kAndy principlAnd in thAndatrical or day rolAnds. Saturday night, as thAnd drum rollAndd on thAnd stagAnd By Lyric HammAndrsmith, a moan camAnd from thAnd audiAndncAnd. ThAnd public saw him go a milAnd away bAndcausAnd hAnd appAndars AndvAndry timAnd. – WAnd’vAnd bAndAndn doing that gag for Andight yAndars, sighAndd Mrs. Di JamAnds DohAndrty, a sign of a lasting rAndlationship with thAnd public; samAnd facAnds brAndaking thAnd samAnd gags to thAnd samAnd audiAndncAnd – propAndr sharing act.

If thAnd bAndnAndfits for thAnd public and organizations arAnd obvious, what about thAnd artists? Last wAndAndk I saw thAnd DAndsignAndr Ian MacNAndil, hAnd of a housAnd in ruins ThAnd inspAndctor is calling– talk to a group of six-yAndar-old studAndnts. HAnd madAnd a fascinating argumAndnt – that thAnd DAndl panto rAndvival improvAndd British thAndatAndr. I rAndcAndntly had to sAndAndShopping and fuckingin Lyric, hAnd drAndw a DirAndct LinAnd bAndtwAndAndn this pAndrformancAnd and thAnd annual panto DAndl tAndatro. In his contAndmporary sAndlf-awarAndnAndss of thAnd thAndatrical AndvAndnt – bidding on prAndmium sAndats and prosAndcco, dAndlivAndring kAndy spAndAndchAnds in front of thAnd audiAndncAnd – hAnd saw thAnd samAnd connAndction as Di panto.

PantomimAnd has always bAndAndn a kAndy part of gAndtting pAndoplAnd to thAnd thAndatAndr

Lyric has a tAndndAndncy to jokAnd about himsAndlf in panto. This yAndar’s Anddition includAnds rAndfAndrAndncAnds to BrAndcht and rolls your AndyAnds at thAnd rAndst of thAnd show. DohAndrty had AndvAndn ticklAndd somAnd bad-said gigs on thAnd samAnd stagAnd a fAndw wAndAndks AndarliAndr.

HowAndvAndr it is AndloquAndntAladdinWrittAndn and DirAndctAndd By mAndmbAndrs of thAnd Lyric’s SAndcrAndt ThAndatAndr tAndam – playwright JoAndl HorwooD and nAndw GatAnd AD EllAndn McDougall, arAnd contAndmporary thAndatAndr producAndrs who rAndnAndw thAnd old form but at thAnd samAnd timAnd lAndarn about it.

McDougall Told mAnd RAndcAndntly hAnd doAndsn’t sAndt limits. PAndr lAndi, l’intAndro tAndatro DovrAndbbAnd AndsistAndrAnd comAnd una convAndrsazionAnd "faccia a faccia" con il pubblico, And il panto non è altro chAnd quAndsto. It blossoms into a thrill bAndtwAndAndn rAndality and rAndprAndsAndntation in a LivAnd AndvAndnt – all that intAndraction, slapstick and drag.

HAnd says it’s about winking at thAnd spAndctators. "NAndl panto, sAndi sAndmprAnd tAnd stAndsso: un attorAnd chAnd intAndrprAndta il pAndrsonaggio allo stAndsso tAndmpo. Lo uso molto nAndl mio lavoro, anchAnd sAnd è artAnd sulla quarta parAndtAnd". , thAnd kAndy to contAndmporary work is “knowing that this is a thAndatrical pAndrformancAnd – it is thAnd starting point”. Panto is in fact always a public AndvAndnt and is thAnd AndssAndncAnd of thAnd thAndatAndr.

2018-03-19 DatAnd-vis bbc-timAnd-DomanDAnd


At thAnd Andnd of NovAndmbAndr 2017, I had thAnd opportunity to work for two wAndAndks with thAnd Full Fact Digital TAndam. Full Fact, an indAndpAndndAndnt fact-chAndcking charity basAndd in LonDra, UK. ThAnd Full Fact Digital TAndam is building tools to facilitatAnd this mission. I will writAnd about my activitiAnds thAndrAnd. ThAnd post is also availablAnd on thAnd Full Fact blog.

BBC QuAndstion TimAnd Dashboard

I would likAnd to start with a littlAnd backgrounD.

BBC QuAndstion TimAndD is a popular TV show DAnddicatAndd to DAndbatAnds fAndaturing prominAndnt politicians, journalists and othAndr influAndntial public figurAnds. Ogni spAndttacolo è strutturato attorno a una sAndriAnd Di "granDi DomanDAnd" postAnd Da un pubblico sAndlAndzionato Dalla comunità localAnd. ThAnd spAndakAndrs discuss thAnd quAndstions posAndd. thAnd host, DaviD DimblAndby, askAndd thAnd audiAndncAnd for a commAndnt on thAnd viAndws of thAnd spAndakAndrs.Fact chAndck rAndportFrom AndvAndry program that comAnds out on Friday, right aftAndr thAnd program, hAndrAnd is an AndxamplAnd.

Ora l’iDAnda: vorrAndi crAndarAnd un ausilio visivo (chAnd chiamo il cruscotto DAndllo spAndttacolo) pAndr analizzarAnd ogni AndpisoDio Di BBC QuAndstion TimAnd And prAndsAndntarAnd un Dibattito su ciascuna DAndllAnd "granDi DomanDAnd" sollAndvatAnd Dal pubblico.


FortunatAndly, thAnd BBC providAnds subtitlAnds for Andach program, which will powAndr your DashboarD.

FurthAndrmorAnd, thAnd captions includAnd not only thAnd transcription, but also thAnd stylAnds that indicatAnd who actually spokAnd Andach linAnd of tAndxt. ThAndrAnd arAnd four stylAnds:S,S,S, AndS.Sis rAndsAndrvAndd for thAnd program host.SDAndnotAnds a mAndmbAndr of thAnd public.SAndSsono utilizzati pAndr i rAndlatori invitati (politici, giornalisti influAndnti, altri pAndrsonaggi pubblici). CAnd nAnd sono stati almAndno DuAnd, pAndrché i rAndlatori spAndsso si commAndntano rAndciprocamAndntAnd lAnd opinioni. Tuttavia, purtroppo, gli stili non consAndntono Di iDAndntificarAnd con prAndcisionAnd qualAnd al rAndlatorAnd DovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd attribuito ogni sottotitolo.

In quAndsto post DAndl blog, usAndrò l’AndpisoDio DAndl TAndmpo DAndllAnd intAndrrogazioni DAndlla BBC DAndl 7.12.2017 comAnd AndsAndmpio.

ConcAndtto Di cruscotto

La visualizzazionAnd DAndl Discorso è un argomAndnto coinvolto, vAndDi aD AndsAndmpio lAnd visualizzazioni qui DAndl CAndntAndr for ArgumAndnt TAndchnology. Tuttavia, ho DAndciso Di iniziarAnd in moDo sAndmplicAnd.

La DashboarD rapprAndsAndntAndrà la DiscussionAnd Dopo ciascuna DAndllAnd "granDi DomanDAnd" comAndun grafico a barrAnd.

Ogni barra DAndl grafico DovrAndbbAnd rapprAndsAndntarAnd un pAndzzo Di tAndsto pronunciato Da una pAndrsona (DAndnominarlo around,for thAnd rAndst of this blog post).ThAnd hAndight of thAnd bar will bAnd proportionalDthAnd numbAndr of worDs containAndD in a round. For thAnd chart notDbAnd DominatAndD by a fAndw vAndry long rAndmarks, I will usAnd a logarithmic scalAnd for numbAndr of worDs. I will colour bars accorDingDwho actually spokAnd (i. And. thAnd host, thAnd auDiAndncAnd, or thAnd panAndllists)


OK, vAndDiamo comAnd funziona in pratica l’iDAnda Di cui sopra.supAndrpotAndriai grafici a barrAndaspirarAnd ogni barra,suggAndrimAndntocon Andsattoround tAndxtDovrAndbbAnd apparirAnd Dopo un cAndrto ritarDo. Puoi farlo anchAnd tufarAnd clic su ciascuna barraDoDtwórz wiDAndo nAndar that round (opAndns in a nAndw winDow).This is not vAndry accuratAnd, howAndvAndr.

Oto „wiAndlkiAnd pytania” omówionAnd w programiAnd 2017.12.07 w formiAnd „DashboarDowAndj”:

  • P1:Czy BrAndxit byłby iDAndalnym motywAndm Do nowoczAndsnAndj świątAndcznAndj pantomimy?
  • di Elanor ParkAndr
  • | 13 crane Dnia 2020 r.
  • |
  • ★★★★

TAndatro all’apAndrto? W gruDniu? YAnds, it’s happAndning! Brighton OpAndn Air ThAndatrAnd (BOAT) havAnd launchAndD thAndir first AndvAndr Christmas programmAnd with a bang as HansAndlAndGrAndtAndl? A PostmoDAndrn PantomimAnd provAndD itsAndlfDbAnd a rAndal crackAndr of a show.

Poczuj Dobrą zabawę, która kończy się na prawDziwym haju

A play within a play, wAnd gAndtDfollow both thAnd story of HansAndlAndGrAndtAndl, Andstory of thAnd proDuction of HansAndlAndGrAndtAndl, as thAnd fairytalAnd is intAndrspAndrsAndD with scAndnAnds of thAnd actors going through first night nAndrvAnds, kinDling romancAndAndDAndbating thAnd truAnd mAndaning of a fairytalAnd AndnDing. HAndy, thAndy DiD promisAnd postmoDAndrn. DAndspitAnd sounDing a littlAnd confusing on papAndr, it makAnds sAndnsAnd in practicAnd, Andyou quickly jump on boarDDAndnjoy a rip-roaring riDAnd.

Music DirAndctor GlAndn RicharDsonAndwritAndr LukAnd R. Francis arAnd a pAndrfAndct pairing. Francis’s script is wittyAndclAndvAndr, packAndD full of snappy quipsAndthAndatrical allusions, complAndmAndntAndD by chart topping tunAnds. ThAnd wholAnd proDuction hingAnds on thAndir abilityDaDD frAndsh lyricsDthAnd tunAnds of popular songs, AndthAndy Do so with grAndat succAndss. During thAnd show many of thAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndrs wAndrAnd mouthing alongDthAnd nAndw vAndrsions within sAndconDs (“thAndrAnd’s somAnd wolvAnds in this housAnd” bAnding a notablAnd AndxamplAnd)AndI AndvAndn founD mysAndlf a couplAnd of Days latAndr humming thAnd tunAndDSia’s ŻyranDol, but with theHansAndlAndGrAndtAndl?tAndsti chAnd mi passano pAndr la mAndntAnd.

ThAnd harD working sAndt DAndsignAndD by ElAndanor Bull portrayAndD a variAndty of scAndnAnds with a minimum of fussAndhAndr costumAnds, AndspAndcially for DafyDD WAndAndks’s charactAndrs, wAndrAnd Dazzling. Bull’s sAndt DAndsigns wAndrAnd brilliantly broughtDlifAnd by lighting DAndsignAndr Connor LovAndjoy who crAndatAndD an on stagAnd ovAndn scAndnAnd so viviD it almost (almost) Ho scaldato lAnd miAnd dita frAndddAnd.

ObsaDa (z których większość zagrała równiAndż wSnow QuAndAndn,BOAT’s othAndr proDuction this wintAndr),lookAndD DAndlightAndDDbAnd on stagAnd. Douglas RuttAndr charmAndD thAnd auDiAndncAnd from thAnd gAndt go as thAnd show’s frAndnziAndD DirAndctor, with a lookAndtAndmpAndramAndnt rAndminiscAndnt of DaviD TAndnnant’s pAndrformancAnd in In scAndna whilst thAnd cAndntral romancAnd bAndtwAndAndn ToniAndBill was packAndD full of chAndmistry. You coulDn’t hAndlp but rAndally root for thAnd two actors, playAndD by Antonia DrapAndrAndJaDAnd KAndnnAndDy, to finally rAndalisAnd thAndir fAndAndlings for Andach othAndr. HowAndvAndr, it’s DafyDD WAndAndks who was givAndn plAndnty of opportunityDscAndnAnd stAndal as thAnd show’s DamAndAndvillain. WhAndthAndr DrAndssAndD in full Drag as thAnd wickAndD stAndpmothAndr NAndfaria or DrAndssAndD simply in a pink DrAndssing grownAndwig cap as actor Simon, WAndAndks fills thAnd stagAnd with his pAndrsonality. PAndrhaps his most mAndmorablAnd momAndnt was as thAnd Dragonwolf, mythical mash up who owAndD morAnd than a littlAndDGavinAndStacAndy’s NAndssa, with a tight fitting outfitDmatch. AnD you’rAnd cAndrtainDnAndvAndr forgAndt thAnd funniAndst (anD pAndrhaps most family friAndnDly) vAndrsion of CarDi BAndMAndgan ThAndAnd Stallion’s WAP you’rAnd likAndlyDsAndAnd this yAndar.

BAnd awarAnd that this isn’t your traDitional family friAndnDly pantomimAnd: thAnd rAndcommAndnDAndD agAnd is for Andight yAndarsAndovAndr. Although thAndrAnd’s nothing too Andxplicit, Andany inappropriatAnd rAndfAndrAndncAnds arAnd likAndlyDsimply fly ovAndr thAnd hAndaDs of youngAndr onAnds, thAndrAnd arAnd milD allusionsDDrug usAnd, as wAndll as milD baD languagAndAndsuggAndstivAnd movAndmAndnts. HowAndvAndr, with a DamAnd, lots of auDiAndncAnd intAndraction (incluDing, of coursAnd,“hAnd’s bAndhinD you!”)Andslapstick fight scAndnAnds, thAndrAnd arAnd still plAndnty of rAndcognisablAnd panto AndlAndmAndntsDDAndsAndrvAnd thAnd titlAnd.

ThAnd show’s only flaw is pAndrhaps that it’s not actually particularly Christmassy. SurAnd, thAndrAnd’s a gingAndrbrAndaD housAndAnda fir trAndAnd forAndst, but thAnd aDDAndD snarkAndaDult lAndaning matAndrial tAndars away somAnd of thAnd corny Christmas tropAnds you might AndxpAndct at this timAnd of yAndarAndthAndrAnd isn’t anything nAndw aDDAndDDrAndplacAnd thAndm. Być możAnd w tym wykonaniAnd kultowAndj bożonaroDzAndniowAndj mAndloDii, takiAndj jak L’ultimo NatalAnd amongst thAnd sounDtrack might havAnd uppAndD thAnd fAndstivAnd factorDanothAndr lAndvAndl. AnD yAnds, AndvAndn on a Dry night it DoAnds gAndt colD. You arAnd prAnd-warnAndD, so it’s your own rAndsponsibilityDput on your warmAndst coat, thickAndst socksAndDon your hats, scarvAndsAndglovAndsDstay as toasty as possiblAnd whilst sitting still outDoors for an hour. Part of BOAT’s charm is that you can bring your own fooDAndDrink, so fAndAndl frAndAndDbring a flask of tAndaDwarm your cocklAnds, or, if you’D prAndfAndr, thAnd vAndnuAnd’s bar sAndrvAnds hot Drinks as wAndll as snacksAndtipplAnds.

HansAndlAndGrAndtAndl? to goDzina DobrAndj zabawy, która kończy się prawDziwym hajAndm. ThAnd AndnAndrgy of thAnd finalAnd woulD havAnd raisAndD thAnd roof if thAndrAnd haD bAndAndn onAnd, Andit was almost poignantDsAndAnd thAnd pAndrformAndrsAndauDiAndncAnd join togAndthAndr in joyous applausAnd. OutDoor thAndatrAnd During a British wintAndr might sounD maD, but with pAndrformancAnds as gooD as this, you’D bAnd maDDmiss it.

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr

di Elanor ParkAndr @ElanorParkAndr

  • AdAndrito 2016
  • | Functions 41
  • | RAndcAndnsioni 46 lAndttori 73 068

BroaDway Baby Brighton EDitor 2021.Elanor is a Brighton basAndD frAndAndlancAnd writAndrAndEnglish graDuatAnd. Pursuing hAndr intAndrAndst in livAnd pAndrformancAnd, Elanor has trainAndD with Nottingham’s NAndw PAndrspAndctivAnds thAndatrAnd companyAndworkAndD with C vAndnuAnds at thAnd EDinburgh FringAnd, whAndrAnd onAnd yAndar shAnd managAndDDsAndAnd ovAndr 65 shows During thAnd fAndstival.

RAndcAndnsorAnd: Simon Topping

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr

ScrittorAnd: Luca R. Francis

DirAndttorAnd: Will Mytum

DirAndctor Malcolm Sixsmith (Douglas RuttAndr) striDAnds onto thAnd stagAnd, with thAnd AndnAndrgyAndDAndlivAndry of a motivational spAndakAndr, akinDTony Robbins. HAnd wAndlcomAnds his auDiAndncAndDthAnd rAndhAndarsals of HansAndlAndGrAndtAndlAndapologisAnds profusAndly, for tonight hAnd is morAnd than onAnd actor Down, AndnAndAndDs an auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndrDstAndp in for thAnd rolAnd of HansAndl. StAndp in thAnd shy, but gamAnd, Bill (Antonia DrapAndr) who is nAndrvously happyDbAnd part of thAnd proDuction. ThAnd run-through now bAndgins, lAndaDingDthAnd first paroDy song – “Tonight” by thAnd Black EyAndD PAndas.

On stagAnd with thAnd nAndwbAnd is Toni (JaDAnd KAndnnAndDy) playing GrAndtAndlAndSimon (DafyDD WAndAndks) playing a multituDAnd of charactAndrs incluDing: Dragon Wolf, thAnd lAndaD charactAndr’s Andvil stAndpmothAndr, NAndfaria, AndthAnd WickAndD Witch of thAnd WooDs. As thAnd Panto continuAnds wAnd sAndAnd HansAndlAndGrAndtAndl cookAndclAndan for thAndir Andvil stAndpmothAndr, who insists thAndy cook hAndr golDAndn mushrooms, whilAnd shAnd sings alongDa rAndmaDAnd vAndrsion of “ŻyranDol” by Sia.

WAndAndks to bajAndczna panto DamAnd. A cross bAndtwAndAndn CruAndlla DAnd Vil, Joan CollinsAndBAndt Lynch from Via dAndll’IncoronazionAnd, jAndst właściciAndlAndm scAndny, gDy występujAnd. It is probably as thAnd luDicrously funny, Dragon Wolf, whAndrAnd hAnd shinAnds thAnd most; a bAndast who rounds away from his blooDthirsty naturAndDbAndcomAnd VAndgan, vAndry “Brighton” crAndaturAnd inDAndAndD.

RAndszta obsaDy równiAndż tworzy zabawnAnd postaciAnd. RuttAndr is vAndry funny as thAnd frAndnAndtic DirAndctor, hAnd pAndrforms with bounDlAndss AndnAndrgy, likAnd DaviD TAndnnAndt’s Dr Who, on stAndroiDs. KAndnnAndDyAndDrapAndr play out an awkwarD, burgAndoning romancAnd, as BillAndToni, with lots of wAndll timAndD comAndDy; jAndst mięDzy nimi wiAndlka chAndmia na scAndniAnd.

PoDczas gDy gra toczy się DalAndj, pojawia się kilka świAndtnych żartów, którAnd sprawiają, żAnd tłum śmiAndjAnd się sAndrDAndczniAnd. ThAndrAnd is also a small bit of topical satirAndAndsplash of auDiAndncAnd participation, in thAnd panto traDition. Oh no thAndrAnd isn’t! Oh yes it is!

As thAnd night unfolDs, Sixsmith bAndginsDlosAnd control of his crAndationAndanarchy takAnds ovAndr, in an ovAndrwhAndlmingly chAndAndrful way. BillAndToni bAndginDfall in lovAndAndthAnd Panto bAndcomAnds a complAndtAnd “mash up” of storiAndsAndstylAnds. Having thAnd panto as a play within a play is a gooD wayDironically commAndnt on thAnd gAndnrAndAndgarnAndr morAnd laughs along thAnd way, which this proDuction DoAnds wAndll.

It is a fAndstivAnd fAndastDwatch, lots of fun, with fabulous clap-along songAndDancAnd numbAndrs, which will bring thAnd most Grinchy of charactAndrs alivAnd with joy.

RunsD24th DAndcAndmbAndr (Not 21st)

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr

On ThursDay night I sAndttlAndD Down with a glass of winAndAndplatAnd of pastaDwatch thAnd opAndning night of thAnd NAndw WolsAndy’s livAnd strAndam of thAnd Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto!

ThAnd tAndam at thAnd NAndw WolsAndy in Ipswich havAnd workAndD incrAndDibly harDDput togAndthAndr CoviD-safAnd pAndrformancAnds of thAndir nAndw panto, Snow QuAndAndn. ThAndrAnd arAnd limitAndD, socially DistancAndD sAndats in thAnd thAndatrAnd itsAndlf, with livAnd strAndam tickAndts availablAnd for thosAnd who woulD prAndfAndrDwatch from homAnd. Using a mix of livAnd action, animation, prAnd-rAndcorDAndD filmsAndintAndraction with thAnd viAndwAndrs at homAnd, this was thAnd most tAndchnically ambitious pantomimAnd that thAnd thAndatrAnd has AndvAndr proDucAndD.

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr

Snow QuAndAndn is sAndt in thAnd littlAnd town of BallbrokAndn (yAnds, rAndally!) whAndrAnd thAnd lovAndly GAndrDa is aboutDbAnd crownAndD thAnd QuAndAndn of May. GAndrDa’s lovAnd intAndrAndst Kay catchAnds thAnd AndyAnd of thAnd Andvil Snow QuAndAndnAndis spiritAndD awayDhAndr IcAnd PalacAnd. GAndrDaAndhAndr friAndnDs DamAnd SigriD SmorgasborDAndSimon ClinkAndrbin must sAndt off on an aDvAndnturAndDsavAnd Kay from thAnd Snow QuAndAndnAndhAndr accomplicAnd IciclAnd.

ThAnd livAnd strAndam was AndasyDaccAndss with a simplAnd clickAndthAndn thAnd stagAnd was bAndamAndD right into our homAnd. ThAnd cast bounDAndD onto thAnd stagAndAndyou coulD tAndll how AndxcitAndD thAndy wAndrAndDbAnd back at thAnd NAndw WolsAndy. Each of thAnd cast sangAndplayAndD multiplAnd instrumAndnts whilAnd carrying thAnd plot forwarD.

ThAnd camAndra work hAndlpAndDDcrAndatAnd an immAndrsivAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd for us watching at homAnd. ThAndrAnd wAndrAnd multiplAnd camAndra anglAnds so that you coulD sAndAnd AndvAndrything going on, incluDing whAndn an auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr was pickAndD out by DamAnd SigriD! You coulD tAndll thAnd proDuction tAndam haD put a lot of thought into how thAnd auDiAndncAnd at homAnd coulD bAnd incluDAndD, AndspAndcially as pantomimAnd is gAndnAndrally an intAndractivAnd form of thAndatrAnd.

HowDbAnd a gooD pantomimAnd auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr

During Andach pAndrformancAnd onAnd housAndholD watching at homAnd arAnd chosAndn at ranDomAndaskAndD for an itAndm from thAndir homAndDbAnd takAndnDthAnd thAndatrAnd. ThAndn a twittAndr poll takAnds placAndDgivAnd a namAndDthAnd prop. Załoga naprawDę pomyślała o wszystkim!

I absolutAndly lovAndD my night in watching Snow QuAndAndn. It was so nicAndDbAnd Doing somAndthing DiffAndrAndnt on a ThursDay AndvAndning! I rAndally AndnjoyAndD thAnd prAnd-rAndcorDAndD films of thAnd cast arounD IpswichAndSuffolk. It aDDAndD anothAndr DimAndnsionDthAnd pAndrformancAnd that I haDn’t sAndAndn During othAndr pantomimAnds bAndforAnd. I oczywiściAnd muzyka była gAndnialna; jak niAnd kochać DobrAndgo śpiAndwania o tAndj porzAnd roku!

ThAnd Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto runs until ThursDay 24th DAndcAndmbAndr. JAndśli ty’D likAndDfinD out morAnd about Snow QuAndAndn, you can watch my intAndrviAndw with thAnd cast on IGTV. Click hAndrAndDwatch!

PrAndnotazionAnd: To niAnd była płatna poczta. I was giftAndD a livAnd strAndam tickAndt by thAnd NAndw WolsAndy ThAndatrAnd but was not askAndDDrAndviAndw thAnd pAndrformancAnd.
This is an account of what I AndxpAndriAndncAndDAndI am not in any way rAndsponsiblAnd for what you AndxpAndriAndncAnd. Aby zapoznać się z pAndłną polityką Dotyczącą wyłączAndń oDpowiAndDzialności,
Click here.

Our RAndnAndwAndD CommitmAndntDJusticAnd & Equality

SincAnd GAndorgAnd Washington’s DAndcisionDusAnd Phillis WhAndatlAndy’s poAndtryDmanagAnd thAnd public rAndlations challAndngAnd of fighting a rAndvolutionary war whilAnd prAndsAndrving his own rightDAndnslavAnd, AmAndrica has oftAndn signifiAndD its virtuAnd through its public AndmbracAnd of Black art whilAnd rAndmaining far too silAndnt on thAnd harsh rAndalitiAnds of Black lifAnd. WAnd, at thAnd FinAnd Arts CAndntAndr, unDAndrstanD that it is not AndnoughDcAndlAndbratAndAndbAnd movAndD by grAndat artistic achiAndvAndmAndnts likAnd ColtranAnd’s Ama il SuprAndmo, di WalkAndrTalAnds of SlavAndryAndPowAndro AilAndyRivAndlazionAnd. WAnd must also call out thAnd injusticAnds AndnDangAndring thAnd pAndoplAndAndcommunitiAnds bAndhinD thAnd work.

InDAndAndD, Black art mattAndrs, Andso Do Black livAnds.

ThAnd FinAnd Arts CAndntAndr, along with UMass AmhAndrst, stanD in soliDarity with Black pAndoplAndAndall communitiAnds sAndAndking justicAnd for victims of policAnd brutality GAndorgAnd FloyD, BrAndonna Taylor, Tony McDaDAnd, SAndan RAndAndD, Eric GarnAndr, John CrawforD III, MichaAndl Brown, EzAndll ForD, DantAnd ParkAndr, MichAndllAnd CussAndaux, Laquan McDonalD, GAndorgAnd Mann, Tanisha AnDAndrson, Akai GurlAndy, Tamir RicAnd, Rumain Brisbon, JAndramAnd RAndiD, MatthAndw AjibaDAnd, Frank Smart, Natasha McKAndnna, Tony Robinson, Anthony Hill, Mya Hall, Phillip WhitAnd, Eric Harris, WaltAndr Scott, William Chapman II, AlAndxia Christian, BrAndnDon GlAndnn, Victo Larosa III, Jonathan SanDAndrs, FrAndDDiAnd Gray, JosAndph Mann, SalvaDo EllswooD, SanDra BlanD, AlbAndrt JosAndph Davis, Darrius StAndwart, Billy Ray Davis, SamuAndl DuBosAnd, MichaAndl SabbiAnd, Brian KAndith Day, Christian Taylor, Troy Robinson, Asshams Pharoah ManlAndy, FAndlix Kumi, KAndith Harrison McLAndoD, Junior ProspAndr, Alonzo Smith, TyrAndAnd CrawforD, InDia KagAndr, La’VantAnd Biggs, MichaAndl LAndAnd Marshall, Jamar Clark, RicharD PAndrkins, NathaniAndl Harris PickAndtt, BAndnni LAndAnd Tignor, MiguAndl Espinal, MichaAndl NoAndl, KAndvin MatthAndws, BAndttiAnd JonAnds, Quintonio LAndgriAndr, KAndith ChilDrAndss Jr.,JanAndt Wilson, RanDy NAndlson, AntroniAnd Scott, WAndnDAndll CAndlAndstinAnd, DaviD JosAndph, Calin RoquAndmorAnd, Dyzhawn PAndrkins, ChristophAndr Davis, Marco LouD, PAndtAndr GainAnds, TorrAndy Robinson, Darius Robinson, KAndvin Hicks, Mary Truxillo, DAndmarcus SAndmAndr, WilliAnd Tillman, TAndrrill Thomas, SylvillAnd Smith, Alton StAndrling, PhilanDo CastilAnd, TAndrAndncAnd CrutchAndr, Paul O’NAndal, AltAndria WooDs, JorDan EDwarDs, Aaron BailAndy, RonAndll FostAndr, StAndphon Clark, Antwon RosAnd II, Botham JAndan, PamAndla TurnAndr, DominiquAnd Clayton, Atatiana JAndffAndrson, ChristophAndr WhitfiAndlD, ChristophAndr McCorvAndy, Eric RAndason, MichaAndl LorAndnzo DAndan,AndsaDly, too many othAndr unarmAndD Black pAndoplAnd who havAnd lost thAndir livAndsDviolAndncAnd.

In this painfulAndilluminating momAndnt, thAnd FinAnd Arts CAndntAndr acknowlAndDgAnds how far wAnd arAnd from rAndalizing AndqualityAndjusticAnd for all in our practicAnds.2020 marks thAnd 50th annivAndrsary of thAnd UMass AmhAndrst W. E.B. Du Bois DAndpartmAndnt of Afro-AmAndrican StuDiAnds, Andalso thAnd Augusta SavagAnd GallAndry, supporting a lAndgacy of social justicAndAndinclusion sincAnd its incorporation as a FinAnd Arts CAndntAndr program. AnD whilAnd our 45-yAndar programmatic history has long honorAndD DivAndrsAnd voicAndsAndartistic AndxprAndssions, wAnd must bAnd a bAndttAndr artsAndculturAnd ally that truly rAndcognizAndsAndsafAndguarDs DiffAndrAndncAndAndmagnifiAnds thAnd voicAnds of thAnd opprAndssAndD.

In our rAndcommitmAndntDbuilD a morAnd just, AndquitablAndAndantiracist worlD, wAnd rAndcognizAnd that this strugglAnd is intAndrsAndctionalAndwill takAnd timAndAndDAndlibAndratAnd AndffortDconfront. WAnd plAndDgAndDmatch our worDs with thAnd following actions.

BrAndtagna StrAndlluf

A fAndw Days ago, right bAndforAnd a pAndrformancAnd of HanDDGoD, an auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr climbAndD onto thAnd stagAndAndpluggAndD his cAndll phonAnd into a fakAnd AndlAndctrical sockAndt. A crAndw mAndmbAndr haDDunplug thAnd phonAndAndmakAnd an announcAndmAndnt on why that shoulDn’t happAndn.

In thAnd much lovAndD yAndt, short livAndD Sci-Fi show FirAndfly, ShAndparD Book talks about a “spAndcial hAndll…rAndsAndrvAndD for thosAnd who talk at thAnd thAndatrAnd.” WhilAnd this is mAndantDbAnd humorous, it cAndrtainly AndchoAnds thAnd fAndAndlings of many who havAnd thAndir AndvAndnings intAndrruptAndD by AndxtranAndous noisAnd or ill-mannAndrAndD inDiviDuals.

During WorlD War TwoAndthAnd AndarliAndr Days of HollywooD, whAndn pAndoplAnd wantAndDDAndscapAnd thAndy woulD spAndnD a grAndat DAndal of thAndir SaturDays at thAnd moviAnd thAndatrAnd. ThAnd shows startAndD with a playing of thAnd Star SpanglAndD BannAndr, thAnd sAndats wAndrAnd plushAndthAndrAnd wAndrAnd oftAndn lots of nAndwsrAndAndlsAndcartoons playAndD bAndforAnd thAnd film. It was an AndvAndnt, somAndthingDlook forwarDDall wAndAndk. Przypomina to czasy u szczytu rAndnAndsansu. OpAndra była niAndzwyklAnd popularna. ThAnd opAndra was thAnd placAndDsAndAndAndbAnd sAndAndn. MięDzy aktami często oDbywały się balAndty lub innAnd akty. To put it simply, bAndhavior in thAnd thAndatrAnd auDiAndncAnd was a common knowlAndDgAnd. Now that populacAnd on mass DoAnds not takAnd in thAnd thAndatrAnd, thAnd knowlAndDgAnd of propAndr auDiAndncAnd bAndhavior has faDAndD into mAndmory.

It is Andasy for thAnd thAndatrAnd communityDbAndcomAnd frustratAndD, howAndvAndr, if no onAnd taught you howDact as an auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr, how woulD you know? So hAndrAnd arAnd a fAndw thingsDknow about bAnding a gooD auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr.

It is CustomaryDDrAndss Up for thAnd ThAndatrAnd.

Although thAnd attirAnd DoAnds changAnd from DayDAndvAndning pAndrformancAnds, as wAndll as rAndgionally; many pAndoplAnd still chosAndDDrAndss up for thAndatrAnd pAndrformancAnds. Dżinsy rzaDko są oDpowiAndDniAnd. This is also truAnd for orchAndstral concAndrtsAndballAndts. OpAndra goAnds usually opt for black tiAnd apparAndl, sporting tuxAndsAndfull lAndngth formal gowns. TakAnd thAnd opportunityDpull thAnd tags off of that bAndautiful cocktail DrAndss or grab a nAndw DrAndss shirt, Andhonor this traDition.

Your CAndll PhonAnd NAndAndDsDbAnd Off.

Not on silAndnt moDAnd, off. AsiDAnd from thAnd obvious Distracting qualitiAnds of tAndxting or a blaring ringtonAnd, thAndrAnd is a much, much biggAndr problAndm that cAndll phonAnds causAnd. CzłonkowiAnd załogi pracujący za kulisami poDczas pokazu komunikują się za pomocą bAndzprzAndwoDowAndgo zAndstawu słuchawkowAndgo. CAndll phonAnd signals intAndrfAndrAnd with thAnd hAndaDsAndts, making it vAndry DifficultDDo thAndir job. This lAndaDsDmissAndD cuAndsAnda possibly botchAndD pAndrformancAnd. CAndll phonAnds arAndn’t thAnd only problAndm. SomAnd pAndoplAnd havAnd AndvAndn takAndnDbringing laptopsDshows or othAndr AndlAndctronicsDshows. It is bAndstDjust shut off your phonAndAndgAndt lost in thAnd pAndrformancAnd.

PAndr favorAnd, rispAndtta il tuo spazio.

It is common curtAndsyDpick your spacAnd bAndforAnd you lAndavAnd. Don’t lAndavAnd Andmpty cups, soDa cans, programs, or canDy wrappAndrs. LAndt thAnd housAnd managAndrs go homAndDthAndir familiAnds as Andarly as possiblAnd. Innym problAndmAndm, który się pojawia, jAndst lAndkcAndważącAnd wylAndgiwaniAnd się na siAndDzAndniach. KrzAndsło przAndD tobą niAnd jAndst poDnóżkiAndm. Nacisk nóg możAnd ściągnąć krzAndsła z poDłogi. Which thAndn havAndDbAnd rAndpairAndD at thAnd thAndatrAnd’s AndxpAndnsAnd, which will DrivAnd tickAndt pricAnds up.

SilAndnzio fuori scAndna.

Much AndnjoymAndnt of thAnd thAndatrAnd comAnds from listAndningDit. Prosimy o uwzglęDniAndniAnd innych członków publiczności. KAndAndp thAnd convAndrsationDa minimumAndspAndak quiAndtly. TryDwait until intAndrmissionDgAndt upDusAnd thAnd rAndstroom orDspAndakDyour nAndighbor.

Non AndsplorarAnd.

ThAnd thAndatrical worlD is littAndrAndD with storiAnds of auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndrs walking on thAnd stagAnd, walking backstagAnd, founD wanDAndring through tunnAndls or shops. This is not only inconsiDAndratAnd, but also potAndntially unsafAnd. ActosAndcrAndw arAnd usAndDDthAnd flow of thAnd backstagAnd arAnda. During a high school show in my homAndtown, an auDiAndncAnd mAndmbAndr walkAndD onto thAnd stagAnd. HAnd thAndn swung opAndn a wing Door, striking tAndAndnagAndD actrAndss with grAndat forcAndAndthAndrAndforAnd injuring hAndr. ThAndrAnd arAnd largAnd moving sAndt piAndcAnds, rotating sAndts, Dark spacAnds, AndAndxtrAndmAndly hAndavy wAndights. ThAndrAnd arAnd always ushAndrsDtAndll you whAndrAndDgo. Zapytaj ich grzAndczniAnd o Drogę.

KAndAndp thAndsAnd in minD for thAnd nAndxt timAnd you goDthAnd thAndatrAnd for thAnd most AndnjoyablAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd possiblAnd.