How to be a good house husband

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Warning:Husbands may find this offensive unless they are already good housewives husbands!

We love our gays, so join us in the discussion. I would like your point of view

In this blog we aren’t going over how to be a sugar mama. We are talking about real women who have real jobs and their man is left at home without a job. We want all working spouse’s to get the picture of them working and running the household out of their head. You don’t’ have to do it all. You can do it all if you want to, but YOU DON’T WANT TO. Get him to do his fair share.

You’ll see how other wives are going through the same thing you are. I know when women speak to their girlfriends about how “life” is going it feels good to know you aren’t the only one having complications, frustrations, issues and problems. Here you will see that ALL spouse’s need to vent about each other. It will make you feel better when you unload in front of women who understand.

To all the spouse’s everywhere who are joining the revolution of successful women choosing to work, while your man stays home, I have two questions for you: are you frustrated with continually asking him to help you when you get home? Do you want your husband to get what you would like if you were home? If you have a husband sitting on your butt when you take bacon home, YOUR TIME IS NOW. I can help.

Women are becoming more winners than ever, and for good reason

There’s never been a better time start an open dialogue, learn from each other and create the House husband and home life you’ve always wanted. The new economy is best suited for stay at home dad’s anyway and in many situations it just makes the most sense. Our generation is the first to face the situation of having a husband as a housewife. we were brought up with mother’s who worked, who choose to work, who were apart of the woman’s movement. Now that their children have become wonderful women reading this blog, we expect a man to do as much work, as efficiently during the day as we would if we were at home. It’s the time to make this a reality for all working women (and gay men). Our generation had to go to college, graduate, and then become a successful professional. I don’t recall as a child dreaming of becoming a stay at home mom. If you did dream of being a housewife, then this blog isn’t for you.

Housewife husband. com is the voice of successful women who have found this role change to be the best fit for their family.

A little about me: I got married 11 years ago to a Marine in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel (drive through), I’ve developed sort of expertise in being married to a house husband. It didn’t happen over night but now he is the greatest House husband a woman could ask for. In short, our first baby was born 8 months ago and is now the housewife hubby! It just made sense, I was earning more and his income barely covered daycare. Considering the pros and cons, the husband of the house won! In any case, I’d rather have one of us raise our own child, as most of you think the same way.

To working wives:

Using my experience, I want to share tips, tricks and advice on how you too can go home, to a clean house and have dinner on the table!

How to train your house husbandknown as The hostess Husband. com should show you the way … OK, it will take some time, but the point is to get it out to you. We all know that when we gossip with our friends, we use the word “training”. Men have always been “trained” by their wives, but it was our dirty little secret. Now train your husband the right way with our website How to Train Your Household Husband. Housewife husband. Whether the company is ready or not, the truth is that the new members of our community are Homemaker Hubby! Trust me girls, I can help you with your frustrations, hurts, guilt etc.

Tips, surveys, mentoring, contests, newsletters, telegraphs and much more!

Thanks to simple and practical tips, I can help youyou create awareness, increase ROI and help you gain more free time to create an amazing life you always wanted. I’ve created several dynamic products and programs to help you trainHouse husband– and yourself – ranging from The Honey do list to strategies & building blocks to use on your homemaker hubby.

You’ll also have strategies for moving your husband off the couch to put aside video game control and help you move your life forward! There will be free to-do lists and quick recipes that any husband can learn to make, questa NON è solo una "scatola blu" di maccheroni e formaggio.

Don’t forget to watch instructional videos of real dads cooking homemade meals for the kids and more at home!

It’s never to late to start, your husbands are trainable! Have full access to our website, blog and samples of real life stories & strategies we will outline in our upcoming book.

How to be a good house husband

Sifu Wong and his wife on vacation in England

If you treat your wife not as someone who will marry you by chance, but as someone who intends to spend the better part of her life for your sake, then this is it and you treat your child not as an accident resulting from some pleasure, but as a living expression. of your love and joy, as well as, spending time with them will not be an obligation, but a special privilege.

"Il set del Gran Maestro Wong Kiew"


Sifu, I believe you are one of the wisest and most compassionate people alive today and I attach great importance to your thoughts and opinions. I have been married for almost a year and my wife and I have just had our first son. What advice can you give me to be a good husband and father?


Congratulations on being a husband and father and thank you for the nice words.

Being a husband and a father is one of the greatest things that can happen to a man. So appreciate your blessing.

Accountability comes with blessing. The most basic responsibility of a good husband and father is to take care of the family in the best possible way. Providence includes not only physical needs and comforts, such as decent food and shelter, but more importantly, spiritual needs, such as loving care and spending satisfying time with them.

Fulfilling their spiritual needs does not require money, but time and effort. If someone truly appreciates their wife and child, they can easily find the time and effort no matter how busy they are or even how busy they really are.

If you treat your wife not as someone who will marry you by accident, but as someone who has to spend the better part of her life for your sake, then she is indeed, and you treat your child not just as a random result of some pleasure, but as a living manifestation of your love and joy, as is also the case, spending time with them is not a duty but a special privilege.

Marriage is sacred. Personally, I think a man should have one and only one wife. You chose your wife. So you just have to make sure your marriage can be successful. You have no other choice and cannot look back. Be generous with your attitude. Take the stand that you, and not your wife, take the lead in ensuring a happy and successful marriage. When you take the right initiative, your wife will respond naturally.

How to be a good house husband

Ms. Wong Kiew Kit (right) and her four children in Beijing during a visit to China by Sifu Wong


Email your questions to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit with your full name, country and this website for reference. Emails without this data may not be received.

How to be a good house husband

Should I be on this page?

I have read the profiles of most of the people in the Loving FLR Community and have seen at least one that almost exactly describes the role of the domestic husband I am looking for. However, in the survey you have, it mentions what I am looking for as only a small% of the people on this page.

After talking to someone who seemed offended when I mentioned my liking for my husband’s home style (there are so many possibilities in the same, but I’ll use that term), I thought I’d offend her. I’m just wondering if there is a “thing” where dishonest men want to free women and see it as FLR?

If so, I really want to distance myself from it.

I’ve seen a person (on this page) looking for dynamics where they are the best bread winners, so this could be the dynamic that others are looking for … I’ve seen it on other sites as well … or am I just dreaming?

I was living in a similar dynamic where my partner was (once) a bread winner and presumably I was working for them for free and also running a family and working for a company for which I was not paid etc … just part of the contract …

I worked very hard for 12 months without pay … which wasn’t a problem for me, but not many men agreed.

I don’t really want to be considered those latecomers … how am I going to part with these guys … should I give up?

How to be a good house husbandDear Mike,

A loving FLR is not a prescribed love dynamic. It will be everything you and your partner want. I have to admit that you are not the only man looking for a relationship where you are the husband of the house and are fully supported by your partner.

There are many effective and powerful women who desire loving FLR. These women don’t need a partner to support them, but that’s a small part. The majority of people who have completed the Loving FLR Readers Survey do not believe that it is a woman’s duty to be the main breadwinner in the family.

This discovery does not mean that you are unlucky in your search for a mate. As I continue to share this dynamic with successful business women and invite them to join us, you will see that there are many business minded women who would appreciate a man dedicated to their success.

In fact, I once worked for an entrepreneur who was quite successful in his PR business. Her husband was her assistant and he loved her role in her life. He worked for her. Her office was a large corner office, while her office was a box with the rest of us. She had no complaints. He loved every moment of helping her with her greatness of hers. In fact, you are exactly what a successful woman needs.

If you want to find your perfect match, as well as be part of the Loving FLR Community, you can always look for a volunteer job with a women-led organization and try to win her favor. Anche se non sei attratto da una relazione romantica con lei, stare con questo tipo di donna ti farà conoscere altre donne che condividono le sue ambizioni e i suoi risultati.

There is nothing wrong with you. Honestly, if I’m going to partner with a man, I guess he’ll never make as much as I do. He will support me and will be happy to do so. BUT – he must be helpful and gifted in a way that is beneficial to me. You don’t have to consider yourself a moocher unless all you have to offer is sex or house cleaning. Women can have sex at any time and we can always hire someone to clean; those skills don’t make you special. Are you smart, resourceful and helpful? Can you perform accounting or administrative duties? Are you good at research? Can you help a successful woman grow her business? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are a great candidate for Loving FLR with a strong and successful businesswoman.

You are wanted in this world. You are precious. You are someone’s dream. Continue to be diligent in supporting women, continue to develop skills that would be invaluable to a powerful woman and your time to connect with this amazing and powerful woman will come, especially if you stay in touch with ME.

Thanks for loving women. I appreciate you.

Contact us

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How to be a good house husband

The guide to be defined to be the perfect husband at home

Over the centuries it has happened that women in the home have been carers who have been entrusted with the task of keeping the house in order, taking care of the children, etc. But women took control of their lives and went home to work and the dynamics changed. Men have noticed this fact too and are playing for a role reversal of sorts. The whole house-husband trend has gotten to be beneficial in more ways than one, and here are a few things to keep in mind before breaking stereotypes.

[podpis align="alignnone" width="467"]How to be a good house husbandYour wife must know and support your decision to become a spouse [/ caption]

Talk to your partner about it

Taking this step in a society that is still stuck in 19th century thinking is a difficult task. The best way to be the perfect house husband is to talk honestly with your partner about the pros and cons of your decision. As with all decisions in family life, this too must be taken into consideration. If you have his support, things can get a lot easier.

Keep love first

It is well known that love is a key ingredient in a happy married life. And as cliché as it may sound, you often have to show affection to your loved one and the kids – take the kids to the park, buy them ice cream from time to time. Remember that there is no alternative to having fun.

Be prepared to go at odd hours

Being a domestic husband means that the working hours are distorted. There is no security associated with having to work for a certain period of time. It can be a little tricky at first, but if you learn to divide your time correctly, it won’t be a big deal. Best of all, you can have all the time in the world to do the odd maintenance jobs that pop up from time to time.

ALWAYS look hot!

Just because you have decided to become a stay-at-home dad / spouse doesn’t mean you should neglect your personal care. You may not have the time you did before; but keeping the good looks you used to have means your wife or other person would appreciate your efforts even more.

[podpis align="alignnone" width="423"]How to be a good house husbandHousewives must learn to do all the housework that a housewife does [/ caption]

cook it

You can’t be a great house husband if you don’t know how to cook. Learn online, use the help of friends or take a cooking class. A delicious meal can lift your family’s mood and ensure everyone has an unforgettable time.

Little things matter

Life can be a huge ocean of emotions, but it’s the little things in life that can make a big difference on this journey. Throw a surprise party every now and then. Give your partner gifts when they least expect it. Make things unforgettable by creating loving things.

Respect comes first

There may come a time when you don’t feel like a man of the house; peer pressure could reach you. But there is a time when you need to respect your partner and your choice to be a spouse. Once you have dealt with it, it will definitely be a smooth journey.

Accept the newfound responsibility of fatherhood … more or less.

Today was great. At the time of writing, Patrick is asleep in his vibrant rock-n-play.

I’ve eaten and showered (which pretty much guarantees the day was at least decent). I’m also I’m wearing fresh, non-pee/poop/spit up-stained clothes, and Patrick even hit a developmental milestone (he rolled over).

Yesterday was not the best. Patrick’s only decent naps were in the ergobaby, he was super fussy, and we stayed inside all day, which meant a rough, kind-of-sweaty, pretty-hungry day…although the South Park marathon on Comedy Central at least made it not a total loss.

At this point, I can usually tell by 10 am whether it’s going to be a good day or not, but after a little thought here is a basic house husband scoring system so you can play along at home. The following categories award points on a yes / no basis. No partial credit, it’s all or nothing. Summarize the result and see which category you belong to:

  • 0-20 Point Nightmare: This hasn’t happened, but both of our biggest fears is that one day, Courtney will be greeted at the door by a screaming baby which she has to deal with before she even changes out of her work clothes. I’m in a dark room holding my knees and rocking back and forth. Have a beer (or three), save the extra $ for therapy, and try again tomorrow.
  • 20-40 Point Bummer: Patrick is usually pretty chill, but we’ve had a few days where he’s super clingy or needy, especially at the tail end of a trip or weekend. Yesterday he was pretty close to one of them, but I think I managed to get an average score.
  • 40-60 Point Day: Don’t think of this as getting a 50% on a test, think of this as being a .500 ball club. You’re by no means allowed to celebrate, but it’s probably not going to get you fired…isn’t that right, Jeff Fisher?
  • 60-80 Point Good Day: Not too shabby, you’re doing well! You’re showered, fed, and probably haven’t traumatized your child. Well done!
  • 80-100 Victory Points: Either you live in Pleasantville before the colors, or you crushed them completely today. Crack a victory beer, you’ve earned it.

House husband Scoring:

5 House husband Points: did I eat breakfast?

It might be the most important meal of the day, but breakfast isn’t a good indicator of how it’s going, as it’s usually the delay between Courtney going to work and Patrick waking up.

Today, however, I rolled the dice and cashed in my breakfast to sleep longer. Luckily Patrick and I headed to a local bar as part of a nice walk. Not to get too deep into the weeds, but I had my annual pumpkin flavored coffee and pie. I say annual because it takes me exactly one order every fall to get sick of it, but I somehow forget that I don’t really like pumpkin-spice every summer.

Long story short (too late)5 points for a home today!

25 House husband Points: did I shower?

It’s amazing how telling this category is for the full day. If Patrick is chill enough (or sleeping soundly enough) to give me 5-10 uninterrupted minutes of personal hygiene time, chances are the day isn’t going to be too terrible.

I took a shower twice today! Once before Patrick woke up, once after our walk … it turns out that the sweatshirt was not necessary due to the large hill we walked.

25 points(no double dips, although it makes up for not having received one yesterday… which was not a good day).

35 House husband Points: did I eat lunch?

(subtract 30 points if lunch consisted only of power bars, cereal, candy, Cheez-Its, or beef jerky…to be clear, only subtract the points if your lunch was limited to ONE of those items. If you’re able to combine all of those things you’re just being lazy, but if you only have time to stuff down a handful of M&Ms, it probably hasn’t been a great day)

Today I ate a fresh chicken quesadilla with corn and bean sauce (advanced fine, but fresh first).35 greedy points.

5 House husband Points: did we leave the house?

The walks are amazing. They usually put Patrick to sleep, and he’ll stay out for an extended nap if we have the stroller seat fully reclined (I know, it’s not quite flat on his back, but whatever, close enough). They also keep me from going completely crazy.

The aforementioned pumpkin adventure was today’s journey.5 season points.

5 House husband Points: did we leave the house and make it back without a meltdown?

Patrick was close today, but I had to finish my pumpkin caffeine shit on the go, so boneless. He didn’t fall asleep on the way to the coffee shop like I had hoped and started screaming when I was about halfway through my danish so we ejected to spare the other patrons…in retrospect, another block on the way there probably would have done the trick since he zonked out about 100 yards into our walk home, but alas, no point here today.

15 House husband Points: did Patrick do anything cool?

Today we did the first rollover! It was pretty epic. 15-point house husband courtesy of Patrick’s age-appropriate development.

10 House husband Points: did I do anything today?

This is the icing on the cake. On good days I’m greeting Courtney at the door with a freshly stirred martini (no James Bond-style watered down drinks for her after a hard day at the office) and dinner that’s either ready or in the works. Maybe I’ll tackle laundry (that’s a lie, I hate laundry) or another chore like paying the last of Patrick’s delivery bills or assembling Courtney’s new home office desk!

Shit, I knew I forgot something. Does writing a blog post matter? Um…sorry, Court, at least we already have dinner plans…and I’ll totally take care of the bills and desk tomorrow! There are no points here.

House husband Deductions: did I eff anything up today?

  • Subtract 5 points for each change of clothes due to pee, poop, spit or other liquids for the baby (or dog, I suppose). It’s about the baby and you.
  • Subtract 10 points for each toy the dog destroys.
  • Subtract 15 points if your spouse comes home and yells at you because you were wrong to keep your Irish-skinned child out of the sun while walking and getting sunburned.
  • Subtract 40 points for a drop. Ball safety is paramount.

Today? No deductions! It gives me 85! Patrick is finishing his nap and Courtney is coming home with a glass of wine … job well done, me.

Posted on 9 August 2010 by Maggie Castrey

How to be a good house husbandHere’s an excerpt from a 1950s high school home economics textbook. If their mothers acted this way, small wonder they’re confused by us millennium women! Do you ever feel guilty because you can’t live up to this fantasy of the “Good Wife”?

Make dinner.
Plan ahead, even overnight, to prepare a delicious meal on time. It is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men go home hungry, and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome they need.

Get ready.
Take fifteen minutes of rest so that you are refreshed when it arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a bow on your hair and stay fresh. He’s just been with a lot of people who are tired of work. Be a little bit gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift.

Get rid of the clutter.
Take one last trip through the main part of the house. Collect books, toys and newspapers. Dust off the tables to keep them clean. Your husband will feel that he has arrived in his paradise of peace and order. Doing this for him will also give you a lift.

How to be a good house husbandPrepare the children.
Take a few minutes to wash your face and hands. She brushes their hair and changes their clothes if necessary to make them look presentable to him. They are “God’s Creatures” and your husband would like to see them playing their part.

Minimize noise.
On arrival, it eliminates all noises from the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner. You’ve had plenty of time to do these things during the day. Don’t do them now. Encourage your children to remain silent. Nice to see your husband. Give him a warm smile.

Don’t greet your husband with problems or complaints.
Don’t complain when he is late for dinner. Consider it less than what he had to go through today.

Put him at ease.
Ask him to lean back in a comfortable chair or suggest that he lie down in the bedroom for a few minutes. Make him a cool or hot drink. Put a pillow on him and offer him to take off his shoes. She speaks in a low, soft, reassuring and pleasant voice. Let him relax and unwind.

Listen to it.
You can tell him a dozen things, but the moment he comes is not the time. Let me speak first.

  • May the evening be yours.
    It is special! Never complain about being taken to dinner or any other pleasant pastime. Instead, try to understand his world of tension and pressure, his need to relax and unwind. He remembers that you rested all day waiting for him to return. Now it’s his turn to enjoy what you enjoyed.
  • Try to make your home a place of peace and order,
    a place where your husband can relax in body and spirit.

    K. Gitter

    How to be a good house husband

    You are probably familiar with the article published inMonthly cleaning in May 1955 on how to be a good wife. It was called, “The Good Wife’s Guide,” and it detailed all the ways that a wife should act and how best she can be a partner to her husband and a mother to her children.

    The rules have certainly changed a lot since then, but it’s really fascinating how society once behaved and the rituals and traditions that have passed from the 1950s to today.

    The article is largely based on the man coming home after a long day at work and what your responsibilities are to get him ready.

    So here it is:

    1. Make dinner. Plan ahead, even overnight, to prepare a delicious meal in time for your return. It is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs.

    2. Most men go home hungry, and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome they need.

    3. Get ready. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a bow on your hair and stay fresh. He’s just been with a lot of people who are tired of work.

    Click Next to continue …

    Reader interactions


    It would be annoying at best to suggest that all women should be meek, small, second-hand to do and nothing but maids, fit only to obey their master’s orders 24/7 and not possess never one’s own individuality, nor endowing the privilege of speaking on one’s own when it is considered absurdly obvious as this nonsense states.

    IF it were real, but it’s a fraud. The article we were talking about did not exist. Magazine entitled “Monthly cleaning"It also didn’t exist. It’s never been found in any register of published magazines in this country, or any other. right to "Advertising archives"Which suggests a fraud, since the Archive itself was only launched in 1990. Even the presence of this image is a dead clue as it was first published as an original cover in a British magazine called"Giovanni Toro‘But not before January 1957. The original article from which all of this appears to be dated May 1955. It cannot be, if in fact it was first published in 1957.

    Many sources have studied this carefully and disproved it just as thoroughly.

    Google it – simple as that – and you’ll find plenty to verify what I’ve said. Also a Wikipedia article on “Giovanni Toro”The magazine shows this particular cover to illustrate it!

    How to be a good house husband

    Remember the feeling US Glamor magazine caused when it published ‘13 piccole cose che possono far innamorare un uomo di te" lately? The list gave outrageous suggestions for giving him a cold beer when he goes in the shower, snacking on him right after sex, opening the door in sexy lingerie for him, massaging him, and basically spending his entire life making him happy – because it seems the relationship is around him. We were reminded of this feature when looking through the Good Housekeeping archives and came across this article entitled ‘How to help your husband get ahead’. As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day today (August 26), it’s good to remind ourselves how far we’ve come in the equality stakes. Read on.

    In the art of relationship with the wife, it is becoming more and more important how to help your husband.

    It’s true that it has always been throughout history. How would Disraeli do without his Mary Anne to rebel and push him? The course of English history might have been very different if Sarah Jennings, wife of the Duke of Marlborough, had not caught Queen Anne’s ear and pleaded for her man to be given a chance.

    Closer to our times, it was a Scotswoman, Elizabeth, who turned a shy, stammering and clumsy sailor into the most loved and respected king in British history – pictured above with her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, on a terrace at 145 Piccadilly. London.

    Today it’s more important than ever before, because it is the bosses who have suddenly become acutely wife-conscious. In this ‘attaboy’ competitive age, John Smith’s wife behind her kitchen sink has become a VIP. Because she is the only human element that can possibly make or break her man. In America you have already acquired enormous importance. Big Business has long recognized the way to interview a wife and even a husband when applying for a senior job.

    Pick up any American magazine and you’ll recognise the familiar pattern… Ambitious young business executive has difficulty in getting along with his ulcerated employer. One day baby-doll wife invites boss home to supper and serves him bilberry pie ‘just like my mom used to make’. End of the story. Hank gets his promotion and Betty Ann writes a testimonial for Aunt Sarah’s pie mix.

    You may say that it can’t happen here. Britain is still a male dominated country. But just as a ten-shilling broiler has claimed Sunday joint, the idea of ​​controlling a wife is gaining ground.

    As one managing director of a large firm told me, ‘I don’t care what their wives look like. When the time comes and the money arrives, a little cosmetic treatment and a good seamstress can work a miracle. What I am interested in is their attitude to their husband’s job. They take it seriously as a collaborative effort and not just a monthly paycheck measure. It’s the long-term policy that marks out the future executive and not a flash-in-the-pay coup’.

    Moral: As long as your husband is on the job, whether he comes home for dinner at 6pm or 8pm shouldn’t matter to you. Overtime, Business Travel, and Entertainment Corporate VIPs are an integral part of the wife. That is, if you want your husband’s promotion!

    The storm of public life always draws attention to exceptional cases. But on a smaller scale, the same problems exist behind the lace curtain on every suburban street. I doubt that any wife in Britain other than the Queen Mother has achieved more for her than her husband than Lady Churchill. Her behind-the-scenes method is perfected. In 51 years of marriage, she has done her job so well that the world doesn’t know she has worked on it.

    We may have come a long way, but new research proves itthe gender pay gapit expands with age and the more we are in higher positions.Read more here.