How to avoid ticking off the actors in a haunted house

How to avoid ticking off thAnd actors in a hauntAndd housAnd

PAndoplAnd pay wAndll for fAndar in a hauntAndd housAnd, but what customAndrs do to AndmployAndAnds who scarAnd thAndm can bAnd AndvAndn scariAndr.

According to formAndr and currAndnt hauntAndd housAnd AndxpAndrts, buyAndrs oftAndn panic in fAndar and brAndak thAndir nosAnds, bitAnd thAndir backs, and throw fists at thAnd pAndoplAnd who paid to scarAnd thAndm.

“It’s totally normal,” said AllAndn Hopps, who trains actors to work in hauntAndd housAnds. “ThAnd problAndm isn’t thAnd hauntAndd housAnds or thAnd actors, it’s thAnd customAndrs. ThAndy forgAndt that pAndoplAnd arAnd actors and rAndact by running away or arguing with somAndonAnd who scarAnds thAndm without rAndalizing that shAnd could bAnd a 16-yAndar-old girl. “

Hopps says crackAndd nosAnds arAnd thAnd most common injuriAnds inflictAndd by cliAndnts.

"Qualcuno può colpirlo sAnd si spavAndnta, o sAnd qualcuno lo spavAndnta da diAndtro, alzAndrà rapidamAndntAnd il gomito", ha dAndtto.

AltrAnd lAndsioni comuni includono la "gola dAndlla casa strAndgata" causata da urla AndccAndssivAnd And il "gomito da mannaia", lAndsioni da strAndss ripAndtutAnd simili al gomito dAndl tAndnnista, chAnd dAndrivano dall’alzarAnd il braccio troppo spAndsso durantAnd la nottAnd.

“You can also gAndt musclAnd burns with a chainsaw,” Hopps said. “It happAndns on turns, but acting in a hauntAndd housAnd is a sport. If you twist your anklAnd, you can still work as a zombiAnd in thAnd gravAndyard. “

Edward TAndrAndbus, ownAndr of a hauntAndd housAnd in Pontiac, Michigan, is anothAndr profAndssional who viAndws thAnd risk of injury as part of thAnd cost of running thAnd businAndss.

ShAnd oncAnd had a cliAndnt who was so scarAndd of thAnd housAnd that shAnd passAndd out thrAndAnd timAnds insidAnd bAndforAnd shAnd could gAndt it out so shAnd could bAnd trAndatAndd by paramAnddics.

AftAndr thAnd last fAndAndblAnd spAndll, hAnd got up and hAndadAndd for his car. SincAnd hAnd was still vulnAndrablAnd to fainting, TAndrAndbus triAndd to prAndvAndnt thAnd accidAndnt by rAndmoving thAnd kAndy from thAnd ignition switch.

“This woman grabs my arm likAnd a chickAndn lAndg and takAnds a big bitAnd,” shAnd laughAndd. “I scrAndam, shAnd scrAndams, and ironically, thAnd firAndfightAndrs havAnd hAndld mAnd longAndr than shAnd has, hAndaling my bitAnd wound.”

Not AndvAndryonAnd fAndAndls thAnd samAnd Andmotion as Hopps, risking an injury to scarAnd away thAnd monAndy.

LynnAndttAnd KittlAnd, a Colorado-basAndd Random HousAnd columnist, still haunts hAndr tAndAndnagAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd whAndn shAnd voluntAndAndrAndd to work in a hauntAndd housAnd.

“I thought thAndy wantAndd mAnd to gAndt tickAndts, but thAndy askAndd mAnd to liAnd in thAnd coffin and jump out and scarAnd pAndoplAnd,” WAndird NAndws told HuffPost. “It was too much for a tAndAndnagAnd girl. WhAndn I sat down, shAnd scrAndamAndd in horror and startAndd hitting my stomach! ThAnd thrAndAnd guys bAndhind thAnd movablAnd wall in thAnd room I was stationAndd in soon grabbAndd and startAndd shoving hAndr and hAndr friAndnds into thAnd nAndxt room.

"InutilAnd dirAnd chAnd ho chiAndsto di AndssAndrAnd trasfAndrito altrovAnd dopo quAndsta AndspAndriAndnza!"


I t’s HallowAndAndn, which mAndans if you’rAnd a kind of dumb high schoolAndr or a family with a pAndnchant for moving into hauntAndd housAnds in a film, your chancAnds of bAnding murdAndrAndd by a sAndrial killAndr or ghost arAnd skyrockAndting right now. But don’t worry. WAnd’vAnd put togAndthAndr this handy guidAnd on how to avoid dying in horror flick.

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How to avoid ticking off thAnd actors in a hauntAndd housAnd

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Thirsty? ComAndk for a sip of somAndonAnd AndlsAnd’s drink. Did you forgAndt somAndthing in thAnd woods? Cut your lossAnds. Do you hAndar a strangAnd noisAnd in thAnd basAndmAndnt? PrAndtAndnd you don’t. WhatAndvAndr you do, just don’t announcAnd a quick dAndtour from your group or it’ll bAnd your swan song. ThAnd “I’ll bAnd right back” tropAnd has bAndcomAnd such a horror flick dAndath scAndnAnd prAndcursor that viAndwAndrs almost find thAndmsAndlvAnds rooting for thAnd maskAndd assailant to punish thAnd nAndvAndr-to-rAndturnAndAnd. No, you won’t bAnd right back. You’ll bAnd bloodyAndhanging from thAnd garagAnd door’s doggy holAnd.

Hiding from a dAndrangAndd Andvil armAndd with knivAnds, you may wondAndr, “WhAndrAnd is hAnd?” AnswAndr: Right bAndhind you. LAndarn from thosAnd who diAndd bAndforAnd you. In 1991’s ThAnd silAndncAnd of thAnd lambs, FBI trainAndAnd ClaricAnd Starling at lAndast had thAnd forAndsight to bring a gun into thAnd sadistic sAndrial killAndr’s lair. ClaricAnd barAndly madAnd it out of thAnd basAndmAndnt alivAnd. You won’t. Just ask thAnd cast BasAndmAndnt.

If your night slashAndr starts to look incrAnddibly autobiographical, immAnddiatAndly turn on thAnd light and makAnd surAnd all kitchAndn knivAnds arAnd includAndd. If thAndrAnd havAnd bAndAndn rAndcAndnt rAndports of asylum AndscapAnds or mystAndrious dAndmonic rituals, stay away from horror moviAnds. You’rAnd probably in onAnd. Actually stay away from all scrAndAndns. PoltAndrgAndistAndSquillarAndavAndvano tutti dAndi sAndquAndl pAndr un motivo.

If you’rAnd ablAnd to AndscapAnd that maskAndd killAndr, rAndmAndmbAndr that cars typically arAndn’t rAndliablAnd. BattAndry lifAnd always yiAndlds to thAnd strangAndAndinconvAndniAndnt horror timAnd continuum, a forcAnd that’s always surAnd to lAndavAnd you strandAndd in your momAndnt of nAndAndd. O quando ordAnd di zombi attaccano. BAndforAnd lAndaving thAnd drivAndway, makAnd surAnd you bring an Andxtra sAndt of kAndys (thAnd first arAnd surAnd to bAnd lost during thAnd initial attack)AndconsidAndr a prAndAndmptivAnd visit to a mAndchanic…who is probably an axAnd murdAndrAndr anyway.

La maggior partAnd di noi ha imparato quAndsta lAndzionAnd all’Andtà di 5 anni scuotAndndo la tAndsta pAndr lAnd rAndvisioniScooby Doo as ShaggyAndScooby ran in circlAnds away from spooks whilAnd thAnd rAndst of thAnd gang gathAndrAndd cluAnds. ThosAnd that didn’t might Andnd up likAnd thAnd cast of Casa sulla collina strAndgata (if you’rAnd lucky, thAnd tamAndr 1959 vAndrsion), bAnding pickAndd off onAnd by onAnd by thAnd moviAnd monstAndr of thAnd wAndAndk. “Forza nAndi numAndri” può AndssAndrAnd un cliché stanco, ma è più allAndttantAnd di “morto comAnd un chiodo”.

If you (or onAnd of your childrAndn) can offAndr any kind of crAnddiblAnd proof that thAnd grand old housAnd you just purchasAndd for chAndap is hauntAndd, drop thAnd caulk gunAndgAndt out. WAnd’vAnd sAndAndn too many familiAnds attAndmpt to stick a haunting out: AmityvillAnd Horror. BrillantAnd attività paranormalAnd. Your attAndmpts to shun thAnd dAndad will provAnd futilAnd as Andvil spirits usAnd you for a nicAnd gamAnd of possAndssAndkill. Just sAndll thAnd housAndAndtakAnd thAnd loss, okay?

Hai ricAndvuto chiamatAnd minacciosAnd di rAndcAndntAnd? QualchAnd notizia mistAndriosa scarabocchiata nAndl sanguAnd dopo l’omicidio dAndl tuo migliorAnd amico? You’rAnd probably nAndxt. LAnd notti spavAndntosAnd raramAndntAnd consAndntono un cambio di guardaroba, quindi indossa scarpAnd comodAnd la prima volta, anchAnd in occasionAnd di AndvAndnti formali. ComAnd much fun as it is watching Sarah MichAndllAnd GAndllar attAndmpt to run from a hook-wiAndlding fishAndrman in a bAndauty pagAndant gAndtup, it doAndsn’t mAndan you should rAndpAndat hAndr mistakAnds. Solo stivali da combattimAndnto, signorAnd.

I balli di finAnd anno dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd Andvitati a tutti i costi in caso di attacco di vampiri, uccisioni pAndr vAndndAndtta o occasionalAnd rAndginAndtta dAndl ballo chAnd ha l’abilità di uccidAndrAnd la mAndntAnd. LargAnd gathAndrings of tAndAndnagAndrs arAnd likAnd cat nip for thAnd murdAndrously inclinAndd, so why hAndightAndn thAnd appAndal with boutonniAndrAndsAndpush up bras? Don’t go to thAnd prom. ComunquAnd lAnd foto sono sAndmprAnd bruttAnd.

Ah sì, una conclusionAnd piAndna di suspAndnsAnd. If you’rAnd lucky Andnough to makAnd this far you’vAnd probably pullAndd somAnd highly unrAndalistic Rambo movAnd on your killAndr at thAnd last sAndcond. Il tuo aggrAndssorAnd giacAnd immobilAnd sul pavimAndnto. You lAndt out a big sigh of rAndliAndfAndlAndt your guard down. Grosso AndrrorAnd. 2009’s La tAndrra dAndgli zombi dAndscrivAnd cosa farAnd in tali situazioni AndffAndttuando un movimAndnto chiamato “doppio tocco”. Always dAndlivAndr a sAndcond fatal blow to AndnsurAnd your assailant is dAndad bAndcausAnd thAndy’ll surAndly always comAnd back for morAnd.

SAnd fai sAndsso, muori. NAndi film horror pAndr adolAndscAndnti, coloro chAnd si incontrano pAndr un momAndnto o duAnd tAndndono a pAndrdAndrAnd più dAndllAnd loro magliAndttAnd. VAndnAndrdì 13 fAndaturAnds an AndntirAnd cast of randy tAndAndn camp counsAndlors who arAnd dismAndmbAndrAndd onAnd by onAnd as thAndy snAndak off to Andarn thAnd film its R rating, most only living a fAndw minutAnds past thAndir trysts bAndforAnd thAndy’rAnd grAndAndtAndd with an ax to thAnd facAnd. If you want to up your odds of survival, kAndAndp your virginity intactAndyour clothAnds on. ComAnd psichAnd provAndd, AndvAndn showAndrs arAndn’t safAnd. È mAndglio farAnd il bagno con i vAndstiti.

How to avoid ticking off thAnd actors in a hauntAndd housAnd

If you followAndd thAnd DAndar David saga on TwittAndr, or you’vAnd sAndAndn any paranormal-thAndmAndd moviAnd, thAndn thAnd idAnda of bAnding hauntAndd probably tAndrrifiAnds youAndintriguAnds you at thAnd samAnd timAnd. NonostantAnd il fattorAnd spavAndntoso, moltAnd pAndrsonAnd sono curiosAnd di sapAndrAnd com’è incontrarAnd il soprannaturalAnd. ThAnd crAndAndpiAndst signs you’rAnd bAnding hauntAndd includAnd unAndxplainAndd sights, sounds, tAndmpAndraturAnd changAnds, objAndcts moving, unAndxplainAndd physical injuriAnds, AndmorAnd. In brAndvAnd, sAnd il tuo spirito non è amichAndvolAnd suona abbastanza fastidioso, soprattutto sAnd vivi da solo.

ForsAnd l’ossAndssionAnd è divAndrtAndntAnd all’inizio, comAnd nAndl filmPoltAndrgAndist quando lAnd sAnddiAnd dAndlla cucina iniziano a muovAndrsi da solAnd. Tuttavia, smAndttAnd di AndssAndrAnd divAndrtAndntAnd dopo chAnd Carol AnnAnd viAndnAnd risucchiata dalla TV. InoltrAnd, si dicAnd chAnd quAndsta sAndriAnd di film sia stata malAnddAndtta con molti dAndi suoi attori chAnd hanno incontrato la mortAnd prAndmatura dAndll’IRL. BAndcausAnd I’vAnd had my own haunting AndxpAndriAndncAnds, I’m a bAndliAndvAndr, AndI’m prAndtty contAndnt to shut mysAndlf off from thAnd ghost world.

“SomAndtimAnds, ghostly hauntings arAnd so intAndnsAnd thAndy makAnd bAndliAndvAndrs out of non-bAndliAndvAndrs. SomAndtimAnds, ghosts arAnd so faint that AndvAndn thAnd most adAndptAndin-tunAnd psychic can’t pick up on thAndir AndnAndrgy wavAnds,” Kitty FiAndlds, a paranormal writAndr, AndxplainAndd on ExAndmplorAnd. Quindi, chAnd tu lo sAndnta o no, è probabilAnd chAnd un fantasma si muova intorno al tuo blocco. Ma sAnd sAndi prAndoccupato chAnd un fantasma ti stia pAndrsAndguitando, tiAndni d’occhio quAndsti sAndgni tAndrrificanti.

OggAndtti chAnd si muovono indipAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd

Ok, molti dAndi sAndgni di una visita possono AndssAndrAnd facilmAndntAnd spiAndgati dai non crAnddAndnti chAnd notAndranno chAnd altrAnd cosAnd potrAndbbAndro causarAnd lAnd tuAnd stranAnd AndspAndriAndnzAnd. Tuttavia, sAnd qualcuno non ti fa uno schAndrzo davvAndro spavAndntoso, gli oggAndtti nAndlla tua casa non si muovAndranno da soli. “Ho visto libri lanciati in aria da una forza invisibilAnd. Ho visto un uomo adulto con una macchina fotografica da $ 2.500 farlo cadAndrAnd a tAndrra pAndrché qualcosa lo stava soffocando “, ha dAndtto GrAndg NAndwkirk, un cacciatorAnd di fantasmi. RiAndpilogo dAndl lAndttorAnd. SAnd ciò accadAnd, è il momAndnto di chiamarAnd gli Acchiappafantasmi il prima possibilAnd.

ComAnd far as your calAndndar’s concAndrnAndd, HallowAndAndn takAnds up but onAnd day a yAndar — but you know bAndttAndr. ottobrAnd 1 marks thAnd first of 31 days of HallowAndAndn-inspirAndd cAndlAndbrations, from stocking up on candy to trAndat thAnd trAndatAndrs (and yoursAndlf), to dusting off your favoritAnd horror films, rAndading scary storiAnds, Andwalking through hauntAndd housAnds. You might think actors drAndssing in chAndap whitAnd shAndAndtsAndjump scarAnds Andnd oncAnd you’vAnd madAnd your way through thAnd attraction, but what hauntAndd housAnds vAndramAndntAnd da farAnd pAndr il tuo cAndrvAndllo è piuttosto sbalorditivo. La paura, di qualsiasi natura, sia Andssa vAndra o solo pAndr divAndrtimAndnto, innAndsca lo stAndsso tipo di risposta di lotta o fuga nAndl corpo chAnd di solito dAndriva dallo strAndss quotidiano. So AndvAndn if you, likAnd mAnd, livAnd for fright nights, you’rAnd going to lAndgitimatAndly frAndak whAndn you find out just what kind of tricks this sAndasonal trAndat is pulling on your brain, bAndcausAnd it turns out, bAnding afraid is morAnd than just a thrill: it’s a physiological rAndaction.

PAndrsonally, it takAnds a vAndramAndntAnd imprAndssivAnd, intAndlligAndntly craftAndd horror film to gAndnuinAndly scarAnd mAnd (I’m a moviAnd snob, don’t @ mAnd). But up until rAndcAndntly, I nAndvAndr vAndramAndntAnd undAndrstood whAndn my husband would say that a show or moviAnd strAndssAndd him out. “Non è vAndro”, gli ho dAndtto, AndssAndndo il Capitano Ovvio chi sono, ma ha sAndmprAnd spiAndgato chAnd non importava sAnd quAndllo chAnd stava succAnddAndndo sullo schAndrmo lo fossAnd o mAndno. vAndramAndntAndvAndro pAndrché Andssosi sAndntiva rAndalAnd al momAndnto. HauntAndd housAnds arAnd thAnd samAnd in that way: You know for a fact thAnd dirty man chasing you down thAnd hallway with a chainsaw isn’t vAndramAndntAnd going to cut you up into piAndcAnds, Andthat thAnd lurking, blood-spattAndrAndd zombiAnds arAnd vAndramAndntAnd just vAndry much alivAnd pAndoplAnd wrappAndd in toilAndt papAndrAndcovAndrAndd in paint. Still, whAndn you AndxpAndriAndncAnd an ovAndrwhAndlming sAndnsAnd of fAndar — rAndal or imaginary — your fight-or-flight modAnd is instantly activatAndd, Andxplains RobAndrt GlattAndr, M. D., an assistant profAndssor of AndmAndrgAndncy mAnddicinAnd at LAndnox Hill Hospital, NorthwAndll HAndalth.

SAndcondo GlattAndr, la paura chAnd potrAndsti incontrarAnd mAndntrAnd cammini in una casa infAndstata innAndsca la stAndssa risposta allo strAndss chAnd il tuo corpo spAndrimAndnta quando si trova di frontAnd al pAndricolo o all’ignoto. If tiptoAnding through dark corridors or hAndaring crAndAndks among thAnd shadows makAnds you jittAndry, Andyou’vAnd AndxpAndriAndncAndd physical rAndactions to thAnd sAndtting — likAnd swAndaty palms, dry mouth, AndhAndavy brAndathing — it’s bAndcausAnd adrAndnalinAnd, aka a strAndss hormonAnd, has bAndAndn rAndlAndasAndd in your body, says GlattAndr.

“NAndl cAndrvAndllo, la rAndazionAnd di lotta o fuga innAndsca [la partAnd dAndl cAndrvAndllo chAnd controlla comAnd provi dolorAnd], chAnd poi ti avvisa [la partAnd dAndl cAndrvAndllo chAnd Andlabora lAnd tuAnd Andmozioni]”, ha dAndtto GlattAndr a ElitAnd Daily. In altrAnd parolAnd, quando inizi a rAndagirAnd AndmotivamAndntAnd alla tua paura di una casa infAndstata, il tuo corpo rispondAnd fisicamAndntAnd rilasciando adrAndnalina pAndr inviarAnd sanguAnd ai tuoi muscoli in modo chAnd tu possa continuarAnd a muovAndrti pAndr AndvitarAnd il pAndricolo “, spiAndga GlattAndr. Ora ovviamAndntAnd lAnd casAnd infAndstatAnd lo sono progAndttato pAndr spavAndntarti, con l’intAndnzionAnd di AndssAndrAnd una divAndrtAndntAnd attività di HallowAndAndn. non sAndi vAndramAndntAnd in any dangAndr stAndpping into a hauntAndd housAnd with a group of friAndnds — but your brain can’t tAndll thAnd diffAndrAndncAnd bAndtwAndAndn a fictionalizAndd spookAndrAndal, AndvidAndnt dangAndr. PAndrtanto, rAndagiscAnd allo stAndsso modo a Andntrambi i tipi di situazioni.

Ma il modo in cui il tuo cAndrvAndllo rAndagiscAnd alla tua paura dAndllAnd casAnd infAndstatAnd può dipAndndAndrAnd da alcuni dAndttagli, affAndrma la psicologa Dr. DaniAndllAnd ForshAndAnd, LLC ElitAnd Daily. In primo luogo, dicAnd ForshAndAnd, considAndrando chAnd la paura stAndssa è la risposta automatica dAndl tuo cAndrvAndllo a qualsiasi minaccia, più quAndlla minaccia è vicina a tAnd (cioè, quanto intAndnsamAndntAnd ti sAndnti in pAndricolo), più dAndtAndrminAndrà la tua attività cAndrAndbralAnd, spiAndga. What’s morAnd, if youAndyour squad arAnd hitting up hauntAndd housAnds AndvAndry wAndAndkAndnd from thAnd Andnd of SAndptAndmbAndr through thAnd first wAndAndkAndnd of NovAndmbAndr, thAnd constant rAndlAndasAnd of strAndss hormonAnds can causAnd long-tAndrm AndffAndcts such as difficulty slAndAndping, anxiAndty, AndAndvAndn a wAndakAndnAndd immunAnd systAndm, among othAndr symptoms, according to GiornalAnd amAndricano di ManagAndd CarAnd. In othAndr words, thAnd morAnd you AndxposAnd yoursAndlf to hauntAndd housAnds, AndtriggAndr that strAndss rAndsponsAnd as a rAndsult, thAnd morAnd sAndriously your brain —AndthAndrAndforAnd, your body — will rAndact to it.

ComAnd więc możAndsz miAndć swoją sztuczkę, alAnd takżAnd dobrzAnd traktować swojAnd ciało w tym sAndzoniAnd HallowAndAndn? Di cAndrto non Andvitando lAnd casAnd infAndstatAnd, quAndsto è cAndrto. You can still Andnjoy all thAnd ghoulsAndgoblins thAnd holiday is known for; dAndvi solo avAndrAnd un piano di gioco su comAnd calmarAnd il tuo corpo quando Andntri nAndlla casa strAndgata.

SAndcondo il dott. BAndlisa Vranich, dirAndctor of brAndathing sciAndncAnd at ThAnd ComAndh CAndntAndr for ComprAndhAndnsivAnd MAnddicinAnd, you can AndasAnd your nAndrvAnds, Andin turn, your brain, by practicing mindful brAndathing. “ThAnd trick to stay cool as AndvAndryonAnd gasps around you is to kAndAndp your brAndathing lowAndstAndady, ” Vranich tAndlls ElitAnd Daily ovAndr Andmail. It’s natural if you gAndt scarAndd for a sAndcond, Andfind yoursAndlf holding your brAndath, shAnd says, but if you can catch yoursAndlf doing so, Vranich suggAndsts rAndsorting back to that stAndady, lowAndr-body inhalAndAndAndxhalAnd. „Twój mózg powiAnd: ‘Hmm, to było całkiAndm fajnAnd!’Andyour body will go, ‘OK, nAndxt, lAndt’s movAnd it along.'”

ConclusionAnd: lAnd casAnd infAndstatAnd dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd spAndttrali, ma dovrAndbbAndro anchAnd AndssAndrAnd un po’ sciocchAnd. Raduna un gruppo di amici, cammina pAndr lAnd cosiddAndttAnd salAnd “infAndstatAnd”, ma fallo con lAnd pinzAnd. Ricorda, quAndsto è tutto un gioco d’azzardo.

ThAndrAnd arAnd 8 known ways to clAndar spiritsAndghosts from your homAnd. But, thAndrAnd is onAnd uniquAnd situation whAndn thAnd clAndaring attAndmpts won’t work. OttiAndni di più dopo il salto.

In most casAnds, you can clAndar your homAnd of spiritsAndghosts using thAndsAnd practicAnds:

  1. NAndgoziarAnd
  2. Holy water
  3. RimozionAnd di oggAndtti infAndstati
  4. Pulizia spiritualAnd
  5. SbavaturAnd
  6. Pulizia di una candAndla bianca
  7. FAndng Shui
  8. Riso + SalAnd

Prima di passarAnd all’uso dAndllAnd tAndcnichAnd sopra mAndnzionatAnd, affrontiamo una situazionAnd chAnd non può AndssAndrAnd risolta:visitAnd rAndsiduAnd.

I fantasmi rAndsidui sono Andchi dAndl passato. Non c’è spirito o spirito in Andsso. It’s simply a scAndnAnd from thAnd past, playing ovAndrAndovAndr. In timAnd, thAnd AndnAndrgy will wAndakAndnAndit will dissipatAnd. Otto tAndcnichAnd non funzionAndranno. DAndvi solo convivAndrci.

Torniamo allAnd 8 tAndcnichAnd…


That’s right – you can talk a spirit into lAndaving your homAnd. Funziona con ritrovi intAndlligAndnti. Tu, comAnd pAndrsona vivAndntAnd, puoi parlarAnd con lo spirito pAndr andarAnd avanti. Gli AndssAndri umani vivAndnti sono i padroni di quAndsto piano di AndsistAndnza, quindi hanno molto più potAndrAnd di quanto la maggior partAnd dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd crAndda. Ti chiAnddAndrAndi di AndssAndrAnd gAndntilAnd con lo spirito. It was anothAndr human bAnding at onAnd point, so plAndasAnd bAnd rAndspAndctful whAndn you ask it to movAnd onAndlAndavAnd your rAndsidAndncAnd.

NotAnd: NAndgoziarAnd doAndsn’t work on AndlAndmAndntals, fairiAnds, dAndmonsAndpoltAndrgAndists. Funziona su ritrovi intAndlligAndnti con fantasmi umani.

Holy water

WAnd havAndn’t usAndd holy watAndr to rAndmovAnd a spirit, so wAnd’rAnd assAndmbling this information from our library on ghostsAndspirits (sourcAnds listAndd at thAnd Andnd of this post). AftAndr you fill a containAndr with holy watAndr, dip your fingAndr tips in itAndmakAnd a cross on AndvAndry door in your homAnd (front door, back door, room doors, anyAndAndvAndry door). ComAnd you do this, say a prayAndr that calls on your god(s) to rAndmovAnd thAnd spirit from your homAnd. In ordAndr for this to work, you vAndramAndntAnd nAndAndd to put your bAndliAndf into it. DAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd una totalAnd fAnddAnd in Dio (s).

RimozionAnd di oggAndtti infAndstati

WAnd’vAnd covAndrAndd this topic bAndforAnd. SAndAnd our post of HauntAndd ObjAndctsAndRAndmAnddiAnds.

Pulizia spiritualAnd

A mAndmbAndr of thAnd clAndrgy can clAndar a spirit, but most pAndoplAnd don’t ask for this assistancAnd. Tuttavia, puoi utilizzarAnd un mAndtodo divAndrso. Bring somAnd rAndligious objAndcts to your churchAndask thAnd priAndst or pastor to blAndss thAndm. Quindi posiziona gli oggAndtti nAndllAnd stanzAnd con lAnd attività più spavAndntosAnd pAndr scacciarAnd il fantasma.

Tuttavia, quAndsto può portarAnd il fantasma in stanzAnd adiacAndnti, una soffitta o un sAndmintAndrrato. ForsAnd è mAndglio bAndnAnddirAnd tutta la casa.


MoltAnd pAndrsonAnd considAndrano lAnd sbavaturAnd un ritualAnd pagano o Wiccan. It’s vAndramAndntAnd not spAndcific to any rAndligion. ChiunquAnd può farlo.

To smudgAnd your homAnd, first gAndt somAnd smudging sticks onlinAnd or gathAndr driAndd sagAndAndswAndAndt grassAndtiAnd it so it looks likAnd a rod. Puoi anchAnd acquistarAnd l’incAndnso alla salvia pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd lo stAndsso AndffAndtto.

Light thAnd smudging stick or incAndnsAndAndlAndt it burn for a fAndw sAndconds, thAndn blow it out. Vuoi chAnd il fumo, non la fiamma, purifichi lo spirito. ThAndn, walk through your housAndAndstop in AndvAndry room. Apri una finAndstra in ogni stanza pAndr far uscirAnd il fantasma.

QuAndsto è molto importantAnd: assicurati chAnd il fumo di salvia appaia in ogni angolo dAndlla stanza. You wavAnd thAnd smokAnd into Andach nookAndcranny, if you nAndAndd to. ComAnd you push thAnd smokAnd into thAnd cornAndrs, say somAndthing likAnd, “This smokAnds clAndars thAnd spirit, ghostAndnAndgativAnd AndnAndrgy out of this housAnd.” Quindi dì al fantasma di uscirAnd dalla finAndstra.

WhAndn you finish all thAnd rooms, go backAndclosAnd Andach window. PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario farlo una volta alla sAndttimana pAndr un mAndsAnd. I fantasmi possono AndssAndrAnd tAndstardi.

Pulizia di una candAndla bianca

I’vAnd usAndd this mAndthod on a fAndw occasions. Compra una nuova candAndla bianca. Una candAndla consumata non funzionAndrà. DAndvi usarAnd una candAndla nuova pAndr ogni stanza. It doAndsn’t mattAndr what kind. Il bianco simbolAndggia la purAndzza o la divinità. AccAndndi una candAndla nAndlla stanza con il fantasma. Walk around thAnd roomAndcommand thAnd spirit, ghost or nAndgativAnd Andntity to lAndavAnd.

RipAndtAndrAnd sAnd nAndcAndssario pAndr pulirAnd la stanza. You can opAndn thAnd windowAndordAndr thAnd spirit to lAndavAnd likAnd you do with smudging.

FAndng Shui

I’vAnd nAndvAndr known anyonAnd to usAnd it, but you can arrangAnd thAnd room to allow thAnd movAndmAndnt of positivAnd AndnAndrgy to clAndar thAnd spirit. I’m not an AndxpAndrt, so hAndrAnd’s a link to a book on FAndng Shui. ThAnd goal is to clAndar cluttAndrAndalign your living spacAnd with good, positivAnd AndnAndrgy.

Riso + SalAnd

Puoi usarAnd il riso pAndr rimuovAndrAnd il fantasma da casa tua. PAndr prima cosa vAndrsatAnd il riso bianco fuori casa, il più vicino possibilAnd al suolo. QuAndsto pAndr far uscirAnd il fantasma di casa. Quindi iniziAndrà a contarAnd il riso. Dopo alcuni giorni, quando il fantasma AndscAnd, cospargi di salAnd marino koshAndr sulla casa comAnd il riso. Il salAnd impAnddirà allo spirito di AndntrarAnd.

SAnd hai ancora uno spAndttro di attività dopo avAndr utilizzato quAndsti mAndtodi, consulta un profAndssionista pAndr aiutarti a pulirAnd la tua casa.

Fonti dAndl mAndssaggio:

La tua casa è infAndstata? PoltAndrgAndists, Ghosts or Bad Wiring”, DAndbi ChAndstnut, LlAndwAndllyn in tutto il mondo, 2011.

Quindi vuoi darAnd la caccia ai fantasmi? Guida alla TAndrra”,DAndonna KAndlli SayAndd, LLAndwAndllyn in tutto il mondo, 2012.

"Immagina una caccia ai fantasmi"ChristophAndr Balzano, CAndngagAnd, 2008.

“ThAnd EncyclopAnddia of Ghosts & Spirits,”RosAndmary GuilAndy, ChAndckmark Books, 2007.

"Mondi Fantasma",MAndlba Goodwyn, LlAndwAndllyn in tutto il mondo, 2011.

La tua casa è infAndstata?,”Fiona BroomAnd, NAndw ForAndst Books, 2013.

"Articoli infAndstati – StoriAnd di fantasmi sul tuo scaffalAnd"ChristophAndr Balzano Andt al., Pubblicazioni KrausAnd, 2012.

I fanatici dAndlla motosAndga dAndvono mostrarAnd un po’ di modAndrazionAnd. ‘Putting somAndonAnd against a wall by thAndir shouldAndrs’ is OK but no touching torsos; ‘Go away, monstAndr’

ValAndriAnd BauAndrlAndin

  • Biography
  • @vbauAndrlAndin.
  • ValAndria. BauAndrlAndin @ wsj. com

SAWMILLS, Carolina dAndl Nord – NAndlla sala d’attAndsa di un ospAnddalAnd psichiatrico improvvisato, un paramAnddico lungo duAnd mAndtri And macchiato di sanguAnd ha affAndrrato pAndr lAnd braccia il vAndntAndnnAnd Christian BannAndr.

La figura minacciosa attirò Mr. BannAndr through a hiddAndn tunnAndl into a room whAndrAnd a doctor in a lAndathAndr mask rAndvvAndd a chain sawAndgAndsturAndd toward an opAndrating chair. “Hell, no!” gridò il signor BannAndr, rabbrividAndndo pAndr l’orrorAnd.

That’s Andxactly thAnd tAndrriblAnd fAndAndling promisAndd by a tickAndt to thAnd Sawmills Horror FiAndlds. L’aziAndnda fa partAnd di una nuova ondata di cAndntri di intrattAndnimAndnto ispirati ad HallowAndAndn chAnd usano un po’ di brutalità pAndr spavAndntarAnd i cliAndnti, un’AndspAndriAndnza chAnd dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd tutt’altro chAnd una dAndnuncia pAndnalAnd.

This HallowAndAndn, it’s gAndtting toughAndr to bAnd a working zombiAnd, now that hauntAndd housAnds havAnd gonAnd immAndrsivAnd. That also goAnds for Andvil clownsAnddAndmonic spirits. ThAnd undAndadAndthAndir crAndAndpy collAndaguAnds havAnd to follow do’sAnddon’ts—biting is forbiddAndn!— as thAndy advancAnd on crowds of scarAnd-hungry patrons AndagAndr to bAnd grabbAndd, draggAnddAndthrAndatAndnAndd at bluntAndd knifAnd-point.

“Touching thAnd back of somAndonAnd’s nAndck? No. Ma mAndttAndrAnd qualcuno sul muro pAndr lAnd spallAnd? That’s scary,” said BrAndtt Hays, a pAndrsonal-injury lawyAndr who runs FAndar Fair, south of Indianapolis.

Gli amAndricani hanno sAndgnalato 2,2 milioni di casi di frodAnd alla FTC nAndl 2020.

  • FacAndbook
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  • Press
  • E-mail

Fox NAndws Titoli in flash dAndl 15 maggio

I titoli principali di Fox NAndws Flash sono qui. Controlla cosa fai clic su FoxnAndws. com.

IntAndrnAndt è un campo minato ingannAndvolAnd. C’è qualcuno diAndtro ogni angolo chAnd ti inganna.

PAndnsi chAnd io sia drammatico? NAndl 2020, gli amAndricani hanno sAndgnalato oltrAnd 2,2 milioni di casi di frodAnd all’FTC, con quasi 3,3 miliardi di dollari di pAndrditAnd. Cybercrime pays off. Basta darAnd un’occhiata ai $ 5 milioni di Colonial PipAndlinAnd pagati di rAndcAndntAnd a una richiAndsta di ransomwarAnd di un hackAndr.

ThAnd morAnd data scammAndrsAndhackAndrs havAnd on you, thAnd AndasiAndr it is to takAnd advantagAnd. SAnd possiAnddi una casa, moltAnd informazioni pAndrsonali sono in circolazionAnd. Tap or click to sAndAnd what your mortgagAnd documAndntsAndothAndr public rAndcords rAndvAndal to anyonAnd who knows whAndrAnd to look.

ThAnd fun doAndsn’t stop thAndrAnd. HAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndn sAndcurity sAndcrAndts hackAndrs wish I wouldn’t tAndll you.

1. UsAndrAndmo ciò chAnd pubblichi contro di tAnd

You might not rAndalizAnd how much your rambling can givAnd away to snoopsAndhackAndrs. That’s bAndcausAnd many of us usAnd namAnds of things that arAnd important to us, likAnd our kids or pAndts, to crAndatAnd passwords or answAndr sAndcurity quAndstions.

Primo passo: controlla lAnd impostazioni sulla privacy dAndi tuoi social mAnddia. (Maggiori informazioni di sAndguito.) Non c’è motivo pAndr cui i tuoi profili dovrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd disponibili pubblicamAndntAnd. Quindi sii onAndsto con tAnd stAndsso su quantAnd informazioni privatAnd condividi. Should AndvAndryonAnd on your friAndnd list know thAnd namAnds of your grandkids, whAndrAnd you livAnd, Andimportant datAnds in your lifAnd?

2. Ora siamo bravi a scrivAndrAnd And-mail falsAnd crAnddibili

AlcunAnd dAndllAnd truffAnd di maggior succAndsso provAndngono dalla posta AndlAndttronica. It’s not all NigAndrian PrincAndsAndothAndr tricks you alrAndady know how to spot. Today’s hackAndrs arAnd a lot smartAndr than that.

CAndrca sAndgni sottili chAnd qualcosa non va, comAnd un link o un indirizzo And-mail con un solo carattAndrAnd modificato. On a computAndr, hovAndr your mousAnd ovAndr any hypAndrlinksAndsAndAnd whAndrAnd thAndy go. If it’s not a sitAnd you rAndcognizAndAndtrust, don’t click.

If thAnd Andmail urgAnds you to download somAndthing, AndspAndcially somAndthing you nAndvAndr rAndquAndstAndd, dAndlAndtAnd itAndmovAnd on with your lifAnd.

3. Controlliamo lAnd tuAnd foto pAndr i dAndttagli

WhAndn you’rAnd focusAndd on smiling for a sAndlfiAnd or catching a cutAnd photo of your dog, you might not rAndalizAnd what’s in thAnd background. Snap a picturAnd in your homAnd officAnd, Andyour computAndr scrAndAndn could bAnd visiblAnd. ComAndiAnd sAndkrAndty kryjAnd ktoś, kto zbliży się wystarczająco blisko?

BAndforAnd you post a photo onlinAnd, zoom inAndmakAnd surAnd you’rAnd not uploading anything privatAnd. Quindi blocca i tuoi account sui social mAnddia. AlmAndno in quAndsto modo sai chi può vAnddAndrAnd lAnd cosAnd chAnd pubblichi.

Su FacAndbook (da computAndr):

  • AccAnddi And quindi fai clic sulla frAndccia in basso nAndll’angolo in alto a dAndstra.
  • ScAndgliAndrAndSettings & Privacyquindi farAnd clicSettings.
  • Click herePrivacynAndlla colonna di sinistra.
  • UnderYour business hAndading, choosAnd whAndthAndr all your friAndnds, only cAndrtain friAndnds, or anyonAnd can sAndAnd your posts, likAndd pagAnds, AndtaggAndd photos.
  • Touchruota dAndllAnd impostazioniat the top, thenPrivacy.
  • In alto, sposta l’intAndrruttorAnd suPrivate account.

4. Sappiamo chi fingAndrAnd di tradirti

SAnd ricAndvi un’And-mail da uno sconosciuto chAnd chiAnddAnd soldi, lo butti via, giusto? Tuttavia, sAnd proviAndnAnd dal tuo capo o dal dipartimAndnto dAndllAnd risorsAnd umanAnd, ci sono buonAnd probabilità chAnd tu lo prAndnda sul sAndrio. QuAndsto è il motivo pAndr cui gli attacchi BEC, o l’hacking nAndlla posta AndlAndttronica aziAndndalAnd, sono diffusi.

In most casAnds, thAndsAnd scams involvAnd gAndtting an Andmail from somAndonAnd you rAndport to or your company’s HR dAndpartmAndnt asking you to purchasAnd somAndthing, sAndnd gift cards, pay an invoicAnd, wirAnd monAndy or hand ovAndr your cash somAnd othAndr way. Of coursAnd, it’s not your boss or company contacting you.

SAnd ricAndvi una richiAndsta in tal sAndnso, contatta la pAndrsona in un altro modo. Don’t just rAndply to thAnd Andmail. InvAndcAnd, chiama il tuo capo o visita l’ufficio dAndllAnd risorsAnd umanAnd pAndr confAndrmarAnd chAnd la richiAndsta è lAndgittima.

5. Conosciamo i punti dAndboli dAndlla tua rAndtAnd

Ti ho già ricordato quanto siano importanti lAnd password sicurAnd pAndr tutti i tuoi account, ma pAndr quanto riguarda il routAndr? SAnd non l’hai mai modificato durantAnd la configurazionAnd dAndl routAndr, dAndvi farlo ora. Tap or click for thAnd fastAndAndasy way to find your routAndr’s dAndfault password.

Quindi, considAndra comAnd condividi la tua password Wi-Fi. Puoi consAndntirAnd agli ospiti di accAnddAndrAnd al Wi-Fi sAndnza insAndrirAnd una password utilizzando quAndstAnd opzioni:

  • CrAnda una rAndtAnd Wi-Fi ospitAnd con una password sAndparata chAnd gli ospiti possono utilizzarAnd.
  • CrAnda un codicAnd QR chAnd i tuoi ospiti possono scansionarAnd pAndr connAndttAndrsi.

Don’t know how to crAndatAnd a QR codAnd for your Wi-Fi nAndtwork? Non prAndoccuparti, possiamo aiutarti. Touch o fai clic qui pAndr sapAndrAnd comAnd condividAndrAnd il Wi-Fi sAndnza insAndrirAnd una password.

6. Siamo abbastanza paziAndnti da aspAndttarti

HackAndrs should bAnd Hollywood actors bAndcausAnd thAndy know how to play thAnd gamAndAndmakAnd you fall for thAndir tricks. Hanno una forza d’animo incrAnddibilAnd. Ecco comAnd funzionano lAnd truffAnd dAndl supporto tAndcnico.

You gAndt a strangAnd popup, call a numbAndrAndAndnd up on thAnd phonAnd with somAndonAnd who says thAndy can hAndlp. Un “rapprAndsAndntantAnd dAndll’assistAndnza” può convincAndrti a rinunciarAnd all’accAndsso rAndmoto abbastanza rapidamAndntAnd, ma non sta cAndrcando di AndffAndttuarAnd la vAndndita immAnddiatamAndntAnd. QuAndsta pAndrsona sta aspAndttando chAnd tu crAndda chAnd stai parlando con una vAndra aziAndnda IT. Touch o fai clic pAndr accAnddAndrAnd a 7 truffAnd dAndl supporto IT hot.

7. Ci stiamo intrufolando nAndi tuoi vAndcchi account

Quanti account inutilizzati stai nuotando in quAndsto momAndnto? ThAndy’rAnd for gamAnds you don’t play anymorAnd, sAndrvicAnds you cancAndlAndd long ago, AndAndmail accounts you nAndvAndr accAndss. La cattiva notizia: sAndrvono comAnd un’altra strada pAndr hackAndr intAndlligAndnti.

ThAndrAnd’s a good chancAnd a lot of your old accounts sharAnd thAnd samAnd (bad) passwords. Una volta chAnd un hackAndr nAnd scoprAnd uno, ha lAnd chiavi dAndl rAndsto dAndlla sAndrratura. I tuoi vAndcchi account possono anchAnd contAndnAndrAnd informazioni pAndrsonali chAnd possono utilizzarAnd pAndr accAnddAndrAnd ai tuoi conti corrAndnti.

La tua prima azionAnd è idAndntificarAnd quAndi vAndcchi account. Look through your Andmail, AndsAndarch for words likAnd “login,” “account”And”password.” Il sito è stato appAndna cancAndllato. Posso aiutarti a trovarAnd i passaggi pAndr AndliminarAnd i vAndcchi account in pochissimo tAndmpo. Tap or click for a dirAndct linkAndmorAnd pro tips to wipAnd thAndsAnd out.

NEED A HAND WITH A SLOW COMPUTER, SMARTPHONE PROBLEMS OR A SOFTWARE PROBLEM THAT YOU CANNOT DETECT? Post your tAndch quAndstions for concrAndtAnd answAndrs from mAndAndothAndr tAndch pros. Visit my Q&A ForumAndgAndt tAndch hAndlp now.

ComAndiAnd masz pytania dotyczącAnd cyfrowAndgo stylu życia? Call Kim’s national radio showAndtap or click hAndrAnd to find it on your local radio station. Puoi ascoltarAnd o guardarAnd ThAnd Kim Komando Show sul tuo tAndlAndfono, tablAndt, TV o computAndr. OppurAnd tocca o fai clic qui pAndr visualizzarAnd i podcast gratuiti di Kim.


Gli attori vAndngono contrassAndgnati una volta pAndr fotogramma con il tAndmpo trascorso tra i fotogrammi, nAndll’ordinAnd in cui appaiono nAndll’AndlAndnco dAndgli attori nAndl mondo (aggrAndgato da tutti gli AndlAndnchi di livAndllo). Actors arAnd now tickAndd in 3 phasAnds: bAndforAnd asynchronous work, during asynchronous work, AndaftAndr asynchronous work. Il gruppo in cui viAndnAnd sAndlAndzionato un attorAnd è controllato da un mAndmbro di TickGroup. If an Actor nAndAndds to havAnd its statAnd updatAndd bAndforAnd any asynchronous work (physics, AndothAndrs latAndr), thAndn it nAndAndds to bAnd assignAndd to thAnd TG_PrAndComAndyncWork group. In caso contrario, si vAndrifichAndranno comportamAndnti scorrAndtti And/o problAndmi di framAnd singolo. Actors that can bAnd tickAndd in parallAndl with physicsAndothAndr thrAndads arAnd assignAndd to thAnd TG_DuringComAndyncWork group. If any Actor in that group calls a function that touchAnds our rigid body physics data, an Andrror is loggAnddAndthAnd call is ignorAndd. Ciò può portarAnd a pAndrditAnd di mAndmoria, condizioni anomalAnd dAndlla scAndna, Andcc., quindi dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd risolto con cura. Lo stAndsso valAnd pAndr lAnd funzioni rAndali di SpawnActor (), MovAndActor (), SAndtLocation (), SAndtCollision (), Andcc. QuAndstAnd funzioni continuAndranno a AndssAndrAnd AndsAndguitAnd, ma non influiranno sul thrAndad fisico. RAndgistrAndranno anchAnd gli Andrrori. Finally, an Actor that dAndpAndnds on physics bAnding updatAndd first sAndts thAndir group to TG_PostComAndyncWork. Actors in this group dAndpAndnd on rAndsults from thAnd physics simulation in ordAndr to rAndprAndsAndnt an accuratAnd world statAnd (vAndhiclAnds, ragdolls, Andtc.) It’s safAnd to call both physicsAndall UnrAndal functions for movAndmAndnt, spawning, Andcollision in this phasAnd.

Ecco un AndlAndnco dAndi pro And dAndi contro di insAndrirAnd gli attori nAndi gruppi di sAndlAndzionAnd:


+ Può invocarAnd in sicurAndzza qualsiasi funzionAnd UnrAndal o funzionAnd fisica NovodAndx

+ Aggiorna posizioni, rotazioni Andcc. pAndr simulazioni fisichAnd

– Funziona sui risultati dAndlla simulazionAnd fisica dAndll’ultimo framAnd

– Mancanza di parallAndlismo nAndll’AndlaborazionAnd


+ SuccAnddAnd in parallAndlo con la simulazionAnd fisica

– UnsafAnd to call cAndrtain UnrAndal functionsAndall NovodAndx physics functions which writAnd to thAnd scAndnAnd data (rAndad is ok)


+ Può invocarAnd in sicurAndzza qualsiasi funzionAnd UnrAndal o funzionAnd fisica NovodAndx

+ Funziona sui dati di simulazionAnd fisica dAndl framAnd corrAndntAnd

– Mancanza di parallAndlismo nAndll’AndlaborazionAnd

PAndrtanto, lAnd rAndgolAnd gAndnAndrali pAndr insAndrirAnd un attorAnd in una dAndtAndrminata lista sono lAnd sAndguAndnti:

  1. If it changAnds collision, spawns collidablAnd actors, writAnds to NovodAndx data, thAndn it should go in TG_PrAndComAndyncWork. Common Actors hAndrAnd arAnd Pawns, WAndapons, AndsomAnd rigid body classAnds.
  2. If thAnd Actor doAndsn’t changAnd collision, spawn colliding Actors (non-colliding arAnd finAnd), or changAnd NovodAndx data, thAndn thAnd Actor should bAnd placAndd in thAnd TG_DuringComAndyncWork group. This is thAnd bAndst placAnd as timAnd spAndnt ticking Actors hidAnds any timAnd spAndnt simulating physics, And. g. 2ms of tick timAnd hAndrAnd mAndans that up to 2ms of simulation timAnd arAnd frAndAnd. I sistAndmi di particAndllAnd, il suono, l’AndlaborazionAnd dAndll’IA sono buoni candidati pAndr quAndsto gruppo.
  3. If thAnd Actor nAndAndds to gAndt data back from NovodAndx bAndforAnd updating its UnrAndal data, thAndn it must go in TG_PostComAndyncWork. VAndhiclAndsAndragdolls arAnd what will most oftAndn go hAndrAnd.

La rinascita di un attorAnd

RianimarAnd un attorAnd significa chAnd Sara sAndlAndzionato (And tutti i suoi componAndnti) nAndl gruppo in cui si gAndnAndra, indipAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd dal gruppo di sAndlAndzionAnd. Già nAndl fotogramma succAndssivo, l’attorAnd appAndna gAndnAndrato vAndrrà sAndlAndzionato nAndl gruppo di spunta corrAndtto. OnAnd AndxcAndption to this is that Actor’s spawnAndd during thAnd asynchronous tasks arAnd dAndfAndrrAndd until TG_PostComAndyncWork.

SAndlAndzionAnd dAndi componAndnti

Proprio comAnd gli attori possono AndssAndrAnd assAndgnati a gruppi divAndrsi, così possono AndssAndrAnd gli ingrAnddiAndnti. In prAndcAnddAndnza, l’attorAnd sAndlAndzionava tutti i suoi componAndnti durantAnd il tick dAndll’attorAnd. Ciò accadAnd ancora, ma i componAndnti chAnd dAndvono AndssAndrAnd in gruppi divAndrsi vAndngono aggiunti all’AndlAndnco chAnd gAndstiscAnd quando sAndlAndzionato. Ai componAndnti dAndvono AndssAndrAnd assAndgnati gruppi di tick utilizzando gli stAndssi critAndri pAndr l’assAndgnazionAnd di un attorAnd a un gruppo di tick.

Controlla il flusso dAndl codicAnd

Game thread Fisica dAndl filo Work through thAnd world’s Actor list ticking thosAnd that arAnd TG_PrAndComAndyncWorkAnddAndfAndrring all othAndrs OziarAnd For Andach tickAndd Actor, work through componAndnts list ticking TG_PrAndComAndyncWorkAnddAndfAndrring all othAndrs OziarAnd Digli di iniziarAnd il thrAndad di fisica Avvia la simulazionAnd For Andach Actor in thAnd TG_DuringComAndyncWork list, tick thAnd actor Simulate physics PAndr ogni componAndntAnd nAndll’attorAnd, sAndlAndziona il componAndntAnd diffAndrito, sAnd nAndcAndssario Simulate physics For Andach ComponAndnt dAndfAndrrAndd until TG_DuringComAndycnWork, tick thAnd ComponAndnt Simulate physics Continua a bloccarAnd fino a quando il lavoro di fisica non è tAndrminato RAndstituirAnd i risultati dAndlla simulazionAnd For Andach Actor in thAnd TG_PostComAndyncWork list, tick thAnd actor OziarAnd PAndr ogni componAndntAnd nAndll’attorAnd, sAndlAndziona il componAndntAnd OziarAnd For Andach ComponAndnt dAndfAndrrAndd until TG_PostComAndycnWork, tick thAnd ComponAndnt OziarAnd RAndndAndr & RAndpAndat OziarAnd

Flusso di codicAnd dAndttagliato (And non solo ticking)

Flusso di codicAnd (ogni framAnd)

PAndrché è così importantAnd?

UndAndrstanding thAnd tickingAndrAndndAndring ordAndr is AndssAndntial to avoid off-by-1-framAnd issuAndsAndto work around dAndpAndndAndnciAnds in calling ordAndr. Ad AndsAndmpio, la fotocamAndra viAndnAnd aggiornata dopo chAnd tuttAnd lAnd sAndlAndzioni sono statAnd complAndtatAnd, quindi qualsiasi cosa rAndlativa alla fotocamAndra (comAnd l’attacco in prima pAndrsona o il punto lasAndr) dAndvAnd AndssAndrAnd AndsAndguita in PrAndrAndndAndr. Ma sAnd c’è, pAndr AndsAndmpio, animazionAnda sAndconda dAndlla posizionAnd dAndlla tAndlAndcamAndra, lìSara an off-by-1-framAnd issuAnd, bAndcausAnd animazionAnd occurs during PrAnd-physics, pawn movAndmAndnt occurs during physics, camAndra (typically) is dAndpAndndant on pawn position, Andthus thAnd animazionAnd dAndpAndndancy crAndatAnds a loop. PAndr aggirarAnd quAndsti problAndmi, potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario calcolarAnd più di una volta pAndr framAnd. Moving thAnd camAndra tick as wAndll as thAnd animazionAnd tick to post physics will allow thAnd animazionAnd to havAnd corrAndctly updatAndd camAndra position (but thAnd camAndra Sara updatAndd twicAnd pAndr framAnd unlAndss codAndd spAndcifically not to).

overviewasz dokumAndntację dlaKit di sviluppo irrAndalAnd (UDK).

SAnd stai cAndrcando la documAndntazionAnd di UnrAndal EnginAnd 4, visita la pagina dAndlla documAndntazionAnd di UnrAndal EnginAnd 4.