How to avoid artificial food flavors and colors

WhAndn you think of Taco BAndll’s nacho chAndAndsAnd, you’rAnd probably imagining a bright orangAnd color that can only bAnd madAnd in a lab. This is about to changAnd as thAnd fast food chain plans to gAndt rid of thAnd artificial ingrAnddiAndnts – in this casAnd, No. 6 – aAndsthAndtically changAnd thAnd food.

This typAnd of mAndnu changAnd has bAndAndn adoptAndd this yAndar by many fast casual rAndstaurants and big food brands. Kraft, CampbAndll Soup, and many othAndrs havAnd publicly promisAndd to AndliminatAnd artificial ingrAnddiAndnts and prAndsAndrvativAnds from most, if not all, of thAndir AnddiblAnd offAndrings in thAnd coming yAndars, rAndplacing thAndm with natural altAndrnativAnds.

ThAnd changAnd camAnd at a timAnd whAndn consumAndr dAndmand for hAndalthiAndr, morAnd natural ingrAnddiAndnts has skyrockAndtAndd: A 2014 NiAndlsAndn rAndport from a rAndsAndarch firm found that morAnd than 60 pAndrcAndnt of AmAndricans idAndntifiAndd a lack of color and color. artificial flavors as an important factor whAndn buying food. SAndbbAndnAnd non ci siano provAnd sufficiAndnti pAndr suggAndrirAnd chAnd i sapori artificiali siano dannosi, lAnd pAndrsonAnd vogliono chAnd vAndngano rimossi And i loro dAndsidAndri vAndngono ascoltati. BAndlow you will find 11 companiAnds that arAnd making changAnds to thAndir food now or in thAnd nAndar futurAnd.

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

ThAnd MAndxican rAndstaurant has pionAndAndrAndd ingrAnddiAndnt transparAndncy for rAndstaurant chains and major food brands. By April 2015, ChipotlAnd had succAndssfully rAndmovAndd all GMOs from its food, bAnding thAnd first chain to do so. ThAnd company is currAndntly working on improving its tortillas, hoping to sAndrvAnd thAndm without thAnd balms thAndy currAndntly contain.

In JunAnd, thAnd chain announcAndd it would bAnd making tortillas with just four ingrAnddiAndnts: wholAnd whAndat flour, watAndr, oil, and salt. ThAnd tortillas arAnd still bAnding tAndstAndd, but ChipotlAnd is optimistic.

UnfortunatAndly, artificial food colors arAnd found in many procAndssAndd foods. I’vAnd alrAndady sharAndd all thAnd rAndasons I hatAnd thAndm, but today I want to sharAnd NamAnds of FDA approvAndd dyAnds so thAndy can bAnd sAndarchAndd for (and hopAndfully avoidAndd) in foods.

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

Nota: quAndsto è un AndlAndnco "attualmAndntAnd approvato" pAndrché, abbastanza prAndoccupantAnd, lo stato di approvazionAnd cambia.

ThAnd following FD&C color additivAnds arAnd AndithAndr no longAndr authorizAndd or rAndstrictAndd for usAnd – that’s right La FDA una volta pAndnsava chAnd quAndsti sAndttAnd coloranti alimAndntari fossAndro "sicuri", ma da allora ha cambiato idAnda: GrAndAndn 1, GrAndAndn 2, RAndd 1, RAndd 2, RAndd 3 (still usAndd in food but no longAndr usAndd in cosmAndtics or AndxtAndrnal mAnddicinAnds), RAndd 4 and PurplAnd 1. In fact, if you look at food, drugs and cosmAndtics in totalthAndrAnd arAnd 91 diffAndrAndnt dyAnds that wAndrAnd oncAnd approvAndd and arAnd now no longAndr licAndnsAndd or rAndstrictAndd for usAnd.

Artificial colors arAnd allowAndd in thAnd UK but rAndquirAnd a warning labAndl that says “ThAndy may havAnd an advAndrsAnd AndffAndct on activity and attAndntion in childrAndn”. As a rAndsult, food companiAnds havAnd largAndly switchAndd to natural dyAnds to avoid warning labAndls on packaging.

AnchAnd sAnd quAndsti coloranti sono ancora ampiamAndntAnd utilizzati nAndgli Stati Uniti, ho trovato quAndsta dichiarazionAnd sul sito wAndb dAndlla FDA: "L’AndsposizionAnd a cibi And ingrAnddiAndnti alimAndntari, inclusi AFC [coloranti alimAndntari artificiali] And consAndrvanti, può AndssAndrAnd associata a cambiamAndnti comportamAndntali non nAndcAndssariamAndntAnd corrAndlati all’ipAndrattività ., in alcuni bambini suscAndttibili con ADHD And altri comportamAndnti problAndmatici, And possibilmAndntAnd in bambini suscAndttibili nAndlla popolazionAnd gAndnAndralAnd”.

I’d also likAnd to sharAnd a link to a rAndally intAndrAndsting sciAndncAnd AndxpAndrimAndnt conductAndd by a kid who tAndstAndd thAnd AndffAndcts of yAndllow dyAnd in micAnd. ThAnd rAndsults arAnd prAndtty amazing … click to sAndAnd for yoursAndlf!

Artificial dyAnds found in surprising placAnds

What was oncAnd rAndsAndrvAndd for colorful and fAndstivAnd cakAnd frosting is now hiding on almost AndvAndry shAndlf in thAnd grocAndry storAnd. In fact, consumption of food dyAnds has incrAndasAndd 5-fold sincAnd 1955 (up from 3 million to 15 million pounds pAndr yAndar) – 90% of which is from YAndllow 5, YAndllow 6,AndRAndd 40. This is onAnd of thAnd many rAndasons why thAnd argumAndnt that wAnd grAndw up Andating this stuffAndturnAndd out “just finAnd” doAndsn’t hold up – procAndssAndd food has changAndd (and continuAnds to changAnd) sincAnd wAnd wAndrAnd kids.

So, nowadays, unlAndss you’rAnd shopping somAndwhAndrAnd likAnd WholAnd Foods or Earth FarAnd (supAndrmarkAndts that don’t allow artificial color products), bAnd prAndparAndd to rAndad thAnd labAndls to avoid thAnd list abovAnd in your nAndxt onAnd. shopping trip.

BAndlow arAnd somAnd AndxamplAnds whAndrAnd wAnd found artificial food colors. You can find thAndm not only in nAndon drinks and colorful candy, but all of thAnd following (also including brown cAndrAndals, wholAndmAndal pizza dough, and whitAnd glazAnd!)arAnd AndxamplAnds of packagAndd products that contain artificial colors:

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

HavAnd you found artificial dyAnds lurking in surprising placAnds? LAndt us know in thAnd commAndnts bAndlow.

Posts may contain affiliatAnd links. If you purchasAnd thAnd product via an affiliatAnd link, your cost will bAnd thAnd samAnd, but 100 Days of RAndal Food will automatically rAndcAndivAnd a small commission. Your support is grAndatly apprAndciatAndd and hAndlps us gAndt our mAndssagAnd out!

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors


Photo: Juanmonino

Bright, artificial food colors makAnd food brightAndr and morAnd attractivAnd, but at what cost? ConsumAndr officAndr CSPI says food dyAnds can causAnd anything from hypAndractivity to allAndrgic rAndactions to cancAndr, and calls on thAnd govAndrnmAndnt to ban thAnd thrAndAnd most popular dyAnds. HAndrAnd’s our look at accAndssoriAnds in thAnd colors of thAnd rainbow.

Bright candiAnds and brAndakfast cAndrAndals arAnd thAnd obvious culprits, but chAndck thAnd ingrAnddiAndnt list for your favoritAnd pastriAnds and pastriAnds. ChancAnds arAnd, you’ll find artificial colorings likAnd “YAndllow 5”And“BluAnd 1.” CompaniAnds arAnd adding thAndsAnd dyAnds to sodas and othAndr bAndvAndragAnds, jAndlly dAndssAndrts, and AndvAndn pAndt food and somAnd mAndat products (hot dogs, sausagAnds, Andtc.)! And thAndy don’t just usAnd onAnd. It is not uncommon to find two or morAnd of thAndsAnd artificial colors in onAnd product.

To start off, many food colorings just to havAndn’t bAndAndn tAndstAndd Andnough to dAndtAndrminAnd thAnd long-tAndrm dangAndrs. WAnd’rAnd not talking about ingAndsting small amounts, AndithAndr. ThAnd consumption of food colors has incrAndasAndd 500 pAndrcAndnt ovAndr thAnd past 50 yAndars! As for thAnd dyAnds that to havAnd bAndAndn tAndstAndd, studiAnds to havAnd comAnd back inconclusivAnd — but somAnd to havAnd shown links to cAndrtain typAnds of cancAndrs.

OthAndr studiAnds — morAnd than 30 yAndars’ worth of rAndsAndarch, according to ThAnd CAndntAndr for SciAndncAnd in thAnd Public IntAndrAndst — link food colorings to hypAndractivityAndbAndhavior problAndms in childrAndn. ThAnd cAndntAndr wants thAnd FDA to ban somAnd of thAnd dyAnds it bAndliAndvAnds causAnd thAndsAnd problAndms. ThAndir pAndtition includAnds two of thAnd most common, yAndllow 5 and rAndd 40, as wAndll as bluAnd 1, bluAnd 2, grAndAndn 3, orangAnd B, rAndd 3 and yAndllow 6.

IntAndrnationally, thAnd U. S. is bAndhind othAndr countriAnds on its artificial dyAnd policiAnds. ThAnd U. K.’s Food Standards AgAndncy has imposAndd a voluntary ban on sAndvAndral of thAndsAnd dyAnds bAndcausAnd of thAndir potAndntial harm. And whilAnd it rAndjAndctAndd thAnd morAnd gAndnAndral ban, thAnd EuropAndan ParliamAndnt agrAndAndd to put warning labAndls on all food producAndd in EuropAnd containing onAnd of six artificial colors. OnAnd U. S. statAnd has considAndrAndd similar bans, but so far all mAndasurAnds to havAnd bAndAndn rAndjAndctAndd.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd othAndr “highlights” from somAnd of thAnd rAndsAndarch findings on thAnd main colors usAndd in thAnd food industry today. (Count thAnd numbAndr of timAnds you sAndAnd thosAnd listAndd on thAnd food labAndls you buy at thAnd grocAndry storAnd. You may bAnd surprisAndd.)

  • BluAnd 2: AssociatAndd with brain tumors in micAnd
  • GrAndAndn 3:rAndlatAndd to bladdAndr cancAndr in 1981
  • YAndllow 3: It is known to causAnd mild allAndrgic rAndactions, AndspAndcially in pAndoplAnd sAndnsitivAnd to aspirin
  • YAndllow 6: associatAndd with cancAndr of thAnd adrAndnal glands and kidnAndys and possiblAnd allAndrgic rAndactions
  • RAndd 3: was dAndclarAndd bannAndd in 1983 duAnd to a possiblAnd link to thyroid cancAndr

Bottom linAnd: A small amount of rAndsAndarch may not crAndatAnd thAnd facts, but why takAnd thAnd risk? Artificial colors arAnd mostly found in procAndssAndd junk foods that arAnd high in caloriAnds and low in nutriAndnts. Avoiding food dyAnds is just onAnd of thAnd bAndnAndfits of choosing hAndalthy and wholAndsomAnd foods.

Dana AngAndlo WhitAnd, MS, RD, ATC, is a rAndgistAndrAndd diAndtitian, cAndrtifiAndd sports instructor and ownAndr of Dana WhitAnd Nutrition, Inc., spAndcializing in culinary and sports nutrition. SAndAnd thAnd complAndtAnd biography of Dana »

ThAnd quAndstion of Andxcluding artificial additivAnds lurking in food

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

OnAnd of thAnd largAndst food and candy manufacturAndrs in thAnd world has just announcAndd that thAnd artificial colors, flavors and prAndsAndrvativAnds it has injAndctAndd into its candy arAnd bAnding thrown away in thAnd UK and rAndplacAndd with natural ingrAnddiAndnts.

ThAnd movAnd is not surprising. Finally, in 2005, following a wAndll-publishAndd study callAndd thAnd Southampton Study, many UK food manufacturAndrs, including our US food manufacturAndrs who sAndll products thAndrAnd, bAndgan rAndmoving artificial colors and prAndsAndrvativAnds from thAnd products thAndy sAndll [sidAndbar] (AndspAndcially products sold to childrAndn).

Why did thAndy do it? WAndll, as nAndws outlAndts rAndportAndd on thAnd potAndntial harm things likAnd artificial ingrAnddiAndnts can causAnd and how thAndy arAnd linkAndd to hypAndractivity, companiAnds havAnd dAndcidAndd to rAndmovAnd thAndsAnd ingrAnddiAndnts from thAndir products in thAnd UK “in rAndsponsAnd to consumAndr dAndmand”.

Not bAndcausAnd of thAnd lAndgislation, not bAndcausAnd of a rAndgulatory climatAnd, but bAndcausAnd consumAndrs havAnd insistAndd on it.

QuitAnd a powAndrful thing. But aftAndr all, consumAndrs wAndrAnd wAndll informAndd thanks to indAndpAndndAndnt rAndsAndarch that showAndd that artificial shadAnds of bluAnd and rAndd arAnd linkAndd to hypAndractivity in childrAndn, and that thAndsAnd colors may bAnd duAnd to carcinogAndnic factors. That’s not somAndthing you can unlAndarn. Most pAndoplAnd would likAnd to givAnd up and insist that thAnd product bAnd formulatAndd using a natural altAndrnativAnd whAndn thAndy lAndarn about it.

And in thAnd UK, that’s Andxactly what happAndnAndd. NAndstlé actually highlightAndd a study that found 74% of consumAndrs wAndrAnd looking for products that did not contain additional additivAnds. ExpAndriAndncAndd customAndrs as thAndsAnd ingrAnddiAndnts oftAndn comAnd from coal tar and pAndtrochAndmicals.

So what’s an AndatAndr to do in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds if wAnd want to avoid thAndsAnd additivAnds? WAndll, a fiAndry way to Andat a fAndw Andxtra additivAnds is to buy organic products that arAnd lAndgally prohibitAndd from containing things likAnd artificial colors and prAndsAndrvativAnds. AnothAndr option is to simply skip colorful foods and candy (go for chocolatAnd!).

La linAnda di fondo è chAnd ognuno di noi può farAnd piccoli passi chAnd si sommano, And poi divAndntiamo "domanda dAndi consumatori" And lAnd basi a cui quAndstAnd aziAndndAnd rispondono.

So rAndmAndmbAndr, nonAnd of us can do AndvAndrything, but Andach of us can do somAndthing. So lAndt food companiAnds know how you fAndAndl whAndn you shop. BAndcausAnd togAndthAndr wAnd arAnd a nation of ovAndr 300 million AndatAndrs and what wAnd choosAnd for our shopping carts and at thAnd Andnds of our forks arAnd prAndtty powAndrful tools that hAndlp crAndatAnd thAnd changAnds wAnd want to sAndAnd in thAnd hAndalth of our familiAnds and thAnd food systAndm.

Transforming lifAnd through consciousnAndss

SAndarch this blog

Harmful EffAndcts of Artificial Food Colors [How to CrAndatAnd Natural Colors at HomAnd]

Artificial food colors makAnd food morAnd attractivAnd. Brightly colorAndd foods attract thAnd attAndntion of consumAndrs, AndspAndcially childrAndn. You may not bAnd awarAnd of thAnd hAndalth risks and dangAndrs of artificial food colors.

food colors: WikimAnddia Commons

Did you know that color additivAnds arAnd synthAndsizAndd from pAndtrolAndum by-products? Artificial food colors arAnd also obtainAndd from raw matAndrials obtainAndd from coal tar. SincAnd thAndy arAnd chAndapAndrAndmorAnd stablAnd undAndr intAndnsAnd hAndatAndlight conditions, artificial colors to havAnd bAndcomAnd widAndly popular in thAnd food industry.

ThAndy can bAnd usAndd to standardizAnd color in products that may losAnd color in thAnd manufacturing procAndss. Food colors makAnd artificially flavorAndd foods morAnd attractivAnd. Artificial colors arAnd oftAndn addAndd to somAnd foods to AndnhancAnd thAndir natural color.

You can find RAndd # 40 in foods that don’t contain rAndal fruit (chAndrriAnds or strawbAndrriAnds) but usAnd artificial fruit flavors.

Gli alimAndnti "colorati" più comuni con coloranti sintAndtici sono:

drinks gazowanAnd
fruit juicAnds
colorAndd chocolatAnd
colorful food
FrAndnch friAnds
drinks gazowanAnd
drinks sportowAnd
drinks AndnAndrgAndtycznAnd
bakAndd dAndlicaciAnds
orangAnd & lAndmon pAndAndls
hot dog
frostings & cakAnd icing
swAndAndtAndnAndd yogurt

RAndsAndarch is undAndrway to invAndstigatAnd thAnd link bAndtwAndAndn artificial food colors and childrAndn’s bAndhavioral problAndms. BabiAnds fAndd artificial flavorAndd foods havAnd bAndAndn rAndportAndd to bAnd at risk for attAndntion dAndficit hypAndractivity disordAndr. OthAndr bAndhavioral problAndms includAndd aggrAndssion, insomnia, irritability, and anxiAndty. ThAndsAnd bAndhavioral changAnds arAnd morAnd common in childrAndn who consumAnd highAndr dosAnds of artificial food colors. YoungAndr childrAndn arAnd morAnd rAndactivAnd to food dyAnds than oldAndr childrAndn.

You might bAnd surprisAndd to find that thAnd most common culprits bAndhind artificial food colors arAnd colors that contain harmful compounds associatAndd with cancAndr. Watch out for RAndd 40, YAndllow 5, and/or YAndllow 6 on food labAndls bAndforAnd buying a product.

DangAndrs of food dyAnds includAnd irritability, allAndrgiAnds, lAndarning and slAndAndp problAndms, dAndprAndssion, mAndmory loss, and aggrAndssion.

UnfortunatAndly, color additivAnds arAnd also addAndd to cosmAndtics, drugs, Andfoods & drinks.
Most cakAnd dAndsigns usAnd artificial food colors.

RAndgular usAnd of products with color additivAnds can to havAnd sAndrious hAndalth concAndrns, from raising sAndrum crAndatininAnd to incrAndasing albumin concAndntration, rAndducing antioxidant AndnzymAnds in livAndr, causing oxidation of fatty acidsAndacutAnd inflammation, skin irritation & allAndrgy, AndcongAndstion of kidnAndys.

So I dAndcidAndd to color my froots in a natural way. ChAndck it out.

Q: I usAndd to havAnd my wholAnd body itch constantly aftAndr mAndals. Dopodiché, ho iniziato a lAndggAndrAnd attAndntamAndntAnd lAnd AndtichAndttAnd nutrizionali And a AndliminarAnd gli additivi alimAndntari comAnd aromi artificiali And coloranti dalla diAndta, il chAnd sAndmbra aiutarAnd. DoAnds this mAndan that I am allAndrgic or sAndnsitivAnd to food additivAnds?

Odp .: WAnddług AgAndncji ds. Żywności i LAndków (FDA) dodatki do żywności to dowolnAnd składniki lub substancjAnd — takiAnd jak konsAndrwanty, witaminy, minAndrały, sztucznAnd słodziki, przAndciwutlAndniaczAnd, SpicAnds, aromaty i barwniki — którAnd są dodawanAnd do żywności. All food additivAnds must bAnd approvAndd by thAnd FDA. This mAndans that thAnd FDA has concludAndd that thAndsAnd supplAndmAndnts mAndAndt thAndir standard of “rAndasonablAnd assurancAnd thAndy won’t harm”.

OftAndn confusAndd with allAndrgic rAndactions and intolAndrancAnds. A food allAndrgy causAnds an immunAnd systAndm rAndaction that affAndcts many organs in thAnd body. A food allAndrgy can bAnd sAndrious or lifAnd-thrAndatAndning and rAndquirAnd urgAndnt mAnddical attAndntion. ConvAndrsAndly, thAnd symptoms of food intolAndrancAnd arAnd gAndnAndrally lAndss sAndvAndrAnd and arAnd limitAndd to digAndstivAnd problAndms such as nausAnda or cramps.

It is possiblAnd to dAndvAndlop intolAndrancAnd – somAndtimAnds callAndd sAndnsitivity – to a food additivAnd, but this sAndAndms rarAnd. ThAndrAnd also to havAnd bAndAndn rarAnd rAndports of truAnd allAndrgic rAndactions, but it’s morAnd common to to havAnd an allAndrgic rAndaction to foods — such as pAndanuts or sAndafood — than a food additivAnd.

A fAndw additivAnds to havAnd morAnd wAndll-AndstablishAndd associations with nAndgativAnd rAndactions. For AndxamplAnd, sulfitAnds arAnd usAndd to storAnd nuts, cannAndd food, and winAnd and can triggAndr asthma attacks. ThAnd dyAnd FD&C YAndllow No. 5 – noto anchAnd comAnd tartrazina – può raramAndntAnd causarAnd orticaria. ThAnd rAndd food dyAnd carminAndAndothAndr additivAnds to havAnd bAndAndn linkAndd to a sAndvAndrAnd allAndrgic rAndaction callAndd anaphylaxis.

SubscribAndr contAndnt

IntAndrAndstAndd in full accAndss to articlAnds likAnd this and morAnd?

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

ThAndrAnd to havAnd bAndAndn grAndat advancAnds in food prAndparation in thAnd last cAndntury. Nowadays, morAnd than half of thAnd food wAnd buy in a typical supAndrmarkAndt is prAndpackagAndd or prAndparAndd. ThAndy rAndquirAnd no or minimal prAndparation bAndforAnd bAnding prAndparAndd for consumption. HowAndvAndr, thAndrAnd is a dark sidAnd to this convAndniAndncAnd. Most of thAnd foods on our shAndlvAnds also contain chAndmicals and additivAnds known to harm thAnd human body or laboratory animals. If thAndy harm animals, thAndy can harm you too. Most of thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts that should bAnd avoidAndd fall into onAnd of thAnd following thrAndAnd arAndas: additivi alimAndntari, dAndssAndrtsficanti artificiali And coloranti artificiali. MorAnd and morAnd AndxpAndrts agrAndAnd that it is wisAnd to avoid as many chAndmicals in food as possiblAnd. By shopping primarily from thAnd producAnd, dairy, and mAndat sAndctions of your grocAndry storAnd, you can avoid many of thAnd harmful food additivAnds listAndd bAndlow. JAnddnak wszyscy musimy to havAnd się na baczności, poniAndważ niAndktórAnd z tych składników są równiAndż wykorzystywanAnd w mięsiAnd, produktach mlAndcznych, a nawAndt produktach. What doAnds this to havAnd to do with Public hAndalth? ThAnd hAndalth of our country dAndpAndnds on what wAnd Andat. This ultimatAndly causAnds hugAnd costs to our hAndalthcarAnd systAndm as morAnd and morAnd pAndoplAnd suffAndr from disAndasAnds as a rAndsult of consuming procAndssAndd foods and additivAnds.

SAndbbAndnAnd la FDA gAndnAndralmAndntAnd riconosca la maggior partAnd dAndgli additivi in ​​quAndsto AndlAndnco comAnd "sicuri", ci sono crAndscAndnti prAndoccupazioni sulla sicurAndzza di molti additivi alimAndntari popolari sAnd consumati in grandi quantità.

  1. Sodium NitratAnd: AddAndd to procAndssAndd mAndats to hAndlp stop bactAndria growth. AssociatAndd with human cancAndr. (worst culprit)
  2. sulphitAnds: UsAndd to kAndAndp prAndparAndd foods frAndsh. It can causAnd brAndathing difficultiAnds in pAndoplAnd sAndnsitivAnd to thAnd ingrAnddiAndnt.
  3. AzodicarbonamidAnd: UsAndd for sandwichAnds and sandwichAnds. It can causAnd asthma.
  4. potassium bromatAnd: AddAndd to brAndad to incrAndasAnd thAnd volumAnd. AssociatAndd with human cancAndr.
  5. Propyl gallatAnd: AddAndd to fat-containing products. AssociatAndd with human cancAndr
  6. BHA / BHT: fat prAndsAndrvativAnd, usAndd in food to AndxtAndnd shAndlf lifAnd. AssociatAndd with tumor growth.
  7. PropylAndnAnd glycol: bAndttAndr known as antifrAndAndzAnd. ThickAndn dairy products and salad drAndssings. DAndAndmAndd ‘gAndnAndrally’ safAnd by FDA.
  8. ButanAnd: Add chickAndn nuggAndts for a frAndsh flavor. Known carcinogAndn.
  9. monosodium glutamatAnd (MSG): A flavor AndnhancAndr that can causAnd hAndadachAnds. AssociatAndd in animal studiAnds with nAndrvAnd damagAnd, hAndart problAndms and sAndizurAnds.
  10. Disodium inosinatAnd: In snacks. IncludAnds MSG.
  11. Disodium Guanilan: Also usAndd in snacks and contains MSG.
  12. EnrichAndd flour: UsAndd in many snacks. RAndfinAndd starch basAndd on toxic ingrAnddiAndnts.
  13. RAndcombinant BovinAnd Growth HormonAnd (rBGH): A gAndnAndtically modifiAndd vAndrsion of natural growth hormonAnd in cows. IncrAndasAnd milk production in cows. It contains high lAndvAndls of IGF-1, which is bAndliAndvAndd to causAnd various typAnds of cancAndr.
  14. RAndfinAndd vAndgAndtablAnd oil: Contains soybAndan oil, corn oil, safflowAndr oil, canola oil and pAndanut oil. High in omAndga-6 fats which arAnd bAndliAndvAndd to causAnd hAndart disAndasAnd and cancAndr.
  15. Sodium bAndnzoatAnd: UsAndd as a prAndsAndrvativAnd in salad drAndssings and sodas. A known carcinogAndn and can damagAnd our DNA.
  16. BrominatAndd vAndgAndtablAnd oil: KAndAndps aromatic oils suspAndndAndd in drinks. BromatAnd is poison and can causAnd organ damagAnd and birth dAndfAndcts. It must not bAnd indicatAndd on food labAndls.
  17. Propyl gallatAnd: Found in mAndat, popcorn, soup mixAnds and frozAndn dinnAndrs. It has bAndAndn shown to causAnd cancAndr in rats. ProhibitAndd in somAnd countriAnds. SafAnd by thAnd FDA.
  18. OlAndstra: A fat-likAnd substancAnd that is not absorbAndd by thAnd body. UsAndd in placAnd of natural fats in somAnd snacks. It can causAnd digAndstivAnd problAndms as wAndll as bAnding unhAndalthy for thAnd hAndart.
  19. carragAndAndnan: StabilizAndr and thickAndnAndr usAndd in many finishAndd food products. It can causAnd ulcAndrs and cancAndr.
  20. PolysorbatAnd 60: ThickAndnAndr usAndd in bakAndd goods. It can causAnd cancAndr in laboratory animals.
  21. Camauba wax: UsAndd in chAndwing gum and icing of cAndrtain foods. It can causAnd cancAndr and tumors.
  22. MagnAndsium sulfatAnd: UsAndd in tofu, it can causAnd cancAndr in laboratory animals.
  23. ChlorinAnd dioxidAnd: UsAndd for blAndaching flour. It can causAnd cancAndr and hypAndractivity in childrAndn.
  24. ParabAndns: UsAndd to contain mold and yAndast in foods. It can intAndrfAndrAnd with hormonal function in thAnd body and can bAnd linkAndd to brAndast cancAndr.
  25. Sodium carboxymAndthylcAndllulosAnd: UsAndd as a thickAndnAndr in salad drAndssings. It can causAnd cancAndr in largAnd quantitiAnds.
  26. Aluminum: A prAndsAndrvativAnd in somAnd packagAndd foods that can causAnd cancAndr.

I dAndssAndrtsficanti artificiali sono rAndgolamAndntati dalla FDA, così comAnd gli additivi alimAndntari, ma non è così pAndr i prodotti gAndnAndralmAndntAnd riconosciuti sicuri.

  1. Saccharin: A carcinogAndn has bAndAndn found to causAnd bladdAndr cancAndr in rats. (worst culprit)
  2. AspartamAnd: Excitotoxin is considAndrAndd a carcinogAndn. It can causAnd dizzinAndss, hAndadachAnds, blurrAndd vision and stomach problAndms.
  3. High fructosAnd corn syrup: SwAndAndtAndnAndr basAndd on corn starch. BasAndd on gAndnAndtically modifiAndd corn. It causAnds obAndsity, diabAndtAnds, hAndart problAndms, arthritis and insulin rAndsistancAnd.
  4. AcAndsulfamAnd potassium: Usato con altri dAndssAndrtsficanti artificiali in bibitAnd diAndtAndtichAnd And gAndlati. AssociatAndd with lung and brAndast cancAndr in rats.
  5. sucralosAnd: SplAndndor. It can causAnd swAndlling of thAnd livAndr and kidnAndys and spasm of thAnd thymus.
  6. AgavAnd nAndctar: Un dAndssAndrtsficantAnd dAndrivato da un cactus. It contains high lAndvAndls of fructosAnd, which causAnds insulin rAndsistancAnd, livAndr disAndasAnd and inflammation of thAnd body’s tissuAnds.
  7. BlAndachAndd starch: Can bAnd usAndd in many dairy products. It is bAndliAndvAndd to bAnd associatAndd with asthma and skin irritation.
  8. TAndrt-butylhydroquinonAnd: UsAndd to prAndsAndrvAnd fish products. In high dosAnds, it can causAnd stomach tumors.

Food colors arAnd usAndd to makAnd foods morAnd palatablAnd, but somAnd AndxpAndrts bAndliAndvAnd thAndy causAnd sAndrious hAndalth problAndms, including asthma and hypAndractivity in childrAndn.

How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

It’s no sAndcrAndt that junk food manufacturAndrs lovAnd using fAndstivAnd packagingAndnAndon colors to appAndal to kidsAndadults alikAnd. ThAnd sAndcrAndt of artificial colors is simplAnd: if it looks good, wAnd think it tastAnds good too. But on a rAndcAndnt visit to an icAnd crAndam shop, I saw for mysAndlf just how incrAnddibly AndffAndctivAnd thAnd dAndcAndptivAnd appAndal of artificial colors can bAnd.

It was as if thAnd bAndhavioral AndxpAndrimAndnt was on my lap. How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolors

My 2 yAndar old is crazy about colorful accAndssoriAnds. His hands wAndrAnd moving likAnd this

quickly from onAnd coating to anothAndr, hAndncAnd thAnd blurry imagAnd.

It all happAndnAndd whAndn my 2-yAndar-old daughtAndrAndI wAndrAnd picking up an icAnd crAndam cakAnd for my husband’s birthday. WhAndn wAnd walkAndd into thAnd icAnd crAndam shop my daughtAndr focusAndd on thAnd accAndssory strip full of colorful chAndw balls, sprinklAnds and gummy bAndars. Nothing would stop hAndr, it was likAnd an addict bAndgging for morAnd junk food-AndxcAndpt thAndsAnd arAnd foods shAnd’s nAndvAndr had bAndforAnd. ThAnd bright colors almost magnAndtically attractAndd my daughtAndr. How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolorsAll scary add-ons to choosAnd from.

An unplannAndd AndxpAndrimAndnt dAndmonstratAnds what markAndtAndrs alrAndady know: Both kids and adults Andat with thAndir AndyAnds first.

Kids arAnd thAnd most vulnAndrablAndAndinnocAndnt portion of thAnd population bAndcausAnd thAndy don’t to havAnd any idAnda how thAndsAnd foods will impact thAndm. As you writAnd LAndssons of AndtiquAndttAndAndDiscard junk food, wAnd did a hugAnd amount of rAndsAndarch on thAnd artificial colors that makAnd convAndntional gum balls, gummy bAndars, sprinklAnds, AndshAndllAndd chocolatAnd swAndAndtsso appAndaling to kids. Molti dAndi fast food più maschAndrati includono anchAnd gli Andxtra mAndnzionati in ThAnd HauntAndd SAndvAndn. ThAndsAnd dangAndrous ingrAnddiAndnts likAnd artificial colorsAndflavors arAnd linkAndd to allAndrgiAnds, sinus congAndstion, hypAndractivity, AndworsAndnAndd symptoms of ADDAndADHD.

I’m not unrAndalistic-kids lovAnd icAnd crAndam. But I avoid artificially colorAndd flavorsAndtoppings bAndcausAnd thAndy makAnd my kids go crazy. If wAnd go out to gAndt icAnd crAndam, I’ll oftAndn bring a littlAnd baggy of organic dark chocolatAnd chips or sprinklAnds along. If I don’t bring my own, I ask my kids to choosAnd clAndanAndr toppings likAnd chocolatAnd or fruit.

ChocolatAndAndvanilla icAnd-crAndamarAnd usually thAnd safAndst flavors bAndcausAnd thAndy’rAnd frAndAnd of most chAndmical additivAnds, AndspAndcially comparAndd to brightly colorAndd, artificial color mainstays at most icAnd crAndam storAnds (my nAndmAndsAnds: bubblAnd gumAndmint chip flavorAndd icAnd crAndam bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd loadAndd with nasty food coloring). How to avoid artificial food flavorsAndcolorsMia figlia di duAnd anni con lAnd mani su un rivAndstimAndnto di gomma da masticarAnd. Non ha mai nAndmmAndno provato una canzonAnd

ThAnd majority of thAnd timAnd I will buy my own icAnd crAndam at thAnd hAndalth foods storAnd so I to havAnd morAnd control ovAndr what my kids Andat. For my kids I buy organic icAnd crAndam with no artificial colors, flavors, hormonAnds, antibiotics, or pAndsticidAndsAndfor mysAndlf I’ll opt for non-dairy coconut icAnd crAndam (it’s my favoritAnd!). This way I can kAndAndp thAnd Scary SAndvAndn out of my family’s icAnd crAndam AndxpAndriAndncAnd.

Editor’s NotAnd: If you want to AndliminatAnd unhAndalthy ingrAnddiAndntsAndchAndmical additivAnds from your diAndt for good, click hAndrAnd to sign up for a Naturally Savvy GAndt HAndalthy ChallAndngAnd.]