How to ask a girl to the movies

How to ask a girl to the movies

How to ask a girl to the movies

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How to ask a girl to the movies

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Every single guy needs to know these questions to ask a girl you like because every guy has been there.

There’s a girl that you like, and you’d like to get to know better, So, you gather the confidence to approach her and introduce yourself, maybe even start a great conversation.

But then, after a few minutes, the conversation slows down. And eventually, you’re saying goodbye to a girl that you had a chance at a good connection with. What’s worse, even if you try to pick up talking with her again on another day, the “spark” just isn’t there.

What gives? To tell the truth, most guys end up losing momentum in their conversations long before they end, just by not knowing the right questions to ask a girl that they like. Without having interesting, fun, and flirty questions to ask, you’ll end up killing any initial interest she had, and losing an opportunity to really get to know each other.

Luckily, we have a simple solution for you: Browse through this selection of questions to ask a girl you like that we’ve put together, choose a few of your favorites, and memorize them. That way, the next time the opportunity arises to talk with a girl you like, you’ll be prepared with a plan for how to keep her interest.

Asking a woman out can be a very frightening experience.? This is especially true if ?it is the first time you have had to do it.

In this article I want to give you some solid tips to how to do i in a way that makes it likely that she will be willing to say yes.

But before we get into that, it is important that you understand a couple of things about how to get a girl to like you in the first place.

What are girls attracted to?

Here is the thing, if you plan on dating a girl out it is critically important that you have already created attraction in the girl.

Point blank.? If you haven’t done anything to create attraction in a girl? don’t ask her out yet.

Too many guys make the huge mistake of asking her out on a date before they have done enough to attract the girl and make it likely that she will say yes.

So what attracts girls?

There are certain things you can do over and over again and it will almost always attract the girl you are talking to.

Here is a video?of a few things you should have established before you ask a woman to go on a date with you.

1. You should establish to the girl that you are a fun, playful guy that she is likely to have a good time going out with.

Too many “shy” guys act completely boring around a girl and expect that she should want to go out with them.? I know, because I used to be very “shy” and had a hard time getting girls to say yes.? This is because they all thought that I was boring, nervous, and insecure? and couldn’t imagine having a good time with me.

2.? One of the first things I figured out about how to attract girls is that girls like to see that you are the leader of other guys.

Women like the “popular” guy because he has the respect of other guys.? If you want to make it likely that she will say yes, let her see a side of you in some sort of leadership role.? Whether you are the one talking to everyone at a party, or you simply command the attention of those around you with your stories? this will make it more likely she will want to go out with you.

3.? Girls are attracted to “the chase” which is why they usually wind up dating “bad boys.”

Girls like guys that they think will be a challenge.? They don’t want to go out on a date with a guy who they know is beneath them socially and would probably wind up falling in love instantly with her? making it hard and awkward to get rid of him later.

If you want to learn this, ?it is first important that you make a commitment to creating attraction.


I’ve got some bad news for you.? A lot of guys think because a girl makes eye contact with them a few times that she likes them.? She probably doesn’t. A lot of guys think that because a girl is always nice to them that she likes them.? But you are probably in the friend zone.

If you really want to know if a girl likes you than read this article about how to tell if a girl likes you.

How to Attract a Girl Before You Invite Her Out

The easiest way to get a girl to say yes to going out with you is learn how to flirt with a girl.? If you know how to flirt with a girl than you are able to display all of the things that I talked about above. Flirting will also show her that you are a fun, playful, social guy who will be a challenge for her to get.

It really isn’t that hard to learn how to flirt. ?In fact, flirting is basically a combination of playfully teasing a girl, and subtly letting her know that you are interested in her. ?I created this short video going into more detail.

The important thing to remember, is that you MUST create a fun, flirtatious vibe before inviting a woman out with you. You MUST flirt with her a bit, or else it will seem completely weird and unexpected that you want to ask her out.

How NOT to Ask a Woman On a Date

So before I tell you how to ask a girl out, I want to tell you major mistakes most guys make whe n they ask a girl out.

Here are a few of the big mistakes:

1.? Asking the girl out to dinner or the movies.

Dinner or movies are not a good first date.? They are too formal and they put too much pressure on the girl. ?It also telegraphs way too much interest in her.? In my opinion you should not take a girl to dinner or the movies until after you have already hooked up with her.

2.? Seeming to eager to go out with her.

Remember, girls want a challenge which is why if a girl senses that you are already in love with her before your first date? then you’ve already blown it.? Although it is perfectly fine to let a girl know you’re attracted to her, you should not seem too emotionally invested in whether or not she says yes.

3.? Don’t be vague.

A lot of times guys are so nervous to ask a girl out that they are vague to avoid an immediate rejection.? Instead of mentioning a specific date the guy will just say “Do you want to go out some time?”? The problem is that it makes it too easy for the girl to avoid going on the date, plus, you will then half to do the work all over again later when you’ll have to call her to set up a date.

How to Invite a Girl Out on a Date Over Text

Like I mentioned earlier, I used to be very shy and deathly scared of asking a girl out on a date.? However, over the years as I learned how to attract a girl and get them to like me, it became easier and easier to get them to go out with me.

More tips and tactics for getting girls

If you want to learn in-depth tips, tactics, and techniques for getting beautiful women to like you and make it easier to ask a girl out, then I suggest downloading a free copy of my Make Small Talk Sexy report. In this 27 report I tell you exactly how to talk to girls in a way that creates sexual attraction.

Once of the last things I wanted to mention when it comes to how to ask a girl out is that you really need to become more familiar with text messaging girls. ?More than likely once you get a woman’s phone number you will wind up asking her out over text message. ?I recommend reading over this article on texting girls to become more skilled at this.

It seems the big problems most guys have been running into is that they assume that just because a girl has smiled at them, that she is interested in going on a date. ?Before you even consider making a move, you must first establish some sort of flirty vibe.

How to Ask a Girl Out Video Explanation

You’ve gotten a girl’s number, and you’re excited. Very excited. You’ve spent all this time learning to approach and attract women, and finally the skills you’ve been developing have been paying dividends.

So much, in fact, that you’ve been going on a lot of first dates. And while first dates can be fun and rewarding, there’s a bunch of different behaviors and tricks you can be doing from one date to the next, in order to keep the momentum going and keep the interaction moving forward. Behavior can vary between the first, second, and even third dates — which is why you always need to be on your game.

Keeping in mind the lessons that you’ve already learned from TSB, here are some ways to make your second date sizzling with some quick and easy second date tips. So take out a pad and pen and take some notes, you?re going to get a crash course in continuing dating.

Second Date Tip #1: ?Be more creative than the first date.

First dates are a way to make a first impression, second dates are how you keep that impression from going south. First dates you should be arranging it like a movie, so when she replays it in her head, she remembers all the good times that you had togethber, and it feels like a string of events that could really start up something good.

Second dates can let you get more physical, but you need to make it on the same level as the first, ie, have an adventure. Don?t do boring things. You?re better than that, and need to show her.

Second date questions: ?On the second date try to ask question that get her displaying her more “flirtatious side”. ?You’ve already gotten to know her pretty well. Now its time to really jump start that?chemistry.


?Good Second Date Ideas:

  • A list of Summer Date ideas
  • Museum
  • Bowling
  • Billiards
  • Local Street Festival
  • Zoo
  • A nice park or playground
  • Comedy show

Second Date Tip #2: ?Keep leading.

You should be generating the second date ideas, even if it’s something that she brought up before in the past. You’re still the man, you still want to be seen as attractive. Leading is the way you appear attractive.

So, date idea are yours, make sure that you can venue bounce, make sure that whatever logistics or schematics that may come up or contribute to the night, you can keep under control. You should also be leading in different areas. Including the most important area ? physical escalation.


Second Date Tip #3: ?Keep escalating.

The point of somebody going on a date with you is so they can get to know you — they wouldn’t be going on a second date with you if they weren’t interested. It just doesn’t happen.

So whatever you were doing on the first date you were at a certain point in the sexual escalation process, continue that onward. If you were building deep comfort or on the way to qualification, just keep going. The point of a second date is to get deeper in with people, so whatever you were doing on the first date, do it on the second date, but more amplified.

Here are some good second date conversation: ?On the second date try to get more personal and take the second date conversation to a much more flirtatious and sexy level.


Second Date Tip #3: ?Have a contingency plan to get her back to your place.

Being that you?re leading and escalating, and being manly and making things happen, you?re going to want to have a clear way to get home should things turn sexual ? this is a second date you?re on. Unless you?ve seeded crazy sexual encounters and she was okay with it, even willing to meet you half-way, chances are you?re not going to be getting down in a dumpster. So be aware of that.

Make plans for food near your place after the original date activity?it?ll make it that much easier. Speaking of leading and escalation, there?s something you should be keeping in mind each time you go out with someone, that?ll make your job infinitely easier for everyone.

Second date kiss:? If you didn’t get a kiss on the first date, it is imperative you get the second date kiss or you run the risk of being put in the friend zone. ?Don’t be afraid to go for the kiss mid sentence. ?Here’s an article on 7 mistakes going for the kiss.

Second Date Tip # 4:? How to Keep Her Interested

Second Date Tip #5: ?Always have justifications.

There are little red flags that get raised every time you push someone outside of their comfort zone, so it helps to have a justification handy so they don?t freak out or start questioning it. If the only place you can do sexual things is inside a hotel hallway, you should probably start seeding that you want to see the hotel, if you want to get people back to your place so you can escalate there, have things that are interesting back at your place.

Have a compendium of movies or television shows, party games, if your state allows it, legalized narcotics ? all of that will make it easier to get her back on the second date.

Second Date Tip #6: ?Remember to have fun.

This isn?t rocket science. If you?re able to make a girl have fun, it?s the ultimate attraction. If you?re able to do it on more than one date, you don?t really need third date tips or fourth date tips, just keep doing what has been successful for you up to that point.

So if you?re out on a second date, and you?re in a panic, just think of these second date tips and take a nice, relaxing breath.

Second date rules: ?Have fun and get the kiss. ?Those are the only two second date rules you need to follow.

Second Date Tip #7: ?How to Get Her to Fall in Love

How to ask a girl to the movies

UPDATE — You can now ask and answer all your “Name That Movie” questions over at Filmfind. This article became so wildly popular that it was well-needed.

What’s the name of that movie?

What’s that actor’s name?

Sometimes, you need to ease your mind because you just have to know. It’s just on the tip of your tongue, but driving you crazy that you cannot remember. Other times, maybe it’s some old nostalgic film from your childhood that you just have to track down and watch again.

These techniques also apply if you’re trying to find other info on movies, music, and even video games (directors, writers, voice actors, you name it).

Step 1.

Go to IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

Step 2.

Before you can begin your search, you’ll need to at least have some piece of information that links to the film or whatever else you’re trying to find.

Here are some examples:

  • Name of the Director
  • Name of the Writer
  • Name of the Composer
  • Name of any of the Actors or Actresses no matter how big or small their role was
  • Name of the Company that released the film
  • The Year (or Decade) the film was released
  • Plot Info

Reverse Method

It may be possible to find what you’re looking for even if you don’t know any direct facts about the movie you’re trying to find. Say that you at least recognize someone in the film and you’re aware of the title of another film they’re in. You can start your search there. When you search, I recommend that you search “All” first. This is the search filter found top-center of the page with the search field.

Step 3.

After you’ve searched (no matter how vague) and you’re on a studio, film, or actor’s page, it’s all about narrowing it down. If it’s an actor’s name that you have, you’ll want to look at their filmography. You can first narrow it down by looking at just the Actor section of their credits page. Even if you don’t know the exact year it came out, you should at least know a range, for example between: 1970 – 1980.

The films are in order from newest to oldest. I’d start on the oldest film in your range and work your way up. Just seeing the title might not be enough to spark your memory. Think about what the movie is about and try and relate the titles to that. Most titles will make sense in relation to what the film is about. When you click on a movie title to investigate further, look at the poster or movie cover image, look at the character and actor names, and read the synopsis. If it’s the right movie, it should eventually click:

Yeah! This is the movie.

Reverse Method

If you know the title of a movie that has an actor in it who is also in the film you’re looking for, but you don’t know their name, only recognize them, find that title on IMDb. Then, go through the cast of actors on that film and try and find that actor. Most actor pages are supported with celebrity pictures so you can verify it’s who you think it is before you start searching their filmography for the movie.

  • If you’re looking for something other than a film or actor, just try relating the techniques to your search.
  • Don’t give up. 9 out of 10 times, I find what I’m looking for if I keep at it. As a last resort, you could always ask a film expert by describing whatever it is as best as you can at Filmfind.

Utilize Google Search. If all you’re left with is pieces of the plot, we can utilize Google to search the IMDb database in a much more powerful way than IMDb’s own native search (this is true for most websites actually). Simply copy the following URL to your URL bar or follow it and add your own plot keywords:

You can also search just the plot records of IMDb’s database:

Try to be vague and yet specific at the same time so to get a somewhat substantial amount of results to browse, but so you also try and filter out the obvious conflicting results that might pop up. For instance, “future” would be much more helpful than something more generic like “day.”

Good luck with your search!

Note: For some reason some people are getting the idea that my blog itself contains info on movies, which it does not. I keep seeing searches for plot keywords and actor’s names and whatnot done through my blog’s search form. Outside of this article, my blog does not contain any movie info. It is not a media database and won’t help your search in that way, unfortunately. You want to head over to IMDb or use one of the other options I’ve presented here. Thank you.

Need something to say to a girl you just met? Well this article will do you one better. Not only will it give you something to say to a girl you just met; it will show you how to talk to the girl in a way that will get her attracted to you.

How to ask a girl to the moviesStep 1: Banter with women
Bantering with women helps to ease the tension that comes along with meeting someone for the first time (remember, she’s nervous, too). If you can get a girl to smile, relax, and have fun early in the conversation, it will get her interested in you and in carrying the conversation further.

Now, the first step in how to banter with a girl successfully is to get the right mindset. You want to be like a fun, carefree kid who is just looking to have a good time. Getting the girl to smile really just becomes a side-effect of your own playful self-amusement.

As for what to say to a girl using banter, the possibilities are endless. You could, for instance, start to banter with a girl through role-play. Pretending, for example, that your husband and wife heading toward a divorce (“That’s it, we’re breaking up. I want half my stuff back – thank God for prenups…”). Another fun way to banter with a girl is to flip the script and pretend that she is hitting on you (“ummmm excuse me, my eyes are up here, missy”).

Step 2: Qualification – make her chase you
Now that she is relaxed, comfortable, and the girl is interested in you, the next step is to get her to qualify herself. Qualification allows you to signal your interest in a girl in a way that will actually make you become more attractive to the girl. Women want a man with standards and qualification is your way of showing that for a girl to keep your interest she needs to be more than just a pretty face.

To get a girl to qualify herself, all you have to do is prompt her with a question that will get her talking about herself. In a pleasant tone you could ask the girl a question like “so what’s your deal?” An open-ended question like that is a great question to ask a girl as it allows her to share with you whatever information she feels comfortable sharing.

Other good questions to ask a girl you just met would be “so what kind of things do you do for fun?” or “what adventures have you been up to lately?” If you’re meeting a girl in the daytime or in a low-key environment, simply asking “so what do you have going on the rest of the day?” is a perfectly good question to ask a girl that will get her to open to you.

Step 3: Building rapport with a woman
Banter and qualification are great for getting a girl attracted to you initially. But if you want that attraction with a woman to last you need to build rapport. Building rapport with a woman just means creating an emotional connection – and having that emotional connection will make women attracted to you on a deeper level.

To build that deep attraction with women, here’s a simple formula that will help you create rapport with a girl you just met:

First, ask the girl an open-ended question that gets her to share her emotions with you. You could either build off the open-ended question you asked the girl in the qualification stage, or ask a girl a different question. For instance, you could ask “so what is it about this bar that you like?” or “what does this song remind you of?” (assuming there’s a song playing in the background). Listen to her answer (really, listen!) and then share your own perspective and feelings on the subject with her. Accepting her feelings and emotions and then relating them to your own is how you build that deep connection and strong attraction with women.

Step 4: Building sexual tension with women
The big key to building sexual tension with a woman is to touch her. Start with light, playful taps at the beginning of the interaction, and gradually touch her more and for longer periods of time.

Aside from touch, another important factor in building sexual attraction with women is to be open and honest with your interest in her. It’s no secret women want confident men, and saying exactly what you’re feeling without holding back is a great way to show that confidence with women.

So to build that sexual tension and get a woman turned on with your confidence, verbally express your interest in the woman. If you’re in a sexually charged environment like a club, just come out and say “you’re really turning me on right now”. If you’re meeting a girl in the daytime – or someplace where the sexual energy isn’t as potent, something like “I really dig you, let’s go get coffee together” works great. Really, whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment is exactly what you should say to the woman.

What to say to a girl from there
If you’ve gone through these steps and still find yourself searching for something to say to a girl you just met, simply jump around the various stages once again in whatever order suits you (excluding qualification). That interchange between bantering with the woman, sexual escalation, and rapport building will keep the conversation with the girl you just met fun and interesting.

Brian M – author of 191 posts on The Art of Charm

Once he realized attraction was something he could learn, Brian spent way too much of his free time studying and practicing everything he could find on the subject. He stumbled across The Art of Charm podcast and eventually signed up for an AoC bootcamp. Excited by the progress he’s made in his own life since the program, he decided to start writing for AoC to help other guys do the same. By writing about interpersonal dynamics, he’s finally able to put that psychology degree to good use. View all posts by Brian M →

Introduction: How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

Have you ever spotted a girl from across the room and wondered what you had to do to get her to go out with you? Maybe you sit by a great girl in one of your classes and just aren’t sure how to progress with things. Have you had some unlucky breaks in the pass? Whether you’ve been out on a couple of dates but feel like you’re doing something wrong, or you’re trying to get that first ever first date, we can help you out! By following the five simple steps below and paying attention to what to do and what not to do, we can get you on a first date and have you well on your way to a second. You never know, these steps could even help you go on a date with the girl you’ll marry someday!

Step 1: Gauge Her Interest

The first step is to gauge her interest. Did she notice you when you walked in the door? Did she make eye contact with you and smile? Positive expressions such as laughter, smiling, and open body language are great indicators that she is interested in you. If she seems annoyed, busy, or closed off, chances are you should leave her alone and wait for another girl to come along. If she’s always trying to find a reason to talk to you then this is good news!! Why else would an A student ask you for help on a math problem? She’s interested in you! Now we can move onto step 2 and get to know her a little bit better.

Step 2: Get to Know Her

Now that we know she’s interested, we need to get to know her a little better. This will especially come in handy when you have to plan where to go and what to do when you take her out on a date! Try sitting closer to her in class.

You should try to seek out opportunities for small talk. This could take place while you are standing in the lunch line together, waiting for class to start, or even just passing in a hallway.

How to ask a girl to the movies

You should pay attention to what she likes and dislikes. For instance, if she has a binder with adorable puppies on it, chances are that she likes dogs and might have one of her own. Ask her about it! Don’t be afraid to start asking her more personal questions. You could ask her what her favorite childhood tv show was, or her favorite family vacation. Asking these kinds of questions will not only allow you to learn more about her, but she will also pick up on you being interested in her!

An important tip: Try to focus on her eyes. If she sees you staring at other parts of her body she might think twice about you!

Now that we know what color her eyes are and some personal information, let’s ask her out!

Step 3: Ask Her Out

Today’s finally the day, you’re going to ask the girl you’re interested in out on a date! It’s important for you to look nice when doing so. Create a good impression of yourself on the outside to go along with your great personality on the inside. Girls love guys who clean up nicely.

It’s also important to make sure you ask her out when she’s alone. It can be intimidating and awkward for everyone if she’s with her best girlfriends. This will also allow her to give you an honest answer. She will be more likely to respond in a positive way if you catch her alone than when she knows her friends are judging the actions she makes.
Try not to make a big deal out of asking her out. Make it seem casual and confident, as if you do this every day of the week. Approach her with a friendly, “Hi!” and ask her how her day has been going. You need the right balance of confidence and passiveness. You don’t want to come on too strong or she might become uncomfortable. Make sure you are talking with her at a normal talking pace. If you try and rush through things she might take you as desperate and say no!

How to ask a girl to the movies

If she says no, then stay composed and friendly, end the conversation, and walk away. Don’t feel bad about what happened, take it as a learning experience and see how you can improve on things for the next time a girl catches your eye.

How to ask a girl to the movies

If she doesn’t say no, then that must mean she said yes! I know you’re excited that you’re now able to go out on your date, but you have to remain cool and collected. Don’t give her a high five or perform a celebration dance.

How to ask a girl to the movies

Look happy, tell her how excited you are to go out, and make some date plans!

Step 4: Make Date Plans

The best kind of first date is one where you can really talk, get to know each other, and have fun. Make it a relaxing date, somewhere there isn’t a lot of extra noise and you can hear each other talking. You want to be able to concentrate on her, not everything else going on around you. Perhaps suggest a cup of coffee, or a picnic under a tree.

You should also ask her what time works best for her when making concrete plans. Chances are if it works in her schedule, you’ll make time in your schedule to go out on the date with her. It’s also important to note that you should avoid anything vague. For a first date, it’s good that both people know where they are going and what they are doing. It will make the whole experience more comfortable and more likely to continue on past a first date.

Now that you’ve set a date, time, and activity, let’s fast-forward to the date!

Step 5: Go on “The Date”

This is where you should be yourself, and chivalrous. Open the door for her and pay for her coffee or bring the food to the picnic. You want her to know that you want her to have a good time and not have to worry about anything.

Nerves are going to be present for at least part of the date for both parties. This is not a bad thing! It’s even okay to let her know that you’re nervous; because she’s probably nervous too. Once both of you realize that you can relax a little, you can enjoy each other more.

How to ask a girl to the movies

Step 6:

So now that you’ve made it through your first date, the next step would be to ask her out again if you find her to be second date material. Make sure she knows you had a good time and will be getting in touch with her about a second date if that is what you decide to do. Otherwise, just let her know you had a good time and leave it at that.

After having gone through the initial phase of meeting a girl, getting to know her and her interests, and asking her out on a date, the rest almost seems easy! Once you’ve gone through the process once, it will be easier the next time, and the next after that. Each time gives you a new experience where you’re able to learn and tweak your approach; until you finally find the one that works for you and land the girl of your dreams. Happy dating!

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01 /9 Things men want to know about breasts

There’s been a certain curious fixation around the subject and sight of breasts – small or large, fleshy or uptight, B or D, boobs always get attention. In fact, it’s a proven fact that looking at breasts every day can increase a man’s life span. The benefits of staring a pair every day for ten minutes is even compared to going to a gym. So, we asked men one thing they would like to ask women about their pair and here we list the eight most common replies we got.

Women, men need some enlightenment.

02 /9 How sensitive are they really?

How to ask a girl to the movies

HOW SENSITIVE ARE THEY REALLY? What does it feel like to be touched and caressed on your breasts?

03 /9 Is one bigger than the other?

How to ask a girl to the movies

IS ONE BIGGER THAN THE OTHER? Though in viewing them, there doesn’t seem to be a difference but we have heard that one is bigger in size than the other. Is it true?

04 /9 Do the nipples also grow in size along with the breasts?

How to ask a girl to the movies

DO THE NIPPLES ALSO GROW IN SIZE ALONG WITH THE BREASTS? We have heard that pregnancy makes a difference in the size of breasts and nipples but do the nipples grow even before that?

05 /9 Do bras really suffocate them?

How to ask a girl to the movies

DO BRAS REALLY SUFFOCATE THEM? We know of campaigns like ‘Free the Nipple’ but is it really that bad to wear bras?

06 /9 Do you like to play with your boobs?

How to ask a girl to the movies

DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH YOUR BOOBS? Sure, men love to play with them but do you also do that in your self-love sessions?

07 /9 Are they as scenic for you as they are for us?

How to ask a girl to the movies

ARE THEY AS SCENIC FOR YOU A THEY ARE FOR US? Because, they are so goddamn gorgeous. So, do you also find them as attractive?

08 /9 Are they more sensitive during certain times of the month?

How to ask a girl to the movies

ARE THEY MORE SENSITIVE DURING CERTAIN TIMES OF THE MONTH? A lot of women feel horny when they are PMSing or when they are ovulating. Do your breasts also become more sensitive?

09 /9 Don’t they feel like a big burden on your chest?

How to ask a girl to the movies

DON’T THEY FEEL LIKE A BIG BURDEN ON YOUR CHEST? Because we can’t imagine carrying two DDs on our chests all the time.

Helping good guys get the girl.

How to Ask a Girl for More Pictures: What if I like what a girl wrote in her profile and she sounds great. But her photos are of poor quality or don’t give a good indication of what she actually looks like in real life. Do you think it is possible to ask a girl for more pictures of her without sounding shallow or creepy – or do you think this would generally be perceived as offensive?

How to ask a girl to the movies

What if I like what a girl wrote in her profile and she sounds great. But her photos are of poor quality or don’t give a good indication of what she actually looks like in real life.

Do you think it is possible to ask a girl for more pictures of her without sounding shallow or creepy – or do you think this would generally be perceived as offensive?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your question, Derek! Yep, that is a frustrating experience and we’ve all been there!

If her pictures truly don’t show what she looks like, it is fair for you to ask for more.

However, if her photos do show what she looks like, but they’re of her wearing sunglasses or are cropped at her boobs but never showing the rest of her, this is a tough one. My main concern is that she knows what she is doing by deliberately choosing those photos. She may be hiding something. More on that later.

Your question is: will asking for more pics be perceived as offensive?

No, it might not be perceived as offensive, but she’s put you in a tough spot. It could be perceived as superficial. Of course, we all realize online dating is, inherently, superficial, so don’t worry too much about that; focus instead on asking respectfully for more pics.

1) Begin by starting a conversation!

It’s better to ask for more photos once you’ve been talking back and forth a bit, first. If you don’t want to be perceived as superficial, you have to first prove that you’re not – by being interested in learning more about her before you have a crystal clear, high resolution image of exactly what she looks like.

2) Wait a couple of solid message exchanges.

Get the conversation going first. Then wait 2 messages each — if each message is a paragraph of a couple lines or more — or 5 messages each if they’re quick, texting style messages.

3) Ask politely to see more pics!

After you’ve been talking back and forth and you both seem engaged in the conversation, say something like:

“Hey, I’m sure you probably have a good reason for not wanting it to be really obvious who you are from your pictures. But I’m starting to feel like I don’t know who I’m taking with! I’d love to put a face to this great conversation we’re having. Could you send a photo or two?”

You could make it clear that you’re not asking for naked pics here, but if your messages have been tame and respectful then she shouldn’t perceive your request as creepy. To be extra careful, though, you can always add:

“Nothing disrespectful implied…Above the shoulders is all I’m asking for!”

What if she doesn’t want to share more photos or does accuse you of being a creep for asking?

Red flag, unfortunately. She’s probably hiding something. If she accuses you of being a creep after you’ve been having a completely respectful and friendly conversation, I recommend you save yourself some time and end the communication.

Since her profile is a tiny bit sketchy from the start, be aware this is a possibility! But hopefully she’s just uncomfortable about coworkers or friends finding out she’s online dating, and she’ll be happy to send you photos privately.

Also, be aware that pictures can lie! If you’ve been on at least one first date with someone you met online, you’ve probably experienced this! That’s also why it’s a good strategy – if you’re talking with a girl and it’s going well – to suggest meeting as early as possible while still being polite. Then you’ll get to the “what she actually looks like in real life” part.

It’s also better to meet in person because then you can see if there’s chemistry!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to ask her for more photos, but you’ve been having a great conversation, consider skipping to the first date! Check out these articles for how to suggest meeting, how to prepare for an online dating first date, and what to talk about on a first date. Go get ‘em, tiger!!