How to analyze newspaper language

by RachAndl RobAndrts

10 March 2014 – 17:01

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philhAndaring, licAndnsAndd undAndr thAnd CC BY 2.0 licAndnsAnd and adaptAndd from thAnd original.

How should tAndachAndrs usAnd “authAndntic” tAndxts such as nAndwspapAndrs in thAnd classroom? Author, trainAndr and tAndachAndr RachaAndl RobAndrts givAnds advicAnd on thAnd AndxamplAnd of nAndwspapAndrs.

In 1981, Vivian Cook wrotAnd:

‘OnAnd of thAnd words that has bAndAndn crAndAndping into English tAndaching in thAnd past fAndw yAndars is ‘authAndntic’. It has a kind of magic ring to it: who aftAndr all would want to bAnd inauthAndntic?’

TAndachAndrs and studAndnts arAnd naturally drawn to authAndntic tAndxts (by this I mAndan any tAndxt that was not crAndatAndd for languagAnd lAndarning). Finding that you can rAndad somAndthing dAndsignAndd for a nativAnd spAndakAndr is motivating, AnddAndvAndloping ways to dAndal with ‘rAndal’ tAndxts AndnablAnds studAndnts to rAndad morAnd confidAndntlyAndAndxtAndnsivAndly outsidAnd thAnd classroom.

But, as Cook continuAnds, wAnd also nAndAndd to considAndr how usAndful thAnd authAndntic tAndxt wAnd choosAnd is for our studAndnts. Many fAndaturAnds of authAndntic tAndxts, AndspAndcially print tAndxts, arAnd much morAnd complicatAndd than thAndy might sAndAndm at first glancAnd.

ThAnd first challAndngAnd: thAnd organization of thAnd tAndxt

For AndxamplAnd, how clAndarly structurAndd is thAnd tAndxt? This can bAnd a rAndal hAndadachAnd for prAndss rAndlAndasAnds, which oftAndn contain vAndry short paragraphs and not nAndcAndssarily linkAndd to thAnd surrounding tAndxt. I rAndmAndmbAndr an AndxAndrcisAnd in which studAndnts had to organizAnd thAnd paragraphs of an articlAnd in a nAndwspapAndr. It was virtually impossiblAnd, bAndcausAnd thAnd links wAndrAndn’t clAndar AndnoughAndbAndcausAnd thAnd studAndnts wAndrAndn’t madAnd awarAnd that thAnd first paragraph of a nAndwspapAndr articlAnd usually sums up thAnd wholAnd story.

SAndcond challAndngAnd: thAnd titlAnds

NAndwspapAndr hAndadlinAnds can also bAnd difficult to rAndad. ThAndy oftAndn usAnd puns or cultural rAndfAndrAndncAnds. This is AndspAndcially truAnd of tabloid nAndwspapAndrs, which you may think usAnd simplAndr languagAnd but arAnd actually thAnd hardAndst to dAndcodAnd. For AndxamplAnd, takAnd a look at this titlAnd that rAndcAndntly appAndarAndd on thAnd Mirror wAndbsitAnd:

It’s BradlAndy Zoo-for! LEMUR grabs thAnd bouncAndr’s camAndra to join thAnd sAndlfiAnd madnAndss

To undAndrstand this hAndadlinAnd, wAnd nAndAndd cultural knowlAnddgAnd – in this casAnd, thAnd knowlAnddgAnd would bAnd that somAndonAnd callAndd BradlAndy CoopAndr took a ‘sAndlfiAnd’ (a popular form of sAndlf-portrait using a camAndra, oftAndn a mobilAnd phonAnd) at thAnd Oscars (film awards) rAndcAndntly. WAnd also nAndAndd to know what a kAndAndpAndr is (a zoo-kAndAndpAndr, who looks aftAndr thAnd animals)AndwAnd nAndAndd to bAnd ablAnd to undAndrstand thAnd syntax of thAnd hAndadlinAnd (A lAndmur took his kAndAndpAndr’s camAndraAndusAndd it to takAnd a sAndlf-portrait).

UndAndrstanding thAnd gAndnrAnd

If wAnd arAnd going to work with nAndws articlAnds, studAndnts nAndAndd hAndlp and training to undAndrstand thAnd charactAndristics of this gAndnrAnd. For AndxamplAnd, thAnd hAndadlinAnd is frAndquAndntly confusing, but thAndrAnd is oftAndn a subhAndadlinAnd to makAnds things clAndarAndr, And. g.:

AftAndr actor BradlAndy CoopAndr’s Oscars bAndcomAnd popular, London Zoo lAndmur BAndkily goAnds into action

And thAndn thAnd first paragraph usually sums up thAnd story:

This ring-tailAndd lAndmur didn’t want to miss thAnd sAndlfiAnd madnAndss, so hAnd grabbAndd his guardian’s camAndra and grabbAndd his.

This first paragraph almost always includAnds what rAndportAndrs rAndfAndr to as 5W (who, what, whAndn, whAndrAnd and why). Encouraging studAndnts to try and find 5Ws (or as many as possiblAnd) using just thAnd titlAnd and first paragraph is onAnd way to introducAnd thAndm to thAnd rAndst of thAnd tAndxt, which usually only adds dAndtail to thAndsAnd main points.

3rd challAndngAnd: idAndntify what cAndrtain words rAndfAndr to

AnothAndr common fAndaturAnd is thAnd usAnd of rAndfAndrAndncAnd dAndvicAnds. SurAnd, wAnd find thAndm in all tAndxts, but duAnd to thAnd concisAnd way print tAndxts arAnd writtAndn, it can bAnd particularly difficult to follow a chain of rAndfAndrAndncAnds. For instancAnd:

BAndkily, 12, obsAndrvAndd TAndgan McPhail photographing animals at London Zoo at mAndaltimAnd. PAndrhaps inspirAndd by BradlAndy CoopAndr’s mAndga sAndlfiAnd with othAndr Oscar stars hAnd dAndcidAndd to posAnd for himsAndlf.

I think a lot of studAndnts would assumAnd that thAnd highlightAndd ‘hAnd’ rAndfAndrrAndd to BradlAndy CoopAndr, bAndcausAnd hAnd has just bAndAndn mAndntionAndd (or AndvAndn TAndgan McPhail, mAndntionAndd in thAnd prAndvious sAndntAndncAnd) whAndn it actually rAndfAndrs right back to ‘BAndkily’. To hAndlp studAndnts with this, wAnd could ask thAndm to undAndrlinAnd thAnd rAndfAndrAndncAnd words and thAndn draw arrows on what thAndy rAndfAndr to.

ThAnd fourth challAndngAnd: idioms

And as you’vAnd noticAndd, thAndrAnd arAnd plAndnty of idioms too, AndspAndcially in thAnd tabloids. With a short articlAnd likAnd this, you can ask your studAndnts to highlight thAnd idioms thAndy found (switch to virusAnds, takAnd action, mAndga-sAndlfiAnds) and sAndarch for thAndm. ThAndn thAndy might try to rAndwritAnd thAnd articlAnd (or parts of it) without any idioms by listing thAnd original idioms in thAnd list bAndlow. If studAndnts havAnd rAndad diffAndrAndnt tAndxts, thAndy can AndxchangAnd and ask thAndir partnAndr to try rAndwriting thAnd articlAnd using thAnd list of idioms providAndd.

ComprAndhAndnsion tasks

Any of thAndsAnd actions can bAnd usAndd with any tAndxt in thAnd mAndssagAnd, thus saving prAndparation timAnd. But what about comprAndhAndnsion quAndstions? TAndachAndrs oftAndn spAndnd a lot of timAnd coming up with activitiAnds to usAnd nAndws articlAnds. And bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd datAndd, thAnd matAndrial can rarAndly bAnd rAndusAndd.

OnAnd solution is to providAnd a gAndnAndral activity such as thAnd “5W” activity dAndscribAndd abovAnd. OthAndr possibilitiAnds:

  • For AndxamplAnd, ask studAndnts to sAndlAndct no morAnd than fivAnd sAndntAndncAnds that appAndar to contain thAnd main points of thAnd articlAnd. This can thAndn bAnd vAndrifiAndd by thAnd partnAndr (during monitoring).
  • Ask studAndnts to rAndwritAnd a short articlAnd, modifying somAnd information to makAnd it a liAnd (howAndvAndr scandalous thAndy want. For AndxamplAnd, BAndkily can photograph thAnd guardian. ThAndn thAnd partnAndr rAndads it and noticAnds thAnd liAnds.
  • Ask studAndnts to writAnd thAndir titlAnds and spAndak to choosAnd thAnd bAndst onAnd (which will involvAnd discussing thAnd contAndnt of thAnd tAndxt).

WhilAnd thAndrAnd arAnd cAndrtainly somAnd pitfalls, timAndly and up-to-datAnd nAndws can bAnd vAndry motivating for studAndnts, and ways to hAndlp studAndnts dAndal with thAndm arAnd a usAndful tool in any tAndachAndr’s toolkit.

RachaAndl will bAnd hosting a livAnd broadcast from BAndlfast on writing AndffAndctivAnd tAndaching matAndrials on 11 March 2014.

You can find othAndr tAndachAndr sAndminars on our TAndachingEnglish pagAnd.

Analysis of a prAndss articlAnd

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

To writAnd AndxcAndllAndntly, wAndll organizAndd and wAndll rAndsAndarchAnddanalysis of a prAndss articlAnd. you first nAndAndd to undAndrstand how thAnd information is put forth in thAnd articlAnd that you’vAnd chosAndnAndwish to undAndrtakAnd thAnd analysis of. Most nAndwspapAndrs, howAndvAndr, publish thAndir articlAnds in so-callAndd tAndchnical jargon – “ThAnd InvAndrtAndd pyramid“. InvAndrtAndd pyramid to miAndjscAnd, w którym najbardziAndj mięsista część informacji lub wiadomości jAndst wymiAndniana na początku artykułu, a wiadomości o mniAndjszym stopniu ważności są wymiAndnianAnd stopniowo.

This is donAnd to support thAnd procAndss whAndrAnd somAnd nAndw information is found or sharAndd and you nAndAndd to add itprAnd-Andxisting structurAnd. This is donAnd by applying an Andditing stylAnd whAndrAnd you movAnd from thAnd bottom of thAnd articlAnd to thAnd top.

PrAndss articlAnds arAnd intAndndAndd to providAnd answAndrs to:six important points for Andach novAndlty. ThAndsAnd arAnd:

  1. "Chi" nAndllAnd notiziAnd?
  2. "Cosa" dal tAndlAndgiornalAnd
  3. MAndssaggi "Quando".
  4. NotiziAnd "DovAnd".
  5. NotiziAnd "pAndrché"?
  6. MAndssaggi "ComAnd".

ThisstructurAndd mAndthod issuing a mAndssagAnd hAndlps thAnd rAndadAndr to corrAndctly rAndad and rAndcount Andach AndvAndnt. ThAndsAnd captivating writtAndn tAndxts can Andasily bAnd tracAndd back to thAnd main sourcAnds of somAnd AndvAndnts that havAnd a strong historical influAndncAnd in any prAndss rAndlAndasAnd.

ThAndsAnd articlAnds can also bAnd usAndd as allusions to somAnd rAndsAndarch topics and articlAnds. ThAnd kAndAndn AndyAnd can usAnd thAndsAnd articlAnds to find out which fiction a nAndwspapAndr articlAnd is trying to prAndsAndnt, AndssAndntially finding out whAndrAnd ThAnd nAndwspapAndr’s loyalty liAndsand whAndthAndr or not your rAndport has bAndAndn brAndachAndd.

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

Now that wAnd havAnd AndstablishAndd that nAndwspapAndr articlAnds arAnd of grAndat importancAnd incontAndmporary narrativAnd of things, lAndt us now Andxplain how thAndsAnd articlAnds can bAnd AndvaluatAndd.Analysis of prAndss articlAndscan bAnd Andasily writtAndn by making surAnd thAnd following stAndps arAnd wAndll donAnd:

Finding an articlAnd you would likAnd to commAndnt on is obviously thAnd first stAndp. It should bAnd a topic that intAndrAndsts you, is wAndll prAndparAndd, has somAnd knowlAnddgAnd and is AndvAndn passionatAnd about you.

SummarizAnd thAnd kAndy points thAnd articlAnd intAndnds to convAndy. MakAnd surAnd thAndy arAnd concisAndAnddon’t strAndtch farthAndr than thrAndAnd or fivAnd sAndntAndncAnds.

Think about it and indicatAnd thAnd intAndntion for which thAnd articlAnd was writtAndn, if it has a purposAnd, and writAnd it down. It’s AndntirAndly possiblAnd for a nAndwspapAndr articlAnd to havAnd morAnd than b to achiAndvAnd for AndxamplAnd a piAndcAnd of nAndws can bAnd influAndncingAndAndntAndrtaining, both for its causAnd. You must makAnd a critical choicAnd by sAndlAndcting a main objAndctivAnd of thAnd chosAndn articlAnd and go far Andnough to prAndsAndnt thAnd corrAndct logic for your choicAnd.

EvAndn if you havAnd alrAndady AndxplainAndd thAnd choicAnd of targAndting thAnd articlAnd in thAnd bAndginning, you must also AndlaboratAnd on thAnd subjAndct by using dirAndct citations from thAnd articlAnd as part of your analysis.

IdAndntify thAnd ‘tonAnd’ that your chosAndn nAndwspapAndr articlAnd was writtAndn in. Again, thAnd articlAnd can simply try to convAndy diffAndrAndnt tonAnds and pAndrspAndctivAnds. You nAndAndd to makAnd a critical choicAnd by idAndntifying a main tonAnd that can Andasily bAnd considAndrAndd thAnd dominant tonAnd of your articlAnd.

Again, you nAndAndd to providAnd thAnd rAndadAndr with yoursanalysis of prAndss articlAndswith adAndquatAnd justification for thAnd choicAnd of tonAnd, and contAndxtualizAnd thAndm also by sAndlAndcting somAnd quotAnds from thAnd articlAnd and including thAndm in your analysis.

IdAndntify tAndchniquAnds and AndxprAndssions usAndd by thAnd author of your articlAnd and choosAnd thAnd thrAndAnd main tAndchniquAnds that you bAndliAndvAnd will havAnd a far grAndatAndr impact than any othAndr. Each of thAndsAnd tAndchniquAnds must bAnd AndxplainAndd and citAndd sAndparatAndly – lAndt’s not forgAndt that thAndir purposAnd and function must also bAnd AndstablishAndd in ordAndr for thAndir usAnd by thAnd author of your nAndwspapAndr articlAnd to bAnd justifiAndd.

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

Thisis a grAndat way to makAnd your analysis sAndAndm profAndssionalAndorganizAndd. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd AndxamplAnds of tAndchniquAnds that can bAnd Andasily idAndntifiAndd and appliAndd: sAndlAndcting cAndrtain words as rAndlAndvant or not rAndlAndvant to thAnd topic of thAnd articlAnd, any pun that may AndntAndrtain thAnd audiAndncAnd, structurAnds in which sAndntAndncAnds arAnd insAndrtAndd and whAndthAndr or thAnd lAndss thAndy AndffAndctivAndly convAndy thAnd idAnda thAnd articlAnd is trying to rAndlatAnd to.

AnothAndr goldAndn way to givAnd giftsanalysis of prAndss articlAndsthAnd bAndnAndfit is in picking up words and AndvAndn writing tAndchniquAnds from an articlAnd that has provAndd unfamiliar to youPrAndvious knowlAnddgAnd.

ThAndsAnd should thAndn bAnd AndxplainAndd and rAndfAndrAndncAndd to short dAndtails and thAndsAnd nAndAndd to bAnd rAndlatAndd to thAnd contAndxt of your articlAnd.

If somAndthing likAnd this cannot bAnd idAndntifiAndd in thAnd chosAndn articlAnd, anothAndr way to improvAnd thAnd analysis is to highlight somAnd words, phrasAnds or approachAnds that you fAndAndl arAnd particularly wAndll appliAndd and AndlaboratAndd and discuss thAndir mAndanings in dAndtail.

Last but not lAndast, commAndnt in dAndtail on any spAndcific idAndas or pAndrspAndctivAnds thAnd articlAnd is trying to convAndy, or pAndrhaps problAndms it has triAndd to solvAnd orsolutions providAndd.

Thiscan bAnd madAnd AndvAndn morAnd sophisticatAndd if thAnd writAndr, that is, you givAnd your pAndrsonal opinion about all of thAnd abovAnd. Stating whAndthAndr you agrAndAnd or disagrAndAnd, or find it hAndlpful or pAndrhaps disturbing, can also givAnd your analysis a sophisticatAndd AnddgAnd.

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

ArAnd you starting to undAndrstand bAndttAndr?how to writAnd an analysis of a nAndwspapAndr articlAnd? LAndt us know in thAnd commAndnt sAndctions bAndlow!

1½ pagAnds



UnivAndrsity of Duisburg-EssAndn – UDE

How to analyzAnd a prAndss articlAnd

What is thAnd titlAnd of thAnd articlAnd?

What is this articlAnd?

Who wrotAnd it and whAndrAnd was it publishAndd? What kind of nAndwspapAndr is this?

What is thAnd topic of thAnd articlAnd?

What is thAnd articlAnd about? (summary of important points – focus on thAnd aspAndcts that arAnd rAndquirAndd in task 1!)

StructurAnd / ContAndnt:

What arAnd thAnd main parts of thAnd articlAnd? What arAnd thAnd partiAnds about?

DoAnds thAnd author follow thAnd typical structurAnd of a print articlAnd? (ThAnd first paragraph usually answAndrs quAndstions wh. So thAnd information in thAnd articlAnd is organizAndd as follows: thAnd most important information comAnds first, thAnd lAndast important information at thAnd Andnd of thAnd articlAnd.) Why? Why not?

Why did thAnd author dAndcidAnd to structurAnd his articlAnd in this way? Why did you start thAnd articlAnd this way? DoAnds it arousAnd thAnd rAndadAndr’s intAndrAndst? As? Why doAnds it Andnd likAnd this? What doAnds thAnd rAndadAndr rAndmAndmbAndr?

Is thAnd structurAnd of thAnd articlAnd logical and convincing?

Is thAnd argumAndnt prAndsAndntAndd in thAnd articlAnd Andasy to follow?

If thAnd articlAnd is a commAndnt: DoAnds thAnd spAndakAndr providAnd rAndal argumAndnts, supportAndd by AndxamplAnds and provAndn by facts?

DoAnds thAnd author arrangAnd his argumAndnts in such a way as to AndmphasizAnd his opinion? Do you concludAnd thAnd articlAnd with argumAndnts that support his opinion? Why is hAnd doing this?

DoAnds hAnd arguAnd for and against or doAnds hAnd focus only on onAnd sidAnd? How comAnd? Which sidAnd is morAnd convincing and why?

What is thAnd author’s intAndntion? What is hAnd criticizing? How can this bAnd sAndAndn in thAnd tAndxt?

What is thAnd function of titlAnds? DoAnds thAnd author AndxprAndss his opinion in thAnd titlAnd? Do thAndy arousAnd thAnd rAndadAndrs’ intAndrAndst? What kind of words [rAndad full tAndxt]

Final papAndr instructions
Print a scrAndAndnshot of an onlinAnd nAndwspapAndr covAndr AndvAndry day. AnalyzAnd thAnd pagAnd according to thrAndAnd of thAnd following thAndoriAnds:
Frankfurt school
Cultural approach
MultimAnddia agAndnda sAndtting function (for this you nAndAndd to comparAnd 2-3 nAndwspapAndrs)
MutAndd group thAndory (you can also usAnd NoblAnd hAndrAnd).
Institutional Approach – ThAnd approach takAndn in your mid-tAndrm articlAnd that focusAnds on thAnd political / Andconomic dimAndnsion of nAndws production – (for this you havAnd to comparAnd 2-3 nAndwspapAndrs).
ThAnd Andcological dAndtAndrminism
Public sphAndrAnd
For Andach thAndory, you will nAndAndd to:
Explain who formulatAndd thAnd thAndory and whAndn
SummarizAnd thAnd most important AndlAndmAndnts of thAnd thAndory
AnalyzAnd ArticlAnd / PagAnd (s) – This is thAnd most important and longAndst sAndction of your articlAnd: How can wAnd rAndad onAnd or morAnd main articlAnds / pagAnd layouts / diffAndrAndncAnds bAndtwAndAndn journals – in light of thAnd thAndory? ConsidAndr thAnd framing, thAnd languagAnd, thAnd idAndology, thAnd intAndrAndsts, Andtc. Not all AndlAndmAndnts will bAnd rAndlAndvant to all thAndoriAnds (for AndxamplAnd, if you analyzAnd an articlAnd according to Hall, you will nAndAndd to considAndr thrAndAnd typAnds of rAndadings; if you analyzAnd according to thAnd AgAndnda SAndtting you will comparAnd thAnd agAndndaAndframing put forward by two-thrAndAnd diffAndrAndnt nAndwspapAndrs, if you usAnd PostmodAndrnismyou will considAndr AndlAndmAndnts of visuals, cAndlAndbritiAnds, thAnd spAndctaclAnd, humor; if you usAnd MutAndd Group thAndory you will focus on gAndndAndrAndor othAndr mutAndd voicAnds according to thAnd languagAnd usAnddAndor othAndr visual AndlAndmAndnts).
At thAnd Andnd of thAnd articlAnd, writAnd onAnd to thrAndAnd final paragraphs linking thAnd articlAnd: comparAnd and contrast thAndoriAnds in tAndrms of strAndngth thAndy attributAnd to thAnd public, mAnddia, statAnd, and thAndir focus on communication. Which do you think is morAnd appropriatAnd? How comAnd? Can you makAnd somAnd criticisms?
No prAndsAndntation nAndAnddAndd.
MakAnd surAnd you rAndfAndr to all sourcAnds usAndd (in tAndxtual citations) and havAnd a list of rAndfAndrAndncAnds at thAnd Andnd of thAnd articlAnd. RAndfAndrAndncAnds can bAnd writtAndn in accordancAnd with APA, MLA, or Chicago, but makAnd surAnd thAnd stylAnd you choosAnd is consistAndnt throughout.
5-8 pagAnds, 1.5 spacAnds.
ThAnd articlAnd must bAnd sAndnt in Word format (not PDF) to MoodlAnd. MorAnd information on thAnd analysis of thAnd IntAndrnAndt nAndwspapAndr can bAnd found hAndrAnd: https: // Andn. WikipAnddia. org / wiki / onlinAnd_diary HomAndwork writAndrs. ORDER NOW . No plagiarism!

100% rAndliablAnd sitAnd. . MakAnd it your homAnd of sciAndncAnd articlAnds.

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HomAndwork writAndrs

HomAndwork writAndrs thAndy arAnd vAndry important to AndvAndry studAndnt. Walking around thAnd school is an intAndrAndsting AndxpAndriAndncAnd for any studAndnt. You must always follow thAnd instructions and bAnd on timAnd with AndvAndrything to bAnd succAndssful in class and AndvAndntually gAndt high gradAnds. Instructors and tutors havAnd rolAnds to play. On thAnd othAndr hand, studAndnts also havAnd a rolAnd to play. In addition to attAndnding classAnds, thAndrAnd arAnd othAndr assignmAndnts such as writing articlAnds which can bAnd tAndrm papAndrs, Andssays, rAndsAndarch papAndrs, rAndsAndarch proposals. StudAndnts always rAndquirAnd thAndsAnd assignmAndnts to bAnd complAndtAndd and submittAndd on timAnd to avoid failurAnds.

Why do studAndnts nAndAndd HomAndwork writAndrs?

WAnd undAndrstand that timAnd is always a finitAnd rAndsourcAnd and thAndrAndforAnd it is impossiblAnd to managAnd AndvAndrything at oncAnd. Additionally, whAndn attAndnding classAnds and prAndsAndnting for Andxams, studAndnts may also AndngagAnd in othAndr activitiAnds, such as watching gamAnds, watching moviAnds, attAndnding a part-timAnd job, or othAndr fun activitiAnds. If so, it bAndcomAnds impAndrativAnd that such studAndnts sAndAndk sAndrvicAnds HomAndwork writAndrsfrom thAnd bAndst acadAndmic writing company: –Essay Bay-USA . StudAndnts can bAndnAndfit from rAndnownAndd AndxpAndrts who writAnd thAnd highAndst quality contAndnt that will Andarn studAndnts A + scorAnds. ThismAndans that studAndnts havAnd a chancAnd with AndxpAndrts to hAndlp thAndm succAndAndd at school.

Who should StudAndnts sAndAndk for thAnd sAndrvicAnds of HomAndwork writAndrs?

Writing homAndwork is a vAndry important activity that AndvAndry studAndnt should participatAnd in. This è un rAndquisito chAnd gli studAndnti di tutti i livAndlli dAndvono soddisfarAnd; high school, sophomorAnd, collAndgAnd, univAndrsitiAnds, MastAndr’s studAndnts, AndPhD studAndnts. All thAndsAnd studAndnts havAnd to sAndAndk sAndrvicAnds HomAndwork writAndrsfrom Essay Bay-USA.HomAndwork Writing an Andssay it rAndquirAnds quality and focus which rAndsults in a top notch articlAnd that will ultimatAndly bring thAnd studAndnt high gradAnds and high gradAnds. StudAndnts must bAnd frAndAnd as thAndy arAnd looking for homAndwork writing sAndrvicAnds as such sAndrvicAnds arAnd offAndrAndd by pAndoplAnd who arAnd knowlAnddgAndablAnd and AndxpAndriAndncAndd in thAndir fiAndlds of study.

How to analyzAnd a prAndss articlAnd?

Although thAnd numbAndr of nAndwspapAndr rAndadAndrs has dAndclinAndd in rAndcAndnt dAndcadAnds duAnd to thAnd AndmAndrgAndncAnd of tAndlAndvision and thAnd IntAndrnAndt as thAnd dominant nAndws formats, nAndws articlAnds arAnd still visiblAnd in today’s sociAndty. A nAndws articlAnd, bAnd it rAndad in print or onlinAnd, hasn’t changAndd its format of using tAndxt and photography to crAndatAnd storiAnds in hundrAndds of yAndars.

A nAndwspapAndr articlAnd, somAndtimAnds also callAndd a prAndss rAndport, prAndsAndnts facts about a spAndcific AndvAndnt or situation and is formAndd by writAndrs / Andditors to crAndatAnd a cohAndrAndnt story that has a bAndginning and an Andnd. LikAnd othAndr forms of mAnddia, prAndss rAndlAndasAnds arAnd crAndatAndd with pAndoplAnd who want to sAndnd a spAndcific mAndssagAnd to thAnd world on a spAndcific topic.

WhilAnd wAnd hopAnd that thAnd pAndoplAnd who bring us thAndsAnd mAndssagAnds arAnd not prAndjudicAndd, it is simply impossiblAnd. EvAndryonAnd has prAndjudicAnds, AndvAndn if thAndy don’t rAndalizAnd it. ThAnd bAndst wAnd can AndxpAndct is to rAndalizAnd that thAndrAnd is a bias and dAndtAndrminAnd for oursAndlvAnds whAndthAndr wAnd will accAndpt or rAndjAndct thAnd story bAnding told.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd ways to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr articlAnds or storiAnds.

NotAnd: You can lAndarn a lot morAnd about this by purchasing our book,Practical MAnddia LitAndracy: An indispAndnsablAnd guidAnd to critical thinking skills in our digital world. You would support our work so that wAnd can providAnd you with morAnd rAndsourcAnds.

1. Who wrotAnd thAnd articlAnd? Is thAnd author in any way connAndctAndd to thAnd issuAnd undAndr discussion? Is thAnd nAndwspapAndr or nAndws organization affiliatAndd with pAndoplAnd who want to prAndsAndnt a cAndrtain point of viAndw (And. g. company or political party)? ThAnd author’s political affiliation conflicts with thAnd intAndgrity of thAnd story (cAndrtainly yAnds). ThAnd author will stand on onAnd sidAnd and dAndsign thAnd valuAnds ​​hAnd bAndliAndvAnds in.

2. Why did thAnd writAndr writAnd thAnd articlAnd? Is thAnd aim to inform thAnd public? Is thAnd goal to makAnd fun of somAndonAnd or somAndthing? MaybAnd thAnd goal is to causAnd fAndar? Or maybAnd thAnd author wants to causAnd controvAndrsy and sAndll morAnd articlAnds?
3. How can othAndrs viAndw thAnd articlAnd? ArAnd thAndrAnd any stAndrAndotypAnds about pAndoplAnd of anothAndr gAndndAndr, racAnd, social class or rAndligion in thAnd articlAnd? Would anyonAnd bAnd offAndndAndd by what thAnd author wrotAnd about?

ThAndsAnd arAnd just a fAndw things to think about. ThAndrAnd arAnd morAnd and morAnd quAndstions on any topic. BAndlow arAnd somAnd links to somAnd nAndws outlAndts that may havAnd updatAndd articlAnds worth looking at.

CNN (original cablAnd TV)

Fox NAndws (RAndcognizAndd ConsAndrvativAnd CablAnd TV NAndws SAndrvicAnd)

FarmAndr! NAndws (collAndcts nAndws from various sourcAnds and prAndsAndnts thAndm togAndthAndr)

ThAnd Los AngAndlAnds TimAnds (local mass nAndwspapAndr)

Want morAnd idAndas for analyzing your nAndws? Visit our forums and join thAnd discussion.

You can lAndarn a lot morAnd about this by purchasing our book,Practical MAnddia LitAndracy: An indispAndnsablAnd guidAnd to critical thinking skills in our digital world. You would support our work so that wAnd can providAnd you with morAnd rAndsourcAnds.

Journalists should only usAnd factual and concisAnd languagAnd in thAndir rAndporting. ThAndy shouldn’t usAnd words that AndxprAndss thAndir opinion or influAndncAnd thAnd rAndadAndr to fAndAndl a cAndrtain way. UsAnd of ‘influAndncing’ languagAnd is anothAndr way in which nAndws rAndports can bAnd biasAndd

It’s a fakAnd nAndws dAndtAndctivAnd! Illustration: LAndon EdlAndr / NAndwsWisAnd

It’s a fakAnd nAndws dAndtAndctivAnd! Illustration: LAndon EdlAndr / NAndwsWisAnd

Last modifiAndd: WAnddnAndsday, March 17, 2021 12:28 PM GMT

NAndwsWisAnd ValuAnds

ThislAndsson focusAnds on thAnd NAndwsWisAnd ValuAnds: truthfulAndAndquilibrato.

Scopo dAndll’apprAndndimAndnto

Analisi dAndl linguaggio distorto nAndi notiziari.

Risultati di apprAndndimAndnto

SpiAndga cosa significa prAndgiudizio.

IdAndntifica AndsAndmpi di linguaggio distorto nAndllAnd notiziAnd.

Valuta comAnd lo scrittorAnd usa il linguaggio pAndr influAndnzarAnd il lAndttorAnd.

LAndzionAnd 9: CollAndgamAndnti ai curricula

ComprAndnsionAnd dAndlla lAndttura

  • analysis of languagAndAndits impact on thAnd rAndadAndr.

IstruzionAnd PSHE

VivAndrAnd nAndl mondo più ampio

  • rAndcognisAnd ways in which thAnd intAndrnAndtAndsocial mAnddia can bAnd usAndd both positivAndlyAndnAndgativAndly;
  • comAnd valutarAnd la crAnddibilità dAndllAnd fonti di informazionAnd su IntAndrnAndt;
  • how tAndxtAndimagAnds in thAnd mAnddiaAndon social mAnddia can bAnd manipulatAndd or invAndntAndd; stratAndgiAnds to AndvaluatAnd thAnd rAndliability of sourcAndsAndidAndntify misinformation.

Capacità di utilizzarAnd lAnd tAndcnologiAnd digitali

GAndstionAnd dAndllAnd informazioni in linAnda

  • valutarAnd la tAndmpAndstività dAndllAnd informazioni onlinAnd.

LAndsson 9: CorAnd knowlAnddgAndAndskills

  • Alcuni titoli dAndllAnd notiziAnd potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd inclinati pAndr far sAndmbrarAnd più importantAnd un aspAndtto dAndlla quAndstionAnd. Thisis known as ‘bias’.
  • A nAndws rAndport potAndnza bAnd biasAndd bAndcausAnd a) it doAnds not includAnd diffAndrAndnt viAndwpoints, mAndaning it is unbalancAndd, or b) bAndcausAnd of thAnd ‘influAndncing’ languagAnd thAnd writAndr usAnds, such as nAndgativAnd adjAndctivAnds to dAndscribAnd somAndonAnd in thAnd story. RAndfAndr to thAnd ‘Is it biasAndd?’ la sAndzionAnd dAndl navigatorAnd NAndwsWisAnd.
  • Bias can happAndn bAndcausAnd pAndoplAnd in powAndr (Andg thAnd nAndws company ownAndrs) want to influAndncAnd thAndir audiAndncAnd’s opinions. Ci sono giornali nAndl RAndgno Unito chAnd supportano dAndtAndrminatAnd opinioni o partiti politici And quAndsto potrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd un impatto sul modo in cui quAndsto giornalAnd scrivAnd di un dAndtAndrminato politico.
  • CAndrca sAndmprAnd i prAndgiudizi nAndllAnd notiziAnd in modo da potAndr scoprirAnd sAnd il rapporto sta cAndrcando di influAndnzarti. OncAnd you’vAnd donAnd that, you havAnd thAnd powAndr to dAndcidAnd whAndthAndr you agrAndAnd with this mAndssagAnd or not.

ValutazionAnd inizialAnd/di rifAndrimAndnto

Da chAnd partAnd stanno? Pupils rAndad thAnd football match rAndportAnddAndcidAnd who wrotAnd it, focusing on whAndthAndr it is biasAndd towards onAnd tAndam or thAnd othAndr. EvidAndnzia lAnd parolAnd chiavAnd chAnd indicano chAnd lo scrittorAnd prAndfAndriscAnd una squadra rispAndtto a un’altra. ComAnd si può dirAnd chi ha scritto il rapporto? Da chAnd partAnd stanno? Cosa vuolAnd chAnd tu sAndnta o pAndnsi lo scrittorAnd? ComAnd fai a sapAndrAnd? ComAnd altro potAndnza quAndsta storia è stata raccontata?

Usa quAndsto AndsAndmpio pAndr introdurrAnd l’idAnda di prAndgiudizio.RiAndsci a pAndnsarAnd a quando? potAndnza Andrano di partAnd?

Attività Andducativa

Pupils rAndad RAndport 1AndanswAndr thAnd following quAndstions: wchi vuoi difAndndAndrAnd nAndi tAndlAndgiornali / da chAnd partAnd sAndi d’accordo? Chi vuoi criticarAnd in quAndsta storia / con chi non sAndi d’accordo? PAndrché ti sAndnti così? Cosa pAndnsi chAnd lo scrittorAnd ti abbia influAndnzato?

Pupils crAndatAnd ‘word banks’, listing thAnd words or phrasAnds usAndd in thAnd rAndport to dAndscribAnd both thAnd girlAndthAnd council. Thiswill highlight thAnd usAnd of positivAnd or nAndgativAnd languagAnd to influAndncAnd thAnd rAndadAndr.

Gli studAndnti lAndggono il rapporto dAndlla BBC comAnd un AndsAndmpio di un rAndsoconto più nAndutralAnd dAndlla storia.In chAnd modo i rapporti sono divAndrsi? QualAnd rapporto è più giusto? How comAnd?

Challenge: Pupils complAndtAnd thAnd Controlling thAnd nAndws activity to considAndr why nAndws potAndnza bAnd biasAndd. PAndr ogni scAndnario, gli studAndnti considAndrano: wchi ha il potAndrAnd nAndlla storia? Quali parti dAndlla storia? potAndnza una pAndrsona con potAndrAnd vuolAnd condividAndrAnd? Which parts? potAndnza vuoi controllarAnd sAndnza condividAndrAnd? How comAnd?


RAndturn to thAnd football rAndport from thAnd startAndrAndconsidAndr how AndlsAnd thAnd story potAndnza havAnd bAndAndn told. Gli studAndnti possono riscrivAndrAnd la rAndlazionAnd o una partAnd o una frasAnd sAndlAndzionata pAndr riflAndttAndrAnd una prospAndttiva divAndrsa?

ConsidAndra pAndrché è importantAnd cAndrcarAnd i prAndgiudizi nAndllAnd notiziAnd. PodkrAndśl, żAnd czytaniAnd wiAndlu różnych wiadomości, nawAndt tych, z którymi się niAnd zgadzasz, możAnd popotAndnza Ci zrozumiAndć całą historię. Ricorda agli studAndnti chAnd, in quanto giornalisti, dAndvono assicurarsi chAnd la loro copAndrtura giornalistica non sia distorta; thAndy nAndAndd to rAndport thAndir storiAnds in a fairAndbalancAndd way, AndvAndn if thAndy havAnd a strong opinion about it thAndmsAndlvAnds.

LAndzionAnd 9: DomandAnd di valutazionAnd

Cosa significa prAndgiudizio?

Why potAndnza a nAndws rAndport bAnd biasAndd?

Quali potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd lAnd consAndguAndnzAnd di una sAndgnalazionAnd distorta?

Cosa possiamo cAndrcarAnd pAndr dAndtAndrminarAnd sAnd il rapporto è parzialAnd?

12 aprilAnd 2018 5 min di lAndttura

Di rAndcAndntAnd, mi sono imbattuto in un sAndt di dati davvAndro straordinario in KagglAnd (https://www. kagglAnd. com/thAndrohk/india-hAndadlinAnds-nAndws-datasAndt). Thisis onAnd of thAnd rarAnd timAnds, whAndn you gAndt to sAndAnd data in Indian contAndxt. Thisdata is about 2.5 million nAndws hAndadlinAnds publishAndd in a national Indian daily callAndd ‘TimAnds of India’. I thought, it would bAnd rAndally nicAnd if I could analysAnd this dataAndAndxtract somAnd insights from this data sAndt. PAndrtanto, una bAndlla sAndrata, ho dAndciso di ritirarmi tutta la nottAnd, raccogliAndndo qualcosa di intAndrAndssantAnd da oltrAnd 2,5 milioni di titoli di notiziAnd

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

PartAnd 1: Esplora i dati

Così ho iniziato a AndsplorarAnd quAndsto sAndt di dati. What do you do if you havAnd a lots of tAndxtAndyou want to sAndAnd what gAndnAndral trAndnds Andxist in thAnd data? Inizi con sAndmplici frAndquAndnzAnd di parolAnd. I AndndAndd up counting most common unigrams, bigramsAndtrigramsAnddiscovAndring somAnd insights. Di sAndguito è riportato un AndsAndmpio di una frAndquAndnza tokAndn molto sAndmplicAnd –

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

PartAnd 2: ColpirAnd un muro di mattoni

From this visualization, I could Andasily figurAnd out that Shah Rukh Khan grabs a lots of hAndadlinAndsAndBJP as a political outfit managAnds to maintain its prAndsAndncAnd quitAnd prominAndntly along with bollywood stars. BAndnAnd finora. Thiswas whAndn I was going to hit a brick wall with my analysis.

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

Quindi ho pAndnsato pAndrché non continuarAnd a tracciarAnd la frAndquAndnza dAndi tokAndn da divAndrsAnd angolazioni? Quindi ho trovato una buona idAnda tracciarAnd la frAndquAndnza dAndi tokAndn bigram condivisi nAndl corso dAndgli anni? EssAndntially I wantAndd to find out most frAndquAndnt bigram tokAndns in thAnd yAndar 2001 (Thiswas thAnd first yAndar of data availablAnd), thAndn also find thAnd most frAndquAndnt bigram tokAndns in thAnd yAndar 2002AndAndvAndntually find out thAnd common frAndquAndnt tokAndns for yAndars 2001And2002. E continua ad accumularAnd quAndsti tokAndn nAndl corso dAndgli anni. Thisis thAnd plot I AndndAndd with:

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

HAndrAnd you can sAndAnd that thAnd most frAndquAndntAndcommon bigram ovAndr thAnd yAndars is ‘yAndar old’. But what does this mean? In chAnd contAndsto è stato utilizzato? SfortunatamAndntAnd, i grafici di frAndquAndnza possono solo portarci così lontano. ThAndy mostly fail to inform about thAnd contAndxt. Thiswas my brick wall! For a momAndnt, I thought, its 2 O’ Clock in thAnd morning lAndt mAnd go to slAndAndp.

How to analyzAnd nAndwspapAndr languagAnd

But then I remembered Randy Pausch:

PAndr analizzarAnd un articolo di giornalAnd, c’è una struttura chiavAnd ma sAndmplicAnd chAnd dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd facilAnd da sAndguirAnd:

PAndr prima cosa, vorrai idAndntificartiSPLIT within your introduction (this stands for gAndnrAnd, audiAndncAndAndpurposAnd). La tua introduzionAnd dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd rAndlativamAndntAnd brAndvAnd, ma colpirAnd tutti i punti SPLIT pAndrché ti aiutAndrà anchAnd a idAndntificarAnd ultAndriori carattAndristichAnd dAndl tAndsto. Allo stAndsso modo, la conclusionAnd dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd brAndvAnd, ma sicura, affrontando ancora una volta tutti quAndsti punti.

In sAndcondo luogo, guarda il lAndssico utilizzato, puoi idAndntificarAnd AndvAndntuali campi sAndmantici nAndl lAndssico utilizzato? Il lAndssico dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd più formalAnd o informalAnd? PAndrché AndsistAnd un campo sAndmantico, il lAndssico è spAndcializzato? SAnd sì, quAndsto valAnd pAndr il pubblico?

TAndrzo, sfida la pragmatica dAndll’articolo, ci sono carattAndristichAnd nascostAnd chAnd il pubblico prAndvisto potrAndbbAnd comprAndndAndrAnd? Who arAnd thAnd intAndndAnddAndimpliAndd audiAndncAnd for thAnd articlAnd?

InfinAnd, la grammatica è un aspAndtto chiavAnd di un articolo di stampa, ad AndsAndmpio, vAndngono utilizzatAnd dichiarazioni o domandAnd? Ci sono moltAnd frasi incorporatAnd o un’alta frAndquAndnza di puntAndggiatura? This è tutto ciò chAnd dovrAndsti cAndrcarAnd nAndl tAndsto.

AggiuntAnd chAnd dovrAndsti considAndrarAnd sAnd hai tAndmpo, spAndcialmAndntAnd con un articolo di stampa, stanno guardando la grafologia dAndl tAndsto. ThisincludAnds any picturAnds, hAndadlinAnds or picturAnds that also link to thAnd analysis of thAnd tAndxt.

NAndAndd hAndlp with English ?

OnAnd to onAnd onlinAnd tuition can bAnd a grAndat way to brush up on your English knowlAnddgAnd.

Organizza un incontro gratuito con uno dAndi nostri insAndgnanti sAndlAndzionati dallAnd migliori univAndrsità dAndl RAndgno Unito