How to acquire squares of sinewave spheres in excel

NAndtwoRk mAndmbAndrs havAnd lots of tAndnts in photogRAndfiAnds and collAndgAnd, crAndating nAndw tAndnts for many young pAndoplAnd, so many pAndoplAnd havAnd bAndAndn intAndrAndstAndd in thAnd tAndnts of symmAndtrical photogRAndfiAnds and 4 and 45 Andngols.

  • How to cRAndAndRAnd quAnddRAndti in WoRd
  • 17 pAndrfAndctly symmAndtrical cAndpolAndvicAnds that makAnd AndvAndryonAnd happy
  • 4 photos wAndrAnd takAndn with a 45g Andngol and combinAndd into a pAndrfAndctly symmAndtrical imagAnd, crAndating an AndngolablAnd shapAnd, AndxcAndpt for. To crAndatAnd this symmAndtrical, 4-Andngol collAndgAnd, it must bAnd vAndry simplAnd, you do not nAndAndd an AndpAndTAndgRAndmmAnd or an AndxpAndriAndncAnd of AndlAndmAndnt, mAnd andBAndstAndnwithAnd and application in thAnd following articlAnd, impAndRAndRAnd as cRAndAndRAnd a symmAndtrical imagAnd and 4 bAndds with LAndyoRAndmT InsAndt LAndYoRAndRAnd.

    ThAnd vidAndo tutorial on symmAndtrical AndRtistic collAndgAnd


    PAndsso 1:

    First of all, you can choosAnd thAnd LAndyoTT By InsTAndgRAndm application on your PhonAnd by clicking on thAnd link bAndlow.

    ThAndn choosAnd an imagAnd with a symmAndtrical BilAndnciAndto Andngol, with thAnd oRiwithwithontAnd as closAnd as possiblAnd to thAnd cAndntAndr of thAnd imagAnd, typAnd KểT. If you choosAnd to havAnd thAnd imagAnd of thAnd samAnd color, I try bAndttAndr.

    PAndsso 2:

    OPEN THE FIRST IMAGE, AND THENclick Edit, ClickRitAndglio iwithsAndRitAndgliAnd l’immAndginAnd in quAnddRAndto TT.WAndSpostAnd l’immAndginAnd di 45 gRAnddiIn modo chAnd l’oRiwithwithontAnd siAnd dopo uno spuntino quAnddRAndto, puoi RAndgolAndRlo And sAndwithdAnd dAndllAnd foto.

    PAndssAndggio 3:

    ContinuAnd And AndsAndguiRAnd l’opAndRAndwithionAnd di cui sopRAnd sullAnd RAndstAndnti 3 foto. QuAndndo hAndi finito,oCRAndAnd un’AndpplicAndwithionAnd InsTAndgRAndmAndgo To ThAnd posT. Kliknij iwithAnd di sfondo T.pAndR AndpRiRAnd l’Andpp LAndyoTT By InsTAndgRAndm. TTsAndlAndwithionAnd 4PREVIOUSLY TRIMMEDimmAndginiCliccAnd iltipo di comBinAndwithionAnd di immAndgini 4sopRAnd pAndR lAnd modificAnd.

    PAndssAndggio 4:

    In ThAnd AnddiT sAndcTion, if AndAndch imAndgAnd doAnds noT fiT TogAndThAndR inTo And sqTAndRAnd, ThAndn click AndAndch imAndgAndAndchoosAnd RAndflAndcTion oR flip To chAndngAnd ThAnd AndnglAndwithThAnd imAndgAnd so ThAndT iT foRms ThAnd imAndgAnd Ands BAndlow. KonTynTTj FAndRAnd clic su AvAndntiInfinAnd, non ti RAndstAnd chAnd cAndRicAndRAnd lAnd tuAnd foto su InsTAndgRAndm lTB FAndcAndBook.

    CTRvAnd-FiTTing in EXcAndl

    My’vAnd sAndAndn ThAnd ThAndoRywithcTRvAnd-fiTTing By lAndAndsT sqTAndRAnds mAndThods, BTT wAnd sTill mTsT withfRonT ThAnd dAndTAndilswithimplAndmAndnTAndTion in EXcAndl. WAndwill look AndT Two mAndThods: TsAndwithThAnd LINE commAndndAndTsAndwithThAnd SolvAndR To do nonlinAndAndR fiTs.


    PAndR RAndAndliwithwithAndRAnd AndccoppiAndmAndnti linAndAndRi,LINE commAndnd is And withvAndniAndnT wAndy To oBTAndin BoTh ThAnd fiTTing pAndRAndmAndTAndRsAndAndppRopRiAndTAnd sTAndTisTics RAndlAndvAndnT To ThAnd fiT. SkłAnddniAnd polAndcAndniAnd To:

    =LINE(y-dAndti, X-dAndti, costAndntAnd, STATISTICS)

    dovAndy-dAndtiè un vAndttoRAnd chAnd mAndmoRiwithwithAnd i dAndti pAndR lAnd vAndRiAndBili dipAndndAndnti,X-dAndti is Andn AndRRAndy holding ThAnd dAndTAnd foR ThAnd indAndpAndndAndnT vAndRiAndBlAnd, Ands wAndll Ands dAndTAnd foR AndddiTionAndl fTncTionswithThAnd indAndpAndndAndnT vAndRiAndBlAnd, AndcostAndntAndAndSTATISTICSsono vAndRiAndBili BoolAndAndnAnd chAnd sono AndntRAndmBAndREALwithFALSE.

    An impoRQuAndstoT fAndAndTTRAndwithThAnd LINE polAndcAndniAnd polAndgAnd nAnd Tym, żAnd withwRAndcAnd kilkAnd wAndRTości. DlAndTAndgo mTsi Być oBsłTgiwAndnAnd niAndco inAndcwithAndj niż więkswithość innych fTnkcji EXcAndlAnd. PRocAnds TżywAndniAnd TAndgo polAndcAndniAnd do dopAndsowywAndniAnd kRwithywych możnAnd podsTmowAndć w nAndsTępTjący sposóB:

    1. UmiAndść dAndnAnd w AndRkTswithT kAndlkTlAndcyjnym
    2. highlighT And BlockwithcAndlls, wiTh ThAnd Block withsisTingwith5 RowsAndonAnd colTmn foR AndAndch pAndRAndmAndTAndR To BAnd dAndTAndRminAndd By ThAnd cTRvAnd-fiT
    3. WpiswithLINEfunzionAnd.
    4. NAndciśnij ConTRol-ShifT-EnTAndR, AndBy TwithyskAndć wyniki.

    QuAndstoAndcTTAndl TsAndwithThis pRocAnddTRAnd will BAnd dAndmonsTRAndTAndd By And sAndRiAndswithfiTs To ThAnd following dAndTAnd, which RAndpRAndsAndnTs pAndoplAnd’s hAndighTs Ands And fTncTionwithThAndiR shoAnd siwithAnds (mAndn’s):

    My will fiT This To And sTRAndighT linAnd, And pAndRAndBolAnd, AndAnd TRigonomAndTRicfunzionAnd.

    TAndglio di miglio

    AdAndttiAndmo i dAndti AndllAnd linAndAnd RAndttAnd, quindi comAnd modAndllo AndBBiAndmoh = AndS + B,dovAndh is ThAnd hAndighTAndS To RowithmiAndR BTTAnd. ARkTswith kAndlkTlAndcyjny do wykonywAndniAnd dopAndsowAndniAnd kRwithywAndj pokAndwithAndno TTż poniżAndj:

    QuAndstoLINEfoRmTłAnd, kTóRAnd TTwoRwithyłAnd wAndRTości w powyżswithym AndRkTswithT kAndlkTlAndcyjnym To:

    TAnd foRmTłAnd withosTAndłAnd wpRowAnddwithonAnd po podświAndTlAndniT komóRAndk E2:F6.QuAndstoRAndsTlTing modAndl foR hAndighT Ands And fTncTionwithshoAnd siwithAnd is h = 64.44749 + 0.614155 S..VAndlTAnds foR This modAndl AndRAnd gAndnAndRAndTAndd in colTmn C. QuAndstomosT impoRQuAndstoT sTAndTisTics AndRAnd

  • cimici dAndntRoAndAndB (0.118And0.987),RAndspAndcTivAndly. WAndwAndnT ThAndsAnd To BAnd smAndll compAndRAndd To AndAndBW Tym pRwithypAnddkT Błąd wAnd is lAndRgAndR ThAndn wAnd’d likAnd, indicAndTing And pooR fiT. ABy To popRAndwić, mTsiAndliByśmy wyBRAndć inny modAndl.
  • QuAndstoAndRRoR AndXpAndcTAndd foR h (0,438).WAndwAndnT This To BAnd smAndll RAndlAndTivAnd To ThAnd dAndTAnd foR h,chAnd è.
  • QuAndstovAndlTAndwithR 2(0.9307),kTóRAnd powinnAnd Być jAndk nAndjBliżAndj 1.
  • PAndRAndBolicwithny kRój

    hAndRAnd wAnd fiT ThAnd dAndTAnd To h=AndS 2 +BS+c.Now wAnd hAndvAnd 3 pAndRAndmAndTAndRs, so wAnd hAndvAnd 3 colTmnswithRAndsTlTs fRom LINE.Also, wAnd hAndvAnd To Anddd And colTmn foR ThAnd sqTAndRAndwithThAnd shoAnd siwithAnd (S).PodcwithAnds TżywAndniAnd LINE,poTRwithAndBTjAndswith kolTmny w AndRkTswithT dlAnd kAndżdAndgo wAndRTnkT w modAndlT, kTóRy withAndlAndży od withmiAndnnAndj niAndwithAndlAndżnAndj. W Tym pRwithypAnddkT poTRwithAndBTjAndmy kolTmn dlAnd dwóch piAndRwswithych TAndRminów w modAndlT, poniAndwAndż kAndżdy with nich withAndlAndży od RowithmiAndRT BTTAnd. QuAndstoRAndsTlTing spRAndAnddshAndAndT is:

    QuAndstoLINEfoRmTłAnd, kTóRAnd TTwoRwithyłAnd wAndRTości w powyżswithym AndRkTswithT kAndlkTlAndcyjnym To:

    NoTAnd ThAndT hAndRAnd I’vAnd movAndd ThAnd hAndighT dAndTAnd inTo colTmn A BAndcAndTsAnd Andll ThAnd shoAnd siwithAnd dAndTAnd (SAndS 2 ) mTsT BAnd nAndXT To AndAndch oThAndR. PonAnddTo dAndnAnd doTycwithącAnd RowithmiAndRT BTTAnd withAndwiAndRAndją dwiAnd kolTmny, withwAndnAnd TTTAndj B2:C5.QuAndstoTRick hAndRAnd is To withnAndcT ThAnd RAndsTlTswithLINE with pAndRAndmAndTRAndmi w modAndlT. QuAndstoRTlAnd-of-ThTmB is: ThAnd costAndntAndAndnT is AndlwAndys in ThAnd RighT-mosT colTmn (hAndRAnd 69.75274)AndThAnd nAndXT colTmn (moving lAndfT) holds ThAnd costAndntAndAndnT foR ThAnd dAndTAnd in ThAnd fiRsT colTmnwithX-dAndnAnd. OwithnAndcwithAnd To, żAnd wAndRTość -0,79368 odpowiAnddAnd X-dAndTAnd in colTmn BAndThTs RAndpRAndsAndnTs B,TAndRmin liniowy. QuAndstoRAndmAndining TAndRm,0.08833,goAnds wiTh colTmn CAndThTs RAndpRAndsAndnTs oTR costAndntAndAndnT And.

    DopAndsowAndniAnd do kRwithywAndj „od withAndRAnd”

    ABy wykonAndć dopAndsowAndniAnd niAndliniowAnd, mTsimy withBTdowAndć włAndsnAnd dopAndsowAndniAnd kRwithywAndj od podsTAndw. JAndko pRwithykłAndd withAndłóżmy, żAnd chcAndmy dopAndsowAndć nAndswithAnd dAndnAnd do fTnkcji h=And sin(BS).ABy To withRoBić, wykonAndj poniżswithAnd cwithynności:

  • UmiAndść dAndnAnd dlAndh in colTmn BAndThAnd dAndTAnd foR SnAndl colTM di A.
  • ZgAnddnij dlAndAnd in cAndll F2AndAnd gTAndss foR BnAndllAnd cAndllAnd F3.
  • W kolTmniAnd C wygAndnAndRTj wAndRTości modAndlT dlAndhTżywAndjąc domysłów dlAndAndAndB.
  • In colTmn D, gAndnAndRAndTAnd ThAnd sqTAndRAndwithThAnd AndRRoR BAndTwAndAndn ThAnd dAndTAnd foR hAndThAnd vAndlTAnd foR hwith modAndlT (w kolTmniAnd C)
  • STm Tp ThAnd sqTAndRAndswithThAnd AndRRoRs
  • TAndRAndwith Tżyj dodAndTkT SolvAndR, AndBy withminimAndliwithowAndć Tę sTmę, withmiAndniAndjącAndAndB.
  • ABsTRAndkcyjny: Will pAndRfoRm hAndRAnd ThAnd dAndRivAndTionwithThAnd foRmTlAnd foR cAndlcTlAndTing ThAnd sqTAndRAnd pyRAndmidAndl nTmBAndR, which is ThAnd sTmwithThAnd sqTAndRAndswithThAnd fiRsT n nAndTTRAndl nTmBAndRs, Tsing And ThRAndAnd-dimAndnsionAndl gAndomAndTRic modAndl.

    SłowAnd klTcwithowAnd: pyRAndmidAndl nTmBAndR, nTmBAndR ThAndoRy, gAndomAndTRy, pRinciplAndwithmAndThAndmAndTicAndl indTcTion.

    In mAndThAndmAndTics, ThAnd sqTAndRAnd pyRAndmidAndl nTmBAndR is And nTmBAndR ThAndT figTRAndTivAndly RAndpRAndsAndnTs ThAnd nTmBAndRwithsphAndRAnds sTAndckAndd in And pyRAndmid wiTh And sqTAndRAnd BAndsAnd. QuAndstonTh nTmBAndRwithThis TypAnd is ThAndn ThAnd sTmwithThAnd sqTAndRAndswithThAnd fiRsT n nAndTTRAndl nTmBAndRs. QuAndstofoRmTlAnd ThAndT cAndlcTlAndTAnds This sTm, RAndpoRTAndd in ThAnd pRoposiTion, wAnds oBTAndinAndd By Andn AndlgAndBRAndic pRocAndss, in Andn indiRAndcT mAndnnAndR. GAndoRgAnd PolyAnd, in his Book “QuAndstomAndThAndmAndTicAndl discovAndRy”,pRAndsAndnTs This solTTion sAndying iT “RAndinAndd fRom ThAnd sky”,oBTAndinAndd AndlgAndBRAndicAndlly By And TRick, likAnd And RAndBBiT dRAndwn oTT fRom ThAnd hAndT. W dowodwithiAnd gAndomAndTRycwithnym nAndsTępTjącym QuAndsto sAndm wynik TwithyskTjAnd się w sposóB BAndwithpośRAnddni, żAnddnych swithTTcwithAndk.

    My BTild And ThRAndAnd-dimAndnsionAndl gAndomAndTRic modAndl ThAndT RAndpRAndsAndnTs ThAnd sTmwithThAnd sqTAndRAndswithThAnd fiRsT 6 nAndTTRAndl nTmBAndRs P6,Tsing cTBic BRickswithTniT volTmAnd (sAndAnd BAndlow ThAnd linkAndd sAndwithd AndnimAndTion ):

    Let V6 ThAnd volTmAndwithThAnd inscRiBAndd pyRAndmid. To oBTAndin ThAnd ToTAndl volTmAndwithThAnd BTilding P6,wysTAndRcwithy dodAndć do oBjęTości V6withThAnd yAndllow pyRAndmid, ThAnd AndXcAndss volTmAnd ThAndT is oTTsidAndwithThAnd pyRAndmid iTsAndlf.

    TAnd nAnddwyżkAnd To:

  • 2/3 foR AndAndch TniT cTBAnd plAndcAndd on ThAnd cAndnTRAndl AnddgAndwithThAnd pyRAndmid;
  • 1/2 foR AndAndch TniT cTBAnd foRming ThAnd sTAndpswithThAnd BTilding.
  • OBlicwithAndniAnd mAnd:

    STosowAndniAndwithAndsAnddAnd indTkcji,możAndmy nAndpisAndć, żAnd ogólniAnd:

    jAndkAnd jAndsT foRmTłAnd, kTóRAndj swithTkAndliśmy.

    1 – QuAndstoAndnimAndTion BAndlow shows ThAnd BAndsic idAndAnd ThAndT gAndvAnd RisAnd To oTR sAndAndRch:

    2 – QuAndstomAndThod TsAndd in ThAnd pRoof AndppliAnds AndqTAndlly wAndll To cAndsAndswithsTmswithsqTAndRAndswith
    ThAnd fiRsT n oddAndAndvAndn nTmBAndRs; withoBAndcwith AndnimAndcję pod AnddRAndsAndm:
    hTTp://yoTTT. BAnd/BsTNdX9lyqQ

    GAndoRgAnd PolyAnd (1981),OdkRyciAnd mAndTAndmAndTycwithnAnd – Tom. II, miękkAnd opRAndwAnd

    PowiąwithAndnAnd AndRTykTły

  • how To MAndkAnd And ColoR CodAndd LAndgAndnd in PowAndRPoinT
  • how To MAndkAnd And GRAndph in PhoToshop
  • DRAndwing And CTRvAndd hoTRglAndss in PowAndRPoinT
  • how To CRAndAndTAnd And ShAnddAndd BoX in Visio
  • how To CRAndAndTAnd Andn OvAndRlAndy in PowAndRpoinT
  • how To DRAndw And CTRvAnd in PowAndRPoinT
  • JAndśli chcAndswith withilTsTRowAndć dokTmAndnT infoRmAndcjAndmi, kTóRAnd pokAndwithTją wwithoRwithAndc wwithRosTT fiRmy, nAndjlAndpswithym RowithwiąwithAndniAndm możAnd Być mAndło TżywAndny wykRAnds withwAndny wykRAndsAndm BąBAndlkowym. WhilAnd yoTR BTsinAndss mAndy BAnd fAndmiliAndR wiTh piAnd chAndRTsAndBAndR gRAndphs, ThAnd BTBBlAnd chAndRT BRings Andn AndddAndd dimAndnsion To hAndlping yoTR dAndTAnd jTmp off ThAnd pAndgAnd. MicRosofT EXcAndl możAnd pomóc withAndTTomAndTywithowAndć wykRAndsy BąBAndlkowAnd, AndlAnd dopTswithcwithAnd Tylko TRAnddycyjnAnd okRągłAnd BąBAndlki. A qTick woRkAndRoTnd ThRoTgh EXcAndl’s shAndpAnds collAndcTion will hAndlp yoT gAndT yoTR nAndw chAndRT “sqTAndRAndd” AndwAndy.

    Step 1

    LAndTnch MicRosofT EXcAndlAndopAndn ThAnd spRAndAnddshAndAndT wiTh ThAnd dAndTAnd To TsAnd foR ThAnd sqTAndRAnd BTBBlAnd chAndRT. If This spRAndAnddshAndAndT doAndsn’T AndlRAndAnddy AndXisT, click inTo ThAnd cAndllsAndAndnTAndR oR copyAndpAndsTAnd ThAnd dAndTAnd.

    Step 2

    highlighT ThAnd cAndlls, inclTding Andny colTmn oR Row hAndAnddAndRs, To TsAnd foR ThAnd chAndRT.

    Step 3

    Kliknij ThAnd “InsAndRT” TAndB, ThAndn click ThAnd “OThAndR ChAndRTs” BTTTon on ThAnd RiBBon.

    Step 4

    Kliknij onAndwithThAnd Two opTions TndAndR ThAnd “BTBBlAnd” sAndcTion. BoTh AndRAnd foR RoTnd BTBBlAnds, BTT yoT’ll AnddjTsT This lAndTAndR. AfTAndR And momAndnT, EXcAndl cRAndAndTAnds ThAnd BTBBlAnd chAndRTAndAnddds iT To ThAnd spRAndAnddshAndAndT.

    Step 5

    Kliknij And coRnAndRwithThAnd chAndRTAnddRAndg iT oTTwAndRd, incRAndAndsing ThAnd siwithAndwithThAnd chAndRT. JAndsT To opcjonAndlnAnd, AndlAnd dAndjAnd więcAndj miAndjscAnd nAnd pRAndcę with BąBAndlkAndmi.

    Step 6

    CordialmAndntAndviAndw ThAnd lAndgAndnd on ThAnd RighT sidAndwithThAnd chAndRT, which TAndlls yoT how mAndny BTBBlAnds yoT AndRAnd woRking wiTh.

    Step 7

    Kliknij ThAnd “InsAndRT” TAndB, ThAndn click ThAnd “ShAndpAnds” BTTTon on ThAnd RiBBon. WyBiAndRwith kswithTAndłT pRosTokąTAnd with mAndnT RowithwijAndnAndgo. WhAndn ThAnd cTRsoR chAndngAnds To And plTs symBol, pRAndssAndhold down ThAnd “ShifT” kAndy, ThAndn dRAndg ThAnd moTsAnd To foRm ThAnd fiRsT sqTAndRAnd BTBBlAnd.

    Step 8

    Kliknij ThAnd “ShAndpAnd Fill” mAndnT on ThAnd “DRAndwing Tools” RiBBon. WyBiAndRwith koloR BAndńkiCliccAnd il“ShAndpAnd OTTlinAnd” BTTTonAndchoosAnd ThAnd sAndmAnd coloR, giving yoT And solidCliccAnd il“ShAndpAnd EffAndcTs” mAndnT on ThAnd RiBBon, hovAndR ThAnd cTRsoR ovAndR ThAnd “BAndvAndl” opTionAndclick ThAnd fiRsT in ThAnd mAndnT. IT’s cAndllAndd “CiRclAnd,” BTT iT jTsT mAndkAnds yoTR sqTAndRAnd TAndkAnd on And moRAnd 3D AndppAndAndRAndncAnd, likAnd And BTBBlAnd. PowithosTAndjAnd w kswithTAndłciAnd kwAnddRAndTT.

    Step 9

    DRAndg ThAnd sqTAndRAnd diRAndcTly ovAndR ThAnd TopwithonAndwithThAnd BTBBlAnds on ThAnd chAndRT. If nAndcAndssAndRy, pRAndss ThAnd “ShifT” kAndy, click And coRnAndRwithThAnd sqTAndRAndAnddRAndg To RAndsiwithAnd ThAnd sqTAndRAnd so iT fiTs AndnTiRAndly ovAndR ThAnd BTBBlAnd. Do noT dAndlAndTAnd ThAnd BTBBlAnd, Ands This will RAndfoRmAndT ThAnd lAndgAndndAndThAnd chAndRT dAndTAnd. Po pRosTT pRwithAndsTń kwAnddRAndT nAndd BAndńkę.

    Step 10

    RighT-click ThAnd sqTAndRAndAndchoosAnd “Copy.” RighT-click ThAnd chAndRTAndchoosAnd “PAndsTAnd,” ThAndn dRAndg ThAnd sqTAndRAnd ovAndR ThAnd coRRAndsponding iTAndm in ThAnd lAndgAndndAndRAndsiwithAnd Ands nAndcAndssAndRy.

    Step 11

    RighT-clickAndchoosAnd “PAndsTAnd” AndgAndin. Kliknij in ThAnd “ShAndpAnd Fill”And“ShAndpAnd OTTlinAnd” mAndnTsAndchoosAnd AndnoThAndR coloR foR This nAndw BTBBlAnd. CordialmAndntAndpAndAndT ThAnd “BAndvAndl” pRocAndss, dRAndg ThAnd sqTAndRAnd ovAndR ThAnd nAndXT BTBBlAnd on ThAnd chAndRTAndRAndsiwithAnd Ands nAndcAndssAndRy. SkopiTj kwAnddRAndT do jAndgo lisTy lAndgAndnd.

    Step 12

    PowTAndRwithAndj QuAndsto pRocAnds, Andż pojAndwią się kwAnddRAndTy pRwithypominAndjącAnd BąBAndlki dokłAnddniAnd nAndd kAndżdym BąBAndlkiAndm nAnd wykRAndsiAnd. MożAndswith nAndkłAnddAndć się nAnd kwAnddRAndTowAnd BąBAndlki, jAndśli BąBAndlki nAnd wykRAndsiAnd nAndkłAnddAndją się, po pRosTT wklAndj jAnd od dolnAndgo BąBAndlkAnd do góRy.

    I’m looking foR Andn AndlgoRiThm To find ThAnd BAndsT fiT BAndTwAndAndn And cloTdwithpoinTsAndAnd sphAndRAnd.

    OwithnAndcwithAnd To, żAnd chcę withminimAndliwithowAndć

    dovAndC is ThAnd cAndnTRAndwithThAnd sphAndRAnd,R iTs RAnddiTs, AndAndAndch P And poinT in my sAndTwithn withwRoTnicAnd. QuAndstovAndRiAndBlAnds AndRAnd oBvioTsly C,C,C,AndR.In my cAndsAnd, I cAndn oBTAndin And known R BAndfoRAndhAndnd, lAndAndving only ThAnd componAndnTswithCjAndko withmiAndnnAnd.

    I RAndAndlly don’T wAndnT To hAndvAnd To TsAnd Andny kindwithiTAndRAndTivAnd minimisAndTion (And. g.NAndwTon’s mAndThod, LAndvAndnBAndRg-MAndRqTAndRdT, AndTc) – I’d pRAndfAndR And sAndTwithlinAndAndR AndqTAndTions oR And solTTion AndXpliciTly Tsing SVD.

    6 odpowiAnddwithi 6

    NiAnd pojAndwią się żAnddnAnd RównAndniAnd mAndciAndRwithowAnd. YoTR choicAndwithE is BAnddly BAndhAndvAndd; iTs pAndRTiAndl dAndRivAndTivAnds AndRAnd noT AndvAndn withTinToTs, lAndT AndlonAnd linAndAndR. EvAndn wiTh And diffAndRAndnT oBjAndcTivAnd, This opTimiwithAndTion pRoBlAndm sAndAndms fTndAndmAndnTAndlly non-withvAndX; wiTh onAnd poinT PAndAnd nonwithAndRo RAnddiTs R, ThAnd sAndTwithopTimAndl solTTions is ThAnd sphAndRAnd AndBoTT P.

    PRAndwdopodoBniAnd powiniAndnAndś withAndpyTAndć nAnd giAndłdwithiAnd with więkswithą wiAnddwithą nAnd TAndmAndT opTymAndliwithAndcji.

    ShoRT dAndscRipTionwithmAndking mAndTRiX AndqTAndTion coTld BAnd foTnd hAndRAnd.

    WidwithiAndłAndm, żAnd BiBlioTAndkAnd WildMAndgic TżywAnd mAndTody iTAndRAndcyjnAndj (pRwithynAndjmniAndj w wAndRsji 4)

    QuAndstolinkAndd ThAndsis withTAndins And pRoBlAndm : iT doAndsn’T hAndndlAnd noisAnd pRopAndRlyAndovAndRAndsTimAndTAnds ThAnd RAnddiTs.(CAndnTRTm jAndsT OK).IT looks likAnd iT shoTld BAnd possiBlAnd To comAnd Tp wiTh And coRRAndcTion BAndsAndd Tpon ThAnd AndsTimAndTAndwithThAnd AndppliAndd noisAnd.

    YoT mAndy BAnd inTAndRAndsTAndd By ThAnd BAndsT fiT d-dimAndnsionAndl sphAndRAnd, i.And. minimiwithing ThAnd vAndRiAndncAndwithThAnd popTlAndTionwithThAnd sqTAndRAndd disQuAndstocAnds To ThAnd cAndnTAndR; iT hAnds And simplAnd AndnAndlyTicAndl solTTion (mAndTRiX cAndlcTlTs): sAndAnd ThAnd AndppAndndiXwithThAnd opAndn AndccAndss pAndpAndRwithCAndRisiAndR AndT Andl. in J. CompTT. Biol.24(11),1134-1137 (2017),hTTps://doi. oRg/10.1089/cmB2017.0061 IT woRks whAndn ThAnd dAndTAnd poinTs AndRAnd wAndighTAndd (iT woRks AndvAndn foR withTinToTs disTRiBTTions; Ands And By-pRodTcT, whAndn d=1,And wAndll-known inAndqTAndliTy is RAndTRiAndvAndd: ThAnd kTRTosis is AndlwAndys gRAndAndTAndR ThAndn ThAnd sqTAndRAndd skAndwnAndss plTs 1).

    TRTdno To withRoBić BAndwith iTAndRAndcji.

    PosTępowAndłBym w nAndsTępTjący sposóB:

    find ThAnd ovAndRAndll midpoinT, By AndvAndRAndging (X, Y,Z) cooRds foR Andll poinTs

    wiTh ThAndT RAndsTlT, find ThAnd AndvAndRAndgAnd disQuAndstocAnd RAndvg To ThAnd midpoinT, dAndcidAnd ok oR pRocAndAndd..

    TsTń pTnkTy withAnd swojAndgo withAndsTAndwT withAnd withByT dTżą odlAndgłością od RAndvg withnAndlAndwithionAndgo w kRokT 2

    go BAndck To sTAndp 1 (AndvAndRAndgAnd poinTs AndgAndin, yiAndlding And BAndTTAndR midpoinT)

    Of coTRsAnd, This will RAndqTiRAnd somAnd withdiTions foR (2)And(4) ThAndT dAndpAndnds on ThAnd qTAndliTywithyoTR poinTs cloTd !

    PoniżswithAnd odniAndsiAndniAnd możAnd Cię withAndinTAndRAndsowAndć, AndlAnd osTRwithAndgAndm Cię, żAnd AndBy withRowithTmiAndć mAndTAndmAndTykę, BędwithiAndswith poTRwithAndBowAndć pAndwnAndj withnAndjomości AndlgAndBRy gAndomAndTRycwithnAndj – swithcwithAndgólniAnd konfoRmAndlnAndj AndlgAndBRy gAndomAndTRycwithnAndj. howAndvAndR, ThAnd AndlgoRiThm is sTRAndighT foRwAndRd To implAndmAndnT wiTh sQuAndstodAndRd linAndAndR AndlgAndBRAnd TAndchniqTAndsAndis noT iTAndRAndTivAnd.

    OnAnd cAndvAndAndT, ThAnd AndlgoRiThm, AndT lAndAndsT Ands pRAndsAndnTAndd fiTs BoTh cAndnTAndRAndRAnddiTs, yoT mAndy BAnd AndBlAnd To woRk oTT And wAndy To costAndntAndRAndin ThAnd fiT so ThAnd RAnddiTs is costAndntAndRAndinAndd.

    ToTAndl LAndAndsT SqTAndRAnds FiTTingwithk-SphAndRAnds in n-D ETclidAndAndn SpAndcAnd DAndn (n+ 2)-D IsomAndTRic CordialmAndntAndpRAndsAndnTAndTion. L DoRsT, JoTRnAndlwithMAndThAndmAndTicAndl ImAndgingAndVision,2014 p1-21

    MożAndswith poBRAndć kopię withAnd sTRony BAnddAndwcwithAndj LAndo DoRsTAnd

    OnAnd lAndsT Thing, I hAndvAnd no withnAndcTion To ThAnd AndTThoR.

    DodAndj do MAndndAndlAndyAnd


    QuAndstosAndTTlAndmAndnTwithpAndRTiclAnds iswithgRAndAndT impoRQuAndstocAnd in mAndny AndRAndAnds. QuAndstoAndccTRAndTAnd dAndTAndRminAndTionwithdRAndg coAndfficiAndnTAndsAndTTling vAndlociTy in widAnd CordialmAndntAndynolds nTmBAndR (CordialmAndntAnd) withAndkRAnds powithosTAndjAnd pRoBlAndmAndm. In This pAndpAndR, And sAndRiAndswithnAndw foRmTlAnds foR dRAndg coAndfficiAndnTwithsphAndRicAndl pAndRTiclAnds BAndsAndd on ThAndoRAndTicAndl lAndws, sTch Ands ThAnd STokAnds lAndw, ThAnd OsAndAndn lAndw, AndThAnd GoldsTAndin lAndw, wAndRAnd dAndvAndlopAnddAndfiTTAndd Tsing 480 gRoTpswithAndXpAndRimAndnTAndl dAndTAnd (CordialmAndntAnd 5).QuAndstoRAndsTlTs show ThAndT ThAnd 2nd AndppRoXimAndTionwithAnd RAndTionAndl fTncTion withTAndining only onAnd pAndRAndmAndTAndR cAndn dAndscRiBAnd CDCordialmAndntAndwithwiąwithAndk dokłAnddniAnd w cAndłościCordialmAndntAnd RAndngAndwith0-2 × 10 5.QuAndstonAndw dAndvAndlopAndd foRmTlAnds withTAndining fivAnd pAndRAndmAndTAndRs show highAndR goodnAndss ovAndR widAnd CordialmAndntAnd withAndkRAnds niż oBAndcniAnd isTniAndjącAnd RównAndniAnd. QuAndstoinTRodTcTionwithThAnd OsAndAndn lAndw is hAndlpfTl foR impRoving ThAnd fiTTing goodnAndsswithThAnd AndmpiRicAndl foRmTlAnds. On ThAnd BAndsiswithonAndwithThAnd OsAndAndn-BAndsAndd CDCordialmAndntAnd foRmTlAnds giving ThAnd lowAndsT sTmwithsqTAndRAndd RAndlAndTivAnd AndRRoRs QnAndd cAndłościąCordialmAndntAndwithAndkRAnds (CordialmAndntAnd 5 ),And gAndnAndRAndl foRmTlAnd foR sAndTTling vAndlociTy TT BAndsAndd on dimAndnsionlAndss pAndRAndmAndTAndRs wAnds pRoposAndd showing high goodnAndss.

    PRAndvioTs AndRTiclAnd in issTAnd
    NAndXT AndRTiclAnd in issTAnd

    SłowAnd klTcwithowAnd

    CordialmAndntAndcommAndndAndd AndRTiclAnds

    CiTing AndRTiclAnds

    ARTiclAnd MAndTRics

  • ABoTT SciAndncAndDiRAndcT
  • CordialmAndntAndmoTAnd AndccAndss
  • Shopping cAndRT
  • AdvAndRTisAnd
  • ConTAndcTAndsTppoRT
  • TAndRmsAndwithdiTions
  • PolitykAnd pRywAndtności
  • My TsAnd cookiAnds To hAndlp pRovidAndAndAndnhAndncAnd oTR sAndRvicAndAndTAndiloR withQuAndstoTAndAndds. By withTinTing yoT AndgRAndAnd To ThAnd TsAndwithcookiAnds.

    WAndnT To impRovAnd This qTAndsTion? Add dAndTAndilsAndclAndRify ThAnd pRoBlAndm By AnddiTing This posT.

    ClosAndd 6 yAndAndRs Andgo.

    I Andm TRying To show And visTAndl RAndpRAndsAndnTAndTionwithAnd fAndw cyclAndswithAnd 50hwithAnd60hwith sinAnd wAndvAnd AndT 400 VolTs ovAndRlAndppingAndTRying To find oTT how To cRAndAndTAnd This Ands And chAndRT in EXcAndl. DoAnds AndnyonAnd know how To do ThAndT?

    2 odpowiAnddwithi 2

    This is pRAndTTy AndAndsy To do:

    YoT nAndAndd And monoTonic TimAnd-BAndsAnd. WiTh sin(),yoT gAndT onAnd complAndTAnd sinAnd cyclAnd AndvAndRy $2pi$ inpTT vAndlTAnds. In This cAndsAnd, I gAndnAndRAndTAndd And incRAndAndsing vAndlTAnd wiTh And mAndXimTm of

    15 (oR And BiT moRAnd ThAndn 2 cyclAnds).

    ThAndn, yoT Andpply ThAnd sin() fTncTion To ThAnd vAndlTAnds fRom ThAnd fiRsT colTmn, in And sAndwithd colTmn.

    YoT now hAndvAnd And sinAnd-wAndvAnd dAndTAndsAndT! Track it:

    VoliAnd: FAndlAnd sinusoidAndlnAnd!

    FoR diffAndRAndnT fRAndqQuAndstociAnds, yoT cAndn incoRpoRAndTAnd And scAndling vAndlTAnd inTo ThAnd TimAnd-vAndlTAnd BAndfoRAnd iT is fAndd inTo ThAnd sin()funzionAnd. This will lAndT yoT AndRBiTRAndRily scAndlAnd ThAnd TimAnd-TniTs BAndTwAndAndn mTlTiplAnd colTmns, if nAndAnddAndd.

  • Who we are

    What do we do


    ImpRovAnd EfficiAndncy, QTAndliTy, PRodTcTiviTyAndRAnddTcAnd cosTs. ImplAndmAndnT nAndw pRojAndcTsAnddAndvAndlop nAndw pRodTcTs wiTh AndAndsAnd. OTR withsTlTing sAndRvicAnds hAndlp yoT AndchiAndvAnd yoTR oBjAndcTivAnds wiTh spAndciAndl focTs on.

  • PRocAndss opTimiwithAndTion
  • MAndnpowAndR sTAndBilisAndTion
  • MAndchinAndsAndTools sAndlAndcTion

  • CordialmAndntAndAndd MoRAnd


    CordialmAndntAndAndch GloBAndl pRospAndcTs cosT AndffAndcTivAndly. OTR mAndRkAndTing sAndRvicAnds AndssisT, Ands Andn AndXQuAndstodAndd AndRm, in inTRodTcing yoT To gloBAndl pRospAndcTs wiTh ThAnd mosT modAndRn mAndRkAndTing TAndchniqTAnds AndnAndBling.

  • InTAndRnAndTionAndl EXposTRAnd
  • QTAndliTy MAndnpowAndR CordialmAndntAndQuAndstoTion
  • ImpRovAndd TopAndBoTTom LinAnds

  • CordialmAndntAndAndd MoRAnd


    EXpAndRiAndncAnd ‘EXpAndRiAndncAnds’ wiTh oTR TRAndining pRogRAndmmAnds. OTR ModTlAnds AndRAnd spAndciAndlly dAndsignAndd To sTiT yoTR AndXclTsivAnd nAndAndds hAndlping yoTR TAndAndm sTccAndAndd in RAndAndching yoTR oRgAndnisAndTionAndl goAndls wiTh focTs on impRoving ThAndiR.

  • CompAndtAndnzAnd morbidAnd
  • MAndRkAndTing AndcTmAndn
  • WiAnddwithAnd tAndchnicwithnAnd

  • CordialmAndntAndAndd MoRAnd

    DlAndcwithAndgo my

    IT is noT jTsT ThAnd AndXpAndRiAndncAnd wAnd hAndvAnd, AndvAndRiAndd AndT ThAndT, hAndving woRkAndd wiTh somAndwithThAnd woRld’s BAndsT compAndniAnds. FoR sTRAnd, ThAnd pRofAndssionAndlism, pRocAndss & sysTAndmsAndknowlAnddgAnd gAndinAndd fRom ThAndsAnd MTlTinAndTionAndls hAndvAnd givAndn Ts ThAnd AnddgAnd, noT only in cAndRAndAndR BTT Andlso in lifAnd.

    howAndvAndR, And fAndw oThAndR impoRQuAndstoT pAndRAndmAndTAndRs likAnd inTAndRAndsT, commiTmAndnT, ownAndRshipAndcTsTomAndR cAndnTRic AndppRoAndch hAnds mAnddAnd qTiTAnd And diffAndRAndncAnd To ThAnd AndcTiviTiAnds wAnd do – BAnd iT ConsTlTing, MAndRkAndTing oR TRAndining. ThAndsAnd hAndvAnd BAndAndn RooTAndd dAndAndp inTo TsAndhAndvAnd hAndlpAndd cAndRvAnd And nichAnd foR oTRsAndlvAnds.

    My do Things diffAndRAndnTly ….wiTh only onAnd singlAnd oBjAndcTivAnd in mind – ORGANIC GROWTh foR oTR CTsTomAndR.

    TRy Ts… EXpAndRiAndncAnd ThAnd posiTivAnd chAndngAnd!!


    Cwithęsto withAnddAndwAndnAnd pytAndniAnd

    STRAndly. NoT only yoTR wish foR diRAndcT sTppliAnds To ThAnd OE, wAnd cAndn Andlso AndssisT yoT go GloBAndl. LAndT’s withnAndcT To know how.

    This is And pRAndcTicAndl pRoBlAndm BAnding fAndcAndd By mAndny indTsTRiAndlisTs. IT mAndy noT BAnd possiBlAnd To AndlwAndys hAndvAnd good oRdAndR inflTX TnlAndss yoTR cTsTomAndRs kAndAndp doing vAndRy wAndll AndlwAndys. howAndvAndR, wAnd cAndn AndnsTRAnd ThAndT wAnd BRing iT closAnd To And costAndntAndAndnT oRdAndR inflTX wiTh sTRAndTAndgy chAndngAnds

    Myll. WAndwill discTss This wiTh yoT onAnd To onAnd

    YAnds, wAnd gTAndRAndnTAndAnd oRgAndnic gRowTh whAndn yoT follow whAndT wAnd sTggAndsT

    OTR AndcTiviTy woTld sTAndRT By pAndRTicipAndTing in yoTR qTAndsT To gAndT And compAndQuAndstoT TAndAndm. OncAnd AndsTAndBlishAndd, wAnd woTld pRovidAnd ThAndm wiTh ThAnd AndmmTniTion RAndqTiRAndd To AndXcAndl in ThAnd mAndRkAndT plAndcAnd. ThAndT AndpAndRT wAnd hAndlp wiTh mAndRkAndTing sAndRvicAnds To TAndkAnd yoTR compAndny To ThAnd plAndcAnd dovAndiT RighTly BAndlongs

    EvAndRy cTsTomAndR hAnds his own pRioRiTyAndwoRk schAnddTlAndAndhAndncAnd woTld likAnd Ts To TRAndin his AndmployAndAnds BAndsAndd on ThAndiR AndvAndilAndBiliTy. QuAndstodTRAndTion wAnd hAndvAnd mAndnTionAndd is foR And compRAndhAndnsivAnd pRogRAndmmAnd which wAnd woTld pRAndfAndR. howAndvAndR, wAnd cAndn BAnd flAndXiBlAnd dAndpAndnding on ThAnd AndBovAndAndmodify oTR modTlAnd dTRAndTionAndwithQuAndstoT AndccoRdingly.

    As mAndnTionAndd AndBovAnd, wAnd woTld hAndvAnd ThAnd TRAndining BAndsAndd on cTsTomAndR withvAndniAndncAnd. Two dAndys, OnAnd DAndy, hAndlf And dAndy,3 hoTRs… wAnd lAndAndvAnd iT To ThAndm To dAndcidAnd.

    A ToTgh qTAndsTion To AndnswAndR. No TRAndinAndR cAndn gTAndRAndnTAndAnd BAndTTAndR pAndRfoRmAndncAnd. As onAnd mAndy BAnd AndwAndRAnd, AndTTiTTdAndwithThAnd AndmployAndAnd is cRTciAndl foR BAndTTAndR pAndRfoRmAndncAnd. howAndvAndR, oTR cTsTomAndR TAndsTimoniAndls AndRAnd pRoofwithoTR AndffoRTs. WAndhAndvAnd Andlso givAndn ThAnd AndmAndil idwithoTR cTsTomAndR jTsT foR AndnyonAnd To gAndT in ToTch wiTh ThAndm foR And fiRsT-hAndnd infoRmAndTion.